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etat. AS 

‘ yh HE a . A ; 
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i Sed 


TIT = 

_ 3 9015 02597 7730 | 

Digitized by Google 

re | 

THE Publisher returns his acknowledgmenés to Correspondents u:ho have 
obligingly favoured him with communications, which have been adopted, 
whenever they were compatible with the plan of the List, or conducive to 
its improvement. He requests the continuance of similar suggestions 
(POST PAID, or under cover to the Secretary of the Admiralty), 
which shall always receive his attention. 

It is earnestly requested that Gentlemen desirous of having their wishes 
attended to should avail themselves of this last mode of corresponding with 
the Editor, as much unnecessary expense has already been incurred in 

Postage, end disappointment occasioned to the Parties themselves, whose ~ 

Letters have not been noticed. . 

As the compilation of the Quarterly Hat¥r-Pay List may be ma- 
terially assisted by this Publication, Officers are earnestly requested to be 
as accurate as possible in the communication of such. facts und dates us 
they are pleased to transmit. : : 

But it is particularly to be understood that no alteration or correction 
in the List can be made unless the information ts received prior to the 21st 
of the Month preceding the publication. 

From the number of erroneous reports received of the Deaths of 
Officers, whichin some cases hare occasioned inconvenience tothe Service, 

and considerable anxiety to the Famities of individuals, it has been found - 

absolutely necessary to discontinue the publishing of that information. In 

future the Names of Officers will not be omitted on the List until their . 

Deaths shall have been officially reported, or fully ascertained by private 
information. But reports of such events are nevertheless acceptable, to 

enable the inquiry to be made. 

N. B.—The Force of each Ship ts stated (agreeably to the ancient 
practice of the Navy, and in obedience to His late Majesty’s Order 
an Council) accerding to the Number of Guns and Carronades actually 
earried—and not according to the erroneous Denominations which hud 

latterly grown into use. 

14, Charing-Crees. 



SIMMORTALITE, Lo be ecient, {Head Money), capt. 14] BNE03.—~pay. AoA ug.My—Agts. Barne 
and King, 7 asex-st. Strand, . 
IMPERIEUSE, fur Vigil S1oAcassleuxy sapribApe eek abSeptsB— Age Wi 
or Vigilante an udacieux, capt.iBApr. & 31Aug.13.—pay. t.28.— Agi, 
Paine Deput Treasures of Gréenwicth . 4. ? . ti Si r 7 
MELPOMEN ‘or L Grue, Bizzaro, & Buona Esperanza, capt.19J uly&a1Augo7. ditto ditto 
MULGRAVE, for Rondinella, capt.18Janel4s x ditto = ditto 
MAGICIENN " or Leo, Tickler, and Thrasher, capt. 17Jan.&4&5Junel3e ditto — ditto 

* FO EE, for Marianne, capt .28Nov. 2. ditto — ditta 
PS Aibst TONE, Sor Ereo eeoanty on Slaves), capt.11Apr27.—pay.28Sept.28.—4ges.Evans & Eyto 
f e-Ste te ‘ P 
MARLBO CUGH, fer'La Consolateur, (Head Money), capt. 10Aug.08.—pay.ogSept.28.— Art. Jot 
a aa 1, James-ct. Adelphi. 
ERVE, for Isle of France, cupt. 3Det.10.—pay.t1Aug.28.—Agt.Clerk of the Check, Greenwic 

ROURY Sf Lit, Glead Money), and Spevish Gan Bos Nos. 180d d off Rot 
MRY s for ugliese, (ead Money), and Spanish Gan Bouts, Nos. 1&2, destroye ot 
-_ \PF-0BB.7Se t.09.—pay-ajFuly&sAu 28.—Agt.deh. Woodhesd, 1, Jacdes-st. Adelphi. 
NORTH STAR, for Emilia, Fama de Cuba, Conceicao de Maria, Silverinha, capt. sidan. 7 Feb. au 
fend 12Mar.27.—pay.tqAug.28.— Age. John Hitxman, 72, Great Russell -st. Bloomsbury, 
Nasty Sor Isle of France, capt. 3Dec.10.—pay. 11Aug.28.— 4gt. Clerk of the Check, Greenwic 
NEREIDE, ditto ditto ditto ditto. 
a « is "+. > @itto ditto ditto ditto. 
; ditto ditio ditto ditto. 
> for Playmate, capt. 16 Feb. 13.—pay. 25 Sept. 28.—4gt. Wm. Paine, Deputy Treasurer ¢ 
Greenwich Hospital, : 
BROKE, for Kondinelle, capt. 103an.14- ditto ditto 
POMPEF, fur Ordnance Stores at Scalia, capt.2°>Mayo6. ditto ditto 
STA Jor | Audacieux, capt qi Ass: 13: ditto -_ ditto 
REINDEER, for La Renommee,( Head Money), capt.13Sept.05.—pay.25Sept.28.—Agt.JohnCopland 
rrey-s¢. Serand. 

RACOON, for San Felix elSoeoro, ditte capt. 19May05-—pay.4July28—Agt.John Hinxman 
7a, Great Russel)-st. bhoomsbury. 
wile i Cutter, for 4 Eche, ditto capt. S6Apr.10-—pay.10J uly28.—4g¢. Richard Bromley, 3 
-court, Temple. 
gehale ; for Isle of Franee, capt.gDoc.10.—pay.11Ang36.—Agt, Clerk of the Check, Greenwicl 
SCORPION, Fender, fer Seiture, capt. 14Mayo8.—pay. 25Aug.28.~—Agt. John Brenton, Portsmouth 
STORK, Jor L Hiren elle and Anicinoe, Head Meee) vache to ooaies incurred in the deten 
tien Adectin 


Ror Joe Cora, ditto capt. plJulyty.—pay.i3Sept.28.—Agts,Goode & Clarke, 35, Surrey-s( 
| and Eleanore, capt. goMsr.04, and 93Mar. 05.—pay, %6 Aug.28.—Greanwiel 

— cee Je Four Emenee MMisticues, capt. 16Jun0eo6.—pay.1gSept.a8.— 4gt.F.M. Ommanney 23, 
a orfolk-s.. Strand. 
| SW. pe ‘for a eapt.iAug.13.—pay. 25Sept.28.-~Agt, Wm. Paine, Deputy Treasseat 
reenwic ospital. 
HORSE, ‘or Se. Nicolo, Two Brass Guna, desing © Fortuna, capt.18Nov.07, GAug. & 16Dee. 
& 19Mar.10.—pay-25Sept.28.— Agt. Wm. Vaine, Deputy Treasurer of Greenwich Hoepisal. 
SPIDER, for Andromeda, Py bth Dec.05.—pay.2§Sept.28. ditto. 
nower DGE, for Isle of France, capt.3Dec.10.— pay.11Atg-28.—-4g t.Clerk of the Cheek, Green 
wic ospita 

UNITE, for L Grue, Bizzaro, Buona Esperanza, Bes, and Masshanda, rapt Analy & atAug. 
» & 18May 13.—pay.3§Sept.28.—Age. Wm. Paine, Deputy Treasurer of Greeunich { 
VICTORY, Jor Seizure, capt.14May28.—pay, 2¢Aug.28.—Ag te Jobu Brenten, Portsmouth, 
WEAZLE, tor Bizsaroand Buona Esperanza, capt. igJuly i 21Aug.07—pay. agSept.28.~— Agi. Wm. 
Paine, Deputy Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital. 



Prixas cllvertised for Payrient inthe London: é& td Creenmtieh 
osptea, Frou aie aed to 20th Oth Sevtenber Tees, 

bei . +, Wear of 1793. 
APOLLO, fen Cantabria, and Vigtientes( Heed Money)» fant 1s Jan A260 nyc, Bet pe 

~Age. Tromas eae 3, Brick-court, Temple. 
wasslatic, Jer Le Bien tyme (Head Money), capt.—pay.7Aug.28.—Agt. John Copland, 
Surrey -street, Stra 
OHO, for Te Ataned: (Head Money), caps. 3J i alll Da 12Sept.28.—4gts. Booth and Pettet, d 

Royal Terrace, Adelphi. 
RECON ey for Revanche and L’Incredule, (8 ead Money), capt. 17&29A pr.go—pay. 22) ul yah— 

Agt.C. Clementson, 8 Adelphi Terrace. 
ZEPHYR, fer L’Espoir, (Head Money ;, capt.8Feb.98.—pay.7Aug.28,—Agt. Jno, Copland, 23,Surrey- 
street, Strand. 


War of 1803. 

'ACTEON and AFRICAINE, for Isle of France, capt. 3Dec.10.—pay. 11Aug.96.—Agt. Clerk of the 
Check, Greenwich Hospital. 

artnet ‘for a &Aimabie Claudine, capt.iBept.&1aNov.25.—pay.7Aug..-—-Agt.J P.Muspratt, 

ew Broad-st. 

AL TE, for Spanish Gun Boats, Nos. 1 & 2, destroyed off Rota, capt. qApr.08.—-pay. 24J alya8e— 
Agt. Joh. Woodhead, 1, James-st. Adel phi. 

AJA dor ets ate, capt.16Feb.13.—pay. eeSept.s8. — Agt.Wm. Paine, Deputy Treasurer of Greene 

} wi 

tamer verter Jor Isle of France, Fourth Payment, capt.3Dec.10.—pay. 11Aug.28—Agt. Clerk of the 
Check, Greenwich Hespital. 

BOMBAY ANNA, ditto ditto ditto ditto. 

CEYLON ditto ditto ditto ditto. 

CORN ELLA, ditto ditto ditte ditto. 

CLORINDE ditto ditto ditto ditto. 

Rian er ditto ditto ditto ditto, 

CRUIZER, jorLa Machante, (Head Money), capt. igduncoz—pay. agAug.08.—Agts. Barnett and 
1 e s8ex—st.Stran 
ARCH or a elite and Ruthy, eapt.g9&11Nov.08.—pay.zeAug.98.— 4gt.F MM. Ommannes, a2, Norfolk- 

CONFLICT, gu Independencia and Bahia, capt. 26F eb. &3Apr.37.-—pay- oGAng.s8--Agt. Ceoke, 
and Halford, 1, Norfolk-st. Strand. 
'CEPHALUS, for Fortuna, capt. 19Mar-10.—pay.05Sept48.—Agt. Wm. Paine, Deputy Treaswer of 
Greanwich Hospital. 
Doms, Jo sle of Frauce, capt. sDec.10.—pay. 11Auz.88-—Agt. Clerk of the Check, Greenwich 
ital . 
EGRE ONT, Schooner, ditto diteo . ditto ditto 
EMMA ditto : aie i ditto 
SE, ditto ditte 
ESPIEGLE, Sor Sir Francis Burton, and Piratical Felacca, Roawig: Money), capt. 210ct.26.—pay- 
July 28.—Agt. Thos. Collier, 3,8 Brick-court, Temple. 
EpINBORGH » for Viaymete, Bea, Masshanda, aad V1 igilante capt.16Feb.18Apr. & 18May13- 
Lay t.28. —Agt. Wm. Paine, Deputy ‘Treasurer o Gicere ce Hospital. 
EUR US, for L’Audacieux, capt. 31Ang-13-— pay —pay. 25Sept.28 
ESK, fer Venus and Duos Amigos, Slave Vessels, capt. 7&8Feb.27.—paye Pr Pr aay Py Barnett: 
and King, 37, Essex-st. Strand. 
EMERALD, for L’Enfant Prodigue, (Head Money), capt. 21Juneo3.—pay.2Aug .28.—Ag ts. Cookes, 
ECHO, / altar, Ae Hess Mees sea Se a7Sept.28.—Agts Goode and Clark 
or Haza (ie oney), capt. pt.04.—pay. pt.28.—Agts ean arke. 
FUUDROYANTE, forla C Consolatcur, ( Money) . 10Ang.08.—pay DqSept.28.—dgtoJoh. | Wood: 
hea e James st. elp 
ha ron or Vigilante & pi Adaccountes ¢ —_ -18A pr.&31 Aug.13.—pay.25Se pt.28.— 4g t.Wm.Paine 
reasurer of Greenwich Hospita 
GRASSI PPER, for Marrucia, &c. capt 29Apr. 15, ditto ditto. 
GUANO pee ERs vessel 4 Maots ’ ale Feb.teMar, oth a a ‘ 4A pe 
or Spanis an Boa olan estro ° Ota, ca te r.00.—pay 
Jalya6. . Joh, Mood ents le rebar Adel iphi. 
HESS ERs Jor ri of France, capt.3Dec.10.—pay. 11Aug.28.— Agt. Clerk of the Check, Greenwic 
HECAT ditto dit ditto ditto. 
HIRONDELLE, for Y Turkish Vessel, Madona, & Andromeda, capt. Hoe & Feb.& Mar.o7.—pay 
asSept t.98.—2 t. Wm. Paine, Deputy Treasurer of Greenwich 
BADE. K, for El Arrogante. (Head Money), capt. 22May06.—pay. as5Sept. 98.—Agte. Evane 

George-st. Adelphi. 
of the Cheek, 
wich Hospital. 

a ee 


— -, 

LITA El ete ne eet 

i Date of License. Date of Licenses 
Nathan Joseph, 98, Mino a2Aug.28 WemerJ obs 48, Gt. Windmill-street, os 

Rear Tei ers atta a OPT ANA Gna TAL 

St. Swithin’s-tane - -120ct.26 Yeell Abraham, 184, Queen-st. Portsea 1 Mar.26 
Philpot Jahn af 1.357%) ets ite sul’t ia aihy Lath a on ADE Gb ates ce a a ’ Jia vids vein ne ie 2 TERS 

ederseau ced at ‘De tie tah TF ‘ty: uo Pee yout } 
howstreets Aldgate 27Deci avish Levys and Lewis 
; pa camaclsiyt Pee Ticeae Cisdets ay ores ya chars ergand Tisats wot : 4 F wat ak 
: . nMnees 3 aa rea - Heures os dete, as cuter ‘ . ; . 
jiarnwWe ane ee bee en 5 oe a de la Forme 
is charta a 
se yJobn, 370 Hanover Strect Poa tga Pass Rue, ar whi 
, BND 7 

bic cranes | 

Se Nee eee Me 

‘ : ; 
. wr ppiere Ft Ios Z oa Sek 
; fa 
“4 \ } re f 5 ; a 2 . fy ‘ , 1 : i ya na oe - oo» 
‘ ; ‘ d 
ekosls yah a i. thy, . : i «oh . oF \ AA we 
A, “7 
weed rr S 4 
s é we saa ' ; : Cee ae 
: ee ; set ope 
. * 7 -” 
as ie a iS CR eee ee ED 
y Mt ili ce Spite ten 4 ’ <, 
- My ; 
e tt 1 % tbage ys ‘ F 
‘ 4 
t , 
. J 
4 q , 4 4 
1 1! } aad ed it 5 t 
¢ aa ' ya ot F rad ' ng a 
athe ‘se r] ry, f 2 ; 
iay % 
t : 3 , ’ 4 “ 
Cone a TS See ee | d BR adi ites, i. i 
0 2 
my A te we {eo vif eid girl Pa ae) ‘ 
at tot t a 
' ’ Pig's 4 pote * ; i 
coat bo te go dal td D pb ave aes 
. i + tye 1 2 : ; 


—-— a a en ee 

pa cash An 

reve ipa. vey fe mg eas 

ef peel neat 


id TSI: veal, hile ot oo Pe, 

tt I > ' 
tans & Sen, 7, Watbrook Gissattase Charles, 8, Adelphi.M'Inerhene y, B, Kaelp if (Tirlace 
rnett & ise aR ae terrace, MaudeJ.& eT haGt Gtorest. 
Strand * aoe 2 a Cot er Tite.3, Brtcloed: Temple luspratt Jokn O New, Toor. 
atwis Wa. H. B, ew Bos-|Cooke,. Halford, & Sony at, N ie Kehicgee ! 2 

i LReoMe Lined ‘tan. || folk-street, Strand sy sie in eed 
Booth and rbettet, nauk Copiand J. 23, Surry-st. Strand O NettOli creek tran ' 
terract. Dafaur Jos. 13,,Clement’s-lun. [Sholl R.7, Clement's. inn, Strand ’ 

Evans& Ey ton 22, George-st.Adeli Wma Decil-s 
: e b Clarke, [5;Suarry-st.Str. Stilwell Thos. ohn 

caer Wm. & Edw. 3, Clifford’s-|Hinxman J. 72, Great Russel-st. | Arundel-st.Strand 
inn Shc ieee Holmes William, 3, xe on’s-Inn./ Woodhead J. 1, James-street, 

[hippendate J. 10, John-street,|Levy J. Commercial Chambers,' Adelphi. 

{ Adelphi, Minories. 


Ww. Henry Kempster, 37, Craven-street. 
Capt. Madden, Portsmouth. 

Mesers. Cox & Son, Hatton-garden. 

Mr. Rice, Polaud-street. 




N. B. Each License expires three years after the Date thereof. 

Date of Licente. Date of License. 

Abraham Abraham, 147, High-stree 
Southam mmepren Slade . at Aprila8 

ie, Rach. Abigail, 7, New Square 
Minories, ae Widow and Execcutrix o 
Emanuel Harris 16Dec.25 

oseph ree Saareun pri 
ynard David, 67, Hanover-st. Portsea 17Jan.26)Isaac Philip, 8, ‘Great Prescott-street, 
Barnard George, 67, Hanover-street, Portsea Goodman’s Fields 15Aprileé 

8Oct.2; Isaac Isaac, 11, Hammond-place, Chatham 

Casher Edw. sen. & jun. 24, High-street. 
Portemouth 11June&7 
Corbett Wa. 33, St. Swithin’s-lane, Landon: 

Davis Noah, and Mich. Lyon, 137, Ratcliffe- 
Hi way 7Sept.26 
Ivalice Jos.156, Whitecross-st. St. Lake’s 9Feb.26 

De Souza Daniel, 30, Great Prescott-st. 
Goodman’s Fickas 12May27/Mansell Thomas, 36, Deptford-green Feb.¢ 
Tartell Geo. 4, Wave Vortmouth EL coe re : 

Franklin Abraham, 61, Bridge-strect, Mordccai Mark, 48, Queen-street, Devon- 

M port 18Mer.s 
F euklen tan: 53, Charlotte-street, oe Moses Jacob, 6, St. George’s Circus, South- 
land-place 23Feb.26| Wark 19Dec.s 
Moses Abraham, 36, St. James-st-Porteea 2aDec.9) 

Aaron Joseph, 11, Clement’s-inn gApril28/Grant Geo. jun. Portsmouth 19A0g.964 


¢ oe = ar Pie 

22d March, 18@#8. 

}° fis: Royal Highness:the Lord: High Admiral, on, referring. to. thi 
cireular Orders ef: tha Lat. Januaryy.1825, and 18th December, 1827 
relating to the Uniforms of Officers of the Royal Navy, desires it to be 
understood that, although His Royal Highness directed that the 
Unforms of Officers, not mentioned in the latter of those orders, shoulc 
retain the same as in the former order, the Coats of such Officers are 
nevertheless, to be made to button from top to bottom in front, ac. 
cording to the pattern of the Coats directed to be worn: by the said 
JOrder of the 18th December; but such Officers may wear the Coats 
they now have until worn out. 

“y rr’-* * ‘By Command of His Royal Highness,. 

SS eee rn: 
. - 

\ 12th May, 1828. 

His Royal Highness the lord High Admiral gives Notice, that he has 
Teceived His Majesty’s, pleasure, that the short Blue single-breasted 

. f reat Coat, described in the Order of the 18th of December, 1827, shall 
be worn generally by Officers of the Royal Navy as an undtess Waifotm 
oat,—the other Cont described in the first paragraph of the said 
Regulstions,:is to be reserved for occasions of ceremony aad full dress. 

"By Command pf His Royal Highness, 7 
1 ee eee : _ J.W.CROKER. |. 

hose 18th February, 1828. 

"fis Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral is pleased to direct that 

ait Commissioned Officers appointed: by His Royal Highness to Shé : 

rs whether at home ot abroad, shall report to me forhis Royat Hightess’s 

formation the day on which they may have joined ; and: His Roya 

Highness also desires, ttmt-the, same rule. be. observed by Commis- 

Sioned Officers appointed by a CommandeminyChiefon senior Ofiger 
through whom auch Pepotts are (im both cases) transmitted... 

oy acnie BY Command of His Reyal Highness, =f 
| ae a ee |, o W.crkORER, | 


i oa rar de wea, a 


nee aa 


vice of the button to be twe share wilie cable, - eroesed saltierwise} 
the Seal of the Vietutdling Office). 

Second Masters. 

"Phe same 4s Masters, but without the ombroidared device: on the 
pollar, and' with white waistcoat and breeches, or pine penmdonnty , 
may be convenient, a | { 


; The same aniform as Surgeons, but without the embroidered device}! 
bo the collars. with white waistcoat and breeches or blue pantaloons 
6 may ne convenient. 

: Cler ke. 

/ The same uniform as Pursers, but without the embroidered devie 

pn the collar; and with white waistcoat and breeches, or blue panta-| 
poons as may. ‘be convenient. f> 


€eat—Blue cleth lined with white serge, edged with white cloth, 
stand-up collar with a button and buttun-bole of one quarter inch wide, 
gold laee on each side of the callar; single breasted at angles with the} 
skirts ; blue round cuffs ; nine buttons down the front, three on each 
cuff and pocket, with corresponding blue twist button-holes, and threel 
buttons in the folds of the skirts. The buttens to be the same as those} 4 
worn by Captains.—-Waistcout and Brecches or Pantaloons, Cravat or 
Stock, Buckles, and Hat.—To be the same as Lieutenants, Sword.| 
Ok ‘the same pattern as the Masters. 

Gunners, Boatswains, and Carpenters. 
Coat.— Btue cloth ; if lined, to be with serge, fail-down collar, bh 

lapels to button across, and round cuffs; nine buttons on the lapels,| ~ 
and three on each cuff and pocket, with corresponding blue twis 
button-holes, and three buttons in the folds of the skirts. Plain gilt 
buttons, with an anchor and cable engraved thereon.——Waist coat ana 
Trowsers, ‘or Pantaioons.—White and blue.———€ravet- or- Stock. 
Black. Hat.—Cocked, bound, and looped with black silk. 

eee Sword ia and Sword Belt.-—The same as Masters. 

The same as Mates, with a white turn-back on each side,of theh + 
: bn but. the coat not to be edged with white, nor to have the gold 
on-hole.——Swords.—Of the same pattern as amma but of such | 
jength as may be conyenient. ia 

poli. b -Folunteers of the First Class. oo SB 
“Whe same as’ Midshipmen, but instead of the white tam:back, 
! uttorhole OF Witite’ ‘twist ‘on the collar, with: B cotrespoudiity buttor 

vs Assistants end Volunteers of the Second Class. 

| The same uniform as Volunteers of the First Class, but with the 
MMactarea huttan and the huttan-hnle an the collar ta ha hine twiet 



Extract from the Dewees Regulations of the vet of Jemnary, 1895, relerred 
Yeo tn past Regulations, ule | 

Ma EYONG) oy of ct ee By he we ly Spt See } 
th thlorg tn ss oa, Master of the Fleet. (0 0 3 
1Cdet.+Blue.cleth, lined with white clotli or serge, blue stand-ap 
culty lapels .and round coffs; one row of half-inch wide gold lac 
round: the collar, aud. three anchors (the Navy Office Seal), em 
breid@red ingolkd.on each side of the collar: the middleanchor to be two} 
imohes and.a quarter long. Niue buttons on each lapel, and three on} 
each cuff and pocket, with corresponding blue twist button-holes ; 
three buttons in the folds of the skirts. Thebuttons seven-eighths of an 
inch in diameter, gilt, imdented, with a rim round three anchors. 

Waistcoat, Breeches, or Pantaloons, Cravat, or Stock and Buckles, the 
same as Lieutenants, with the appropriate button, half an inch iu dia- 
meter, when required. Hat.—The same as Lieutenants, but the 
gold lace forming the toop to be but half-inch wide ——Sword.—Of thet 
same pattern and length as Commissioned Officers, but the back-pie 
of the handle is to be plain, with a flute ronnd the top and dvwn tlie 
back; with a black fish-skin gripe bound with three gold wites; the 
eines on the blade not blued or gilt——Steord Krot-Of ‘blue 
silk, mixed with gold ftinge, but no bullion. ——Stoord ‘Belt: —Blue silk 
of black leather, same size and shape as Commissioned: Offtcers, ° 

yt * HPT Aree a or ee Masters. wey ca 
. Bheisameas the. Master of the Fleet, but no lace round the. collar 
of the coat. : Se Geen kok ode oad 
od tu ACLS oh foe, Physicians. : cg ts tif 

Coat, Waistcoat, Breeches or Pantaloons, Cravat or Stock, Buckles}. 
The same) as the Master. of the Fleet, except that the embroitery: nl | 
the sides of:the: collar of the coat, and the device on the buttons is to, 
an aitchon with aisnake twined: round the shank and stock (the device 
of} dhe'old Siek abd Hurt Oftice),--—Hat.—The same, but lagped wi 
black: silk, :balf an stick wide.-——Sword.—A small sword, with'a plai 
bgass handia,-aécording to patters, ornamented on the handle with th 
apptopriatedevice,.. | a sree 
Pong 3 


phage u Try > Pee ea Surgeons. i A ; other 
14 iw) epee +! @ie en ‘ % 
“The sane ‘as Physicians, but without lace round the collar ‘of't 
coat, nee +. 2, . i ae) ‘9 : te tee ie ! a 7 : 
ecretaries to Commanders:in- Chief: Ga eZ 

jbutfong,t6 be att arichar nimopnted With a Fegal' ttbwi 
Oi Whe collar, fhe,crowa and guchlor together to baltwo thd’ a quartet 
inches 2087 pp ade ec. tbt bh. bbb te « | < 

th fits tO obser od coreh et 

«| Beevethnies tosentor' Flag: Officers, .and Oommodoses mots. 
oda cetnreoh on Communder's-in-Ohef). te tego ot Dh aioe 

| “The same as the last, witli ‘the gold face vodmdvettecoliargos 1:7: 

ere ME REET y dota cb S 

Uursers. ‘ : 

de ogg! Cee) Ty . 
The same as the last, but the embroidery on the collar and the de- 
rh en eases 

hysicians, but, the embroidery of the cotlar anid 
ay SRR it oe 



160 | pwtiée! WeoULaTTONs, | 
aré'td Weir rownl "huts; ag Mowed fer thelr’ phevant \umiirens; buat thet 

loop is to be of gold twist: ‘ : | 
FP ins oad the Fleet onal cbaeire: that, there seg longer 07 
ce of full dress or ahdress, except ine particular of gold lace 
othe Uowsers of Gomiiscioned Officers, as already’ bated’ eed ehe | 
at the King’s or Queen’s Drawitig-Rooms, Officers are to wegr! white} | 
cloth of kerseymere breeches, with buttons of' thre Nanerte Dee $3 
with white sword belt and white silk stockings, with gold org “ikbe 4 
land shoe buckles; on ull other occasions whatsoever ‘fhuy are to wetawi | 
blue trowsers and short boots, as already stated. — ne Hae take 

(ge wag Cloaks and Great Coats. ees ee 
The uniform cloaks and great coats of the Royal Navy. are ta, bet | 
blue, lined (when lined) with blue or white. hae? 3: 
. Officers whew on leave in the neighbourhood of their ships, or on such . 
disties as in the epinions of their immediate Commanding Officers, or 9 | 
the.Senjor Officer on the spot, do not require them to appear in the = 
regular uniforms above desc:ibed may wear io lieu thereof, a short blue} 
slagle breasted. great coat, with a stand-up collar; Mates and Midship-! : 
mon wearing such coats, are to be distinguished by ong row of gold 
twist omdach cuff; Lieutenants, by one row of gold lace, a quarter of] 
an inch wide, on each. cuff; Commanders, by two rows of such lace o 
each cuff; and Captains, by three rows of such lace on each cuff. 
- If Flag Officers shall, under similar circumstances, think proper to 
wear great coats of tite same description in lieu of the propermaifornh 
they are to wear their proper epaulettes uponit. tony gals 
| All great coats to have the appropriate button of the rank of the 
éctive O Micers. Tee Teva FP dpa’ 
All ‘Officers’ may wear in undress at sea, a veubd +jacketo without 
akitts; with their appropriate: battons, ard a -roond dark hat, with -alt!. 
naridw bldck-sitk band and a black buckle, and a diaels sdk ondeathen; : 
cockade, witha loop of the same material ‘andshalf! che 4vidthiof., aha. . 
laeé OF their respective coats, or if they-have no dacesotitheit:: fi. 
of ‘blatk” silk ribbon (except Midshipmen, Mastdrs Assistants,’ 
Volunteers, who are to have a loop of gold twist, as before ista 
nore blae cloth cap, with a band rognd it, of half the width 
terial of the lace of their coats; Officers who havego la e to i i 

0 tryed Pry at 


Coats, who now wear gold hands, may havea band of gold lace, tf 
an inch wide, round their caps ;, other Officers are to wear such bands; ”! 
abat presepty. pep lads aide nd aiaca 

' Patterns be pen of each of the Wefdre-meu ce af ifttetes'’d 


dress are to be seen at this Office, and at the Office of éach P 
Admiral ; and His Royal Highness directs, that no article shall, after 
this date, be made of any other pattern, Articles which have béen|’ 
alreadp made v6 mw aiWordnt. pitters from tlid foregoing, map, hhawever, 
be worn till the ist of Januday 1899, .after which no deviation what- 
ever fromshe-estabfiabment will be parmitted., estodt ep aenne E 
By Command of His Royal Highness, se 
cvowS " 'JLW, CROKER. 

ob od has Wabaas ij go otha tig sadt goad se 

wo bbb aye 


' Belt—black patent leather frog shoulder belt, two inches and al! | 
quarten mide, with brass-zegulating buckle and loop, to be wor under 
wais oH 

Knot—blue and gold rope, twenty-three inches long, with ditto dit ot 
weNens babketiwork head, and twelve gold bultions,.a piece of the sami. 
sont. of cord, \fourteen inches and three quartere long, is. fixed te thel | 
hilt to which the knot is affixed, ee ae ce | 


‘Fhe same as the foregoing, but with three stars enly on the epaulettes. : 

ee ee .. | | Viee Admirals. . 
. The same, with two stars on the epaulettes, 
: Rear Admirais. 

The same, with one star on the epaulettes. . Eo ! 

Commodores of the First Class, Captains of the Fleet when not Flag | 
Officers, and First Captains of Ships. | ie 

The same, but with epaulettes of Captains above three years standing. 


The same, but the lace on the collar and cuff to be one anda hal 

inch wide, and the button to be without the laurel leaf; the epanlettes 

of those of three years standing to have a single anchor and: 

of those under three years standing to have the ancher.alone. 

‘The hats the same, but hound with black silk instead of 
looped with four gold builions, the two centre twisted. 

crewu, ané 

, Commanders. See ae ee 
“The same as Captains, but their epaulettes are to be without dither 
crown or anchor. x | - ee 
. , Ldeutenanis. Coe: | 
The same, with the lace one inch wide, and one epaulette on the 
right shoulder of the same description as Commanders, and a strapon 
the left shoulder similar to the strap of the epaulette, _ a 
The loop of the hat to be of two gold bullions twisted. i 
Ail the foregoing Officers who are to wear lace down the seams of 
their trowsers of the same width as that of their coat, may, when they 
choose, in undress, wear blue trowsers without the gold lace, and 
Officers of all ranks are to wear blue trowsers except in hot climates 
or on home service in the summer, when all ranks are permitted to} | 
ear white Russia duck trowsers. | r 
All the other Officers of the Fleet are to wear the same uniforms as ' 
at present established, by the regulations of 1st January 1825, for] 
their full dresses, with the following exceptions ; | 
The buttons which are to be of their present pattern, are not to ¢x- 
eed in number those on the coats of the Commissioned Officers. ° 
Masters, mates, masters-assistants, and midshipmen, ate to wear 
the sword of the above pattern, and volunteers of both classes are to 
ear dirks only. : Me nt oe re 
Boatswains, guoners, and catpenters, are to wear plain round % 
d midshipmen, masters-assistants, and’ voluntéers of both ‘ef 

~ one vant oe tet EE Oe, pea NST ONT HY SSN 

December 18; t82?#:'"". ” 
e 4 
et) at Se Fae bias boar 4 nett “i 

RAPTIDW of ‘tha Unirorm which, 4n pursuance of His Masravii’s 
' Pleaduse; siynifed to His Rovat Hiauness the Lord: High Mdmitate 

is to be worn by Officers in' thé. Royal Navys | ©? we ot Mul 

ta adits oak . _ J weli, spe Se 
Bier) Admiral of the Fleet. De ele 
: Coat—Blue cloth, with a white cloth stand-up collar, with two 
jnch lace round the top aud front; a slashed ‘sleeve with dlae thiee 
pointed flap and three buttons and. holes ; a white cuff, with two inch 
e, of the Navy pattern, round the top and dewn the front edge ; 
pocket flaps with three points, no buttons; the body of the coat lined, 
with the same eloth, and the skirts lined with white kerseymere ; two 
rows of buttons in the front, ten buttons in each row; the two rows to 
be three inches apart from the front of the button-hole to the centre of 
_|the button; the skirt to begin at one-sixth of the circumference from 
the front edge, two buttons on the bips, and two buttons.en the bottom 
ofthe plait; the button to be raised, gilt, one inch in diameter, indented: 
with a round rim; and within the rim an anchor and a cable, and a 
brown over between two wreaths of laurel; two gold epaulettes, with. 
forty bultions each, over a bonnet and a crescent, and edging to the 
strap, with silver anchor and crown and three silver stars, two stars:on: 
the crescent and one star above. 

IWpistcoat--single breasted, white cloth or kerseymere, with buttens 
: 1 

half inch diameter, of the same pattern as the coat. | oe 
: Trowsers—of blue cloth, with gold lace of the same Width as on the 
‘coat, down the outside seams, to be worn over short boots. . 

. Cravat or Stock—black silk. ee ve 

' SHat—cocked ; the flaps ten inches in the back, eight and a half inches 
‘in the front, six inches at each corner ; bound with gold lace, two and 2 
‘half inches wide, showing one inch and a quarter on each side, with a 
‘black silk cockade six inches wide ; looped with six gold bullions, three. 
‘anda half eighth of inches wide, and the two centre twisted, witha ‘but-. 
'ton of the same size and pattern as the coat, and tassels, with five gold 
‘a five blue bullions each. | ae 

; The Sword, Belt, and Knot. > 
Hilt—solid, half basket guard, with raised bars and crown and anchor 
‘badge, lion head back piece, white fish-skin gripe, bound with three 
gilt wires; outside length, five inches and three quarters; inside 
length, four inches and a half. A, 
Blade—slightly. curved, with a round back, thirty-one inches and a 
quarter long, one inch and three eighths wide at the shoulder, with a 
double-edged spear poiyt.. . ee; | oe 
| Scabbard—black leather, top locket plain, four inches long, with plain 
‘broad haok, threaded chape six inches long, horse shoe bottom ; the 
hilt and mountings of brass, lacquered. : 


tne A et ES aes 

4 >. 

een ceeles “ce tiere ste! fei ameT 

pa Sm 

Aa: Fat he. AR OS 
f. of tek ‘ ; weg) 
A 8 ae ge 0 ne it 
NENG WOES a ve Mth August, 1827. | 

His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral desires that Officers, o1 
her persons, Having occasion to transmit Certificates and other docu- 
ents either‘to His Royal Highness, his Counci},; or his Secretaries, 
ill not send the original Certificates or documents, but only copies 

thereof, which copies will remain in this Office, annexed to the Lettes 

r Memorial to which they may belong. If, however, the parties shall 

hoose to transmit their original documents, they are to understand 

at they will not be afterwards returned to them, but retained in this 
fice for the purpose aforesaid. 

t This rule does not apply to the Smart Tickets or Certificates of! 

Seamen or Marines applying for pensions from Greenwich. 


By Command of His Royal Highness, 

| oo 



— = 
~— = - 

To Van Dieman’s Land. 

Cabin 7 e©« « « « £84 OO 
Steerage  . ; ; . ° 35 0 0 
Every thing supplied to the Passengers, except Bedding. 101. is de 
ducted from Cabin, and 5/. from Steerage Passage, in case of a Mant; 
and his Wife occupying one Berth. | ere ey 
a  ehitdven of Fourteen Yeats pay the same as Adults. : 


copay I 

ag ‘ _—n Teqy “i add’; 
ebay hos _ From Q to 13 e e.- ..- e a ars Biinire eyed | 
ogy! Sry 8 “8 ° ye 6 Py ° a ce ee 
: a toospeart 
x» ‘ 2: “9 4 e e e ) e e Z. “a saat i & 
s Heavy Goods, £4 per Ton . sake ae daa 
7 _ _" Measurement Goods £5 ditto In the Hold. - Sa | 
F ‘ ies 

7 a 

/ ++ ‘By Command of. His Royal Highness, ee anaes O 
a ee ‘ i i ' {+ 1 Pry yess 
J. W. CROKER. | 

oa ne ge ee tle a 2 agree Pe 


cannot produce satisfactory testimonials ef gond conduct and nga 
tionable character. 

In other reapeets, the Copditions on which: the Grants are made, t 

2 similar to those which are now in operation in New South Wales. 

“the Officer to whom Land is granted, shali enter into a Bond, tha 
he, or his - Family shall reside for at lenst.Seven Yearein the Seftiement, 
andthe Grant shall net be allowed to be sold by him, until he shall 

eported to have expended upon it a Capital equal to half its value, as 
that Vales was estimated when the Grant was meade. 

_For instance, supposing the Grant to be Two Hundrea rere at the 
estimated value of 5s, per Acre, the individual will not te allowed t 
sell it until he shall: be reported to have expended 25/. upon it. In the 
event, however, of his death taking place before the expenditure of 
Capital already alluded to, the Grant will be continued to his Heirs, 
but subject to the fulfilment of the Conditions under which he himself 
held the Grant. | 

The quantity of Land to be received by Officers will be in the same 
proportion to their Capital, as in the case of ordinary. Settlera ; but 
until an accurate valuation has been made of the Landa througout the 
Colony, and ait-average price shall be fixed for each Parish, it is not 
possible for the Colonial Repartment to fix the quantity of Land which 
any Individeal may be able to obtain in proportion to his Capital. 

The quantity of Land to be granted, must depend entirely upon the 
value which that Land, either from local circumstances, or from its 
‘peculiar character, may possess ; and this, as must be evident, can only 
be determined in the Colony. 

The Officer who may avail himself of this offer, will be required t 
provide for his own Passage, and that of his Family, to the Coleny. 

The ordinary Rates of Passage are the following, as far as can be 
collected from the best sources of information which. have been ap 

plied to: 

To New South Wales. 
Cabin ; ‘ ae £94 10 0 
Steerage : a 40 0 0 

Bu als Eves camernere) cs (remem Sif. Ee Se vaeborg tO 

vob? sb ebasriggy 

11th August, 1827. we 


2 ee ee a 1 mor oad 

Hie. eat Priweiped eerelaty of State for the ee aaaparie | 
ment, having communicated to.His Royal Highness the, Lord High 
Admieal the Rules which His Mejesty’s Govesnment have Jaid..daws 
for regulating the Grants of Land in the Colonies-of New South Wal 
and Van Dieman’s Land, to Persons proceeding thither’ as Settlers, and 
maving acceded to the suggestion of His Royal Highness, that it weuld 
be desirable to encourage Officers of the Royal Navy and Mazsines,:of 
wank not inferior to Captains in the Army, to become Settlers in tha 

Colony, by holding out to them superior advamages, im considerations 

of theiz Services ; His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral hereby 
makes known to the Officers of the Royal Navy and Marines, ranking 
as above, that the Regulations established by His: Majesty’s Govern- 
ment for the encouragement of Officers on Half-Pay New 
Soath Wales and Van Dieman’s Land, are as follows,viz. 

Officers of all ranks on Half-pay. are allowed to emigrate, and.are 
not required to make any Deposit as Security, the intention being, 
that they shall obtain Grants of Land without Purchase, subject, how- 
ever, ta the Conditions hereinafter specified, viz. 

The remission of Quit Rent shall take place for a certain number o 
years beyond the average period which is prescribed in the case of 
ordinary Settlers, according to the following Scale :— 

Officers of the standing of Twenty Years and re to be ex 
empted from all Quit Rent. 

Officers of Fifteen Years standing and upwards, but short of Twenty 
Years, to be exempted from Quit Rent for the first Twenty Years. 
Officers of Ten Years standing and upwards, but short of Fifteen 

1 Years, to be exempted from Quit Rent for the first Fifteen Years. - | 
Officers of Seven Years standing and upwards, but short of Ten 

| Years, to be exempted from Quit Rent for the first Ten Years. | 
No Officer to be eligible under Seven Years’ Service, nor any whd 


asleaii cette 

ee ee 8 - 

weak , - ,oay 7 rha’j of uy are 
oe éonstrsstt7 eR, gs 


be er eae 
an : 

fismsoD at aeons} agi cre rae. bas a, THA Jalg; 188% ere 2 

PMO D BE ee vs Ls 
$7 has been arranged by His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral, 

Hig Mujésty’s Secretary oft State for Foreign Affairs, that whenever 
Captain of:one of His’ Majesty’s rated Shipsof War {in which 
epemination.age included Commodores wearing Blue Pendants) shall 
signify,,in writing, to the British Consul his arrival within’ the 
Port. at which the Consul resides, the Consul (or .Vice-Consul, in Ports 
where, there,is.a Consul-General) shall take the pales! opportunity 

of waiting, in eee on such Captain, and o 


care such Port, fo wait, upon 
His Majesty’s Consuls, but they are to be waited upon hy | icerConsuls 
1 At i, MAderstpod of cqurse,-that both Consuls-General and Consuls 
all in, ‘ cases, wait wpon Flag-Officers, and Cominodorés.w. aring W hite Pendant, on their arrival at the Port of their Residence, 
without waiting for any previouscommunication. |__| fos ee 
vi And: His -Reyal Highness. commands me-to signify the ‘same 4o, the 
espective Flag-Officers, Commodores, and Captains, of Hia Majeaty’s 
ships, for phair, informayion and guidance ; and that the Memgrandam 
on thie subject, dates 5th March, 1825, is to be no longer in orce. 
oyF eee ae ° ca : J Ww CROKER’| 
geo ting cast as Protest mae at soe : : P bot be ee a 
Hisdons oo th uuade ry eh ee 

eb ecaee db Lae tyre ee ied 

or are ee | apd 




y Seer ee ee ee ee i er eo 

th July, 1827. 
ek LEE EA eae e 
- His Ma esty dias been graciously pleased, by His Order in Council 
of the 30th of last month, to repeal all former Orders in Council 
regulating ‘the appoimtment.of Captaits -who-may. be passed’ over DD 
Plag Promotions td: be: superannuated- Rear Admizals,iandizo, died 
that the following Regulations shall be established ia lieu thergofis s ; 
Ist. Captains (if, by their characters and ‘other qualifféations;' tHe 
are considered eligible by the Lord High Admiral, or the Lords Com? 
missioners of the Admiralty) shall be deemed entitled to promotion ad 
Flag Officers of the Fleet, provided they shall have’ commanded one’ of 
more rated Ship four complete years during War, of six complete yeais 
during Peace, or five complete years of War and'Peace combined! 

1 : phre te . . . He niece yoyt thet 
2dly. All Captains, who, shall in set aside at, PY, Pr9y 


motion of Flag Officers, may be appointed “ Retired Rear Admirals, 

with Pénsiops equal to the Half-pay of Rear Admifals df 'the' Fleet 

provided ‘stich “Officers have retained an unblentished tharactet/ and 
have not avoided ordeclined service. © 0 8 aes 

“¥aly.” Captains” hot’ entitled under either oF thé ‘befiste rt gtd 
Regu] tins to be promoted to be a Flag Officet’on thé’ Aprive LAM 
nor yet to bé placed’on the Retired List of Reat' Admivals, dai? bay 
altogether removed from the List’ of Officers’ of' tHe 'Fleét® and Shu 

receive Gist] Pensions onthe Estimates: of she: Naty: efual: tohtiteir 
Halt-pajas Ch pains, "| Soy, eres ee eat as ihc sl] Walmaes : 
“anid AR’ Majesty ‘has ikewise been pleaséd'to'Uitedt! With rorels 
ence to the ‘9th and 10th Articles of the $d Chapter of the Regurati ons 
relating to Has Majesty’s;Service at Sea, that the periods of time re- 
quired to elapse before a Lieutenant can be promoted to the rank of 
Commander, or a Commander to the rank of Captain, shall be actually 

served by such Officers on board His Majesty’s Ships and Vessels inf 
jheir respective ranks, i 

By Command of His Royal Highness, 


Seek eens ee 

Extract from the Danese Regulations of the rst of Jonnary,1825,rerred 

to in the foregoing Regulations, ©. , .; .. 
var @rcol oy ay ee oe eae 

vst ee ll.» Master of the Fleet. : ye Aa 

inch in diameter, gilt, indented, with a rim round three anchors. 
Waistcoat, Breeches, or Pantaloons, Cravat, or Steck and Buckles, the 
same as Lieutenants, with the appropriate button, half an inch in dia- 
meéfér, when required. Hat.—The same as Lieutenants, but: the 
gold lace forming the loop to be but half-inch wide.——-S word.—Of thet 
same pattern and length as Commissioned Officers, but the back-piece 
of the handle is to be plain, with a flute ronnd the top and duwn 4 

back; with a black fish-skin gripe bound with three gould wires; the 
etchings on the blade not blued or gilt-—Steord Knrot»-Of -blue 
silk, mixed with gold fringe, but no bullion.——Swword Bett: +Bine site}. 
or black leather, same size and shape as Commissioned: Officers. © >} 

: r boas re 

rMyy* bejerdeg Aad nl ee Masters. : man oe J 
, Bhesame as the. Master of the Fleet, but no lace round the collar} 

of the coat. 7 . an - 

a to deotooun tou.) Physicians.  o ae 
Coat, Waistcoat, Breeches or Pantaloons, Cravat or Stock, Buckles.r-. 
The dame) as the Master. af. the Fleet, except that the embruitery: gn} | 
the sides of.the: collar of the coat, and the device on the buttons js to, 
an atichon with aisnake twined rouad the shank and stock (the device}, 
of'ddesold Sick ad ‘Hurt Oflice),--— Hat.—The same, te lagped with), 
blaek silk, :balf an ich wide.--—Sword.—A small sword, with a plai 
bsass handie,-aécording  pattens, ornamented on the handle with th 

a5 ' t v7 

hos Poath Et 


apptopriate device... 
Fete oe Et, Pe lo gd tlscgs Bea ofa Surgeons. ' ie, ca : the if 
‘Thi¢ saujé’as Physicians, but without lace round the collar ‘of't 
COA Ge re ae ae ok, 
1" 'Seerétaries to Commanders:in-Chieft"' 1" 60 

ons tO be an gi ae snrmonnted with a regal étown. : 
Fag SRR IVD, a AeHOF Come ties to be tetg Ai a qiartcy 

° ay 

i I 

nches 958): ee eae Ph Hag Het sais fO “bp od ons ards 
«| Becvetariovta-Jenior' Flag: Offocers, sand Commodoses mots: 

— ae cea a Communders-in:Ohief}. teteg galt Tay cae 
The same as the last, withiowt the gold face seca ee rotneeer! jays 

pe GA, chp SOF ietoudon D2 vf ‘ 
ea tiee: ursers. 

ee See 
mM 2 a OT Vant hate tha ambentdawr an tha sallas and tha da_ 

The s gap the, Physicians, but the embroidery of the cotlar atid 
deyi of 1e, but 
On the collar, tt 

166° pivsé' HeGULATTONs, | | , 
aré td Wedr ‘round ‘hits, as Mtowed fur thelr’ present lundirens; ‘but thet. 
ldop is to be of gold twitt! *-- (er at ‘ 

; ‘The Officers of the Fleet will observe, that there is no longer any; — 
differ nee of full dress or ahdress, ‘except inthe particular of gold lace}. ; 
ofthe fowsers of Comniissioned Officers, as abreddy stated |“andehat) | 

Laps a 

at the King’s or Queen’s Drawing-Rtoms,' Officers wreto wegc'whattlo 
cloth. of Kerseymere bréeches, with buttons of" the bbe pel ar sh 
with white sword belt and white silk stockings, with Lael ‘hhewk | 
land shoe buckles; on all other occasions whatsoever they arkto wetd u 
blue trowsers and short boots, as already stated. — ie Ha nas 

eee ere 
ae Oe. _ Cloaks and. Great Coats, .. | ae a 
The uniform cloaks aud great coats of the Royal Navy, are, ta, hel 
blue, lined (when lined) with blue or white = |. |... f. 
. Officers wher on leave in the neighbourhood of their ships, or on sucht 
sas in the epinions of theirimmediate Commanding Officers, or of 
,Senior Officer on the spot, do not require them to appear in thef ~ - 

they are to wear their proper epaulettes uponit. ee off 
: All great coats to have the appropriate button of the rank of the 
: ve ; eae Ag GL Snoastinen eo) 

céckade, ‘with a loop of the same material! aad half! the 4vidthiofs 
laeé Of ‘their respective coats, or if they-have noi Jacesoti:theiti: 
of ‘blatk” silk ‘ribbon (except Midshipmen, Mastdrs) Assistants, 
Volunteers, who are to have a loop of gold twist, as :beforeista 
ads blue cloth cap, with a band rognd it, of half the width and 
terial of the lace of their coats; Officers who have#o ka e to H i | 
coats, who now wear gold bands, may havea band of gold face, half: 


ee wee ee Seahic tect Legit! op Sian ay) 
tterns ar drawings of each of the hefore-mentidned’ afttifes’ df, 
oe arHhcl Poe 

this date, be made of any other pattern. Articles which have béén 
dreadp made bbw siGdrdnt:.patcarn from tld foregoaings mags hewener, 
be worn till the ist of Januay 3899,.after which no deviation what- 
spever fromshe-eetabfishment will pe parmitiads, oni odt og guano iT 
By Command of His Royal H ighiness, 2 
pee ‘J.W, CROKER. 

MOM hiss ile sy ved ai eeshde Gnade alt ped og Hee SDSS 15 

panned re 
(ae = ace = r 


‘Belt—black pater Patent leather frog shoulder belt, two inches and « 
quertrh wide, with Siiadsleiaaiiblind buckle and loop, to be wom unde: 

Knot bles and gold rope, twenty-three inches long, with ditto dit r 
etea babket/work head, and twelve gold bullions,.a piece af the x 

sont: of cord, fourteen inches and ahi caries aoe ‘ig. fixed ta the 
hilt to which the knot is affixed, |. : 


ge oe, = a 

Admirale. | 
The same as the foregoing, but with three stars enly on the eenree 

' Vice Admirals. 
‘The same, with two stars on the epaulettes, 

Rear Admirais. 
The same, with one star on the epaulettes. 

Commodores of the First Class, Captains of the Fleet when not Flag 
Officers, and First Caplains of Ships. 
The same, but with epaulettes of Captains above three years standing. 

The same, but the lace on the collar and cuff to be one and.a he 
inch wide, and the button to be without the laurel leaf’; the epeclettes 
of those of three years standing to have a single anchor and. crows, ar 
of those under three years standing to have the anchor.alone. | 
‘The hats the same, but hound with black silk instead of gold lve, 
looped with four gold builions, the two centre twisted. 

Commanders. : hn ee 
The same as copraine but their epaulettes are to be without dither 
crown or anchor. , 

. Lieutenants. 
The same, with the lace one inch wide, and one epaulette au the 
right shoulder of the same description as Commanders, and a strap on 
the left shoulder similar to the strap of the epaulette. 
The loop of the hat to be of two gold bullions twisted. 
All the foregoing Officers who are to wear lace down the seams of 
their trowsers of the same width as that of their coat, may, when they 
choose, in undress, wear blue trowsers without the gold lace, and 
Officers of all ranks are to wear blue trowsers except in hot climates 
or ou home service in the summer, when all ranks are permitted to 
ear white Russia duck trowsers. 
oe the other Officers of the Fleet are to wear the same uniforms as 
resent established, by the regulations of ist January 1825, for 
thelr full dresses, with the following exceptions ; | 
nthe buttons which are to be of their present pattern, are not to ¢x- 
eed in number those on the coats of the Commissioned Officers. 
Masters, mates, masters-assistants, and midshipmen, are to wear 
|the sword of the above pattern, and volunteers o both, classes are to 
ear dirks only. 

Boatswains, gunners, and carpenters, | are to wear plain round hats 

md widehinman mactarse assictente and awtlwwntéanes af ath lAfundae 


ce ee ate ee 

oP HNTE PAI SE SA SURE Aa eee Re Nee ean ne 

{ eolhs GIO BU OD pater dee te  <PMPRALTY OFFICE} 

; December 18; TERT: oe 
aS how ome ey i belees ba gypt ce adc ae 

; epniwifihe: Uearceu which, in purswance of Hie Masrsvil'sa 
Plenture; siyngfed to His:‘Rovat Hicuness the Lord. High Adminatc| 
ts to caida | Officers in'thé. Royal Navys 62 wit ot Mal 

= . “gl 
‘ F 
; MMe ENP al A ie! hy S 

Admiral of the Fleet. oe ee 
- Coat—Blue cloth, with a white cloth stand-up eating with two 
inch lace round the top aud front; a slashed -sleeve with Blue ‘thice 
eae flap and three buttons and. ielea a white cuff, with two inch 
ee, of the Navy pattern, round the top and dewn the front 
pocket flaps with three points, no buttons; the body of the eoat lined 
with the same eloth, and the skirts lined with white kerseymere ; two 
rows of buttons in the front, ten buttons in each row; the two rows, to 
be three inches apart from the front of the button-hole to the centre of 
_|the button; the skirt to begin at ome-sixth of the circumference from 
the front edge, two buttons on the hips, and two buttons:en the bottém 
ofthe plait; the button to be raised, gilt, one inch in diameter, indented ' 
with a round rim, and within the rim an ancher and a cable, anda 
frown over between: two wreaths of laurel; two gold epaulettes, with 
forty bullions each, over a bonnet and a crescent, and edgiug to: the 
strap, with silver anchor and crown and three silver stars, two stars.on: 
the crescent and one star above. 
Waist¢oat-—single breasted, white cloth or kerseymere, with buttens 
half inch diameter, of the same pattern as the coat. . 
: ‘Trowsers—of blue cloth, with gold lace of the same ‘Width as on the 
coat, down the outside seams, to be worn over short boots, 
Cravat or Stock—black silk. : ane 
“Hat—cocked ; the flaps ten inches in the back, eight and a halfinches 
in the front, six inches at each corner ; bound with gold lace, two and a 
half inches wide, showing one inch and a quarter on each side, with a 
black silk cockade six inches wide; looped with six gold bullions, thre 
‘and a half eighth of inches wide, and the two centre twisted, with a but- 
‘ton of the same size and pattern as the coat, and tassels, with five gold 
‘and five blue bullions each. 

The Sword, Belt, and Knot. 

Hilt—solid, half basket guard, with raised bars and crown and anchor, 
badge, lion head back piece, white fish-skin gripe, bound with three: 
gilt wires; outside length, five inches and three quarters; inside 
length, four inches and a half. 

Blade—slightly curved, with a round back, thirty-one inches and F 
quarter long, one inch and three eighths wide at the shoulder, with a 
double-edged spear point.. 

Scabbard—black leather, top locket plain, four inches long, with plains 
broad hook, threaded chape six inches. long, horse shoe bottom ; the 
hilt and mountings af brass, lacquered. 

ae ee | 

ae TON KeKyseerge 2@AAOIIO ped 
21100109 CERT ETE RTES! © ‘5A 
————_—————— ame —————e | == ~- nim a ; 
ae i 

Heng a‘sepsrssQ ant of } 

oO bat » sids) 

0 0 88 tees 2 ‘oReT9oI¢, a | 

- Tr f YT 447 syenrqeeed oft of bailaaue eal wove 
aD Br OL “caminOe SoS ¢ ADMIRALTYORFICE,” : 
" ~ TI “ye ‘ i"! © DMB Ns Mo NOI OT Be 
OREO ME: AKER? Itth August, 1827. 
His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral desires that, Officers, or} 
other persons, Having occasion to’ transmit Certificates and other docu-} 
ments either'to His Royal Highness, his Council, or his Secretaries, 
will not send the original Certificates or documents, but only copies 
thereof, which copies will remain in this Office, annexed to the Letter 
or Memorial to which they may belong. If, however, the parties shall 
hoose to transmit their oviginal documents, they are to, understand 
that they will not be afterwards returned to them, but retained in this 
Office for the purpose aforesaid. 
. This rule does not apply to the Smart Tickets’ or’ Certificates o 
Seamen or Marines applying for pensions from Greenwich. 

ee ee 

By Command of His Royal Highness, 
| “ : 

= - ow 
- ares == 


}, } 

| ; ' 

| ; 


} ; 


j , 


| ‘ 

Digitized by CSTW 


Be et Se ieee an ale ee as 

: To Van Dieman’s Land. 
Cabin e ® ° ° e £84 tl 0 
sa Steerage . . ‘ é ‘ 35 0 0 

Every thing supplied to the Passengers, except Bedding. 101. is de 

ducted from Cabin, and 51. from Steerage Passage, in case of a Mang’ 
and his Wife occupying one Berth. 


eee GB itBNen of Fourteen Yeats ‘bay te 8 same as Adults, att 
eee Brom Dtedls: wae nee Se tienen 
va ves ‘ 99 Sivyy * 8. o- ° ig e - & rs rade { 

»' 2x 4 r . : . 7 oe re 

"Heavy Goods, £4 per Ton 


Bed i. anaes of. His Royal Highness, . rg 
. J. Bal CROKER. 


60g a ye conied i 
" Measurement Goods £5 ditto Li the Hokk : ; 


bey gh Pradyy oe 

re ee ie eee ere ln SRR GTR a Nata wage Ee Ne A et Se RN EN a 2 PE on RO fear AL 




cannot produce satisfactory testimonials of good conduct and t 
tionable character. 
In other respects, the Conditions on which’ the Grants. are made, té 
be similar to those which are now in operation in New South Wales. 
The Officer to whom Land is granted, shall enter into a Bond, that 
he, or his Family shall reside for at least Seven Years:in-the Settlement, 
and the Grant shall not be allowed to be sold by bim, until/he shall be} 
reported to have expended upon it a Capital equal to, half its value, as 
that value was estimated when the Grant was made. 
_For instance, supposing the Grant to be Two Hundrea Antes at the} 

lestimated value of 5s. per Acre, the individual will not be allowed te 
sell it until he shall be reported to have expended 25/. upom it. In the} 

event, however, of his death taking place before the expenditure/of 
Capital already alluded to, the Grant will be continued to his Heirs, 

but subject to the fulfilment of the Conditions under which he. himself} 

held the Grant. : 
The quantity of Land to be received by Officers will be:in the same 
proportion to their Capital, as in the case of ordinary, Settlers ;) but 
until an accurate valuation has been made of the Lands throughout the} 
Colony, and aii‘average price shall be fixed for each Parish,: it is‘not 
possible for the Colonial Department to fix the quantity,of Land which 
any Individual may be able to obtain in proportion to his Capital. 
The quantity of be granted, must depend entirely upon, the 
value which that Land, either from local circumstances, or from its 
peculiar character, may possess ; and this, as. must be evident, can only 
be determined in the Colony. | 
The Officer who may avail himself of this offer, will be required to 
provide for his own Passage, and that of his Family, to the Colony. 
The ordinary Rates of Passage are the following, as far-as can be 
collected from the best sources of information which have been ap- 
plied to: | 





Dita With. Saietiitics® tice fe > oy “EB ue eteciive ue 1g Hog ita 
whist obetistiady 

2 2 ‘ee 
fy SN atts Fe Et ,: 5 Poy ae : ou 

1 lth August, 1827. 

nO ode 
His: ae Prieeiped eceotary of State for the Colonial De 

nent, having’ ¢communicated to-His Royal Highness the Lord Hi pha: 
dmisal the Rules which His Mejesty’s Govesmment bave laid. 
or regulating the Grants of Land in the Colonies‘of New South Wale 
ind Van Dieman’s Land, to Persons proceeding thither’ as Settlers, anc 
maving acceded to the suggestion of His Royal Highness, that it wou 
e desirable to encourage Officers of the Royal Navy and Mazines, c 
ank not inferior to Captains in the Army, to become Settlers in thg 
Solony, by holding out to them superior advantages, im consideration 

Ave EG. & 

f their Services ; His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral hereby] 

nakes known to the Officers of the Royal Navy and Marines, ranking 
is above, that the Regulations established by His Majesty’sa Govern 
nent for the encouragement of Officers on Helf-Pay settling in. New 
Jouth Wales and Van Dieman’s Land, are as follows, viz. tn 

Officers of all ranks on Half-pay are allowed to emigrate, and are 
10t requited to make any Deposit as Security, the intention being, 
hat they shall obtain Grants of Land without Parchase, subject, how- 
»ver, ta the Conditions hereinafter specified, viz. 

The remission of Quit Rent shall take place for a certain number o 
rears beyond the average period which is prescribed in the case of 
ordinary Settlers, according to the following Scale :— 

Officers of the standing of Twenty Years and sewartant to be ex 
2mpted from all Quit Rent. 

Officers of Fifteen Years standing and upwards, but short of Twenty 


Years, to be exempted from Quit Rent for the first Twenfy Years. 
Officers of Ten Years standing and upwards, but short of Fifteen 
Years,to be exempted from Quit Rent for the first Fifteen Years. . 
Officers of Seven Years standing and upwards, but short of Ten 
Years, to be exempted from Quit Rent for the first Ten Years. 
No Officer to be eligible under Seven Years’ Service, nor any whd 



; » Py » ¢) CF 


fo 1th July, 1827. 

‘Ir has been arranged by His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral, 
and His Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, that whenever 
a Captain of one of His Majesty's rated Ships of War (in which 
denomination are included Commodores wearing Blue Pendants) shall 
signify,,in writing, to the British Consul his arrival within the 
Port at which the Consul resides, the Consul(or Vice-Consul, in Ports 
where there is a Consul-General) shall take the earliest opportunity 
of waiting, im person, on such Captain, and of affording him any 
assistance which he may require: And that such Captains shall furnish 
a Boat to convey the Consuls on board, and reland them, on the 
Consul notifying his wish to have a Boat sent for him. tA 

Commanders are, on their arrival at any such Port, to wait, upon 
His Majesty’s Consuls, but they are to be waited upon by Vice-Consuls 
laccording to the foregoing regulations. 

It is understood of course, that both Consuls-General and Consuls 
shall, in all cases, wait upon Flag-Officers, and Commodores wearing 
la Red or White Pendant, on their arrival at the Port of their Residence, 

without waiting for any previous communication, } ie 

» And His: Royal Highness commands me to signify the |same 10, the 
espective Flag-Officers, Commodores, and Captains of His Majesty’s 
Ships, for their information and guidance ; and that the } emorandum 
on this subject, dated 5th March, J825, is to be no longer in force. 



7th July, 1827. 

; ebb EP Ge ae Is 6 

His Ma esty dias baen graciously pleased, by His Order in Council 
of the 30th of last month, to repeal all former Orders in Counci 
regulating ‘the appointment of Captains -who: may: be passed: over pn 
Flag Promotions to: be: superannuated- Rear Admizala,, andi fo, ai 
that the following Regulations shall be established inliew thergofis 1 

1st. Captains (if, by their characters and‘ other qualifiéations,' the 
are considered eligible by the Lord High Admiral, or the Lords Cou? 
missioners of the Admiralty) shall be deemed entitled to promotiot ad 
Flag Officers of the Fleet, provided they shall have commatéded one’ of 
more rated Ship four complete years during War, or six complte yeats 
during Peace, or five complete years of War and Peace combined.’ - 

2dly. All Captajns, who, shall in future be set wade at, any, Pr : 
motion.of Flag Officers, may be appointed “ Retired Rear Admirals,’ 
eae )8 equal to the Half-pay of Rear Admitals of ‘the ‘Fleet 
provided stich ‘Officers have retained an unblemished tharactet; and 
ave not avoided ordeclined service. 0 1 tans 
“'¥dly.’ Captains not entitled under either of We ‘before Herat ged 
Regiulatians to be promoted to be a Flag Officet on thé “Aprive Lfst 
nor yet td bé placed'on the Retired List of Reat' Admirals) ghall 
ltogether removed from the List of Officers’ ofthe ' Fleet? and Sha 
‘receive ‘Civil Pensions on ‘the Estimates: of the. Naty: etual: to! -tifeir 
Halt-pajas Chptoins. mea eo ee BOR EP oid aes 

“And His “Majesty has likewise been p! ased’'to’ 'diredt, with retet2 
ence to the 9th and 10th Articles of the Fi Chapter ofthe Regulationsy 
relating to Has ,Majepty’s, Service at Sea, that the periods of time re- 
quired to elapse before a Lieutenant can be promoted to the rank of 
(Commander, or a Commander to the rank of Captain, shall be actually 
served by such Officers on board Lis Majesty's Ships and Vessels in 
iheir respective ranks. 

By Command of His Royal Highness, 




19th June, 1827. 

His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral taking into his consi- 
deration the importance to His Majesty’s Service of that valuable class 
af men, the Petty Officers of the Royal Navy, and desirous of giving 
them such enconragement as may render them more respectable in 
their own opinion and in that of the Seamen of the Fleet in general, 
has been, pleased to make the following regulations :—’ at ef 
' 1. No Petty Officer of either class, shall be liable to corporal’ punish- 
ment as long as he is so rated, except by sentence of a Court Martial; 
but the Captains and Commanders of His Majesty’s Ships and Vessels 
have the same authority as heretofore as to rating and disrating such 
Petty Officers, agreeably to their conduct and qualifications; and 
whenever a Petty Officer shal! be disrated, it shall be mentioned in the 
Log Book, with the reason which induced the Captain so to disrate 
him; and when it shall be done as a punishment, that fact, and the cir- 
cumstances of the misconduct shall be also reported in the Quarterly 
Return of Punishments. ityd as 

2. Whenever a Ship shall be paid off, such of the Petty Officers'as 
shall desire it, shall be ‘turned over to the Flag Ship at the Port, and 
borne on her Books as Supernumeraries, with the same Ratings and Pay 
as in the Ships whence they came, and shall be allowed a reasonable 
linterval of absence on leave, un their due return from which, they will 
be placed in sea-going Ships, with the same Ratings, and the Pay of the 
Rate of the Ship to which they shall be respectively appointed. j 

But in order to entitle themselves to this indulgence, the: Men must 
signify their intention to their Commanding Officers (who are to\see 
that the Men understand the Regulation) before the Ship is paid off,.as 
in the event of their being paid off and going on shore without having 
accepted it, they, will not be afterwards received under this Regulation, 

This, Article does, not apply to.Midshipmen, Master's. Assistants, 
Schoolmasters, Clerks, Masters at Arms, Admiral’s Coxswains, Ship’s 
Corporals, or Volunteers of the First or Second Class. | 
_ 3. The Petty Officers (who have not already a uniform.) shall wear a 
mark of distinction on the upper part of the left sleeve of their jackets, 

Those of the Second Class, an anchor represented in white cloth, and) 

Those of the First Class, a similar anchor surmounted by a crown. 

The Navy Board will furnish these marks of distinction as soon as 
possible to the respective Stations, and the Captains and Commanders 
of the respective Ships will cause them to be affixed to the jackets o 
the Petty Officers. 

By Command of His Royal Highness, 
To the respective Flag Officers, Captains, 
Commanders, and Commanding Officers 
of His Majesty’s Ships and Vessels. >. . 


tne eee ee 

‘ OPTMO FT Pete, 
va vo ‘ ‘ sued shit | 
i At baa ot er ns Ceres ers oe 

t ; a! iat : i i wiv 

Sue aut, | . ., 26th May, 1827. nine 

1 Lie et to. Aon! 4 ef | 
His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral having appointed thet! 
Rev. Samuel Cole, 1).D., the senior Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital, 
© superintend the issue of religious bouks to the fleet, and to corre- 
p. nd with the several Chaplains of His Majesty’s Ships on the subject , 
of their clerical duties, it is His Royal Highness’s direction to the Cap- 
ains and Commanding Officers of His Majesty’s Ships, that they do not}: 
uffer any traets or religious books to be received on board the ships 
f the fleet, except such as shall have been approved and pointed out}. 
»y Dr. Cole ; and that they order their respective Chaplains to corre- 
‘pond with Dr. Cole on all matters relating to the religious instruction]. 
riven by them to the ships’ companies, and generally regarding theirf 
iacred duties, = es 7 ; 
a By Command of His Royal Highness, an | 
Be . W. CROKER: |, 

To the respective Flag Officers, Captains, i. are ee 
Comananders, Commanding Officers, KG cnn 
and Chaplains of His Majesty’s Ships feared is Si tacpe esate aiehoat I 

and Vessels. ae a eee ae He Fg ts 
pS. All such Letters are to be addressed to me, “ On His Mojeatys 
Service.” with the word “* Chaplain’* written inthe Nft'eérner! 

cael a 

oo cr aan ee a 
rortli by ¢ tow 
5 ie dad 
: ° Teis ! 
i ‘ ; : pee 44 *} ot 
J + ran 
: wi ’ Poni Fea? td 
‘ ‘ 
‘ Peart @¢ 0 4%. 
’ | 4 Y 
j yet Poe t 
i i t boutiy 

tte Shee 2 yoo Sse epee hea 

Pe eh. dé Lb 

eo eo Pe CONAN ‘ ; VA Leyte woe we 4 

Petr d woke all 7 : 

CeBIT Re GY RN 5 Be eR Le RA Bat adie’ 

4 ~ e 2 te “ ‘ 4 f 4 : 
ew 8S6S n £ ae ‘a fess ra 












“ sayqtssod . 
sv Apavau 

su Agua jo-ojep 

YHA *paadsas se 

jayiegy ayy ory a 

desde Gs suly 

Hye FO sore J 

joc suapspnyIiny,) 

Ayunog, ayy ty 

2 3° 

Led 3y3J0 

“peap 190 
pur ‘9d1Alag 
sAisofepy SiEf Ut 
Jaye OST 


— = eee 

— *99TAdaS 
s, Aisafeyy 
Sty] 407 WYan 
pure ‘paurreut 
JO papunom 
Jaye 8) JT 

SS | 

pure ‘997TAI9§ 
s Aisale yy 
Sip, UT payey 
Jaqieg ay dT 

skye tfD JO yoolqo [VII B St csv BIT JO “Oz SIty 
FO Jayysueg 40 uosg 

“pRap: JOT 

poe fadtadas 

-g Qsolury — 

< sy ait pay = 
=AIp¥L 29 IE 




Joyo ~ 
stink yo sas y 
pub sowluN 


yeuy fynado 0] dav ds0tfL} 

This School cohsists of 400 Boys and 200 Girls,” the Ehiddren of 
eamen and Marines who have served or are serving:in the Navy: they 
re admitted, on application, upon the followi Scale, ek ept in 
xtreme Cases, of which the Board of Directors wil odgesm _ 

Ist. —Boys whose--Fathers--have been--killed Sicwned 4h His 
Tajesty’s Service, and are destitute of Mothers: and. Girls he have 
st their’ Mothers. ' 

2nd.—Boys and Girls whose Fathers have been killed oF og ned ir 
Tis Majesty’s Service, whose Mothers are living. : 

3°d.—Those whose Fathers have heen wounded or matmed ‘in His 
fajesty’s Service, or are incapable of further Service, or wliose se Familie 
re numerous and in need. 

4th.—Those whose Fathers are actually employed on board any of 
fis Majesty’s Ships, and whose Mothers have died. 

5th.—Those whose Fathers are actually serving on board any of Hit 
fajesty’s Ships, and whose families are numerous ‘and imneed. | = 

_ These‘Children are admitted from Nine to Twelve Years of ‘Age,-and 
juit the Institution at Fourteen. The Boys to be sent to Sea, and the 
xirls put to.Trades or Household Service ; and any anproyise vs aq 
fourteen, to be sent to their Parents or Guardians, on. ee 

The daughters of all Classes of Officers of the Royak Naty ‘and 
Marines, and the Sons of those below the rank of Commissioned fiéers4 
ire eligible for admission, provided they produce fhe required ertifi4 
cate of being real objects of Charity. 2 

Any Boy 9f this School may be removed to the Upper School, iEnog ‘ 
*xceeding Twelve Years of Age, on obtaining a Ptesentation fronvone 
of the Directors, and producing a Certificate of c aracter and abifities 
rom the Superintending Captain and Head Master. << - | 

In all Cases the following Certificates must be produced: viz 

A Certificate thatthe Child is an Object of Charity; for which3ee insoppopi 3 age 

A Certificite of the Marriage of the ‘Perents-—or,-if nat_attainable, 0 aalis 
factory proof thereof, 

A Certificate of the Father’s Servitnde at Sea, which! will be obtained by th 
Iustitation, so soon as this Form is returned. 

A Certificate of Birth and Baptism—if the former is not stated in the Register, a 

Affidavit thereof to be produced. 
If the Child’s Father is an Out-Pensioner, the Number of his Ticketahould ba stated. 

The Parent or Guardian of every Boy must sign the following 
Agreement, before this Form is returned, or he-cannot be admitted. 

I do hereby. agree that if |  . is-admitted into 
che Lower School of the Royal Hospital, he shall remain there as lonj 
is the Directors shall think proper; and shall be at: their disposal 
‘erve in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, orMerchant Sea Service, 
they shall thiak proper. ie 



The followin “Cotamns areto be filled up, and also the Certificate below. ' 

Enclose in this Paper the several Certificates above named, and return it sealed, to 
he Clerk of the-Checque, as directed thereon. 

All the aboye-Wirections must be strictly observed, or the admission of the Child 
will be delayed, if not wholly lost. ~~ 

When this Form and the Certificates are retarned, due notice will be given, withont 
farther application, if the Child is grdexyed by the Directors fur admmission. 


Qualifications for the Upper Scuoot of the Royal Hospital, Greenwich. 

This School now comprises two Classes of Candidates. 

Ist—T wo Hundred Sons.of Commissioned and Ward-Room Warrant Officers of the 
Royal Navy and Marines, to be nominated by the Lord High Admiral. 

2nd—Two Hnndred Sons of Officers of the above or inferi rrank, , Ae of Priva e 
Seamenjand Marines who have served, or are serving, in His ajesty’ ips; and of 
Officers or Seainen of the Merchant Service, tobe” Hominated i eretofore by the 
‘Directors of the Hospital in-rotation. ~~ feyort Galt 

} The whole Four Handred Boys are subject to the same regnindidén, as to Education, 
j1Diet, Clothing, Discipline, and Destination. 

Every Candidate must have attained the age of ELEVEN, and ‘not t0 ‘exceed 
TWELVE Years. Able to read any chapter of the Bible, and’ without impediment of 
Speech, or other infirmity of Body or Mind. 

Abthe time, of admission, two respectable Housekeepers (of whom the Father, if 
qualified, should. be one) are to be jointly bound in the sum of Fifty Pounds, that the 
Boy shall not abscond from the School, nor embezzie any of. the Clothes, Books, 
Instruments, or other property of the Institution. 

On the expiration of three years, (or sooner if the usaal course ;of Education is ¢om- 

eted,) all the Boys in the Upper School shall be sent to, Sea, either in the King’s or 
Stinver Service, or otherwise disposed of as the Directors shall determine. 

s Ve following Certificates to be produced previous to his admission ate the 
chool :-— ry 

1. A Certifieate declaring the Child to be an Object of Charity; for which. see. the 
orm below, 

2. A Certificate of the Marriage of his Parents—or, if not attainable, other ‘satisfae- 
arf proof thereof. 

A Certifiéate of his Birth, which if not stated in the Register, an Agidavit thereof 
to “e plicit 

‘| 4, A Certificate of his Baptism, 

5, A Certificate of the Father’s Servitade at Sea: if in the Royal steep: it watt! ihe 
lobtained by the Institution so soon as this Form is returned: if in the Merchant 
(Service, the Guardians jof the Bey are to procure it from the Collector of Sixpenny 
ey at the Port outof, which the Father sailed, ’ 

be by NOTE. 
The folowing hed are to be filled up, and also the certificate below. 
‘4. Enclose in this Paper the;seyeral Certificates above named, and returnit, seated, as 
addressed, “To the Seeretary of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich. ya 
‘No Child can be admitted into this School until his Parents or |Guardians have 
obtained a presentation from the Lord High Admiral, or from one, of, the Directors, 
_|whose names. areto, be found in the Court Kalendar and Navy List. 
All the above directions tnust be strictly observed, or the admission of the Child will 
be delayed, if not wholly lost. 
Due Notice will !be given, without further application, when the Boy is. to appear 
before the Board of Directors, for examination and admission into the School, 
a a erin 


Names of Ships in whieh 

Fath ¢r’s Mother’s : 
"Boy's aus and Name,and | When and Father has served - 
Name. Place of Place of where Residence. ue $ Ships, 
Birth. Birth. married. rof’ Merchant 

Ewer} "ine ‘each. Vessels. 


Son of ofthis Parish 
Minister Of the Parish 

THESE are to Certify that 
is a real Object of Charity. 

in the County ~ 
Churchwardens J of 


tab pete Ay "Gs ‘ wd 

Hrs Masesry has been pleased, with a view ¢o entettage and‘ ini- 
prove the Class of Persons intended to rise to the situation of Masters in 
the Royal Navy, to direct that a Class of Young Geatlemen intended fer 
this Line shail he eatablished under the title: of Voleateers of the Sacond 
Class, ranking immediately after Volunteers of the:First Clase, ' withia 
Pay of £1 12s. per Mensem. - i. 

As it is intended that these Volunteers should be Rersons of Eduea- 
tion and attamments in such branches of Science as are comnected with 
Navigation, Boys brought up at Christ’s Hospital, or the Uppe* Schop] 
of Greenwich, are to be considered as at once eligible to this Ciaeb, 
and Captains and Commanding Officers are authorized to appoint aby 

such Boys to this rating. 
If, however, any other Boys should offer for these sitnations, of ade- 
uate acquirements and abilities, the Captain or Commanding. Offiefr 

will state the Name, Birth, Age, and Education: of euch Boy to the Se- 

cretary of the Admiralty, for their Lordships’ sanction to his entry as{a 

Volunteer of the Second Class. 
‘His Majesty.has been further pleased, in the same view, to establigh 
a superior Class of Petty Officers, under the name of. Masters: .dssip- 
tants, to rank immediately after the Midshipmen with'a Monthly Pay 
of faits.. dy jtec eanet: gph 
These Officers ere to be nominated hy the respective Captaias (ek- 
cept where the Lords Commissioners of the Adnifreity say pwe spe- 
cial directions,) from the number of Volunteers of the Second Cla 
who may have served Two Years as such, or from’ any other Chast, jf 
the Person have the necessary information and acquirements, and shal 
have served in the Navy Three Years; but in case of.any selection net 
made'froni the Votunteers of the First or Second Ciasses, or. Midship- 
men, the special case with the Name, Birth, Age, and ‘Onalification “of 
the Party is to be reported to the Secretary of the Admiralty, =| 
» Volunteers of the Second Class, and Masters Assistants, are. to be 
considered on the footing of Young Gentlemen, anid ‘to:mess ‘witl the 
Volunteers of the First Class, Midshipmen, Mates, &c. se ge 
If any Masters Mates, Midshipmen, or Volunteers of the First Class, 
now serving inthe Fleet,should be desirous of being rated as Volunteers 
of the Second Class, or as Assistant Masters, ‘the Captatns ‘and Coni. 
nanding Officers are authorized-so -to rate thein, agreeably to.-their 
-espective Services atid Qualifications ; but Yo Gentlemeh entering 
nto the Classes myst observe that caithongh eir eA greater 
‘espectively than that of Volunteers of the First Class of Mi ahipaeay 
i ill{exceptin extraogdinary cases) be confined to the 
ine of Masters, - % pee ee Sane 
gery te eee ee ee ee 
a " J. W. CROKER. q 


2 ths. of Cheese 
} lb. of Ghitoris! 

Beer and Winéa 

panies, while # i 

6 RR i, sR yt eae 

ee ee et ee - 

“| mfeRe 

October, 1428. 

Be euplMdaine, Ais 

shall be -ssued to the 7 
ratdmeLeem Oo Py 
judge expedient, b : 
Month arrant, Petty, atvd ‘Non-co 
and Marines, and Two Shillings tu each 
rein omarper yet es effect.will require the papetio 
@ois intended to,submit.a Parliament, early in the 
to authorize it; and in the mean while, in order to carry th 
ciple into effect as far as is at present practicabl 

HP Be Bait Cie Dein kn 

Allowance Money is now paid. 

Ais, missio 
‘Tithe ate e pfattous al 
: | fied that Abey will be received bythe Officer} and 

3 iS Majesty fevoar, and as secabani 
to the condition of the Petty and Non-commi 
By Command of their [frdshipes,. 010 099: H Yo df 

aD tes a8 pu ot dere: oormedi ag of of 2 

or, T 

1 1h. ALBAN «pp sqqeer 7 18 to be Considere 
PSC .gececee are to be considere 

as compensatién 
Sed classes; 

rs of the Admiralty, in 



eq ~of Sugar: 
d equal to | Ib. of Cocoa. 

y= | 
8 as 

tenants, and of each Petty and Non-commissioned:'Odicer, Seaman 
Marine, and Boy. ; As the:diminution of Spirits-only, takes place whe 
not issued, while the addition of,,fea or Coffee an 
the increased Pay are!peymanent, it. will be, obyiays how much thi 
regulation is tathe pecuniary advantage and comfort of the Ships’ Com 
confidbutly, expected that they digginution in th 
article of Spiri$s will conduce to the Health of tha,Pgople, and the g 00 
erder and discipline of ¢hé Ships, . 
Hnladadstath to taebeadyventages, i A that a, 
of the Pay which may be due to each Warrant aud Pe! 
weak todsaw./ Billp)y, and, to each Non-commissio 
6¥y.who. may be desirous gf: 
when in any Port abroad or . 
e Months, ag 
oney, IZ,» : 
issiqned O 
but as the’c 

a ae, . BBO 
tis intended that a 

e@ @.e 

oned Officé 

e, the ad 
fbr patt 
-the same way tliat Short 

, 22 © HOD e 


(46 —wierealume REGULATIONS. | 
rot D4Q AP Poot dais tromebe edo} seh k TB ADMMASET Op PCH | Nae 
fer tg did of taupe bo rose chet eg ot ey “to cf] i 
‘Tue King having been pleased, by his Order in Counties xtlve 23: 
hanes 40) establish (a new and: impraved. Scale, fan Mietnating gai 
st yis Nawyja Copy:thenent is. subjoingd. beg solroe pon off ty 
ple shall. be»atiewed. to every. Person serving -i:, F1lg, MGs 
ships) the following: Daily Quantities of Provisions, xen helisa saw 
ehoorde gdh GON ' Brdad. see'ee ee oes One Pound, ' - ea 1 WO eaohy 
i a = Beer a csbeeuee sc One Gallog, | _ tvs eds bea sated 
de on | ol Ggeaa tiigsc ieee s-One Ounce,’ vatezot easel ods 
oT" * Sugar... cee eee eeeOne and Hut Onsiee oF 1ekodh 
Tle “Fresh Meat.....2-One Pound, 917 70 liv It 
 “Vegetables.. Su Half Pound, 1000) ot 2tiriq2 

{' eo Ces “ Tea Pee esol ene . Quarter of an ‘Ounce: i Jud 
2 ; ys beet tad aanitee 

wi ne n Fresh Meat ana Vegetables are. not ee ther F. sha AAV Be 

allowed mer thereof oe ; poder Ea etapa l 
eS Te ee ‘Balt Beef Bi eee Ib. Spee ort. Sut Las CC. 
th setaften ‘ it ‘jand : . CP Virg rraad]: 
Ue Mey aoe ' Flour deedat esas steeteesd Ibe ie Ber voor ayy 
peo syle ape ode is. Po Ty t 

vey Hes ARE Po ceceeeveeeccee cook Ib. Ee Hither zortnq 
anf dt beri BC ard: itl eyo BU VW orc 
Pease...ceserces econeebe' ik pint. it} eo ab tia abt. 

pit d Saal vp, Whether Fresh or Salt Meat is issued, Oatinieal: 
rane aishee ve odd do 
be ve ee di Wick: the Flotir is érdered: td! bevéedued, Suet: 
vie sins, or Re irrants, may be substituted for’ a pértion of (Flous oussae wh 

y i: ae a winkt of bats2 9 
ayy ide 13 Raisins ia ace equated One Pound of 
alf HS Or a Sater gous Iebyt 
aN Pound’ of Sust ag aes eth raeavaes Git te Arcot 
a te DE hates 2 etl face 

“Yn ase it Shoulil be found necemsaty to: alter any of theabeve: 
of Provisions, aid to issue others as their Substitutes; leis:to-be 

served that f a ; me a . ° ae gk ts fate gl 
LE lbs: of 'Seft : Bread, or Sern tae “A oe is J fl rea) ” iy 1 
Vie of Riges oniaceniie. pis to be ss odbidely ob tg 1 Ub, AE Biaguity 

ee vere @eee0e@ 08 Jbrge fs Yeayis wi rout ovat can yaks be 

OF se at ERTS i aed I si-ohpy 
hina ie be conalderedl itt (8 a tzadbu baie 
t Hae in bub Zoi) gore pyecvert sd lina soee ics hea 
be sabi) Vint considered aqual;.0, 110% PF; O99 Br: | 
L071, 4 HO heneredicunso-Gu Jige can i * su’ du goitibnes sit at! 
1 Ib. of Rice, or. ansdeos 
1 pink ph Gatovawces, or 
I piat 

“aay VO ats seit wae} oh 
is to be considered equal to 1 pint of Peas. 



-'2 BREEIGHT moxeEY, eee a 14: 

_ (Circular to the Naval Cammanders-in-Chi¢f.) a 
ge (ORR Q ee eS 29th May, 1821.. . 
_ My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having had under thei 
sideration a question relative to the Freight Money to be allower 
or treasure depesited on beard hits Majesty’s ships for custody anly 
have decided that freight fer such a deposit should be paid as f sucl 
deposit were a conveyancefrom one place to another within the sam 
station, and shall be divided (where it has been on beard more than oni 
of his Majesty’s ships) among tle Captains, as freight for conveyanc 
‘| would have been ;— in all cases Greenwich Hospitat is to have a share 
‘jand where, after any such deposit, new bills of lading, or new order 
{for conveyance, either on board another ship or the same ship, shall b 
‘miade, the freight established for such conveyance by the Order ii 
{Council isto be charged, over and above the freight which might b 
already due on the score of deposit. : | 
I have it in command from their Lordships to acquaint you there 
with for your information and guidance. : 7 

- Ram, &c. 
heh. ax dg. We CROKER. 

' ? ‘ 
‘ ' * 
reo a tL at - te oad k 

oe ee 

eevee ewe 

ich Hospital, and to the Secretary of the Admiralty, a Return of the 
mount of such Treasure, and of the Freight paid or to be paid 

OD: . , po 8 i 
That when the Treasure shall, during the Voyage, be transhipped 
ito One of mote Ships, the Freight shall be divided, pro rata itineris, 
mong: the Admirals and Captains who .may be entitled to share 
\erein, according to the Serviece performed by the different Shapa 
pte iether he and if any Difficulty or Dispute shall arise respecting 
ich Division, or Distribution, any Party inteyested therein may refer 
16 same to. the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty; aad the De- 
‘sion or Orders of the Lords Commissioners of the Admuvalty, or any 
bree of them, as to.such Division or Distribution, shall be final and 
onclusive thereon, 

That, in order to prevent any Doubt or Misunderstanding as to the 
ate or Distribution of Freight on Gold, Silver, Jewels, or other Ar- 
cles as aforesaid, received on board Flag Ships, or any other of His 
[ajesty’s Ships and Vessels, and to prevent any private Agreements 
consistent with these Regulations, all Flag or other Officers are ex- 
ressly forbidden to receive on board any of His Majesty’s Ships or 
essels any Gold, Silver, Jewels, or other Articles as aforesaid, upon 
ny Agreement or Condition different from these Regulations, or te 
ake, demand, or peceiva any Sum, other than those established by 
hese ulations, 
-Thet these Rules and Rezulations shall be in force from the Day om 
rhich they shall be received by His Majesty’s Officers, and be thence+ 
orward taken and understood to be the established Rule and Custom 
f His Majesty’s Naval Service, on the several Particulars to whi 
hey refer, till they shall be revoked or otherwise altered by any Pro 
lamation or Proclamations to be issued by Us. 

Given at the Court at Carlton House, this Twelfth Day of Jul 

One thousand eight hundred and nineteen, in the Fifty-nin 
Year of His Majesty’s Reigu. 


ge bd 
i i 

Pi or ou 0) 

Bech ees Sele, 2 Ae sm 
t 1 
eb mi if of Gal pated onde wav ty: 

aber as mea AS) 


va Ny easure by special O 
Fi ier tor “the al ove, Scale, s 
Landings or, eceipt or reer 
hereof, f, such I endorsement, oF, 


aot ‘the’ Ketteal ty shall decide,” 

His’ Mat angsty" s Ships or Vessels with a Commissary or, 

Ship yi Vesse 

charged ‘with the Care thereof, the Officer comma 

1 Shall not be required to, give any, Receipt, 

any mill of ‘Lading, and such Officer shail not receive any, 
actount ‘thereof, nor be liable to make good any. bay 
Which may ‘ape ‘to the same. 


Take eL 


| Aud 'We'do hereby further order and direct, “That Tot wild 

af the said’: 
a aieteive 


aed een: belong . Two Fourths to the Cay 

ie fie Tréasure ; and One Fourt 
of that’ fnstitution. 

Commissioners of the Admiralty shal l hav ‘Kutho-| 
rity to’ téet at What Time, and for what ‘Time,, and athe 
imits, the War Freights shall be payable on Pri rivate yma rec ceived} 

de Lect 

releuty t, when received, shall bedi vid é 
das’ follows, subject to, the isviso hot 

ible,, inr Cases me Caswunet 

nlé@ odt bee: a 

ste eae 
rede :t ¢.O (Cer. peasitiny 
Wee ts tor he: signed 
flicer ; but in case of any i aera Opinion J Abroads| 
& imapediats Reference cannot be -had to ihe peel heyAd- 
os a sa “be expressed, ** at such Rate, as th 1e S Commis | 

Wheii Treasure belonging to the Crown shall he igi ay of | 


eof eight 
Mey on tk 

tor spe- 

heel such], 
nor, fo. sign 
Fr ih ht on 
or, Damage} 4 

i what} 

yf mint + 

Fourth’ to the Admiral or Admirals, if’ asin ant | 


Vessit, who shall give pats ‘ bis et 

er on 

there shall be. more than ee 



tai re 
A ai it  penalet ie Loe “Pe 

dctive s hate “ ‘Shie 

~ Bon a ter ie at 
e re bétively Ziv Noti 
cote one. ces 


efore, tug ‘ 

ane ae igre aa On 

it19 0th 


He iD 

v non ae 

Se ed 
ee ; 

Lon} no 

is or bib 




|| also, the. dzores,.Ma- 
deira, or Canaries .....,|. 

ee ee 

y) =~ 
' i 
“traltar . (Gibraltar .in- 

. clnded), and. including. 


Between, any. Two Ports 


| onthe same Foreign Sta- 

tion, the mayigable. Dis- 

Shall not exceed Six hun- 
dred Leagues; the Medi-. 
lerranean Sea, Gibraltar | 
imeluded,. being consi- 
dered as one Foreign 
SRMMON -. cccokeam emianah al 
Between any Port in Eu- 
rope out ofthe Mediterra- 
nean,and any Portin the 
Mediterranean. beyond . 
Gibraltar, or any Port 
on the West Coast of 
» Africa, including. Si- 
| anon's' Bay, or-any Port 
»on the Bast Sideof Ame- 
»vied, North or South, or. 
bthe Fest Indi or other. |. 
AIslands,on,the, American. 

~Koast, including, Ber-){. 

donuda.\and.,, Newfound- 
odand;. , or between. any 

«Two Ports) inthe same }) 
Foreign, Station, the, 
»hearest mavigable; Dis-,} 

tance between which 
shall exceed Six hun- 

} dred Leagues ;..or be- 

tween any Two Ports on 

different Stations not 
\OGtherwise ‘ordered 122. 
Between any Port in the’ 
 Buyopean™ or Atlantic ~ 
"Sdas, North of the Egua- 
“tor, and any Port beyond 

“the Cape of Good Hope | 

or Cape Horn ......6+. 

That in case of any Difference 
above Seale, or omitted in the said Seale, the Lords Com issioners of 
dmiralty shall have Authority to decide whatithe Freight shall be 


PERE BS Two Ports in), ... 
urope on. this Side Gi-| . 

tance. between, which]. 



rdoad vem’ dorw aolotmaA ‘toile oe 

live * | Lif ‘422 .Vv "OM (Iie DIkeA 1] 

A SyriF ee S00TUG 4 {3 Tah ec 

‘or ireasure onging for. ¢ ire belonging _ wt 
>) to the Crown, 07 Ula stherPh seer an 

| a ys) 

Peaees) Wars. {/ 

ae ne DQ per Cent, 

( 1 
| rv 
ct ert) 
; edt 

{ . , Ck rr, 
UH @poeo.rervo tt Soto 

. 4 | 
vy iecrpbadl te~ line!) 

&' be gach vd bara 
Precry 24 pen, Cent, 
siHeoicis’ an eslofiel 
iso fiO! to nisigno 
SY +wetli2 poalhis: 
Hiceit ed Theta sees om 
eyrod! ewernretl 

+7 WwW Vale, 17h 

{ j . | | 
a {i oO hO51)1 29Dio0 

fi 90 2e0u dole lo Jovom/ 

on any Question ar 

ising out of the 

J ‘| 
L i 

fl wohl Vi 



any other Article which may be by special Order receivéd ‘dif hoard 

the said Ship or Vessel, and for which Freight shall bée'payable, othe 
than for the purposes, and by the Person or Persons, in the 'P ober 
tion, at the Rates, and in the Manner so to he paid and-allowed't 
Proclarfition or Proclamations ; and that all Bargains, Contracts, Cc 
venants, and Agreements made or entered into for the Pa ent ofa 
Freight-Monéy, for or in the Name or on the account of Freight for the 
Conveyance of Gold, Silver, or Jewels, or other Articles as aforesaid, 
on board of any of His Majesty’s Ships or Vessels, at any Rate, or fo 
any other Purpose, or by or to any other Person or Persons, or ip any, 
ther Maaner or Proportions than as aforesaid, shall be aud the same 
re hereby declared to be utterly void: We do therefore, in pu nage 7 
of the Powers go vested in His Majesty, His Heirs and Suceeor sy; 
his Our Royal Proclamation, in the Name and on the Behalf of His 
Majesty, and by and with the Advice of His Majesty’s Privy Council, 
think proper to order and direct, and We do hereby order and direct 
at all Gold, Silver, and Jewels, or other Articles received as Treasure 
by special Order, conveyed in His Majesty’s Ships and Vessels, in the 
are and Charge of the Captain or Officer commanding such Ship o 
esse], shall be liable to the Payment of Freight, whether such Tres 
ure belong to the Crown or to other Parties.. : 

That on the Delivery of any Gold, Silver, or Jewels, or other Artidles 
aforesaid, laden on board of any of His Majesty’s ‘Ships or Vessels, 
or which Freight may or shall be payable'as afetesaid, or dccoréing 
the Provisions and Directions herein-after contained, & Reteipt ¢ 
ill of Lading, or Receipts or Bills of Leading, shal be mate atid 
igned by the Captain or Officer commanding such Ship or Vessel de 
ribing the Quantity or Value of such Gold, ‘Silver, Jewets, of othe 
rticles as aforesaid, and the Terms on and'Extent to’ which sach 
aptain or Officer commanding such Ship or Vessel a6: veceivinig: the 
aid Gold, Silver, or Jewels, or other Articles; ow board: his skid SHip 
r Vessel, shall be lieble or responsible for the’sdme, ‘tn cate of bess bb 
mage thereof to which by Law he might be dikbie, in:Form or tesbe 
t following : BW iene wl scant 

Dota Spd 

1tpd 2 i 

[Here insert Bill of Lading in the usual Rorm} 

alee tt 


ae a SERS ot toed? tts e 
And it is hereby stipulated and agreed between the said. ,, aad 

the Shipper and Owners and Consignees of the seid 

in case of Loss or Damage happening to the said Gold, Silver, 

Jewels, or other Articles as aforesaid, the opine or - Office 
i. }C@mmanding’ such Ship or Vessel as afor shall pot 0G 
holden liable or responsible for morejthan Three Fourths of the 
Amount of such Lossor Damage, © 000 walt ts 

Ay i? “4 

fe Fe Wa ER ar be ae oe ee ee 


That, the: Rates) at- which: Freight ehaih be-pakt:for Public. and 
ciate: Treasare. seapentively, Peace or War | respectively. and 
r different Voyages, shall he as follows ; viz. | 

ee ee 


me 4 

fher Review. cogapetent to take Oaths in sgh Rlaces sansithe Agdregs 


t , ah Mb Jou d sal isd 
leysh diod, § JOHN SMITH, Paymaster of Navy. ; 
JRSRELT EE TG ITE ACES SUES? ‘Admiralty Office, 3 July; veer,’ 

FAS Royal’ Higtiness the Lord High Admiral haviti? 'retéived & repré! 
seutation from the Governors and Directors of Greenwich! Hospitals 
that many instances have occurred in which the Regulations contained 
in His Majesty’s Proclamation, dated the 12th of July, 1819, in regard 

o the Freight of Treasure on board His Majesty’s Ships, have beey 

ither wholly neglected, or only partially complied with, His Rovat 

ighness feels himself under the necessity of bringing to the recollec- 
ion of all Officers, who may be entrusted with the Freight of Trea- 
stire; thé ‘séveral’ provisions of His Majesty’s Proclamation aforesaid, 
and to repeat the General Orders issued by the Lords Commissioners of 
pre Adiiealty, on the subject of Freight since the promulgation of the 

davit, should:sign bimselfas such. _. ,. 

Proclamation: ° , 



y His Royal \Highnhess the Prince of Wales, Regent of the United 
. dsingdom of Great | Britain and! ireland, in‘the Namerand on the 
7 Behalf of) His; Majesty# 0) bs 160! at toxnt od 

tiodt M6 “rmteunie 44 PROCLAMATION, 
o> CRORGE gh SRO 4 

WHEREAS by,an Act passed in the Fifty-ninth Year of the Reign of 
| present Majesty, Cap. 25, intituled, An Act to enable His Ma- 

eaty. te fieith res and, direct the Disposal of Freight-Money, for the 
eyance of Spécie dnd Jewels on board His Mapesty’s Ships and 
Vessels, it is enacted, That from and after the Eighth Day of Aprj/ One 
housand eight hundred and nineteen, all Freight Money to be paid for 
he ‘Conyeyance bn” board any of the Ships and Vessels of, His Ma- 
esty, His Heirs and’ Successors, of Gold, Silver and Jewels, or of any 
jother Article which may be by special Order received on board t 
aid'Ships ‘and Vessels, aiid for ‘which Freight shall be payable, shall 
e paid at such Rate, and distributed and applied for such Purposes, 
nd: divided fo and’amongst such’ Persons, in ‘such Proportions, and 
fter such Manner, as His Majest » His\Heirs and Successors, shall 
from time to? tine thik ‘fit’ to order ‘and direct hy any Proclamation 
r Proclamations to be issued for that Purpose; ‘and TRAV HG Freight- 
oney or Reward ‘shall héreafter’ be demanaed, paid, received, or de- 
ped by, oto; on for the use ‘or ‘on accouiit! of any Person or Persons, 
, the, Conveyance: om.board of any of the Ships:atd-VeédSels’of His 
ajesty, His Heirs or Successors, of any Guld, Silver, of Jewels,’ or 


Yo. U1 Form of 'Afidavit for Officers of the’ Reye? \Watines? 
Seabed dotbing ey Oi Eheapniend. AE UB To ah ett 
12h FES appeared persondty Bek re “Me 
ind made Odth! that he iy ‘the Peérsdn ‘entitled to Hulft rey fw Het 
teed oP Royal Maties, that’he'is eee id ry tert, ah mT 
nt the 17°? "OH, 
aw VMG “yaa, to t au 182 _ , both da s|| 
nchasjive, any other,Placa or Employment of Profit, Civil or Military, | 
uder His Britannic Majesty, or in the Service of any: ether, Qoygm- 

Oe ae t e: ae ‘s S. < 

went, besides his said Half-Pay *. oat a vigttge 

Ae a -. es,. “The -Offleer te sign his Name here and¥ i... oj0 ae ay ted 
, state his place of Residence. ; ea Vv zill ag 

Sworn and subscribed Lefore me at | aie th 
Rig day of | UB a lsi4 
‘he Magistrate to sign his Nanre here and stale 

-. the County or Ptace fot which he acts. 


3 : tot esa dust 
ee Bi Magistrate for © . tt a ta tan 
......, (do attest and declare that I verily heljeve thaabo : 
re. ae Affidavit to be Genuine and Authentic, ~) ic 
“he Agent, when apy is employed | . aan ae 
TONS obi ti Beetstudcn. Be Sh tag ad al 
Should au Officer hold any other Place cr Employment of Profit, Ciyjl, ow Militery, it be as 
2. __ be inserted above, as a coutinuation of the AGi Bid oes eins 

N.B. To be sworn always on or after (he 3ist March, 30th guye, 30th September, and 3ist 
Yecember of every Year.—No Alteration, Erasure, or Iutérfining ‘will be admitted. 

= oe ae) os Sa. pe I} ahudty 15.995) ali iv 
In putsnance of His Majesty’s Order in Couineil of the vou Neredh 
rer 1824, Notice is hereby given, that all Officers of. thelRoyaloniby 
eceiving Half Pay, are required to anncx do the signature of their 
ames, on the Quarterly Half Pay Affidavit, tle ace of thejx xegidence 

t the, date of each Affidavit. : aie 

‘ 8 January 1895... ry 
By Order of the Admiralty, after a reasonable lapse, af time for the 
iromulgation of tlhe above Notice, no Affidavit is to he received whic! 
hall not have the Officer’s Residence stated thereon, as above direct d. 
sy the Order in Council of, the 18th December 1994,,. fidayats top! 
Talf Pay can only be made before the uncler-mentioned Qiicers, named 
a the Act of Ist George I. cap. 25, sec. 9 and 10. 0 gage tet 
ore" Qne of. the Commissioners or Secretaries of the 

ape Sa ie * 

tf - tt thagort fay 

Yhh Jnl, 

tedsurer, ee ve ; ! 
is.ile ~ot wee BS xs ea NO he I you LE Rpde eats (aja hE by, tt 

roteca cntieigg oes CoFine Nav otek the Ot ate | 
Dteporp o ‘f AG taht ES that precept GS coord ord +g 
Da . bes a: rad istice Of the Peace-or Magistuaten «1.1 To wool 
Ofer residiig road, mast make sheir Affiddvit. beforeione'of High 
fajesty’s. Ministers, Secretagy of Emb4esy-or Legation; or Condit y i alt. 
herg Shere no sgt Minister,&c., 


hefore’sonre Magistrate, dif 

<7 ev ee oe - 

fe ey ROVAL MARINES S}2 To e4 Erde} 

Pie Oe ' 
Affidavits required from: Officers Claiming TRIG Pay \ od 
fSdavite required Seon Oficers Claiming TRAP Pay pervoritty, ot by 

“Christian Names to be inserted in full at the commencement, but. the Sigdature to be ia the. 
ti ye fcer's usual manners in eee ; 
AFFIDAVIT No. 1.—Foerm of Afidavit for Officers of the Royal. Martnes hold! 
bir Employleents exceeding Three and not Gooatiag to Four Plat ie 
— anoint of the highest Rate of alf-Pay of their Rank, Se ae 

C se 

aes t 

appeared personally before me, and m 

Sa 4% ; oath, that he is the person entitled to Half-Pay, as aed Pi 
. ¢ Here specifythe Mil- of Royal Marines, that he is not in Holy Orders, 
ta ecmniseteos “seat. that hehad not during any part of the period, from the of 
or in the Garrisons, or _ 182, to the a of 
inithe Colonies. 1827, both days inclusive, any Milliary Place, or any: 

Here specify the Civil ‘Employment of Profit, in any Military Department, under 
?P oc peiepel Ap oar His Britannic Majesty, or in the Service of any; other Govern- 
phieor Employment. ment, besides ® nor any Civil Place, or Employment} 
. § Here stage fourtimes Of Profit, under His. Britannic Majesty, or in the Service of} 
the aproant ofthe highest any other Government, exceptt - _and that the net 

ate of hif- attach. . : 7 Pree : 
aa to the maa ih virtue emoloments received, or to be received, by him in respect of} 

of which the half-pay _ from the — day of. tothe day of 
is claimed, together with the portion of his half. ow claime hin 
pita ge «ees ‘do notexceed§ - Bay, ® oes, akee ce 
The Officer to sign his Name here and - es ie 
.state-his place ef Residence. 5 ets ple ging 
» Sworn and sibscribed' before me at this dayof Ys 
The Magistrate to sigu bis Name here und state Heda Ose 
, he Counsy or, Place for which he acts. : 
fo . : Magistrate for 7” 
“t+. Tdo attest and’ dectare that I verily believe the 
1. , t+, «4 @blove Affidawit to be Genuine and Authentic, ': “I 
The Agent, when any is employed, Talent ra a nna or 
, _ is to sign this Declaration. . 
N. B. T'o be sworn always: cn-of: after the sist March, soth Jane, 86th Septetabor® and ‘Side 
ember of every Year.—Ng,Alteration, Erasure, or Interlining willbe admitted. 3° + 3." 

Avid ten Nogments rot exceeding Three Times thé amount 
te Half-Pay of their Rank. 

. » Herespecify theMili- 

AFFIDAVIT No.II. Form of Afidavit for Officers of the Royat ‘7 
re Ja reke tapaode hn 

1 Be a oa nppeared personally before me, and made oath? 
160,85 cM. tat he is the person entitled to Haif- ‘ 

P eB ties or ia’ Of Royal Marines, that he is not in froty Orders, and that he 
@tonies,. ’... had aot doving any part of the period, from the _, ‘of 
ere specity t Civil 182, to-the of j » both days inclusive, any: Mili 
Phce‘orEmpoyment. ‘tary Place, or any Employment of Profit, in any Military De- 

Here repeat the Civil partment, under. His Britannic Majeaty, ; 
; oOs:intha Seavice of 
P He hb Breve Argel any other Government, besides* ; nor apy Civ 
e ntof three timesthe Place, or employ ment of Profit, under His Britannic Majest 

hest rate of half-pay or ia the Service of any other Government, except ¢ : 

ached to the ra in 
rife of witchthaOM-- av cg tbe pet agnaal cee oft » che 8p oe net 
fecelveshallepay, (7. a RS GS RE SS, 

, Stet oplt, ta 

rer) bt le th ptgite hie place of Residence, 7 7 | 
Secore aud « b i 1¢é 0 e@meat' ': this & Fae of? a 18¢ eae 

Th agistrate to sign his Name bere and state ELE POD deh ae) 
| > the Co Piace for which he acts. } 

The Officer to sign his Name here and } 
: t is 

tlre 1, ~y it 'Y'do attest and d | rari evar ies ae ns Beis ‘ Roa eee cn e 
Foye wt s  Geelare A Very NG Ibe QWO-e eK tO FOE Y 
[iron 44" whove’Aifidavitto be Genuine and aughentie ae et ae torial 
The Agenty when any is et ployéd; i Hg Me re dy Fe pea es nee 
i] eit Rectawasion... } Porta rad LE dy Map ato d us 

N ‘o be sworn always on or after the 31st Mae oth dyne ‘26tke Septemiér) and. gist 
December of every Year.—No Alteration, Erasure, or iyterinu us will be admitted. °: an | 
AEA eta es ehasavSpatshesantSpuuntuassssnasestn 


. : — — —— ; : ' ’ i} 
_ Ageia No. 1.—Form of: Affidavit for'fNaval Officers holding : 

4 Eempplegnet tt -¢ exceeding Three and not: amounting to: Ko 
Times ihe amoun ws thehighest Rate of Half-Pay of their Rank. 

ee 4 on Ze, bi hee §, that] ¢ 

I had not between the | | 

dred ne stayed the ° ~ day of any Kal ples, ¢ or ‘aby ry 
ivi Pldce or Em- Employment of any Naval Department under| 
nd Lae His Majesty, nor any Civil Place or Employment of} 
t Here state four Profit uuder His Majesty, except* and that}! 

ur pay suaened to. the net annual Emoluments of the said Place-or Enj+} 
me tank, is eae ployment do not exceed, together with the portion of 
eceives half-pay. my Half-pay now claimed by me.+ rote 
The OMcer to sign his Name here, together with his Place of Residence. re b 
Sworn before me, ut this day of ae 
‘he Magistrate to sign his Name here. ~ ee ae Ge 

\FFIDAVIT No. Il.— Form of Affidavit for Naval Officers holding 
Civil tate of Half Pa exceeding Three Times the amount of 

“highest Rate of Half-Pay of their Rank. ; 
uFleve specify the [ _do swear §, that}. 
y, that}. 
Mace T had not between the day of 
Br asantotares andthe day of any Naval Place, or any]. 

imes the | higtese Employment of Profit, in-any Naval Department under} ' 
ate or Tathe tank, tis Majesty, nor any Civil Place ot Holploymatcr 

a virtue of which Profit under His Majesty exeapt™..« 1. and that} 

ialf-pay. the net annual Emoluments of the: aid Place or ee ; 

, ployment do not exceed+ ree ath cant ats nt et at 

Te omer n-his- Name here, together with his Place of Retidehos.- ut ae ere © 
me, at. fd - this or fe a atte rpattat oe 

“he Mina to ee his Name here, 

‘a \ ‘ ie 

a RDS EN 9 a do swear§, that I had not batiiaéii the}, 
May oF and the day of: | any NavalPlace, 
or any ployment of Profit, in any Naval Department under: His}' 

Majesty,uor any Civil Plaee or Employment of Profit under His Majesty. 
The Officer to sign his Name here, together with his Place of Residence. 
Sworn before me, at this day of 

The Magistrate to sign his Name here, 

§ “ that Lam not ta Holy Orders” 

Admiralty: Offer, 28th May, 1828. — 
HIS Majesty having been graciously pleased, ac oenige tient 
" the 28th of last month, io dizeet thatin the dstetblished forms of Half- 

5 ra 
-__-+ om | Yeni 
Me a ge Tee BP ep meee Ee. 

oa “A 

~ ee ae mee - 

ay Affidayjts fox,.Naval Officers, the words “ that Eam-nvt in For , 

rders” be inserted immediately after the words “I———-~da. swear”.a— 
a Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral desites that, from the Ist of| | 

aly next, or as soon-éfleras this Order a one Known, the said 
vords be introduced acturdingly into every Affidavit for Half Pay. 45 
: By Command of His Royal i pois J. W. Croker. - 

1 Th al}Counntetioned-Ogicers, Masvers, Surgeons and 
ti elie eases Ships and Vessels, 

310, 199 ven = a : 4th Janwtary; 1811..., i 

°By command of the Lords Commissioners of - the Admiralty, ‘notice 
is hereby given to all Officers of His Majesty’s Navyy and of the Royal} 

Marines, whether on ‘full or Half=Pay, that, whenever they may haye 
oecasion to. address Letters’ to their Lordships’ Secretary, they’ are ta} 
specify their addresses and to note against their Signatures the rank 
which ‘they may hold in the Royal Navy or Marines, respectively]. 
aud, whenever absent on leave, to state the name of the Ship--to} 
which ‘they may belong. + Asbniaenay S80 
, + J. 'W.°CROKER, 


0 5 

ere tak 

; the crea YOR Yo at wie y yeu 

e198 } 

SF 0 aerer pape, ne i (5950 Bidosead 10 deck xot panier 
| To avoid the inconvenience and delay which has’sometimes ocetirree | 
fm thé’ Payment of Naval Half-Pay, by the irregular transmission off | 
Affidavits; the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of His Majesty’s | 
avy; residin? Within the United Kingdoms, ‘and receiving their Half: | 
Ray: tlitougl Agent’) are'hereby desired to transmit their Amadavity tol | 
Stroh Alg eri ts wi in’a' Month fron the ‘expiratiod of each Quarter! sof. 
Sto enable td Agerits td receive ‘the amount'due dh the ays recur] 
| aily appointed Pike Payment of the respective Ranks), |. stir t 
“DIOL AST JUOUIEH MOOI A’ ony hae mr iolw venars 
booyod bsoids mieuts1 03 fets m0) 
ma to97901) lsvwour9l £101 viens 
WOrig JMO orm WTTIIT —_——— 
wos VO bo19s70 aeayt i 

nD | 
Phe yet ty 

ma TES 2 78 

uf Jon 


Onis of Affidavit whith) will, in futures be required of Officers, "prfor | 
the "payment of their Half- Pay,’ whethér such Oificets do! drdo' noth! 
old’any'Civil Employment :— . an 

Ee een enna naam 
oe a RATES OF PAY. Oh er er ee 

! —-RATES OF HALF PAY ~~ aaa 
ac eye| TESTE or the Navy and MARINES. 

saiarsndlh ED As ee s rae 

Per Diem 
The remainder having served 5 
dmi FAIS sccccccccccccveccvevccece 22 0 

_| Years in the 2 of which 
$F vacating & eb edna, Naktel) (uy :ugiihs sete 

fea vesecccceccccevesveces o sper: ‘Matgor' Midshij mine 3 yd yiod ai 
Benet fr the’ firs i ie as hee cal ni Medical 
P's the genera List wh o1_ 6 | PhediciaberA er, (ae trine.«eavinall 
Ceres i Seniority ...ccccceces fgg VC ArS cep agccevee 
ypeshetctow likecsesns. @49.6 adder tht time ron doe sewvydded die vock (10 105 IDO 
0 mere siedieie eisic 48 'eee'a ve oies aseoee O10 G 
be Cotsasinder ~ lety Years Service. : Sacgepir, is ah gtipaae 
feria es ° ‘e : Undgr that time £ipbuad soap gaye: ssl 10 ibidn 
. ut Sur, 
i itehe den He Ri ist... 0°70 three Years Bervhteee ere ouoly. g byte 
@ cage oF tie pextii? supivanwanles < : Doreen. ecoeserrpet tog rot ene veni P Ibi dw 
ie i y a pyalMartyes. eesvetceces "eh eee @O 
idis® eevesecroecvessevecetesese ee 0 14 6 After ei ht Years Service at ‘Sea or 
Sie pk oo seracceceerecs ee 4 tenin Harbour......ccocseceece - iy sts 
ceher ssi iiitieecaissseeess 9 98. {Ror eneh Year's to neers 
Saeeveseeseevsecevsvnvcsenses Sat sea or 10 in har our 6d, er ° 10 
ee Lawisaanis of rE ae : ‘ diem additional till it reach Pe : 
adit ties ENANES ..ccrcecee. cevssee 030 Pursers. 
ie Oe abo coy HO dati To the iret 100 on the List cc.cccccce 0 5 . 
in nex 2 @eeee00200 68 
qualified for first or second oateas 070 The remainder Sivhaedsaete.t ot ; 30 | 
: et fork, Big ay fie aa Diets eb ita 8 
wesecstesbs és e 
ft srOleeszusat cai aoe a a gen ge Sad! Lian Jo Tn ET HE ray: 
elenle es oe oye EEO. , Os 23 
ic HoeFd aot cube veo Gtk ADMIRALTY: OPFEACE ssf 86538905 

pecesuet Tp sein the ete Commi missioy we e 

éssarv pin the, Officers of his. 
Miavitie Maltelfe that, they “cannot receive thei abs ay i any pete 
aring which they my bé-absent from eeiede wt Hie E ) He 
psi lea 3868 5 and that Officers who may wish to remain abroad beyond 
ve dt Teave, should take care to apply for a renewal thereof in 
: ee th 4 ceiv cé prior 
o the expiration of the former leave, § y special circum- 
ances le be stated in any patticular ana ah tt -pay can be paid 
r od A ait of absence | abroad which shall not be covered by their 
ip’s Welive.. 
AiVapphicatibns, idither for oviginal {davey or for 2 Fenewal thetedf, 
ae ay ithravale agents, of ;othenwisey. aMst-he Wotten by abeb 
fe aRdiadd drsaseh to the the Secretary of the Auminalfysl oo: 
"tlks N regulst 0 take. effect trom, this, dates, jwith, TSR ie allt 
omntae ne ite i ing ib leaye ; and from the fis Col da 
ment ward! Offers now abroad ‘on the Coiltivellto hope ae 

Atnerivejand dfter the ‘fist of July) 1609, withivewitd td OM dey 
inet she ee ob orbeh fo die Inge ot. oO) vitriee 

pt yyerden te peevent inconvenience to sadivitlual Maria b | 

1a ahipgeh eines ierociaet any. Qéicer fo alrifwfoe Hain 
EW, ho. ist AS DP ARP to, dg NQe if tit 4. We }? a Ups J CROKER.:, ( t 
meme te eat Ce aaae W. Bi 



qos} . 7 v_- =e, 


joo!) SUNIUVA 7 r 
: one Ras aoees? “Mano ge 

-H Bt a i] Let = 
2h. ¢L 1) GLI) (8L 1 fel 1 i ae git 
66 I 6-1 66 1 66 1 66 1 66 1 66 1 
i I I z £ | ¥ 
ph B.S rere) rst ged ph hie YS i pitty 
IPI 3 Ltrs Tels Itt | 11s 1 FIs CL Fs 
re UT PPR Re REN fa bP tees 
peat foe a te jog a ky Sor t foee te Joe 6 ¢ 
o ororS i {6 or or te ot or} poorer} 1° ot ones 
: 0 OLLI eorl4tt, soodi 0 ot LI 
| | 1 rl TE tte bere! tat i }e i} bl fry! 
PS "TL IP's *T eos Ipss*T] Jposcel+ [pss a] lvrs *T| 
"(08 *W08 | | *1uas | “was | "a5 "mas * Was 
“uaa | 2 “wo | AZ] -ua -- \ 
aed | 2] aa 2} aa ty 
Keg Atd fed | 
*s4aq1 ND ri) pute lary? Ay 
pne *squUlog JapuQ , tayy aor *#so1RQ] Ps *saqUy ps *sojUyY 381 
|*sraup0yosg code 
stg "05 sdoolg 


| espe 

sore try ‘Areuaey eal y 
UDF@ 0) JOLL Poprtyu ’ 

Jt) ‘savak FL 07 L moss” ** 

+ @eecsseerorpgd fla we 

ose weneeny' dJauuns Jo dd 

«eeeewesess 896290 1B ‘ 
eeroes (ozgt *Aauuuyp Pi! 
“‘YItG Or -sorad-paysttua 
jt) ‘s1vak £1 o1-£ atoay * 
cae o**"crpok F ae) BR we 
Syl earveesy Teer Sane Lies | 
ere eee ne oe Petar] 
fever ew eee en eee $191 oe » 
sesees (geet ‘KavuteE 
yire 07 Jord paystjaa 
ji) “savok er Oy 2 aroay ** 
ee 2 sivak tl 4aje 
Se eee ee ee ede eee eee ee je10d.105 
{ 8 qivehies INOJOD j1 oe 
. mis wg apa. *-= = ROlaS 
oseeeseeersa** IIIa} ps 
osne DeSSoETIE L dapen “e 
“"-"" sItak UdAas Jaye * 
See Pee eee eee eee JuRuaInary Ws! 
& eee sofeyy AAT yu a 

eee eee eee? | upeydeg Il 

“equa og 


‘digg Aue uy paysequia ua aaqaoar oy are Lay) JM Bt pur ‘Asap[Ny SuLPL 94) Jo Jeq} ST squIog Jo pee oq sapun keg ogy, 

=> ee ee ee ey 


jo uo) 
| *81C] 10] 



é |}6c6l0 |9 

6 310 
¢ tro l+ 

e€tl10 1G 
4***SSU[D PSL 2... enn fg 
«*-ssu19 351 sical a 
eeest eee squog 

#***ssvul IF 
“"**ssel) Pe 
***ssulg pt 
“** "ser 181 
****Sstl) ret 

*-"*ssEf pa eeeerersaqey 419 
*-"*sst[o Isl 

****ssul ps 
«***ssu[<) ISI 
ere" SSE) DEE weecee 

9e°*s88Ic) pet mite WY 
*""Ssuly pe 
eowrgen!,) ISI 
e°""ssE(0 pe 
**"*ssulo isl 
€***ssv].) vet 

S*oegcni pare’??? Savey Ist 
*"**S5r19 181 

easeeaee ‘gdoo|s 

ooonee Pe he | yg 

oeeeeeeesa] CT pe 
seecere*So] EY pa 



Gabl O 

aa aad 

16 1€] 

e, OPEL)? 

6 01) 6 G10) 11 
g gj, srtaote 

OFET] 9 

Eto | 01 


2 an | ort 

*sa7 By []e Ul Shs 7 

teers ewneee “ul ae sSunvs 

asa} Uf papnyjouy sdoquinu a *sozey [[U Ul Shl “LT 


*so]RYy [[@ Ul “89 "LT 

*sa]ey {re ur spl IAT 




sees eeeereee GER BAOPLM 

6 t10/ Lila ct 0] siit**eeee***** ssvig puzonid 
erro} ae tO] et 

eee beevessee 

85B[9 381 Aog 

Stee eeeeneteneee urtpue’y . 
ere eee ee ee avy §,PIUMaTS | 
yoo? uroor-uny 10 ple M 
eee tee 4005 smeqdty 
ee#eee ***pIeMRsatsS s,arejdug 
Sheet eg ates ea eae pamol]e 

S| Jasing ¥ ITY U1 Sfas 

-* See ee eee eee eee Jaqiv 

“4 sceeeversesraTT 8, YOO) 
| seeeoe unuUPas I 10 
** "1001-91075 JO URMO9 * 
“« a es uvUIEIS 314V 



*ayeY 4ST 

pur ' : : 
o1Vy Pe | “OTeH PG 

ua gol "2IeY IDE | 

sayey mio | *97eYy Ws 

_sdoos. = . _—-— - es 

‘esqudg gapuin 


*ulas | 
Jad = 
ua oot 


BoB | a 

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4 “p *s * 



*97eY 499 

Ot 1 I> 
ocr {! 
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p's 7] | 
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sad - 
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*aqey ins 

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SPP Pe ewe esewekll ee 
prosag-a yy }6 i 
EHP ory jou a 
secneese thei 
*remees any ry wind 
ehh | \4 abe 

eee ee avy Sl YR 

snanaces ens omanbgand. 

“Utd - at? jo De bert 

pape oreetis 49 Wee 
woixes woke 0 hate 
“OV ayy jo wre , 
“regan ry oul JO UTRy 
doraoy ou Jorniey de 
aoa) La ayy jo wieydeD 

: 32 Anad SSB(D Plorsag 

p= aupebsiéndce 19100 
; . ( oo ee ee ee d nowy 
_s hens ont ta f 
iT « pA 8/0] a Mi a 
Jo © 83 fe -pe voennet 
. Yo FMA Saja ye s/154 
i Zayas veywen 
® J insta nein Peay ius 
pes af i ios OB ! 1 if . 
*ura$ | suas | =P anes pwr aaienys ) |] “Salo 
f { jan M493 10 mu 
‘pa +) By at a Fal “Sonu: a ws > | sdooy 
ig Pola Be | +=: - 936) ana wade ‘ ‘sdiys 
4 d= 1] |} PAR niciqg.) SANZ s ' 
bl Wl si lo otstys2 | yo uo 
Ee a, fons, YNVUi w xo] -nqu 
Ae ie ha a Ie . UeH Pe A eftY, lod. ' saaey gsr saan aa Aoo. a'qideé “SIC] 40) 

— = ———— nena! 

t OO ome afy 


oa a one 

2 Oma 
© 109 = ce 





2 agraa 


yen ann 


{ pony: 

hegas | Ret}. 7 

} 1 
"mey yO § ‘wey TS 

{: spaendao , 

evecesessos yoo) 8,djus ; : 
qounepanyyA IasxoD Fo! 
°° Plo ayy JO ureIdeg Fie 
°° a[BsRIAIOg JO uleqidey ay 
oo see raoTeyy £,UlVM8] BOG getp tte 
roeeeeo BIN. HADUUNA fc 
eoeceooe JZISEIY AdIIEND Leite 
o** *ITVMSKO 8,ulejded eRe 
eee Foe 1” ne 54 : $ ; a 
°° WIEMSXO/) “er mpy [ | 

* oosororsemay " a 

dT acdecepcecers Gand) Meany t | 
oo copiaever sa} ‘ J : 

| ad cab “tes tine 
vee 2 HLT GIN 

( anarecggncenacee ** ne i ' 
iol | targa. D 

a ee a es 

pJceechenees ayer A1dA9 | 

[uy sjooy, 101 TeUoN pe nt 
eee mieten draadivsy 

doe soeew contol + ThiBMEILOE f 
oes cp enn edandh end ‘gate: 
sowdcosemetba Ring quurgerss é 
tesesdesops AMET: puosag : 
wojeceraccnsodinemer CYSCAY ’ 
scoveqenqedc ence tosF Ine i 
Seotsacep popeseseee ured yal 
{ i pet ty, BOON Od ga i 
serdocerpororscewob’e tiger : 
résesaumuartaly soqid' ty : 
Seascoroovsess . SIEDNE v 7 
sivgd -wohaejo'ynoly 187) 

+ oacgendnsenseoopppeerettinoy) 9 
donceoboqaeveccenes onteptteey? 

NOE 7-300 EAR UIE! Ob) og 
Cem thease Gaertn a tabi if ‘4 
‘pe BONELYH. i“ pedaors 
(TEM ye tary AL ate ot qatde FL 
PUD 3 Urs tne isaanziag 
2 cee ewes cous WOLD 213 Jogo Gon 

‘ SINVY nqui 

[sta soy] 


_, RATES OF PAY, &c.. 127 


Reread Ships, we.s— ee ae ee eee eo 
' First Rate All Three-decked Ships:—Second Rate.—One of NA Mapst y's Yachts, 
and. all Two-decked Ships of 80 Guns and upwards.— Third 4:4/e.—His Majesty’s 
other Yachts, ard all Ships of 70 Gung, and less than 80.—7/varth Rate.—Sbips 
_ of 50°Guns, and Jess than 70-—Fifth: Rute.—Ships- of 36 Gur, and tess than 50. 
Sizth Rate.—Ships of 24 Guns, and legs than 36-000) 
- Stodps. and Bomb-Vessels. : i 7 
. Gun-Brige, Cutters; Schooners, and otheremaji Vessels. 

on ' TABLE : ane, 
hewing the Netr Sra Pay of the Fiac Orricers of His Majesty’s Fleet, with thé 
Nett ‘Sea Pay and Number of ‘their Retinue ; the Number of Commission, War- 
rant, Petty, and Non-Commissioned Ujicers ; and the Ratings of every pba ie tar 
both of Seamen and Marines allowed to each Class of His Majesty’s Ships, with their 
Rates of NettSea Pay respcctively-;. aud distinguishing the several Classes for sharing 
the produce'of Seizares. Hstablished by Order in Couacil of the 23d Jane 1824. 


‘ : Zz. s. d. : ; 
admiral of the Fleeticcoccce eedeneeeervneovesoce 6 0 0 SEA PAY per Diem, besides: 
-which every Commanderin 

CUIrAl’ “siceececeseesvesvecscceserersesseees 5 0 OF Chief shall receive a further 
ice Admiral woepepcvecsccsssecsencvsessees 4 0 0 Sum of L3. per Diem; while 
Rear-Admiral,or Commodore of the First Classy 3 0 Of} his Flag shall be flying within 
aptain of the Ficet sc vs cess eocnonceey the mits of his Station. 

a EE nn amen é : 
Io Flag Ships all the Lieatenants (inclading one extra as-Flag Lienteriant) are 
athowed 6d. per Diem fn addition to their Pay. Pine aden 

soe qed Py 


heer ide ; 
fetribution ‘ Fo ig : ' 
of Seizares. | £. 8. do 
ae Ebyel@an oie Fleet of less than Years eerricey 1 1,0 per Diem 
Physician of the Fleet of more than 3, and less fy eit 
; <— 10 Years Service Se ns ene : 1 1 ¢ 
“ff Physietan of the Fiect of more than 10 Yeara Service 22M age 
- ee eri 3 7 © ‘per Mens. 
1 Secretary tothe Admiral of the Fleet .....cse0000 33 T 8 4, | 
_ Seoxetary to an Admiral, Commander-in-Chief .¢9.» 30 13° 8 iw. : 
* Secretary to a Vice oF Rear Adiniral, Commander: 2 93 9: . 
7 :  in-Chief vere rr Tr err er re ere. ee ee eee. oy 4, 
UY Secretary to a Junior Flag Officer or Commodore, 11 10 0° ,, 
Two Glerks to Secretaries of Commanders-irmy 414 
Tt is Chi f, CACH  cocddvcciedseccccctecceveccccns 
1. on Oe to Secretaries of vunior Flag OMicérs) 3 1g 3" 
or Gommodores iia oats Reet 
Admiral’s Coxswain cecccccvccscvcccscceccccecce 211 8 ” 

{ Admiral’s Steward, ¥: 

VII: Admiral’s Cook .ece S$: Wevborctdecbececcvcves 114 0 2? 
aa {zx Acinical’s Domestics J ua 
i vo. * The nainbers of these Ratings to be 
'fedmiral of the Fleet......42 
: dmiral ere eeecbapeeucel 
jeccAdmir etadéiceesene f] 

- 2: + SURGEONS, oe 
paid if all Rates according to their length of Service (including 
ra time as an Assistant-Sargeon, or Hospital Mate), viz. :— 

bass Cewreperenccacepcasegesesdsese 

Rear Adntiral, or Commodore of the First 
Captain of the Fleet CeoRdse diene tosencced "g 

r ty . ‘ 
Surgeon shall be 
ore than three yea 
- Surgeons ef less than 6 Years Service ..ccceccossscces 0 10 0 per diem. 

Surgeons of more than 6 and less than 10 Years Service 0 11 0 45 
Surgeons of more than 10 and-tessthan 20 Years Service 0 14 0 is 
Surgeons of more than 20 Years Service....csccsceves O- 18 0 ‘ 
Surgeons of Hospital Ships of whatever lengthof Service Q 18 0 9 

sy area —_ 

1A List of Officers who have Pensions for Wounds, §c., recetned in Ohe Sores 
i ie - cg hy ge tie Bee tnt : is 3. : en a 
io ae  Bamirgl, a ohn Ross .L. P. Laugharee Gi C. Gréenwely '46 
AY GIF Chas. yiek,”’ “|W. B Dashwood .C. Bennett «- 2R. Marley | il). 
' EOB. -  y - Barelay m. Cuppege | qoward Moore, ;., 
t Lord John Hay . rge ain Vey 
| Vice- Admiral. George Tyler odhn ORS . 
Frank Sotheron Jas. Ryder Burtgn Robiasom. 57 . 
ae Be Brauch beans lee he ri NE g 
ae nat Bn haa ‘homas Warra MOE. 

t Rear Admiral. Reuben Paine : Thomas aves 
‘George Scott. ache Hopond sk le elements se OTE =, oon 
} James Neville George Keenor J..H. Buwker,- -., /, 

Capt poe Rrederisk Ledlord tag ere Ne 
; i leh. arles Patriarche .W.G.G : 
as CCR ceed Thomas Carmalt Gilbert Kennicott'’' «” 
Isaac Wolle John Langdon 5. deri a 
d ahd yy ealcs sae rae 
Boat ut sales Robinson willie Dreuge . J Payer 
‘David Co HJ. as (6 mand Milner . 11. Moore 
Francis Dou las aah Shanes R. D. Pritchard Arch. Campbell 
William Hellard Josh. Kneeshaw R. Gittins G. W.Cumming 
Gustavus Stupart J. W. Gabriel ames Lamont J. W. Purchas : 
Prancis Beaufort James Grant J. Fitzmaurice Jer. Mc. Namara : 
Rdward S. Clay William Coote Charles Royer 9 
Peter Fisher Henry N. Rowe John Jones aoe 

asco: - 4 otg rav war FO 
John S. Peyton Ben. Warburton George Forder f 
F. Hatton Wm. James Hughes: Willam Watson. 

- |Chas. Hammond 


J. P, Masters 

Manley . Dixen Thos. A. Ed ‘ 
Sir Thos Stajnes,K.C.B4 wy. os. A. Edwards 
PPWilson Rathborne 

Joseph Bazalgette 

rdon ['Thos. Dickinson Vw. Ol 
CB i chard Cro er os. Read 
vawerd Sant ia ose Hetrry Fuller atrick Wallis~ ' 
W. Owen Pell - - | Henry Bourne Wm. Savage 2°. 
Thomas Ussher .. 1J.C. Pullidge Jas. Grant Stuart 
Sir J: Philimote, {£t- Thomas Gill |Sampson Marshall 
" Ww. a ie leakter  ddames Huggins pie pitino =e 
‘ras. B. Spilgbu .. NChbries Bescro ich,:-Wa ae 
a Rew tand Money " vid M‘D.Gragt Chas. Thos, Sutton : 
seo. Morris , ,. Wo. Miller hn Wood Rouse 
Joseplt Packwood Chas. H. Crooke Abraham Garland 
John M‘Kerls ;1 . [ThomasSanders -' ‘| [Christ Jatnés Bell *" : «' 
aH age ci T. Hood Edin. ohn Piper 
oF Seymour | al . Swen ten ag ohn ) 
: ; “och. David Peat : Richard Jones 
t a es — s Ri akg3 SR og. } i 
; te 2h fe wee ef ' 
gee ah Rg ROYAL MARINES, fh ee Ee ey 
. Lieut.-Colonel Captains. John Camphell{i); Geo. G. ‘Chambers Alexander Day 
Edward Nicolls" Wm. Henry Sam. Jeluiteyns. |.Jeha: Humphreys |Robert Webb 
‘scr fa. P Robert EHall, John R. Corytan Tt. Cah 2, can Et la 
“Major. A. mt nzie " Mobsts Joke ittle! James Jackson A 7 he a 
R¢ ns ° - Bail o Fhe The olf} 7 ti Se 
pos T-Rs Hore ames Uniacke™ Tate’ 
PRS ee eae: oa : - tain Lient. { F —416 —_— 
Thomas Peebles [Will Hie -e} John recs row. t Blakes 
hipectetee one he cee -, fp ust. Laeutengnt et, vt We te; wt 
F ea : ; ; iv Bourn 9 she m. FR. 7 
4 ere Oey Charles Rea ieee Dees ae ee ak 

marboy ft 


Pica wes . ROYAL MARINES: ‘-- Younes te fone : 
Affidavits required from: Officers Claiming Hatt Pay \ ot b 
; ee OAs ae Soe rok ‘Agent. a of at ty pervoriatty, - y 

Ee heute P ioe eas a 
(Arian, Nowee to be inserted eye Phare whit pasta! but. the Sigdature to be im the 


AFFIDAVIT No, 1.—Form of Afidavit for Officers of the Royal. Martnes holdin 
(Cavil Employments exceeding Three and not fe bsiinte | Four eta t he 
mnownt of the highest Rates Half Pay of their Bunk, Fee ee ae 

" appeared personally before me, and made 
es oath, that he is the person entitled to Half-Pay, es.a seduced 
Here specifythe Mili- 

t i 

of Royal Marines, that he is not in Holy Orders, and 

Cc issi or em- * i 
. | eeu Stafty that he had not aaa Pecan ad the period, from the of 
or in the Garrisons, or : , » to the a of 
dnjthe Colonies. 1827, both days inclusive, any Military Place, or any 
phtterepect theCivil Employment of Profit, in any Military Department, under 

! mployment. His Britannic Majesty, or in the Service of any other Govern- 
Phe TGcIEERenE. ment, besides * nor any Civil Place, or Employment 
nf He stage four times Of Profit, under His. Britannic Majesty, or in the Service of 
t cuonat ofthehighest any other Government, exceptt . and that the net 
sate of halfpay, allach- emolnments received, or to be received, by him in respect ofj 

of which the haltpay fromthe dayof — tothe day of 

is claimed, together with the portion of his half-pay, pow claimed, by bim,. 
teak ate aie ‘do notexceed§ - : < i | 

The Officer tosign his Name here and 

J ae lace of Residence. } ee aS 
» Sworn ani Sitbscrtbed’ before me at this dayof 18 


The Magistrate to sign his Name here und state 
tie Couns gr, Place for which he acts. 
J 4 \ Magistrate for ms 
“hb . Tdo attest and’ dectare that I verily believe the 
‘+, 4, above Affidawitto be Genuine and Authentic.) ‘: 
A when any isemplo At os af ea hie 
rr sige this Declatatien: = pte oi 

+ N.B. ‘To be sworn always: dn oF aften che -3ist March, sath Jane, 80th September? and ‘Siar! 
ember of every Year.—No-Alieration, Erasure, or Interlining will be admitted. 

AFPIDAVITNo.II. Form of Afidavit for Oftcers of the Rayal Marine | 
- \Gieil Ion hogments not exceeding Three Tines ph foo dei, vene taewede at 
te Half-Pay of their Rank. 

. » Here specify the Mili- ae lly before me, and made oath 

nimissien, St e>. hat he is the See niches ay, ae areduced . 

P eect’ Stab, of Royal Marines, that he is not in fr ly Orders, and that he 

Jetonies, 5. shad wot daring any part of the period, fromthe ,' of oe 

ere sperity theCivil 182, tothe of 192 , both days inclasive, any: Mili | 

‘or Empioym Lee tary Place, or any Employment of Profit, in apy Military De- 

p Here: een the ari partment, under. His Britannic Majesty, ox:in.the Seavice of 

Here statetho Annual 20y other Government, besides* nor apy Civil) 

ntof three timesthe Place, or Employment of Prpfif, under His Britannic Majesty, 

b neat rate ot balf-pay or in the Service of any other Government, except t 

ache era n 

fierce aA ae be hu oreeedy the, pet.annual emoluments oft 

oad es ee | 

vi } 
c “reselres alr Raye i 
he Officer to sign his Name here and wash Vas 
vot fat egate hie place of Residence, f : 1 ae 
denon Gui snbsexibed before meat - Chis ah of? Ope 
T agistrate Dall te Pape ere and state ; CEERI DE be 
‘ the County o ace for which he acts. ps a errr ae an ‘ 
sobre Me pid auenee tag , 4 3 Mutgisivate tery Ls Ne ieee ae mc Este sats ot 
eee Tdo aftest and deelarg that 1. erly, b EG IQ? KB se OL Y 
The. Ke it spiders be Genuine and Aut na rete sa WEeeaT ye? S10 BRETT aie) atef 
e Agentgwhtnany fs etiployed)y) I 
Bae i) Sara Standen 23 route at GF He 

Goedgoade id. ) cs a 
N.'B. To be sworn always on or after the 31st Mateh, . Syne wry and eal 
December of every Year.—No Alteration, Erasure, or laterliuing Orth be admitted ©. 
et eet ann lreasteustanisternsasnapuengeer———! 

do not 
eT Pay be aw ! 


————_—_———$———_ ————  _—_ ..000&080&—0CO0OwW - ~ i 

FFIDAVIT No. 1.—Form of Affidavit for Naval Officers holding 
Civil Employments exceeding Three and not amounting to our 
Times the amount of thehighest Rate of Half-Pay of their Rank. 

do swear §, that} 
I had not between the day of | 
and the day of any Naval Place, or any 
f the ; 4 =" 
ivi Place or Em- Employment of Profit in any Naval Department under 
eek His Majesty, nor any Civil Place or Employment of 
t Here state four Profit uuder His Majesty, except* and that 
‘ipavatiached to the net annual Emoluments of the said Place or Em- 
. rank, J vine ployment do not exceed, together with the portion.of fi, 
f, nn e ¥ . . 1 
ccives half-pay. my Half-pay now claimed by me.+ 
The Officer to sign his Name here, together with his Place of Resideuce. 
Sworn before me, ut this day of 
he Magistrate to sign his Name here. 

L\FFIDAVIT No. Il.—Form of Affidavit for Naval Officers holding} 
Civil Employmenis, not exceeding Three Times the amount of they 
highest Rate of Half- Pay of their Rank. 

— eee ere es 

: = 
-_ = = 
ee ee ee ee ree 

gltere apecifythe ff 
ivil Appointment do swear §, that 
r Places I had not between the day of 

Bere eenuotdbiee and the day of any Naval Place, or any 

mes the highest Employment of Profit, in any Naval Department under} 

eof Deae aa His Majesty, nor any Civil Place or Employment of 

i Vee see Profit under His Majesty except* » and that 
t ce 3 . 
aicpay. the net annual Emoluments of the: said Place or Em- 

ployment do not exceed+ 
The Officer to signhis- Name here, togetherwith his Place of Residence. 
Sworn before. me, at this day of 
*he Magistrate to sign his Name here. 

\FFIDAVIT No. UI.—Form of Affidavit for Naval Officers:not holding 
any Civil Employment, | 

60 abe | do swear§, that I had not between the}. 
day of and the day of any Naval Place, |’ 
xr any Employment of Profit, in any Naval Department under His 
Vajesty,nor any Civil Place or Employment of Profit under His Majesty.) 
The Officer to sign his Name here, together with his Place of Residence. 
Sworn before me, at this day of 
The Magistrate to sign his Name here, ; 
§“ that Iam not in Holy Orders.” 
: Admiralty- Office, 28th May, 1828. 
HIS Majesty having been graciously pleased, by His Order in Council 
of the 28th of last month, to direct thatin the established forms of Half- 
pay Affidavits for, Naval Officers, the words. “that Lam not in Holy}. 
rders” be inserted immediately after the words “I do swear” s— 
His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral desires that, from the Ist of 
July next, or as soomafter as this Order shall become known, the said 
words be introduced accordingly into every Affidavit for Half Pay. 
ul By Command of His Royal Highness, Je W. CRoKER. 

Wall Commissioned Officers, Masters, Surgeons and 
Pursers of His Majesty’s Ships and Vessels, 

= + - te — 
nD te cael ee Eee: ste RG Ss Rifai Ae im allie ela lime ae Teens NE OO BEE cy Oe ew 

= | . - _ ‘ 
2 I, eet. gee notated Pe we ye eh ele a eS 

eet tee ok 

22S ee 


it) 4 > 


wyarn TH Fert ‘ ys IS eek Hodatuint Reesor 4h . 
Seti Sati wal fe *"ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, 
mid, 199 ; ! c 9 4th Tanttary, V8 le 5) 

°By command of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, ‘notice! 
is hereby given to all Officers of His Majesty’s Navy;and of the Royal} 
Marines, whether’on fall or Half-Pay, that, whenever: they may haye| 
oecasion to. address. Letters to their Lordships’ Secretary; they are ta} 
specify their addresses and to note against their Signatures the rank 
which *they may hold in the Royal Navy or Marines, respectively: i 
aud, whenever absent on leave, to state the name of the Ship:-to} 
which they may belong. paisa 91208 | 

JW. CROKER,, |) 

prolsté | 

o 0 4 19g , yy ja oye 7 Yo siiamcehe ave 

ely 8th December, 1823, ant oO 
} ‘ . oF . + Lin + od Tabs a pn bong 0 aun Toi isAtisup ; 
To avoid the inconvenience and delay which has'sometimes o¢ctirted | 
n thé Payment of Naval Half-Pay, by the irregular transmission 0 1 


Affidavits; the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of His Majesty’s 
avy, residine Within the United Kingdoms; ‘and receiving their Half: 
Pay tlitougl Aigent\, are hereby desired'to transmit their Affidavits to 
tohiAlg ents within°’a' Month from’ the expiration of each ¢ aren sd} | 
he enable tHé A ents t receive the amount due on'the | ays regur 

Sf 1 eaten 

Fee rah Rayment of the respective Ran inks. , doit Onn 4) 
pve bao zat) I yo 3710 Hale pg gal 

{oe to919ds lawsngl 6 101 Cite Us sie 
feedings arte teor Epi ae ea eb: ach adi Wo'abivetides ot & 
pists yd bsrsvoo ods sour lade’ a “Navy- Office, 16th September 1819... 
THE); Principal Officers) andsCommissionérs of! H is (Majesty's: Navy 
doshereby. give Notice; That in:pursuance bf His Royal’ Highness the 
Prince Reveit’s' Order in Council, dated. thé 30th’ July last, ‘for’ pér- ; 
mitting Halt Pay 0 be received by Naval Officers holding Civil Bmiploys 
more tha in, the proportions mentioned;in,the Advertisement, date 
Admiralty-Office,the said 30th of J uly, the following are ithe respective 
Forms of Affidavit whieh) will, in future) be 1 ) : 
fo the’ payment of their Half-Pay,'v iether such OR GeHe do, or do not} 
hold’any'Civil Ehployment:— mah 


cy T 

eer eee 
lee 7 RATES OF PAY. en ea reat oe 

ao Donate the Navy and MARINES. 

Per Diez 
2 ee rere Nave having Pa 5 
: ears os ees ee ie bs silo 

iY yd sto 21 

dmirals | Sdeaweccdeeeecasesecissees'e 

“eevee eeseeeeeeeeeseeseoose 

8 ‘each ft the’ firs ria as they): sae 
LF 'se the general List af> Ota | 
i “Officers in Senfonty .......000.. 

eagh ofA: e f next B®. onte e a3 
‘0 bate rest % Jeeves cawiees ae ea ccaccace 010 | 

Commannders. : 
ach of ‘the first 150 on the ‘List.. 010 
win hers. 0% cere techs 086 

neach. ee anbeniees cn ilie Lit. 
‘o each of the NeXt 700..ccccersee ce 
(+) ne remaind vesiesb sd eneceesecless 

Three Yehrs’ se ‘ ve Hp ns nay g rm 

ece 6 

Sh POGOe he AH~} 

After eight Years ici oagey at ‘Sea,or 050 
ee ae ie seseseseeeecesesee 

‘ears longer 
blip sea Oe 10 in harbour, 6d. vate 010 0 
diem additional till it reach 


irst Liagtsaants Si 7 7 Years standing 


a = 3, 
* BIE 

eco oeeesee: Cee eee 

To the trv. “he cou it Last el 

Tah for ae or second rates) 

r eens odeoose 

My Olea rst ee eee ee sane 7 oe bras iz Fo fuhane ag 
is Vieviel a ty Ty eae : fe NG) < @ ji 
A ipHh azaleas so ADMIRALTY. OFFICE, s/9ng,48;-1890«s 
Ty, prilen ito ‘peevent inconvenience. to iadivitlual Ofc a iran 6 
sie Malesia’ REEMA the Lords Commission Males t iN ralty think 
necés sary eis r emi thie, Off cers 0 "his Mi I BRA. Bop 
Migitie Rurdes, that. they cannot receive their 1 rag oe ny pe 
Bang which Sor absent from Macht ott the eve 
ips AH and that Officers who may wish to remain.abroad beyond 
Bas dt teave, should take care to apply for a renewal thereof in 
} doe sie, ay 4 OMe eee Ca ceived at this Office prior] | 
‘ the expiration of the former leqye, a special circum- 
ances can be stated in any patticulat € ene} behead can be paid 
i r any, an of absence abr oad which shall not be covered by their 
fip’s teave. 
;AVapplicatibns, ieither for oviginal [davey or for @ denewal kheiddf, 
rether made siaua agents. ov othenwisey aMst he Witten: by: heb 
r hamself b. infor wil a essed, to.the Secretary of the Adminalgyst 901: 74 
is regulation wil tak e effect from, WN, dates with nese aun a 
einears ean feta Tying’ ier} leave ; and from the. first 0 ! 
Oe dneene wets now abroad on the Coutinent of elnope a or 
Se es ead arene apace July, 1629,' witli Hegard’ td'O 
in, opexper tof she worlds) ods yiink bo qa0r dune abt tO vitor de 
19, Mol enoam Ween any. Bier fo criiw-for Hal | 
EF } ) W, o @ 100i J tyaebi des Far saat £ee yilt oB 
MOS NOS BOM AF! 4, £0, ROKER... | 

es st Ss cf 


stig "05 

“649730 | 



seveseseeseenegiamo fle | td 

ses* ee (enon ‘ALeuaR «iat 
The 0} AOL paysqua 

ia | 


t) ‘savad PL op 2 muoay*  f 
‘¢ ," > : ; | Jt Koon ttateee tl an re WD) 
} Mf j 4 , : [ss egenen Ti un Jo ' ee 3 
~~ : . , es / | a ; Sete toe ite as NU 
' ; | 2M | - | | poetess (zen Shane, ge 
aes | aaa ial Gemeeet Go Une Oraorsd-paystqwa 
yt ps Aen | jy) ‘savan Lond ony . tr 
} . . J . : , ‘ £ oD evwwenese ak Jaye ‘ i 
lo y z q : kee | ~ | ’ - | eveeeeeb ebastene Mf a > 
r= FR " : 1/2 eee SONIA VAS OUD “IN 
| c I ‘ fr sd 1 iT v & T I f a T I sf £ 1 I a £ I & 1 4 5 a 7 & re . 1 (eessewssb sods S1IYIO [fe ” N 
Os ey eet y (ek I qi) fee: ty Tee et) fee 6 1 66 1 veeees (oegt ‘KavnUee | | 
BS lay SFr | Ps: I s 7} 930. Sawn vr 63 2 cross | | 
YY 4 q , | I Zl I I at 1 eeeeeae sivak tl Jat ‘ 1 
F F ,¢erl ; I ral I lett ut | I J t I} ‘ uy GL 1 im ' | Se ee et ee eee jes0dso05 "A 
m3 vi | Hf ie. sal 2d | fas 1 Pls Ltrs “*** jitalkesinojopy “ |) 
fs9 ©2, ft yrs 113 TAR ASD Cag etic fe Hs g eh f te zi g he Geet enn sah) bal 
deere s! 240 ES AL ef! Uo hie are: at Ly OL L Ld oL LL)” fe eer Eaapon 
7 G be fe ; eeeeseeeeoe ry ; i 
pore) 0% 6 {i 06 6 ts jo2 6 i 6 $3 05.6 be joe ae aa 87) Lill | 
‘ at ‘ 0 OL OT ) 0 OL OT. ‘ied ad r ol ne * 0 | | Sek ae is 
: 0 Ot LI 0 Ot LI “eeeeess JOICHY JOAIIG J 
Oo, § , y } | ; a re ifs % = :; Fl te fe vl Hy! Ea ety baer upesdes "I 
Dae p's "I p's | | psrat ip sels dpe a) les st] 
- ‘ ia ae be ; Zz *squuog 
1 “(9s | = "mwas “was | *TU98 “mas *(uag A ent je! SH > . uB 
“Hol Z Axi | | -la | } 3 5S SONILVYE 1 vid 
4 . pues» saduziag 
t 1 jo ton 
“ua “spitadn | ij SUNVU ath a ‘ 
ol pue = * E t : at *s9189 t *sayey } 1 
*sqMog xopua | way oor fssagey wg | saw MS Psayey wy | “worRY Ps we sasseys 
*sdoojg§ | 

‘diyg Auv uy paysequia uayAd aAra901 0} eae Avy) yey BI pue ‘Asa NAY sue yY 9G) JO Jeg) St squIOg JO peayy Og) Aapun Avg ayy, 

=z mane = > 

oe oe 

Las | 

6310 |% 
evIo |G 
q***ssul ps 
#***s8B[D 351 

: vitiel 

#***ssu[9 Ub 
*"*"ssel) PE 
e**ssvig pa 
***°Seul) 181 
***"ssvlD pe 
“**ssel Ps 
**"*ss(O Isl 
****ssulD pa 
****ssul() ISI 


orn ft lo 

6clo |9 |6210 
Sibl 0 

¢ hr 0 I+ 

sree eon ‘sSuig 
seeceooe SQUOd 

euseeeee *sdoals 

eeveeessouey 19 

eeenes so]t Ty] qi¢g 

os *ssElD pet. seen sayey qr 

****ssu[(p Isl 
***"ssuly) pe 
eo" rest) Isl 
**""ssP[) PG 
**ressuly Isl 
«*"*ssulO Ps 
fs *ssuld. ps 
itd 5-1 1 | 781 




eeeee salty pe 
eeeeees"soIeyY Ps 

seeeee coyey IST 



*91"Y 19 

6] 462l0} 01 

16 Te! 


6 210) 11 
Selo ls 



eee ee ee ee eeee eee nee *uLadv sfunvs 

asaq} UL papnyouy sfoquinu ayy 

*mas "tos 
sad god 

‘aqVy Ie “oz EY WP 


aLo] 91 
+10} 03 

“saqwY [1 UY so 17 

*sopJey [[U Ul shl “LT 

*saqey [18 Ul "$9 “IT 
“soley [Ie UL SEL “17 

“U198 *uLas 

“ud “Udi 
ml Jad 

Atd | 


slits eets**** savig puconid 

EL [tte eeeeerece 

[18] **(k0.4, 

secwoeseicas ue AoOPlLy 

ssuiQ ysi Aog “THA 

Sree sesonereueee uRnaiput’y 
epeeeseeae a1tW §,PIUM9TS 
YOOd Uroor-uNsy 10 PIE MA 
eeeeeteaae yoo; syureqduy 
seesese*DIEMIIS s,nieqdtg 
obese ee eset ee eeae paAmolyE ; 
Sf Jasing & oTyat Ar Sfas 

o seegeesenees eben FIqiv 
iy evade ewawergy 8, yoo) 
ou eeeeoe UPTUIVIS IvUIPIQ. 
** *M1LOO1-A107§ JO UBMOd * 
06 [ee mee ewes uvULBIS 3jqVv 



«iG 70" 

Teu0on I ppr! (Asuay 4 
fs Wa ‘Marg s.s9y09 
SPS ee eee eee MOI) §,dou 

coe asa 
fe ‘jO4 | 
any oyy Jo fomneinh 
Clteee ress eb “aad 
*remene oat ry sma 

Te ee8ss SoD ma 

ete oe aTe ly $194) ssh] 

et eneene see oshate 

xeacenotet eds 
“dOIPV ayy fo! tee ; 

"ss e99R Ty oy 10 UTPY 
dowuoy oy Jo'nit "2 

doparey Ouy Jo weideD 


i en < somongth 

ee) ee JOYULD 
"eres? Spa kg9A0 iP 


S00], 1OF" PHT 
ype poh AA } 
Wily S378 EY S27 tt 
iv ane ~~ done ‘od 
Sys y AAAS ite 

ERRY Or Seat ) 

\ ian oe 

F sicin wate a 
\ : ! ’ . 4 - ; “PI fnisiqa) 
*spanadn i - Sapp I 
pure pty SUNVIEL wexod 
wom oot | "ey N9 | ‘rey Ws PAE AP. | PEM PS |. 

ei ye! 


Z| eoccseccese HOOT) s,dyus 
I [al| younepenygA AieMsxoD 
°° pIOH ayy jo uredeg fo F 
°° ageRIaJOg JO ULBIAES F904” 
ooo eoIB I &,UIUMS]LOG 
cece se MEV. Hi9uUn 
eee enese AISI ADILENH 


°° UIBMSKOD wae 
comorrer ermay 3 oy 

ae de 292, 480208 ands. rt) 
; eit 7 
‘cee gh epee Ss IdibT 
oat teeadiyepl 

ae ihe was gtie te Wd C 
arqneteoggeeagqeeee re ‘aye ; 

e peve 

op eo s? O}VI &raaa 

ujstooy, soy yeuoNsppeniags 
Np yored siblfiae sagoads “y 
< ae eeegje comerl se reiemstt : 
welopepececdandi endl | rote: ; 
e “ ae i 229409 FTG $u bhi 
eoeecbeeppe CS a 
» “s ee oe se e Pilih 4% Pin 
conveqenyade mene ed loos 

coptadepprssoones®. HIBIG cial 
ache yt EM SAT 

: "yoy 87 
> dnsanneov gg peraerttinory” 
daeqe cob 248 secon ane 

eee PTT eT OTT 
stole gaat oMtoatiny 

Con (BONELV Be 014 

capt opty et aad t : 
Puen di fisamnpiag 
cee eee wat) 2419 fog@ gon 
SUNVY sac al 

er A Roc eay 


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ut GN a 
Rae eS 

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He Oe 


pee si 



ee cps e rete, a a 
RATES OF PAY, &e. 127] 


. Rated Ships, viz.-— , 

First Rate.—All Three-decked Ships.— Second Pate.—One of tis Majesty’s Yachts, | 
and all Two-decked Ships of 80 Guns and upwardsi—Third 4:+/e.—His Majesty’s 
other Yachts, and all Ships of 70 Guns, and less than 80.—fverth Rale.—Sbips| 
of. 50°Guns) and ‘less than 70:—Fift i» Rate.—Ships: of 36 Grr, ard jess than 50. | 
Siath Rate.—Ships of 24 Guns, and less than 36 

. Sloops and Bomb- Vessels. 
. Gun-Brigs, Cutters; Schooners, and other small Vessels. 

hewing the Netr Sxa Pay of the Frag Orricers of His Majesty’s Fleet, with the 
Nett Sea°Pay and Number of their Retinue ; the Number.of Commission, War- 
rant, Petty, and Non-Commissioned Ofiicers ; and the Ratings of every Description 
both of Seamen and Marines allowed to each Class of His Majesty’s Ships, with their 
Rates of Nett Sea Pay respectively ;, aud distinguishing the several Classes for sharing 
the produce’of Seizares. Hstablished by Order in Council of the 23d June 1624. 



uae oe 7 Zz. S. e : : : 

diniral of the Fleetlecccccscctececveoccseccces 6 0 0 SEA PAY per Diem, besides 
dmiral §. econ ee seeceesessesooesseneosee 5 0 0 ‘which every Commanderin 

: eae peach Chief shall receive a further, 
vice Admiral ecoeepeeescenccseresecgsucoece 4 v0 0 Sum of £9. per Diem; while: 
‘Rear-Admiral,or Commodore of the First Class, 3 0 Of his Flag shail be flying within 

aptain of the Ltrs em RECO the mits of his Station. 

a a vo eee : 
Io Plag Ships all the Lieatenants (iuclading one' Flag Lientertant) are 
allowed 6d. per Diem fn addition to their Pay. ie. teas 


Ebysent of-the Fleet of less than8 Years Sout 1 1.0 perDiem 
-° we SH cg dieses tes sees cebeneusionneenre’ 6 pec oe a 
Physician of the Fleet of more than 3, and less? ] ; e 
see 10 Years Service ee et I i La a 
“|| Physieian of the Fleet of more than 10 Years Service 2 2M gs 
et Bee aa leet, < donee seweake ed ces sexeeeeel 3 7 0 ‘pe ens. 
: cregary to the Admiral of the Fleet ccccccccenns : rr oe" ry) 
Seoretary to an Admiral, Commander-in-Chief ..e0e 3013" 8 ow. 
- Secretary to a Vice or Rei Admiral, Commander-2? 93 9° 4 : 
; in-Chief er ccccec cc cesscceusscevectscscbors Cee 
'}. Secretary to a Junior Flag Officer or Commodore,, 1110 0° ,, 
Two Glerks to Secretaries of Commanders-imy 4g 14 a 
tT? cae Chief, CACh © ccnddcccic&sivacccscccvseescosusy ” 
. k to Secretaries of Junior Flag Offidérsy 31g ¢ 
or ommodores is SC i nN a 
Admiral’s Coxswain POUVTELEEUERUE OU SY 211 0 ” 
Admiral’s Steward.. 
vi} Admiral’s Cook wis be ig iah edb eotieesmeevess Uae 2 9 

|. Admical’s Domestics 
“ * ‘The nainbers of these Ratings to be 

‘Actmirat of the Fleet......12 |) Rear Adniiral, or Commodore of the First 

’ Adnifral poecseeeeeseneen. Class oceve Sosa cesenseuegrereen 
VieevAdmiral etwedbevetseve v] Captain of the fleet eSsacebkecesesaeesee 

‘ ages Os, Bb — SURGEONS, Agata aie 
Surgeons shall be paid ip all Rates according to their length of Service (including 

ore than three years time as an Assistant-Surgeon, or Hospital Mate), viz. :— 

- . 
Surgeons of less than 6 Years Service seccccoceccesese 0 10 0 per diem. 
Surgeons of more than 6 and less than 10 Years Service 0 11 0 a 
Surgeons of more than 10 and-tess than 20 Year's Service 0 14 0 ‘s 
Surgeons of more than 20 Years Servicesssecesesccves 0: 18 0 Ps 
Surgeons of Hospital Ships of whatever length of Service 0 18 0 9 


H Vice-Admi ral, 
\Frank Sotheron 
Tier Admiral. 

, Captains, 
ape sa Bach . Seymour 

Thomas Warrand 
Reuben Paine 

‘Obadiah Newell 
George nor 
|Frederick Bedford 
Charles Patriarche 

George Robinson 

|. Douglas (b) 

Bir Thor Slainea i: C.B. 
Wilson Rathborne 
Sir Jah.Brenton,K.C.B. 

mue! lj. Deecker 
“a N, J. Willouglthy, 

Pay Stopford 
sir J. Alex. Gordon 


ward Saurin 

ae Ussher Me 
Sir J; Phillimore, Ks. 
; Ww. (ges ome 
ras, 5. Spi Ury 
Rowland M ee 

+G. P.Seymour 


| Lient..Colonel, 
Edward Nicolls 

mM ior, 
John Re yns 

et a -+- 


BODHI } 491 ws 

msib 4 

tpt i 
A. M‘Kenzie 
C.H. Ballingall 

James Short - 
Thomas Peebles 

osh. Johnson 
Josh. Kneeshaw 
J. W. Gabriel 
James Grant 
William Coste 
Henry N. Rowe 
E.'S. Cotgrave - 
Ben. Warburton 
Wm. James Hughes 
Thos. A. Edw pi 

Edward K. Foley 

George Forder 

William Watson 
- |(Chas. Hammond 

A, M. Hawkins 
Henry Taylor 
Aaron Tozer 
poseph| Bazalgette 
Thos. Dickinsen, 
Richard Croker 
Rose Heirry Fuller 
Henry Bourne 
George Bignell 
J.C. Tullidge 
Thomas Gil 
James Finggins 

harles Beecroft 


Capt an oa 
Sam. JolmPayne | 
fs FP R. Coryton; rt. C 
Robert John. Little 
A. A. R. Wolrige 

+ Hore: James’ Uniacke 

Me hk 

Arch. Campbell 
G. W.Cumming 
« W. Purchas 
Jer. Mc. Namara 

ter Wright ‘=i 

The Pat otter M.D 
rotter DV, 

William P. Perry 


yt Pat. Boyle M . 
pr Ww bitelaw 
poseph M fy 
) Putses. 
-MAHoffmeister _ 

jh Campbell (1); Geo. G.- Chambers 
(Johan Humphreys 
ahnae, | 
ames Jackson 
| mre 
um Moore 

pam cyte 
We J. Blake. . 

m.R. Flint © a 

re ee ee Ces 

ata ee a a rT oh A} ITS. Waits ee Sle Se ote 
ONgs ae VAAN ee Y any oe 

Philip Jones lit John Guyon asApt. 15, 5 ie Dosa 14Mar.233 

Sepia: r, Aqeapts@iJas.Milnai- + © gpAprash | San ck. 

Bw anely e u@atepe-of.[Jas.GrangStyart Tenn Jobu : 

James W. Roberts = 22Sept.o6 | Wm. ClarkeHarrie a8septi6. thevy ut, 

core Whaatley ..° waged t-06 Millsam Henteys 3osan 17 | Wm. eg: a 

wer Apaleby:«\ vas Sepu.e§ | William Miller. | 2Aug.17 hes Win! ve 
Edw. Hallum 

22Sepe.08 [BenjeiLeigh »  . . 3Dec.17. tps 
Matthew Buckle 22Sept.o6 | Henry Hawes 3Dec.17 nears taller 
George L. Cole ache o6 | Wim. Wallis July r& homas Darracott acApr.24 
Charles Napier 8Nov.oh | Solin. Harvisdn | | Rubio 49 Dp ae Somerville (a) abe 
Abraham Rose 26Feb. 07 Tho, me arehalt oe 1 n Salter goJan. 
Richard Thomas eve ns os aoe 13 | ohn Dawson wMar.26 
ohn D. De Vitre . og | Thos. L, eat igiuneou Joseph B. Mant 92Jan.27 
avid Richardson " 3 ae in, Pringle ; goDet. ay Charles Hammond 28May27 
W. H. Boyce _ | John Derby "| §$au.ed | ‘William Styles 3Nov.a7 
‘im. Rosson we tfohn' B.Cotlins = 16Mayea |-Chertes Thompson 8Dec.27 
te sos TEN 35 | Janics Little 3iJan.23 ; 

Commoner for Managing the Sixpenny Duty for the Support of Greenwich 
‘ Hospital. — Office at Tower- Hill, 

First Commissioner aad Keceiver—Chas. Kinsey, Beg. 
econd Commissioner ant. Cemplroiter Be ‘Hamilton, Ksq. M. A.— First: CLire~Chattes Stanbridge, 


Governor.—The Right Hon. LORD VISCOUNT ery eon K.T., F. io 
First Lord Commussioner of the Admiralty 

paren and Inspector.—Capt. John Went- | Avst. tePrafescor—Chas.Blackburn,A.M. 1Nov.11 

ot 90 i Neve sche or fan. gNav.g petst athematical Wahetery as 27Jan.93 
Leone aw vee + eddlyao |' Preceptor—Kev.Wm ar. 08 
it Ee ‘Maloun... eos, @@Agr.16 |. ‘am ten acti ab prilos 
Lieut mrt ewsom. t.27 | Drawi = MasterJ, Co y *aisalyti 
lerk—Thomppdhelgowrn( > emer ayié :French- Master—Peter E. cuseue = |, nAug.28 
rofessonmn ep, James Inman, DD.-. aMar.08 _Superintendent—Johy Finch. gAug.16 

SCE GUE TS see ' Se Age 

gyn lf Lt i . “Eg Dee, 

pedk pybiiddts UT, fou -§VIDOWS PENSIONS. - - : 

orwr ssl hnPaeteeyi pop the PgR foie’ Widowe—The Kt. Hon. J.W. . Caekeany pte, ies 
h9OPM astdond—isises ) 01 idscistot—J. He Hay, Esq. | eee ae 
Paymasten of the Reig Fuich Hatton, Esq.—Office, No. Near Ling 
ae (FA Be. 
ér ana. ae : er ann. he pee er ann. 
f “se Ps '. f Listitenant i ' P 
2 oh Ata Master : 
Flag Mafftee ¢ tot tiene g ©] Chaplain 40 Catpenter 
Superann. carAdmital 1 tuepector of Hospitals 7o Second pasete? of a’ \ 
u | Captain 3 yrs standing. ‘e | Phgsician af a Hospita Yacht aie Master of { 
<5 Captain wudlef3 pence | Bow <  orthe Fleet a Naval Vessel war- > 95 
©} Commanders 3°: ‘(20 w* {Surgeon © .- o . fanted by sh¢ Navy 
j perann. Commuiader Gok | Asses Surgeon Board. 
toes (Py S| Petaar 
PATICGOU WOOLY A SRM ey ee. OO wie alee oe f 

made tthe UGises and him the 
popes ed | pox EA davit hg periods ineath che ete ee oad. gist 

3 20th and yoam vader Spurand _ Septeniber; goth arnl ge Dersabet . 

Pplicattons as jt oaslons from this Fand A pa gabipa vicin d to the Secretary of the Adwlvails, or 
ni Widen vé Pensions must transmit to 

6900 t orshy tert : 

le lof Oficery Of the Rdysl Marines are entitled to fc iilecine Peleus. . payable st ‘the 

=P EP IP TT ) = 
so : “ea es ae Ee be. 5 fcaumen 

aptain ... : 
Gare Liga, Sptacons Adsistant Kurgeosg £35 

= “ 

BH Sy 


| as ? 
ee 4 Rab popes 

" 8eTs mas koh, eran " Hospitgl Mates. 

“New-Street, Syue-Gerdene” 

del Com. and Dep. Adj. Gen. Maj. 
ei et Be. ae John ne ae t 7 i 
:Peymaner aud Inspector ir James Cockbufa, Bart. 

~ Chief Clerk, Thomas Hind, Esgp : aes 



smyenig .D: ote 


em, F Ort. 27— 

ae MPonnet,}: 
Hospitat Male.” 
ib Ser gedns—Johit 

» Agent. —! shale Act, Dispen- 

Ve rag 



oer) ed 


m Admiral Str Richard G. Keats, G.C.B. 

-- Governor. 

' Capt. Wintian 5 Browell 


William Fdze 

George M‘Ki 
Robert Lark 
+Daniel M‘Leod 


rRobert Deaths Burt. 



I : i ae ae eS ' a ee 

ae ors. 
aay siecle ich. G. Rents, G.C.B. 
Ae witiam Brows 
aes id ‘Sir J. Hopey ’G.C.Be 
oe Auck 

Ste F. G. Hartwell, vont 


r fe o Mer “Cites a Slee 4 Cl 

Adm. Sir 3.8 
ete Hon. J. W. “Croker, L. 
Thee Right: 


Vice-Adm. Sir Thos. B. Martio, 

fd Deas Th 
Peeaan: The Rt. Hon Sir G. 


, /sgNov.09 | .PetenSpicer or Boots. aieege var eae 
Jobin Oubes Hardy ‘ igMayto | Pea. dohn Natt, .. EArt atpod ire apts Hate i dod os 
Ww. Heary, Daniel | AES. 15 Jae Northey 31 Suly22 | Edw. Augus i own 5Jan.28 

tos Lew aft Bedherniot Bagclay., s2) ppeap 7 
, COMMANDERS: r penta 

ft. oth Divies ey ; co ‘’rbu 
eis Banat sioteg [Hews Carer | beg eben ttt 
F er a au 

Fawdr cacon 1oMagTa 1349 10 ere Benes aus 5; eit nay 
-E. ater nee i lig : _B8Junezq | James Molineax = SNov.27 | 


. Hon. Lord Farnboroa 

Rh G. a. Bak AR. Ss. 
T. Goodenough, Esq. 

Em orke, kK. CB, 
L.D., F.RS.: 
dard rd Viscount God tich , 
bord Viscount Lowther,¥.R.S. 
mm. Tnoentoe Esq. 
Henry Lerg . K.C.B. 
Lord Wallace 
ere Bexley, F.R.S. 
4{tiam Haskisson 

« Hon. 

mson, Bsq.,F.R 
oG. A C. ‘Stapylton 

ai Ben. B Cockburn, 




., Officers employed at Frospital s Abroad, 

CAPR OF -a00n. HOPE. | 
| Mate. 
ERMUDA John Kounedy, Sur+Uohe Ri 

Agent—James Falls“ 18) 
Gray, Hospital Mute.” 

’ William 

(CIVIL DEPARTMENT, Lob tafe e cnodosaib baa ors sd 
“ Deputy and ist Cler 


Auditor). Prom: Top Auck nd arte 

cacntal qiled 
Jo Swa: 

Dispenser—Walter ‘thomas Batlutind) 

yee We aati: U 

zitadodl . 
Dispeneey -efThos 

miiftebl aba 
ae ae Joan 


Garde Jas. Camphell. : 

sas 4 paile WA 

gheeutnats at hat aa 

tr¢ Cb A 
ost an TF 


AE yt yy ey sicey ) 

. ‘Lieutenants. 

Frederick Bedford 
Jos. Dewsnap 
Robert Aitchison (a) AOR see 
William Taylor 
James Meres 
William Renwick. 
Rivers’ |! 
Niehs, Tucker 


her 4 

fo edge 


VA mains 

Trazs.—T Vice-Adm.SirW J#Hopd, 
DNF) iim! 
Deputy at Ebibcberer nee 


moutived Gs 
s Diblin—) ol Nog 


are} . 

ae ie aes 

Clerk—William Dyer 
3st Clerk—John Bruce 

EEPTA TE Sammortn ot” Beq. 
da wD reves beeing 

Paynedster of Pensions Lachlan M‘Lean, 
‘ai Warpseoacrynh 

ort We Woykpumosepht 
ast Sag peg Rabie Sam. Cole 

2d d id Lloyd 

ician. an Beatty, M.D. 3 
» Ao.. m. Gladstone 
‘ Sergepn.— atd. Dobson; glared , | 

ies Aset.~SamescDemriile:: 
od du—Jo arGibph bist: +) rohan 
gddo.Jas.-Wm. Langmaff | 

~ Bipenser in| price ih: Reais 
- yet Aset.—Tamo Dray oe : 
ad do. Alex:Paterson 

eR al wrage r 

St Pret erent eatin b vot anart 4 t 

a ra 



Treasurer ofthe Navy—Rt. Hon.W.F.V.Fitzgerahd, Wages Bro—.st Pay Clerk at Plymouth—Wr. Reid 

Bill, Ticket ada ilo Branch—Chicf Clerk 
Paymaster of the Navy. Capt. T. Huskisson, R.N. d. ape comer es 
Treasurer’s Branch. = Chief Clk. Waltee Hatton | Navy and Victualling, Bill Branch—Chief Clerk, 
Weges Branch.— Cashier, W Maule Wa. Cresswell 
First Pay Cleck in eon Rob. M‘Calloch | Inspector of Seen Wille—Chief Clerk, George 
9 at Chatham, Jas. F. Clifford Courtoy 
* at Portsmouth, J. Martin 


thairman—M. Gen. Hon. G. A. C. Stapylton. Dep. Chairman.— Capt. Isaac Wolley« 

ee ee 

Nicholas Brown, Esq. F.R.S. John Weir, M.D. 
W. Burnett, M.D. Fred. Edgcombe, Esg. 

Hon. Wm. Lennox Bathurst. 
Residcnt Commissioner at Plymouth—ny Sir James A. Gordon, K.C.B. Capt. R.N. 
Resident Commissioner at Pertsmouth—Henry Garrett, Esq. Capt. R.N. 
Resident Commissioner at a nba John Hill, oe Capt. R.N. 
Secretary—M. W. Clifton, Esq. ° 
Asst. See. attending Cash Committee—John Thon Briggs, Ese. 
Chief Clerk, W..H. Wickey,’ E:9. 
Clerk attending Store Committee—William Parkhouse, Esq. 
Clerk attend ne Medical Corzmittce—John Bynon, Bsq. 
ist Clerk of the Cash Office—Chas Bynon | ist Clerk of the ist Purs. Acc. Office—Joseph Hume 
ist Clerk of the In.prest Ofice—T. Richardson | 1s¢ Clerk of the and Purs.Acc.Office—D.J. homson. 
ist Clerk of the Victualling and Medical Store Ofice—R. H. Harman. 

Officers in the different Establishments under the Victualling Board, 
at Home and Abroad. 

DEPTFORD. Kesident Commtissioner—Cap?Jobhn|SHEERNESS. Storekeeper.—C, Desborough 

Hil, R- Holworthy. 
Superivt téf the Wharf—Wam. Wilkineon (CORK. Agent Vieiualler—-William Alves.. 
Clerk af the Check.—Authony Brady _ DEAL, Agent Vict. Commander A. A. Vincent,R. N. 
Storekeeper. —Rt, Lightfoot GIBRA LIAR. Arent Victualler—M. B. Mends 
POR OUTH. Resident Commissioner—Capt.|MALTA. Accnt Pictualler—Robert C. Sconce. 
Heury Garrett, R.N. SIERRA LEONE. Avent Victualier—John Salter. 
Supertntendent of the Wharf—Jobn. Town BERMUDA. 4ecent Vi er Henry Ditmass. 
} Store the Check—Jobn Slight CAPE OF GOO. Agent. Victuatler— 
ad r.—Thomes T. Grant. Wm. Pennell. 
is Prymo Resident Commissioner—ty SiriHAI. ees Superintendent of Victualliag-~-D. 

poe A, Gordon a C.B., Capt. RIN. ‘Onee 

. Whacf—Joba Branklin JAMAICA. x cling Superintendent of Victualling 
rains Por ikee Pyaar eho ceck —John 
Sterekapptre—John. Jaman - : TRINCO TALEE. Samuel Stnart Curgenven. 

ers seiplaped at Hospitalsand Sick Quarters at Home... 
ROYAL HOSPITAL,: BLS Cape. Henry|SWANSEA.—William Tey: Sutscon) Agent. 
Garrett, Res. Jacob Silver, Edward/SH!IELDS, NORTH.—W. Bramwell,Surg.§ Agt. 
See eden —Isaae Wilson, Physician.; PENZANCE.—W. Bestymams jun. Sure. & Agent. 
berg the ods, Stobw woramer, Sargeeas. —|FOWRY .—Abr. ad ve y Surgeon & Agent. 
Jae Scottj(b) Leet y,MgentJILFR4COMBE--N Vye- Surgeon § Agent. 
—John C. Weir, Steward.— ae. Henderson, LEITH .—G. Keltie, saeeet Ga gent. 
Dispenser —Sem. Wicks, ann crue phil Patrick LIVERPOOL.—David urgeon & Avent, 
Martyn, Thomas Frazer, AYARMOUTH.—Wa. Taylor Surgeon 5 Agent. 
Mates.—Wm. Mc. Connell, fetes pall ) ib palate cpa -—Geo. Forsyth, Ie: AF 4s. 
Doneph Claris, AA: Goes A: Mares oan CALW AY cat Ne Ott ner out 
—Andw nt ow, Su Agent. 
cr-—Rer_James Dunne, Chaplain. GRIMSBY.—Thos. Beli, Sune Gnd Avent mene 

ROVAL L HOWTTAL, PLYMOUTH. Ce - Capt. to Sir ir LONBONDERAY Winn ‘ion, Sir Pag 

a Jea Lieutenants —Dav. Jas. H. Dake, ; 
Phy.ician-—S. L L. Hammick, Surgeon.: sion, MARGRTE .—John Brees Surg. & Agent. | 
Grant, dgt-—Gee Viuter, Steward.—Hen.|BUNCRANA.—John opie o Pgh & ae 
Anderson, Chas. Smith, Guthrie Tayler, Hosp. 
rab per cl Mein, Thos. Kidd /b) Tan Barr, 
M her aod hep pre ic = iy aig _ 
—Christ (aan. é ce arker, Sur te 
ate, ris det op Ga beRs mn 4 a . s 4g 
DARTMOUTH ane Surg. & Agt.| ABR 
MOU ieee 
GRRENOCK —Wm: Tarner(2) Surgeon 4 Agent. 
HULL— Fred. Huntington Surgeren & Agent. 
F 2 ) . r 


WW. Byte, W.A. ae eeee ser cx eurnere t 
KINGSTOWN.—James ere neon i 4s =p 
8. W. Jewel, Edward Newman 
‘H.—Allew 8 Agent. : ectteg es 
eters, urgeon & Agen AL ne 4 iy 8 
POOLE.—Thos. Barter, Surgeon§ Agent. 



Resident Commissioner—Capt. Wm. Shield. is 
Officers of the Ordinary. 

capt 14 John Wala aptlear th a7.—Com. John Yule, <7June#.—Lieuts.D. pia iaenteu cee: 
ohn Smith (c) 24Apr.27. Edw. De Montmorency, 10Apr.26. Geo. Williamson, BMay27.— — Sur, 
-dohn Morgan (a)3July28.— Asst. SuriJas. Veitch (6) 19Nov.25. —ChapJohn Briggs,vul. 

Ramus! Cc pennUeAR Parone, 
Officers of the Yard. : a - ? 

ist Master Attendant—John Jackson —-16 Apr.o4 | Chaplain—Kvan Holtidey 7 Nov. 
ad do lex. Lumsdale —-.20. Feb.04. | Surzeon—Richard Jones 
Master Shipwright—Edward Churchill 25Sept.15 | Assistant do.—Georee crester 13Dec.25 

Clerk of the Check—Elizeus Jessep 16Sept.22 | Warden— Lt. Jon. H. Pries a7Apr. 
Storekceper—Thomas Hollinworth 11 Nov.12 | King’s Harbour ‘Master-—-Ra. Torner sha 



Master Shipwricht, Thos. Roberts, 25 Sept. 15.—Storckeeper, E. Laws, 8 June 21 ‘ieee: Ra 
Tobin, 2 J uly22-—Aast.Sur.John Brown (a) “a0J une27.— Chaplain, Wm. Griffith, 21 Nov. 18. 


BREAKWATER UNDER CONS eee IN PLYMOUTH Spigot saucedecas Niblergs 
Works, Joseph Whidhey, Esq. F-R.S. Paymaster, Joseph Ballingall.— Assistant, Harry Nib. 
Secretary, Duncan Pringle Burnett. 

HARWICH—Navat Officer, John Hopkins, 2Jan.04. em yi Ae - Gece Oo 
DEAL—Nacal Storekeeper, Commander A. A. Vincent, R:N. 16Jaly28, i. 
HAULBOWLINE ISLAND—Naval Storekeeper, William Alves, © Nov. 97:- A 

| GIBRALTAR~Naval Officer, M. B. Mends, 21 June 21.—-Master Shimoright, W. Buck, 17 Jane bg 

JAMAICA-~Resident Commissioner, Capt. Charles Inglis — Naval Store ter Mi 
38, July, 23—Master Attendant, William White (1) 6Jan,27.—Master Shinctigils G orn =e 

28 Oct. 27 
LAPE OF GO OPE--Clerfe of the Check and Naval Storekeoper; Wm. Pennelty: sehteyis 
aster Alt to oikn sGgesrene) 95 Jan.¢e. “ 

AUTA—Resident Commissioner, Capt. + Chas. Gn Sy Ross.— Naval 
99June16.— Master Facdecr mise on Pit, 4Dec.26, ast. Rows —Naal, i Cha ie “ 

1 BERMUDA—Kesident Commissioner, Capt. Thomas Bri Naval Storeke ,» Thos. ‘Frvi 
» AFebe l1— Master Attendant, William Hudson, oF eb.28.— Master Sinpwrizht, ohe Taff, gAug. 
aplain, Rev. Rd. Rowland Bloxam, 9 Jan. 26.—Surgeon, Thos. Cooke Jones, TAG Os. *. 

ANTIGUA——Storeheeper, John Gilbert, 18'Jamer® = ve OY 

; ah aad Attendant, Jebn Douglas, 7Mar.15, Muster: Shipeitighey Algernon bectga i 

92 Nov. 16, 

KINGSTON, UPPER CANADA—+ Capt. Rob Barrios Newal Storekeaper, John Rt. Gls eta) =f 

Mast. Attendant, M. Spratt.—Must. shipwright, Robt. Moore—Asst. Sux. Jas. 
ar.27. —Chaplain, Rev. Wm. R, Payne, 19Apr.87. ‘A 


TRINCOMALE—Storekesyer, Samuel Stuert-Curgenven, 23 Decl 
BOMBAY —Master Shipwright, John Pollexfon, t4 Ap. 25. 

ee ey ere 



Pile Capt. Wm. Youn Portsmowth, Et. Rich. aaa oar William Lewis,, 
i, Lt. Jor, Ww. rae Leith; It. Richard Glinn. | : : ' : ¥ Mi 
Ww re .0 H.8 ns, VY. F. Wentnart, a Garratt R. Me 
severe: my ny Sarvs AY ra nHabi pineom 3 . Godden c. M. Chapman, J, Hye 
VWerd, WV. Waits Barber, Fade a at ‘Tue! eb Willtnds w 
Ji Adamseaay 3 Sanders, . Besant: S. Putehard, : iniems (0, Ji ve 

mood, Geo. Decee art emke 

h ae ee ee te ter Ga «She io 

= re ee ee ee 

Scanlan ihe Cik. J. W. Morton Office for St Chief Clerk, Neigham R 
Ticket Office—Chf. Clik. James Lance Oficchor Forcigu doce_Chy. rare am Rogers 
oO aie Bills 5 aman Cag Clk. and Account. Psat OffceChieh Clerk, John James 

| m. Gregory Davis 

| Transport ce—Chief Clerk, T. H. Baker 
Office for Sree Ofte bed noe ete ce hr ihr Qui Filer Keg) Knowles, F.RS 
Fee 0. be ae Rule. ; 
Surveyor of Buildings—George Ledwell Taphen. ; 
a} > & 2 ; T 

| List of the Principal Officers inthe Dock-Yards and Establishments 
‘| under the Navy Board. 4 
DEPT FORD-¥YARD.—_____________-} 
i Master Attendant—John Douglas F Peat .23 | Surgeon—Matthew Kent 13Dec. x 
' | Master Shipwright—William Stone bAug.13 | Assistant—Jas. Marr Brydon 1 SApriag 
{ | Clerk of the Cheek—Ambrose Kags mds op Penk pe Md ardeneht, Augustus larkett 2aMay 
} Storekeecper—Reimbhold Thoma «73an.28 | ei 7t i 
ne ee oP x AA 
| C4. 4, Aiabak yites7 ‘WOOLWICH YARD; Tree Al 40 Wehiow ee } 
- 2A." }..f 4 rat beep? iH 
4 Officer of the Ordinary Tien, Bichard “Laates, atuly2S. _. quis? steeie% : 
. sers of the Yard “i paca eat 
Master Attendan!—Thos. Browns.) .* ~ptil7 | Clerk ofthe Rope Yard—John wets o240ct. 
Master Shipwrig ht—Oliver Lang 22 July: 26 Surzeon—Rohert Dunn 25Aug. 
Clerk: of the Check—J, Williams Aes 14] Assistant—William Baildon bb. 
Storekeeper—James M re a) 7 Jan. 28 | Warden—Le. Willian Noaper* pr 

va ish 


Resident Comnussioner—Capt. Charles Cunningham. . 

Fe a ee ae te ee + ae. eel 4 

Officers of the Ordinary. 

Com. William Gropeey 1% chat. haba Ww. Pee ie ee nike Collepd.tgApe -28.— Sur. Joh 

iffivers of the  Yord. | 
aster Attendant(—William eg 250ct. 25 | Sur, staat tohy wil 7 
aster Shipwright—George Parkin loJunei2 > j Sure ant—Joh he 
Clerk of the Check—Wm. Proctor Smithi6Sept.22 | Warden— at Bagh 
Storekeeper—John Wm. Lloyd me King’s Harbo 
Chaplain—Rev, Alexander Brown 25Sept.o6 


Officers of the Ovitinary: — KAT awollat neces . ay 
oh ta “nttel 
Capt. John Surman Coston aiiee, .25.—Com. James G. Gordon, 28A ete a Thos. S. §. Ose 


i5Dec.25. Thomas Mui Salmoa,.29Nev. harles Tilly, 9Aug.28.— 
Johnston H. Acheson,a1M ar.27,— Asst. Sur. Joseph Bassan, 17Nov,23. — Chap. iS 
270ct. Rm Pare, Jone Severity 19ApFaB.. © au ier’ Aol -2re baeenee dD 

ai ' sOffiters of the Yueds~ M. Spares av tones Anerre et | 

| RE ha 4Nov.23 Pilate Rev. John Kirkby 20Aug. 
Master Shipr-vight—Joseph Seaton 2aJnly26 | Surgeon— William Warden, M.D, 2yJ uly 

2 Assstent—James Brower” 
Storekeeper--John Day 15Dec.27 | Warden—Lt, Rich. Waller 


ident Commissioney—Capt. the NOaT RAIS Sir aX. Bt. K.C, 
agen \ eigiespih okt Tents SK vie Bios, aM onge Gray Bt-I.C-Bry 

~ Beivers ‘he tha or! er feuts-Rob. Yule,15Mar.27, 
: cae iene 

A nde - pred oSl 100k 2A 4. .ncomodT e270 sont }.. resrtinetoed3 ¢ 
babe t ie, novel « toc gpnnly vdeo 2 Tt A ogee 
lat Master Attendant—Thomas Atk nso Chu; en. Thomas Mor 
do. fehs Gave a. ; hea ‘ yh 
er Ship t—Jehn 5 no i 
pe Phe ieht some Lee’ sto" re 
Storekeeper—Je)in Allcot 23Mar.07 ci 
Bnginecr 5 Mechaniat—Sim. Goode’ c a Apragl 14 
October, 1828, F 

ee ee ee = ee eee 


“AED SMetn ie’ 


ue sat | 
+h welt 



IE ASV Yoo8e Loagoniva sat \p tA 

rath mhrt 
Avis erg vrtrente 

Sccretary of the Admiralty—The Right Hon. John Wilson Croker, L.L.D. I.R.S. 
Second Secretary—John Barrow, Esq. L.L.D. F.R.S. 
Private Secretary to the First Lord ef the Admiralty— 
pe ods Chief Clerk~Jolm Dyer, Esq. » mod T 
ed Senior Clerks : 

H. F, Amedroz, Transl. shames Darch sible Pet Bad Pete 
Henry Bedford nm J. W. Innes | Sentuar tes ayoeke ots 

Hydrographer—Cayt. Wm.Edw. Parry. 

Royal Observatory at Crnenitgha (se) Ne eee 

Pond, Esq., F.8.8., the Royal Astronomer, (el mailli W—txobroish wre hh 

1 : ninee'l sq roacd—tdorewuihh mate 
Tess, 5 virst fant. Retrial 17 100c) Aartng iy fat tn My 

) we fa Ago) Aso WeelhD F, 

Henry, Junior Assistant. suis alg rofl aM aifol—isqusderot® 
oworl rebirexdlA <n gndk 3 

Observatory, at the Cape of Good Hope. 

Rev. Fearon Fallows, A-M., F R.S. Astronomer. 
Capt. Wa. Roweld,_ Assistant to the Astronomer. 
P vo%eushiaD anmmé adol qnd 
oa &. ul, encod T AL. al fel 
i 7 Tre.cniedolA ff ooljandol 
PEE Ee of Chronometers, John Pond, Esq. E.RS. ror38 savaal seth. To.s90TR 

conned of the Nautical Almanack, Thomas Young, ssc FBS. 

PE me) por bau to natin | 

me pes nge tte cote dh 

i a yell nite La s"tncess Aqeoke, 


it MOEA ed (hist 
aif fio and Commissioners, of His reco Vere 

Seman sana ea 
©. cker Kae 

ett eal ee ley ge -FRS, pe ‘tion! Co 

Me ap Robt. ws Middleton a Fert aah | Mason 1 Lewia ona he 

iasst. Bees 

rol Winw ; 
s018) vnoaecdsh aol J —rar w, 

——— es 

a a ge 




ST. CHIISTOMHER'S (Note Prise Court) Go err gaa Vice ddurel, ‘Chas. pele y axwell 
; Fudge, Rabert Wms. Phekwoo -$-and the Chie e for,th trar 
homes omson, Esq. ny - Sa a a ae hh dalle 
NEVIS—(Not a Prize Court) — Registrar John Burke, Esq. 

VIRGIN ISLANDS—{No$ @Prise Court)>Registrar, Mark Dyer Fenech, Esq. . i, 

JAMAICA—Governor and View Admiral ; Judge, Win. Rodon Ren- 
nalls, Esq.; Registrar, Wm. Brooks King, Esq: 3 Marchal, Sir Mordaunt Martin, Bert. Advocate, 
Hugo James, Esq., and the Advocate-General for the time being. 

BERMUDA—Governor and Vice Admiral, Lieut.-General Sir Hilgrove Turner; Judge,. 

(Vacant); Registrar, Thos. Moore, Esq. Advorate, ~Buncan Stewart, Esq.; Marshal, John 
ee aq. 

BANANAS —Goveranr and Vice- Admiral, Major-Gen. Lewis Grant; Judge, W.Vesey Munnings, Esq.. 
the Chief Justice for the time being ; 3 Registrar, Patrick Brown, ‘Esq. Advocate and Pr O- 
curator, William Martin, Esq.; Marshal, Mr. Charles Hay Cameron. — 

TRINIDAD—(Not a Prize Court).—Governor and Vice-Admiral, Sit R. J. Woodford, Bart.; Judge, 
« Chief Juatice for the time beiug ; Kegistrar, And. Allen, Esq.; Marshal, Mr. Robers Palgrave. | 

CAPE OF GOOD Ramet and Vive-Admirai, Lieut .-Gen. Sir Galbraith Povey Cole -C.B.; 
Judge, Sir John Wylde, Knt., Chef Justice for the time being; Registrars, Hon. W Grey. 
Anthony Oliphant, Esq. ; Marshal, Dennis U’Bryen, Esq. 

MAURITIUS.—(Not a Prize Court).—Governor and Vice- Admiral, Lieut.-General Sir "charles: 
Colville, G.C.B.; Judge, Edw. Berens Blackbern, Esq:; Acgistrar, Charles Telfair, Eeqes 
Marshal, Mr. P. Salter. 

CEYLON— Governor and Vice- Admiral, Ma jor-General Sir Edward ‘Barnes, K, CB. ; Judge, Sir ‘Alex. 
Jot nstone, Knt.; Registrar, Dietrick Cornelius Fretz. Esq. ;' Marshal, John Wm. Innes, Exq. 
BOMBAY—VJudge, Chief Justice of Bombay for the time being, NE site ee one 
CALCUTTA—Judge, The Chief Judge of Benga! for the time being. : Ae es ae 
MADRAS—Judge, Chief Judge of Madras, for the time being. 

NEW SOUTH WALES— Governor and Vice-Admiral, Lieut.-General Ralph Darling ; Judges 
» Boquyand-the Chicf. Justice for the time. being; Hagistrats GG Mite ste 5 
Marshal, Mr. Henry Brewer. 

van DIEMENS iar Pearce daads and Vice-Admiral, Hient-Gemete Raiph Darling. 

Counsel for the Affairs of the Admiralty and Navy. aoa. ae 
a i otk Henry John Shepherd, Esq. 1. 4 
Solicitor for the Admirulty and Navy, Charles Jones,Eeq, st ee 

.  (f LIST OF AGENTS —; oe 

Employed by the Solicitor in the undermentioned Places. neeet 

Rochester, Chatham, and Sheerness, Mr. Edward Twopenny, Rochester.—Déiver, Mr. Joh 
Shipdetw.—~ Deal, Mr. John Mercer.——Brighton, Mr. rederick Cooper Portsmouth; 
. Messrs. M. & G. L.'Greetham.— Weymouth, ay Te re Bayly.— Poole, Mr. J. Poot. Dartmouth 
Mr. W..L. Hoekin.—Plymouth, Messrs. Wm. & Geo. paola Me ene Mr. Fra 
Pender.—Penzance, Messrs. Gearge John and Son.—Dublin oa Jone Craig— Cork, 
Mr N. Johnson.—Bristol, Mr. illiam Lewton Clarke. a George, jun 
— Liverpool, Messrs. Parr & Ward.—Manchester, Messrs. Duckworth & a ne Oeeaorle “Messrs 
H. Cranford & Son. Beret Messrs. J. & J. Hamilton.— Edinburgh, Mr. Alex. Greig, W.S, 
werNorth * South- Shielde, Mr. Jonathan Cockerith—Newcastle-wpon-Tyne, Mr. W, Peters.— 
Hull, Mesers. Prickett & Robinson.—Great aoe Mr. F. R. Bevsolee-Hareich Mr. Ji 

Sansum.—Guernsey, Thos. De Sausmarez, 58Q+ 

Judge Advocate of the Fleet, Henry John She » Esq. 
Deputy sSutige Aiwecate of the Fleet, Moses Greetbam, Esq. rasit oat Portomeuthy 

: ‘ s ot : - fee Ve a re a) , 

a i ' : “ wit yO moe 
‘ - 4d tate Bor 7 | 
eat : rs are ay : oo ere Se a Oe a re 
ceth vie A YAR ei ' 

a Te 

89 Ot ry : Pa 
f A stifion’ * - ae 
ee a eal — 



High Court of Admiralty. 
ith ddmtyal, in Congnhsion— (cide page 3.) Sedge, Kt.Hon. Bir'Chrs Robinsod, KutS.£-D.;. 
Bal Right hon rin Arden; Dep. Registrars, J. Farquhar, Faq. H. B. Swabey,s Evq..and 
J.B. Morgan, Esq. King’s Advocate, Sir Herbert Jenner, Knt. L.L.D.: Advocate forthe Aguirs 
of the Admiralty, iH -Arnold, D. FLR.S.; King's Proctor, tid Nis 9 Esq. ; Proctor forthe 
ri idwek of the Admiralty Wm. Townsend, Esq. ; Marshal of the Hig urtof Admiralty, Hon. 
ugh Lindsay; Depety,Johu Deacon; Corener for the Coast of Hampshirein Cases within the 
Iurisdictinn of the Admiralty, Moses Gieetlam and George Lamborn Greetham, of Portsmouth; 
Péqrs.: Coroner fcr the Jvrisdiction of the Admiralty in the River Medway, Ed d ny, 
Hea. Coroner for ali the Waters of Plymouth-within the Mew Stone, and Penlee Point Geo 
astlake, Fsq.; Receiver of the Droits, sir G. F. Hampson, Bart.; Comptroller of Droits, 
Charles Jones, A cs . ? 
Vice-Admirals of the Coast of Great Britanm. ; 
Kent, Camdea,F.R.S.—-Sussex, Earl of Egremont, F.R.S.—IJele of ies end County o/ 
. Southampton, Eari o { Malmesbury—Devon, Earl Fortescue.—Cornwaill, Farl of ount 
umbe.—Somerset, (Vacant).—Gloncester, Duke of Beaufort.— Pembroke, Sir John Owen 
Bart.— North Wales ana County of Carmarthen, Marquess of Anglesey.—Chester, Earl of Stamford 
and Warringten.—Lancashire, (Vacant).—Cumberland and Westmoreland, Earl of Lonsdale. 
4Mnadeshives Dake af Arevie.—County of Northumberland and Town of Newcastle, Duke a 
Northumberland, FRS.—Ourham, Marquess of Clevelani,—Yerk, Earl. Mulgraye—f. 
Lincoln, Earl Brownlow, F.R.S.— Norfolk, Hon. John Wodehouse.—Suffolk, Marquess of Hertford. 
— Essex, Viscount Maynard.—Scotland, t.ord Cathcart.—Orkney and Shetland Isles, James 
Allan Maconochie, Esq. Sherif and Steward Depute of the same. 

Vice-Admirals of Ireland. 

Prowinceof Leinster, Marquis of Ormande.— Province of Munster, 
Province of ster, Eer ‘O’Neall.— Province of Connaught, Farl of Clancarty. 
_ Vice-Admiralty and Prize Jurisdictions Abroad. 
GIPRALTAR—Gowerner and Vite- Admiral, (Vacant).— Jadgr, Tho. Jeunes Hov ell, Req. Ke 
James Ree Oxberry, Esq.—Marshal, Mr. John Tyrwhitt. | Monee me 
$ Judge, Sie Jonh 

4 MALTA—Goeernor and Vice Admiral, 
Stoddart, k t.L.L.D; Kegistrar, John Locker, Esq ¢ Advocate, Robert Forrest, Esq.; Marsh 
Mr. Cc, F. Raitt. uA . ss ‘: 
BERBIC E—Governor and Vice- Admiral, Rob. Gordon,; Judge, Henry Beard, Esq.; Advocute 
Wm. Jones Armstrong, Esq.; Registrar, Charles Bird, Esq.; Marshal, Mr. K. Francker. 

DEMERARY and ESSFOU([BO—Judge, Chas. Wray, Fsq, and the President of the Court of Jus: 
for the time being; Registrar, Alex. Fowler, Eso.; Marshal, William Augustus Parkel, Esq 

SIBRRA LEONE—(Thit Court ‘has jurisitction ‘only dver'Shipsconcerned in the Slave Trade. } 
Governor and Vice- Admiral, Judge, J. W. Bannister, Esq! 
or the Civit Judge’ for the tnne’ being. Registrar, J. W. Wethevih, Beast Mr. Slodden 

astie,. * 

NEWFOUNDLAND—Gorernor and Vice- Admiral, Captain Sir Thomas Johu Cochrane, Kt; Judge, 
Wm. Carter, Esq.; Registrar, P. W. Carter, Esq.— Marshal, Mr. John Stewart. aoe 
HALIFAX, inclading Doperand Lower Canada—Governor and Vice-Admiral,%# Earl of Dalhousie. 
Judgr, J.S. Blowers, Esq., and the Chief Justice of Nova Sedtia for the time being.—Kegistrar, 
John Phipps Hood, ksq.; Marshal, Mr. Putnam. 
QUEBEC—Judge, James Kerr, Esq. . 
BARBADOES—Governor and Vice- Admiral, Major Gen. Sir James Lyon, K.C.B.; Judge, John A, 
Beccles, Esq.; Kegistrar, Thos. H. Boyde, Esq. ; Adrocate, Matthew Coulthurst, Esq.; Marshal, 
The Lion. MSir George Grey, Bart. K.C.B. : 

ST. LUCIA—Gopernor and Vice-Admiral, Major Gen. David Stewart. 

ANTIGUA, MONTSBRRAT, snd BARBUDA, Governor and Vice-Admival, Major-Genera} 
Sir Patrick Ross; Judge, Nicholas Nugent, Esq.; Kegistrar, William Ramsay, Esq.; sate 

Hon. George Villiers. 
TORTOLA—Judge, (Vacant) ; Registrar, Mark D. French, Esq. 

DOMINICA—(Noet a Prize Court).—Governor and Vice-Admiral, Major-General Nicolay j 
Judge, (Vacaut) ; Marshal, (Wacenty a : . colay j 

GRENADA— Not « Prize Court).—Governor and Vice-Admiral, Major-General 4}Sir Jas. Campbell, 

ST. VINCENT’S— (Not a Prize Court).—Governor and Vice- Admiral, Rear-Admiral Sir Chas, 
Brisbane, Knt.; Judge, Win.Wylly, Esq. and the Chief Justice for the time being. 

TOBAGO, Gocernor and Vice-Admiral, Major-General Nathaniel Blackwell ; Judge, Wm. Holt, 
Esq. ; Registrar, Geo. P. Ricketts, Etq.; Advocate, RohertWimberley, Esq. 

ee eee 

£0.900 do» 
TO» O¢e 
OF.1tsMieLr eof 

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M.A oforoidW 

ed Dasdosd 

po. roAe bisewbhol ssid WV 

co.vo4A.H ep 

do: 2H, CHAPL 

10 ioe ) 
Sovia sr 
poO.v0o40 “Lidge 

Of .390% 2B 

Peivinvles Ed vt 

NW otatudstid WV 

5 stoi ew 

mail Writ the Dates of their Fi rst Appi in 

Feu Pit vila Vf 

AT leave 

Om T aenertichl 

Jas. Edw. Surridge 24Apr.i9! 5 

Rob. Whitehead 27Mayi9| . . 
Littlewood aiJaly19 
isher.,./ | -93Apr.21 

3 als aie Meredith Edw Iwgels 

. : ® . - “ rn x . ° 
eae moesdliv’ nema] )/tL.voAL .yaT-090D noadiime 
{ acunod 1 ine ot ante - Ico aut TI sdut diye 
ote Of.Jqecer ssmodT ne pore 
‘LIST! Moot Bovlu le iqseol ybeod 

jit. daTas (o) me lli¥! yhbaot 

= NS OF THE pot “NAVY, 3 

le . (OD. Dat dg laiseatl 49 rodereqd OF 
LL Moe horn” hyodaieq? LE 
sod T nants og? 
‘ rf 6 nals >. be ay a 
(8 7. TO Mo adol yeworte 

°0 eye menial eagh Nani “ven the Nuiber Of fie Shi Fe win ‘Ps RHEE ait 


roban» me hiswara 

A ido eon Tt sania! iff ' 10. ne , 21 PRY W996 
gesayee-ceoninoemninn | Reatred Est, —— ng ie ada. magi 
pe NAMES! | Hd No. NAMES. No. NAMES | sonore 08 
: -——___ ‘ if: aris. & _ { —— 
Holliday // °°12Mar.93)Chr. Burdtvood 12Apr.o2)Wim. H. Taylor |) °'° °°°6May1 
-EViotr °° iineg3|'W m. Salter giulyo3 John Ki rkby Ah olag Gea 
Lloyd *' 17Uct.98/Arthur Brew L.L.D. Feb.04)Edward ' monte FR ‘BJune! 
"Reunelf °°" © '17Mar.00 Hoblyn Peter 17Julyos|Michael Sam ' agdolys 
(a - Griffi “‘9Mayot]/Wm. Jones 18July07|Sam.Wm Ro re aT: -l 
 Burwe 28Aug.01/Win. Bowen gJviyio|Jas W, Maguire ©’ -10Nov.a 
John B. Frowd 7Apr.11/Wm, Evans “> gAtage2 
. Active List. 
gatwsea Brice) ||. agNov.o7| 879 Hugh Salvia Dec.23} Tas, Bvelei at 
‘John Taylor ; miiea se 212 Nath. T. Royse SBDecas |” eek a. ra 
Johu Morgan 21Jan.12| 591 Wm. Veale Heunah 5Jan.24} 559 Joseph Coo canes 
James Dunne 7Mar.12) 174 Wm.George Royse 9aJan-Bs gon Batley Ss ccad “~ 
Surridge —__2.1Mar.13) . an Davies 24May24} 262 Hugh Jo r.2} 
Philip Panter 7June16| 77 Thomas. Ferris giddeneast aut cate g.2' 

574. John Kellow Goldney 
2yJul 18 no Fry 
Ra. Rowland Bloxam an We igs he Fey Mex 

6Ang 4!4, John Falls + 

$86 Fidmund Winder | 1 9 cmd _ Arthur P Hi Osten 

omas Foster an-25 John Ma if Jan.2¢ 

a4. John Evane 1 Jan.25 a3 Halllaw 1 pH - 

ao le Ms] 

Bulkeley Fe 
rage Bat A "igAprilos 
osenberg 3 Ang 25 3 4 oh Tht Walpole’ 3Apri 2 

Sp.25 sbULI.T yl 

‘Findat John 
Tireman William 22Sept. 
Bn eegh pi Thomas Se 

Tou ulahh Ge 00 ‘ibpl 31 eg 

~ Smitirdacob We — 

Smithson Geo.Tay. 1Nov.11 
Smyth Luke 17Aug.07 
Snepp Thomas 15Sept.10} 
Soady Joseph 7Julyo8 
, Seay William (a) 16Febat - raven Jolin 27Sept.o6 

Tn feneoh ES Bea route Boke 

: 430 Sparshott Daniel seGct-0o tp Tuckfeld Will 12Jan.25 
Tee rehott James uc liam a 
“ Spearman T ‘hose Ri tae if e LY i Nas Ci ‘hi #3 
apeed John 5Aug. 
Ss ts g0Mar, 

™ Becthen ich ion ‘Shai 

Weymouth Jacob 60ct.o3 
Whichelo R. M. Oct.07 
Whitcher Charles 19Mar.i0 
White Edward 2Nov.g9 

36-Wi . 2 Oct.27 
bs nig tar 22 
x Samue L u 
i AWitd v William ar.og 
Willcock Joseph F. 2Nov.04 
= Willey oe be 
» Natlack John: _ y 7 
me Mera ie ter — Jay . wit iams Philip’ 1 gE 
Vidal EmericEssex24Aug.08 Williams Thos. H. 12Julyi9 
Williams Thos. 3Feb.12 
Williamson Joseph gMar.oo}| 
Willie Willows, J. sooeeg 
illie Williamy, » b| 
ills John 97 


= ow 

Ullock Thowss,; pabepten 

Steph stan Urquhart Wal. Ale. gliee-s8 ilsom William, ReNepto 
o_ tephen uly rquhart GB. liso Wi ; 
5 ugden pe @ AlJuneza ' “Wien Beyan™ ok ee “Oat 

_Sallivan John)... 19J — ig 08 

_ n Christo 
on Robert ;, ye 

Bundeyer Joba, 2004 

indsor Hen rviaes ~ 
syndic Phitip Goi Wain i] 
Wise James 

} 427 


15Sept.o4| 163 
Walker John 10J uneoo 
Walker William 12Aprilo8 Wiseman William Diet atl 
Waller Smithson 18Dec.go Wolfe William 6Nov.93}) 
Waller George \) “5Juneog| 284 Woodman Thos. 23July14}) 
Wallis Thomas 2Mayoo alent ene 14Dec.07' 

allis Tho. Au 12Dec.03|._ ley John 11Aprilog]| 
ohn 30Jan.08} | ‘alter John 5: 12 an.o7 Nepean aeiyor| 
mi hig Dec,96|/ 110 Ward Joh 20Sépt.21| © tolyel Trial 
Joti “s 04]! Warden John *' '-30 ec.05 fi.oelis moNodol ff 
r 0h): 45 Sg dala at 4 91 Feb.oa} re 08 Sat os yor : 
im at h 09 : - =} 
eipanemis 3 Setersel wreeaneea gi sm treater aaa 

hom Williaa” ,20A gh ge vabivine ‘abe ‘nk ood 
9 he leiyelice. headsiul WV .dok 

25 «| Sehtvood 9? ari 1 

fatson John (a 
Watson Jolin (b) * 

ilog Watson Tliomas’ ee 

a. a 

~) Watts Jame 18 Wettes Thontae E921 ar 
“Webb Sam. Ody": 204, rrr4| |'°-2 "MoRston Janda fs} 
07 453 st Webb teny. ni 1 i255 oan es La 
Webb Wil fume I fog jo. ‘pebe oa ot a 
ate eeks eco €.71/*£-0 ng on 269 y2 
ells Hep 1Mar fee. relfize ee: | i" Gog 
~ Well lis Fa. sn Ey peans LT aartoMibryveG es b 

je auAge eslisuY eamodT eg F 
JOgisgbiiddiel.H.esdD cog 


aad Ja, Todd, o« pAmgs.13;  Sorse James, . agFeb:il,  .Paqwe “a ; 
mer woke t.00 12 Morton cart ag ilagt. Retveriene Bb . 
Won Gannis. aghel yiq|' Nuebery Rich. Dr. 3 an.o8f eee 
Geytvbil aaa) us. Mounsher James your; oo, . aap tet: ne ke ‘ 
ou William, uaro Hacer: a ‘ 
Lealia aadulyi4| | urray W. an.g6h) |. vet. ae { 
Lothirides whn A.13 . Murray Archibald ; an.o4| ite idee 
er Robert. gaoAprilgo] | Mustard David  aoAprilog} vill John. Geo. .1Feb.08} 
: ms aay Arthur pyle am are Havas howe: 18 ered | 
Ss ry ¢lael edd obert. Mann 314éan.13}., 
bo. hae William. ., 27dan.14 Jerenials. . ipcei3 
le lyett 4.:Lewox. gJ aneos ee a = aes adic oy Paik Reed Thouien b. 8Nov. 
: , deckharsJean © 28Dec.07  Reep Riciaed —_ aa.Bfec.01 |: 
Loekhart Ales... Nairene esas R.. 1aNev.13 Reeve Thomas 19Feb.98 
| $85. Lowey velar In: aaJan.12} Napier Edward G. gAug.o0 281 Reeve William . sApriits ¥ 
tit. Lang Daniel e8han.12 Needes Edward —_ GNoev.13] | Reid Joba Pea t.06 §! 
‘Loag H, BH. Homesa7May14 - Niblett Harry 22Mar.03 Reston James Sept.10 f: 
- keudaa J a prin agJan.05| 562 Nichols. George... ...16Jap09] 488 Riach Alexauder 30f}ct.12 
Loudon re ag Renetie James eet Bichards John S. 27¥ayse |: 
47, Luekombe. John n.01 isbett J a .  BichardsonJohn |’ 
it, Jayou Mat engi as Nowe James ‘ Ricketts Thqmas 11Juneut |. 
Lydiard, Wil en 10 Norbura Cha Charles. aabalig6 Rickford Thdamas 190ct.99 
« Dercock Aas Dee. Roberts Owen 10Feh 04 . 
= ee er Roberts Isaac. 2iSept. 
“ Hoverte s/n" 2gAug. 08 f. 
os Robson Ge oMay13 |. 
ig . Oakley William  31Jan.06 _Roche Steph. Ss loweagdan.o8 . 
= —_"—— O’Brien John aiJulyos]. = Rose hebyaiceben engrigg : 
to Q’Connor John tqJulyo7]. RoshJohn* | : 
= Olive Jobn 7Nov.o4! Rothery Nich.P. issept-7 
a O’Maley Edward 145an.02} , ~y Aa 12 ft 
“i et ete waci 6 Hcl theme ei , 
Mae rehard Jo ; omas ge ‘ 
ea io fchran prem bor earth 40 ory Pat. L. Smee els 1 Pr 86 1 
thas. Snle F er Ze F1103 Badal. sa .. 
Niecbsan Giutes ar.8o O Heteer 4Dec.22 308 Ryan Eu Sey ‘age. tg : 
M‘Coy Alexander ante: 480% Oughton Geo. V. 4Dec.o7}.. os an 
. Ozzard Sauce gWec.13 fees 

|. M‘Lean Heetor 


ar.12| - 

N“Lennad Wilham Siulyost 

ane od Joke :. - ap Fob.o1 
eats ogkeddhea . 23M S41 Paddon W. Ad. FH 18July10 hs ine 
ti toa» Major The Thomas’. . Was. Bateley 18 Vayg5} 586 Sampson. ceiny ae 
ci+ Bienclark Kbomas: GAdg.31 eThomas. aSeps-pb) . Sandwie Wm. Ma © 08 
p< Muley Jas Hits Paine William — AsSept-ta| 367 Saxjcant Jolin Ey gay 
», 8 apley: : aL Aprilae ‘42 gerory Wittiow sogtd 
- ~ March John | 5Feb.o%5| :- clebgey Chas. Rus, 1g¥eb.10 nce ee pt.07 
. 598 Marchant, Joha M. ordeal -4Qk Parkes ‘Thos. W. rerg} Seogt Jar 1" 8 
>—— Merehant-ds byr- - Parkhurst Ben. ©.06}; Pere ae wee 
Mark William isa rilo7|}; Parsons Wim. B.  agdulyi4 ; tt Balwned - - renee 
: Marks Jobn (a) oMar.t3 ¢ Payne Robert  joSept-g6{) Scott Robert 1 3 beg ce 
‘Marks Jehan ¢6y¥  dghulyig]i Leche William  — aaJulyg7/! Bedawick ad os ‘Avrilg6 
Marsden Mark ig@Mar.o1|; #Peckaton Thos.S. 3Qct.i2|. Seward John 9 
67 Marsh George. a5dan.14|: Peuprase Alexander QJan.12 ) 471 Shanks Thomas i eye bes 
490 Marshall Jobeph 8B ct.05 Perkins James M. 14)nneo3 Sharp Robert 3 sigs 
Martin dobn. = 30Bec.06, «= Perry William =—_-25Sept.oo} 574 Shee John 9.13 
- Mason Wittiam. 22Aug,06 Petherick J. F. 1Aug.05| 59 Shears Lhd aFeb.o: 
MasonJoseph § 1cApriloS; 262 VetrieArcbibald 17Dec.12 Sherrer Josep B. 22Se 1.10 
{ "Matson Charles a9Jan.03 Pettman Fred. —-yoMMar.07 Pyare tbe. laDec.11 
‘Mayhew Joh = agFulyg9g) Phillips Henry J uneg7 Shiclas Joseph a7Mar.06 
pos k James asJulyoo ea ae William 17Sept.o3 Sholl Ricbar é 7 : 
2) Melvin John | 90ct.09 13Dec.0n Shugar Wm. sever i 
'- MehdsThemas = 11 an.14 Pinfold Charles 7¥eb.06 Sirapsor Thos. ae y 96 
_ Mensies Tomas 14Aug.0) Pollock Edward 13Jane10 Sison William eer 
: Nichell Richard 19Nov.07 Porter John 11Dec.10 Skewes W. Quar. be 1; 
2 Miller James (2) - 21Ang.99 Postlethwaite Rog. 7jent0 Slatter John 7 Mt yer 
‘$- “Miller James (b)- nell Pottinger James - Sg fug-09 Ss tt Jease rate: ay sat 
- Miller George 3Oct.07 Pownall Thomas © 22Saly13] 212 Smillie o Alexander 14Aug.1T 
+ --Miteer dames ater: Pratt Joha agMayo4/ . Smith Joho ae 
: 279 MitchellJohn § 25Sept.g9 Preston Abrabam 2Keb.02 Smith Danel 1A prilgs 
aS phe hener George - 310ct. aL 208 PriceWm.Thomas 16Keb.11 Smith Richard ier 
is Morison Danici §Sépt.g9 Pritchard Witliam whilyei] echt chara (2) 1; ae 0 
ay ieee ai 
Smith Belt. ane oe nin ct. 08 

er ete 
t! aoe wie 
t: nob Ger 



‘Gilbert Richard 
Giles Samuel 
Sits Jane 

: 3 es ines 

aioe eS ‘938 Giles, Thos. 
- Denny J 2 eich 26Feb.13 il John 

: Goldin Robert 25Aug.04 

upre James ‘ GoldfinehWitliam 2 ay90 
‘Dutchman Hews. 10] 415 Goldemneth John - 

Fe At mec ane 
Holman Step 
heed ae Sarr. 


Goodr Rich. seb e 
Goodwitt George 7 bereJohu Spice egHeh 
Gordon-Lewie.. Hunter Campbell Mayl3 

Gorton Thomas Hutchings 5. B. 20Mar.27 
Grant Geo. 98. Hutton James —s_- 10J uneo0 
i Hyslop Janes teat asJulyes 

Greive Ro 
' Griffiths James 
‘°° Semeel Jackson George 927A = 
‘  * Bales Wilham 801 Jacobs 
a le Arthur N. Grout Gee. Ch. 

87! Gallett John iMay98 Jennings Henjomis 12Feb. 

480 Gannell John Baker Jennings ‘Tl ibe 108. (a, 29J 


ott John ct.04 
‘wey: ome Archer le ed 
Sg iene : poe WilliamM. aah = 

Evans Jokn 19Sept.g3} - Ingram William 92Mar.og 

Ne ee ee ea 

Jones Henry 183 nnegg 

Jones Jobe Dey geal 
Pir peony pealings & 1 . '7¥Gar. 

194-derh, veneer rady 

fPrvin. Dasid: - 
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Henderson James a5April383| . 
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Anderson John 

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Cook Seiuel a5Sept.o7 
Cook John Hy. 5SApril4 
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Brown Robert 

Corbyn Hugh lercoe 
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Balhetchet Wm. Cotter Richard 

Cotterel Cha. Ed. aisulyia 
Court Jos. Chas. 5Sept. 
Cowley Wilham K. adulyad 
Cox Thomas ghSept.c8 
937 Crane William 9e6Mar.og 
Crisp William giJan.14 
Cristy Peter 18Dec.0§ 
Crocker Benj. 19Jan.99 
Crowley Samuel gDec.7a 

Ballingall Waa. 

Bamber Henry K. Cer dap 
Bannister John 23Mayo9 
Berber John JAug.10 
Barnett John 220ct.94 
Berrett Wilham 28Mayio0. 
Bertlett Richard SAug.09 

urn Robert 3gNov.00 

78 Bushell W. Ernest goDec.o1 Caming William 14Oct: 1g 

166 Butcher Sam.Jas. gOct.0g Cumming 

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Beaumont Chartes 1F eb. Currie Walter Dec 

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390 Curtis John igAug.lg 

Bell Edward “ 1Feb. 

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Read H CharlesRd.Danby 4Feb.06 Davies Wm.Aug. 10Feb 

Chester Wm. R. 9Ang.i3 Davies Wm Rd. soMar 

382 Davies Chas. Oliv. sGAug.i4 
Davis George gMayoy 
Davis Samuel gian.4 

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a SSept.27, 118 Syme James 16May27 
46 Shannon Robwmed.250ct.27| 318 SymersGeerge 3Dec.22 
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Sibbald George (b) 20Dec.13 & Taptot Joreph a a 5 ae 

Simmie James 12May24| 257 Taylor T. Skardon 6Feb.28 

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371 ThompsonW m.(5)1 1Sept.23 

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Webster George 1 ce Bho ' 

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geo” icher Samuel 12July26 
Whitmarsh John re 

417 Wiley James 100 

366 Williams David P. aa 

430 Williams Henry 

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—_————-———| 265 Wilson Daniel 2oAug.24 

47 VallenceJohn— a rilay Wilson Stewart 250ct.26 

Veitch James (6 ar.0g| 163 Wiseman Alex. (22Mar.27 
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Smith John (c) 
53 Smith Andrew 
Smith Charles 

No. Guyse 845 Verting Barthol. Gauras; 0 Woe } 
L svat Gaysé' 14J Wright Robert 1Sept.95 
Stewart Ham. Walker J sa ; 20M nagey- —_————_— 
J t allace Samuel 125ept.14 
Stewart oe. MAX Wallace James SAprils 414. Yeoman Johny), » ove 
gart Jas. Tart ar’ — Wareralies. aiex Sear Young Adam ‘ 
te H / Ezra” 1 430 Watson Wm. ug-25 Ti Goermdi Oa a 
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seen Lo © CurtieJohn H. 13Ney,10 hess Smith Robert rt in aan 
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Seay Ave Marks William.  8Sept.12 Watght Ss Pai wading * 
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Sasathoo at dine ... se ari HOSPITAL. MATES. ° [OyR a syed anol yolisd, 
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nica bd ed 1» Ge? Eyre William 0000 2 6Marab cong li  vanW saulssodietl 
zo pore sad’) za ree es ‘Smith soe { — 13. 28.1qset ceW Uegorlinll 
| oOy siastl i .? pret ar = - pies ~ . ' Wicks Samuel P Lasix. uw “O14 TA y | " ~a3H rsdmell - 
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Pots Mas mrs ti "YT ones) : ry Patan — ] \" SUAS astol 19di0@ 
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‘ $6q Dik Robert —_- e2Mar.og}- . roFet24)..568 Marcin Willian OFalyes 
‘ ‘Diek \ntenPhes.J, 234% ug-25 Jeevis John = a3Nov.ggi_—- Mirtyn Pwttick ‘250ct.23 
1’. -Dieksea Wan, (r/) 24 Mar.12}! Jewei Samuel W. a5A Drath! "268 Mason 3 08 

47. Didksom Ghavies: 290ct.23! 268: Jewell Thos. Wm, eb.gst: Max té : rt 
1374 Duak William since 227 Encledon George: 30d bne24} rie oS et Reneras 
zt. Bobbie Ottartes  340n.24f 166 Johnston Arch. OA prifla] ‘562 Menzies James 244 

~ Denald Thowas. 24 Jane24 Sohaven Jas. W>17Mayos|. -MilarAddrew © . 
. _- DenovanJohn-as.d. 20May28| 282 Johnston Thos. 45ept.26|. Miliés De pada 
S91 Deve Johan. 168ct.09} « Jenes Geos Muor ?Dee.og] 219 Miler JoRe (by. | peaya7 

1 . Doaglas Richerd 27%ept.u5|. 521 Jones Theoph. H, 29Mar.2s 98: Mitchel ¥Phum (a A 
+ Drayton Timothy Tyla Jones W. Be H.mid.igsulyet) 496 Moore Miebow! He radu lea? 
- | Dram momtobn (4) 6Sulyas) #74 leving John a$Jan.25 Moor lier é$umnd 20D 6.23 
; 98 Denber Williem = 8May1i train Wilkam = g3Mae.aa Mortimer € harles  14dan.o8 
es DancanWitham g9Ang.25!' —~———~| 218épi.os, 
9 Den ns: - sebeta3 Keane Chas. D, 10Mfar.12| 506 Mortley George: 60ct.23 
Duon Thos. m.d.6April24 Kelty Timothy gsulyti} 423 [deoald Joh A. « TAug. 27 
DuauJobu - agJaneag) 47 Kennedy Wim (5) 10Feb.24} aay Muxey Geo.Toddjm.d- 

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on nrenernnemrrnn| 478 Kent William a25Aprits8}. 19+ Mairhead- Alex May27 
289. Bguinw. Alfred igDec.23/. Kesr Joseph: agfulyso 8 Manro John atc. 1$Feb.28 

ELmoierson Caleb gMay12; 556. Kerr Daniel a6Feb.25 Munro Geo. A. 25Aprila8 
vans Oliver 2yJuly21 Kidd Thomas (a) &8Dec.of Murdoch Michael 16Mar.13 


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—_——- i 0 27¥luy23/ 189 Nation Thos. H. 12Dec. 
§93 Fairscevis John 7Dec.26 Witt Arthas 6Mavi2 58s Naulty John aibleca 

Ferguson John  28Mar.12) 226 Kilroy Alexander 7Feb28 

77 Ferrieé John a50ct.97 King Daniel 17Bee.23 
79 Fleccher Alex. +gMar.27 Kirk Jotn 26 Feb. 24 
284 Folds William: 90ct.22) 265 Kittle James a8Maya3 
327 Vox Geo. Irwin agJune25! 383 Knox Alexander 14 May27 
cazer‘Thomas 10Mar.2s| 509 Krabbe C. F. 12Nov.25 

. Newman Charles 103 aneg9 
524 Neill. Alexander 25May24 
67 Neilson Thomas = 13 Dec.23 
Newman Fatw.sudel LAUZ.28 
Nutt Rd. Clarke  6May24 

284 Natt Chas. K. : &May2° 

420 Fuller-Chas. H.: 11Jan.26; eg re 
: oe a - Lamb W. Coaitar 22 Jel y268 2 OrConnor James 8Juneo7 
375 Lancaster Jno.Jas.i¢Feb.28) 39 Orr William .  6[eb.97: 
445 Gallagher William22Jan.27! 203 Lane Alex. 4Nov.22 

326 Osborne Fras. 8Sept.2 
433 Oughton Geo.Iidw.2aFeb.24 

18 Gallagher John 6Feb.27|_ Laneuville Joseph agJan 14 
275 Geddes David 16Dec.22 Langstatf Jas. Wm. SJan.13 

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541 Gibson Fhomas 253 uly23| --78-LerdnerJusom - <27)\-~ -S Panton: J been: 

135 Gibson Jelin 214July27 Laurie George aiFeb.25) 6 Park John 1BVct.95 
Gilchrist John == -27Junei2; 144 Lawson John a.d. 2Feb.24 Paterson Alex, 11Jnuei) 
237 Bie uae Arebe = 13Jan.23!, LeGrand F. W. 20Feb.28) 583 Patison Wiliam 7Jan.24 
Gill Robert 3Aug.03} 586 Leonard Peter 6Mar.23] 503 Pattison Clement 27Jan.25 
430 Glasgow Wm. = agJune24{' Lincoln Johnson 17Nov.o1 Paul John | 1iJan.26 
430 Gordon Robert 23Feb.0s{' —_ Lindsa George 5Nov.25/ 39 Peatie William 10Mar.24 

' 43.Gordon Jumes pre 226 Little Matthew... 10Julyog} 499 Pennyosok-Wan.. na 

| 45 Gorthy James : ‘roJunei2 Lizars John 110ct.09 
‘219 Gourley Robert 20Dec.13)- Long Patrick H. 13Mayt: 
35 Graham Alex. GAprii2g] 318 LyellJohn G. 14April26 

Petrie Samuel 22June24 
532 Pinkerton Eben. 17Aug.25 
534 Pritchett G.W. 1leMar.2s 

‘$74 Grant David |. 34Apri 127 Lyon Alex. 6Dec.23 op ee — NE * Pee 
Gray Thomas 18Jan.33 : ——~| 931 Rae James (5) 250ct.27 
_47 Gray Davia. 18May2y/ 235 M*Alaster James 23Sept.31 

$58 Ravenscroft Alfred ayer 
495 Read John 1GJan- 

204 Guon William gJan.27; 322 Macallister Jas. 10Feb.86 
ee nee pene 77 Rees Jno. Rumney 14Ang.i0 

oe M‘ArthurJohn  aaAug.o8 

Ha John ‘170etas| 371 M‘Arthur Alex.B.2o8ept.23 Reeve Nathaniel i4Sept-24 
bla “ John aOct.24 M*‘Auley William 18Jan.13/ 149 Reid Joba Re. igJalya 
, 502 Hamilt 

on Wan, (020) unezs) 430 M‘Avoy Benjamin 6Mar.23) 965 Reyna EOE Mt He 60e1 
’ 351 Hamilton Jokn \).13Sept.a6! 559 McBain James = 13A.ugz.27] 984 Ring Thos. E. iiApriiaé 
5:2 Hamilton Miller 170ct 26) 402 M‘Cay Robert opp §91 Riordan Jeremiah 8Feb.14 
574 Hammond H.H. ss iJuly2s M‘Conkey James 7Mayii Robertson Joho {a) 6GNov.22 
532 Handyside Rohert a2Feh.27 M‘Counell Wm. 11Mar.28 b)ioMay24 
284 Harrison Johan Geo.9J uly23} 522 M‘Dermatt John 30)ec.25 
47 Hatton John. B. 26Feb.24) 414 M‘DonaldThos.W.j30Auz.24 
265 Healy Michael = 1g arly Bg M‘Ewen Willian gAprilo3 
Henderson Joho aodulyi2) 331 M‘Gowan Joseph gMar.j2 
76 Heaning H D.R. 5Now.25 Mi‘llroy John go eee Rogers George lJan.2 
401 Hilditch Edward 975ept 26 M‘Kechnie Daniel 24F eb. Rollofflebny,., t.95 } 
M‘Kechnic Alex. 11May24! 325 Rowe George F. 26Nav 25 | 
47 MackintyreJn.m.d.8Juneag] 452 Kowley Fdwuad 
5a6 M‘Kittrick John 25Aprila3| 397 Roy William: | 22Mar 
1723 M‘Leod William 10Ma a84 RussellAgdrew sSept.: 
123 MiLeroy Alex. C. 10Mays3 Ruxton Hanry , .93Aug.05 

284 RodgersJoln, 31Maya5| 
443 Rodgers James =. 25ct.27} 

379 Hoggan Rt.Hend. 25Feb.23 
Se ere SA ile 
entry, loVWayds 
ite Hepicy R.R. BIJ aly a7 

rJames: 21Ma 

82 Heoter W, é. - sqJan.ig) 3&2 M‘Master Jolin 20Nev.23 Rythero William 27Janas5 
poe Hunter Thomas (5) aves 378 M‘Nab Donald mn.d7J an.23 te —— 
“ iyadman A.Camp.i3Feb.1 M‘Nicoll James —-9Janga4l 524 Sts Jehan ‘i Jiam., St¥ov.93 

$85 Macouchy John LéApji 2 Sandersan aoJ uly 
a1 M'Rae John(b). a5Qeradg che rC.R., 

Jackson James 15May25} 429 Magrath Nich» 2 22] 490 Swott Thomas(a) 1June25 


Tudor Edward =. 21 Feb. 98}. Weath, 
Tunstall Janes 210ct.e7 st 

ue here a ee 
ster ’ 

Wee Wie fri higs 

Went’ Wasted - amor 
W bitelaw. Robs. seSeptiis 
Bi deliberate - 
Whittaker itiemt7 Aug: 15 
< 4Mbrto Ale gph ag 
ikewJames.. ar.82i 
TWalines David 

Tweedale boha 24Pel wid O 


rmonth Chase 9B 20.06 ene —— 
ang Jobn sang. 

Stuart James- 1pDec. 11 Vance George 24May9 

ae ve Witiam 20Mar.77}, Vauderburgit.(’. E.asMay Williams Bdward acsept.o4i 
re ier Peter =: 1Sept.05 Veitch James (4) mad. Williamea-H, Jones: aMayo7 
fiwen-George . 27Mari2- MbAng.94| >} WilliamsJoim. .07 
Swann Ronee! C. 19Sept.os} 144 Veitch Jamms(e) oaAug.25 Williams Jotih san 
‘ Swano J.B. hoe a -  Vellacot Wiliam = 13J W illinaaltestesta 
Swa neStephenJ. 29M ayo? Vickery Caryer 11Dec.04 Williams bey eed 
Swift James aGApE-e Williams Robt (ayarAne.96} 
Hd, conten wwe Say Sk mig Williams Robt. (6) 12Aug.i3t 

204 Williams George ssJuly28f! 
Williamson § ahd j 
Wy iamson Wm. 3MaP:v0f 

Wills James pt.16h 
Wilson James eapri| 

_ Ure William 20Sept.o4 
486 Urquhart Jobu. 19J3une10}. 
payee Thomas _ S0Aprilos ; 


6 age Jobn - &May 
etna es Wilson John (a) mud. 
ve meir Ged. ocamagil : i 
Teller Alexander SSApH07 Wade James 1Dec.08 Wilson Jno.(8)m d. 250 ctu 

\ Fhenras.Cha.m.d.1@Nov.95 Waldron Philip SNoev.07 
+. ‘Thomas W, Seaton? Mar.12 Walker Wm. = 264ug.89 

as : : Walker Ebenezer 7Aug. 
cee opens setees 13 Walker George 19Mat04 

Walker Hugh 25Jan.99 
Weltingtor Thon 1edelyt2 
Waleh Patrick 15O0ct 
Warkman John  9Mar.10!]' 
adrdihae oe pearieh ants 
.. Waters n NM Aug.15/' 
meus Ctement C. 32$an.2 Watson David  31Dec.09 yay Sahin VW Aug 15 

Wylie Robert 43une2s 
Watson Waorm.d. 19Mayo9 
Ba Batalyoo) Wate Wm, €. m.d.2aFebsi9|___ W9ae David —— 

Trotiuan ugeld yh 
vas 21Aug “Young Sohn ee » sini 

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Se gut hile 

Wriison Jehu (c) 9Sept.z4h 
219 Wilson Jolin (2) 19Ap.259 
Wilson William 11Sept.o2i 
166 Bon Robes = aneee 
son meds 17. 1 
won And. Douglae i 5h 

423 Woodthorpe R. 18Mar.09 | 
tWorgan G.Bouch.1¢Mar.8d 
Wright Dayid | 1 7&ny.18 

oy ‘henson doy ty be 

‘ remson Jekn¢d)28 tat” 

‘Retin Richa’ IMangs 
ddola T. 320ct.1! 

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re NAMES. _ Seniority.\No. NAMES. Seniority No. NAMES: | Seniority. 

439 Blyth Alexander wDec.93 : 
49 Booth Jamesr Wines 
437 Borlage George = r7Jan.2 
21 Bothwell Wilhiam 16!}ec.23 

‘- @hrpbell Damet! roJane1a 
287 Campbell Rt. Le Ue 
252 Campbell D. 108 
$39" Carectael So Bw 5.245 
CarterWm. n Foster 27AUg.28 } 
se Charttess Toucge | 
arttes se 
mM Christiejohne 4 
qil Clarke James L. tar ; | 
Clarke Joy. m.d. 91 Mareze | 
624 Coats rprthiad pMeray| j 
Cocks J { 
im Coleman Patrick 20 ct tol } 
fig Conolat Peto mad. 11Feb.28 
Cook James fo) 1Dec ag i 

ie Mexen er Wm. anpt.o8 
‘Altson Chas. med. 96NO0v.97| 317 Bowler John = 1SNov.27 
% Allaway R.T. 310et,25 Bowman John 14Sépt.24 
Anderson W.A. 25Qct.27 Boyd Peter | ri dhnetg 
18 Andrew James r7May25| 191 Bradford A. Rose 2gtalya7) 4 
a Afnot Henry 26Jan.26 Ben. Ard ry | peas 
ot Henr 1wune? wn ae 
Monty i . Brown Jotin (a) bya 
4% Brown John " 22Dec.25 
263 Brown Bad 


«Biker H. Herey ° aiden. Browne Jas. (4) t.23 Cottant T. ¥. sJAn.26F 
; Hantine Wale:T.gtMuyos| 77 Browning Atex. 20Jhn.24 Se ConkterJobn  116etast 
paw Re (28 son hoe b.77 c eee Wilham 6Juncos ft | 

ay Ctat Wilatn' bb Sere 
if Crate Thomas’ Or akebes 
6m Cfettin Fred. 4a rilaa} 

pee hanat Dancan 7Sep: 

8 Bier acoedts Hil| ae ei 
a urr Ja 1684 nt fh 11 Dec 
: ef ser David Hines 

-Bhssan Jose pn hy cal 

sh ‘Baxter Al fhyo4] > Budruside James’ 19Sept.10/ a9 Crichton Joho’ - 
a nem fa) . Patter'Thomas 1 Nov.24) 50 Cross Alexander’ 9Mar.c 
ica a 4% Butter Samed aA prilz6} 160 Cumninghat’ ‘L. T.208ept.a7 i! 
ime quel i ‘Hynve Benj. a78ept.2h 
whlette' is Ly'as0el.7| a7 Byrne Datel TORUS es a eee 


moe George»: iOlsvg9Mar 

pe » Rogan H. Gaston 0 ay 
i Rog n Wm,!. aI ud t 
Rogers Ward 9: 
+Rose James. ” GApri 
47 Ross David — 
Rowe George ov, 
'° 9 Rowlands David | ot 
3785 ‘Her’ | 583.) ance’ TrOus | 49 
tov WANs Hemiplirey y95 re “a 25) ¢). idland Woy Hy | 
itveMimeGarden: D, wi3tMayiol rr “ine William $Junelo]. Runciman. John. | 9 
O1 Mitchell Chrirles ‘26 Funecé 56 hall ips Samuel A7Aug.15] “Retherford Geo.Sh 
a Mitchell vide 28Npy.05) 586 Pineo Obadiab,. -1sJimeds| | 
) o! SMA EdheihG: ot a ‘op 5 Plowman Henry 20Jan.a)' 
Ss. caattohell janes | 8 WH Bh eda ag 11Dec.09} 
pec Mitchell Hector fa Dee. 22| 474, Porteous Wm, \d). 4Aug.24 

yall Isaac! Hoilig 

Mv Mithoff i4F i 06} - orter-Walliam » ..2Jan.94} °°). ¢Rymer James! ¥ 
civ ig Moffat Satey ‘30May93 Baviden Nate. Malley y9S)} 61.40 ANI pcr eh +4 
Moir James 30¢ ower Mauritius .JibJaly 12) oo J rh Tt 
——Moik High” 27Nov.00| _ Power Pierce (@) 18Nov.08 Ey OTT . 
375, Mouteth om 13duly ed ig rece wie Ban.16 uiok ¢lodeH 
utgonier ayl2| 443. Price WilL.¢a@ 21Mayo6 
om aM hee Pha Ausi0 ate Pridham Fra. Wm. 9Mayo6 st. Quintia Edw, igs. 
ik Cee Dene James R. i i * Sammat Bd ald: ae 
Te rior James 28 Nov.07 
si Proctor George 14Jan.09} 742 pat ame rai 
20.1 Prosser Thomas. 1Feb.28 Schaw 

mK Prothero John Ed.24Dec.04 

°'( Morison H Hi: bundss) ; A4Rsin William mrctne at ade J 
00, + Morison And... 4 AeN , gent mes 
. tie 103 Scott, Ja 

] one ott Rob 

:- Dhhebter Daniel ‘gogept.04 _ ‘See 
Queade Charles 4 rilo7 ; sJ 
coi) Quesnel Charles. 7July13 +R sae 
Loci ies | a leaha 
ate ; ,, Sheppa 
e1urtie . i pads 
resauls asim 203 wt? “tf seers er 

cudNable ukgilol. ee 

£O.NSTIES ik » Rae Alexander 130¢t.12 28 Simpson y 

‘e,William |») 29Mar.08} 448° Simpy 
acpNespitt e James ') 6Oct.22 ay Sinite Li 
|e Wieli6l pact by _ Ramsay J, S. md, 1Nov.00} Spppon 
<\ #Nivol 1 Foti a "Ramsay Peter. s9Sept12} 265 Siuclair 

iN Rankin James: ... 6huly19 Bikes I ‘ ant 
SON eam oben Skeoch Jame 23. 

f 1 Baby Villian 16Aprilos Skimier Jose 
t Isaac 18) i P sii 

. ay id David irv 

CANE Jamiew=° rt bt cid James uit Tas vi ‘ 
eirgvAtl bivs ‘ 9 Held Jon Watt at SAW, Ag p47, 

g0.99C ve 19405) # Reid Peter : nit George... 9Feb.1 
—— 5 ;, evans Stebbing _ Smith James (a); iSept.os 
eae “a elf li veynolds@oru  24Noy.90 Smith Joh (a) “giJanig 
PeLdsdet .ns “ ichardson John( a) LApL96 Smith Peter $c t.79 
: ant Co doh (b) D. he th pomes 21Jan.24 
20 ‘hr. oden mas, 28A 
oe pe j ~ Speer Jo ens ia 

aneWwm) Fe "4 
woOierJsseph>’-” “9M; 
© \Qsborhe Alick '''1 

ae ee) 4 
ec@sborneJ te 21 bic ey ae: 17Aug.14 
}Ostiatid Jat 

ee@utran: B £ ie Robert. 17d ant0G fe 
Sion Lest! tr. , | 296, Robertson Thos.(a)20danéo4 ven ashes 36h 
524 ohertsan Plios.(h) 14apries POL AUAUT ol 2) val ml. t 
she N.«W, paid. 27 Rebs) |e. 098 agra < 
dam George ‘i20sun.07 

1s dy 4)¢2 ie a Wh 

- F al 4 ¥ 
isiy oLS oem et Li DD, 

BO0ljig Ad! 

A od 7 ry 

eas es eS om Ast A 
7 wo 
; Tovinle (oawO a fe 

11,1. @rimstone Rte » Sanat er hes. 3 Jéh G05} 
403 @ebed Wa. thos Wane 1 ere ite whe 



« yy @athrie James «: 30Nov.008" ‘Thine ar.95| | 
sai aa eg a6 -ohneon Jen mi rs cena 

C caer CD oF pan, 
fg endh -- 
A ennai enn 

ge ons i eon Edeuezeri7Ap,18| | 
3 D James (ed: akog.ooh 18 Sohustone George 6Mar.13) * 

James (6)... _ Sobustotie Rob. _ ¥6Sept.i6 

Dari Pies ‘ = b.08 

ed arb’ “,9AJ10.28 |: $dnes G. “i m. a2 a 
Jno. Wm_ 1Nov. 10}:  Jonés eee 4J Jit 
athe: 194 Sores Joh rye ept.0g) . 
|’ Jobes Richa 12Sept.ol 
‘45ones Stephen(d) 204 puot| 
Jones Thomas (5) 3Déc.07 
a Jones Thos. Cogke18 Déc.09 
Hartshorne Wm. O CCEQi 14 Jones Willian. 
ree J. Sept ct.93 
1 Hay John siNawio 
ny ns i ., , J9dplyeo ITAug.{8 
patie x. | T7Aug.1s 21Feb.25 
Fath oh : spect . 

ake a cmt 


ante 7 Toll 


-Macap sh anaes a me 
~ +Macanm, eels ‘ 
res |. 
M‘Beath Saines <8 
_ Micadam 

Kay James @Mar.14| 

4 477 Kay John S8No¥.23 
sta Keete Henry Wm. SAprili2 

+ Keiu Thomas 2iJulys3 
Keith James 303 niyo4 

Kellie Geo. wed, 150ct90) — 

118 nelly Cornelius = 17Aug.15 
’ Kelly Wat. w.d. 
47 7 Kennedy Henr. 

- Kennedy Joseph + 3 
Kent Charles 26Sept 1 1 
Kent J.H. 26A 
Kent Matthew - tea 
/ $Nent Richard © “9, 
't. Kidd W. Lodge — 
AT. Kielly Edwatd +17 
Kiernan Bernard — 
”. Kiemau Franeis - 4 
im lie Culbert * oh, d. isa 

Kennedy John eo 

» King Thonas:' (3De iu 
|; King James ; Febsas 

stehison j oa week Raita J he 
on Seah re aMerer _ Lake A. Proctor 

7" Leaghlin Alesx.:: 

46. Lawrence James a6sek 
, Lazearetto Bovans26Se 
anh ‘Leah Edwand: . 
A pupoe pee rush hs 
Ws Lepper ames 14 og 
Leslie Andrest °°:-96 

; +, sete. fhe. a Ow 
5) Re rae 
* g0Nov.24 brid Y 
rd. dar 

sig son ie liam 2tFel 3¢ 
Liddell Jobu m.d. SJuly17 

M‘Cormick Rob. 
crea Aoseph 
n e 

1‘Farlane Wm, oom 41.03 
M‘Gee Willian . 
“RY GhTeJohn admire 
M‘fatosh James 

1e ‘ raters 
M‘Manus Royer s0Dec.09 
: ohn... 

orris N, wAueas 
acnamara Dan. 11Feb.12 
NaughtoAd .Iheaa ll 
gecs antl 7a negra 
gece aos 
sou os Pinean so tmigs “3 
& (2641307 f. 

eroan a Mes. 1G Ata 3 
ate Pi eee 

ott praios : 
‘131 Gets 29 

aay Miter Ate? Lp GMars 4 
ut crigvuners ? 

Hiking Thess 16A} rilog 

Joh Rab ta vil tlop 
Sag Aa) seghulyo4 
Min Abe am 31Jan.0] 
Martin John Owen 15Julyoz 

eae 584 FergusonArch. 6Det.i4 
Ffecly Thomas B. 14Nov,11 
Field Joseph 31Deals 

ee Fa David 70ct.22 
sonRt.m.d. 24Junels 

Davis William 

Et, a 
Dickson Edw. T. ey 
Dickson Jas.(a) 23Ma 
Dickson Jas. (b) 21 

Dickson Jolin Edy -22 
Dickson Jehn(@d)| 

174 Dickson Robert 17Aug. 

Dickson Thomas SLAUg.O4 
Dickson Walter 
azi Diekson Ben. 
Dill Mark md. 
Doak Michael 

CarterWm.F. m.d.27)an.06 
+Cather William 3 
Chambers Charles. 

263 Chevers Fo 

Fenton Robt. 3Mar.95 Fine ne John 9J uneO 

TRE eR Tee 4Nov.06 

phet fotiy jc! S 2 sa 

‘Rh Alexander 26Dec.20 
Fisher Peter 1 sere 
rerald G.m.d. I7Aprils 

‘Cla reer Cuthbert 95Nov.08 
598 Clark Thrasycles 9Jan.12 
Clark James m.d. toJune)2 
yal arke Patrick (a) ih unedl 

Fleming William 30May93 
tcher James 40ct.98 
Forbes John(a)  4Dec.07 
Forbes Jno.(b)m.d. 27g an0s 
Forman Geo. E. 13Sept.28 
Tee ae en rames 11Sep.20 

Clavton William 
Clifford William 
Cochran James 
Cochrane Joho 
Cocks Thomas 
Cockburn Alex. 
‘Cockburu M, md. 23May04 
Cockerill Roger M. 

Dobie Robert 
Dobson Rd. m.d. 17Feb.97 
Dods Andrew m.d.29Ang.08 
Domville James 24Dec.02 
Donaldson Wm. 16Apriles 
Donelly Patrick 
417 DonnellyF.Arthuri7Aug.isS 

262 DonnellyW meme 
Donnet Henry 
266 Denoghoe Anthony ‘Seo 95 
Dootan J. Livesey taNov.ii 
Down Jin.So. med.’ Aen dla 

47 Drew John (8) 

. Drumnmounud John ( 

Dryden William 290ct.07 
Drysdale George 6Dcc.J0 

‘Duke Valentine 
Duncan John 
' Dundas James 
'- ' DunnRobert(a) 150¢t.90 
' Dunn Robert (6) 9Mar.35 

‘#Dykar William 
Dykes William 

nda Gp abeintir tesa intimal 

ne  Carpbell sNov.23 
Faller William soMay93 

se eb ee ee ee 

Galbraith Geo. 1!6April5 
430 goers Thos.(6)13Feb 98 

wet met em ee 

eas John. 6 $27 
Cook domes (a) eae nigty John Ltn 
per George 25Ang,08 

refo J ata Races 



‘ Gibbs tan md. yaprilos 

Gladstone We "sDec.96 

it qurte Abr Han Ma rH 
: o aes Qet.00 ; 
‘ oa James a1 pets - " Goldenath Peter 
$57 Gouch John eas 
Goodsir Michael 17Aug.15 
Goodson William (6Dee.94 
Gord 4 Alexandet 70ét.22 

l Isaac . 8Nov.05 
Gough John 234 pfilos 
Gough William 27keb.04 
Graham-Jobn 2Julv99 
2ae- Grant ceor a. “7 
rant Js.(a@ 7 Sept.og 

- Grant Sas. (by a s 
Grant John 8Aug.94 

Eden Cuthbert 
' Eden Stevenson 

' #Edmunds Wm. 
Edwards Evan 
Ed wards John 

Se meee 

ing. Wm__ -a0apriigs 
“Cummins ine Sam. 
nninghasnJ obn 23J uned¢ wi Bie James 
Cupples fobert. 
Siey lids Evans John V mre 

Te Igdunell 

Evans Thowas 
110 Greenish John vets 

Evans William 

‘b. 39 Dallas Robt. Jus. aduly27 
alioway Joseph 21 Mar.04 

Se cielddiee  tOetos|anae 

‘a27.. Dulziek Wi Alen. 20Mayis 
Bulag andrew auc 

. Gregory J ng (d) mst Iseiclas 

va = ey, See 
= ia Jorg “AMayoo 

Fairfow! \Geor ( 
Ealls bom Fe 

‘St GenstGNov.08 

op hi cipe 
tHelix, air avapri 

7 sit auitin dh 
er ton! emapne df & 




are (4)4Sept.01 
pur 2d. 

Ra hask i ade 

WO, mM, ae Mulia 

re Geenas 
Had ept.2 

oe ot 

bert Mayos 
ae Janos 

Foaanre dl 
Soa af 


OF. THE | “2g 


tte | 

“(The Fisaresoppasiie each Name denote the Number of the Ship in whigh. the sei 
Those Officers to whose Names a t is prefixed areretirecdy — 

’ + 
* oes ie ‘ ‘ 

Now _NAMES. __SenlorityNo. = NAMES. Seniority|No. NAMES, — Seniority 

Baird Andrew 8Mar.01 Dickson David James H. M‘Arthur Duncang7A mt 
Beatty Willmm  5Sept, 3Dec.08 Magennis James 28 
Burne W heey ee Lilespie Leonard sAug.o4 Tait William 165 ulyos 
pmar’ ex. anid] Jamison a 3Sept.o7 Wsleee Isaac 17Au us 
Dewar Alex. 16Se pt.16 ce . e 




.Barr A‘exander 9Mar.i1 Bromle ¥ Samuel 
Bateman Robert 9Nov.}! Brown @ eorge(a) 1 mas 
Bates Wim. Aug. 29Sept.05 Brown George(b) 1 aie: 
Adie Joa TJ an. Bayre John Suly91 Brown Scott liJuly9¢ 
73 Aikin, Wm. - SApr. . Beall Francis . Browne James(a) [7Augel 
21 ‘BrowningC. Arms se ol 

331 Acheson G Alen. 2Aug.04 
Acheson J. Ham. 17Aug.1 
Adamson John 8Sept. 

138 Aite -heson' Wm. 3iNov. {Beaumont RHarrisisJan95 
Aitken William  13Jan.07 tBell David Wake 6Julysc]. 527 Browning Benj. 1 
John 1M Brownri gg Thoa,” 

Aiton Wat. md. 30Junel2} 605 Bell hn 

AllarJames = 13Feb.1 Bell Thomas (4) 13May23 Bruce 20Jan.1 
: Allan Robert -1Aug.0 Bell Williamc(b) srJulya3 _ Brydone scMarr.20Aug. - 
Allandohn - - 19Nov.10] 954: Bell Themas (c) y /Bachan John 
Allen Andrew 20Aprilo Be lamy @. md. WMay95 ‘Bachan bP. tase Boia eb 
Alten John‘ — — 12Junepé enell John ull 

o Richard 16Julyo6] 123 Bennett David . - 
she Aan Al lex. S. l4¢Apriles BernardJohn m.d.8Nov. it 
Allison nas Junel4] 624 BeverleyChas.Jas.26Dec. 
‘Anderson Aftex.  r50ct.90 BirchGeorge: 23Lec.0$ 
Birnie George - -26Mayt 
Bishop Thomas _18QOct.0 
Biack James m.d. 108ept.10. 
* BlackettP.CharlesasMar; 
Blackteck Ambr; 26Dec.07 
Blaikie Patrick  Slulynf 
“Anderson W m. (a) ‘ ans +Blair Peter 80ct.9: 
: Blake Bob. m.d. April 

ere hy 3 ee 
181 Burn | hee a 25A0g.14 

oe ett Wiltiam aDeee§ 
' r 196 Wm. wed. ' 17Au 1 
ruside Matthew tJuly1 
47. Barrell Henry § 26Aug.1 
. tBurt John, — Ja 
“Bott George TiMays. 

Cairns James 

sJonatian 9Aprill Blake Robert : oJulyoe). s8ept. 
384 iy ied Anderson ™.d. Blandford Silas 14Maios Caldweil Edward - Janell 
10May27 Bordman Nath. Nut- Calan John - 16J uly 10; 
Armstrong Lance. 10Junec? tall aah priios Cameron Donald 23Dec.09 
203 Armstrong poke rrAug.35}- 93 Borland Wm. G. 4April22 Cameron John —1 Feb, 15 
Rranton m.d.16Sept.1 Bowen John ar.o4{ © Cunieron°Chas.—10Sept.16. 
Armst ng Wm. t7Aug. Bowen Evan IAluly24 Campbeli Jas. 13Aug.97° 
. Arnot Janes 5J2n.14] 656 Bower Robert sDec.10 Campbell Jobnce) 4Mar.74: 
281 repo ob ae 13Aprills eowuen ganic 290ct.07}'317'€a Voha (5)23F eb.25; 
Ayres'James  18Sept.o9 Boyd W 27Aug.J2} ‘Canton: William 24Aug.97, 

66 Capponi Matt. l7Aug.) 
-'idarey William = 2nd 
Azsrlyle W. Beil: eSepe 
Carr Charles mid. 14] Gneoy 
Garrick: ‘Andrew. i9June 
Osrrol] WilHam 283 unie10: 
Carruthers Jnmes a¢May13 
Carruthers Bobt. s¢Gepi.o3' 
Carter Charles 27Nov.) 
Carter Richard 10Aug.4 

: Boyte james 
stl Boyle. Patrick. sn.d. 9Sept.204 
Boyter David 13Junele 

vay waite Saiuti tel 10Dec.0a Brauder George. 26Feb.12 

aill ov.00}: .: ienSamHenry 188ept.oy: 
et Se ‘ n Robert ‘ re ese 
Vt iia! mupecenenn tre’ 

Bauks W - i ane on Sith, Gage TMar. 
Barland Peter Psd “Brock H. Gordon s.d, : 

Barnes Hen SJanel gMar.2 
219 Barnes Thomas 22Aprill Bromley E.Foord iTAng-o8 

Te mee eee ee eee ee ee 


+1 gid ct siitay Ge J asi ggdiilynd 
herr i oe a keer 2+) gamed 
en atles:: (‘99D .27 mouth) 24,''' v.13 
js VY" Bamovde rab hay 

00."P bhi Johan” By, 11 Giviiede.05 

i op. Salyer Jeha‘i. a fue ay Edvwaed li 10 
96] | Scargill Wins 1: Beatin James be ee 
oh \'4 oe ! poe : 5D "0 
ites ‘Goatt Geewge ¥ is Super tentle 3 Wher 2 
Scott James: ae tus: Por trmouth : mf 

wt Teahar Abraham Ga tansts 
| ‘P¥eyear Vincent -_14Fob.12 
§R2. ‘Tretiving: ‘Phess: - egNov.12 
212 Trivick John... abSepta§ 
Trotter Joke Wi >. prilg7 
251 Tronghtoe. Holes a t.97 
-* Juek Samust.. ydunels 
Tucker John |. n 

66 TT J o ofl 
08 i ) a Ee on : 


" Slapaon Christ. 

; i ws Sisk Mathias - 
11.1 Peeeéott James! :tgMidr.i2|  Sissmore. Thos. R. 31 
Tt OPbice Witltiam! ©.‘ 8Feb.77 173 Skimmer Richard 210ct. 
Gb. Phtent Willen: - 125 dhe08 Slenner Hen.Geo 
107 Pitter Beancie -- > 
882 C¥tsick. Joha B. 

T.1Pifowse Grove | : 
Bo sPaedo Wi Hien. . ValaStephem | sgAug.06 
és. oy oO i. ies Verling Edwar€ saaMay99 
tibaqhs Baan: a 2 ce 

seins an eee 

Wager Willian. " neFeb os 
Wa ron Charies 32Jan.13 
Walker.Waas} ¢* sadaelyg 
qamnee John aiMayi2 

bas re i, 

of Daayle Thomas’ tals 

Watson J os. Ths. 11 aMare hig 

" 402 Watson Alex.  goSept.15 

Watts Chas: > +  46n.97 

cpr tie, Stapl hos. | 925A Weskdell Jarnes- ' Otros 

TS emlald Halt akebis  Starckey Archibald 7. - We Duncan... 150rt.90 

t! )@ewen Sani Wi Avi! '. Stedeford Soha = 13Ang.10} : Ver Rebert:' ‘Bribes 
Asst. Masts Athdnds |. = liom  —-a§Nev.12/., | Weymousby Adams 194. 

TO vat Ages fi ‘vv gdaly gg .White ot hares 

19.0 Ry Wiltandi 0! 2 7130dec.12| ° panes appt eee : 

Jo 14M ¢mowd Thomas say 12): , wii oe 
C11 ted Jawles7 1105/1183 Gly87 : “Stanche as Shao 2Junei3|', White lca ‘aiNbe 
"Bteachan William t2Jalyoo}: mee Wma. () -aMay 

0:(Rbad Fhewas'!. «. 2qgNov it 
Se erWwiee- a aot 474 Strong Samuel ones ae fee abs 

Sl .adtéaves Janeaet' 2 £D7|'" -' Staart George ae fio Fe 
1 .1gtégher George) Garces !g@0: Setmmers Welliam: anay: 996 wom cw. fay -16@ict.19 
RéadlickUdhA 102 GMer.o4 : Swan David 28Aag. ite Wan: (4). -¥adaine ls 

rmecouintaimee| | Pen: i ata 
ts alg 05 I: ‘ : te insom. t x 
i rrp aeediag LOL 13 a: ¥ i. 

+. 4Reberts Peter pMfar.09| |: r 

d ord, Hy if 
Oe RE ee creoner William a7Mayog 
Sea nson Jeba. 3 : Taylor Roger 

Robert, Taylor Hen oa §-07 Wil best 
+ ei iA es 4 ed “as slor Gene soMar.10 .338 Wi inghe —— "Wane 
em an.o7| €48"'Faylor Joshua Rept as Winter L rok “qaDeeey 

- 895 ace David ° 97Aug.27 Wise W.B ae 
a Thee M. a7Nov.95 Levy Thos. 
Rtn cael a7 Wheto Sit 

"6! 976 Thomas George Wood fi 
Thomas Phthp qemee aJumers 

Thewas: ‘Stepnen’ ial eet _ Woadthorpa John. BSept.15 

Thomas‘Joha . Minol cork Sohn are 
=| 5 ¥ Thkompsew Charles a4Aug.05 “ “Ee R.. aaah 
a Jue oe eT 

)Pwompson Henry’ 
Phan pre James ges oar Ch oe ee rer 4 

u tier 
4, 40tee Bomb peels ee 


Thee Thos ae 9F eb 

No Thompson Alex. aMarchiy 

wstod teat’ a Te 
THEA AG ob ote Pte toe 

Fe Cee ees eal it t bites é dofd - 
46 LMS vido, woe ty coo) £/ 2a omson niet Ne es ee nd Ne pee 
; 8 Them psow’ R 2): omnes iw: oF ome IRs. . bay aif gn 
sbi 'Setiben Edwignl *'44Se Lid] -- “TiMourd Gvorge’ amines fae B95 
a ep ' job’ i ri) Sr oof 
gt asl ested baer cath. 7 Pil y a or ae 5 3 uleJ JQAR 5531 t.27 

te aha dy ochre 
me (alt adut uswao'l 

E 5 

phase 153), 

a 2 a ya eae pak 
cai Beg hover 


My 'v Wtaeklin o) 7 BJain.3 Henter donee: 1pNer ea] 
: Oe Mant tngdon tote Gove 

*S Mibechinson Joba. 

ind SLi heb 
Lindgren ra ath 
AA nalse : BS dlyc6 

11 tam k 
i Bdieen Renee tl 

2. pak n Williean'. 
0 daaes Johne t! ‘ gaeciin| * 
pap iowace Robert..' 
1 s Ninime:-) ah.50 
“. Sapertn. Vict "oe 
* Setdcine Jobe tay: son. 
re ins John 10 
414 Jonkins Stephen. 22 
wa Joris Richand ’: : 
73 bb aovede Tucks 1 198081 .23 ce be 
“©. 1G ain g fad ward: : .geNeve ; 
Davids 1: - agduell 
Ke] n Dawd =: - e23an.13 
) (Godfrey William 39h riloz 
i M@bech ‘duel nicl t 
1 QGoodr nn 
(Maat. Attendatthe-. 
. Cape of G. Hope 27F eb.96 

al a, bid tea 
1Géaasden John + 

Jobasione Wm, 


tee ‘Groen Wu... _ Sarley Alexander 2 
Greensrdes: Thos. ec ames 
t ne iGteesswerd. Bd,.90Dec 2 Kemh J ames 
seers Kemp Michael 
Griffiths Thos. (1) un - tery James 
20 dQhe@lthea bon Gy eee < + Kidd John 
| tt -1@leptcndecktest Edeo ae King John (9): . 
et }Gteyther Thentas Bee 13 asa Hine Joseph N. 
(stysil ig Nae pun é Hirkby Thomae.- 
tombe . KitehenerJohn 
iptdoisliic. em E aod pata FF 
ei ‘Hates Johacsté caia 
Ta fales Thomas > ie no 
19 Wall Winséisi 1: 443 Laon Thossas Na 
: ren Joke { 1 
lain Mdwehed: 91 Ati a! 
Noone lecient aay Nov.33| ~ 
arfteld Mdsopt 1 35 ie 
— Harned N oe ; ; Lappen 
ree Geovbi 
vesperris Joins: 4 ie 
Harri6é wi: . 
Harn wa : 
Crs Patvey 

’ > &-23 
bo Ure, 'pNew 

Leard John’? .. Ad 
» ELesby Robert... .. taNoy 
dp triec  doeie 

Lawis Alex,: a? 

plete Antho. 27May ' 

eh Edee Ls 
Hyg ee lox. - a 
’ fila ri ae ied, 
a Georg < ‘5 ; ‘ polwtehe: -.: 
" idealett iad atJunes6| — dauthean Rober 
1. aslett am - 31Mayog Laudtit Geeege; -. 
Ang. Lovie Alexander. 
Lawes Widliam;,.. 

fecha, at a 
msda aod 
her, Mast, ere 

if q re 
yal Alenxandes. sR 4 
"3 ¥5 Daniel : La 


ve {Fy 7 Vai Tereey yeoth a 

239 Holloway Thos. aNov.25 ar 
ni Ss Alexander t shih ae ‘Mace Geodati ou @aly: 
4 ecb Poort rion Bet 

kins Fab 
ion Wim 
Bivens ri Mu va ee al Sohn | 160ec.16 

ohn 3Feb.iyl 
at Bermuda M'Gowan John 


* wry 
eS 515 Millro 

' ygDeawos| : 
', . Lawrence eney.:  93¥eb.07 
2 ulyfo}. (7 Mieerny Jamesd1) 

aths , dgAag 12 

Liviugstone John o”Mear.tol (+. wN@Hson a 

pee. ta 

44 ae SoAebolsed kate abet ‘ 

1Mayos| | 

(20. qMBellar Waadol 
ae ace 

an Baniol. 

an mae 

ir Nath s0)an.93 
eeuclout 2} New .11 

ip W ikdiain. .:;+2pAGg.08 
aitland Chaskis/neloee-oy 

ie ‘MA 


191 Manley Jamen i, .taHab.25 
08) (40 Mépm 

ThomaasoW sp 
oyed ¥8 he. 

Johasoa Fhenas oa 

a i aaMnes 
qo. e oAr 

2 Ee nd RebsdtvocMar te 
5 VF ob8Et.08 
659 Mi dicmistWm.C. apr. .25 

‘ Millard George int 

Miller Philip 
Milles Lhos, 


ills oe , so 
man Phitiprs! 1 1gd Ser. 
ikne Webi 

Grr ne BR Mir: 
i742) Mlereison Niekin\, r.l2 
Bad Hnope 

pier Jamaa\, is: Mar. 1 
1 Charles.) 19 @abBr.11 

¢1.1 Mable Johwdol uy eenes u: 
Morice James) 2313968 me 

ic, Vs 

miss be. eee Jam é4 Bo-17-afeb. 

wade 2 oe 
yO oe 

Teh eas Monte 

; j MOANK.O6} otor ty - Sas acca 
qock seams SY: TS] hay. ‘laplueker Mexénllar aedin 

19 Parker Peter July 
Parrott ycotne te 2 Mar. ifs 
168 Tarsots 

Detéal....;.. vu admyog 1257 Pascoe Sohn 

Le Paynes oy ont aod 

‘871 Tae ed Thomas 

Peacock R.G 
Poarce James 

ee ee ee ee 

oo ee a FR a dl pe ee = 
ee ee ed 

i eee tee ° = 
Beads, tin govbe at 
oomph bt send 

i Reis 
re ae 


No. | NAMES. 




LIST OF 0": 

Seniority.'No. NAMES. © 

1 | 
ite Teta’ 


Sees ; eee epee 
- + 4. Those in Italics are unfit for active Service; $ denotes those Superaunuated. 
-: (The Figures opposite cach Name denote the Number of the Ship in which the Officer serves.] 


Seniority’; Ne. NAMES. 
|) Avott Joseph 5Sept.o1 Brown John 26Au € / ; 
+, fae x12 Crawford James 16Nov.ool. 
.  “Awey John 24 Nov.98 Brown Michael 17 Nov.13 Crear James wHhan.t4 
_ Alexander John 16Dec.97 582 Brown Charies GSept.15| 411 Crombie Alexander sPeb.25,. 
Allen John apJan.15, Browning John o2aMayl5 Crout John Thos, 22Mar.08}: 
,emey Wiliam — e2Aug.of Brooke Robert Y8Aug.94 Cubison Richard 983 uneo9}: 
“Anderson Richard 8May95— = Brooker Henry = 1Aprilts Cunningham Jas. 28Julygo] 
a eee Chris. - 8Oct.05 Bruce Wiliam  17Aprilo4 Curtis ‘Thomas 2Dec.06}, 
$ Andersen Robert 130ct.15 Bruce John faJan.14 Curtis Wiliam B. zuJan.13}]: 
Peapod Henry 7 ar.05 Bryce John 8Oct.95 } 
Anley Frederick atJulyt5 Bull Thomas —-.99 May23 Dalby Augustus 2A el: 61]: 
Appleton Geo. T. 290ct.09 Barn Gilbert 26Nov.08 Dall Patriek - geAprilod}i 
aan moatrong uly 13) Burn Peter gJuneg4 Devidson And. = 16Mayo5|/ 
579 Armstrong Jas. Win. Burnett John 275 Davies Richd. 28Aug.27| 
Atki 24Jan.25 Empd. at the Break- 583 Dawes George. geMay23!, 
A ri abe Jas.Chas. 29Jan.14 water, Plymouth 5Julyo3 Devis John (2): 14Mar.13/ 
66 a bone Wm. C14) se Burney ries t.14 Daven John M.  6Nov.0]) 
} Ay enJonatban = §Scpt.%3} gg0- Barney Geo. 17May327 Dawsen Geo. gosSune io}. 
usten Robert = 23May11 Barness James  13May12} 287 De Mayne Anth. gi Julyo6}; 
Berstall Richard 10J1wne97} Deanison Edw, ag | 
Bushel Richard 21Aug.07|/ $ Dession J. F. 24Aug.05 
az Butcher Wm. W. 31Dec.98 Dilton James 30Nov.09 
Buyers John 4O0ct.05 Dobson Roger 18Aug.12 
‘ Dodd Robert. 2Dec.12 
18 Babb Hugh 30Mar.27 Denovan Daniel 21Nov.09 
‘ Baker Henry N. 195ep0.96 Doughty Heary 2Mar.o7 
Baker William F. roQct.08{- Caddy James 260ct.07 DouglasJames = 21 Julye6 
Balberney David a6July10 Campbell Archib. 25Mar.13 Douglas Samuel = 8Oct.14 
Balfour Robert  21Aug.96 Cannon Alex. 170 ct.03 Douglas John 7Dec.97 
Baillic Charles 13Mar.05] 527 Cansdell Benj. 30May23 Mast, Attend. at i 
-$31 Balliston William 1Oct.99 Carmichael M. 14Dec.14 Halifux 
Bein William i Carr William 5Qct.11 Douglas Jos. Abm.30May 23 
Banks Kennet Carson Cromwell 290ct.05 Dow William agMay! 
203 Barnard John Cayme George 21 Feb.09 DownieJames = 22April97 
- Barnes Joseph Chalmers And.(1) 18Mayog Driyer Thomas = 7Sept.0g 
Barrow James Chalmers And. (2) 10Feb.14) 227 Drysdale James 5Jaly27 
Sea. Baseley Thos. Child John 11Mar.o6| + Ducker John 24Aug.05]| 
: Bates John Choak Charles  5Julyog|  $ Dundar James =. 24. Aug..05 
Baxter George re 1Dec.o4 Duncaa James seDee 97 | 
. 144 Beecroft R. ian Kob. 1g uly16 Duncan Robert 1Aprilgs 
954 Belford James Clennan Robert 15Mar.o9 Dunn George 
Clering Johansen 25Nov.11 Dunsterville Edw. 10U0ct.26 

318 Bettamy C. P. 
, 586 Bentley F. P. 
Benson Charles 

Clifton Thomas  4Mar.o08 
Cobbv William M. 28Junelo 


ga eg 
39 Kasto Richmond 20Mayr4|! 

332 Edwards Lloyd a2Sept.15|' 

Beynon David 7dan.06 Cock peney. 23Aug 06 ‘ 

. a3 Birt Samuel 4gOct.15| 38 Colborne John C. 8Fcb.26 Edwards J. H. 20Mar.27|' 

. Black Peter aaDec.12| 47 Cole Gilbert H. 3Dec 12! 454 Ellis William 1gNov.e9] ' 
Blyth Swan 31Jan.00 Coleman John =: 19M ct 93| 67 Elson Thomas 19Oct.a4 

‘ Betbam John iAprillg Cole William 3)Mar.15 Emersou Joha 8Sept.1o} 

Bourn Jobn an.95 Coleman Mat 18J uness Engledue John  15Mar.99/| 

Boyd James , 243 uned2 Collins Richard , ! 

; Bradshaw Francis 6Junc81! 326 Collins Thos. 14Dec.15 Fairfax Edward 3Dec.94} | 
.g78. Bradsbaw Manser 28 Dec.24 Cooke Thomas 16Nov.g6| 249 Farley William 17July13 

Bransfield Edw. 29Aprili4 Cook John a9Dec.97| 452 Fittoek J.R. — 3Dec.2 

$18 Bremner John 16Mar.°7| 420 Cowie David 2Feb.21 Fitzmaurice Lewis R. 
Brett James 130ct.08 Craddock Henry ; igNov.1 
Broad Walter gMay93 Superintendent of Convicts |} 52 Flinn Sam. 8. 10ct.25 
Brodie William 2iMayi4 at Portsmouth 15Aug.96 Font John 20Jun.07 

Brokensha 5. agJulygs Craig Joseph 14Jan.09 Fothergill Wm. 21Dec. 

Brokensha Luke  iSept.o3 Cranston Geo. agAug.05 Fotheringham T. “Mayg6 

Brewn Heary goJunegs Crawford Adam ,21Feb.10 $ Pox Thomas Oct.09}. 
; 40i Fruucis Peter 30May 27 


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Rooke Richard 2 ) © \} Thomson Thomas 29Feb.l 
}$RossHen. PagetB.15Dec.13) —¢ Thwaites Alfred 23Mayoe 
. +TickellJohn Ars. SSept.o8 
$+ Tod William 2Feb.10 

Topham William 26S5ept.11 
$ Tweedie David 


#Sargent Richard 6April13 
}+Savage Christ, 14Dec.07 
a75, Savage Hes Arts . 2Dec.11 
jSayer Benjamin 140ct.82 

¢ Serjeant George 11Aprill2 
Sheppard Rob. T,.B,8Oct.27} 

} Simpson Jobu W, 2Aug.10} 
}Skinner Wm. D. 25July12 

$ VincentJohn Tun. 18Nov.80 

$kues George 250ct.13|—— eS 

Smith Joseph =‘ 15Aprill3 

Smithwick Robert 30ct.10 Wade Thomas 5Dec.(6 
Stack Ch. Mau, 6Jan.14 ¢ Walker Thomas 2Dec.08 

Stacpoole H.L, 1¢J unread + Walker Samuel 30Julyi2 
}Standish Rich, | 28Junell} 144 Walsh Jeffery Guy4Dec.23 

Stephens Thos. 18Sept.13 Walsh A.S.S. = 1zApril2s 

$ WalterRawlinsW m-lApr.c9 

Stevens Alex. H. Art, 
WalterGeorge i7Jan.i) 


Sturgeon Wm. H. 24Junei2| 265 Watson George 20Dec.13 

$ Swallow Samuel 23Nov.s! 


+ Robertson James 17Dec.12|: Tait Walter 16Mar. 

} Roch George 7Sept.o8 Taylor Wm .Hen.30Mar.12 
Roe Charles ~\  iJuyei)| \ $+ Remple Gust Har, i5Mayo9 
Rogers John -10Aprilti] }'PhackeRobert —_6Feb.12) 
Rogers Henry 4Aprila0 } Thomas John 3Sept.82 



Stockwell Thos. 2Augei1 +Walters Henry 13Dec.13} 

$ Stone John 20Jan.12) +WardJohn 14 Dec.07 

* StranshamAnth. Blaxland + Ward George 13Sept.s2| 
Wan.23 WatsonJames 215ept.12/ 

j¢ Watts David JohnadMayos 

} Way Hollis Bull 28NOv. 

| ‘Weir Hector Jno, 10Dec,.82 

i ‘eir Henry 18Feb.14 }, 
est Meryin een 
Wheadon John 1iAprill 
| Wilde Jos. Job’ (1SNov.8 
Williams Jno. Rict24Janel 
WilliamsJohn oMar.8 

+ Williamson Chas. 16Mar- 
} Williamson R, (1) 10Aug- 
} Williamsom'R. (2) 2Nov.8 

WilliamsonW. G. BSuly 

f Wilson Edward ;. J3Sep 
Wood James... _25Apr 
Wood Stennous 
WoodWm..4rt.,. L 

+ Woodcock Fred. 
Wright Rob.¢1) Art. 6May 
Wright Rob. (2) 

$Wyiiie John ioMay 

+ Wyllie Wm. 138ept. 

+WynnEdward 4d 


en a re a ee —— — 

‘Yate John 18July 

Digitized by G O Og le 

47 Willson J. Kennet 150ct.l 

Yarnold Benjamin 2sJuly 

"Od. Licuts.) 






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ae Licuts, ROYAL “MARINE ME oie be sees cad ons 

pPhikh Geo ge 27 080 tT *' Admitton elds & hy 8 0 51 M‘Conechy Jas. 10oMAtib 

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Crispo Sidney Smith ap Hawk ive Tekh als 18 Bec.11). 558) ° ‘Lereagh Hier ‘aka 
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a rh dond. é so7Mgr.97]: palbaal i Sdwiards yt RJA 12 

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ve. Ceike Th 039i (Sept.ta ls. # Meurne Thos WaiigRebsslfi vin lag, j i 027 

Cupples Wwillians 43.05 Hortod Wiltins M28 fan.28} +.) dare Roman; 25ffeb.09 

‘".$eMdewett Frederick 9Sept.i2]-. ;fIkasou R ron £38 ilog 

J HAH Jolin George hs: PNarcerss qt.79 

HN John vc) Wan ses ee feas§ yil 

Daun | dv.82) hs  Lieuton gone T Thos, 25May12]\, ; ail Her ee a7 vif 26 

at.13]+ ‘. § Haare Chas, Vyv, b2Mar.1 Miler ae ar.28 

MocklyiEa@ward 13Jun.11f Mitchell John n4Uet 27 

th g.09T: ag Holland. Sohn:  26¥wr.238/) 39 Mouk John 30Mayi2 
559 Hottinworth Geo. 14Pebea | ; ---$ Mooney John. tA puIaS, 
bey encom ita Ffan .2e[-. HaltowayT ho. rt.17 Mar.25 | Moore Chas. Wm.31Maye9 
ae pa CollP =$¢Holmes Richard 20Nov.s0§ Moore ThoseC.C. 4Dec.27 
tabedoeen Gas i tReet $ Home George soJulyi3f = + Morgan Jas. Huog. 8Sept.os 

Poe .10)" +} Hodges: Edw. B. 1iAag.13) 33g Mitford Heury G. 23Feb.14 

Tea Horton William 20Julyi3f —+Morsan John 2sJuly12 
Clr} Dewell Acthee ae way “fHge Themas - .-16Mayia B7L- “Arar inh Alepy Gate, 
Bid Thierry pe ota + Huece Samnel 1Oct.11}- -$Moss Hoary: 3 

cE D pinkwatlr A barlagy j Kote 318 Hunt Geo. Evans 16Dec.26¢. $3 trays peruelins 
: 9. 

ad ‘i AU.26 Hurdle Thomas 24Aprihi2 Murtop, ah 
Het e t. eee re oe 7 
arontion aos ee aly Hie 12] 219 Hutton William 26Nov.24 i a e sa 4 


OR TOAS Wat mT boll EON ah net a ae a i pias 

Edleston Joshua 19Nov.tif te FOuekies John: ‘eaFcb.09 si \ iow gter a -26 
F ElliotJohn Furzer 4Jan.09}' ‘¢3ames'Sobn' 31Mar.e6| oF orth Rogee “ddl 
Elliot George 1Nov 27] '474:dathos Davia W. VOMayI3} et ans oS ee 

+ Ensor James 19Mar.97[: 57 Jamesdn. Joseph FSNov.u9 i 4 ee 

¢ Evans William aces) vie .¢Benkins Sohn - - s9Jan.10f o Bi é ‘ 
—yEvane-Daniet— : “Lu Weting sob Rt. Art. 70 at.24|: i peal — 
+ Eyre T. Dowling 1Novall isy'déhns Richard a0cp2s rs: +.Q 990 Rob { 
coop Sahtieton gett: sdlaygg}. .-: wok sugars 
ay, ‘#Jobueton Ham. Te. “SA0g.10|— arr siery 

tO entle ith: Dowty 
$ Panning Frederick 3Aug.13 creitue # ote SP ake ot ee "49 if tke H. CASO AUE Tap 
$ Field John Stroud 7Aprilog 

Fiemjug Hanilton fais t Henry 18N Snir 

. 10Mar.28§ 4King George 16Mar.08 831 #Parker Ed weAug 2a8eptel l 

Flemyng Augustus 7Jan.2s Kinsman Scand. Parsons Guy N ay’ pe 
$ Flexman James 27Jan.08 Art. 4Ap.25 ¢ Pasheller Chas. 16Nov. 

7 eves a reins i - $ Patterson Shom a8 6Apr13 
i } Pawsey George Ov. 
Ford Will Win. P roduiprs eas Payne Peter t. M. 220ct.27 

ord ‘Ise Pearce Chas. W. 26Mar.12 
sn beret ate oe yen Land John 22Dec.13 Poti te Campbell t. 4Jan.28 
pina fapiols iid, or. ous George, D.;..5Feb.12] age 012 

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fivgGrithr giles i.06]v'« hLaktingeerge ,  .194an.07 
80.; CHK el a iy Os: Aree, I4tly23!  yQuarry F, Dan. 110ct.03 
n mie eis cy pfamen Ralph: . , SAng.o9f Bae os 
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i in’ y80 Om. fallen oe 
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tips SS adi oe fhe sold eres e—f 1 Rea Windies Du BM gr.28 
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bbinsot Daiiel: -27Suly 14): Spuriti/Geo. | »  6Dec.22) soe ie’ 2beyto7 

ooke Lew be l«yeVan.08 #} Steele Sir RtKnte H mieilisy’ -slqqu0 
otely Lewis” va7Sulyos] a5Ang.05 
ouse Richard |” er 04} \\.. Steele: Richard ©. Ast.’ 

‘ 4 hue ele ddjutant ‘Tidhan.10 
rie William‘? 24Mar.12 Stevens J. Hy Ant. 2Hept.ey 
Vi ashiad) yolliin | $Stevenson © has. 15Nov.08 


Lia ba-p MOL Mach osele |. $StewartEdw.iH.- 40ct.01 474 Wal Samuel, ate: ov.0e 
MS tes .O QiusH biotite ge -$Stuart Wiliam.» 24Mar.07 BEF eo 1s 
bLyHIF Ot Hot Auwae #Soivan Barthol.. | 6O0ct.13 ss H sit ced 
$$ — 414 Sullock Thos, 22Sept.23 ‘Waters omas,, 27duly' 
USAR EE FAY Pad 2 10% ¢Swyer William | 21Dec.03) Webb Robert Queries 

65 W frestation, 1 
2 a TAN | Gas, wi 27 
174. Wesle eRe ayte.9 

$e ni Thomas 28ept.09| ——_—_ —__- —_- —__—__ —_ West Henry, 4 (iy y4 

Sampson William zoJnnecs + Wheeler, Janes, , 1 >(0 
‘| “£ Sandon Jobn Kid. 1Dec.82 579, White Jamey 34 Mar.06 
S SandwithG.A.E. alter. _. White Wan ¥ A OMay23 

. Wiles, Je 5b) 27 1y08 

Sawers John 27July0s 
Saxby Robert 15d uned9 

ad yerGeor, .15Julyi2 
“ng oe geechs) 12Mhayi2 $Tane Thos.J. W. 15Aug.05 

$ Wi'liams. ao I. 8Dec.06 
}+M ilson Robert...20Jane12 
Be. = ei? 7Noy.80 

su tte ol29| Oa 

obell Jolin 200 ct.97 } Taylor Wm. (1) ‘9Dec.8! 
obie Keuneth | 153an.01| 505 Taylor Wm. (2). »,4Sept.09 
Scott Octavius  15Aug.05 } Taylor tugrain P. Ps, 14d Belly y 
~~ F Scott James QOApriln 77 Thomas Thos, R, ,4Julyl2 
4153, ett Thomas . 15Jan.12 Thomas John goduly is 
53 res’ |’ 16Jah.12]+. + Thompson Henry , tAug.95 rattt 
arle ichard eabtiins 7g Thomson Jas. 1OSuly2)} ii.’ 
4 “rie eant John 22J2n.10 Tinklar wagens S$. 20June2s 

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uilwod .T 91¢d t 

ilibeer John 13Jan.07 Faby: Isane _.ggept.28| —_——_—_-—_- —--——__—— 
iilito B a ,  .19fuly2) aTothill John sMay 24 
ute Jam ‘30Jan.13 $+ Towuley James 20Mayl2 Lan AE Aditsbotd vations + 
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if. elt: mi yas +f nofliasH yor 
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Randel EPO SR OOND LIEUT ENANTS. | utr Laut sug29%108 + 
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‘i Agassiz Lewis gtAue. 09] } Baugh James * 7Dec.12). oy Hace soe 

. exander John 27Apriill) 265 Beadon Valentine 14Peb.11 fe aimpb: ell Dougal, 

Hei Wiliam — yOMar.c9 Beckwith James 15Mar.s2 vam p pe eae aSeptos 

Anderson Wm. 12Jul 09) §74 Bennett Henry © > 26Feb.12) - ampbell Samuel 
‘Anderson Alex. 13May23 Bevan Michael ‘| 19Nov.04 ge ST es 
ppleton Edward 2GAug.12) Biddulph Walter’ Tsept. 08a CampbellLa..F. 2aSepto6 
ee ane anh Ke! y a2dane1 

"Arden Henry | 5Mar.t Bishop Vesey piduly 80}. 

1g tkinson OAs?! ‘VINov.11 Blake Rdw. Jobin 26Mar.12\,,- 

Ayles John G.A. 1sMay28 Blakeney Thos. |» $O¢t.08]. nl Ea “W7Septa7 
—_ _ cesta u Bond Tnomas | © 25Maylo); ny: ild Geo, Ri Ih salva 
“¢ Bowden George! ))30Juwly10| >.) Churchill Edw. W>.iMay12 | 

Bremer Henry |) 22Mar.28}. 
Bridge Rt. Onslow2A pril22\,, 

+ Brisuc Dougias Py r2Junel2 

% ) Brooke John Rose 17 Fame 99}, 
rown Jno/Tatton21May 1 

‘# Browne Denis | ©)3Mayis 
505 Bauchannan James 22Feb.14 Collins William 25Noy.80 
Httock Robert ~~ 9Maysa| oo dCollis: agrrpieny 1 14Dee12) 

B0,J90 wm. VITisus 

“Clark WeRich ge 38ept.os 
Clarke Gees Doo ore 
ory l kenalonn Wali iam), PNav.12 
We oeman emties 1iFeb.98 
te William 15Aprilg6 

20. \#Vailey Thomas)! | 3Aug.12)" 
-CollierJames ___2 

BaileyJohn) +|! 10Juneo9|" 

4 Baker George: | 16Dee.1! 
“fp VohuBarker i / .aMar.ce 
rr barnes Cateb | | QONov. 19} 
> Barry ep )2bFeb.t 
uit iBarry Jas. a) Artaod aly 1 
Oop Bassath Bdwatd ») 
Bathurst Edward 26Feb,11 

ullockJon.Walt. 26Mar.07| | |: CollissJoh » 26Mar.13 
Butter Joli Reed BJ ualyi3} » Bees uhoun, John, 29June12 
son William, 1GAprilit 

on Coppinger J.M. 14April26 


" let William 

Lis abphih A ik 
french Win. L. , I9Jan.97 

£ynmore William 1tNov.08 
_. Fyamore Jas. 4May22} 229 Jones John P, 

Jessop Phili 
Frohne janes 
aJolliffe Wm.’ 18Apri‘14 
Jones John Evats sAprilos 


+Keane Thomas 
}+ Kentish Edward 
+ King John 

+ Kneebone John 

160 ct.82 

318 Galloway David 24Mar.12 
173, Garmston Samuel 24Aug.09 
~ $Gascoyiie llen, B. T5ept.04 
| $#Gilbert Robert  19Dec.10 
.,, $Gill George °GAng.11 
| Gillespie Hea. Js. a7Juiyos 
‘| 296 Glassen CaldwellliSept.2 
j Graham Mitchell 12June94 
Graham Fort. 6May25 
}+Grape Henry 9April05 
Graves Willian ~12Mayo9 
$86 Gray Maiden 90ct.27 
+Greatrex Chas. B. lLJunelé 
$Grecnwood Rich, 30Dec.09| 557 Leonard Robert 
$GrieveGeorge 15Ang.05| $Liddon William 
Griffith Charles . 15Aug 95 } Lind John 
Griffith Valentine 9Dec.07 Lister John 
Griffiths Benj. 17Nov.12 Lloyd Charles 28O0ct.12 
Griffin George 6Mar.28| 218 Lloyd Walter G. 18Jan.10 
+Gunnu George 1Aprili2} +Lloyd George 31Dec.10 
$GuyonGeorgeH. 60ct.98| tLogie John 30Mar.11 
219 LaddingtonJes, drt.igJuly21 

+LandellGeorge R. 27July0s 
} Laurie James 24Sept.o6 
Law Jobn 6J une2s 
Layton Frederick 27July0s 

38 laig William 90ct.12|. 605 M*‘ArthurJno, Art.25Sept.27 
‘Halls Thomas. 24April95 M‘Adam David — 27July@s 
‘ $Hanvaw Hy, Ley 15Feb.06 M‘Cullock Jas. M.17Juiyo4 
wer arding. S. YxaH. .7Oct.09 Mactarlane Jehn 
Haringion Henry izOct.12 Pasar Wm. 
> M‘Intire Peter 

Harries Wm. 7. 17Feb.t4 
Basen John & 18Aug.04 
_pHawkins Geo. D.24Mar.0g| 55° M‘Lauchian John, 10Jan,.22 
FHewkinsJoho  28Apriloa I‘Nicol Duncan 29Feb.cs 
., Hearle Edmund . 25Sept.g7 + Madden Lewis P.. 1Sept.(4 
}Heriderson Joseph 15Feb.d9 + Magill George 27Aug.18 
Hendry AnJrew 9Jan2g|  bMagin William  15Auy.C5 
___Heury Rob. Art. a9June24 MatlardJobn Hy. 19July2a 
! Capt Q. Mast pyanpers seen 26Sept.s & 
, ‘ 24Sept.10 arcer, Bd.oH,.  18Aug.\'4 
, 3 Hickman Rich, _,a9July2t} .fMarrie James 
fF Holland Rupt, C, MAug.o9| } Marshall Thomas }Aprilv4 
_.. ¥ Holmes Charies.,.17Mar.06 +Martin Jobn Nic. 1Sept.7¢ 
HoimesJames. _ $Marun Robert 24Aug 81 
| 110 Hookey, core BAUg.I1 +MartinJoseph 15Mayi2 
_ 2b Hornbrook Rd, L. /9Jat.12| 2387: MaseallJohn Rd. 19Dec.22 
mow Thomas . Bdunelo } Mason-Robert  2gApr.5 
ow Johiison,., , 14Jan2g)| © MauleJoha Q. Mast. Art, 
~~ f Howard Henry 25Aprili2 » WoMayes 
) Hubbard A, W. Meares Juhn Aré.isSept.27 
| |.4- Hubbard James Meheux John W.24Mar.i¢| 
Husband John Meredith George 1Oct«4 
#MetcalieJames 26Aug.s9 
‘Miller C.’R, 10Mas 
} Miller Heur 



JacksonJas, . .16Aprilo7 

Hine Rob. UD. 27 ulyi4 

, James Heury Adjt. 19July2i 
, Jarvis Alexander 24 Mar.98 

» ddenkiv Samue! 

ne | 



# Morgan Thomas '30Mar.05 

+ Morgan Edward 30Mar.0 

212 Morgan Charles’ "11 Noy.08 

}Moriarty Jos. R. 10Nov.08 

‘Morrish Thos. K, 9Aug.09 

+ Morrish James Julyos 
443 Morison Arthur 

Naylor Edward t8Auz.04 

GAprilog |. 

ENeaine John 
+ Nicolas Paul H. 
212 Nicholas James 

Norris John 

} O’Brien Henry T. 4Aug.18 
f O’ Dogherty F. B. 26Fan. 
aOgden Robert  25May2 
fOrrJames | aiaulycy 
} Osborn Daniel " 16April9% 


$ PainterHenry _ 22Mar, 
aPalliser G. Hugh 20June 
Park Thomas 28Feb, 

} Parker Kenyon §, 15Jan.1 

+ Parker Fred, Jan. 

} Parsons Rich. T. 18Aug, 
Pascoe Rd.Wm, 10°Ma 23 
Pattoun George 13Mar.12 

+ Pearce John SO0Mar.1he 

aPearsoa Wm. Roy ia Feb.26 

} Pengelly Edward .15Aug.05 

66 Pepyat George B,, 3Sept. 1h 

{Perham William 20Feb. 

} Perham John oFeb1s 

a Herting Lat S. aeug.Gd 

hilipsJohmA. ddjéet7uly 18 

} Pinbey Wm. ed y 

} Piper Thomas 

} PleydellJohn P. 

} Porter Henry 

} Powell Philip-L. 

42 Pratt Charles C, 
Pridham William. 1 


582 Quested T 1omas “AWan.10 
CAL hice ified 4 


4 Rea Charles 6). Oct.00 

os ROYAL MARINE FOROES,- 1st. Lreuts. 
glee eee ee reer reece nnn cnn ne 

Taylor William 24Mar.12 Victor John 1sJuly9 ¢Wilson Thowas !8Jutyo3 
Thoupkins George Vine H. Loveday 31Aug.27| 47 Wilson John (f) 31d aly26 
unal. 31Aug.27| $Viuter Geo. 103 uned4 Wilson John(z) 31 Aug.27 
# Thompson James 7Sept.0a : W illsonPererThe.15Adg.05 
Timpson Henry 31Jniy261371 Walke: William  &Jan.12 WittsJohn z7Julyos 
4Toomer Edw.A. 15Jan.10 "Walker Joseph  19July2t Wolfe George  18April98 
+ Torkington Robert 1May98 Waters Fredcrick 25Feb.12 WolrigeJohn 26 Nov.05 
Torrens Robert  26Jly06 Wearing Thomas 20Dec.27) $WolrigeAmb.A.R. 
‘TriséottJoxeph (260ct.10 Weaver John  3iJuly26 : T(Tulyzs 
Tucker Richard 2GJune10 Wemys Francis 143s uly03 Wright John 27Julyus: 
Turner John 23Mar.10 White Robert 20Jan.09 Asst, Adj. Gen. 

Tr i 9Feb.13 Whiting Chas. A.31Aug.27 Wright Geo. (@) 3iJutya6 
poi acai Whylock James 31AUs.27 $ Woborn Marna TAug.05 
Uniacke James 31 Any.27 Wilkinson Rich.S.24Sept,10) 586 Wylde Jos.John 3iJuly26 
a nneee 77 ews to8c) eet Younes T! Thon) sOcka ROLEGE 
Varlo George . isJaul filliams Jos.(2) sOct.14 oung Thomas ct. 
2 Paynaster = j Wills ThomasL. 9Aug.vg9 Young Wn, 3iuly2 


$Ackroyd William 1Jan.79| 371 Bury George Batt 27Julyo8} + }Crozier Acheson 15Aug 03 
Alder Walter K. 1Feb.05| ¥¢Byne George 1Sept.62 found Thomas Maysg 
Amyott Rich.G. 21Aug.04 Cull George ISépt.04 

219 Astimore John = 19Dec.10 . 

+ Aslett John 3Mar.10 
Averell Sam.G. —5Jan.07 
Avery Thomas _1Sept.97 

r 4 4 4 ca ae 9 

$ Davies David 1Oct.t 
Davis William 23Feb.14 
}Cahuac Bertrand 15Aug.05} 4 Dawes William 18April9g/ 
Calamy Wm. Art.14June20] 26g Dawes Wm. Lewis1isulyis 
¢Campbell Alex. 100ét.08| Day Alexander 168Aug.04 
$ Campbell Dun.(2) 25July10 Delacombe Hy, 1. 30Junet@ 
$ Campbell Duncan 27Jan.96 # Der Robert 133 ulys 


‘Campbell John(1) 1S8Aug.9 ‘DerringtonW.H. AT. 
Caupbell James 275 ulyo Desbrisay T.H.W.{9Jan.0. 

| # Campbell Geo, Andrew Devon Wn, H.Art.)5Jan.1 
‘Bajley Edward 24Mar.07 ; i # Dixie Richard T, 58a 
Baily'3ohn 2O0ct.ul } CardewJohnTrev, 27J ulyos $ Doswell Henry arel 
Baird James siMayst| 4CarringtonWm. H. 1April95} 486 Downtan James gMar.2 
' $ Baker JanresHen.3g1May81) 524 CarringtonE.C.M.28June10| = $ Druminiond John ct. 
' Baker Janes an.26| 161 Carrington A.O. 200ct.13 Drury John <i rili 

etthet John 29Dec.09 
Barford Richard 27J3an.96 
Barnes Richd. K. 4Junea8 

om on Jowathat’  13Feb.68 
‘Parry Robert. = 13Aprilis 
oBarry Chus. Coote 6July25 
g9x Barton’ Samuel = SJulyig 
‘Bassan Thomas 3Juneo7 
Beales sata a t5Aug.05 

}+Carthew Thomas 11Jan.33 Dusautoy James — 
pC nesel Janes Parates Veter I. yb lyoe 
sastieav J.B. »13 rT. ern. le 
= Cater Thos. H.- 6Mar.2 ad : ies 
}Chads William C. $Junel0 
ChambersGev.G. 30May99 
$ Chanbers Wm. C. 18Nov.00 
868 Chaproniere Bew. $Dec.1 
541 Childs Joseph 25Sept.a? 

toy “4 4 and 

}Bagies Edward B.48Nov. 
u Ee Gekn oe 

Beavctiant Phe.S.228ept.10} Cinnamond Jos, 22Feb.0 Bde Denzil 18sAugt 

Belson John 4Nov.80; Clark Thomas 24April Edgworth Tho. B. Dees 
‘eBennettJohnW.} +Clark George  19Jan. Edwards Rich,(2) 200¢t. 

BennettJohn GJ uly13 ¢Clarke William 15Aug.c3} ‘} Eliot He ' SNov.05 
4Beuzeity John H, 12Feb.82 aClarke James  ‘t4Nov.23 -Evans Hugh 24Noy. 

“Begant John 
Blakeney Richard 15Ang.05 
BlakeneyJohn E. 18Aprilg93 
nrfield John 17 Dec.22 
Blucke William 2tJan.og. 
Bincke Rob.8. 16Dec.11 
Bond W.S. - - 15A4a¢.05 
Bourne Wiillam 

Clarke Charles 19Mar. 
397 Cock William B. 27Aug.11 
¢ Collis William saJuly 
4Cormolly Peter ‘t5Aug.e3 
Cooke Jervis Art.280ct.! 
¢Coombe Joseph 7TS$epto4d 
Corham Wikiam lek 
Coryton Geo. H. 22Sept 

$ Evelyn Sir John Be. 
. 21AUug.78 


Brattic Thomas 15Aug05 CottonGerald = T1Aug.79 FeganCharlesQr.Mast.. ' 
olyos Couche Joba ts ables 26Jan.41 
Brown Richard 27Apriles} 541 Cox Samuet - YoMar.og{ }PichatJames” ‘18Aug.64 
53, Brown Hugh 4 angi Craekach Jaa. T.19J.nne3 ‘¥ Fischer John Nic.sAug.05 
hos A Bruedd Hdgytagulya| +Crause Charles: 12Dec ¢ForbesCharles  9Nov.e5 

‘+Brysor Patrick 8Oct,11 

ys $Crebbin Thomas 2iJolyidi ford Witiam ‘2Nov.69 
BurdonCharles 1Aprigaj «©, 7 

. Ford Robert.“ 4utyes 
pies + |} Botereii Christ, tesepet2 

3 ClementsW.T. 17Feb.14 

5 Cole Nathaniel ep t.¢ 

fd Colley A im 2No 
Connolly Wm. 115A 

ae ay gi R. 3iJu 26 rer 
tse ane 

“or he Whe Sens a 26Au ape | 

Humby John 

me ge 19 Murray William 
q ae: \ Murton H.J, Ar pee 


$ Hussey ear ‘MBeptcle ee ee 

Nicholson Jas. 

Gioumies Rohere o7Julyos| 29June0s 
Cupples Charles oJuly2s zones Peter 18Nov.07, t O*Bryen Charles 223 ulyo3 
oa t sJuneto O’Neill George aalyes 
a t Jordan re 19J uly 10 Owen John Mayo7 | 
ners: seh cul) Asete oe: ar } ti i oe sone dra ora dtichard _asFebwoa 
nee Ww.s, ir 
elmon a eor e. Det. bisrecat? 2 
| Desirisay Pe uly a “fea George, a ch. 2 ss 
° eHow Rebert’ >: 31 July26 fs o» Parke® sArtlSAUg.05 
9 Douginn C. Capes be, ‘ manpeun Gvorzet7Nov.g9e¢ Hark Edward 30AUg.97 
Bx George 19July2t Paymaster 
r IASMAI A tM) 233k Parry Rich. Art, 20J 
aie 3 ‘aymast } PAS }Patriarche Philip 1sAus-os 
a 582 ® Knapman Wn. s. auya6) 20 ay Patten Pt tke! 4 et + 
o nox James IMJ ang sgiter h.20F 
ob twarae Richara a ‘ om ty Paynes Sain. ‘Fo ohn sistiya 
* sae ni Tay perce Tm 
ai _ i Nov.26}" Hvast ual 2th e€bles 
$8 Sant. i rae  $Lanibert erent 27Jul Petty slumero 
4 = i «ion iors A “i {.. argdon Gilbert =p ha fr (pee ge Pieces 
Ofecls twaxn.eal diihsi9! “9 La SiarOre Bully 1sAug.05 “FPhithips oun ‘0c bs 
€, fa Lityi Wiam~ w8Sept.o6) # NillipsN rps forth 1 Noy 
j ~Liwrnice lov L. pei =: Pitcher 4a Aprilgs 
» Addu 
aoe 7 Se Lawrence John’ 3iJul yon “Pieh es Feb. 3 
permet usr, 4 ee Fran. Geary G. 2Feb, rey at inket e 
A9¢ Manton s9Feb jal ici can fodiaina fea Powell Waller apne 
} eg live ox 87 July 4 car A y, H .f u# ooarnsyain 
; orsha amune 2Feb.o yet Rae jirer. H, 26 Pra? | , rl ae z our | 
|| #Pottreil Patrick 15 Feb: iJon waa its .ton ee 
ls HieG * af tal r* newbs Foe He 

Bylale!.5.099 sdaostui¥ 

else ne yA tat 

- ane MeArehii-mtate G. I5Ang, et ai amen ‘4 Feb.0s | 
athe ; aN: Can hn. d2Mayk Themes ie A 
yoAaibions nvr nee lea donakd @Waes is BA Ug NST ot Roe ate ¢ % 

Feuer pm tie) eee Ne Rete hein 

Gilborn Wm. P,§ id pence eee eve et bath 
*Giles Stephen S1Aug ‘L. iqo2utrnare?® ac eIsqere 
Gillespie bin. 21 Dene i ‘ ue ale ws Hoe ; 
Gordon Abr. Hen. 18Dec. 24} 4 aia HRS tor Bd ulygs Buea OM 
rdon Robert 31 Aug.97| } Madden wo a Sys | 
GrahamJohn B. 271 uly8 331 Mallock Samuel] Tdulyas| Sayer JoshuaS, 20 Jone 23 
—s ug.2 Marshall George 1Jan.06 eward Thomas 10May 23 
+Ma thew J abies “B8Feb.96 ener Thos, INov.0} 
Maughan John 15Fe Barrach Master 
it D roby ays » bn d pMat well Stars iicthter sort, Sispie Bost st 0csi3 ec, 
tf me =, cee a ff «ii May ose. Mignon #Mar.o2), hm... 2 ont 
Hf Wileech Giles"  g8uty26| e teobbe Bilayog | 
aii Lan Bundi “St ida cf = Mends Herbert ae i pe atly 
me’ \ una Own .2 S. art. sFeb,1 
maecock wa fa "oho ry t77 (MenziesChas, ArtigApe 13 Sith Janes’ 15Aug, 
Hart Robert = ities ono Mermeneenn eae 19] Spry Henry 20J uneog 
: 03) 28" Merger Robert», wistlye Ld — 
HayJohn — sidu 26 “ce aaitehelt Thing r De Starke William ee of 
- 0.0 che tr | c.0, ug. 
nit fay bs dq 443 Mitchell Hugh. oe - +StevensRabere naaNey wo 
fe vin sdqa °vio MooreJohni) » ‘24A tg.09 Ox vens, ) ol tt 
eee ne " u Oil peesore Thomas (a). ae 6 0.0» Blewargd, ' Car 31D uly a 
ee oe Pitt wil i ne t.4 urd OD 4 a 
l. euan $1138 yly ‘He nim 2 2. 4 yerarts reef ‘@Npritoy 
Siemens id Waiter srt i organ Jo S1Aug. 249 gar Wi ae m. aida y26 
Hopper Thomas 200ct. + Morrice William 2Oct.i y 5 . 
+ Hore James R. une} Mortimer George 28Aug. $ Sturgeon Philip a74 bint 
# Hornbrook Thos.B. 6 ‘May? beats Ee ee __ SwaleRichard Art, 97: uly 
Suenparutniehthtemeeeneoe wanna - _— 
—— ulige) 
October, 1828, E roy } 

SS — - , | 
— : 

pores we gat, ee we nick »>dael ie STH  Prerraneny 
eek AL A sory) ABETICA pndeedienlt “— 
AN: ALPH. Le vm : | 

———. f lit: eére wiud T zseee Hé 4 aprdlath -_ =) > 

cel SS afinlaowpat 

ePL nodose — Ps.) THE... — — oy sh & AY | 

LSE: Ere en Oe 


KysaS urtere’S 
a eee — anes tt raz me eh a » 
agi 1. I< ae a hoe — = 5 ta _—————s L_¢ u seg: 
s the 4 . 

Pity ee ae, 

a desde cro hound ‘aanee PURE HT which the Officer serves. 
= wi ___ Phose in Italics are on the retired Lists} Baw biel 
This mark | denotes that the Officer is on the reserved Rale-pay cndtetae? 2 

Sar emg ae pane on half-pay by reduction at the.Peace, or > alist 
» by the letter a.and those on unattached pay by wnat.) > ( sefpe 

le He°: “NAMES. Seniority. No. NAMES. a NAMES. "Sauk A, | 

iJ haan ay eeREREU rie pete REDRESS ; ya 
y ,| Aber Thos.,.19J3uly21 #***Clarence, His Royal — ite ; sMay ) 
i gg aul dair Thomas... Aprilas| — Highness Wm, Henry ~ Lewis 3 et 
logyiu lL) WthAusten anne? ee TO The Sh Mag, a tee ee Robt. 19 
pr pewre4 qilol aan ays .<C.B. G.C,H. 17Mar eredi as.unat, 1 
be ery Oink hen “— % Cockburn yr e ag 
oa Te 1, 21Dec.03 G,C.B,. Vice. rime Sf isaeate aye 
io rn “3A pre2i 
. yy at. 1Junel6l: Golem arinc rnat sul “Ov Bay, BE 
| toe nen K.B. | > Cox Henry pi dulyaoye! | vil 
\% a “ RBOAprili4 My itr, sca 
ih i qJune2s English NathantisNov ds Tenet 
| Bickerton Sir R. H. Bt, ’ " Pirtar img: b tt "Fre Ld we ie0; 
j. dmiral, K C.K, 5Jan, 18} FarmatR. Hillitnat-15une} doe Tumse tte 
{ Binks V m. wnat, 23Mar.07)) ? yet te ditt g 69024 doite lisi0F 4 
1 +#Brace Edward 27May25}_ Graham Richard sqJune Viuicombe Geo, E.19J uly ae 
; Brenton -y Jahleel, Bi. : 
F ich oy: do ape res ap 2 TRAD “ May Dec. 
& seer in ec. - if) . 20 at 
er Bunce ee . GSept.27] Home Jame. mit uly08}y to$ Williamsy ebm !/ aaMar.ig! 
rr '_, Hornby Edw, Ug-26} v1 L WingtoveG eouP ZA ug 
, cage ele “hes ht ot a ONE parti! saemod Titsd tip 
; oJuly2i \Fones abteS”! ifr BeARe Mf .crW atodliD 
' Clapperton Samnel6Sepi27 190 .goAre asilqa2@ eslide 
ee eas : \ Lawrenice Elias: sNov. S8Cie = sasitt siqrd3D 
! pace Lewis Theophitus Apl. i#t.c9Ctal ol adA unhiod 
1 ihe LWushbbems (8 “aca © §64jvadoH wobroD 
ae enel oe .Bondeot t9y7n2 . nhs nage toaliehf lee (Sbylulre jisdoH ossti + 
4 AM Lede 1 1 ; = all Jaom =! \GD iL O ndolingdpte | 
fe YeMmes eemoill te af et Siosd) He denM { \SeuGAry. “ tate 
Prony | aos treet woes CAPTAINS! 
4 “ypc C1 tyoa}. 4B WingaliChag, tht Re "isis caamatiell 
Ke Abbot y allin ‘ ct.1 ton C. 
aor. raphe ‘Ballin Da, vas at y fer iag Ho 56 
| . VA % Bate Li vi 
[oe tomo” a wend rik 
TF “457 > .ten Ti bras ied 8A con ’ au rion Wit uly2 

sy : eet Geor, a1 
bO. ASL Hi - hy swone sok Bes FF nd GAng-0 

eh We t 4 cess . " ie 4 40¢.4 tye peed caitnonl TRH 
' var en " ; 1 ee he Barrack. ster Oy ahs 4 1 wot neh % | 
nee at hl if WwW ate a : ; rhea 
= pe ’ : . rhashiaastes ; ‘Pa: inean 49 3 
Py. i ale <A eco3}). - hed , ihe > 
44 a v  )Rrittata Jolin — 26Npriiog)* ‘ eat iony 
ty (Bak Wi } Brown: George ots eb, ‘ ny a 2 
todia AY 
eonparoa' yl ts Th S 
leamal. a tl] + 
AT Aoo oH + 

io Bunce. min 3iJuly 
T.weAlge nitol nfu1 4 
190 moil¥! sottioM 4 
Q.wAee sped eseciivo 
OnuAéet anaodT blue +4 

“att oa egnwagaene of 
, am ATE 

rilidd ooogiite4+ 





 Welee Witliuga..: eadaiyat 
Weleh: : 


4 906 Wi 5. 7.3 
piel Alex: ae: ’  Waldey John ":° | | Binns 
Webbe. Ch ioe Wilkie John | 
_ Webber I mC} wie "Pre. ‘gr 
Webtiar Ga ies | rece > Witkiason Be 
“Webesor Wan. (a}i sgialye7 ‘Wilkinson Tha. E: 
| es gg Bart 31, {2 Wilkinson Johir sAug. 1 
Weitdnhn, |. ih Wilkinson W mit) 

R 142! age 066 bith irda Jgne te 
r vi 3Feh.1 Wilkinson Jo aaa 
Welch Rt. Ges... . 1SAprto WilldingAlexanderasFeb 
tay Arthuz.', .: -9Feb2} Wiliams Tho. (6) 14feb.35 
ove -Righard ... - a9Sept.4 Wiltiame Ch. Dav. 270ct 
Welter Jolin hi. i 1dtined23 Williams Joseph 17 7Nov.g 
We iia _ a3sMeray ‘ Williams Augustus ‘ 
6 ios tdyc roFen 
: dohn lew _ Williems Rd. N. ‘ 
“vele dn These Be bd Wilhams James 
. Wittiams Jolin(ay BFeh.15 
‘ ites John (5) 20Ma 
z ad Fred. ene WilliamsJohn S. gfeb.15 
‘estigns Rebert pain 265 williams T. Mark 20Feb.15 
‘Wentworth W.FE.. ss Williams. Benry <8) need 
WW Q™N. ‘ Wi lame Wm. lehu 
uvy Ae os Wiliams Hugh L. 19) atta, 
jean an. Wade ut rilio We iiiams Lawr. B. 10Augay 
Josepit: Witliamae Samuel 123 an 

Wihiams Poulton 14Fe 

Wiltiams Woodford. 

Williamson.Geo. 10A 
Wikiamson Neils. 

Wilkinson Wm.(b)15suneist'” 

Williams Edwd. 3oAprila7} 

: eee is 

pris | . oy 
430 “Wo' ham , Bt ede 


st tlds ke qF. i 
‘0G WwW. & id 25Maneg. 
Woslrock Wm. ‘b) 28Dec. 20: 
WoortidKe, Wa,; 
pana E rancis agFeb.1s 
265 Wootfet F pencerigJunets 
Woolward J john’, oFees 

Worst Wa. 

Wortt Hen. J Lae 

‘Worthington Be ae 

Wo ohn D.” 
Worsted schinel Bae, 12 


Mibartee Wu» W... OFeb.14] .. Williamson Al. M. 13Junel: _ Wapht- David ; 
y J 17Mavr.28| 498 Williamson C.S. 26Ang.2i Wright Philip ‘ 
 Ma@ent. rey Willis James W. = 13Dec.09 Ww Ine. Alan: 
io. SNiow.3¥ it WillisH Be We pees "a6 ; 
+ Hoed: 9Reh. ry) Willis Wm. Alex. 17Julyos| 257 Ww # Peto ce pee 
y Oi gadae. dE ohn (a) 17J0n.15 me ick tThos!?* © ul 
geskeleh | gian-t8 itlison John (6) 20Mar.1§ oe eae: 
mSamvuel.. - wly : (2) 7Sept.15} Wont Ch MAM. ; 
benJohn.., 25¥eb.2 Wills Methuselah “eb.ik Wright: ie delta! 
i ey? Wilken John SF eb.15| 586: wen i 
belo {eae Balad i “gu At iinioe bers mises i124] 379: White a Ts; 
AA ilmon » Sac ANE 174: he 2 
perl Hane) Thame + .- Wilson Geo (s g0Aug. ie? wren Ne ul. ec 
eeu kaos W. Ww n Geospe 6}. oh S}- rout 8 
er Gulthi; :/2gher®s|,. Wilsoa James (a) 8 pesthiat TH, 
wpb Rob; > 8¥eh,2g, 1s | i 

nha S..%. 6Merahig 

iNiagada) eoAmg.é Wilson Alexander 3Feb.15 
Willies (b) 24 eb.16) Wilson J Smith 9Feb.19 
ahsi(a) ... 0 nJdohn (a 3} eb.1§ 
John (&).. i2Septa ilson John (5) 14Mar.15, 
as ce I p Wilson Orlando H. 1Mar.15. 
; ome.  -2 \ Wilson William = 1Jan.2! 
red ae wm 597 Wilson Geo. KK. 25Mar.24 
gil 127 Wilson Edmund 120ct.24 
OY dew "GF eh ts ilson Jas.Hea R.wJan.25 
itaARtic ae “-90Feb.1 ng Thomas 7Nov.04 
Wingfield i aePMar.t 
Wingrovelly. Edw. 11Dec.: 
ne i ae 

‘i sor Geena ssuby 
interhottom. J. 16Feb.t5 
John 10F eb.15 

ve agMar.1 

Edwin On. 
488. aang Charles ae 
Benet Fras. Bere 

. 4 
Yates Jes. Janel 
Yeats John S. *° omane id 
Yeltund Edward 
173 Yoliand John 
515 Yonge Edmund 
338 Yorke Reginald 
Youe! Edward 
aL date Thos.'t 
Young George (Dyas 
Young Matthew — "19Feb.0€ 
Young Alexander 309A ng 0 


Young Tobias - 

Young Jacob I. cy sApri 
- Young John We 

Young ae 
429 a Yarn Win 


Thatt pie Hitiale,. . . gdune 
71 Md Rob 18k elits i loh Charles, 15Aayi 
Lg “Chae. “te tal Wm. laed 160cti 

 "Palloh Jota: 19M 
496, T ullob Wn, & 
23} | Tully Keevy. ; iov 
Thursby tics 1-1 apa | Tully Jobn 
\ePhurtell Edw. gkebsrs i 
Thartell Charles pabictan Turver Charles(6)16J00007 }.4@ Wutker Bet 
Tilley James 21 Nari 430-Turner Charles {c). ' Fr 
Tills Wo. Turner rt, 17Decg6) 
_ Pilly Charles Turner Joha is 13Feb.01| § Walker Balawii W. GApr.20: 
\ Turner John 6Oct! 
Walker A. Bi Te 5Maye7 } 

Tinjins G eatge aM; f 
Tintars C aholddn ignited Turner Ethelbert 22/an.06 
has... Nov ‘Turner Jellicoe 30Aug.06| 227 WalkieJohm:.'|' SoMfay12i 
‘Wall Rasberty > agFebii 

Walker George ** haghipri a 
Waller Wine Bb 
. Walker-bery:( a ° 

Tindai C 

Tindale Joseph asserts 
Tiling Edw. B, Mayas, WallAlten — ic! 
Tiuslev George iJuly Wallace Janvésfa)! adi pr 
Walhnee James (6): 240ct- 

TurnerJames 2Aug.28 
Turner Michael 18Sept.28 
Turrell Charles 13Feb.15 

WalerJocelyn | eoJuly26: 
11 Wahler Richard M.3edan.28 
Wallington Chas: 1gNov.03' 

Folcher Edward 22Aug.21 
Tollemache W. F. M. 

TFoylervey JohnS.. sFeb. dart : Wallis William 215¢pt.go: 
tg ee : TwiggRich.Elliot i9Dee 07 sch: : -peDer 
For Joe agAus.26 Twitkt Hea. M. 300ct.00| Walle James - ‘eres 

Tomkinslt.W. 16Sept.16 Twysden Hen. D. gJuneis 

Toilin Geo, Wm.28April 
‘Tomlinson Nich. R.6gJan.10 ay tee Chae M. dona Walsh Archibald: he ng 
PomlinconRobt.c. 144ulyiag Tin att sdward = 220ct.27 Walsh Ste! Russel 6Feb.15 
45 ‘Fomijnson James Ward, . aoe George, an.12 WaltersSanmiuvel’ | SMar.05, 
| Meese i Feb.26,. byte Robert Wm..22Apriloz Ward Richard’ | 18Bet.10 

Toipson Tos.P, , 23Jan.24) 226 Ward Wm.'Rei(d) a7Junetg 
Tonee Wm. Norris aSent-94 Ward Wim Rey ‘ g- 2g 
Mek Faw ary et gee : 15) 
opper Geo. Alfred GNov.10 * 4 
Porlesse Henry, ByaiMay 15\~" vate Wee (8) mi Fol §5 
Towers Rohert, 21Feh.1§ Vallack George ri oMnyos 
ER+ehh oo Y7Sert 13] Vallack Joseph 1gJulyan 
oe Ut Th Ae, Save pt. Valobra James 3A ug.99 
Townsend Thos. ; 27Juneog Vans Randell 18Aprilts 
Townsend Jas. C, 2Feb.15|! - Venus William 1d ec. 

Awnehend W.J., 15Aug-23 overs Gapree ti bab 
Toner Caled Be MOctig) — Vibart Jas. Ries tal oa teen eri 
HS ne ar iS: be Ae ia , Vicary William 8Feb.15 55 Latin at pedite 

erg ee sa hr eee Vickery Robt. C, 25Mar.og WarreueWi Shea) = -guebiad 
Traill Gilbert yeah Victor John Geo. abAprilos < ded bet - — : ! 
Frain Jow> | SNov-15! 181 Vidal Richard E. 10Julyag 205 Ne Siatthy Be bite 
hilipk EN. aoe 4 Vizgnoles John 17Sept.12 a rhe pie pe 
Travers James 120 ct.26 Vine Geo. Ballard | '"Feh.98 Wartdn'd Af Mor 
tbe ay P gr Ri A ied hi oe as a1 Waterhotse BG 

iT . . . 4 . } 

TremlettG.N.  _tAng.94 osper William — GAprily6) —wnternittin JR 
Trens George » 14Feb.15 ’ ‘ wens 

Watkins Walter - 
Watkins T.Verndn 
Watson James” 
Wotson William: 
Watsdn Edw: B. 

Trevanion G. Be L4Apr.2 
Tribe ‘Phos«.-, 19S|ept15 

suder John... 140c 
1s ave Wm, obSuner6 
Tripp John Upton qJuineog 

Umffeville Sam.C. 25Mar.13, 
_ Upiohn_ John 11De¢ 07 

39 "Eriscot! Rich,S. . 55ept-16 Usher Wm. Armstron 
Trist Robert, 24™Mar.08: goMayi5 Watson David A. ' 
Trollope George , 2hDec,25) 518 Usherwood Wm. 23Dec¢.o Watson J.S. Me 27 
‘Trotuer Robert,  15Nov, Ussher Sidney H. 12Aug26| 598 Watson C. Ris! | -26Miuri 
‘Eroughton Joseph. 7Feb.15 Uuiay John Taylor rAug.11 Wart Thomas A. | 268ep 
eaonapton. I ich, aMarchis wats be theree ‘| baa Dees 
7 J ., el, F t we } 18No r 
PEtennel Gol rad Watts Robert \/ » godan.ot’ 

rupno.!anies; |, an. 25) <i 

saad ee iliam 2 agduls09 
"Tryon Lleury 18Marchis 
‘Euckes Nicholas, , 16Mayg7 Wadeson Charles “28Peb-15 
TuckenW iiliam IBSept.98 Wadham Robt: A. graug.o§ 
Tucker Jno. Coate 14Mar.o8} 67 Wainwright John qNov.i9 
Tucker Henry 17Aug.12{ 452 Wakefield Arthur 5Feb.21 
430 Tucks Robert 3Feb.15 akefield JohnW.20A ng-27 

306 Watre/Stephew R. a9Mur.28 
WarghJobw My” 1 reper H 
Weatherley Rith: | aMayi 
Weaver Robert) qJnnet 
WeaverW illiam(a\2oFeb1! 
Weaver Wm. (5) 27Mar- 
Webb Charles 20) ulyos 
Webb Will. (a4) = 1Sept- 

ucker Wm. Le Nie | 
udor John Kelly 15Oct. 
Tudor Jobn 26) une26 

‘aleot Charles 19May19 
‘alfurd William 1Junelo 


ee re cm te 


_Swiney William —10Sept.og 

fonith Chtistopherd §Now-214) «/- nr aeventes by a ‘auMayg9 273, winten Ley ItesedsaNov.09 

‘Smith Wie: eyasA pr.23{ 0); iutewart Ja y ry agMaylt}.,.. aver De Richard, .2Nov. 
Sjo(8mith pore ren I a Uprew ant Char is Be PL98} os 1 Sx or Fr pdewato! aM ay28 
cl ‘olny Sati th Geos Weoilbetry Stewart LSept.14},, yfret¢ Willhiam, wo 
pe.dadie 113d0H 030) ¥31 ‘:apJu)y26}0 Stewart Fred. a ‘a5Apr.1§ of iBykes. deaeph i, eSept!7 
1G (San ithEdwsGarvowsiPOcte 27) ‘Sok Stewart Thos.Dil,.1gzept-15} , Syme George! , BOctit 

a Rem egnysl Ses 1 o2Feb.12}, , 

nith Thos. Eliis2gM ar. ilo . anes Aaron Se Ive meen, 55 

do WanithersGearges! APAug.1) Stile Joo @eMar.2 ymmes id, Alfted ducy | 
i i tqoSmithWick Henry :28Nov.12}.. 5» Bawa, fam 7Sep-h .  e8Mar.1g 
o! oiisq Say thoT.) Wine Ava6M ar.o8}. 237) Stilwell Wikhary 39°e Pt. By m onda Wis ‘Ley: 60ct.01 
fone Bimy tie Giuliiibenrdsiov. Ligh 5. Stirling Ales. Ga ..140ct- »)Symous Wm.Jos': .2gJuneg6 | 
a en nansOct.9 Stixling Thos... ,,,20dept.t 339 Symons Win -Hlens220ct. 05 

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ae ‘Talbot John Ty i. j toe 
Tamb s bs Th hos, 7 Nov. 17 
eons ee as Bie a. «ll qaney eee SeMer.t : 
olf Semervillé Geo. F. 7 May05 tone Valentine 1Feb.15 e 
430 % Somerville John aJen. 14 Stone Jobn 20 Aug-24 Tapp Wi dom qiOct wa 
Somerville Jas. (Bs “QNov.21) 574 Stopford Rd. H, 3oDee.00 Patties Gens a ayo 

toO@outhcott! Edward rH Ang.o9, Storey James 28Aprillo 

su h@outhey William: 17Sept.14 Stother John M. at er 
_ Spark Thomas'e* 150ct.12} Stovin Geo. Chas. gotulyag 
i Sparkes Js Hindes* 16Feb.94 194 Stow Geo, Fuller 23Apl.2 
vc Sparrow francis. ofJuneoz Strange Thos.(a), 15¥eb 4 
7h Sparrow Meyrick -Bodychen Stratiord Wm.S. 14Mar. 15) 
sido zioMi bats “tA rilaj|-.. Street John 7Mar 
do ISpeck William’: 193Feb giretiel yy ib. -ThosdsFeb.t5 

Tatla paneer ne 21 pe > 12 
_‘Tause ye \-@ GAug4 
““TaylorG Hts S0Feb.5 
» "Taylor, Chae cfs 28Nov.1¢ 
‘Taylor Charles gyen as 
ayler William, ,24J uly94 
aylor. ohn a) , 2Aprilot 

Mion: (Spence Davide y+ aylor Josep pa7Febas 
~ avior, Mm. 28Feb. a 
> ee seabontetbensi nis gases ‘ ag et sas Se PF Sodan, a) 

,.Taylorvs «Norion22Mar.2; 
| Teed Rd, 
~*Teek Francis... .agJuly2: 
cagemeld enty, E, a6Sept.1. 
Templeman J. W,.>4Nov.o 

Rik pan: 200ct.2! 

ve Spang Geotges in! 7Jan.20 cs 
»foo0 pSpraard lieos @24Dec.95) 
| my k Sproule it ear : 

Thelwall Aug." 
Pita 2, ~ -@6J une 
_ Thew,G 4? oa 

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Phowas fe aS 
Thomas AM 2 Jano, 
, ‘Thomas fa. sept.9 
_ Thomas oseph eet a 

' Thomas” ice 

pogetee James Bet 110ct.1g 
Stuart James (b)  : 
x! - Stubbin John ——~—-93Feb,15 
- Studdy Henry — gAug. 
, Stargess Wm. 200 ct.0 
Sturt Hen. Rd, 19July23), 

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Hula peath Pater tse? 6Julyag om real are 
4iovoNStead Cho. Fisher. : apomas kent bin eerie 

ae ere ; Wn ABP eas oma 6Aug.2 

Sulivan James R. 6 pri lis 39, Thomas WW.Siain oa e 
m Bat Maas fret sy gear Ae on 

. Salhvan, Edw. L. 
~ Snilock George giannis 

s ers John ‘ 10July26 il pOPER te 

eee Sumpthy Nicholas “25Feb.15}., |, egypenls ae pase’ 
Sutherland Robert 22Nov.02} , ‘Thompson J ee Dec, 

-, Sutherland E.B,  BSept.27 -Thompson And, Hermon 

‘Sutton Charles T. -27May13 Mara 
_. Sutton William SNoets Thompson: Fred. aren) 
“,. Swain Thomas _22Aprilo2],,... Thompson Avd. a r.! 
on Swainson Wim! ns13 unels 454 Thompson Thos. 5. 50 ct. 

* Swat Oliver? > 11Feb.1: Thompson J ar een reser: 

_.. Sweeting Week! “168ept, 16). «. Thomson, 2200¢ 

aa Sweetlaud Hen.” BF ea 582 Thomson V30Nows 

“ : 438 useage 220ct.: 
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gradpoli yaecamodoe 214 

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b » MlRoube Jéten ba ug.o7 |! (°! Séott Chiatles Ki” IMayo7h* [reac eg 

f cel Routledge W; tH sh Octo Hiokerived Pky Be) gdan.1045: (4 (SiblyJetinos)) dicetOet.25 
 slRowawHdwitd’ ct.o7y i /Striyen Thos.’Swathr  SinilenWredetind nator 
1906-Rowe, HV Phos! 44 priloé}| 46Dec.2 “BI5: ‘Sidley Geo. Robert a1Feb.28 
i oORowe Jameés™! °'°WGAug.1g)) Balepldl gots Win: 35 Mak 5] + Sidver Jacob hl si aagJan-8 

, Rowlands: inS49Marchi iv * Scudamore Wis 406A prilig|*. «> 'Simkin Tho.iAllon: st 
sob Wwhrbon PHS aly} 'Séacole Ww intringha io) (Sim kindehnr- 11 eb 
» {Rey James 27O0ct. uf 27Mar.26)' « “Simmonils RiWa | agSepr4 
SoRover Chat lee " TQNov.o. 394 ‘SHaly Shi  B NY ‘ @Jaat.28)) 1» | Simuhondé Geos; ; agaprilo 
» Un bid e Charles" \Uct.o ‘Searon Jéfa 9)’ | GMar.15}! ‘Sim metids ‘thai; » fd panel 
Oi Robert HM 22Juaiieos Séavers Jeremitha6Mfarchgy 249 Simmonds Cresstodape 
Rude John 15Aprilag a8 Recedinbe hast 2WSept.v} (°)/ Simmonds  M C.y m§Dec.2 
Rule William 4Feb.15 Selbie John’ © -y§Mar.15} Simmons Edwii {/oagMay1 
Rumlex James __23Feb,15| °'" Selby George") 20May1r Simimons Geo. Valsa@M ar.1h 
Rusden James " 4Sept.or Selby Sanvuel’ '-~ 27Feb.15 ‘SimmonsChestney a6Aug 16 
Russell John (a) 25Nov.08] © Selby William’ © 2Mar.15 ‘Simonds: Rieh.S. > nd0Nov. 
Russell William 10Nov.13 Senlionse Edw. H. 49M ayo7} ° Simpson’ John (a) agtMay9b 
Russell he Edw80ct.26} | Senior James 4Mar. 1g » * Simpson Jdehai (6). @BJ ulyot 
mit Fussell obert  3oApril27 Seppings Edm. H. 11Se ‘Simpson! Johtil(e)oagDec.1 
, Rust Robert ‘6Dec.13| 411 Serjeantson Chas. 953 uly 26 .» Simpson! Sathv AshegMayo 

"Ryder William 16Sept.16) Servante J. H. SAug. Sim psow ‘Phos. (@)ti May op 
“Ryder Hon.'G, .D, 2g8ept.1y| 3'17 Servante Charles 8Mar.28 Simpson James: orkBFeb. 15 
: By George Hub, .8M ree Setford James 24Marcho7 Simpson’ Emilius »2Mar.a§ 
Seton JamesG. = 18May5 ‘Sims Andtew>)o:0~ a5Beb.1 
Sewell Henry F. 10Dec.10 * Sinelair Axchibald.220ct 
Sewell F. T. D. gOct.a1| 331 Sinclair Hn, Es G.a20ct.g. 
Seymour John C. “16Jnly1y 35¥ Sison Samitel o«i: jo oAug.¢ 
Seymour Edw. W. 16Feb.t Sisson John Mi: em 
SeymourMathew C, 8Mar.15} | » Skarden G. By) 9 4Feb.t 
Seymour Thomas 14Nov.t | Skead: Thomas», ; @1Dec,.98 
Seymour Edward 22Aug.28}) Skene Jaanes: -q@tpApr.t 
Shacklock Edw. Apr.2¥ Skene And. Motz 26Dec. ! 
“Shairp Stephen 26April24 SkinleyJohiy ¢..9P2Feb. 


ben ¥auide 10Sept.10 
ne ‘egal 2 “eiMayl9 
| Sadler Benj. P. soMayre 

St. sine Janes Shakespear Arthur} 9 Skynner dolin »: .o$March 
A oe Abe bet rili2 265 Shallard William 28A et z esr: GeogoMar. 
*\\Sain thift ‘Alfre Caer Shambler James} 1° '’ Slade Predétick:-: waSept. 
nN) C0y 4 AS -20Feb.19) ' Shapcote Thomas ‘19Mar.11}"' ~ Slade Adolphus. “a7 Nov 
= s 08. j.p4PFebay 265 Shapland Helivy 29May23}'°' 4Slater Michaeb As; #2F eb. 
oF . Salm se a Fane qi 24Juneo7 _ Sharp William Cote } Steigh: John: oe . Z2Nov 15): 
‘™ Salt ¥Da ef! ss Seoeteg ~ Shaw William © *” sel. Sloan Geo oDec 
0% Sal ity Lis “ ct. Shaw Charles on 18/09 CSlolydamie zara Mar 
oBalwe aah Tuncgd Shaw Charles tae ‘12>Mar.e7}"= -SlymanDaad = 1% 6Mar 
“4 aml iam jarchos «Shaw. George (a) eoFebiie a Smail Wms Arehs)47Dec. 
‘Samwell Pe Feb, “Shaw George (6)' eect +) SmiaibeJantes! «or qt Apri 
: “3! renndert yi ; ue od igSeptio Shebbeare Robt. 30Nov.13}0' |’ ‘Smart Benjamin's 31th 
oe S; * SAprilis5 “Wal Li iJulyig}!"oSmartBerjamin 
awh OBandett 62 8 gBA rifest 430 Sheils Jas iF yi 

Shephard , William: 8Feb,#5)' » SmartJdodhwoNd 16185 . 

Shepheard Jon: W.180ct,09)"° “Smith cate Ge ary f= a7 Apri 

471 Shepheard William: ae wast “| Smith Jolih int 

~ Shepherd Benj. ‘“e9Mayi * Smith: pee a) ne “30h 
Sheppard. Wm. D. 235 uly08 ‘a ‘ec SmithJohn 

430 Sheppard Fehoonty} © Smith John Op: easer 

445 Shepton Henry B wneig} | Smith James! 6): >-gMare 

31 Sherer Joseph " a6Decaa} a Smita Jainés (ey a2Fe 

Sheringham OP; L. Smith Bénjamin: « 6Nov, 

agJulyesP: Smith Wine (e)> s1222Dec 

Sherwood Wm. — 8Aprao “Smith Thomas '(@) 25Sep 

ab ere aerii Ton ~-8Aug,28 

OLS y William “95Se t.01 
ra Vos. B.g7Dec.97 
dhs orgé  a2Junen 

ul! “Sang one Mayodo 
: wie r Marchi) 
ad oer én. Wulyi5} 

: “Savage William 17Sept.ob 

“ -Savege Wit Hy. 13Dec.1 
> Bayage- aR oe . adult 

‘Saville Geo. A. ‘13Nov.02 

sae ets Thos. (a}25Nov.09 Shewen Hen. Th: ¥Jan.oo}'’ -!°Smith Wan; HarrivtoAu 
= Saun ers Theos. Ly wit “Shield William | 1sJaniont" A emnith Michael 2 80¢ 
ey wii. May22|" __ Shillingford Alex. ' “oF eb.15"'° Smiflt Wy rarray 22] an 
: coe gon Jas. 25Aprilts| | Shipley James qrapriteel > 5 aight mien a SO ae 
=) Savi ridge Samuel 7J ane2 f ShiptonJas. Mice, ‘ Smith" aed” 1 @29De clo8 
Sever ober Ra, Noe | ‘a5Junélo oe 8 ith Toe Aah 
obert’ xt teste) Shirreff Patrick > 9Feb.1 “sett tS Jul 10} 
setae Thome. SNoh a go. Shell i sah ie 4 Hockagl” 0 cones John Sann.! 46Jun 3 | 
oe Seanlan Richard | 8Febiis} 5? Shell Meberty Mar 15 “Leo Spare okwW :°'.gM add is 

“oScantlevury J) C, B.4Oct.ig|: 2 
th “Schaw Peed: Dat P 9 of $ 

eb.00 s 3Auk.12| 262 Smith Andrew (b) 7Augig9 f 
Schomberg Henry Cc. 218 Paonia § Srlouigites’| i 219 Smith George (a) 208e 15 
re aby 28 Smith George (6) 20Jat21 
375 Schomberg ee “| 265 Shortt Charles igJuly21| 77 Smith F red. Abm. shales ay 

Shrapnell James 14Nov.10 

Schultz George A. 22J Shuldham Molyn. 15Aprtilgg ; 

Scott Edmund 4M y10 

Shelley Frederick © 1Julya8}'°* ‘oSmare Wiliams) 5 

Shewen Daniel ~~ _-19Augigg| ~ ‘Smith Thomas! (ey? 3Mar. 5 

Short st ipseoh: (),-1 iSulyis Smith Andrew (a) 28Aug)15 }, 


Roberts Wm, (bh) @¥Feb.15 

‘-* Roberts’ Pran¢is’ gMayil 
Roberts Benjamin 24Oct.12 

‘)s Roberts Eldred’ 2Feb.15 
xt geaihe ths Licata 7FebA5 

Ray Joseph | » *2Oct.234 " 
“Raymond George 17Feb.1 i 

Proevor J a7 May Kaymond Jas'G. A ar.28} | ** Roberts | a 15Feb.15 
| Protheroe Sam.’ R.25Aug.26) ayner Edmund  25Julyoq/’ 474 era peat y25Ap.25 
Prowse Wm)? GAug:14) 140 Read ‘Thomas eb “~ Ho 

fic 0! enry (3° Mp rila? 
. Mar.22/'265*Read George (b)., 27Feb 15] Reberts Bryah || GMay 
Po pryan tart a reBct.06 ‘443 Read Wiltiam aycet: i Robertson Sétin (b) SMfr.15 
A! Puckett C artes © 2°7Mar. ee nthon SJ une1of * , ; Row ; 
505 Puget Win/Dav. | Sa3alyst | Reed Richard B. 19Nov.11] » ~' Robertson Bow. RK. ary ae 
# Paget Yen Joseph 20Mar.23)''- Reed N. John | 11 Maris]! Robertson Adam 21 pay 

i ‘Seoln -D,' | ¥7Mar.15} °° Reed Archibald 10De¢.25| -47 Robertson Alex. 7Junel4 
‘ ohn | vog!'574 Rees William Lee 15Sept.13] ° ' 

"865 Paflen 3am. Geo. 16Mar.15|'490 Reeve John 22Feb. 

493 Pulling‘ James’ Feb.1 Reeves John A. 14Feb.15/' Robeson Alex, " @7May 
an Pultoe Rich ¥ Feb.1e Reid James (5) 6July14| 77 Robiltiard cy Misr 
“674 Parcel Yotin W. o-Mar26 Reid Curtis 100ct.09}| Robins W iS: se ok arel5 
Rae R ey lacie] | Ratgnnetce 20K eb.10] © | etneen Cuan th ages 

urchas meis’ 15Mar.15 Reid Henry eb.15) }) agNov. 
Purvis William 16Feh.15§ Reid Andrew Dec .2 Retinson Geo: ) 16Feb.15 

Reikie William 8M ar.vo0 RobinsonAlfredSym.@Jaa.10 

Renean Henry 16F eb.1 
Rennie James 13Mar.11 

Purvis Geo. Tho. M. 5Apr.23 
985 Pyke John IGNov.21 
CY Pyke Joseph roMay26} | 
490 Pym Richard E, 1Aug.1 Renou Timothy  2Jan.12 Rebi Ahiralcaun oe 
> Pyne William) = 21Mar.a RenwickWilliam 1gApr.95 obinsen Abraham 7 
Pyne John 2Dec.96) Reynokis George 10July94 
r Se Reynolds William 16Apr.1 
Reynolds James aMar.15 
Riind Wm. GreemeagFeb.15 
Riall Wm.Henry. 240ct.27 

i 181 Rebinsen Chas G.goSept.26 
rm Hee f oreb ne inson RichardzoApril27 
Rich H 26Noy.os, Roche John. — ., ag@ct.06 

-o7| 574 Roché Joseph .; 4Mdy14 

_ Richards Rdward . 12Juneoz! - 
39 Richards Harry B. 12Dec.1 

Richards Wm. {a} 10Dec.) 
“, Reechards Will. (6) 7Feb.15] - 

Richards Isaac 19July14) a A Ade yah 1oMay : 

Rechards Jolin, Shnkly “ — Roebire Herts »f0Mar. : 

591 Richards Charles @Mar.26 R ct Juste pAug.1g 

Richardson David 6Sept.82! ereGeort!* | akub.og 

AIK e wird) ¥stoo . ge eee st vrters ~ Rogers Jobe" Pe ch 
© tw ardson Clem.,, 15Aug.01 a a aiid | : 

Jes Raban RvB. 21 lagNov.14} \- RichardsouWm.()120ct.08| Rogers Jaane¥ (b).; 10Det.11 

led Rabett Geo. Wim. OJ ani res Rachardson Cc, Ww. a2Nov. 

B0Fet Reich @PJotw° 46Sept1G6) Richardson Samue.25July28 
eo! Radcliffe War a6Sept.g | Riches Thomas 22Jan.14 

pe is réWitliam | a2%eb.15} |’ Richie William| , “Regers't wert ae ser. 
linge lee eae S735 Richmond Henry, 5Vct,i9) 91 1a Biwat » Ose pt.26 


ope Rai Mags | Sdam2t}- Richmond fhomas 4Aug.28 Bam “ran. re ; 

Pe ~ Reins James 9) aDeeig3}’ Rickards John 13Nov.07 279 Rook, os 27 ul aya? 
6 Reint Job |) (a8May' Ricketts Chas.S. | 14Dec.09) “49 poo oe 

24) ' 39 Ricketts Cornwallis 

. ee! ieJohn James. 4Dec.98 
qi wbert. '18Marits 20Mar.o3' _  Rorie bee a a 
«Ramsay Joseph © '21Dec:08 ‘RiderJohn ——_, aFeb.15| edly (a): ot 
Ramsoy:Bdward || ay!G}) Rid sway Daniel} — Roscow Sam. (6)! 4Mapog 
Ramsay Robert | 21Feb.15)" © -Richy Peter . WAUE.O1 Rose Abrehain’ | eManée 
¢ Ramsay Wiltiam - pt2t)~ - ' Rigmaiden James. 21 Mar.12 RoseJohn - GAng,01 | 
SID Ramsay George” 30Aprit27} x91 Riley Chas. Wied a Rose Charles’ © 10Marj15 | 
F Ram ‘ . 2Lian. [ 

Rosenberg Geo. P.'125an,25 | 
OP Roodth, Minar beSope 

(22Auy.07;' Ritchie Thomas soJulyi2 ptiga 
Ross Cliarles' HenazMari! 

a Lore erat yi eet ; sia 2 
Rem enry'° (28Feb.15 Rivet ni ,-29Mar.28)—- 3 f 
1) Ranwell Wiltiem @rMara2 “39 ‘Robb John eM ary prayer Vee solaris 
rot. Raney » ‘a7May23f "Roberts James W, 1Dec.78 .) RossiThasW,~ 4300. 16 
Le agai te’ oberts Edw. a te 7Mar.g95, a \ RossLhotAne.-- «‘doMar/22 
ine h _, Roberts Edw. (b Rosson Wiliam: «di Aprilos 
rf: eRaven Mietide) | { 28M ayos one erga Faw. oH eA i Rothery These «I jesbns 
itd oberts John (a) 27Mar.95}' |) «4 F satel 1 
Réberts John } ‘ 2 . Rotherpiteie v ey bas 
Roberts Jobu (2) 6Septa4 

nul | yusunsil 

- Rawid Richard. ‘ 2oApritog 
© Rawlins Thomas \06Seypt.n 

iteoren Ants, 

Passinore John — 30Dec.08). 
Paterson W. Love 20Jan.09 

Patey Geo. Edw. zoJulyi3 
Patriarche Charles76Nov.99 
digg Patina Frode ick: 192nly2a} - 
Patterson Williaw 21Feh.1§). 
_ Patton Thomas aMar.12 

|” Pawl Edwar iv. 

Paulson Jno. Thos. ar.22| Pike Tpemas.. “Tes a+ 07 

ey Geer are Pilch Wianw = et 
Payne Willie sOckoe salt SAT ‘se 

ne Richard 13 eb.15) 24 Pam. Edw, Mar. 
Paynter Charles e7Junes4| g30 Pi Ven, ...'' godat.s 

Payntertohn M. 11Dct.14 

ward 1 BY, 
: Owen ‘wlward ©, Aprilan oe oro a 
aya Pred. I 
nhem 2 $90 Pearne Wam. Geo, aitJan. Flaine J . 't 3 
a eat Arig) SP coir Thos. (e) tAugos] | Pett Joke 
Pearse Thes. (4) 16Junei3 Hi ts eaarh ee woe 
Pearse Joseph galuly13 Ptuch ae : 
Pearson Charlies 8Nov.08, 2794 Plyweell Anpos, . Fd 
Pearson Thomas ‘eb.15 Poad James nqAug.19 
Peat Jobn Green 17Mar.15 Poatc James sDer.08 

Pearce Robert (a) a Fein ae omy 

Pree! ye bt a ar 
fm Bc iFeb. aibebaas 

Pee! Edmuod une2: Peinton Samus] 13Mcr.1 
: 8 Sohn Q mi 

Paget Johan $86 Peiree Hen. Jas. 3Jan. Pollard 1 
Ron co, eit ag eit eeay Bek? 
ow es u ; ‘olw at 
Penfold Geo Stuart ele 3) Rie mes eMab. 16 
ehgelley Henry 21 12), . vi Fh ¢> Carew 
. oF.08 Pengelley Joka 4 srebug Poteoety’ 
Palmer. ww, Gan. Fengel Ro pode enry pr .0® 
5 Palmer. ‘George 90 ov.17 Pennefa ore ere ai _voex Joba $J 
"Pate 3 17Aug.1g = poanie John “ acy 
pr. 1 enningtoa a 45levig ley Geo 27De 
nae ; ana dul | 289 Poore Willian 2Mag.og 

Pe Phat soar os ee = 
cy f 1s" = 
Perkins Willi Marenon + Po Pweitl 1SNo 

Perkin Hen. A. ae orter Ww. HTOA fer 

irony De "1 Aprilo: 

ow SMar.28 507 RAW, Bes 1 2630 
Cu rles_(a)2iMar.19} Petc eres ton nel4). (87, P f 1 220 of. 23} 
wir Vag ‘Chex (8) 1 7Sept.t h| 14 Petch Chas. A... uneyd,, F cSt epee 
i gi has.(e). | a0Jan.20) ster Robert ‘eka os va’. Potts gin FAlatvoe 
] 25) ParkerJohn «|. a9Nov.14 + Wan. Fratik, 30Nov.0g|° | Powell Gaoi 134 
: an iMliom Fs 3Mar.1 

see os 
t Watter T. F 
i Pavker | et j 

Pettet John Bent. 19Mayg7| as Press Jeutioe |... °f 
ts Praveen . € 

Pete ih. 

’ PR ‘Law aq). Woy hep JAW. { 26.3 a Bras! 
Pe ee tea Rrcbeeeectead 
Petrie Peter 30uly Pra BR 

; Dexia... oat Fel 
poM at.14} : Pelee Beg goFe 

te te | peilipsJoha  , Muri). Price -Thowes.,.i5 we 
14 Permit ce al, “Patina Rach Ch. aor Pee = ay 
reons y ™ ar, & ] ov.té, > 
Pascoe John Eyre eee aregeeice eae — 

Pasley James oul én ¥ 
W® Pusley Sir Thos.'S. Bt. Prieet Joseph ‘a De: 

Prince John 7Ne tw. 

#Morgan Thomas 3Mar.05 

ha sooner ee ae 84: 
f$Fawiet William INov.99{ jJessop Philip 11 Nov.vs 
} Fra 

ser John | 25Jan.14 $ Johns James - + Mor Bdward SOM ar. 
$¥rench Wm. L. 19Jan.97 aJolliffe Wm. — 18Apri 14} 218 Morgan Charles 11Noy.0 
Fynmore William 1Nov.08 Jones John Evans sApriloa $Moriarty Jos. R. 10Nov.08 

‘Morrish Thos. K. 9Aug.09 
}MorrishJames 27Jaly0g 
448 Mortson Arthar 3Sept.13 
$+ Mountford Joseph 2June13. 

} Murray Alex. 12sulyos 

|... FyamoreJas. — 4May22} 229 Jones Joho P. 25Sept.27 

‘gecesi timo iiss iat oe areata 


318 Galloway David 24Mar.12} +Keane Thomas 198ept.93 

14 armston Samuel 24Aug.09 $ Kentish Edward 160ct.52 

ascoyiie eu, B. TSept.oa] = King John 22Feb.81 
ilbert Robert 19Dec.10} $¢Kneebone John 2O0ct.75 
Gill George *gAug.11 : 
Gillespie Hea. Js. at) uiyos 
226 Glassen Caldwell 1$epi.28 
hi ia aL cos - 
raham rort. 6May2 : 7 
Grape Henry 9Aprilos| + LandellGeorge R. 275uly0k 
Wiitam 12Mayo9 $+ Laurie James 21Sept.o6 
$86 Gray Maiden 9gO0ct.27 Law John ; 6) uneas 


Neame John 27 Fulvoé 

Nicolas Paul H. 27Julyog 
212 Nichotas James s¢Apr: 

Norris John 30Dec.0: 

} Naylor Edward :8Augr.04 


GrieveGeorge 15Aug.05 $+ Liddon William 275 ulyCs $ O’Brien Henry T. 4dug.13 

‘Grifith Charles 1 $ Lind John}] f$O’Dogherty F. B. 26fan. 

—$Gritith Valentine a; tose Jobn 27Sulyos aOgden Robert 25May2 
Griffiths Benj. 17Nov.18 Lioyd Charles 280ct.52 } Orr James 27Julyo 
Griffin George 6Mar.28] 218 Lloyd Waiter G. 18Jan.10 

$ Osborn Daniel 18Apr 

#Gunu George 1Aprili2} $Lloyd George  31Dec.10 a 
$GuyonGeorgeH. 60ct.98; t Logie John 30Mar.11 
| 29 LuddingtonJes.Art.lgJuly2i 



aPalliser G. 20J une: 
Park Thomas 28Feb. 
$+ Parker Kenyon 8S, ‘tana 

269 Haig William 90ct.19| 605 M‘ArthurJno. Art,2sSept.27 
Halls Thomas 24 April93 M‘Adam David — 27Julyce 
f$Hannaw Hy, Ley 15feb.06 M‘Cullock Jas. M.17JSulyo4 
Harding 32 YxH. 7Oct.09 Mactarlane Jehn 9Aug.te 
Harington Henry 1zOct.12 McKinnou Wm. 13April26 
Harries iar 17Feb.s Mackiutesh John 15Aug.05 
ee L JuhnS, 18Aag.o4, FM‘intire Peter 
Hawkins Geo. D.24Mar.og| $56 M‘Lauchian John 10Jan.22 
Hawkins Johbu  a8Aprilog] = + M*Nicol Duncan 29Feb.0s 
Hearle Edmund 25Sept.97 + Madden Lewis P. 1Sept.4 

} Painter Henty i siinneap 

Parker Fred, 7Jan.26- 
Parsons Rich. T. 18Aug. 
Pascoe Rd.Wwm. 10 May 
Pattoun George 13Mar.1 
$ Pearce John SO0Mar.1 te 
aPearsoo Wm. Roy 14 Feb.26 
$ Pengelly Edward UZ.08 
66 Pepyat George B.. Sept. 14 
} Perham William a 

} Henderson Joseph 15¥eb. tMagiil George 27 Aug.18 } Perham Jobo 9Feb. 
“Hendry ates 9Jan28 3 feel Willing 15AupCS | Aaa jes Ss. IsAug. 
-Heu Art. a2lune%s atlardJohn H. 19July2 nllipssOnnRA, Adjt.t7 duly] 
7 Hsu Babe. Q. Mast. | +Manners Johu a6Sepits $ Pinbey Wm. i” 26Aug.09 

; . 24Sept.10 $Marcer Bd. H. = 18Avp.t'S 
3 Rickman Rich, + SMuly2t} = $Marrie James aDee.98 

Honand Rupt, C, tAug.09 } Marshall Thomas 1Aprilt4 
Holmes Charies 47BJar.06) Martin John Nic. iSept.ce 
tHoimegJames 17S8ept.os| $Martun Robert Aug 81 

110 Hookey George. c : 
24 Hornbrook Ra 6Aug.11; ¢MartinJoseph 15Mayi2 

$ How Thomas 
How Johnson . i4Jan2e MauleJohn Q. Mast. Art, 
f Hetiar ay Aprilia 1oMayrp 

¢ Piper Thomas = 15Aug.o8 
¢ PleydellJobn P. 15AUs.05 
$ Porter Heury 16Aug.0$ 
} Powell Philip L, 28Aug.o9 
42 Pratt Charles C. 14May10 
Pridham William 18Aug.04 
$Prother Samwe — jyoSuneg4 
Puddicombe G, B. 2Apr.1} 

$ Pye Thos. Robt. 27July3¢ 

Hubbard A. 4Mayo7 Meares Juhn Avt.isSept.27 
Hubbard James. -90Aug.10 Meheux John W. 24Mar.i¢ 
Husband John = 120-ct.aa Meredith George 10cta4 
#MetcalteJames BAng.8y) 
" Miller C. R, HOMayug| 68 Quested Fhomas = tiJan.10 

i Pet od 


$ Yack | Miller Zacoheus rodul . \ a 
. ‘ td , 

: 4 Rea. Avdrew.G, -61Nov,07, 
Molesworth ArthurazJulyog| |; Kea Sharda... wOct.o0 

8 ROYAL MARINE FOROES,- ist. Leeuts.: 
ee eR ier ae ae eee 

Taylor William = 24B4ar.12 $ Wilson Thomas 183 uly03, 

i eorge Vine H. Loveday 31Aug.27) 47 Wilson John (1) 31) kly26 
ie rae Sa1Aug.27 7 oJ uned¢ Wilson John(z) 31 A0g.27 
} Thompson James 7Sept.04 WillsonPeter Phe.15Adg.05 

Timpson Henry 313 niy26}371 Walket William sJan.12 WittsJohn z7Julyos 
4Toomer Edw. A. 15Jan.10 ‘ Watker Joseph = 19)nly2t Wolfe George  18April98 
jTorkington Robert 1May98 Waters Frederick 25Feb.12) WolrigeJohn — 26Nov.05 

Torrens Robert 26Julyo6 Wearing Thomas 20D¢ec.2 } Wolrige Amb.A. R. 
STriséottJoseph (260ct.10 Weaver Jolin = =—- 31 July26 : S(TVly76 

Tucker Richard 26Junel0 Wemys Francis 1AJuly03 Wright John 27Julyo 

Turner John 23Mar.10 White Robert 20Jan.09 Asst, Adj. Gen. 
Turner Rich. 9Feb.13 Whiting Chas. A. 31Aug.27 Wright Geo. (2) 31Juty26: 

a Whylock James 31Aug.27| $WyBorn Marma. YAng.05 

Uniacke James 31Ang.27 Wilkinson Rich.S.24Sept,10} 586 Wylde Jos.John 31 Juiy2é: 
ee | 7 Williams Jos. (1) 27 AUR een 
$Varlo George 153ulyo3 $ Williams Jos.(2) 6Oct.1 $ Young Thomas (2) 8Oct.06 

Paymaster $ Wills ThomasL. 9Aug.09 Young Wm, sis uly2 

i ee 


fAckroyd William 1Jan.79| 371 Bury George Batt 27Julyo8 
Alder Walter K. 1Feb.05; 4¢Byne George 1Sept.82, 
Amyott Rich. G. 21Aug.04 

n9 Astimore John 19Dec.10 
+ Aslett John 3Mar.10 
Averell Sam.G. = 5Jan.07 
Avery Thomas  1Sept.97 

}¢ Crozier Acheson 15Aug 03, 
Crump Thomas rMaysg 
i Cull George ISépt.04 

eee eee eee 

F gute Aen enw ns ie 2 
+ Davies David 10ct.1$ 
Davis William 23Feb.14 

$ Cahuac Bertrand 15Aug.05) =} Dawes William 18A rilgg] 
Calamy Wm. Art.14June20] 262 Dawes Wm. Lew fs 1iJul sis 
¢Campbell Alex. 100¢t.08 }Day Alexander 18Aug.04 
$+Camwpbell Dun.(2) 25July10 Delacombe Hy. 1. 30Junel6 

$ Campbell Duncan 27Jan.96 Vell Robert i3Jnlys0 

7 : ‘Campbell John(1) 13AUg.94F |” ‘Derrington W.H. 23 205 
Canphell James — 27Julyd Desbrisay T.H.W.19Jan.08 

# Campbell Geo. Andrew Pevon Wm, H.Aré.)5Jan.12 

Bailey Edward  24Mar.07 ’ 1sDec.24| ‘§Dixie Richard T, 705 
Baily'John | 24Oct.ll + CardewJohnTrev.27Julyost =f Doswell Henry 7Mar.16 
Baird James 31Maysi + CarringtonWm. H. 1April9s| 486 Downtan James ar.2B 
Lia ed JaniesHen.3iMay81| 5¢4 CarringtonE.C.M.23Junelé $Drwmniond John ct.30 
Baker James 5Jan.26| 181 Carrington A.O. 200ct.15 Drury John ilio 

$Carthew Thomas 11Jan.33 
$#Cassell James 15Aug.05 
505 Castieav J.B. Art. 13 pr. 
Cater Thos. H. 6Mur.28 
¢Chads William C. 5Junel 

Dusautoy James ‘213an.70: 

‘ ‘etelassmemeneianinn renamed 
aBarry Chas. Coote 6July25 ChambersGeo.G. 30May99 ee ; 
§9i Barton Samuel sJulyig} + Chambers Wm.C. }8Nov.09 aes 
Bassan Thomas 3Juneo7| 368 Chaproniere Bew. SDec.t a ae Edward B.ehovi7 
Beales Benjamin 15Aug.05| 541 Childs Joseph Sept.27 Ede John 1Jan.@: 
Beauchant The.8.22Sept.10| $Cinnamond Jos, 39Feb. Ede Denzil 1sAugeit 
+ Beleon ‘John 4Nov.80i ¢Clark Thomas 24April Edgworth Tho. B. 30Dcc. 
aBennettJohnuw. 28Sept.11; +Clark George 49Jan. } Edgrards Rich.(a) 200¢t- 
Clarke William 15Aug. EHiot Henry ov 

aClarke James  ‘14Nov.23 eee Hugh ov.d7 
Clarke Charles 19Mar.2@ $ Evelyn ir John ae 


tot Wo Ae 

Coombe Joseph TSeptos 
.$Corham Wiltiam 13Nov.p8 

Fairtlough H.B. 27Julyd 
S cerrent Dover drt. ro 
Fegan CharlesQr. Mast. 

ulyos fouche John  WAprilod 26Jan.}1 

$Brown Richard 27Apriles} 541 Cox Samuet — 9Mar.2 }Pichat James | wehug. 
53 Brown Hugh 16Janjl2 Fy baldness T.19dane2 ‘$ Fischer John Nic. Aug.05 
 “ Brovtendohe Mt djtAgd ulyai. '$Crause Charlies: '12Dec Forbes Char ONov.05 

‘$Brysor Patrick: 6Oct.11 ->}Crebbin Thomas aJaly ford Widtiam = ‘3Nov.e9 
i 7, re oe: Ford Robert -“ 

} Fottreii Christ. 1ebepet2 

Connolly 1sAugt 
CorytonJoba B. 3tJ niy26 
Cottell Jas, 

. $i 4 is 
Cummins Robert a7dulyoa 

Opens 2990 sls dda on 

: d 5 “4 Be 
is Le; tdodl ae a2 4, A 
Li cinas.aal Abst Wh 

Clements W.T. sonetas 3iAug.27/219 Murray William 2280 
r i i 

y%, Murton H.J. Art.2ubeti3 
$ Hussey Thomas 24Sept.10 


tJordan Witham 

Bieber sida 

Nicholson Jas. 

¥ : a wH 3 as 
Cupples Charles oJuly2t 


y oes Oven Richard 
abe \ area? er gre 

3 Pah ReBeaed J ~: Paabe 
Fen a G Gere ia I9Julyat 

A tnpprancAndrom 2 

ta  Ksapain Wm. S. 

, pada Wak. 2tAwma| is -1 

Sei si : + iishas Joh cores, - 
Meee Edward 

ply; Ge 

aeaatl. “Y gtten rec 

y Rich. Art. 20Jan.09 
mea 6Nov.24 


wad od fe, 
wel aFeb.t 
Fottreil Patrick 15 Feb 
BR ylnle1.5.099 sdmoaiui¥ 

Grace Rohert 
GrabaniJohn B. 

€ pats ate Ps 

ties sa My 

oe A Ve nonsd 148% 

ah wall Malet aeons 

Pete VDT 
“a si al sae nes aA 

} Madden w.J.- 
| 331 Mallock Samuel 

+ Miends. Sis B. 

oD OST — 
mi on f es une ie ‘| i one, 
Bt ia 
Fe ight ark t ny eu ug. f 

“Mdartconnaca ahh 

Hart Rob bert 
a rep 




303u nes 
ftoek Thos.B, eMay2 

el dere Es 

October, 1828. 

. a De 

Mercer. Edware & 22Se 
Faas, Blerger Rubert.,.. i alyo¢ 
Se’: Mitchdl Thos, - BOB 
u Pepe nit me aaa 

2viv SooreJohn »:. 

+ Morrice William 2410ct.1 ore Wm, 
ortimer George 28Aug.90 

+ Mould Thomas 
- aosenenhe APUB GALES 

pa : p-f-pe + y ors 

Be cate een tee ae ue ke 

; ad Ces ee t sett HABETIGA Sau eS 

i- eb ieton awe 4. OF. THE se oe. ae 

1 gtra ou UW y 


OEM Basted apiece 

PSE OP La 5 Eee Se . Who HON or ae re ED satya (2 
shit a te . eee ars Cl ge te ED: oe . as 
K «f Paseo comet na a ce ee anes aD aT 
rh eae i 
“he ig ii ck Mame dee ha Mamba er 
These in Italics are on the retired Etsts > :. a BART 

TF This mark denotes that thé Officer is on the reseed FETE 

= eal 
t aerepiahelereahee on halt-pay: by reduction at the Meace, or 
+ > bythe lotter a. and shove on unamarbed ey spemriaaeds D> Avante 

a oe “peniority. No; NAMES, SeniortyNe.* 0 \., aa : bik 

oe Ose sneciaronce ag pe ; : - SMay 

genes lime Hees |<" flaws Osis ‘i 

eget ‘Tithe of Se. xe ers M‘Cleverty Robt. 1938 
pare G.C.B. 6.C "Mares Meredith Jac.unat. iJ 

ie Foekiwira Bin, rom 

po fr1gA ahve Vice, ‘tte on 

f} iat eis p 
A yren . @ sAprai 
3 it wt ead ete : ColeMartincang thu bet tema as 
i : : ry ; ‘ : . . te teh 
itt # SDA pritie a eNy pie SCT me ag 

: 1 deyikie's Ss. hy: sponse: English Nathantt,tNov.e o> Fenech We 
! ; fehapr it he eevee Frepacnicaae rg 

694d) = AvitIsd [is109 ¢ 
__Graham Richer: omens Viuicombe Geo. E.19J 

ana: WEB sey 

20Dec # 
uly@éty tot NY linea pint — 
ug.94) Neat asneres cecBd Aug 
tPatobt  asaradTitsdilD > 

' me we Bee ARS MN .coW miodliD 

; Bickerton Sir R. H. 
s Sol 
ao 3 V mun -4aMaro7 
race Edward 2%May25 
; Brenton sir Sableel, Bt. 
‘ a 

pa Se rd oe of 
; é ‘oy bo 

: ae cambelsde Den ads 

fy SR Bs SAP ab. 

Clapperton Samuels rf ‘suAte aglqase astiOe 
ey rence eRov.s¢ . THe ots srqeshhsld 
i ADL I¢6 (131 9H add wobi0D 

Ares Spouse nisdoA aobio) 

iL ewok oe ee Oh Sa ae cage hig pee SOB ate trnloh saw) 
rans ve 2 cee : vant | ee eee ue Malocnrdedt 
qe 4h: hay 8. re ieee es Bas Si iy Pe TREE SPE ES <1 } bed «8 es: ‘ini? 
[Pasar eet AC AP RAINS | 
iy. esha A cae cipete 4¢ ‘ beau birt ite F 
a 2 geabbott ott Chrietophet| ty Race ee ton C. Be. a 
nae homas 19July2ip st ‘Ja Bos can. 
elle shoprace he ‘Bate Witvam «5s ea 
vary mes, W 2 rece: My: aap ab| nt ine 
fe rag re Ww “ - a sel ee sa ! ap Aired. - Naira 
pats WOv a coll wae t i i ones t da fall sabe arts mid dN \ 
tel ‘4 BigueWiletardiey tune! terre prenereret 
Ose HE A, 3 Boyer Wiotife uly) * filie i ual vidi 
B.yuhit BrighoJiey Wo. span ofP WE 
as ite ih aes ae oe Gein. oad vag 
: ais tow an oly 
+ (in silted Hes aq ant \ “D Pritteteqene © 06 Mpriie 
eo Cibakan W4Npag’ + } Brower @ioige 1085 Feb. 
{ oii Ralchid@ 1 gg 1. DMCO. min ia 2 
1 5 vi¢Ga ikay Uh tiferd feet 7) | in 
Bald a ei ernyaal THI G mach te asoM 4 oany fe aeneee x 
Re cialie CWHAES apres) cones tee apeeA) Teaye 

Secsasal ove] ¢ 
ytd doo td dy 

vehi Lvreonte yt 
bigidvell Hoe 

2 Ae 

ape Abel ane OP ile y 

| MEBUTENANTS,,, , 95 

Webb Nicholas -t9dulyi4} 996 Wigley 5. Woltrize Charles, 

Web A 2, GF ebi5| Wildes John Wook tuner he sient 
Webbe Chattea: ?/ 11Deci Wilkie John '- Woolf James ay” itetbe! 
. Webber Wan Chas. g@esies} «= - Wil eins “Pinos. 36g Woot & nitpe 1GOctes 
., Webber GW... 30Apeilt7 * Weikiuson Be ‘Wood Wilt 

beer Vas : iar ba) | 

1 We Wa. (a): agJulye7 Wilkinson Tho. L. , fe eo Woort Villian ny a7 Aug.34 
wekesW os. Bart) o1Maxt2 Wilkinson Johy = (4Aug.31 Wood Jonh (, 4 a 

Welt iphn,, a rilti Wilkinson ‘vou John Se 1 3 % 

°, e * Ny ’, + wt : { 3 "@ oS 
Weter Willinm = agJulyt: WiNcinson Won.(b) 15 tunel s ood Jam i : 
Welain Belast, «..:' sgihoeto3 065 Witkinson Steply. 19S¢pr 331) Wook rdiat chee 
-‘Welek David 3¥eb.19) Wilk imeon Sohn .o8A ane shedck Pree : eer 
Welch Rt. G., 1 to Wi Hding AlexanderasFeb. Wi Rober 38 tet 
‘MebiRichard | Qeepeat — wiiiiums Tho, (6) 14Feb.15] 430 Wodtham Wop et pa P2 
ebeld-Richard = = a9Sept.3] Williams Gh. Dav. 270ct: Woddin Wath: aiMayts 
elter Jobn Kh. « 16J1me623 Willlams Joseph 15 Woodman: ‘me ve 

‘ Were Willen ' agMarq3}. Wiliams Augustus 

oWettia, dradzews,...2pApeiiond A léyd ream. 

Th 1 
.Welladohn —. 28Apralaa Williams Bu. N. WoodthorpeJohnh. 
‘ee These 3 v7 Wilhamstames 16Ma Joo wand Aug Bs abies 
2 Gaunne (a) aisapior| Wittens done (dy oomanse]| — weegyatt Thomas 7 eb.ti 
. : ronan ‘a 08 Ww. ack, 
‘Welstesd Fred. a7Nov.t Williams Jobe S; g£eb-18) — Woolrock Wan %) Seo 
ewtyns Rebert © 5Nov.14/ 265 Williams T. Mark 20Feb.15 Wooldridge Wan 
Wentworth W, F.. ilag| Williams Henry (d) Woollams Francis a8Feb.15 
WW, GIN. | 1638 é WiltiameWm.Jebn 6Maz. Woolfett SpencerizJunets 
‘West Hen 16Aug.08 Williams Hugh L. tJ ulyai| 065 Woolver R. Jas. 
West im. Wade 1Aprilio Williams Lawr. BR. 10Aug24 Woolward John, 10FeL “on 
, 938. Wear Joseph: 6J ulyty HliameSemnel 125 ans5 Worrall John 17] 
| ‘Wass Mest ‘Fhem Metag iHiums Poulton 12Fe Worsfold Wm. 30 fay20 
Wese Gee GBar.15 Williams Edwd. 30Aprilaz Wortley Marcus Uct. 
Soperrauahrtammay red Williams Weadtiet}s ~ Wore i: John Py a ‘yi 
7 athroe Gree a a z mw o ton 4 3. 
aun Kole oe Willinmson. Geo. 10Aprilo7 Worthy Sonn me oFe ig 
Whuenton Jubn F, 8Dee.98 WiHiamson Neils. 17Jan.10 rayfhnd Michae 
: Whartos Wu W,,. hag ._ Williamson Al. AB i3Juncl Wrapht Day it” 
254 Whately  ’7Mav.26} 496 Williamson C.S. a6Ang. Wright Philip 
, . teBent. re Willis lames W. Ce Wright Jno. Eitan 
is. BNow.3r/, . WillisH. B uMar.i§ Wrirhs ok’ 
-Hoed 9Feb.3ry Willis Wm. Alex. 17Julyog| 257 * t John 

au} Vititeon John (a) 27Jan.15 ite 
a ca ? aay erg gion.s8 ithison John (6) 2oMar.15 Wright i 
f wel. Gdulyrg Witlls John (2) 7Sept.15) Ween MM 
25h ala ig Wills Methuselah 1Feb.i5 Wright 'W ai’ 
ake, WY tie | a Wil John SF eb.15| 5&6: Wylite-Eal 
y beaten © (5kQe.. 27 Mayag] 414 Wilmot Charles 17Aprilvy 
a ly eat ; 

hte Sy 
i Wdqvales Wilmos Hen. Sach, 8June25} 174 hili 
Keld ea Mh: - Wilson George ta tape ‘ wren — 
itches Thee 

WwW. Wilson G C 

On reORg! Fe. 
; Wilson B "“a6Aprilit| 
Bi rebates : oa Albany H. a7May13/- 

St: » , Wilvon J Smith ‘eb.15 
C os UN Ww son toho 3} oGFeb. 
a). ptf son John (5) 14Mar.1§ 

Wilson Orlando H. 1Mar.15 Yates Jes, aneld 
Wilson William iJanai] Yeats Sohu Gon ened 
ileon Geo. Yoltuné Edward 46F 7 
173 Yulland Juhn 
$15 Yonge Fdmund Mar.i! 
338 Yorke Regivald 
Youe! Edwart 91 Mov. 1: 
Young John Thos. 11 Aprile: 
Yeung George (2) 92Sepr.oe 
Young Matthew 19Feb.o¢ 
Young Alexander g0Ang 
Young Tobias © ‘a00et.t; 

we in Young Jacob Tey’ 7Apritr, 
me aoNows3 486 Witham Charles iT¥ax.18 = Youn as yet 
Samm aiDer.o8 baad delet ag Oe ae me 429 Younes Wa Fras. ana 
emsendis br C: nk 57? ae Wy. hose Francis aNav. ung Thorteh ww pa 
asarpt-06). a Jhwes’ | 1 Oct.2 
>» .& fl : : - ae pa 
roa : -4rg¢ Sree tian, 

SON tlaid 
‘ ‘ 


Tallie illum, . Gluvelg) -Whliue Geetgn >ail 
eer nal 15Aay ; 
ick Nei ce) Goer eae 

lo arity : 7 ; ) i 
ae Hol, Wim, &  15Decad ‘Walker Hevgere mal = 

Sa ee re a 

390. aes It Robert 48Eeba5 Walker Jolew: (3h 2otagy 
< AO Beas Jowett “eathe 

Thorley Rob. John BAprilos 
Thorley Robert = ye a5 
Thorndrke Chas.A.97,) u 
“‘Ehornton H. a. Ds;akebsls 
Fhsrold Richard ugios 
Thrackston Edwin 25J.ulyor 
Thursby PeSe | unez6 

TFhurtell Edw. akebirs 
TEhurtel! Charles en0cti2t Turner Charles(b) 1630007 

Till James 21.Mar12 430 Topner Charles {c) 20Sep.15 pive 
RH Wo: 5 PO cCte27 urner t 17Dee Walker Joseph) ee 
Ply: Charles’, Beta7|, TTerner John i 1gFeban &. Waller Baldwiii W. 

Tins George ;, , 2ilayo7 ‘Turner Johan 13F eb.o2} Walker Lever C.. FU 
Titins C, Sheldon 180 ct.99 Tnrner Ethelbert 22/an.06 Walker A. DT: 
Tindai C has, ., 5Nove ‘Turner Jellicoe 30Aug.06) 927'Walkiedohw:'|' geMfay1ai 
Tindale Joseph ESept.00) Turner Francis J. Jec.07| 265: Wabl/ Roberts: a4gFebil5) 
Tiling Edw. B, 6Maya Surece pace E a hander watt Alten _ sifok is 
Tinsley George iJ uly23t a airet. allace James(a)' ig 

45 “Voby Water 6Dec.24 TurnerJas.Howard }oJan.25), Wallace Janmes (0): 900U.07 
Tod John ae 173 ‘TurnerJames 2BAug.28 Wallace Thomas: 

Turner Michael 18Sept.28 
Turrell Charles 13Feb.15} 

Waller George’ | | 11Béb. 
WGP eb 1 4 
Tusoo James igJuly 21 

Toker J. Rok Waller Richeré! 

Tolcher Edward 

Téllemache W. F. aye nel Tweed Robert 10M ayog 

fel ge Tweed John PowellaiMay1 
Tollervey Johns. sFeb.27) TwiceRich. Elliot iaDex ase 

Watliureen Chas. 
Wallis William 21 

Tom John a5Aug.26) “ Wallis Patrick: . -1§Det.1 
Tombius 1.W., r6septr6) TF Wight Hen-M- 300ct.20/ Wallis James’ 10eb:15 | 
Tomlin Geo, Wry. 28April Tele en Hen. D. gJuneis Walniesley James» qJuly2i 
*Fomtinson Nich. R.GJan.10 oe petal aos M. iJan.or Walsh Archibald’: rege 
Fowmlincon Robt. C. iglulyag Teel As ward getdate Waleb Ste: Russel : b.25 
45 Tomljison James! aoe Tyte Robert (Vm. a2Apriloz eee teas ba 

226 Ward Wm, Re.(4) “Caen tt 

"Tompson Tos, F, , 2i.lan.24! wee B ») “yer, 
™ ty 

Tonge Wm, Norris, Sept.o4 
Toon Edward 12Feh.17 ‘ babded Edw ard 
Topper. Geo. Alfred 6Nov. 10 Vale William (b) aiFeb 15 414 Ward Jag Hemltonansely 

Torlessé Henry ByiMay 15|- 
Powers RohertatFehag, — Yallack Rich. G- 17Mayo?) Warden Williaab » aaFeb.96 

Towne John Sept, 12 Vallack Joseph Warden ee aar 42 
19J ulyaa “ 168ept 
Roe Cha. tt meres) Vato ante Auge] Wartapemen rape 
ow ee ; mote: 27, ariel, Vans Randell 1 riles Warre ‘liane he Sea 
Towhsen we y. 2heb.15/: Venus William 14Dec.2y],, Warren Ch — — 3 
a Bale ty Ab ANE-13 Vevers George Feb.1s| = ii oracle bart ome 
nace Fo i7Septias| = Yibart Jas. LJan.14| 5-4 Warepm Jobe) | bt 
Tracey Aug. SP. Vicary William § 8Feb.ig 5 Leeda re caudal! Revie 

Traherne G. Price 23Dec.10 Vickery Roht. C, 95Mar 

Traill Gilbert 21Jan.09 Victor John Geo. 28A ri | a9. Warrei William *>-9Feb. ef 
Train Jam | SNow-15! ya Vidal Richard E. 10) ulyog| 265 Warren C. Seatth me 
Trant PhalipBen. Lake! ~-> Vignoles John  17Sept.i2 ebay J sii dg Ne tS 
Travers James Lief mg -26 Vine Geo. Ballard 'Feb.98 agg ge ave ict 
Treve John nlyOog Vine William a1Mar.12 153 ot pile y mp B Gi 5 | 

Tregurtha Edw. P. 2Dec.99 

v Willis 
TremlettG.N. tAng.94 sper. yy Uliawn, ohn é 

Waterntdn Joh). 15)u 0 

Trem, ‘George, Ns Jak S19 Waters Jnobawes t! 
‘Trevanion G. B.  1g4Apr.28 ‘ ters'D. Creugty 13Febi 
Tribe /Lhos« tgbepuag Watkins Walter» ‘ 
Trinder John Watkins‘T.Vernon 29Mar.1 
Tringham Wm, otis Umfreville Sam.C.25Mar.13 Watson James” ’ sul 
TrippJdehu Upton qJuieog _ Upichn Joba 11 Dee 07 Wetson William: edged 
39 "Erisc oti Rich, 5 j 5Sept. 16 Usher Wim. nae ween bee bed B. ‘1 a 

Trist. Robert 24Mar.08 ays’ 18) 
Trollope George , 2hDec,25) 518 Usherwood wi, Dec. Watson J.S\M, -97¥r86 
Te patteh Robert, 15Nov,99 . Useber Sidngy Bt : hee 598 Watson C. Ri"! 28Muried 

i h, 7Feb.15 * Wert'Thomas A. 268ept. 
‘Troughton osep el).15 Uuiay John ‘ayTor tAug.11 Watt Willian A heb 

rughton: Nich arch} 
Pronasell GaP Sates : WettJenes” ake 
(-TUupt io - Wat ert: | , 
ives ittiam rm Fulop shen : Watts William Bi: solaneod 
Exxon | Henry; i8Marchis une Veo408 Wim. So-- a0vt.o? 
‘Kuckem Nicholas, ., 16Mayg7 Wadeson Charles “o8Feb.15] 206 Watre/Stephow R 

Wargh Jobn My * 1 Mersid 
Weatherley-Rith: : aMayié 
Weaver Rohert! yJdtnets 
WeaverW illiam(#e6Febs15 
Weaver Wm. (5) 27Mar.26 
Webb Charles aul 
Webb Will. (a)  =1Sept. 

William ,, 185ep1.98 Wadham Robt: A. sraiug,o 
ike no. Coate 14Mare8} 67 Wainwright John’ 4Nev.1 
Tucker Henry 17Aug.12[ 452 Wakefield Arthur 5Feb.21 

130 Tucker Robert ake 015 jakefield JohnW.20Ang.27 
Tucker Wm. Le ra jakem: Nicholas 20Mar.15 
Tudor John Kelly 15 1500 Valcot Charles 19gMay19 

Tudor John ise Walford William iJunelo 



Ne tn 

Tr gemeeme CRE tee ot fe 



8 Réote RaW, Wine PsFeb.1 
Mh, (&' Séott Chathes KR. gMay 2 
«col Rontledge Wy Heb aidan.ogf  'Serivén Jébu By “?gJan.. 
o.oo Rowath i ct.o7}) 22 Scriven Thos. Swath, 
PWe paghe® HR bart oe ageD 

097 ev Shulver tobi) ds afiugn& 
Sy $BhrwrtleworehPetin arf cba sy 
<0 (Siblydetine.<) diiaxtOct.29) 
-Sicklembred olin iaApril 
gis Sidley Geo. Robert aiFeb.2 
TU Silwer dado ht dij ongland 
}<.>. [Simin Tho.Allenco7Nat 
. (Simkindehner ss .a8F eb. 
/Sinmmonils RiWa s agSepr4 

> »qoditewlandsd¢hinS?29Marchig) 
sc hitOWwliAbOn PHAsJaly1o) * 
jonMRey James. 27Oct.1if 

. NRoyer Charles" ei tgNov | Simshondé’ Géad; -wpAprilo 
roc w Un bidge Charles’ agOct. (ot CIM » Simmeiids Thai) » fd 
-oORuhidee Raber HzsJeaieds} | -9 Simm onds Wank. .Cresstod 

Rude John 15Aprild3} 281 SeccombeChseJ uli 258 ept-25 
Rule William 4Feb.15) | ° Selbie John’ ghar. 
Selby George Mayir 

‘Selby Sanrnel’ - 97Feb.15 
Selby William’ “| tMar.45}- 
Senliouse Edw. H. 23Mayo7 
SeniorJamées ~ gMar.15} © 
Seppings Edm. H. 11Sep.28 

411 Serjeantson Chas. 25July26 
Servante J. H. SAug. 

317 Servante Charles 8Mar.28 

Setford James 24Marcho7 

Seton James G. 18Mayl5 

Sewell Henry F. 10Dec.10' 1 

Sewell F.T.D. —__gOct.21| 331 Sinclair Ha, Bs G.a20ct. 

Sison Samtre] »; » 2oAug.c 

Sisson John M.:.,4Aug.® 

. )} Skardon G. By \aFeb. 

Skead. Thomas, . 21Dec.@8 

Skene Jaaies:« og @5 Apr. 

shady sae Motz rie 

Shairp Stephen 26April24 ‘SkinleyJohiy 4. oqfFeb. 

, Shakerpéat. Arthur 3Apr.10} ‘ekyonds dohin >: ~8March 

065 Shallard William 98April27} 52°¢ kyring Wii..GeomoM ar. 

: 430 Shambler James 3 pede = en enerl 

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oO" Ratkeld Thos... -.4Feb.15 Shapcote Thomas 1p 11) OaSlater MichaebAwy42Feb.8 

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Shaw Charles ( 1Feb.t5 nat? Slyman Dad) 2a0qtMar 

Shaw. George 9} soten 9 Smsil Wm. Arechu;47Dec 

Russell ord Edw-28O0ct.26 
. itt Russell Robert. 3oApril27 
Rust Robert 6Dec.13 
"Ryder Willlam — 16Sept.16 

» Ryder Hon.'G, .D, aSept.1y 
~ “Rye George Hub,  8Mar.09 

‘> Rymer Dayid agJ uly 25 


at Ae a hen James 10Sept.10 
(1 Steir Relea © eMayi9 
“0 “Sadler Benj..P. 25Mayi8 
“© "St. Sohn James 90Sept.o8 

Smvath Jamies! «07 @1Aprilbs: 
Shebbcak rolit. 30Noviig}' Smales eaiiamnde ee : 
130 Shei je; ye Julyigh | oSmart Benyamine . 
be Sheils Jas. Wa) te ue icloSmarte Wil me poate 

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voli SmithJobnh (e 
s 19 Smithvoba eapnatae tu ' 
Sheppard Wm. D.93J ulyo8/,”" 
430 Sheppard Ponsonby 4Feb.14} © 
445 Shepton Henry B. 165unedg 
3a Sherer Joseph 26Dec.22 
Sheringham Wm. L. 

> OuSandey William’ 25Sept.o1 
s64 Scone 08. B.27Dec, 27) | 
ce eis a ‘ 

uM \Sangstey Robert 31Mayoo 
pre’ Sankey Berry aM h 

gheewone rat bm 
ewén Dani¢ 19Augigg| 
Shewen Hen, Tho, 3Jan.00 

‘Shield. William. 15Janco2}"" 
~ Shillingford Alex. 28Feb.15)" ~ 
-. Shipley James 17Aprilto) °°’ a 
, ShiptonJas. Maurice fel PS TESS mith mad”? “27Decio8 
sat gs Juneto) O° Smith Wont Henry” 

5\' || Shirreff Patrick > 9¥Feb-t °C Smithd uf} yriteri2Julyi0 
Y > Shirreff. John... 4Dees2a} 79 SmEe y les" >) “13Mayi3 | 
52 Shall. Rebert,H.., - 18Oct2 

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2% ene ‘Art mtb): et 3 Smith Andrew (a) 28Augy1s 
Bat.” Beeb ShortHenry M. _3Aug.15| 262 Smith Andrew (6) 7Aug 19 / 
scneinbery: Heery 218 Shortland Willoughby |_| 219 Smith George (a) 208eq}15 
3oAprila7 18) an.28 Smith George (6) 20Jam2i 
375 Schomberg Herbert | | 265 Shortt Charles igJuly2i| 77 Smith Fred. Abm. J0Apr.20 
11Sept.27 Shrapnell James 14Nov.10 ; 

Schultz George A. 22Jan.06 

Scott Edmund 4aMay10 Shuldham Molyn. 15Aprilgg 


(go Prust Barth: | 


“Roberts Wm, (bh) @Feb.i5 
| Roberts Francis, gMayi! 
- Reberis Benjaraih 24Oet.12 
i ' Roberts Pidted *’ aFeb.15 
Spotl ogbetts Lazarus’ = 7F 

‘-oPrynn Parkins |} 443 R lt : 

hile: Pweckett Charles 27Mar.26 Reed Anthon 15) une 10} © 
Robertson Bow. R. GJulyil 

» dopoge Puget Win.'Day. | 22July22) Reed Richard B. 19Nov.11 we | 

ge Paget UenJoseph 20M ar.23 Reed 'N. John 1iMarus Robertson Adam 21Mar.12 

ae pre Yowu Di | v7Mar.15) Reed Archibald 10Dee.25| °47 Robertson Atex. 7Junel4 
¢) deloe Paleston John” 1Sulyog! 574 Rees William Lee 15Sept.13 Robertson Jas. (@.17Mar.15 
;e3 > Patlen Sam. Geo. 16Mar.15| 490 Reeve John 22F eb. .. Rebertson Jas. '(b) 12/unel7 
Fé oa Pulling James) agFeb.15 Reeves John A. | 14Feb:15 Robeson Alex: q yas 
pp ipGs Pulton Rich.’ 14Feb.15 Reid James (8) 6suly14| 77 Robiltiard Nich.” 31Mar.1 

Loo. Jeg7& Parcel John W. a7 Marv Reid Curtis 100ct.o9||' Robins Wm. §. 17Marel5 

colar oePurchas William — 6Feb.12 Reid Charles 10Fcb.10] Robinson W.M°D.2Aprile 
fb) ge'e® Purchas Francis 15Mar.15, Reid Henty 24Feb.tS Robinson Chas. (a) igNav.0g 
ed te Parvis William 16Feb.15 Reid Andrew Dev .20 Retiuson Geo: (6) 16Feb.15 
| 2t-4ph> Purvis Geo. Tho. M. 5Apr.23 Reikie William 8Mar.vo RobinsonA lfredSzmaJan.10 

_ 065 Pyke John VGNov.21 Reneau Henry = 16F eb.15 Robinson Louis A. 7Pep.12 
| ce joc’ Pyke Joseph rgMay26 Rennie James 13Mar.11 Robinson Chas. ‘C.21Mar.19 

WT: (}'qgo Pym Richard EE, — 1Aug.15 Renou Timothy aJan.12 Robinson Edward wsAprilig 
$i ur’ Pyne William (21 Mar.12 RenwickWilliam 13Apr.95 Robinson Abraham 7 
| £}.a '*) Pyne John « @Dec:26) © Reynoliis George 10July94 Robinson Joseph (a) gFeb-14 
Je ae Reynolds William 16Apr.t2{--~Rebmsowdos. (0) “TyFed. 

4 O0.Gpets -23a0's Reynolds James = 1Mar.15 Robinson Thomas 2dJulyis 
[ Bigpre.t , ino" Rhind Wm. Greeme2gFeb.15| 749 Robinson John. IDsp 16 June23 
| iia Riall Wm.Henry 240ct.27] , Robison Robert » wnat 

Sheer 8 see Rice Henry gNov.cs| 181 Rebinson Chas G.30Sept 2 
ea Rey tt Rice Davin gFeb.13],, Robinson RichandsoApyl?! 
peg etm cong tba tr -. Rich H 26Noy.03,._ Roche John. .«) 230ct.0f 
peng Michuel’ | 17Mavog)' | Richards Edward 12Juneo7 574 Roche Joseph 4 4Mayl: 
-ve.gote ele John” | 11Feb.97| 3? Richards Harry B. 12Dec.12) Roche arah oy poy AF wif 
er deif’ Guill Ricward | 7Feb.12) Richards Wm. {a} 10Dec.1 Roddam Wi... 

| 29; fe Guin Wiltiai A gJan.13) “Richards Will. (b) 7Febas| . Rodger William 

4 at Henry” o@ \g8Dec.20)' Richards Isaac 19) uly 14), . a Robert Brad 

oo ql 3¢ raat to , ‘ Richards John gAug-15 Oe John be te D: 

va ae hee ork Hae .: 591 Richards Charles aMar.26| . Baths He } «tO ar.:! 
SS 2 RRA RT - ’ Richerson David GSept-Bal,. RePPeltyeks his 
loo. Me bie ae es ake ty Richardson Fran. 18May96) Renct aEOTS 

podebiis ceili sron' C86 1! Rechertaod Clon. 15Ang-01 ogets Johar 
et Beige Raban RBs 7 a9Nov.1 ' RichardsonW m.(b)120ct.08 Rogers James (b) 
pos. Rabevt Geo.’ Wim. 9Jan.26)") ~ Rachardsou C. W.. 22Nov. Rogers Philip 

ret ro enpee ts amills a6SeptiG\’ Richardson Samue.25July2 EdWe ot 

ips Sey ww hes 1 Wars’ 16Sept.16) Riches Thomas 22Jan.14 s ‘Phpinits cy Ma 

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A perth : : a¥.i5" 135 Richmond Henry. 5V ¥ ’ 

sof0 Raivierddiage | Qdan.att PT ipichmond Pihotab Gaur ' Helleston James 
Sofie Rains James °"0'l 2Decig3}"'' Rickards John _ .13Nov.07 Romney Fran. D. 

20 Foca Ratnd Jouet!-asMoygy] ° Ricketts Chas-S. | 1gDecies| "79 Roses Soha: 
ex} » coRabfe Pilcher’: 2oAug.24) 39 Ricketts Cornwallis Rootes Jobin’ '°" 3Feh. 

_ te — 7 marae sete 'a8Mar.ts 20Mar,23 eabpoek Seep ede 

ethet( Ramsay Joseph: 21Deci08) Rider John ptt 6 bs Ta a tg LPI et 

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| gias fe Robert ©! 21Feb.15|")  Righy Peper geaug.o1 Roscow Sam: '(6) amet 

i * Ramsay William 8Septe2t) | Rigmaiden James, 21Mar.12) Rose oe Sere ae aMar,6 

+ amsay-Goorge” Z0Aprit27| rot Riley Chas. Wilson serge pte 

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> © Ramsey'Thosse a1Mar:15 aiJan.24) g6s peed nest oa ‘ Rhtents 

aco. Ge 2aug /O Ritchie Thomas | 2oJulyi2 vo g$Sept 
OE eet -peneerpel ber ade || Rivers William sen oe Ree ea tanks Mons 
in SF reseed yi! leaReb.15|°206 Rivett John BE.  g9Mar.28 Ross Richard Goh teh 
qnenen Hien 2rMar12| “39 Kobb John g6Mar.27] oR - Bobet ‘ Min a 
in xs é?% Renry © va7Maya3 ~~ Roberts James W, 1Dec.78 oy dinkes Ch Won qyeee " 
a\9 "Phorm 9 EF aes oe oberts a Na , 7Mar.95) Dh er rai a) Maris 
pet tsey Nattidniel '2214n.06 _, Roberts Edw. 5April97} ‘Rosse aaiiibeen oD rile 
~ os cae th = 0 13 T28MayoS} *'" Roberts Edw. (¢).10Nov,10) |) ge ans Theao ‘T eb 
At ie Chas »Wyhdnam | {°° Roberts Bat jarMa 95 beg Roth oF ahee of ‘ebil 
we GF wend) 2917 IiJunez2 Roberts John [by 2Augy ra" TT sowed | 
as Rawld Richard. 2oApri Roberts Johu (2) Weser ete Se re dol sanaail 
oem Thomas 26Septa1 overs pte coe rr peley | are! AO 
weg Cheer? oveith itl V 1 ; ! og : qpurml yolawe | 
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99 Pusley Sir Thos.'S. Bt 
.S. Bt. Phillips JohnW. 20 5 
509 Passingham Aug. a a a Pe iiaiass ates Bee 
ilips -Alex.175 
15 May 1g} 433 Phillott WC. Tribes as 
Philpor Steph. Daw.14J an.o8, 

Ohifiela William, 11Au ' 
Gld bam Searies W. 5< rag essumbre John _-g0Dec.08|,. “Phipps. 
Oldmixen J, Wm. 11Feb.12 p erson W.. Love 20Jan.0g), rie James) «ft ix.06 
wixon Willian Henry Saat Ait ovit ete I Seah mae 
raat i : i re “jparles26Nov- . i 
Gieaixen. Gee, . peed: 226 ne Predetick: ap2ul ee se now Fr. John ll 
b+ aa Vinm.S. : Bis res Pars William 21 Fely 1 ickthorn Johan, ‘| 08 | 
Olver GeomeeC, aNnrig) awl dard saMarsia| |: Pagettshainsnrrct mae 
Neill Robt. G; - wen Nov Rott Aree oc on) . 
Ovieily fata (a) aN] 39 Psion dnoeThonagera) Bike omaa, fsb 
ely Jobuj(y) 18Sept. 2 ahi 5 Rd re Sa Nov. Pike Ls 
Or\char Orlmdy f tM be o8 Payee Wittens 19Mar.24 ea A phen a 75M 0} 
oorn Joly bts. Payne William aPiek ce! phe ide ae  agpdep 
m0 Bey weal api sn.06 Rey he Richard ree. $82 Pilkington EW! “3 
Gsinar Thewas 5 be he bared Charles or Junes4 524 Pim Edw, Bedford 1 
Otway Robert ia Mave 556 P ynterJoinM. 110ct +4 430 Pinhorn Wane .o‘/ 20S “3 
Overvind Henry SJanad Puke Checks ovApriit| PRAT Bate aiNoy.12 
en er ind tee: athes 5 1thne 4 19 : 
265 Owen Bell Robt zMayos wy Peake Hen.Fred. ant 14) 430 Patfield acd ur ey 
Wie enltewara . : aAug.1) *Suaxthia Wilham Berne Pitman William | subs h.ot 
Owen Elward E ke pty earce Rohert (6) 5April 4 Patt William (4), )20 oriloé | 
Osthovonga Wan. April27 Pearce JohnJones 9 iva Pin William ay Le 
997 Oxenham Justus 23May96| PearcePred.W'm.B.27Febae, Pit. E. Wim yous ps 
Ste aa al pean een cy | 430 Scntne: Wan Gee: atdan.o4| aPitts Edward! 7 Ht 
Oxley John 19J uly at Nese Thos. (a) Au $e aine Joha , 5 
25Noy.07) earse Thos. (b) Buen 7| Platt John ' o 
Pearse Joseph =i ore Plowman G. ; ¥-93 
, Pearson Charles BNov.08 Plucknett TF. A pyot 
Xi eoaiacil Pearson Thom SOY -00) Aad PlymsellJ 7 
p as 27¥Feb.1 p { 28¥Feb.1 
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ths. ce'Eam.H, bi cnart PedderG. M.M*K, 308 ar.l5 Poate James om oe 
ot ere Joseph eM. 21 Pedder William panes Pocock Wm. 1. aioe .00 
8 rhe ay Rob. Cha. IFeb. e ab von Hn. eh pae poe Richard _ Zuuteas 
mi! ri a u c 2 m1 e " bd nore J." . “4 
fi Bstasicphen — goeto6) © Petra irae, “Sina onton Same! Mr 
« artin ; by elrson Geor ‘ *o ard John 
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ya Palmer. Edw. Gas, ov.08 Pengelley Joh Fl settee Hace Ponso J ~ 
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Rca Pe ond pacha oNov 1d Fengelly Robert g. Rebs puss ores Thontaodp 
BAe 9 jm. (a) 17 efatherW.W.22Aug. enry . 
» a Bel ings Nt m. (b) WAug-19 Pennie her ie ya 21 Pook John y ont 
OY Peoton Ponte SA pt.15) 420 Pennington Theb, Ht ere 430. Poolt_Robert -—1olan 
Otto merken PanlG. nar 20 Pentland JamesM Fpaleie Pooley George 27De +25 
(970 hp ridge William wea ae Perceval Richard , 6A i 4|/ 289 Poore William oM 
tornat FohniStecle . 16Feb.1g Percy Philip $oMarchoo)..: Poore John .,.«)-51 95Feb-13 
Pla Barkan devon f Maroy’ Perkins William ‘aha; fate Pope Edmund, ):'! 
one Parker Henry De: a1Aprilo, Perici ER yk 8 ci ee ee errrels 
we) hieren Parker Charles (a)atMar 1a ce penny ag Chex toy SMan og a habeched B. _ 
iui e "has, 1 a m.Tatto 29). 4 a Bi al 
rie Chas(e), ZSept..@), AB Entch Casey te : Fre #7 Fogle abn Me 220e 
' . ParkerJohp soNoey eter Robert ‘p7Au newd, Porter Bomsdd i cSt 23 
Parker William Fy oMarie Peter Wm. Frank, NaN c. Potts Joba), 2.1031 7M 
Parker Walter T.17 M 15]. Peters Laws Chas,2gA v.09) |v: Powell Geo. Eigaei 233 
, Parker Robert 205 ar.15 Petley John — F Rut os Poynter,Chas. Ws! 265 ey te 
Parkes John i pare Petrie Peter ao J nteet Poyntz Stephen « /@8A 
«, ParkinJas. L. iM. r 1s Pettet John Bent. ery y16 i ‘Pradgnal Ftedoridk6Mai = 
fat kien Reb.LiaiFe 18 Pettet Mark sewahrs ratt James» "27M 2 
ret’ ofParks Abm. asMar " Pettman Richard 15Au JO Prescott Theos. L.'\ 1 
indian, Boe a@Novett Pew George Lseptre Erepen morn so 
nF , we wy das. Bdw. 7Junea3 Peyton, Richard abAu, 22 Preston Thomas. '/ o8Feb.1 
A rAlexw®. ‘a April 2 Phelips Thomas spans 2) Preston Fdwand: | 20Se = 
00, Parry Henry -. @6An ‘ Phepoe Johu sutancen 265 Pretyman George /17Feb.15 
mo Parry How. Lemiibtea Ml sete Philibs Matthew .. 9Feb 265 Pretymeda Wan. 12 tee 
ay Parsons William (4) Feb Philipps J.P. , Manta Vn ree Jaiwes EL. tra 
{ieeamaegrtd | Hiletiecs. | Gee Ss 
‘ied « ors. f ay “7 . 7 ee | 
dy..08 Parsonstdéhn nt eFeue _ Philips John cere r= aac Hugh . aBPok = 
Parsons Timothy Mar, Phillips Rich, Ch, a6Nov.08 Pri de cle my Nadu 
Pascoe John Byre Mac tz ako Phillips Edward, 20Nov.12 Price Peet D. 2WOct 
Pasley James aoJuly 5) 265 Phillips Frederick 7Feb.1 ee ‘ice Chas. Hen.') 
00 Phillips William éMars “Price Jobn .. o to5Ne 
15 Pridham WilliamD. 1Ju 


ee ete 

 Mofany James” a7 V : ; 
“Motiarty Bat Ai Pratt ala épt.r 
~,Moriarty™ pang Newel YE ory afr 

). Morison John“ rT 
Morley William,” 6F 15 
Pepe Atte Thee: ot tid | 

orres ings 16 
(KM Ot es Andrew owe 

i Nesepll Juliet: “P, liar. 

: Newenham’ W.P Oo oe Nilyie 
le * NehabamNathgnie Fant 15 
31 etspan Roberta.’ TDée.oF 

Ug oF on Rob, fetl.13 
| aes an Gs iH TNoys10 Nev on James) mat i 
Morris Wm. (6) °° 24Auv.13 4i4, Newton C, F, Fi" 4May2 
orris Rich. | 18Mayl4 Nicholas Jona apres 
Mee Peter’ |) ' 16 Mar.15 . Nicholls Jaines THis 
ag Uopttis Geb George aces by: oy Fétl.1s 
orrison R, Js. 3Marchi5 icholls Tho, W! /13Aug.o 
“Morriss Edw, John 17Feb.15} Ritalte Tho. G. a) 497 

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sl, wan 
A o¢ era! Pals = i 
‘a 5 he 7 Se —_. 
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Mortimer George 17Dec.13 Nicholson harlés dhusos 
MortonT,CP., _ 150¢t,12 Nicholson et 21Sept.10. 
-"Mosberry D. 28Aprila7/ | Nicholson Rich. A. 1 Peb.15 
Moseley Thomas 28June2s 265, Nickoll ‘Pay Asti 6Fen.15 
Moss Sidney 25Noy.22 Nickoll Edward 27F eb.15 
ath Monk Charles 27 May25} Nicolas Wm. K. | 15Aprilog 

S37, optyn Hen, Mer. gjan.23 Nicolas N.H. ||| 20Sept.15 

at J hat’ Oct.o 
Mottley Samuel rings Nicolls onat a 19 © 07 

Mould Rad. Cotton 12Mayo7 
Mounier William 3iJuly95 
Mourilyan Ed. 31Janne 
Mowatt William 21Mar.03 
Mowbray Thomas ir iodaae 
Moxey fT Aug.96 

= ai 

Nig pane fsa aaeeg 10 
Niven James. - 120¢ct. + 
Nixon James. Jains 

42 Nixon Horatio S, bir a 
Nobde Francis “" "4 AW 

pil Matthew, “Mae 
ae 3) Atte 74 

Nopis yim: Black, 14 
corge oo 
. Noble Seteey We 410 28 
Revbeh Hg H.Q." me Pesepy8 
Nops Jo ul 10: 
Norcott Patient 18F eS 
. Norie, prdy an *“1oSep 
Norman M asters’ 5Apr - 
Rogpng ted et A. 1ike 
Navssa Bits 99P eH. PP 
aniel) 3! 

Mulhee Henr Noy,03 
’Mallins ay of 
Munro Andrew = 20Noy.12 

Norton Na 

-Maunro John ~ atch a5 Nott John Thomas 180c¢.10 
Muriro Matthew 4Mar.15 Nott John.N." |! (45Atig.o6 
Muré Jaines 23Aug.2u 5 Notter Wil iti ‘48Ma 95 

<MutielWilliam — 5Dec.12 

| Marray James C.° 11Saly97 

. Mutray James (a) #0502 
265, Murray Jas. (bh 

~ Murray John (6 50ct.07 

Re tray Wm. gl 4Feb.15, 
furray John § gMar,15 
ufray F. A. uly15 

urfay Richard 20Feb,26 
“Murray J.E.P.  11Sept,2s 

.N ielski i 
Ramet ath “a¥Mat.12 


Oakes Edmund July i4, 
O’Brien Andrew 95Aprito7'| 

Nagle Arch. 14Mar,15 

“Napier Charlés’  -a9Jul by wen 15. 
Napier Charles F, 2yDec.96 0’Connel] MF ry Peb.15) 
jaf “Nupper Richard 10Jan,25 ‘iiam “a1 Dealog: 
“Narracott Ma a git Lar Oghourn George, wWMiar.15 
|i ete ihee+; tt? pi, lS) Ogilvie Willkain Bar ia § 
Nia Cine A apes Ogilvie Henry ‘Felt 

Ogilvie Simon T. 16Sept.16 
Ogle Nlenry (a)~ Mares; 
Ogle Henry (b) iJuly22 
O'Hara Wm. C 4Feb.15 
» O’Hea Daniel 26Jan.05 
! O’Hea Matthew 4Fel.1 
430 Oke Wm. Walter 10Jan.2 
, Okes Charles 18Feli.07 

7 Nash JolhuWin/C.'11 Péb.26) 
| Nason Henry 280ct.09 

{ Nason Richard  91Mar.12 
a Nazer Kelly 30Dec.08 


Morgan Robert (a) oF abet. 
Morgan Robt. (b) 15Mar. 15 
5 Morgan John 17Feb.15 

Neale Soha: b) 22Sept.o6} 
Neame William 928Juneo8 
Nepean John 25Sept.o6 

er. all> HanSam.Wal. 9Feb,15 
sid Tilton aay isa a7, MY ingochiW -B. Ae 
mr Klar iethalte i? eas mp) MS ceaeinick § mes S1No¥,27 
; it sata é e ormic e, 21June13 
hy kiew aa: rt Ly rery David ” “BIA ng.1d 
; rey Me a ee Daniel Aenk » AgOct.14 
= Li ie ' M*Donald John, aaNovay) 
aby syd ltt es | M*Donald Ae: 22D c¢,060 
ingard Joh Mo Wy ae. *r \M*Donald Duncan Bitayi6 
ink i Stephon ‘46Mar.15 Maedonald Gordon Gallie 
e “ Fingacel 08.” ‘gvAprilog ‘ 1sDec 24 
 Linthorne ’ 108) BSept.o9 * McDonald J A.., 8Sept,27 
, Linton John" ~ 18Ang.o6 319. M*Donell John » 6Sept.23}, 
colipeepmy Edi feo + M‘*Dennell Thos, July: : 
Titt e James — 1iJu M*‘Donnell Johnd. 13Septa6 
» Litt eF rancis. _suating rol 265 M‘Donogh Fred, Geo, 
itthe Edwar 3June24 
as4 itHehales w, ay! ooo M‘DougallIn, (a) 26Apr.o0 
_ Littlewort Po isah.17 M‘DougallWm.._ 1tiJanl0 
Lloyd Wm, *43 oJ un¢06}- M'Dougall Gec.H.150ct 22 

»Lleyd W Bae (ce) oct 27 M'Dowall Wm. 11 Noy.25 

Lloyd Henry, . 110ct.94 M‘Farlane William2yFeb.15 
. Lloyd John *) “WJulyos M‘Ghie James gAprilo3 
‘Lleyd John (hb). 223uly14 _M‘Gladery John 24Aprilt 
yd,Rickard, | 228ept.10 M‘Gowan Thos. 2sApril27/ 
; foyd Fc pues. -11| 394 M‘Hardy JobnB,B,19Aug.24 
> Lloyd V “\* GPeb.15) 586 M'Ilwaine Wm.  20Aug.24 | 
«) Lievd Ven raid 20S8ept.15 ' M‘Kean James 4Mar.15 3| 
a | Fock Chas: 13Mar.15 Mackellar Duncan 10Mayi6) 
oftusArthur | 1pimel3 M'‘Kenzie Charles 9Dee,99 
if Louey. Henry * agDec.05 M ‘Kenzie Alex.(a) 27Dee.U8 
ay pain John J, 11Ang-07 “Me Kenzie Alex. (0) a7Ap.a1 
ey Robert, |), 8Mayi2 ~ M*Kenzie Tho, BA aE 0 
4 Leygdames 5, 5 | “Nov.06 . Mackie John Maygo 
“Lory, Mili “44Nove1| _M‘Killop John “avai 
-; Loudon V Ain 18Ang.12 ‘M‘Kirdy John sMayo 
; A enry Noy.12 324 ‘M‘Kirdy Kobert aFehad 
if fecha ie 3 agape “Ml gokworth Her, Ap ABT it 
e seit eb.11 yean Francis neg7 
sa Povetena Bases 8Feh.1 - MiTean Chas, C. r ee a6 
apdoyait William _, a6 uly 10 ‘Leod Alex. fe 22Jan06 
265: Robert... “TPeb.15 -M'Leod Alex. (¢, 1oSuly23 
»¢ Loweay * Me, 95M neo ~M‘Leod W illiam,, 10Sept,1| 1 
» Laweay Robert, A “15 a depot Wm, Bacon. i 
Lowe Josep ri aSeptas 
30 Lowe,A ere 1} oe tates * Millan Allan , tive 
237. Lowe. Rows ve eee? acmurdo G,L.A.2{Junez2| | 
on bow “dol sA LOC 19 M‘Namara Jer, | 20Mars15},. 
430 Lucé William’ “1 ril4 ~"Macnamara ‘Tim. agJan2ry 
66 Luckraft Alfred 3Sept.10o} |, M‘Neale, Males » , 4Ock 5 
Luckraft John 29Mar.o2| .. MacnevinJohn |, 31iAugslo 
 Lugg William BNov.06| 265 M“Favish brehd.gaapis 27 
| Lurchen John 3iJuly97| 317. Madden Chas, » 23Septs19 
‘ Pxiscos is: Edw. 3Dec.10 Madge R. Senberel, a keton 
_Lutman William _9Oct.10 “Ma ry]1 Chas.P., 14gAprihi8 
Lutman Chas. eb.15 “Magan Arthur 16Junel4 
Lutwidge H. T. GSept .00 Manin Joseph 4Jan.08 
| Lyall George Wuly25 oney Jerem. 20Nov.12 
| Lyde George gSept.14 Mainwaring Benj. 19Julyig 
avdiard Geo aS ras 3| 552 MaitlandJames 10July26 
Lyell: pboMAR, wly24 Maitland William 13 }une27 
weer ware, 2Nov.99 M: ajer ‘Timothy, Aga} 40 
. ait Francis B: Fee 14 alden Charles RtaSepte8 
s William, 2 Mallard stead ) » 9gJan21 
& ames “Odes aha allett William ,, aly95 
attheyy "3 an alone, Eaqmuud 18Septog 
Tyner Hen, 11) 27 gelatas oN anico te Selli rAl4 
ta Te rwiold siviisd ann Robert : i Slash 
ol ape ry el noms aivj = Nn abn Adrian Ta @d yon , 
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} | ASenes-Fames.(6) 21 Feb. Kieren tr. peor. i Lawrenee Thos. -' 

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Lawrence Henry 
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a «cl Seaee JoharWm. e8Feb. Kirtley John = ang dieach Charles 
Kiehee Ths. - ar.26 Leadles Rnbt. 

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: 4 Kitehen Henry  10Jan.25 

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Lang Heny asDe Lewis 
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‘Lengdow Wm. - Be . Bawis Be at 1 
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Liardet William Dec.14 
261 Lierdet Francis 18Mar. 
Libby Edward 22Mar. 

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Kennedy Richard ee Lanphier Vernon 26Nov 

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Keanett Henry IgJunegg 405 Lapidge W. Fred. gApril}s 

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ill Frederick C. m2Oct. Hous 8b gSe es Ri | ler. 
ill Charlee Houlton Rebert. seMe is Jomes Mosatie - - Cigar. py 
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care Wim. 0’B. goAug. Maughes Themas = aaJan.o0  $efferia Oharies. ‘giMaye 
ockin Hoary r7Feb. Haghes Williem 8.16) 20.06) Jottcrson Hraacis aneqy 
Hodder Peter aiMar. 1 Fiaghes Thos. Hi. 20Mar.og) si Jefiveys RG: ane ’ 
‘HedderMichmel 18Feb 15 Heghos Rob. Aud oMar.: pot nares Ma Pe e 
: Modder Robert 24Mayi7 o Gee. wee pt.25 oa . 
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: ae fore ‘ giAug.%! ‘Hurat George : 

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olloway‘€hos. -1@Mar.32' Hutchinson blag te 00} 906. renee 38ept. 
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olmen Robert  iiAug.! atchiveon Wm. sik eb. vik ANAS |. pril@ 

olman Fhowus A. 6Feb.1 flatekisonReh. agMar.13] |. nes m..., sean. 
Melmessobn H. 14Nov.o¢g - Hatchisealab + ecMer.! . rf 
lag eto an.144 163 Hatton 

oope Job ‘1gMar.14 tyde 
x | Wam.(a el.oF ‘Hyde Gea, 
‘Mooper Wm. (6) s8Jan.2 Hi 

per: . C.09 Hy 

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§ #0g Hooper John S. pt.3 , Jos, 
3 Hove Themas 1 7Bept.a 
F ope Sackett’ wDec.% 
]. 550 Hope James | gMar.a7 
‘HopkinsJehn 19Mar. 1 
- lopkins Ohsp.(a) 6¥ eb.1§ 

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exten Walthall gManz. . Handley fava H. e i Heate Will, NE: eh ts 
pyeon James, ,: . Hasham Wm. 1gMay 1 _ Heastey Gienege  gMiae ic 
on Jom, .-99 Hanmer David rig Heathcote Geo. H.31Mar, 
we ve Hannan Thomes i bg stedley Wan Dent 18 vbirs 
in Che,.W.G. Hanns James Rt. Hetty Joba He: « isintpan 
: Wi - @1Jubyo2 Helland Joseph: Sep so 
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ae ing George a0Mar.15| | emer Rabeot ist 
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. éBreewetl Joha 1nFeb.5} « 

. Frieker Robert 13Mayo5 
Fridnd Charles) FJ ane12} 
Friend MatthewC. 16Feb.15 

Piest Wm. Edwe -o7Apritt 
Fisher George 9 ):(4 b6 
Fisher John lottalyag 
Fisher Heury 198 M15 ht 

‘Gladwe Il Deiinie HlayMiagt5 
‘Glaire Theos?! do) 9Pebds 
> Ghanivill George! \1g33ulyogp® 
378 Be rib Was PF.) SD ee.27 

Vittow Michael! « @Maré Fry John D. 16Mayi4 havseF d. Heit Hy 20 Fe 
¥itegerald John) @Nov : enry i7Aug-o1 Glennie Ww iDbiea iwqJainas 
Ficegoruld Mich. 27Veb.01 Pullarton John C.29Mar28 Glinn Richard: 19Dec 
Fite Gerald: Hinmil aodulyot Fuller James 6Nov.97 

» Goddard George »''3 
“ Goddard’ Wi pains ae 
, Godden Jos Sate HSPAAS 
Godden G. H< / 30April27 
Godench Franeis® 25 ¥far.o9 
Godfrey a acy 24 Aprifes 
‘Godfréy J Re 08045 r.15)| 
Goldtineh: George: a5July25 
522 Goldie John’ vn Sen) 02 
‘Goldie Johw UBF by 14 
Goldsmith H/C, © 275#n,09} 
Gotdsmith Charlestosin.25 | 
Goldsmith George BAN g:08 
586 Govch Thos. 'L, 28Aprie7 
Game Aaron aeeey15 Good Johns!" °° 6Mayo6 
GapperWm.S. 26Sept,14 Goodé Sephase! “ 16F&D,15. 
Garbett William Mares 149 Gooding James G, 20NGy¥.05, 

Vitsgorald Henry | gre 
Vite Gerald Wm/R. akuis 
ala, zabapere'd JohnC. 18Apr2: 
Hits agern ld Charlene 27Mar. 
144 Fitsgerald J iq Nov/2b 
Fiwemoaurice Wm, 1§Jan02 
Vitammtiuricedas. ‘14Novio7 
Pitamaurice E. H. e8May13 

Fuller William | g1De¢.27 
Puliten John a2Mayoo 
Furze WilliamrP. 14Dec.11 
Futter Robert 16Aug.14 

Gabriel John 9Feb.15 
Gahagan Thos, 12Juneo7 
Gahan George §Oct.15 
Gale Charles © 21Jan.24 
Gallaway Alex. 21Mar,12 
GallichanJames  4Mayio 

qa Fleccher Johu V. ept.o7 
Flinders Sam. W. 6Mar.04 
*Khinn Johu Tarner 
; a6Sept.11| 
Flinn William. © 118¢pt.13 
Foley Edward K. | 30ct.03 
Folltott Robert «—a1nJusied7 
Foord James John anBeb.15 
371, Foot Mattbew | ~~ adan.2b 
Foote Pearson 27Dec.27 
Forbes Robert rgd uly97 
Forbes William(b) 2gJan.21 
Forbes Jas. fiddder sMariis 
Forbes Alex. Wm: 4Mar. 15 
7 963 Forbes Arthur © 11Mar.28 
Fortler Ge aJurielo 
Forilyce A.' De. 
Foreman Heaty: fe ety 
Foreman! Richard earl aris] ' 

Gardiner Thomas 19Mar.o8 Goédlad Edward | 22ani 14 
Gardiner Wm. 16Feb.15, Goodridge Rich. 16A1g19 
Gardner Jas.A. 12Jan,g5|_ 77 Goold ‘Hugh «” 16J tmeo8i 
Gardner Geo. 10Mar.15 Goose Georks 1 ok unél i’ 
Gardner Chas. H. 203an,18) 265 Goose Wm. ° ébiis 
Garforth William 250ct.13 .Gerdon James (b) 3iMar.1 1S 
Garland Abra, 12.Jan.05 382 Gordon James: (cy 27 Sune 
Garland Wm. 17Feb.15 Gordon James FE. ''17May1i 1 

585 Garneys Thomas 11Mar.28 430 Gordon ©, Rumb. 13Vee13, 
Garnham John 18Feb.15 Gordon Jas. Alex. 26 14 

279 GarnierBrownlowN.gFeh2b|' =‘ Gerdon Hens Cyan. igFebus 
Garrett Edward (a) 3Ja 1 “Gorton Adatt' uly15 
Garrett Edw. (6) ay ea «| o8q: Gordon Bears Fea igbeeat 
Garrett Henry) 1A apse 557 or William! 

Foreman JUS. GOct.27: 490 Garrett John 26Marjoa) Gufy Raine ta a r50ct.02 
Vorrest Jas. R.. agDet.14 ‘Gafrett Charles atJan,o4 Gore: Ralph ¢6! i epee 2 ; 
430, Forrester Williaut! nOct -uGarrett Geo. Ms @Sept.28) | Gore’Geo. A?''* * “asuly2t! 

4 457. Forster John): | | aFeb, 
167; Forster G. Brodks: 27Dec.12 
| Kortescue Genrge’ ‘70cti11 

Garrick Witham 17No¥.00} | ° ee GW, To’ eBApriie7 
\ Garvey George 19Mar.16 Ween’: pice 26 ane 
4i4 Gayton Charles 30Dec.24 “i A Ages, 

Fosbery mailty’: pApria3 fae Denver Shag 15 Sores Sent e 
«bos o 16Mari5 a6s Gear mHetry 22Mar.23 
gene William \6Odt, Gesty Johw Mf agMay 707) co Hise (seMenis 19 

«i Gould Nicholas: a eA prilos | 

| eral Edward Pv »'§Feb.06 
coGaathd Wow? 5 apyPebi 5 | 

Gear ot oat 
_ Foster James'!:// | -gDecti16) “? : 

Geddes John ° ’ mis 

Fouler Jolia «!! > aAugi Gell J. Sherbrooke 1yJani1 | Goullet Charles 29Sept.14 
., Reulerton Thos | MiMayag George George tales) Govett James ogMar.ig | 
Koulkes. John D.» . 5Ang.13 George James ‘SMayi2 Greme Alex. John 5Dec.22 | 
, FournierHen.. : adulyo2 George Thos. G. ‘24Julya5| | ~—GrahanrMatthew—220ct.95 | 
Fowell William... ~ 140ct.95 ‘Gerard es May25| | Gramshaw J. G. H.22Jan.06 
Fowke Richard. . 8Augii6 Getrard Wm, C Benes :Grasaiers> Paul 2Feb.15 
Fowke Thomas T: 17June25 ‘ Gibbes Francis B. 160ct. Sanenéb |»: 09 | 
rowler Thos Rie. 11Feb.15 -Gibbons William © '9Feb.g6}‘ Seah gerne ee 
Fox George | agAu :01 Gibbous Wm. Hy eMayie ‘Grea Jobe fa) -o5Suie1a 
Fox Jas, ‘+, 6Febiis Gibbs Geo. 20J uly2a 5 Grant dohni(D) << + 8Oet.19 ¢ 
Frampton Thos.R. 3i Mayo2 Gibson Roht, - GAuis.07 “+ Grant William 11Feb.15 

France Nath.'T. 27Aprilos 

pomae Nah Cc. 
rancillon Thos. ) 5Octi1 

265: Vraucillon J. ee 2 aMaiiie 
rancis John .|) : 19Mar.o7 

Gibson James Aur. Geant Ludovick:! aeFebiig 
cider, Geen Sap, eae a nga 
iffar mes miyay a wa 
1 os. - Graut Duncan BG.” 11 
icc gemol la. gaOdte7 
5 leather Charlée 430ctiog 
> Geattik George: 14Au len 
i GravecJobn Ci 05a 18: 
Graves Rich: W, --27Dev.o8 
|) Grewes Alex. 99> > Febiig 
'6,Graves Thomas 180 riley 

» Gilehrist Donald | 8Aup.161' 
' Giles Edward :' ‘30M hh 


rT Giles Wm. *:: 4 gFeb,1 
Gill Robert © r6Se) : 
- Gill Thomas*!\-' | 
- Gill Joseph CoH. oIMa 12 

Gall Wme Yeo agJuly24 

-Gill‘Harr [quSept.a8 

| dsillnore _milekners eb,01 
~oGilly Frederick’ |° 4Feb.23 

ort rind a eo 

nour Heury:” appr ‘ie 

is Race ov 7 
\: letstoue Jobn'N, Sutyas 

‘Franks ks Fredy: | mes 
sol Fraser Jolin: «| ae 
Fraser Geotge N iNovi 
- Rraser Hram » torts 
Frazer Geouhs | k7 
Frazier Johu>:’ 0 
14F rederickC harles aeAyeiltS 
Freeman Fredy: 195ept5 
. reée Thomas) 1/1 1 

Freestun Hum.May 2Jan.12 Graydon JasoN. « 23Mars 




—_——— al 

-Deuchar Patrick »-2gNov.13 Duell Thomas . “28Mar.16 Elwin Joseph > aaron 
De Vitré John D, |, 3Mar.b1 Duffill John SSept.27|.,, Emerton James ulyo2 
Dew George $8 Mar.15 Duitus Jas.) 11F eb, 15}, 265 Emery Jans B., legan27 
Dewar John 21Mor.12 Dufty William 44Aug.07},, / .- Lntw isle aor abJan. e 
Dewar John Geo. 17Julyig} 559 Duins George 2.» r9Jan,23} 47 Ershine 3 tony ph. 2Jan.26 
Dicken tiy, ber 8Aug.99 Bomares Lares a4Aprilio| smonde James \46Mar-15 
Dicken erry 7Mar.15 Dumbre a7Sept.10 Essell Wm Ff olkes, 27Dec-27 
ys Dickey W Mitiam 6rept.23 Duncan Thomas ote t.91 Estcow lt W.G.B- poa riig7 
‘ Diekinsop Lundy 22Jan.28 DuncanJames May05} tourh Hen. G, , 9July13 
Dickonson Lacy 31Mayoy Duncan John a9 A rilo7 ns Roger  e9Ded.o 
_ Dickonson Fred. 14May10 Duncan Samuel =: 19Dec.05 Evane Tthes, (a) a2Apriles 
*kson Wm. (a) aiAug.12 283 Duncan Adam C. 22Uct.23 vaus Thos. Rt, ‘gPFeb.15 
429 Dickson Sir Wm. Bart. Dundas Thomas 18July10 Evans Thos. ( )-28 ra) 
i (b) 150ct.22 Dundas Wm. 20Jan.18 Evaus big oR 160 ct.09 
' Dieksen John G. 11Feb. "36! Dunlop R. W. 8May95 Evans Thos. 4May10 
i) Digby Everard 10F -b.i5, 173 Dunlop Hugh 8heb.28 EvansGustavus April 
Digby Edward 4Maya1; 439 Dunnett Win. H. 27Dec.21 Evans John if) 16Nov.11 
} “Dillon Frederick 30April27, Dunsford George 19Jan. 09 430 Evans John (b)  24July 267 
Dimock Charles 4Oct.25 Dunstan Octav. 7Feb.1 Evans Ward 26Mayi3 
“Disney G.R.T. 27Mar. 36 423 D’Urban John G. 100ct. ae Evans Raymond = 13Feb.15 
Dixon Wm. Fl. 25Mayo7 Duthy Peter 1Nov.26| 443 Evans Nicholas aJan-26 
~ Dixon Robert gAug.02 DuttonJohnP. 2Julyio Evanson Aleyn  i1gJnnel5 
‘DixonJas.T.T.  4Mar.13 Dutton Benjamin 19Nov.11 Eve Thomas 14Feb.15 
‘Dixon John 5. 1Julyi4| Dutton Thomas 13Junel5 Eve Edw. Long ~ 13July24 
| 174 ‘Dixon Geo, Far. 20Mar.23 Duval John a7Juneo3 Evelyn George J. '30Aug.04 
“Dixon Matthew 4Oct.27 Dwarris Wm. Hen. SNov.17 Everard William  f7Jan.11 
“Dixon Edward  18Sept.u8} 558 Dwyer Robert aGAprilo¥] 265 Eversfield Thomas 29Dec.24 
Dixson Speman a1Mar.15 Dwyer Michael 21Mar.12 Evison JohivC. -QsAprile7 
Dobbs es 160ct.21 Dyball Tho. Cooke 22Feb.15 Eyre Geo. P.  ’ / agduly14) 
“96 Dobree Thec.Peter gOct,27 Dyball Wm. Ayres igJuly21 Ey: es Harry , SJune27 
Dobson Hyde Parker 593 Lyton Will. Swe oe 
26Dec.22 Eyton Tiomas ~ sit bi, 
““Dobson George 14 an.24 
“Docking Abr. v5Feb.15 
Dodd Joséph 97J uneo9 ; 
PT "Dodd Hen. W.  -2odan.15 aa 
)P'’ Doneclift John 17S umeg > ae 
Bk a “'Donellan Malachi 1Febo t-te 
ope’ Deniers) G, M, - 18May27) 430 Parle Edward C. 1ToSept.13 AOw S 
a "Nov. astley Yard aMar.15 Fabian W.B." °° “ooMar.15 
es ce ooley ‘David »alisune2s Easton William = 260ct.26 Fabian; Geo: ds o JooMatas 
ety o oor ‘Tho as ABA em Eaton.J ames 13Jan.06 Bairbuirn 92) anor 
as in, Hts 2Aug.06 EboralkSamuel —. 24¥ eb.15 Fairgriey vei? 2 eb.15 
ncaa aah Meri Josi ab bgApriioa Ede Robert a3Aprilos Fairless Geot Julyo7 
pe oat Fran, ~2F eb. Edgell Harry E. 3! une28 Faivpoasier' ih? Slunegd 
r : Hank bin ») 4Feb.15 ‘Edmonds Thomas 2A Apvrilo7 Falcona? Re ach. 94 
=% . Pec roSept.15 430 Edmunds Charles 250ct. a6 ‘Farewell F b 15 
ot ) Doug! ae/Atth, Jas.26Feb.25)- _Edridge John ugO0ct.10 ; Paseuitieedoae 
: Hop cums t7nP) ~aiduner6] Edwards wes: b) apAug. of} |< ward Rieu ari 19Dec. 19 
0. ' “Dove rey Edwards Wm. aSulyo7 \ Parquharseny m,125ept.14 
pate Edwards Wakem. 4qMayi¢é Farquhtirsou@lias2oSept. 15 
joe Edwards &. Venn a@55ept.14 Farr Richard! r2Oct.12 
if Edwards Adams 13Mar.i5| | | ‘Ferrantdubn'” ‘30Nov .08 
he ud Edwards Sam ‘eb.a1 cFarcaewaviedn’ > 3Dec.10 
. Edwards N. F, 12 eb.27 Faweeet entry A.’ 17Jan.11 
ad - ‘Bawin Felix goAug.21 Fayrer Robert J. ' 19Dee. 08 
Poa ‘Downe Eicke James 5Mayio Featherstone Sam. @Feb.15 
PS “Downey Eldridge William | 5Sept.o3] Featherstone C/I. 3) uner5 
Elias Joseph 15Aug.06 Fellows Thos:B.’ ’ -7Oct. 
si f Bliott Geo. Aug. 10d uly22 Fellows Bentrett’ * 20Jan. 
Fliott Russell 14Jan.25 FergussowAdaniD. 120ct.27 
hae “Drake R. Hacche abAug. EllerbyGeorge 9F eb.10 Fernandes Donald @Feb.97 
1S Jas. R. | -agsu Elliot Robt. H. rest 265 FerrerW m. Ampustus 
isa Elhlott Cyrns igSept.06 agOet.s27 
Elliott Jas. B 2Feb.15 Festing Thos,’ 23Nov.10 
| Draperde Eltiott E.G. 27M ar.26: Festmg Célsen | YoMar 15 
: Ellis John raga srilg7 Fetherston John’ * 31Jan.12 
=e Ellis Franess W.. ssOcaite “Field Jove ‘Connor 27M ay96 
, Elmhurst Philip J.27M ayl4: Fiéld Atlen: Geo: Mar. 
ns Elmsley John gAugety ) Figg Wilia n™ 
Th. he Rilrin ioahaiastie goAug.06|> 35 Figg James "© "Brulyan 
Filse a7Febs15}26y Finch John We. 50aly 
Wiser Tens, Sh. 30ct.94} 490 PFitemore John h7Febt 
I Elves Ges 233an 97 ‘tig PinicanelBansay “Soh ril 
1 ey George 4Mar.t5]' inucane 0 ovs20 
uring saat qos og Lan. mr Fegan’ 
. aivis nore goet 




= — eo 

~~ “Coleman John(a) QJulyt3 Cragg John B. 196Maya8 Danford Richacd” ~——- 
~ Coleman John(b), 50 t-15)  “Crages George SMar.15 Deere Ck each 13 
“ Coleman Thos. 16Feb.15 Craister George  29JSulyou Daniell Rich U6Febl 
Coles Richard © 18Aprilio Crane Thomas 18Sept.o6| 349 Daniell Geo,” .asMay 
Collas John ‘20Nov.12 Crane Poynter 12J uneo7 . AS May23 

‘Collett Cornetins | 16May97 

Dansey Ed.Colling37Aug. 
D’Aranda Wim. 0; VeDee 8 

Craske John 29Aprilo7 

"Collidutt PeterP. 1Dec.23 Craufurd Peter Sept. F ‘ 

“Collier Edward = — 28Fel.15].385 Craufurd Hen. w, iMaran af Dak Rie — 
‘Collins Th mas QNov.95 Crawford Moses 14Sept pmsrd 1 WOES 
Collins John Birdin 3July99 Crawford Thomas aay aking ta Om BTuty95 

-* Collins William | 12June07 Crawford Jas. 1Feb.15 D: hero! Lehi SPeh-15 

65 Coilins Henry 1Jan.19 Crawford Rich.B.228 : 6) 17 ashwood Fras. Rt. 2Feb.20 

’ CollinsPhilip EF. 8Mar.a7] Creak Wm. eee NN Ag teense eee 

430 bh tired peapriles Seat: Peter 6Mar.83 aDathyeéol Chas. Rt ja.24 

ollis Thomas 13Jan.91 rellin Willi Feb, -aMat 
Collis Sam. LoFeb.15 Creser Thomas is ancae Dathan Jes'Fianiley ange 

: ronan ee ae es al ee ee agNeptts Davenhill Matt. eae d 

: Colnton Samiiel gUct.3 Crichton Wn Pb ly 265 sen Lk prijloa 

’ Colt Nich. saSept-od ne a 3Mar.1s5 2 Davidson Alex (H)agMas.09 

~ Comb Matt. | 27Mavy25 crisp John 2 May23 Davies Richard L : 

Me dd Ne ie! 1 127 pave eerne 20Mar.15 Davies William os Rest 
Gonant F nna BJulyor, 265 CritpoJobn W. dMaris DaviesEdward _, ;30Julyo4 
onan Onn dw. yooh yor 5 on po Said . far.15 Davies John Geo. 7J ulyo8 

465 Confust John gOct.21 Critchell Wine s40ctasl  “Deterdfeasteon’ oleh 
Conjaiidohn g0t2t) Cae rp. anersa] pact qamiton aeNer.ta] 

+01 ; -P. ; vies Wm.R. 15Feb.15 ‘- 

Gonner W. Henty20Sept-5)  Crockatt Fras.” Siutvas| Davies Dar: Gam, Matis 
Conner Sam: Bel gDecgs| Crofton Morge Cheb BEEP tt flew SAO IRIE ie | 
Commaliy dehn BH sDec-g3) —Cronen Thomas gNov.atl ai Basics Themen Litoet 
"sede 3 ich. L. agian. 7 ‘ai Deak Ww omas glov.21 430 Dayies Thomas, proce 26 

a Kone pre , =) eb.o7| 159 Croke) bmg bbe Maret OF Davies Jolin G. @8Aprile7 
Cock Thos. (b) aTenews Ceickatanec ee, Davie Charles... oaeert 
Cook John Fran. 23Feb.15 Crooke Wm. Boyle Marais DevieThe Leak ¥ 

—Goake dame a7Aprilo7 as ore ae L. gehen gt Davis Senay * Whe Mchae , 

ooke D. R- Kerr t.11 roohe William 9. s : 

39 Cooke John (a) M5Feb.12| 77 Crosbie Robert 1oMar.o7 ‘Davie dons *% arekae 
Cooke J onn(b) ajan 24 dena atohent 16Feb.15 Davis Geo. Evan, lolvlar.15 
Cooke Wm. envy 120 ct.14) Crotte W ile rile Davison E, Baker, 25Ap lo7 

cWugiooke, Thos.vals oF eb.t5) Crow Willi a SS AM Davison Kilgour Ajulyit 

re bic Cuokney Jas. T,. 19gJuneis CrovierF oy M 20Aug.o1 Daws Thomas | 25Ma 

Ago Cones \, ep 3Feh.13} Cruchk =, y » 2Mar.26 Dawson Joba, _  @7Aug. IL 

‘12, Cooking, WimJohm 29Jan.21 CrneReete ! oeee Dagon ai lian(4)14De 21 

oie CopeA apes pe tbaee Grocchites Seiees bt daiag _ Dawson Wm, (>) 26A pril27 

163. ee : at be Feb. Cudlip James Pret Daveee ean e Oat 

ly oa in Fred, a eb,15 Gull The ) 11Feb.15) 367 Dawson Gilb Fra. 28J nle24 
Corbes Edward 248 ept.22| Cull Th mas ‘ 16Jan.08} Dawson Alex, ©. : ays ~ 

rat in arpet Kynaston 2tJune28 Cullis Willis 6) .21Mar.12 Day Jyhe _,, (21Ded.08 

_-. CorbettN.. Gordon 125 ulyiz Cainbactunt 29Nov.99| . Day CharlesE, | 27Deq.08 

126 Ean MRO Overs | arches per pane SR a iF. 

Owes v Mar. 15 - "eb,27, aly Win, Jus . 

oo Cordry ‘Geo. ‘11Mar.15| ... Ctsing Sa tacel 7Feb.97|, Dean. Pieaag isFell15 

Corneck Ten, A, 26Dec.22! 77 pel name Fire a6Mayig 366 Deare Charles 20A ngao4 
CotnishJohn — esAprile7 nas Coen EARABNov.11 Deceeurdoux G, “36Aprilo2 
568 Kombi Rich. 25Mar.09 Corie E hee me 23July2g Delafons Wm. P.. 3Sept.10 

PESy Gees choceat sree’ StAugea] Delancey CS. ABAprios 
Cosnahan MichiP. a1Febais| gg, SUNY Roger C xJan.10}  Delap Hobert iFeb.15 

, CostertonSamuel 4Nov.14| 66 Curzon Ho ), g0July10 DeMontmorencyE.16Dec.o1 

nap SOteAwOTIR Chas 100er 14) “Cutler rank iMag) | abe 

bY m, ‘16Sept.1 . , 

ifoteraxa Row. BeagAug.22 "aie Charles . 24Mar.o7 
;, . Cotton Fran Ps : opty Denvii cement aco 

tii Kotton larnatlectoJuccen Dennst taste: Ooreuts 

_ Cone iel LL. © 9F eb : , ‘Densten Thomas | 15June12 

Couch John | psJulyop DabjneF. D. Jones8May12| Denye Jas, R. _.20Sept.15| 
M18. Coulson:Gust. He 7Jan.23| 66 Dacre Geo. Hall _10Julyog| , . Derby John 7Septi9s 
,965-Courtenay Henry 8Mar.ts|. fade Je ardaiey C, 5May27|_, DeRoyerea Fred.N.2gFeb,15 
= ,, Cowan Jas, SF eb. Dal Alfred n  , @May1o0 DerrimanJames , 26Jan,14 
| 965 Cowen Motrice ‘2iMar.13! Bete ies red 210ct.07| ,. Derry John 22Aug,94 
re Cowling Wane P 29Amg 26]: K whe fag esrb poe | 21 De Sausmarez Dur.aoMay24 
oq eeCox Henrys coin 3Feb.1 petrye ie Tomes 47Nov.00 Deseret Sam. Tho, 3Aug.99 
y ovo Coxwelldoseph.. 1 $Feb.g8} | 2 Dal -gAu DespourrinsPeter, 27Dec.97 

crabb JosephWm.16Janeag) «i Dalyell Jamies” “GSepi | 

am “ bf . e . : 

Nis eg ale 2Mar.t5| Dampier Edward 1Feb.15 

old: took #Gkd : oui ae iy lov. 12)'°.  Ghamp (aR Feb.92 
£0. took ie surt iE ei “8 ec.24 |) »Egpel oh teers : b. 38 
“436° otal Fate: ne Tton Ja (@) 9Ang.1! 5 Cleipman ram. 25) rilo® 
eWay outthie Osi SO" Bary George : Aidan.14}|°), Chapman nya me 
Joba ns George ey 4 “ToNer93| oy, Chapman 
ton neti d. v.01} | ush, Wil'iam , | 4aMay97||,, ,..Ghapman, has, M “tah u itd 
ughtotW illiaim 8Apr.25 | 28 ‘Batcher Stephea” RACE: At}. Chapman,J ct.14 
Langton’ sion ‘Pitcher fopathan, ayer AB 430 | arlepya Bias 
Thos. "(6)" neog| "Butcher Robert. 3Ma eo har besa 
n George (a) 23Aug.97}'" “Butler Whitwell Hbalyos |... Charletons eaiahov.t 
bwu George tb “"TNov.15 Butler George 19Nov.11 118, harteris Ghaslex 29 aay 
8 Jog , ">" 4Dee.07| ‘505 Batler Humphry 11Dec.21]|—) ave Same, oe) gosaheb.12 
win Wim Yes fed Feb.vo |e ‘ Bedler C,. G, -29Jan.22)| Cheap A WY yo 29d 
mn, Win.’ 2: ia 02} **'! Butler 'T. A. ct.27| || Cheesman.Rich.,,, Aug. 

seett &, W) 2oAprilo2 
Sho. Hoskiist i a4 
2 erown Andrew, agiFe 

°O-" Brown Rec!’ {Aprils 
ona own Joh Win! 28Sept.15 
6! Brown’ Alexander \aypv.22 
“Brown Josph. Wim. 1oJan.25 
©! Brown Robert 27March26 
Si (Brown C. Foreman ~ 
|e 17A ape 
Fl a -Chiselden 9Qct.27 

| 893°) 

own T. Bpprmaster 

‘79 Byron Richard GApr.25| » Chick William).;aa 

Caldecot Chas. = 23 Dec 14 Chinnery Chas, »..7Feb. 

Buttanshaw Thos. 18Feb.15| |, Chegwyn Joseph, GOer.09 
Buttler George | 1oDec.10 Chesnay TEA aghier. 13 1 
Button Osmund 23Aug.00 Chesshire Jahn, ,3a2Mayo 
Buxton Richard | 27Mar.26 Chester Benjamin, aoKeb. 
Byass Wheatiey 26A pr vee Chichester. J. Bi P.aiMar.1 
428 Byne Charles §, 15Feb. Glick Syly "Evan che 
= Chiles Kdw.H. 1 fabio a8 
Cabburn John. E. 1iheb.15| 50 Chimley, Joba) |. .1gHeb.0 


Calder Francis A. 23Nov 11 Chivers Wm (a). : 303tin 
Calderwood T, D. 20July1S Chivers Wm.» (b) : 28Feb mit 

. 15Mar.28} Caley Charles 220ct.23 Christie Gabriel; ..22Jan.13 [ 
e ne Johu,(a : ame Flenry 24 Mayit) | - ristie Wm, aol. a n.2l 
2 “Btéwne John (al Came H May Ch Ww agsa 
on ow i Cameron John. = 28Dec.07 , Chrystie John! // 27Diec.05 | 

ea pamillers Josep hasteb- 15| -. Chrystie Thomas! : 8Reb. 


arcy Thomas #Mar.2¥ _Clarribute Edw. 6M rigg 

| be-0 swine Wile ma Campbell John (a) 22Mar.g7 Chubb Geo, Jase 15Aig.06 | 
pol. Bt hae patie ne Ceshpbell Johny Oe tNov,u3) 600 Church Spntoss » n 06} 

y Brownrigg Campbell John (c)2iMar.12| 433, Church Hensy) oo @Mar.15§ 
FAC \ Campbell Wm. |. 18Julyio ‘hurch Johan | 5-a3Jatine15 | 
aot > id rqugmeppell Grorne SAprilts wreck Eerie eee 
ae-r all John ‘ °9, i199} ~*) Campbe re 18F ob. 15}, app Wilhiami »-1gDees5 | 
* “Bernton jehn 5 /. f ve Caynpbell John P. 20ct. e oo Clare H. Wes: q (obpab 28 
e! Bey ; iam f ar. CampbellJames, 15July 127 :) o@ dark Henggy oS GMiar.o1 
oh izes " I 2Oet. n Seaipbet Robert Sglunea , Clank Wins se. S$. 2 ilo2 
et t George 2) Mi Campbell Duncan Fred,  Clarksehnyot! voi Aprils F 
¢3.9 al lodJuly26) |... Clark James, va o> | 5 | 
466"! - age baler William .22Nov.26 465 Clark Joseph L bGAtig.19 | 
a Canes Edw,, oJulyig) oo. Clark W wali Da 5 Ridb.21 |) 
dig: Cenpades Moses Q4Julygs| - | ke hidheW.) igoDbcyt 
: ‘abnhon baw. St (L. 2 JSuly23} | larke/This, Pw ouaeaitey A| 
Os fe ean C,.. +, 8hulya7} | larke Job B19! 096Wéec.2 
arew ve ' hoduly 14} Clarke C. G. 23 Dec.08 4 

yey BS 

jes Carpenter Chas. 20Jan.18 )ClaysonJoha) »») 29gNdv.93 
aks ed Carpe ater W ilkiamaitan 24] | ¢ Qlayton Jamets* »-o%Mir.12 
el. us arr Stier. 3 John 8Feb.15) |... Chaytomds dal t 1) opNGv.18 
- ks Carr Washington 12S5ept2t} ,, Clements Haid! ))-a§Mar.15 

oo eRslais Johu 220.05 Clerk Fras. Nu bs gbaly 
~ Carter Charles 23Sept.oo 
| Carter Ro Geer (a 3 1jAug.ol 
e pate” Robert (6) , aDec.12| | 
ic arter Samuph » Iddan.o8| | Clubley Chase Ww 
|’ , 23Augr.08 

rterd ‘hos. G 2 Coakley Thontids 
arter Jas, tb), hgh b.15 Coates Richard : ‘a jar. 
wot Richard Coates Geos Le“ vaiMar. 
CarthewJohn.. ayNev. 15 
Cartwright Thos., 16F 
_, Cary Henry, igdu ee 
I< if Case Ebib. jamce 22Nev. 
2 a Ee 1 ne LrOat.99 
ate M Ww oF “re 25Aug.24 
Caswell William ,,13Nev.13 
evel George oaSept. 15 


Cotk Robert! 

CocksedgeG.B/ 22 
Coet Williams! +: ports 
219 satin Hen: Eds! eda 
1A blan ¥. -Ropste a6 

ambers David 110ct 96 \0. CealecWill 

BS Bus ridge h 
rout Chambers James 27Aprilo7 

53 Burrough = 

— eer 

eae ee ee 

eee er horae’ LpJan.o6| |... Claxton, Christss.:gDéc.10 
“Gaienter Daniel 21Feb.98| » OP Sted Win Noble: 26Déc.22 

arrington Law.G.1loJan.25 Clerk Néikio.\ « 2gMavthi5 
Cleugh Robert. | Sibu’ 

Se ee j 
Clifton Wm. W cba 

Cobb Tsdinas : t.24 
Cock Samueb >: Ayo7 

| Goek Robert Ph $ 9 


Cas aver These, 1! Pe lin. ‘: Mpioonphol od ree 
‘ mer ar 7 & artin .*% i -05 | 
antfeita Ese aM ‘3Maris ir Cole Edward! 19 OR 
be Jas.) I HgbA. 21 re Cole Raehatrdid >| 1 lh 
Domes {) (7Mar.:5 Colec Robt: eT ee “1 

mer C.. 10Mar.14 8.Cole/Thos. a ed 

“8 (Cale George Ward 4 Me ¥.1 
{oo opeie 
| Colebrooke Tho. 8Mar. 5 




Barnard Wm. 14Feb.15 Betty Christopher 17Sept.o1| Borrowman W m, \fieb. 15 
Barnes William 3Aug.05 Bevan John * o6Suneo4 Bostock Charles | 9Aug.o2 
Barnes ‘John (ix)! goSept.13 Bevan Edward 23M ay23 Buteler Jno.Harvey loSep-15 
Barnes’ Jolt (6) 2Feb.15 Beven Griffith 4Mayog Boulderson Leslie adept. 03 
Barnés Pétet 17Feb.15 Bevis Thoms 24Scpt.o6 Boultbee J. Rage  25Jan.13 
906 Barnett Ldwaril '! iJuneat Bickerstaff Fra. 16Mar.14| 368 Roultbee Fred. M. iS ec.21 
Barr William’ PS" 290ct.11 Bid, lulph Edward 50ct.29 Boulton, im, 2,NoKn.a7 
Barrett Sanruel "95 Var.o9 Biffin Edward 19Aug 25 Bourn George W, , 31Jai.o1 
430 Barrdtt' Joseph P.' Dec's) 982 B: Hingsley John 12June20 Bourne Richard 4Ang.97 
Barrett Robert JobnSAng. 28 Rindon John Read aitulyog Bourne George S, Q0Nov.12 
Barrétte A.C. 12June20 Bingham John 5Feb.06 Botiverie Chas. LaSep mss fi 
Barringtoy' Cre heraoJ ulyas Bingham HenryH. 3Jan.26 Bowden Jobn 16Mar.14 
Barron David *0Sept.og Binney John 2gNov.14 Bowden Rd. Bayly 9¥eb.15 
217’ Barron Thos.C has. 9Sept.14 BinsteadCheesm,H.10Apro4 Bowden Philip, 22KFeb.15 } 
Barrow ‘Thowas’” “gJuly14 Birch Joseph 20Junell Bowdick Janes B.. 7May 04 
Barrow Theos. PYP.25May25 Birchall Thos. D.' 13Nov.go Bowen Charles H. 26A prilo6 i 
Barry William 22Feb.12 Bird Johir Gibbs 5Dec.06 Bowen John Skeb.o8 |! 
arry Garrett 14Feb.15 Bird Heury 4Aug.09 Bowen Peregrine ane. 08 
284 Barton Ralph BUct.2y Bird EdwardJoseph SNov. 27 Bowen Richard Aprils 
Barwell Nath, *Jan.14 Birkett Charles . 6Sept.ab Bower Richard J, Ve eh.s 
262 Barwell ‘Wim. 29Mar.22 Birks Joshua ‘95M: ar.00 Bowerbank John 30Jane13 
Barwick Joseph 6Nov.98 Bishop Thomas 6Feh.o6 Bowers William 50ct.10 
| Sor Basden Carles 2May11| 322 Bishop Henry W. 1Nov.o6 Bowie John 20J.aly12 
Bastard Richard 190ct. 07 Bishop William 10ct.10 Bowker John H.  7Feb.15 
Bastin Robert 3Sept.o3 Bishop George 18Sept.12 Bowlby Geo. Hen. 27 Mi aya 

| 480 Bate John Mort © 1March15 

Bisset Alexander 27Dec.08 
‘Benet cman _20Nov.12 

305 Bissett George Wana} 
Bisson Philip = 27Mar.26| 
Black Archibald 27Mayo7| ° 

poi Matthew ' 1oJane14 
ie 60 20 ack John Lee Nav.14 
on 4 a lackmore Chas. 11Mar.93| | 

Ov 1 Battersby Johg P. 26F eb.28 alg ickwood Fras.P. SAngae 

1.9 Bidet E ; aine Thos. M. fe toa). |. 
ot idater Thoed: |. |! goetene ’ Blsir Duncan Mo taf cc 

ro 21 meee Jotmodt o 106 Blajr Charles gMarchaz 
‘39 Bhir Horatio 28A\prila7] | 

i ty Robes anor. 984 Binke Pat. John 4 Jal Pines 
‘ Laertobebil a teE eee: 

«0 Bézely Johepe:: | iy Blan 21Feb.t5) .“ 
:.yRésidh Joh y > - ae i . Blandford} Js. (a afAng00 Soe 
-  Béeles Ch abe andford Js. ( sb tee 
. a ‘Béert CitdesOeel, 3 = i 2 Laguere Ee eed » $BDe ulyou EE 
Aer Ddhiet MIN latetiley Ghar bs oe 
auclerkiLord P< Bleathman Benj. ‘4 
4 ae Ged van eee Bisa pa6 
‘Oy rye! inerhassetyd /P. 
o ‘oBdmamout B84 ; a 

weed BéwemeiiFr. 46 ; v8 

Pa -Béanele ley og arge : 

| 01.1 Ridehter A eat ‘Blissett Chas. Ww: 
lat. Béekett Fl tgi ayaa « Beas Chas a 

-t 1Bbtdeett betas (op Beova 55 ‘Blood Fred erick ’ 

vid ‘Blount William 
. Medford Evederick » 554 Blount William ‘gk 
4, Bed Sord Jobe: Wi 21 Btweit J. Courtre oyeere 
Lit Reb. Blwrton George °° 5 
‘ med welt Feed, ': , 

oO -Bel os Wass April a a 
“ ‘Betlec Nathaniel a Hi Bost Vete pg 

i le Verte W, 
Charles... } BS goer aae art 

Hind rs Wi Thes.. ‘4Ma 

at a ” Balton 8k so 

$ Byte. F tet ton Jain 

; a Noy ob 
eb. Banas . nal g4 

: a awry ots 

pete aitel4 F. Ge 
e. soon John iah anu iL Butler 2 Themes 

1 Depo : 
ool pba 
Vas ig wien # Del ne’ 
orth Qe / the a ibe Gene Pw ery ‘Broet > he: sth f ce es 

pTOhIqQ ATL aon etadnaia ) is ‘ Ong GOL Wiad idl 

TT umm ae a eee ne ee, ee em a 





felon” Ne ATP HABETICAL cot 
reed sada fh au sili OF THE S clotalge rewto3? btislsenn 


‘Ale vie 
4 - 

wil : etait) as me The Names of the Retired Officers are inserted in Latics.) 

qeetl vile t 

te Figanes hefore each Name denote the Number of the Ship in.which the Officer serves nll 
; NAMES. eniority. No. NAMES. : 

Neen eee eee a ee ee EEE _ SSE tae Cee fro oe ete ee ee 
Absolou. William une10 Audros Charles _gAug.14/ Ayres rilg7. 
2 “ara Acherley Ch h-Hen. ooNov.21 Anley William —_ 13June15! Fryomey shoe ll abt | 
; vAchwuty, . R. 1gdaly1g Annesley Hon. F.C. 30J ulyo4 : 1 
: at te Ackland Edw... 17Feb.15 Ansell Henry 20s 
oovoddams W, (¢),. -25Aprilg7| 423 Anson F.H. = a3Dec Rabh Michael’... ‘27Sept.10 
Adams sR (a) . aFeb.15 Anthony Mark 220A rilo8, Bacon LE. K. €, - 26Ang 
As Adams John, (hb). 16Feb.15 Antram George 14Dec.02' 181 Badgley James. «| mre Be 
_ Adams Chas .Jas- 6Marchi5 Autram Charles A. QNov.10, Bagehot Charles ane 08 
me Pannen John. . 6Julyi1 Antram Simon E. 14Junell 93 meet Cheis, »)) @8June2q. 

peniority.|No. = | 


Addington W, S.,;12Mar.07| 495 Aplin Benjamin  16May1i, 1 P8Ma 0 

c 85 sony ah gAug-11 Appleby Young — 4Dec.99 55, 552 Hag well iPaak P. P. -agduly 12 
oy Aire 7Sept.15 Apreece William 22Jan.06 Baikie John 4Feb.07 
Sibu Gear Taylor, 17FelydS Arabin Augustus 7Marebi5) Bailey John Wan. be 00 
Pr : eee b. (4) 20A ug-79 Archbald Wm. A. 11Mar.16) Bailey Joseph »- “ hg 
~ bs oAiteheson Edw. ,16Sept.16 Archbold William 9Dec “96 Bailey. Wiss) i feseuets 
<4. yy, Aitken Alexander, 11Feb.15) 490 Archer Thomas 27Dec.08 Baal lie.Hen ¢ 3Reb.1 

zipase “Akers ormas , 16JSuly13 riley George 1 ONov.10) Bainbridge pay ‘A.soNot ob 
oe Pre Aldred, Williomy 28Jan.16 Arguimber osephglMar.18) Baird Daniel ‘T g¥Feb.15 
00 Aig Aldridge 4Fel 15 246 Arlett William 3O0ct.25 Bake J. Wolland 4Feb.5 
BS Stir ScAttee r ortonas ril27 Armstrong John | 10Julyo2 Babes Willman (speoBed-15 
Sehin lo eee ; 2.93 Armstrong Edm.J.10Aug. a1| Baker Thos.«(a) «{ 6Peb.15 
st a Feb.o6| Armstrong Chas. , 250ct.25 Baker Thes. (4) rh M0 § 15 

ar.95). Arnold John 27Mar.07| Baker Will ill. Henry 18Feb.15, 

ps e ¥ 
pls ames... , 12Jan, Arnold JamesF. 4Mayl0, 447 Baker James. P rgbuly20 
+ wl s a é /gDec.07 Arnold Joseph 18July 10, “fe Baker Rt. Heod, | ares 
i pov Allen Hee sFebo8| |, Arthur W.S._12Feb.2>| “Baker John ;,...'P26Deb.02 
th mo ich |, 230ct.18) ,. Ashby Wm. Rich. 18Feb.1 Baker Samuel...» 7 ay23 
Tse Vi Marchi5! 559, Ashby Wm. Geo. 11Dec 26, |, - Baker GuatuSp.+f taJan.24 
alien Bir Oct.25) ~~ Ashley Benjamin 25Aug.07) 338 Baker Charles Henry 
“ on Allen John dashed 5April27 Ashton Herbert 20Sept.15 QNov.27 
Alleyn Richard. 130ct.02 Atherton Bertr. M. 50ct.24 968 Baker Jos. Francis 22May28 
Alt Matthew B. 31July95 Athill James 3iJan.12 Baker J. Robinett 26Aug.28 

Ambrose Prosper 10Feb.10 Atkin Nicholas — 19Sept.10 ¢9) Baldock Thomas 10NoV.1 
Ambross Henry 25Mar.99 Atkins James(a) 12Aug.o9 Baldrey And. D. — 8Feb.1 
Amherst Jeffery ReidgMay15 Atkins James (b) 4Mayio; Ball William 6Marchi5 

Amiel Wm. E.  21Mar.12 Atkins John 300ct.27 Ballant Jobn uneo 
Amphlett Richard 220ct 23 Atkinson David 23Sept.o00 Bance James ee, a 
Amsinck Henry 20Jan.24 Atkinson Thomas 28May13 Bangor Rt. Hon, Viscount 
Ancell Robert 8Junelo Atkinson Geo. 26Ang.14 22Mayog 

mnbmvn 51°) 7Nov.06 Atkinson JohuCarr 2Nov.15 Bannatyne John 8Feb.15 

AndersonDavi 15Aug.97 Atkinson Horatio N. Bannister Jno. Wm. ears 
AndersonJohn(a) 7Jan.02 2°Nov.27 Barber Janves Sept. 14 
AndersenJ no. (6) oBA Aprilig Atwater James 16Apr.02 Barclay John(a) 20Nov.05 
AndersonJas.(a) 29Mar.o2 Avarne Isaac 17Apr.24 Barclay John(b) 3Feb.15 
Anderson James(d) 1May16 Averell Adam 11Apralo4 Barclay Geo. D.  '24Dec.05 
219 Anderson James (e) Auchi nleck Jas.Rd. 4F eb.l5 Barclay Robert 1 c.14 
1Mar.23) 119 AustinHorat.Thos.gSept 22 Barclay Andrew Sep.23 
Anderson George Autridge Chas. 10Feb.15 Barker WilliamC. pare if 02 
Andoe J. Hilary 4Feb.15 Ayling William gAug.15 Barker John 
AndrewsEdward(b)20J uly) Ayling Henry 10M ar.27 Barker Robert *W7bet.09 
Andrews Ben. a7Mayi4 Aylmer John gOct.o1 Barker George agJuly i 
Ayre Charles aNov. 15 212 Barlow Chas. A. aya 
Barnard George 29M: y97 

Wilbraham Rich, 15June1q 
Wildey Henry 3Maylo 
Wilkie James g0cu21 
Wilkinson Fred. Aug. 

. iMag. 
Wilkinson James 3iJar 
Willcox Robert 63e 
Williams Edw. (a)23Ma 
Wilhams Fidw (h)24De 

- ,Wali 
way ndteke { Faden 
Williams Peter 27Au 
Williams Owen (a) 3De 
William Richard (b) 

Willoughby Dighy 7Ma 
Wills Thes. G, M 
Wilson Andrew 
Wilson T. H. 

Trotter Hen. Dundas 

Stephenson Thos, 16Sept.25 
Stevenson John 5™iayl2 
Stewart Allan 15Junel4 
Stirling James (6) a5lanes4 
| §2 Stokes Pringle a6Mec 23 
Strearfeild Richard 26May14 
Streacfeild Robert 13Junei5 
Tresahar John 28Feb 27 
Street a ba i 
rer 1 te rtgduly2 
‘ iG Se ae haered . i A 
Style William 1Feb.12 
396 Suckling Wm. B.  iJuiyi4 
Sutton George M. 22Jan.0o6|- 

Tyler Charles 7Feb.12 
Valpy Ant. Blag. igJuly14 
Vassall Nath. 15Junet4 
Vassall S. L.H. 30April27 
Vincent Andrew A. GFeb.16 
Vivion Thomas 210ct.1lo 

Walker Robert 8Bec.13 
Walker Jas. Robertson 

*Walker William (a) 
Mall William 3lJan.1 

Waller John iJan.1 
Walton John R. 1Jan.1i6 

Sweny Mark Hs *- 19Juh 

Swiuburne C. H. 30April27 
Sykes Thomas QNov.13 
Sykes John 2Nov.14 
Symonds John C. W6Aug.14 
Symons James(b) 175ept.16 

Tait Peter 1Aug.00 
‘Tait Alexander gJulyas) 
Talbot Charles | 30April27 
Pandy Daniel a3Apr.25 
Tatnall Jas. B. LsApriltg 

Woodger Charles °.280 
Woodley Wm.) 41Ma 
Woodriff D. J.) A8Sep 
Wcollcombe' Geo. 104; 
Woollnough J. Cy 7Ma 
Worsley Miller (13dui 
Weir fest, 
tay Luke Henry 2 
Wrench Matthew 27Ma 
Wriford Sam,” \100c 
Wright Miyson® ° 70¢ 
Wright Kubert" iJa 
Wright Wm. Ei “eoAu 
Wroot M.M.°* “11Ma 
WyattHen. B! /S8Sep 
Ww opt Pelee “31Ma 
wy Ae ohn!) "180 
Win John Land’ 30De 
83 Wyvill Christ.” “a9Jal 

aves TaylorJohuthejunz 

*Whickuesse John | 293an.00 
{6° Thomas Abel W. 15June14 
(8p Thohipson Sir TLR. T. Be, 

als i9Jau.e8 
» pug7’Thorte dames 29M ar.23 

fei >> Whrusteon Chas. T. 7Feb.12 
““Tincombe' George 19Au¢..25 
Toby kd. \Jas. Wal er 

A des 22Nov,23 
>| Tomkins Richard 
ody Stephen ‘1220 ct.27 
4° \oe'Tombinson Robt, asJnner 
el° Tonthineow Philip | 31Deca 
+e oTook+y Ratceford 6Dec. 
fo ic! Townsend James: 27June1y 
4987 Towbsheud Jobw 26$an.28 
2 yo°* Tover ‘Aaram» \15Junel4 
~ PeleeTracey Jobat 66 aiJunel4 
(G52 Travers Raton ++ /15Junel4 
pipette Treacy Joshua*: ‘21Mar.12 

Watling John W.  1Dec.13 
Watson John 15dune14 
Weale Edw. T. — 25Qct.27 
§24 “Webb Edward 295ept.27 
Webb Joseph R.R. 1May28 
Welch Charles 10Noy.23 
Weld Daniel 27May2s5} 

583 Wellesley Yon. William 

West Christ. 4Junelg 

Whish Wm. G. H, 11Noy,95 
Whitaker Thos. — igdunel5 
White Mark 100 ct.15] | 
Whitelocke J.B. 11May27 

Whorwood W. H 27Dec, 
Whyte Edwatd — 6Dec,13 
Wigston James. 14Jan.22 

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th Maw Ooaells M 19d 

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fils Lee y190%e) Tad 1001 wey r rupted rivime sotto 

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a 1 Zettey Charts ais : 
ae tfo Heery “ e 
G@ Zones Peitip —§  GAnz.7¢ 
trl Joma - t 
1& > Gomes Jobard , uly 
i@ + anes Jokw ¢ »  May2t 
ZF: bones Wa, (a OV.99) 
, Gli: Benes Wan, (5 eMay cs 
: es “ els, 
' 1) Siomes'Wranii(e) sus 
| + Games BR (a} ar.00 
1 |Q}omes (4) a6May23 
: tu, (6) ; aU B6h.15 
q BG JenoeC batten (a) §April 
@ 1:! Gdmes Ctias. (5) GJuly2t 
it; Games Robert P. goAux. 
|.) >>) Fomes Thewas(s) Jan. 
|B .i1~Semes T 2 (6) aJan-es 
i@>' Qenes Fhomese) s8April2 
| 11: Jemes tpettobert arcu 
1+ Janes Hortere J. ov.) 
f Sewe here” Se 
im eee’. P t.24 
, B =- Jones Wan Ohas. Feb. 
iF tip. 96Feb-15 
} 978 Sones MoM. e- ; 
{ ' JonesVal.Herbert 19July2) 
* $236 Jones Lewse Tob. ug. 
| @ ou. Jones Rdlevard &. 2 
isi Jipage Peédlép 8, pris 
et an Robert . ug.05 
alperihe Taweres seJune 
1. (Gevene Saunes’ OM er.1 
“OF iw Semeel G,:agNov. 
Tu ia Jéeopt ' . ee 
F Be ie Januee-: - g¥Dec.27 
fF: Pall Rdweed: | eae. 
: Lea eeRebert  * ; 
: 17 Mastice Petts’ Weil- ¢Oct.25 
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| : be Be tradoak ATA ad ee 
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Nett Artiiat © “#6Dec.2 
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i lock ‘ 
: iy Bawnretey 
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am ° ‘Pot T. |" rl 
t bell Win. tf. ae 
i eee ames ©“ S@Apri 
po tan ae Rea ‘Rich. 
4 ee 0 Ae oti 2Feb.t5] 
2 “ee ovine “Beh 7 
a Ne ri 
) Kenderdine John oMar.1 

Kennedy Andrew 9Feb.t5 
Kennedy Richard 17Feb.15 
g62 Kennedy George 31Mar.44 
Kennett Henry igJunegp 

Kerr James Nov.12 
Kerr Patrtek | : 
Kestell John 
6 David asl 
KiddleJetm u 
King William Fl. 93 
‘Kang ry vaMar. 
> King Willie oSept. 
Ming Norfolk 13Mar.1 
- bing & dney OMar.1§ 
‘King  goApe.18 
Kiag Thomas William 
ginty 2 
Kingdoa-Johe 20Nov.3 
Kingston Thos. = 27Jan.09 
Kingston Robert 17Sept.11 
Kingston James 25July 
Mirby Welter eb.12 
Kirby Thomas 17Oct.1k 
Kirkwood Ches. 14Aug.1 
Kirtley John soap 
Kieshee Ths. © 27Mar.26 
- Kieehen Henry  10Jan.25 
Knepman John 1 
Keapman Edw. 21Mar.12 
Knevitt The. L. 1Feb.1§ 
Knight Wa. (a) 26Aug.99 
Knight Wan. ( 19Jan.11 
Knight Teos..E. 4 ila 
‘Knight James Fed a gu 
430 Knight John Ellie aMerchi 
nighton Chas. ar. 
Knocker JohuB. 10Julyt 

Knocker William SMarchi5 
: o aa 

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SertwrightAhtred igen. 

afer N 7” 
Laing George ' u 
26 Lake Edward ‘0A ug.97 
‘Lamb John | 
‘faumblewmes Thos.1Marcht 
Lewbert Wn. 
Lambert Sames 
fambort Chearies GDec 
‘Lamont Jennes’ 
R.B. 26Feb. 
Lancaster Henry onOct.13 
53 Lane Wm. (5) 13Mar.13 

474 ie y 
Langley Samce} - pbersaicd 

Langtry Jh. Millar 92Oct. 

Lanphier Vernon 26Nov 

Lapenotiero J. G. 17Mar. 
408 Lapidge W. Fred. gApriltg 

9F Lascelles soha- | 
‘) ash Jawes-:{- 


: $e FeavraJekw _- 

kegard Jamema,. -etOct.27 
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Bergh Benjamen |: ar. 

Ve igh Faees.. 0) Bee. 
Beith Lockbart:.:; 26M 

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ie Mesnrise: Pal 

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. Benteck Ci Adams 06Noy. 
., ‘Leroux Freddi ril 
Bealey Wes) .baF eh, 
daplie Walter: 1: 
Leslie 7 


davell T laouine eptJan 
Levett John 

dew Hen..Radon 

‘Lewis Mansy- 
dewis Henry 

96) Liardet Francis 
Libby Edward 


» Bill John(b) 
Hill George ;aoMayit 
| |. Fill Phormas (a), azJunert 
4...) Hill Thomas{c)) 2@1Mar.15 
1 Hil! Samwvel 20Nov.12 
Bill Frederick C. Oct-14 


Hill Charles 6Feb,i5 
Hill Edward 11Feb.15 
» Hill Henry 28Feb.15 
Bill Henry W- — 1geuly24 

Dill Jos. Augs We 4Oct.25 
Hilldrup John 2tSept.15 
mils Thomas TNov 
Hills John mi Jan.24 
BiltonStephen Jan 
flingston George 10Jan.25 
Aippius Thomas 5Aprill4 
Hire Henry ct. 
265 Hire Frederick —11Feb.15 
BiitchiusJoseph  qNov.03 
Hoar Balch Nun 15Aprilo3 
Hoare Wm. 0B. goAug.28 
Hockin Henry r7Feb.15 
Hodder Peter 21Mar.12 
HodderMichael 18¥eb 15 
Wodder Robert  24May17 

123 Hodder'Thos. Eyreio) une24 

HoddetHenry  -2sApril27 
.) HAodge Stephen 16¥eb.13 
1 Hodges Rich. T. an.06 
4 .. Hodges Thomas 18July12 
(Hodgkin Jos.'S. 30Aprille 
\COdbodgskins Tho. 25Sept.o8 
.{» \bodeson Jamies -1FAprilgg 
} 574 Heghton Menry aMayio 
os) Phoghton"William ©24Feb.15 
Oe clbech George 16Jahel 
107 niberee John. 16Sept.16 
| folbreok Jas. 1pFeb.15 
(425 Holbrook Chas. 1 Feb. 15 
- \Fholburne,! Si? T. W. Bart. 
»vyoror colt 44 1 Beebe 
\ ie) Plele! William: |” Peb.15 
_o“Folford JohmwJ31/ ~7Nov.14 
iyi adhere John“ 3lAug.25 
‘Bolland Edward WJ uly26 
oq fBollidayS: Me vagSept-95 
,Aolloway Plies. | 1OMar.12 
a3 olman James © | 27Aprilo7 
‘ Ufolman' Robert 11Aug.10 

ling MolmesJobn H. 

i a ae F 1 rt 
00 Wim.(a "el).07 
ltooper Win 4) 12Jan.24 
Hooper Ben). ec.09 
‘Hooper Richard 4Julyto 
204 HooperJohn Ss. 2sept.15 
gi Hope Thomas 175e pias 

“| ‘Hope Sackett uDec. 
|. 559 Hope James. oMar.27 

}« MopkinsJohn f 
) (Hopkins Chas.(a) GFeb.1 
J» LHopkins Chas.(b)30Aprile7 
| gpo' Hopkins Zdw. J.. 40) ulya6} 
ili SSE: et ales nl 

22 t rnby John | t ‘ ec. 
acon Thi William» gOet.25 
0 Bornsby!Wim.>. 9 
6, oO Morrie Davids.) «4 ulyoa 
9.1g90! gaol zoal yad if 
+ dla ‘a1 yaa) {3.1 
solic meth NW csbyod 
ai SSUES mailliiW jssbreit 
maM8i eioneyLsobrsid 18& 
LE Mico brewbhcl yddil 

Hull William H. 1Mayil Jenkin Geo, Hen, 651 
Hull Charles John 19F eb.15 Jenkins Henry ... 275ept 
Hume Joseph g2Jan.13 Jenkins. Edw. 4Mar. 15 
430 Humphreys Geo. 14Fel.15 Jenner George . 20 ls 
Hungate William @Mar.15 Jennings Edward. 27May 
HungerfordJohn 4¥Feb.15 Jephson Jas.Saum,.25Mar. 
Hungerford Thos, 27Mar.26 Jerrard Michael ...30Dec.1g 
Hunsden Edward 24 Feb.15 Jervis Hen. MJ. W abAug. 
Hunt William| 262\Jervis Wim. Henry, 2Mar. 
Plunt Anthony a8O0c Jeston Humphr, ~~ 
Haunt Phos. tulyl4 Jewell Wane: 
Hunter RebertE. -gAprilie Jewers Richard F.., 540 
HunterRobert | 26Sept-11| imrie Jobn,, |) | @e8e 
Hunter Valen. P. -7¥eb.15) 371 IncledomRichard a7A 
Hunter Hugh “eb.15) Infield Caleb 55:52, 
Hunter James a7Feb.15| Iny lis George 25 ; 
Hunter William  3Mar.15 589 Inglis Charles Wulyt4 
Hontiey H.¥. POct.18| 931 Inglis StewartNash gJ unedi 
Hurst George gDec.10 Inglis James... 
471 Hussey Richard 26Dec.22) 574 Inglis Patrick ne 
506 Hutchings G.B  18Ang-l2 Ingram Alex. a5Sept. 
fiutchinson Wm.(a)5¥eb.o0; 226 Ingram Robert rite 
Fiutehison esac ia _, pilmman Robert .,,,, 29Aug.2 
Hutchison Wm, (6) 18Feb.15) ifnnesd pawes TT 36, rilg] 
flutchisonRob. (a) 19Mar.1 ., Annes William. ...,.22Jan, 
HuatchisonReb./b)20Mar.15, .. reymes, Wiliam, J... 30Mar.08 
163 Hatton Fred. _. 17May25/, 275;Innes Rob, Wintle . 6Dec. 
Hyde Benjamin  18Feb.15, lnnes David B, .,.165ept- 
‘Hyde Geos 20Sept.15, s Sonchiait tet + diop¥Feb. 
Jobson Christ... 17Feb. 
John Wm , aMay 
qohneteepnen t-1 
Jobason John,(h) 283 unegg 
Johnson John (ec). Biel 
- Johnson Wm. (a): f 
Johuson Wim. @ May 
». fi Jo iJan 
~ \ 480" a WwW. W.P 
Jack Leigh Spa. ee ; 1 John a 
Gotkoeshten (a) 16Juneo8) 559% PUGAVAT on 
Jackson Tho. (a) . 17Mayos i ame Kendrick §0ct.1§ 
Jackson Tho. ( oBFeb.15 Johnston das. 
Jackson R-Emi yusiMar.15) * hustonRt, B. 2 unetg 
430 Jackson George. 8Mar.15) 430;Johnston Cha.A, BF eb.15 
Jackson James. 205ept.1 - Johnston Bobert gona 
“L. ..,. (Jackson Chas. Scott7Dec.1 Aohusten, Jas, C, 220ct.27 
_ Jackson John Hen.2pJ uly25 a 


» Hose John iMar.13 Jacobs William. ¢o6Oct.13 
Hoseason Andrew g0Dec. | Jacomb Rebert |. i 
-Poseason Wm a8Dec.26| 265 Jager Thos. , ar 
8 Hosken James gAug.-28 Jago John) Ss) / 
MoichkisJohu —— 17Juneg5 James Peter P. \:,) a zZOct.04, 
James Rie » g@Mar.10 

Houghton Chas.Ea + ee 

Houlton Rebert  48May97} 265 James Horatio ...afMar.12 
Howat Wm. 13N ov.26} James Win, a6Feb.5 
ddowcroft Adam | 23Mar.07 _ James Tho, Edw., .20F eb. 
Howe Alex. B. asMaye3| 129 dames Robert B. a7 eb.15 
Howes George o4Feb.1 ames Thomas ....28April 
HownamJos.R. 4Mayog James yarn al agin 
Hoyles Marshall 5July 13 Jameson Wa -28Jul 
Hubbard William 4Mar.1 ‘Jane John ,a0F eb. 
430 Hudson John (a) 31Mar.13 Janus Charles; ,.24Mar. 
Hudson John (6) 26Aug.22) 474 Jarvis James N...QgNov.15 
TiudsonJohn Thos, 60ct.15 ay Charles H. Feb. 
Huffam J. A. 19Jan22 Jayne Charles ..a7Mar. 
Huggert Gill 17Mar.15 Jeans | ese@Apri 
Hughes Robt. (b) 23k eb.07 JeayesJobn | ...a7Uct.26 
Hughes-Abra. a= Jebb Will. FP. -ags 
HughesProvoF. 100ct.04 Jefferies J... ~BJunets 
Hughes Thomas 22Jan.06 Jefferis Charles ..,.22Mayag 
Hughes William R.18J a0.08 Jetierson Francis. 12J uned7 
Hughes Thos. H. 10Mar.og| 21 Jeffreys RG. . 0A prilg7 

HughesRob.And @Mar.15 
Hugo Geo. g0Sept.15 

Jellicoe Henry ...2gSept.13 
Jelly Fred. of aqJu 


pemecW wide (! 11> Rha: 557 EteHewell HAV. ed anedd Seeks Oe “ay Te dave b 
2 e John fans OFmmeee ‘aloes s Faawctt tglunct3 ie! w Hugh rebletyig 
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| wage away Sam,;) .aplmnev2 “Haydon Oberea. map 16 
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tad npeseetlts ' mi . Head H Som. 

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91 Qreeory Thumas. :. tp10 Heate sth. ; avayriley 
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wit ON JEMes, 5) castey rege 10 
ie on Joba: .-aghers0 Heathcote Geo. H.31Mar 

Hethy Joba ‘H.. «| uly 

Heltamt Joseph: :: ' Sepuos : 

arding John. =. 81 Feln5| 430. polars Cumnel 290c2,10 
ding George 20Mar.15 Hemer Ro A Gitebl 1s F 

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arding James - aiSulyoz 

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eo sey i ; V 200 Hardwick John archi5 -Hemeted Charies! 4 

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 Greths Wood, . aydy Thomas valy2i Hentlerseasad.(b) 2680;:0 11 
;} 5: Greg Jose i, - Bare Charles. ane 2% reas ne 2(é 108? 15 
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 RieeGerald Hamil aolulyo. Fuller James = ‘6Novi97 Gaddard Ge 1 RE eA 
- Eitegerald Hearp | 414{: Fuller Witham ' giBeen7| ~“ Geddard Be NOTH 
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Falétten John ae 
‘Futee Willtant P. “Agbesis 
Futter Robeit: | renee 

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‘Fleuneurice E- H. 28May13 Gabriel John oes” id 
a Fitzroy Robert | 7S5epti24; | -Geahagan Thos. Goldie Jonw@ ! eM 14 
itaray C.W.H Garten - Gahan George ~ sOct 14 . Goldsmith HE 
"Fleetwood Chas. .1 Gale Charles | aidaniat : Getdsmith-OH 5 
4a. Fletcher Johu V.. dent 2 Gahlaway Alex, 21Mak,10 ; Goldemith Geert > BA . 
inders Sum. W. 04 Gallichon Jumes 4Mayio 586 Goben Todi 1 
Hina Joka Tarser Game Aaron 16Mar,15 ‘Good John» 
11] | Gapper Wm.S. paedens, Goode Se wen a 
Flinn Widtiam - ' 118¢p%.13 Garbett William MOct0b 14§ Goodin Taste 
By Edward K,.° 30ct.o3 Gardiner Thomas 19Mar.08} GoddladE 

Lott Robert «= rn Javie07 Gardiner Wm. .16F eb.15 

Gondridge Rich: ' } 
Feord Jacaes John anbeb. “18 ' Gardner Jas.A. t%Jan,g5| 77 Goold Hugh’ '~ 
si end bel + dary . GardnerGeo.  10Mar,15| Goose George 
*etiee 71 Gardiner Chas. H. 20J3an7,18 Godse Wm.» | ~ 

_ Garforth Wittiam 250ct:13| Gordon James | 
Garland Abra. = 12.Jan.05 
‘Garland Wm. 17Feb.15 
sts Garveys Themas 11May.28 

Gersham John’ (18Feb, 

oe Willan (d) ani2i 
pot Jas. didader sMarii5 
che Alex. Wen qMariis 
083, Forbes Arthur - iMari28 
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“ Gordon Jaw: 14 
“1Gerdon Heul¢ you a¥e 15 

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Wertaca teas. taWel.i5| = —- Garrett Edw. (6) 16Feb.18 “984: Goren Hot hiBEy 228 
",_ Foseea ani Rickard : gMati - Qatrett Henry’ 21Ang,o9 55? Ge Wilthem?! 63a fog 
Feremaw Ju 8... Odds. -490 Gavrett John  26Makjoa} |: ‘Ge Raly a Sead 
 Worrest Jae.R.: | agDebiig) ©, Garrett Charles atJan, )- GokerRalpaeb> 7 x 
490 Korreater Wrlitaat! 1c - Garrett Geo.’ M. |! - Gete’Gea. Aone “dil 
7. Kovster Joba)! i:aPeb, -. Garrick Witham : Ine 00 " .Goshinw. fui 284 
167; Roxvter G, Brodka07Dec.12| | Garvey George — 19Mar.16 

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. -GealeDaniel =| 6M. 

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a4 Gayton Charles goDer,24 | owned wake igh ote 16 
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‘ Veeee William!” S009] GentyJobn  agMayort: + Gedést Chast! preenig 
 Boster Edward P.. -' sel. “265 Geary Job, Vincen gre St <i Gowld Nickolas’ 08 

: .pWeater James‘: 1: gDerii6 -Geddes Jehu icibabahe Wong? 2 61 cing 15 

- euler Jolie ...:! 1 SAhag.o9) . Belt J. Sherorooke 4 Goullet Charles 29Sept.14 

ny onThos: 31Mdyag George George Govett James _ 23Mar.15 

oy outkes. : Joli D.. ‘Shngs George James — __Greme Alex. John §Dec.o2 

» Fora Willies, as oe es Trot Qa ~ Gramshaw J. G. H.22J 

1 BO uheam... 4 ra € Tamshnaw J. VW. Fi. au. 
yori Richard. . Shoes ee 

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eoeue ¢ Thomes Ts 17duné25 ‘Gibhes Franeis B. 3 

Thos Rie’. 11Feb.15 Gibbons William «: i Gada 
"son George : , age - Gibbous Wm.:Hi | Gatti Johe ta) . -29g8wi 
5 : Gibbs Geo. oS 5 Grant 
"  HremptonThos.R. giMad : . Gibson Roht. | -: *, Grant William 
_.¥reace Nath. T.  97A » - Gibson Jaines | 's Gedns-Ludoweto.) 107 ebiis 
‘ mn sree »26Au Gidttey Thenras - i-1Grdat Lachlaw ‘i: 1 
4 on: 4 eke 

: Giffard. James) ON), o! Graat Edward: b9Mehis 
Paoe Geo. 11 ans] - See in ont Grewt Duncan BG. : 41:1) 

Gilebrist Duval 8Aup Ju ity setiead ae 
: Giles Edw ard 30Mar. 99 Grattham Chari 

G y Giles Wai: Feb. Geatsik Ge orgy betes Orit 
1 klgn. dob ce vio; " ‘Gili Robert ese 16Sept, oF : Cyrene su 
4 le a Y ‘eblis ou Jere Call frie 105 Graves rapes AIK. bn 

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+ Beaaier Jéhm.:) au |e 1Galtore Johw |: ‘ar. (B raevis // ad, 6. 
1g Frederick ctC hasta yu Gators He fn Hs , bien 
Y] ‘vou: oe i) 5 Geet ay 
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rebene! =I s| _[cGhenvlll Georgeloleee 
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yoMeyl4) = /° GlavseF'd.Hein,Hy eoFe 
ipAug-0l! | Gleaviie Willian! 14): 
ef28) | -Glinw Richard: // 
‘OV.07 | Goddard George » 
Geddard Wy Ayo » 
| Godden Jos/Shaw “ 

'. Godden G 

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522 GoldieJohn: ) eat 

VJ uneo7 ‘Goldie Johw(b) | : 

Gahan George 50ct.15 Goldsmith Hv€,  o75en; 
fale Charles 2iJan.o4 Goldsmith Charlestad 
Gailayway Alex. 91Mar.i9 Goldsmith Gedree BANG 
Gallichan James 4Mayio) 586 Govcn Thos, 

me Aaron 16Mar,15 Good John: 

Goode ea] jet “16 e 

Garbett William  290ct.oG 149 Gooding James 

Gardiver Thomas 19Mar.o8 Goédlad Edwar 
iver Wm. 16Feb,15 Goodridge Rich, 

Gardner Jas. A 12Jan.95) 77 Goold Hugh ©) ~ 
ner Geo. 10Mar.15 Goose George 

Gardner Chas, H, 20Jan,18) 265 Goose Wm. 

Gerdon James 

Garforth William 250ct,13| 

Garland Abra, 12Jan,05, 382 Gordon James: 

Garland Wm. 17Feb.1 5| Gordon James F, 
s&s Garneys Thomas 11Mar.o8 

Garnham John 

Gorton Adam: é 
284 Gordon Hon Ii Fly 
557 Gordon William ' | 
Gore Ralph ae 
Gore Ralph (4) | 

'- Gore’ Geo. AQ 1s 

Garrett Edw, (6) 16Feb.15 
Garrett Henry 
490 Garrett John 

) Garrett Charles 


“Gosselin Joshi! eC, 

~ 'Gosset Abraham | 
t ‘Gosset Chas, L ATL19 
~ Gould Nicholas | /22A prilos 
“Gould Wangt ot copy 015 | 
Goullet Charles 29Sept.14 | 
\ | Govett James 23Mar.15 

S 8Mayi2 ptevic Alex. John 5Dec. 

.' George Thos. G; ulyas rehanr —22O0ctg5 
Gerard Henry aaMtur Gramshaw J. G. H.22Jan.06 
Gerrard Wm. C. eSenne Grandidier J. Paul 2Feb.15 
Gibbes Francis B; 160c¢. Granhdy Sanrel ‘25Mar.o9 
Gibbons William — ‘9Fely, GrautW atterEdw.arMaria 
Gibbous Wm.H, 8May}o | Greut John fa) 25Juneé1a 
Gibbs Geo. 20July22) 325 Grant John(b). . 8Oet.19 } 

| Gibson Roht, GAur.07 -Grant William 11Feb.a5 
Gibson Jaines 27Auy.03 Grant Ludovick 28Febii5 
Gidney Thonras  24Mar.o ‘Grant Lachlan iMaris 
Giffard James uly14 Graut Edward 2oMaeriis 
nm pipe Doge 22Jun Grant Duncan B.G. eter 
Gilchrist Dona 8Auc. ry reimod Tt. ge 
Giles Edward 30M Grantham Charles 230ctiog 

iles Wm, 3Feb,15 atrix George”: 14Augioy 
Gill Robert 16Sept.o} GraveJobn Ci “203anig 
Gill Thomas Graves Rich. W, 

1 Wms Young 13July 6. Graves Thomas 304 
GillHarry ~ 7 hye 

Saupe ee 

yoGil e ' “gPFeb.o3 

lz Gilmore rod _- 8BPebi15 

| (Gilmour Alexis | 5 

pcGittings Henry lo2 

Gittins Richard © ‘5Nov.04 (Gr 

peereione Jobn N.  7lyazt 6 Dy 


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Deuchar Patrick — agNov.13| Duell Thomas “28 Mar.16, Elwin Joagpn a mAng.14 
De Vitré John D..- 3Mar.81 Duffill John 8Sept.27].:, Emerton James , gJalyoa 
Dew George 8 Mar.15 Duftus Jas.: 11¥Feb.15}. 265 Emery Ja>e B.; | 26Mar.27 

Dewar Joha 2)Mar.12 Dufty William .24Aug.07j,. - Entwisle Huge » abJan.06 
Dewar John Geo. 17Julyig) 559 Duins George P. . r9Jan.28) » 47 Erskine John Flph. 2Jan.26 
Dewsnap Joseph  8Aug.99 Esmoude James, ,16Mar-15 
Dicken Hy, Perry 7Mar.15 Eseell WmF olkes , 27Dec.27 
375 Dickey William  6>ept.a3 Estcourt W Gb. puApriiz7 
Dickinson Lundy 22Jan.28 tough Hen. G, ) 9July13 
Dickonson Lacy 31Mayoy Duncan John 29Aprilo7 vans Roger —_—s_, agDee.96 
Dickonson Fred. 14May10) Duncan Samuel = 19D ec.05 Evans Thes, 4} aad pres 
Dickson Wm. (a) 21Aug.i2) 283 Duncan Adam C. 22Uct.23 Evaus Thos. (ec) | @Feb.15 
#29 Dickson Sir Wm. Bart. Dundas Thomas 18July10 Evans Thos. 21 
; (0) 15O0ct.22 Dundas Wm. 20Jan.18 
Dieksen John G. 11Feb.25 Dunlop R. W. 8May95 
265 Digby Everard  10F -b.5, 173 Dunlop Hagh .8Feb,28 
Digby Edward 4May2i,; 439 Dunnett Wm. HM. 27Dec.21 
Re pion Frederick 30A ril27, Dunsford George 19Jan.09 
“Dimock Charies ct.25) Dunstan Octav. =Feb.15 Evans Ward 2wMay13 
Disney G. R.T. ayMarae 423 D’Urban John G. 100ct.22 Evans Raymond = 13Feb.1 
Dixon Wm. H. 25Mayo7 Duthy Peter 1Nov.26| 443 Evans ‘icholas 2Jan.26 
Dixon Robert 3Aug.o2 Dutton JohnP.  2aiJulyio Evanson Alleyn 13Jtnel5 
DixonJas.T.T. 4Mar.13 Dutton Benjamin 19Nov.11 Eve Thomas 14Feb.15 
on John S. 1July14/ Dutton Thomas 13Junel5 Eve Edw. Long “ 13Julya4 
174 Dixon Geo. Far. 20Mar.23 Duval Jehn 27Juneo3 Evelyn George J. 30Aug.o4 
‘Dixon Matthew Oct.27 Everard William = ryJan.11) 
Dixon Edward = 18Sept.28 
Dixsun Benjamin 11Mar.15 

Dumaresg Perry 14Aprilio 
Dumbreck Wm. 27Sept.20 
Duncan Thomas ~ 5Sept.o1 
DuncanJames 7Mayo5 

Evaus August. B.. 1hOct.o9 
Evans Thos. P. 4May10 

EvansGustavus ‘JS8Aprilil 
Evans John (a) 16GNov4 
430 Evans John (b) 2g July 26 

Dwyer Michael 21Mar.12 

bbs C. R. 160ct.2l Dyball Tho. Cooke 22Feb.15 Eyre Geo. P. ' ‘rosuly14 

% DobreeThos.Peter gOct.27 Dyball Wm. Ayres igJuly21 Eyres Harry , SJuner7 

Dobson Hyde paige 593 Lyton Will. W. ” yagiuly4 

Eyton Tiiomas '~ SDec.24 
Dobson George 14) an.24 itt bee 4 
Docking ‘Abr. 15Feb.15 
Dodd Joséph 27Juneog 
Dodd Hen. W.  -goJan.15 
Doneclift John 173 w 

DoneHNan Malachi 1Feb.08 

Dénlevy G. M, ‘18Mayz7} 430 Farle Edward C. ‘roSept.13 bi Ae acph eea no i 
'’ “Donovan Alex. | 7Nov. Eastley Yard aMar.19 Fabiah W/4By!° goMar.15) 
93,Dosley David — , arJune28s Easton William = 260ct.2 Fabjan;'Geo23?° “20M atas 

Doorne Thomas | 18Aprilii Eaton. ames 13Jan. _ Pairbairh Aes?’ 'g2Jano2 

‘Dore Wm, Henry. 2Aug. EborallSamuel =. 24 eb.15 Fairgrieye’ Rich.’ ’ eli.15 

Dornford Josiah” 29A 492 Ede Robert a3A prilos Fairless na wa ’ rbd ulyo7 

Dernford Fran. ., aFeb,1 Edgell Harry E. 3June28 ‘aimeather Jon” BJuneg7 

Douglas Fen. 4Feb.1 ‘Edmonds bape aye sang Falvoon? George ! ct.o4 

Douglas Wm. 19Sept.15| 430 Edmunds Charles 250ct. ‘ Farewel} F/G" -a8¥eb.15 
“6 Douglas Atth, Jas. 26h eb.25 fiige John 230ct.10/ ©’ ‘Farquiversotrfa, 

430. Deuglas John eiJune26) . ~Edwards Wm. 6) 15Aug. ward Rie ¥en’ 19Dec.19 
Dove Percy 2gAprilg7 Edwards Wm. J. 28 ulyor ' Farquharson mM, 12S8ept. 14 
Dove George ry riloz Edwards Wakem. qMaygi Farquhtirs #s2oSept.15 
Dove John _"  ®May12 Edwards ®. Venn a5Sept.14 Farr Richard: °-' oe 
Dow Chetles Kerr Buptar. 13 .. dwards Adams 19Mar.15} || ‘Farrantdvbn''' 'g0Nov. 

7Junel4 Edwards Sampson 5¥eb.21 Farraitt'Wiahiam ? 3Dec.10 

165 Dow William’ 1 
‘bordes Win.G, 16) 
24° Downes Plenty 1Junet4} 
01 Downey William | 3Oct.12 
Downey John 1Feb.15 
Dowse Richard | “16Dee.95 
Draffen Frederick “27Noy.10 

Drake Wm.Ed. *14Nov. 
Drake KR Hacche 35Au 36 
sale ea R. 2s 21 
e Spencer ‘5June28 
oS rane Thomas 22Aug.o9 
per Thos. _ 15Feb.15 

Fdwards N. - 1 ‘eb.27 Faweett Henry'A.’ 17Jan.11 
Edwin Felix goAug.21 ‘Fayrer Robert J.: ' 19Dec.08 
Eicke James 5May10: Featherstone Sam. @Feb.15 
: i 3 ‘Featherstone C.F. 3) une25 
Fellows Thos:B. * 7Oct.y. 
Fellows Beritett ‘ealonoe 
FergussowAdaniD. 12Oct.27 
Fernandes Donald’ GF eb.o7 
265 Ferrer Wm. Anpustus 
het SQ Oet.27 
Festing Thos:C. “e§Nov.16 
Pestmg Célswn') LoMar 15 

i ont H. Her 
mtt Cyrns 1gsept. 
ett ioe B. 2Feb.1 
Elhott E.G. 27Mar 

DraperJohn Gray 17Junely Ellis John _ @gAprilg7’ Fetherston John * 31Jan.12 
Dredge William —“ 9Nov.g8 Elis Franess W. ts@euta Field Jno "Connor *27May96 
wGeorge  ‘®Mayi2 FimhburstPhilipJ,z7Mayi4) —— Fiéld Atlen:Geo: ‘25Mar.og 
w William 31Dec.13 y John sAugerg} &* Figg Willian” “° 30A%ug.060 | 
Drew Sosias 20Fceb.15 FKilringten George geAug.oo| 35 Figg James ''’ © ‘11Jumeny | 
Drew Edward ‘1Mar.1 Flse John 17Feb.15}>65"Finch Voth Wim.’ §Fuly 
Drewry Samuet an, ‘Elsmere Hens, Sl. 30ct.94} 490 Fittemore don )17F eb. 15 
fil Driffield Jos. BR. F Yo ay Bilsmere F tagdan 97 an Hae ‘inlayson dolm’ sehprilos 
mmond Peter “9Mar.15) Ebvey George 4Mar.15] 265 Pind aor ov.20 
Drum mondPatrick6April15 winJ rE ania ania eh 
ae Mic some aver 

+ Bur a ne 
: Baader 

mipbel) Robert igJungag 

a Sfaitier iliem: aN a 
1 Genes ., pdulyrg 
tog eae : aJulygs 
AT IO NC. StL. pyulya3 
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Joby *BFab. 15 

“ake ton LawG. tole an.25 
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mie ni phe Duncan Fed 
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10Dec.10/5 € rig 
, sean mun wz-00;° 
toy Richard ' A vinr 26]).. | 
Byasen ptey. 26d Aeell in 
vee) Bene ¢ harles ©. 35ke 
a) ‘Byron Richard Bes 2 , E 1 
a IS 
 gfbbarn, John EB. wibkeb.15 
Caldecot Chas. | 23Tec 14 
"Calder Francis A. 23Nov 11 
Calderwood T. D. 2oJulyisS 
‘ Caley Charles 220ct.23}' . , Chris sadbn. 2 
, Came Hensy aie ayill .. .Q mete oe Nie .ao). <epltin.2 
‘Cameron John- Dec.o;| :: , Qapystie Jahsas t: 2/ c.0§ 
i) Poi lle seeriask: ‘eh-35 -  fierstie Thomes! ; ape | 
** "“Canip phetl ohn igi a roe Pye hubb Geovidesel 2gAthg. 
ee  Cemipbell sony ie iNew 660 Oh: hat een 06 
| -Campbe prone a] 493, ena) as rs 
ro , Campbell W ul Mio ‘2; 1b h Joband'i 1-03) dhel5 
i “Campbell Gears : ruvg} 3. oC ee Thoream) |. By ors 
= Campbell Arch. , 18Fob.15} °,.. 08 . 
Pe 7 Gampbell Fohn P. 2Q0cet.17] |, 

si har os minenioe Wi baee 7 
yt OL} iordH ator Js haa 
vi b oe Be EB on Heh ag 
ole ey Chae. Wi’ @b.1 
¢. a v GoabloyThente.- ‘tabdh 
F '. Coates Richar® 2 a dr. 
ce t ry Apr. r ; See Mur.12 
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on Ne Ue: CoN Samuilek -: crf apbalyot 
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‘er oss Reatbea oG.B/ --settear tc 
aif ° : CeeeWi am! 1ngeéO <I 
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ef r20 pars Grommet 
af BF? mo $s Cam Martin sof Fs 
. aie cild Bea hae ‘1. Gite Edwaesd: tf ‘ 
' Joay) . aris ¢: Gola Bathiieds 
ft a ar 15| .1-: ColgcHobe:: 7 xwys 
hs sah One ri hoes WHY as 
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gle rey 7.Ce! i Moe 
arrears foie ah Pots * Colebrooke The. SMar.1 


‘ Bastard Richard '° 
'./ Destin Robert ~ 
490 Béve John Mott — 

» .y Batt Jose ) ‘a 
Go 1 Batters Joti P.'38 

et - Bideten ‘teas, | af rep 

an 1 idadater Tha Vout 3 pt 

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55 Blood Frederick “’ 

m ov.12 
‘ot Medford Frederick -6Se . 
( Bedford Joba Wi :1 

well Ed. Pa:} | - 

Christ. James Re 

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moles wide alt eb. 

Mattia... ‘ 
n Johnw 

marorth Get. ! 62.01 

walle OP sdowidsts Dd 

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Ri Edw ray opeph 8 a 
, Ch ee. ns of ‘ 

‘ Birkete Charl 
Birks Joshua, 
'_' Bishop Thomas 6F eh.06 
322, Bishop Henry W. 1Nov.o6 
Bishop William: 
Bishop George 
Bisset Alexander a7Dec.08 
$05 Bissett George 
Bien Phili ‘p 
Black Archibald 97 
‘ ‘Black Matthew | 
490 Black John R, 
‘Blackmore Chas, i1 
ot Blackwood Fras.P. HY} 
faine Thos. M. 
ee uncan 
166 Blajr Charles. 
3 oe oratlo 

Blandford J 
laquieréE aM 
i atctley 
‘Blénkarne Whi. 
B lenmerhassettJ. P. 
ight Emanuel ae 

Bi sett Thomas | 
 Blissett Grorge _ 

‘Blissett Chas. a sf 
“Blood Chas. ia 
‘Blount ade § 

534 Blount Willows & 31M y ™4 

‘Btaott J. Courtey36P 
gi Che arte 


: inm Jeyem, VW. 
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332 Boden J. ofr. 30Dec.13 
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18Sept.ia] . 

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Bowen Peregriss 

' ‘Bowen Hraeerd 

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o8Jan.11 AS 

Brady Gf m.,.Al. 

Brake Wm. L. 

Bramwell Isaac 

Brand Win. 'H. 

Brand Thos. D 
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1s NAM 8S,  Beniority. No. NAMES. —— wo. NAMES Scniarlty. 

oh. tpbeolon- William gJane1o Andros Charles gAug.14 Prey oa mag 
e Gi Achesey h tigen. 20Nov Aoley William Sheri wAgton ty BS 
Ef A tery Me igdulyio] — Amnesdey How.22:C. soJulyoa' 

Lic eokl Edw. -17Feb.15 Ansell cary 20J a 


Naz] 423 Anson F- . aDee a8 ‘Rabh Michesl -  wzBept.i0 

; “4 Om geek Aationy Pee <2 rilos}. es een EBS: ; sane 
1 e \ Rr’ Bag’ Jedmeni £ , 
ae 6M Antram Ubarles A, "gNov.10, | ot Clanrtes eae 
Simon E.. ¥ WREL] gpg. pe ee as 

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Appleby Young « Pauly 
: _Aproece William Ae sal o Jobn blk ae fa 

Piper stus 7 oy-dolen Wiens" 
Atchbald Rais A. 11Mar.16: gr rarer A tedpdfits 
; § 96, : por phd vee eqdarel4 
Thomas 971ec.08| Bani 1) 7Rebet 
rgles George LoONov.s0, - . Bainbridge “2 
ArguimbauJosephg | Mar.18 athena ee 3Feb.15 
Ariett William § 3Qct-95 Bake J. 1. Wio}iaed 
“Armstrong John — 10Jalyo3; | -Baleby'WidlanmndéyaoKeb.15 
_ Armstrong Edm.J.10A0g.21)- Baker Thaasfa) st ‘ 
_. ., Apmogrong Chas. , ee - Baker’ " 
. Arnold J r. - ‘Belvor MV: 
,. Arnol qancst: May 10, “a Bator Lemteile 7 agit 
d Jone b - 19) _Beler Re. Heed. T 1Noy.22 
Oe e | Baker debt ron x] 
i A m. Bick irene 1 ’-Bakew. on. Gated, «+ 1 RAB ay 23 
s wn. Geo. , c ak Bes 
PAN) Benjani” a6Aug.07 a98 Beker Cherie Feary 
Ashton Herbert _20Sept.15§ @Not.27 
Atherton Bertr. M. 5Oct. or 968 Baker Jos. Francis 20M 18 
Athill James giJan.12 Baker §. Rebinett aAug. 
Atkin Nichelas  i9Sept.10 96 Baldock Thomes t0No¥.13) 
Atkins James (a) 12Aug-e9 Baldrey And. D. B¥eb.16 
‘Atkins James (5) 4Mayi0 Batl Wilkam 
Atkins John 300ct.27 Beliantywe Jobu qsunec 
Atkinson David Bance James 93an.09/ 
Atkinson Thomas 28Mayi3 Bangor Rt. Hon. pony 
Atkinson Geo. aG6Ang.14 20M ayoe 
Atkinson JobuCarr gNov.15 Bawnatyne John ‘eb. ; 

_Atkingen Horatio N. Bannister Jue. We veve 
ov.27 Barber James 16 
Atwater James 1GApr. Berciay deha(z) ae 
Avarne Iaaac 17Apr. Barclay Johns) re 1 
Axercll Adam Nera : Barclay Geo. D. 
gig Anderson James (¢) Auchinleck Jas.Rd. Barcley Robert 
1Mar.23\ 119 AnerintloresVheeo- _ a Rerclay Andrew 
inten = ae is utri . eFeb.1 Barker WiliteunC. @5M dr 02 
Aadoe J. H William ug.l Barker John 
Adres ldward( Hoan Bybee Benxy speeded Barker Robert 
Andrews apMieyi mer er George 
Agze Charles @Nov.15) gi Berlow Chas. A. 
Barnand George 



Jos Thomas:Abeb W. agsunerg 




ror 1 bert, -a7dnly24 
‘i hs eres ‘ ne 
Style William 1Felb.12 

| 396 Suckling Wm.B.  adulyr4 

rae Tomkins Richard 

Stephenson Thos. 16Sept.25 
Stevenson John 5viay12 
Stewart Allan 15Junely 
Stirling James (b) a5lunes4 
52 Stokes Pringle Mec 23 

Streatfeild Richard 26May14) 486 Tucker JohnJervisi5June27 

Streacfeild Robert 1g Juneis5 
Tresahar John 
Street Benjamia 

Sutton George M. 22Jan.06 

Sutton Rob. B. T, 12Aug.19 

Sweny Mark Hs 19)uhk 
Swiuburne C. H. 30April27 
Sykes Thomas 
Sykes John 
Symonds John C. i6Aug.1 
Symons James(b) 175ept.1 

Tait Peter 1Aug.00 
‘Tait Alexander gJulyas 
Talbot Charles | 30April27 
Fandy Panel t3Apr.25 

“Tatnall Jas. B. 

2 Thickoesse John | 29Jan.00 

0 87 Thohipson Siw TLR. T. Br, 
“hy i9Jau.g 
g7-Thornedames  @9Mar.28 
(5 Whrustow Chas. T. 7Feb.1 
(e STincombe!Geonge 19Au ¢.25 
> Toby Kd. \Jas. Wal er 

ti 22Nov.2 

i | ‘Tover ‘Aaran 15Junel4 
pO’ Tracey Jobn 1iJunelg 
G52 Travers Raton) 15Junet4 
gollr Treacy Joshua» 21Mar.12 
or # 
W « 
UP oN a 
y a 
i ’ 
Gp ts 4 
mci whi 
yp car if 
ip Mz Balti 
iq Ae ane | 
} Os ete | [ 
ee tex HgTo%e) 1 
i} A 0d ali 
Ll hie w1eu) biawredl 

583 Wellesicy Yon, William 


Trotter Hen. Dundas 
Truscett George 21Mur.12 
FuckerRobert _. 21 Mar.og 
Tueker Wm. (6) 9Dec.26 

Tullidge Joseph C. 1Ang.1) 
Tapman Geo. gUct.15 
Turberville Edm. agJanely 
TurnerWilhiam = agJuly: 

TurnourHon.A R.20Sept 15 
Twisden John 27Mar.23 
Tyler Charles 7Feb.12 

Valpy Ant. blag. igJnly14 
Vassal] Nath. 15Junet4 
Vassall S. L. H. 
Vincent Andrew A. 6Feb.16 

Vivion Thomas 210ct.1o 
Walker Robert = 8Dec.13 
Walker Jas. Robertson 
*Walker William (a) 
Mall William giJan.1 
Waller John aden ie 
Walton John R. 1Jan,16 

Warburton Benj. 16Dee.07 
Waring Henry 29Apr.02 
WarnerArthur Lee 22Nov.21 

Watling John W.  1Dec.13 
Watson John 15Junel4 
Weale Edw. T. — 25Qct.27 
524 Mebb Edward — 29S8¢pt.97 

Webb Joseph R.R. 1May28 
Welch Charles 10Nov.23 
Weld Daniel 27May25 

; 2Jan,28 
West Christ. 4Juneig 
Westphal Philip 13June15 

Whish Wm. G. fH, 11Noy.95 
Whitaker Thos. 1gJunei5 
White Mark 

Whorwood W.H 27Dec, 

Whyte Edward  6Dee.1 
Wigston James 14Jan.27 


Wilkinson James 31Janjog8 

* Willoughby Dighy 7Ma 
goApril27] 7Ma 

574 Wilson Joins) ™ 

93 Wyvill Christ “e9Jal 
"Yates Robo B *!! fa5No 

~ Yeomaw Barat a3Jun 
~ Yeung Robert B. / = 

Whitelocke J.B. 11May27] 

Young Sif’ Géo! 250c 
~ Youn} Geotse 'SONo be 
Woe eee 

Wilbraham Rich, 15June14 

Wildey Henry 3Maylo 
Wilkie James g0ctu21 
Wilkinson Fred. Aug. 


Willcox Robert 
Williams Edw. (a)23Ma 
Willams Rdw (h)24De 

Walang Tabet aloo 

Wilhams Peter  27Aug 

Williams Owen (a) 3Dee 

William Richard (b) 

Wills Thes. G. 2 } 
Wilson Andrew 17Sept; 
Wilson T. A. 

Witson H, Smith_igJal yo 
pal ran aban riptlag 
indeyer Walter 133an 
Wintour Geo. Step.2gkeb 
Withers Joseph” 22 Mar! 
Woodger Charles’ .280ct 
Woodley Wm. “> /11Mar, 
Woodriff LD. J. 

Worsley Miller (aj3Juij 
Worth John © a1Au 
Wray Luke Henry 29Re. 
Wrench Matthew a7Ma 
Wriford Sum. \1wOc 
Wright Mayson 70c 
Wright Kubert \ Wa 
Wright’ Wim. Ei! ‘g0Au 
Wroot M.M.°*)'11Ma 

Ww h Peter y ‘31Ma 
W. boty Jahn! Ae 
Wri Johy Lewd? zoe 

Young Thomas'B “24No 

Yule oh 7240 

lite M sfA 

— eee a eee 

T = 
‘ — ee “COMMANDERS. 7Z 
- , = 
pf ay. Patlet Lard Gtow a8F eb.28,, ,,, Robinson Thos. ‘p-a6Aug, 98 
rine leewore on Masti "Payne Soha .,24Feb.og] , pehfees Robert » deers 

an Bay nter J. Pender, WNov.1 

£.d5* pi ab habe slesworthsae i 
e f ard- fret): ar a 2’ 
erage Jaines He ied | 

Raby Henry BR 1g j 
~Rooke Fredy Wi» /aiMar.12 

jatasounse¥ thas, ns? ara 
s “ee iCha. 14Oct.24 

70 an ni Lays) V DA. } 
ig srvist ontaguMom| ugJunel aed 
~srru (Montgomery Thos-k3J unel5y ® 
u7v0 care dtm Dec. 

se ae, ie ig 
ote Jamies’ Clark /8Nov.27 
ORO Hetiry Nate »i2May10 
, Rowsd i) ae d) 4g nnel 
, Rowley. reemaniéMay 
Russe? Robt? 4 moi gJan. 

Pearson” Alex. S- 30ct.20 

°° Peat Davidlo! o.,, gJune2l 
{ phe *'Pedlar George 120ct.14 

ads ok) remy mh jagJunel4] ‘Pemberton Hen.G-20s0n-08 

Russell Jot (ory > agJan, 
li bit rat oie 


St. John eltes » fA Dec. 

eels Mitre tin “9 aeaNGy ba . Phillips Johw Gea. eK: 14 
ae aN Sainthill Bich | + Badan, 

=4- oniencyry Asia Nov. 27 Pi 
oat a Monn wen jam,,’gJunet5} Pickernell P.G.  4July1o aphaimond Peter |:[29Jan 
| so0Moarrelh Juha, ArtetyJulyat “Pickford ’Chas, 27Apr.04| 318 Sandets ‘Phos: >. H6Sept. 
co Morrel Arthur, )18Ap43! Picking: William 16Sept.28 Sanders Wilkiam’ 27 Mays 
ir erris Joho Row (15Junet4 Pierce George 55ep.23 Sandilands-Alexi: ALgNov.19 
2 & ornssoh fin7May25 Pierson We He 27Mar.20 SarmonGeo.WoodargJ unels 

Sauhiders Geow Lsi'aidan.24 
Sawyer ‘Samuel », Q8F cb.27 
Scallot' Robert!) 45May23 

Pigot Rd. H.H. | 31Mayl4 
Pilch Robert. | 4Dec.13 
Pinto Thomas, 9Feb.08 

orton, Charles 60ct27| 
mrt a en hen PL 1Dec,87| — 

ou of@7Aprilo1} ‘Pogson H.F. YY. -4Mar.i9|] ' Scobell George Fu 1Feb.19 

cel INowa5 sp Pe e John». poSept int Scott George © « @Mar.12 

"25 ugids 598) PophamBrunswick 2Mar — Scott John ws sio agdunel§ 

jam. ;290ct,13) ‘Popplewell Matt, «6Nov,13| | | Scott Heny Wine 23J unel5 
Sc “Porter Thos  26Aug, Scott Edw. Borlow epSept. 
rg 1APTAD **"' Powney John 26) unes?7 |, Scott Haw. Ho /oh8July 
mereett tatty : mae \) Poyntz Races soeerNT pee Job cmsloligJun 

olpcNapier iex Hen, We 7Junéiy ©." Preece Joseph unell e CeHe. smolJu 

Rewari Charlesyo [15Nov. 

wuls Warce! meoH,, 1 July 
, sate mour Fran. E. 16Ma: 


, ehoiNatth BY «ran 

wo lz Nepean. nd . 
“See —pitys Henry aoe bet - 

tbotis: Ne aup ly 220c 

Ws Nevale pee ber re ‘279 Prowse W. Je» 27March26 ‘Shaw Iéifac<? 9qot nov 
me Neate Wee oF eb,95) Pryce Hevry .,. agJuly26] .° Shed LA eee Joo f4gsumelg 
ee Nevil @&,}¥/ 25eP 5B} © Puckford James... 15Dec.27\ ShepherdJohn(a) azAug)t4 
rhewton meeps, | 26May 1 A Ons PyteHebry) ... 19Julyi4 ogy Shepherd dobegashuci 
im ipey tn siz OM, a) er |} Sherwitt? ‘Pindss ©.5427May25§ 
bolt Reha 7May 14} 385 Quin Michael. 5Oct.24] © Shippard Willianta2Augiia 
ieee ical Bi AT a) tS an = hort Joka Ides o 1 aNov.35 
uhd N aun sit cl is ‘Radford Sam. 22Jan.14 afd James! so} 05June14 

Ratnsdoms Frank. 15Dee.20] 
+ a ate te 3 oe) +3 LAUgaL 

noer Johad) yoi21Augs2t 

8 veer’ AAMSGas ff QSept.28 

| Skipse 'Robery ,, | 728Aug.15§ 
Slade Henry: «27M agas 

~* Slanginter: Wins, | (21Nov.10 
Smart Robert»), [2 ril28 

2 ire Naeent Pieintf 22 - Siepntonds Joseph 7Mari10 
te: Norton Gwar : 45 vi te act 

soget-p Norw aha Li 
aaa it ay 26 — epee rors ee 

(2) Reid Sirdonny, Bl. 13 Mar.28 ai 
1f2 Retph ‘Thomas... 205ept,20 
Revans Those, . 165ept.16] | 


key re ay (i) ama 375 Reynolds Johm , 20Noy.15] °° iith Wins Rohts 3 : 09g 
pets OF Seite aga Rhodes John H. | 15J.uned Smith JohniBeral) 1.+cd.12 

pie 8 liver: pismee: iM oy ied Rich Charles a7Jan.1 ~~ Smith Robert». i 4Magig 

Rich Kdwin L..., 24Sept22 Smith William (2 627 Mae.26 

em Obiver, James, 

Tel. af 03 oe overt te) othe ad Sniith Wibliwnr (¢) 22) ulya6 

’ Smith Johw (a) |) 8Mat.27 

76 Smith Thos. ¢b)— ~220ct.27 
BI Smith Henry fa} 3leb.28 
Smith Edward (@) 30Aug.28 
Smyth Udine vo.’ 4Mayog 
' Smyth Speneer«({ 220ct.27 
- Soady’ ‘Kose hoe ong | Leah 23 
Southey omas.( 1Aug.11 
Sparshott Samm cl 160 18 

Richa William: 29Aprilo2) 

“© Richards'Wim,,,. 15Junel4 

on. A re oil Terr vy Brera <2 Richards! Edwin @SApril27 

So He bi Tobe aaApritea + Richards H.L. | » 20Aug.25 

' Richardson Jobn ,29A prilo2 

ab Richardson WV. m4 7Dec.18 
pig Rideout pea y 1aMay2 
; Rader AX idtiann J a adhe 

_ = 

| ore tie rles C,, 28F eb:15 
yf f Owen a 

1. ‘i ps i. 27M aie ati 

; le aia Brot Sig Mar Spatshore Extward agJah.2t 
ms P| | Hotere Marbel 24Sept.t i read’ Jolin Ma, | 21J ugegd 
; ¥ ebeer Roberts W. G,.,, ; 205ept1 4 ‘Sliniteehanieso\ 4 ll 
: ‘yy 27Sunety Robertson Johan iw Det, ib} | © Statpoole Miche ( ope 18 
Fire ankin iP, 12Nee ‘ Kobertsom illiam Cb) Staalioge Sin Kdwyn | 
- es ‘g6Au¢g 08} | », , Noy. eT sear 2 es 17 Aug.14 
J ! Py ae ei Robinete ores aor teh 248 Stanhbpe abhsv( 30d k 
2 tt 4S pwsiteel Habits teete tens Roy Amt mg 
Z es ins’ ° 1 - ¥ Aut.Gol 
Her" Pa ah o 19 Sate ‘© Robinson. Chevies 5 Apeiigs “a redial 4 veut 18M 

ee ee ee 

Jones Henry pare ae bia : 
Jones John(a): geMar.18] =< sep8tApril 1 
Arons John. vue. 1) i AY err] hint 10¥ vest "nel 

WYAta Ka s Jitimed 0729) (o1G6F eb. 1¢ 

TT RsEenaie Yahi o baJan.of 
Wty Cawshand’ dol 44 0ct.2 
''M'Coy Rovert®) rotgsune 
‘Me 4 Rooms 14 un 
cs 'M‘Cultoehi hozoe Oct.1 
M‘ Donal Janes 25May2 
M‘Doua}i James: o YoOct.& 
“UM Dougall-Jotu@ygFeb-t 
“UMepariend Jaone. Mar.% 
"MM ‘Fartand James’ une€ 
(M ‘Gwire Wins 3 May 
‘M*Kellar' Peter: oN gu . 
| 'Mackentie Merio! seams 
“ M‘KiltopJ.G.MB. 
Lares ie ‘Ahex 8S 
/Maclé ‘dot ois 
‘ML val a Cap VAOct.® 
‘M‘Meeka pc ae 2 

rere iluye George, "{gMay1? 

593 ‘Haves Ge 15June14 
Haymes hil.Geo. 13Mar.1§ 

Haynesd ose h 25 Ict.of 
Bead, Rich. John i5Mayie 
“Beaslopd..C; a4Jonel; 

Jalyan Robert - i See 
\Meddington Tho. 25Sept 06 Jump Robert giDec.1 
« (Heming Sam. Seud, Feb. of Jestice Phihp (4) 8Dec.24} 
Heuvey Wim, : 17Nov. 6 a el 
Herbert Massy FL. 12Aug. 19 Kains John. 8Jan.44 
Herbert,George F. 7.) uly 28 Kean James) . Wuneld| 
Herrick W,. Hen, i+ Aug. 13} 572 Keane Hichard.. . 2%6Aug.28} - 
HerringhamWm. A.i6Jan.18 Keele Charles, . . 22July26 
Hewes Thomas O., dAug.1) agree John sJunel2 
Hewett Wm. (0) 8Nov.26 Keith G.M. _.6Mar.14 
‘ext William 28A priloy Kelly William (b). 2gAug-11) 
Higgs Wm, Hen. 110ct.19 Kempe Nicholas 14J uly97 
Hill Thomas 15Jan.02 Kempthorne 8S. 26Ang.9 
\ Hillier Curry W. 7Junel4 Kennedy Alex. (a) 2Juneo9 
Hillier George aiJan.24 
Hillyar William a7Aug.14 
- Hiltou George 7Junei4 


Kent Bartho. agMar.!5 

*tHilton John 15Junel4 Kent Henry ob Dec.22 

HindmarshJohn 15Junel4 Kent Joseph -. 14Sept 26 1B el att cron gsvuneh 
Hinton Thos. E. 10Dec.19 Kevern kich. 3Dec.<7| uhae Pe ) 

‘oHird William aoJuly ly Killwick Edward 22Julyg6 ' MS Keddie ‘akw 10 Mi 7 

King George (a) isJunel4 
King George (b) 1oJuly14} 
King Henry 19Qct.14 
6 King Phillip P. 7July2!) 

i Eicaine Audrew 4Dec.07 
‘ Hoftiman, Fred. 22Feb.08 
' Lud olbrook. ‘Thomas ove 
LiMole Charles aoAugiia 
Pa | 

. Maingy Hen 
Mainwaring he 

'Maingy Péter © ae ee ort 

‘Holman: William 20Fe King Geo. M. 14Dec.21 
“Holt William 20Aur, = King Jobn) « .».25April25). ed eee, Thonus Agee 
Minby Edward * 't4Sep 

| dose Le \eHelworthy Nich.H, 2May18 King Degory giiiet.27 
Mandersou James” 2aJar 

{ ‘Home Ja, E., 29Jan.22 King Rich. Heury 27Aug-28 

‘Hood Silas Thompsen 586 Kingcome Joha; 8Jan.28] | Mandeville Re. 

Q7Aprilts Kinsman J. K. 17Sept-13 oars Geo; Viscount ®' “193u 

; 965 Hood Weds Thompson Kitchen: Wm. H.:;3Mare27} Merde James’ © a2he8 

j gJivn28 Kneeshaw Josh, (12Jan.14}" “Manley Votih 

flone David |. yaJunel Knight Christ.» 9 34 unha “78 MannctRusseTlHa16Aug 
—$—$—— - 

» Hope George ,, .. 5Mar.2 “Marist! Thomas 9 5Ju iy 

«Hopkinson Simon. igJulyar 
- Hore Samuel .B. 13Mayi3 
te /oPhore James Ss 28Aug.28 
espe!” HornJames g0ct.14 

Os “Mansel ceo" Deg 
temp Philip Bayrenct ytd me May jleton a pene “Aa7Mayi 
Larkan John} 6Julygdl., Mattett Joseph’ 1 26Maya 
Lascelles John Fy 27Aug, 14] | “Margi ‘Digby | '’ vi au.22 

HoskinsSamuel | 4July14 Laugharne T.L-P.12Feb at a 2 "Maral as Ne vial | 
o, i} °° Laugharne Wm. ‘235ept; 1] My ‘Marsha’ [oopn 96 ‘ on ; | 
bi pili te, Hotham Charles .18Ang.25| 477 Laws John M. “July2s} | Ma ail Fer Mi a7.bun 14] 
nT < Hongb John Jas. 29Sept.27 -Laytomw Henry)! .: Be ware aks apa cl oe % aj 
ars ‘ §' Au 

Leach James»: *{ 21 

iiggu t i HoweliJos. B.,,.., 16Sept.16 
t yc Leckie John». (31Dec,21 

pnd ElHoy Robert ;. _. 5Feb.t7 
“e Hugc dosatslbis net 
‘Hughes. Wm. Jas. 25Sep.c6 
“Hupsman Augustus 1Dec.25 
‘HurdisGeo. C. ,.. 29Apr.02)' 

O'S Marshaiy Heni7S 21Ap 35 
Legard Sir Thos. Bt.5Mas 18 Be t "Ma PW hil Seiitat igJuk r 
%LeHoanteF rancis15Junel4 12 in Nathor’’ “ e7Jubyas | 
Leigh Joddrell.. . QJ une20)" © Mason powilel3J3a 15 
Leith Wim. Forbes 15Juvel4 a ~ Mason John ~———a0 Fahy 
Eo Hutcheson. Fra. D. oAug.28 Lethbridge Thos. \\ eu 1) ““Massihf® fey The’. 1A 
- Hutchinson Edwd. 140ct.97 Le Vesconte Philip 7Nov,1 ‘ Mather William’ 2 07} 
' Hutehinson Wm, 26Mayl4 Le Veseonte Heany 5Jan,23] ))~. divlews Mie ae a Se = 
Hutchinson Chs,.. 21Julyi4} 371 Lewis Fras.-Jas«); 29Jan.2i} _Matthe ‘Al fe: | 
‘Hutchinson C,H. 29Jan.22| Liddon Matthew:) BNov,21} |! Maxwell George | Pao : | 
HutchinsonWm, (2) 1Dec. 27 Lihon John! «> 5) 12May27] * Maxwell Gearge B.15Ju 14 ] 
‘ * Hutehison Geo... QNov.21 Limbery William: 1Jan.16 Ce Maude How. Francis 
Jackson Wi Rush. 200ct.13 
Ace Jackson Rab. M.,. 31Mar. 4 
‘hy Jackson Cal . 12Aug. 

b 1685 Hoste Thos. Ealw, 3Jan.26 

| Lindsay Martin, »; 27May13} Ap. 

Lindsey John » |, ; ANE LS yes Maxewelt dy Bi OBA BBs 127 

- Lipson 1 Thomas  gMar.igh.{°. May Willa” |’ 21Agg.o9 
Ui’ Maynard Thos. |) 12Jdn.05 

Little Johny. ¢ 19Julyai). 
© Jackson Geor V-, - i3tn Oy Epoya | Witliam (a) 1July23],. Mayhiard Joseph’ 4 25 | 
S Sunnddeae _ 7Matr.97 Lock Camphell,:| 47J uly23} 5» Meade Jolin send 12 
wht James: Edwin, ,,, - 17Mayi4 Lockhart Andrew) 30May10}.,- . Mediicott obit‘ 'qJunet 
Longchamp Joho 26Dec.22}._.’ Menzies ‘Duticdh ES . = 

6 JamesJames,,.. Wuly28], 

FP ME per a Seaanal 23Feb.07 © Louis ChaseBe .) 12Augs19) ; Mer adel! Alex. eM 
fy eo ‘so JekylhJ - dimer! 12} Love Wihiem. — 13Feb.o7} |, - Meitie William | 
Oa ia 43, Jereuks Sanna “a7Aprila7|_— | * Love jo oes Aa | rod nly 26}... | Mercer Be Dd. 
°979 Jervoise Wm 27Aug.14|, ~~ Low Johh leAx 20Jan.18},\_, vA ‘i mt iti 
eee AS a ar islets 4 oie enry. | 29 eLAZ], | - rw it 
Poe ar am.Geas~ wnel f ames: 12S5ept hie. ie Ds 
{as dolor Jones. Q-.,, 2 paio tee Lowthian Robert file ta yas ye ; ie 
iS; flo! JohinsenJ oshys lox] pe seed dare J 19) mly 21) io Hi t. Se ve 
£ fee Johnson Es me o7 AN FE Los | Cee ike “aint ri ie | 2aSept.ig 
V5) adolmow Jee) 1]! Luke George (o): le i iy t) 4 far.19 
oe | lifes ts Hones Gearge...- Det Ҥ Bush nygtonStephien!gMay Rebbe Mt Aires 
“By abr. — See ae = 7 : —__ 

[f 1 Jones by. » t A 

—— - . 


nH Dunn N.JamesC aMarch 
Craigie Robert 252 Re 
Cramer Jou Datta 

Crawford Abr \ \ Dewe ae at 
Dyer’ Thomant . an. ie 

Edwardes Hone Wiliam 

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id EET | 1§June2/ eh Will 


ae +e oe 

Giddy Charles rae pa 

™ ait Gilbert apg Ww. 

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acne David ipa 

tasceckh W. N. 3Dre, 
Gesic Vhumas Qhept. 
Gomm —— ey 

v1 lab 

Gorden Jas. haps jerend 

cay yee: Go 
“Bawards Fok Gandne Jee hg)" tine 
Edwards cyte ald Hine 13 Gerdoan Charles 
EdwardsRich.F! . 27 Aug.l4 Gere Robert 
1 Fhbwerde David « Megat 1 Gdre Hon Rubwere 
Edwards a iceare Bird 28} 496 Gesses Henry toJ a i 
Eliot H. At K-19} 902 Gostling Philip: ama 
ice Ale - eb.i3f AG 
Silior John 7h echia Graham Phikp | god A 
Ene ot Rob. Jas. “ae Grant James, igdeua 
Henry 198 ulyai Graut Gregory. esOvt 
phic James bi ane Grant Devid Mc D. idan. 
iphingrone Ac wJunely Greenaway Rich. o6May) 
lton Henry FJunely Greene Woibcrme adulyi 
nylish Charles 17April27 Greene W 
sa EvanceWm.D. 15Aug. 38 goBec.o 
‘Evans George Zhune Greculaw cineB. Ifduwel 
veleigh John Maras nory W ila 
yre Thomas agJuly sa] tog. Gre el Haas. “3 tulsa 
ee CEO eae ——~] ae onfe sesdnel 
Fair Robert @®ept.23 ong h Righard pheti tal 
Fathiner C. BE. Sant: : Joseph: 1aAnga: 
 Parwelf Chartes = 17Mar.12 crege Johw , .! 
Faulkuer Jonath. 14May 7 Griut Wm, , 5. 17) -ADbe. a! 
b ae Somes sokent 7] pane ta et Sol aged 
eatherstone S,  21Sept.go Grum *..3\ @Aere 
epen Pepe ite '9F eb. 2b Ages, Nea Catalase 
oped ix Roh. R. | toJunes, 

enndijJoty = isJunety 
erris Thos aeSept.3s 
, Nesting B. M. 

i Field 


ral ohg 7d anel4 
mene tFeb.i0 

Patera obn,_ QNov. lg 
eming Ric’: Hn. 87Seputb 

/ Fletcher W pe on 
oley, Oshora, <BAprile 

‘0 John ajMer.i¢ 
orbes Andrew 16June9g 

: Fardex Reb. iQalyai 

iF “fh rs) jaa 7 
For Sumy at ‘ ra ka 
\Fravlland Faw.A. saMay 10 
'FranklandChas.C. 96 Apr.% 

cian. cer Ge SEE « 

i he , yiloa siesta, 

t ene P, B: a He 

ares Righard I. & as 17M 

t ‘ fi H. e, 'Gamib’ “ 

[Foerers Purser |, Alen. ee Secs: a 

ee G\ad aad oneen Wm. Beste 

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raise er CHL diuer she todime ti 

: mond tie 4, F, Eartner Allee Pr. 1sSepe0b son Howes three iste 

ips iden. ° ‘we ‘Gann oe 

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Lagob.Grah.galaly 23 ‘Gibsea to mere 5916 



jalefpon Wm. Sept.act - 

Evie y ‘ reser Chartes = aaSepi-a3], 
i Solna. 0 1s. EA react Tho i a2Juls 96) 
26 farth 2Ay Farber thes 16d unets 
: ephen SS - omas 1 Sag ¢..0q 
’ tah, 4) ‘urneaux John. . taJuly14 

‘+ sean Re Serv ls sane La) 
Bull. Fdwandl boy 

H — wher ed 

_ Hall Reger———— 
1 Hall Percy F. 30Apr. 
rier ram Av apAbeil 
| Halsted! Gea) Aniot$t 
' Malton Thomaa:'>\. shaw 
gents Peed Skil ve, ls ae 
'Bamthon Wem Price 

Herod re Patwwek- | 
Harnoed Wittisen arse 2 
Haringten no 

Haristn Geotge' sybu 
HamageGeo” % state 
Hereee aes , 

Harris: Ja 

Harriven Thaopti ‘Bhuted 

mes ero aSt Horrisen srrisen Her Orel? 

| Harvey Chobe B: cos 
‘Hacvey Jobe 
Bamtl tips 

‘Matton Ce Sra 
‘Hannata ee 

ireeace Ab. Mor? 




Acland Thomas Palmer 

23 Way23 

Agar Wm. G. igJulya4 
AgassiaJasJohnC. 29Aprilo2 
Aliler Wm. 4Aprila1 
AlexanderJohn  14Mar.11 
Alexander Nicholasi3J une1s5 
Alerander John 21 Jan.20 

. Allen Charles ahulyog 
Allen W.FE.H. 28Aug.28 
Allison John yOct.25 
Alms Ja. Edw. 4Mara2 

| Anderson Wm. (a) 12July17 
Andercon Richard 13Dec.21 
‘Anderson James) 25Nov.23 
j Andoe Rob. 30May21 
| AnnesleyFr.Ch. goJuly14 
Anthony Charles 29Dec.13 
Appleby John F. 28Aug.28 
‘Arnold. Kobert 1Jan.16 
Arrow JehnJ. 16May14 

Arthur Wim. Stephens 

Beckford John L. 30Nov.21 
Beer Thomas agJuly2s 
Belchier Nat. 210ct.10 
’ Benett Charles C, 15June14 
Bennett Charles. 210ct.10 
d Bennett James C. 260ct 26) 
349 Bentham Charles 19Aprila8 
| Berney John 27Junel4 
a Bertram Allan 28April27 

est Thomas 30A prila7 

evians Wm. : ar.g7 
Bignell Geo, 19Sept.15 

sm sigan 4 > 26April27 

Fr. ; «ike OVv.g5 
Blackiog Robe ) QAugat 

‘ 903 Blair Fras. 24April28 

eM ae 

iy Fras. * 

180 ct.24 Boxer William 15Jan.23 
249 Astley Ed. W.C. 12Aug.19 Boyce Fred. 10AUg.24 
Atkinson H. E.  2o0April97 Boyd David 17Jan.15 
ns lyn Boyes Henry 11May1s 
135 Boyle C.E.W. 23Dec 26 
hr Boys Edward (a) 8July1g 
Back George g0Dec.25 Bradley James (a) t2Junea3 
Buird Andrew 20May26 Branford John 1Mar.20 
BakerHenry (6) 15Jnnet4 Brasiex James 26Dec,29} 
| Baker John 1Jan.16 Bray Josias 27May25, 
. Baker John P, 22Jan.21 Bremer James 1Aug.1} 
Baker George 17Jan.22 Brett Peircy 1Feb.12 
Baldey Rob. 26July21 Bridges Geo. F. _ gSept.18 
Balfour William 22Jan.06 Bridges Sir Brook Wm. Bt. 
Ball Thomas 28Aug.28 1May23 
BamberWm.R. 210ct.10 BrigstockeTho.Rt. 31Jan.21 
BanksJohbn | 29Mayi2) 191 Broke Philip 7June28 
*Banks Francis Oct.13 Brown George 7Mar.10 
Barrell Justinian 21Mar.15 Brown Samuel 1Aug.11 
Barton Richard 29July25| 443 Bruce Robert 9Nov.18 
Baugh Henry 19Mayo8 Buchannan Wm. 183uly12 
Bayfield H.W. 8Nov.26 Buller Tho. Went. 19April1 
Bayly James 25Aug.28 Bunce James iJan.1 
Bazalgette Joseph 17May14 Burgess Wm. sJulyo, 
Beaumont Rich. une25| 18 BurgessSamuel 16Sept.16 





— sa 

(N; B. Fhe Names in Italicsare those of Lieutenantssuperannuated with the xank of Commaniler.d dey. 

382 Blake Geo. Chas. 110ct.19 
Blakiston Thos.  a2July2i 
Blanckley EdwardioDec.25 

BlennerhassettG. 11Nov.08 
77 Blight Wm. 12Feb.21 
BloisJohn R. 6Mar.21 
Blow John A. 27Mar.<6 
Bluett Richard 6Dec.16 
Bond Thomas 31Jan.14 

Bond Thos. BaringtiNov.25 
Bond John HolmessSept 28 
Bonifant Bartho. 20April18 
Berthwick Alex. 7Deci8 

3nteler Henry 12Aug.19 
246 Boteler Thomas 
Bourchier Wm. 19Sept.i5 
Bourne Henry 
Bowden R. Booth 5Aug.43 
Bowen Geo. 

Burt Edw. 1Aprilos 
Burton Richard 19Avg.19 
Burton G, G. 5O0ct.14 
Bury Thomas 15Junen4 
Bushby Thomas 26Dec.29 
ButtHen. Sam. S8Aug.o7 

Caiger Herbert 11May2? 
Cairnes Jas. W.  6Ang.o4 
Campbell John (b)6Dec.14 
Campbell Robert 12Julyoy 

TT, eset ) 

jaord I 

ios D 

[Phe Figures before cach Name denote the Number of the Ship inwhich the Oficerscrves:}» ) 


Canning George, 1sJunerg 7 
Carew Henry a7Janegz 
Carew Thomas, 7June 
Carleton William, 2De: “ab 
Carnac oe estat 
Carpenter Ed, I. 30April 
Carter Tho. Wren lade ‘rd as 
Case Wm. Aug.jle 
Carpal William 
Cavendish Hon. Geo. Joh 
Cawley John 11May 
Chalmers C. W.. t5Junelg 
ChamlerlavneRd. 20Noy.22 

Chamberlayne John a 

Ceci Da Se 

ppell Edward 19A pile 
Chasman Wm. Ag x 2 
Cheapr James 12Mar.@ 
Cheyue Geo. 12Aug.¥8 ( 
Chiene John 4Dec. 13h, - 
ChilcottJohn | 20Apriloa P| / 
Child John 15Sept.¢ : 
Christian Jonath, 1Feb. 34 
Christie Peter | 220¢t.9 
Clark Samuel ; peal tals 
Clark Kd. (a). 131 he : ' r 
Clarke Hyde John 210¢t oF * 

ClarkeFlet,Nort. 27Ang. 14 
Clarse Wm. N. Dec. 
Clephan James | 

ey (bite | i | 


Clyde Chas. neers 

Cobb Smith .— 15Oct. 

Cobbe Wm. Bhi 6} ; 

CochraneC. Stuart éc.! 

Cockerell Rd, Howe “s 

Colby Thomas 

Cole Thos. Edm. 

Cole, Wm. John 8Aug. 
Collingwood F. E. 15Jam.28 
Collins Edw. 15Junelg 
Colpoys John Edw. Grif. 
Col H.G anert ) 
‘olpoys, H. Griffiths 1 
§03 poys, 25Aug.28 
Compton peory. 3Sept.og} 
ConnerRichard (a) 19Maya8} 

ConollyMatthew 4Dec.13} 
#*Cook Sam. Edw. 3Juneag 

‘Coote Wm. 6Ma 
325 Copeland Richard 1nJunerg j 

Corbyn Jos. 15June1g ft 
Cornwall John 22Novia6} 
Corsellis N.C. QgNov1gh 

CotgraveEd.Stone 13J une15¢ 

Covey Edward 11 May22 

Cowan Malcolm’ 230ct.o2}) 
Cowan Thomas 5Maya7}) 
Cox Douglas gJuly17} 
Cox John 13Nov.22 
Cox Francis 15Feb.25} 

if CAP 
ar mpson Jol ae we \» /Meitch Jameso © -agAng.19 
© “Thomsen John 1iSept. he Vernon Ferd. E, Ve-quvei 
‘Thora beromgly; coreg »Wernon OSHC. Ve» qaug.21 
~ fa Ge sTApr.o7} Vidal Alex. Thos. E...4Oct.25 

, “Thornton ie agApr.27 

; : cin ens 
r Thomas 

ag3un ne24 
arene Wii H.B: fale 

jo Trench Hon Ww. Le P. 
etirgss agApril 
° eee nAlagt ie Buen 

{ 7Junel 

- fiv@fmubsicige Sie E.T.- 

pucker SirE. K.C.K 
‘ 23Mar.07 
Biicker"Thomas'Té vAug.11 
Sylar George 100ct.22 

a “4 mg = 
> nei her Thomas 24Mayo8 
on ov neittarttleury » 1 gFeb.o1 
pret fli f 1 sofas r 
& wAe yal F| 
be, vin” int roll eeu 
J ilo tty 0) gol abiajin 
Mie tt “lavinalas ad 

fonw Lol dudeuolb is 


)e ay tu | 

+ Ime KP =e b vee) 

October, 1828. 

#Vincent Rich. B. 8Aprilo5} 
Walcott Jobn Edw neha 489 White Men 

Waldegrave Hon. ror Nal 

» Wales Richard W. Sani? 
‘ Walker Benj. “y5Junei 

Walker Chas. Montagu 
a7May 2 
Waller Edmund 1IJan.17 
Wallis Jas. a6Nov.17 
Wallis P!W.P.  12Ang.19) 
Walpole Wm, 7Dec.19 
Walton Jacob . 2gApril 
Ward William 10J uneos 
Warde Charles 18Sept.1 

Weir Henry 

Wemyss James iJulyiy 

Westphal Sir G; As Kt. 

/Whinyates Taosi!; a2 
WhiteJohn Cham. - 
White George 
seven = 



sag {ay 

RW illes Gee 

Willock F..G. 
Biiiousiy Sir or ¥ 
"ESept.s¢ a 
552. Wilson John he nelq! 
Winne J 2 | 
Wise Williaa ay06, 
asemanSu WS. tone, 0 
Withers Thomas 13Mayog! 
Wollaston Chas, _ yen. 
Wolley Isaac 1Sept.c 
Wolrige William Dec. 18 
Wolrige Thomas _19Julyaa 
Woodriff Daniel priloz 
Wormeley Ralph R. 7Junes 
Worth James A. _210ct.10) 

Wyndham George 3Julyis 



Yates Rd. A /12Mar.27} 
Yorke Cha, Philip, By me 5 
Young William 


Y ung: SF EPRIR 


i. be 

a | 

e a oe le noe | 
io po " : . os : : iter’ ~<a A. aon * t 
aSaat Ue 1 eros it ts 9 “ge vis Johan @i. 4-20BE) t.0 Rt ye ere we . dead = 

gr th Lig core am it ea nies Seated, ilo® var ae selel ta apct-Oa) 
Pe oD : ‘ 230 ait oy Jind or eee 0 TIA : : fata, bv. I 
Ady eter sty : pull-on Cems! ® t rilogic. +7 Ghippa dA Texe pan.0 
o. quai ch Qe Deets Mob. yQnsenrad toi tasoar dd ty i yu: a Ov 
lt SS et oat 1.247 : GA tes) te ly Sis, - dela } 
US Kenhat dud > ab Mu gia ryala, wha undo scl. & ime ; ea reba 
PPP alge Bette ‘tot Be iestl Lord 40. bv Sypapae 1 be BaDec-Oy 
Waris A baad ls Pani pire! 4 - 16Feb.of}.3> wnps & xy whe t.4 f 
nels Nae We fap IB ct. 2 RilVjeretildvbeipehadin prilog: 166 panclakpalion Wp Oh. +, 
byet Sk ar] sidints mest x 4 Rainier Peter — 17Jan.0Oa+> ar’ nat at: Baan’ Lg 
‘ae ry artiy baat BRebey dbedery <Q unein at Qkekmh ee Pay t 
1A 6J ynel gon Biever : C.2@ pal p> aie ij 
‘ : ; . vy e 


Trilogy! 7s Ratsey + MBept 
ov.2py! 7° tray Jase «) edBept.1§: fine ye ct.19! 
Tilak oo Reid au Hope! a8Dec anki aith J mw rib Dec.9 
lyi@f? 4 Rennie Gedrge  Wunelg SmishThamtatien g-2 
eb.1gt i >: Renwick Thos. | an. 17 ~ ++ Gmith Geo. SadtegR2Aug.2 
layoSt* Reynolds Bartingted ne Heté [Rs 
ISAS es oe abJan.1¢ ‘eS ytht Vir b.s 
ri1974- ° Ribowleaw Petsx -agAprilome:.+sSaeyd Clement 3Aprilt 
*9fpnei4] “Rich Geo. Freda: « Seby7g Semethille 2 OGunei4: 
neoit ff tied ane Fe sae papers boners ager iy 
‘gWar.odt: ‘Richards Peter  ‘178ept.2§) r. V rilé 
Pearce Joseph 7June , bth based fs <= pence Henry Ha dgAug c 
Pearse Henry W. 23Dec.09} °°’ ichbeH Thos? -*: vilod ead ufFeb. 
Ccherl oir sam "|: Ricketts Sir R.Peist@ht. | neerHon.Rt.c. 4Junel 
rooke, Bt... i6dpneogp fe MD ct.OL 5Q7 kp Fpenses wes. § 
he . : riliof ‘! Ricketts Wms": rilogt. er wera de 2 
ne = c.2gt' + Roberts Joha €. Gs nel§ Spicer Peter apAprileg) 
Wott v.1 Roberte Sanrtaskagd une 9+ ~~ Spe -Frek : { 
Hew PORE anodt’t x Attherts Juhn W. 16Juneaq: 279 #Staines Sir Thos., -C.B. 
#Pellew Hon. F.B.R. Robilliard Wm. = 14Dec.19¢ (alt ypp  eamiedT vod me. ! 
140ct.08 Robinson Hercwles 7June} o-8 Samp bed ome ref nel@ 
Pellowe Richard 29Aprilo2 Rochfort Wm. = 27Mar. Stanfell Francis 19Mar.10g 
Pennell Follett. 14S ualy28 Rodney Hon. Edw. 22Jan.06! Stanhope Henry at 
Rogers Rob.Henley 2Sept.16' Steuart Hew QoNov.1 

Perceval Hon. Geo. Jas. 
#Percival Westhy dete 
Percy Hon.Josccline25Sep. 
Percy Hon. W.H. 21Mar.12 
Pettman W. R. A. 12Sept.27 

Ross Chas. B.H. 150ct.02! 
*#Ross John 9Dec.18 
14-Rotheram Edw. 

27 Aug.00 
498 Rous Hon. Hen.John 25Ap.23 

Peyton John S. 26Septit Rowley Sam.C. 29Apr 02 
Philips James R._ 13O0ct.07 Rowley Josh. R. 3oSept.12 
#Phillimore Sir John Rowley Robert  21Aug.15 
Kt. 130 ct.07 Ryder Charles agApriloa 
Phillips Charles 15Maya23 Rye Peter 12Aug.12 
PhillottC.G.R. 7Dec.18 
Phipps Weston aJunei4 SandersJames 29Aprilo2 
430 Pigot H ugh Mayo4 Sanders George 2Juneog 
M+}Pilfold John 25Dec.05| 173 SandomWilliams 93M ar.28 
Pipon Phili 17Sept.o8 Sargent Wm. 12Aug.19 
Plumridge Jas. H. gOct.22 SartoriusG.R.  6Junei4 

Polkinghorne Jas. 25Aug.98 #SanumarezRichardi7Apr.24 


adBiph: ChaCedépril2yy <- Glad - eg P ctel 
thhorne Wilson 180 .ct.0m. « +~ dait wet =} E, 
: ww 


+39gfeD rilo 

+ mith Matehe 

Stevenson Jas. (6) 27Feb.1 
opStewart JamesP. 1¥Feb.1 

Stewart Houston toJunel7p 

Stiles he 14J unega 
Stirling Jas. (a)  7Dec.18 
Stoddart Pringle 130ct.c 
Stoddert. Jubnu a7 Mays 
Stopford Edward = 18Dec.12 
Stopford Hon. M. 8Aprils 
Strachey Christ. 28Junel 
Strangways Cha. 20A pril27 
Strong Chas. B. 12Aug.19 
226 Stuart Henry’ 160 cto 

Stuart Kt. Hon. 
Lord George 3M 
Stuart James 4Dec 
515 Studdert J. Fitz toJan 
~ “ Stupart Gustavus 210ct.1¢ 


Popham J peck L. an.o6 rn 
Popham Stephen 1g9Sept.15 Sayer George (2) 14Feb 01 Sturt Henry E.P. 910ct.10 
Popham Wm. 19May19 ayer George (6) 21Oct.10 Sulivan T. Ball 19Oct.14 
Porteous John wJunel4 Schomberg "A.W. 1Jan.o1| 218 Sullivan Sir C. Be. 7Juneig 
Ponlden Richard poneriles *4Schomberg C.M.6Aug.03 Swaine Spelman 17May10 
414 Poulett Hon.G.  31Julyo6 Scott Wm.Isaac 7Junel4 Sykes John o23an.06 
Powell Herbert Brace Scott David 220ct.1 Symes Josepl a1Mar.12 
0.22 ‘Scott James Blane Symonds Tho. E. a9Sept.13 
Praed B. M. agApr.02 +Searle Thomas 25Aprilos Symonds William 5Dec.27 
rescott Henry 2SJuly10 Selsey, Kt. Hon, Hen. 
vost James 13Mar.09 J. Lord zAug.12 
Price George 7Jan.12 Seuhouse Hum.F. 220ct.14 
Price Davi wgJunels Serre!l John 97Jan.03 Taitour John 260ct. 
Prickett Thomas 20Ang.24 Seward James ag9Aprilo2 Tait James H. 5Sept. 
Pring Daniel i9Sept.15| 457 NtSeymour Sir Michael Tait Robert 17April27 
Pringle James 1June12 Bart. K.c.B. pe Tancock John 1Feb.19 
Pringle George zJanels Seymour Geo. F.99J uly06 PTovier Joseph N. 16Ang.23: 
Proby Hon. G. 23Nov.06| 579 Seymour Michael 5Aug.26 emple Francis 12Mar.c 
Proctor Will. B s8ept.o6 Shannon Rodney 3Aug 26 Tetley zorere §. 7Jan.19: 
Prudhoe, Kt. Lor. : Pog Alex. R. 223an.13 ThomasRichard 220ct.0g! 
A Lord 19Aug.1§ aw Charles sJulyi4] ThomasFred.J.  8Dec.13 
Purcell Bdwerd a5 Aug.28 Shepheard Lewis 210ct.10/443 ThompsonNorborne) 1 Ang oe 
Parchas William J.16Meay28 Shepheard Wm. 1Feb.19 Thompson Lenox 15Jan.08 



Adire George Aug. a7, 
‘Hoare Ed 

Hobson William gduly28 
Robert 1g} ulyat 

Laroche Christo. 

Lawrence Daniel 

Lawrence Jobn 265 Mingaye William J 

Ce a ae eae a 7 S 
A ant i 

lsppaee Hen. ae 
Lennock G. G. 
zon ee 
bens MS ieee 35 mn 7 
t Gear ames 
ceri attra Hell Hesy 
F rederie 

Huntingdon Earl by 
Huskiseon Thos, . 

IQ fehett Sam: 

Enncs Alexander . 
Hon. Ered. P. 

8 Lyon Edmund 
Lysaght Arthar 

. acdonald Colia 7Juane 

aitland Hon. aes 
Jones Pheckaid 


Manse) Robert 
Manselt Thomas 
Maples John Fordyve 

#-}- Marsh 
pay i st zt pli William F. 

IeeJulias sOct. 14 Martin Henry B. BT 

#% > MartinGeo.B.igApr. 
x on Th oe 
Mason Tho. y 

Mends W. Bo ene 
eynell Henry 1Ap eit 

poe | 

tc rT) 2 1 
Middleton Rob. @. Apri se 
Mildmay G. W. St. ea ae 

Miller John 1 
Milward Clement rey aylg 

Mitchell Nath. 0 ter 
Mitchell Andrew agApril 
Mitchell Charles SApril 

Mitford Robert 3:Mar.1 

onke Soret: : 
outagu Wm. A.120ct.07 
ontagu John William’ 


Montagu James 17Jul 
Montgomerie Alex. 30ct.2 
pohly ie? wy unel 
apiece Const. R. 7Dec.1 
resbyFairfax7J une 14 

Minis Edm. J, 25Oct.09 

G : 
m+ oamecy Willen = ay 

Meansher Eyles Rc : 
Muddle Rd. Hen. iJan.1 
Madge Zach. 

ulcasterW. Hi. hh 
* utdy Feb.o} 
urray Ii oe ur ov.) 
Plurray J 7Dec.1 

Nobet Josiah 24qDec.98 
Nixon Christ. 27 May45, 
Noble James priloa 
Ree Ered: onset 4s 

orthey Jnag.M. t.46 
Nett Francis Joha S20ct.10 

O Conor Rich. 16Aug.1g 
O'Grady Mayes yJu 
Ommapney J.. 

ia wanes H. M. tee 
Ouct Charles . gApri 



Cocks Geo +, 4 dgOct.o7 Down Edw. Aug. 12Aug.t ~ Goate Wi ‘ 
Goad Gearne i 4 39 uizat] Doyle Sir Bent’ Cav, Kt, Godby Jobh H. ’ @Punea 
Coe Goddard Richard prilo 
Coffin Lge ee agApriloa mmond Adam Godfrey Wm prilo 
_Loffin John bi adaaer = rury Joseph Geb 10dfreyWm. MK, y 
H i" aa 2 rv Ang Lhe yas Henry Og 
: hil SirJos.0. Bi. aree Daf rr Ane a Avan, Op prilos 
‘} aig. Tee Jer. | 97N on Du ffNorwich a3April p erdon Henry C.B, 
olb A Dunbar Sir J. Bt. ert riloz ayo 
trace Sir Christ ‘an Hon... 18Jan.o6} a Charies C 
: yal Ap prilna un ee Hone : onion games: : 
0 alonti oa & ne: 01 n Hon. W. ar.1¢ 
rast td wing 436 i indag Lagrenes ‘ dete 9 Soa Praag 1dF eb. 
ollier ee Nov. 4 Dads Hon RAS. ruby orden Hon.John aes: 18 
‘Collier He 474 Dundas. Henry eb.26 re EY ae 52 
roene 26Dec.22 Dundas J. Burnet §July28 Gore John (4 wiy2 
Colquitt SamuelM.210ct.10 Dunn Daria ete Gosling George 16Aug.28 
MCoode John = =—- 1 Oct-10 Durban William  1}Jan.04 Gourly John ad 3: ol 
Cook He h aiJulya Dorell Thomas P.29 priloa]| Grace Pe iFe begs 
_ Cook William 25Sept.o eae ae Graham John Geo-3f)ct-og 
Cookesley John 7Dec 19) Eden Henry Granger William TH ulyge 
,. Corry A. L. agduly2a} gcumbe John “Mayo 07] 557 Grant SirRich. HO.17M aya 
390 Couch James. 24Jan.24 Edge William une) ves Thomas * OAug.1¢ 
317 Cowtn Thom Ww. eas it Eacell Heury F. soAprile n James eb.1 
Cowan mas Edwards de Henry. ug.26 Green Andrew P . .H. 
poivkad af ' Ellicott Edward igaee 19 : : pry 
zispin Penjemin C1 Elliot Charles 28Aug.28} PittB. | 7Mar.1 
Cri Oct.10] 574 Elliot Hon.Geo. 2Jan.o Wu. F. and 
Cr William ct.o7] Elliot a7Juneog Sete SirG.Bt. C5 
17g. Crotton Hon. G.Alf. pFeb.12 @fEliott William 160 ct.10 
/Crole Charles 2Jan.28 hk John June} G bap tbis retife 
Cumby W om Chas, aJan.06) Gridiths A Late 
Boa aa pet antes £6: Falcon Gordon T. 2g0)ct.13] Walter BBO <t.1¢ 
jLunniugbham Alex Fave Francis Wm.30Aug.0 rouble Thos. junels 
ichara - Sane 02 Fanshawe Henry jJunel GuionGurdiner H.20Sept.1 
ertis Sir. L. BtsagJan.c Fanshawe Arthur 170ctié — 
Curtis Time geDec.2 Farington Wm. pt. ig) Nl Ro. 
urzon rd8¥eb.23 >} Farquhar ‘Arthur K.H ‘fall Basil: * ~ ° §Nov.1 
8A prilo Bas acl WTuriege 
mene R. iwqan. el ad iNov. lowell @., ril 
yActh G o- Wm. Feil Charles gJan.osj), , Pfalsted Jd ie ‘ov.08 
Sf ae es "ellowes Thogaas oe pmilton GoW, 
oahu Je. an. 7 Gee 
‘bh. ., Daly ine Joba Wi Gauge : Ferguson Geo, aelk ileqnArtherP. yiMay1 
Wwe oe sot lon Fermssan 4m = : mileoh W, A. B. oaug.s 
13 ’ ancock Je n PPanc 
bea Sir Char ce Festi Re Robt W. ats ‘a na the R. T,. t epta 
to. : ae ov t 3s une t My 
rood WB. Oct. Filmore fe John aie , 4ON ne uly 
we msn bP. iJuneis Fialey Justice unel rdy Yohin akes 24) unec 
“DaviesH. Thos.  19Feb.14 Fisher William riliil ardymanLactueg Ja 
@e-+}Davies Lewis 210ct.27 Fuber Peter ‘19 eb.1G arper agonal 7 i. une} 
Deacon Hen.C.  2Aprili7 +Fie Ro Re. 1 Hon. | | Har " wAug.1 
Bed erie incl Heer maibes 
unel4 int William ar.Uk , eearvey r } 1 
Deecker Samuel B. Wunei Foley i desoaed unelg) Harvey mote s 
_ Dench Thomas @ane Polvil S ass rilo’ pware ich. ‘° 3iJulye 
aman a May2. ¥oote Wi aa W. ct.10 atley qean rile 
Starck M.A. N t.08 - Foote Jobn ment. Hatton Villiers P eb.1 
von Fh. Barker, . Forbes Heury ec. 19) 7m: wker Edward uned 
May Forrest Thomas nlyop awkins, Fdw pt.d 
pehire J.F. o7Aprilon rtescue Hon. M. wepy e ¢.8. J. 130ct.a 
ick Jobn pril Fowler B.MerrickagA wat t, Hon. Lord fohn 
Dick Thomes 7Junel4 Frankhin Joba aeNov. A . Dec. 
neon rd 110 Fremantle Chas. Ws 4Aug.6| James. Aug.1 
ee igMays8 an reneh woe Be rtd ya, ; aa hoy Prily 
.--Dickson Edw 311Aug,00 r Waste a : nes rilk 
Dickson Archib. ‘agA riloa | _rite Jehan r eo i tichnel. ; Junes 
Digby George an.o€ eathcote Gilbert SSeptaup 
Digby J ‘ ABept.5  Galwoy Edward prilosi, . eHart Wm, = 1gAug.§ 
s =» :SJan.og ‘Gambier Robert unetgt ‘Henderson Rot. @Jan.c 
L B. aiMar.c Gambier Geo. C un endersoti George vaae: 
ix Bdwased ane Garland Joseph ton enderson Win 
 Dixes, a Ae une 19Aug. 15) Ben wn (3 aly 
‘DobbieWm.Hugh 6Mayc Garrett Feary: , igSept. .-men ay m ‘Jang 
Ming: B sAug.s Gerth Thomas aden. enaiterM.J. do 5un.¢ 
ugins. g0ct.t Gedge John wJulyat peas ds QS5Nov.% 
uglas et.Jubn 26NoviEs, Gilford James. 2 Aug.1 ewit Jane 
‘Douglas Hon. Geo. a8Feb, 2 Gill Charles i6Jan.#y 

ee Tees eet FS 

Tree: SCA BYAINS ZL. Pawo? 69 

~~ oe 

wSboyadsabhs old wd bosnosensaos lavas 4. oy ps % yr ee aS \o and be 

ae Pay; oF sy THE. YY 
CAPTAINS OF. wig Wh Aesten Bs FLEET, 

ca ar ~ ig weil! fourth 
ee h the Dates of ti their Jixst Commissions oan 
uae hondes —_—_——, = 
ile eae £ np. “| The Names ofthe Retired’ Officers are inserted in ation are : : ; 
wad : oa yr Vhs f 
tif gine oe each Name denote the Number of the Ship | in me the Officer sbevee 
treatboaya 44 ie eat Youre or 
Oo AM alts a a 
‘No. AMES. iia No. NAMES. Seniority.|No. _ NAMES. Senjoriey:|. 
ee a ail aac 
Abbot Hon. Chas, 26Jan.26| 486 Berkele Fe Z unel4q Buckle Matthew 
Abdy Anthony 210ct.10 Bereraree He i yJunel4 M+#Bullen — priloa 
#Aciile e an.2 Bevan Rowland = 1qJuncog iloal 
A'Court Hen, : i aay Bingen Ww.B. ara; Btises George , 
ar.11 1 Bin ham A. Batt zFeb. 12} Fgoyne Fred. } 
Adderley. Arden’ 193 ul ack James agJul ¥13 Burrard Sir C. i , 
Aitc Reobg,, .2oApril: a Vm. qJunel Burton Tho 
Gmie Osc pool teh aie) Price Pe 33 urton Sas. Ryder 25 
V Alias Jobn- (o sadprilea e Bisckwood H. M. 2 Hbet9 tuber Samuel aah 
dornye en denn: Gh B p _ Blamey Geor 3 t. ot eqiiie 
ried . agdul yal pe ds h Geor ais 
aude dan iagiked- loye Ro ane ape Wim 
«Andrew J NY. pt.12 luett Buck. S. 212A Teta 5 3 ice neh Richard 290A 
Andrews George 22Sept.og Boget Edmund 3 ron Rt. Hon. Lord; June14 
+ Anson Hon. William nol ne ana eS Kt. to oAprios 5 
4£20ct.27 ri oe Cadman George 

Aplin John Geo. 98Jan.26 Tow all John Donal anor eee an Hon.G. Fes Shape 07 
hace Dec. x “gmt pbellPatrickitJd he 

-368 Arabin Septimius 20oMar‘a3 
Arbuthoot Al.D. x oct ‘Bou gurthfer Henry rer anh mpbell Donald 1Aug. 
Argies-George ae ibe 430) Oh bel! Colin(a) 28Fe 4a 
Arthur Richard a -10 ‘91 Bonverié Hon. D.P. o8Apr.oat: « ~ Cambbell Colin () 7Junet 4 
9 _, Campbell, Hon. G. 
ae a7Ja0.01 

Askew Chr. aC 1gduly 

t 1guia 

1t4-AustenF.Wm. 13Mayoo Campbell John noesae 
20 ct.27 

q2 Austen C. John Pat deh i i‘ 
Campbell James diJupeas 

#4pAylmer Hon. 

a eee eat ‘ampbell Al 
are ahr Se aiel mpbe ex. I7Aprila 
gh Pp 21 Canuing Hou.V W.PsgDenan 
—— ~ -Cardén J. Surman 99Jan.o6 
weal on) Rt. Hon. 
‘Jdhn, Earlof  oAug.6al: 
” Carlyon William aM ee : 
Serene nee AgJuly2a 
arne Ko igA I 
2 Ca frou W. idellipAn ne in 

owker John 16Aug.11 
wies William 130ct.07 
Boxer Jumes 1s aly) 
962, Baxer Edward 23Junet. 
es Hon. Courteney. 

coc . 


Baily E. Seymour 
Bain Henderson G6Aprili3 
Beird Wynne Q8A pril27 

Sasa: tLe on +10 

Braimer David an.17 
337 Branch Alex. we 

: f re nels nn Benjamin 29h ri 
wi A iste ann 15 on at ae 7Junely Carter Charles : Flea 
Ane id Auyi9 Bremer Jas. J.G planets Carter John ~e 8 
a cies ct ay 25 Brenton Sir J. Bt. K.c. 
Men 2 ae . ‘00 "Cathcart Robert 19Juncod 

Cator Ber. Corn. 7 

Brenton Edw. P. PDeco8 
Caalkfeild James at 

nton John 26Dec.22 

vege 17 433 ridgeman Hon. Chas.O0. || 
ae YAprilog meee 

rT) atou ral €0, Bridges Pp. H. pt.27 

; ol, 
, Carthew James ee 

fs ar.26 riggs Thomas 24Julyol coming 
Harthgls in rw Cay 84 0ct.09 Brite Augustus 7 Bee. B aa John  9gPew-04 . 
ve EY. 4 eb.12 Brine George ec.18 mike am Han spd 
Bastard John 120ct.07 MBroke Sir P. B, V.. Be. istian H. Han. 
Bateman. P. B. 25Sept.o6 K. 14jFeb.o1! 586 Churchill, Lord Li: , 

Bromley SirRH Bt. 28Apr.o2 
omit i John 3Aug.01 
reell William Nov. 

Bangh Thomas F. 210ct.10 
Beyley John =‘' ‘ 4Bee/#3 
& .La 

n Thomas Janet 
Bea ort Ernie eld sfteyie| Browne F. W. soApriiod 
Bea a 130ct.07 man amas it 
47 Beee ey ne ai ow ee 
Bell George ; aly og en. 
he 4 Feb.12 mea 
‘Thomas, ept.28 lucha: 
bs! tham George 16Sept.16 ay Ric 

ae ee 


A List of His Majesty. s Packet- Vessels comniissioned ty the Aan 

AL is ncaa RENO hY 

fitted as 
ships AAT Slope enna ef War “Hdd. A 4 bdbntdabaih, 
Lt. James ok Bibres t. Sam. Sison 
Cygnet ai FasiGiidedaing aed avi) ssht sh ARAWillian Downey 
one G. B. Forster Red Reapels et mn: Sullnes 
ipec - W.G. Srifin ohn oore 
eh Aas cae) Je c Bera aie ene a | Ki Joha A? Ede 
L..T.C. Ao baa | Beane” Lt. Benj. abe trai 
2p oth fe ooe ‘ f. ar THs, aT teaetars tf: e a 
siding se ay ft Jou Weigh Swallow rs yan ee pace 
ingfisher Lt. W ym. Pate : Tyrian i come am 
agnet ames Porteous ¥ ' . Charles Chure 
we '! OP Lt. Richard avtle mid pees sn ae Wt 
rc re me cide ¢ ee ee 
SOL Packets, mand Th ets. : Conan deri 
‘Oo TS ohe Tae Lord Ha he William Sahnies). 4, 
ese ofC tiichaster Witham Kirkness Lord MéWil {John Furse 
nkelef Kent Ja Ba ard Tearence Marchs. Salisbury James Grdhami 1-4 
ke PM apt nigh octon ‘Séoseph Meérphew 1 é 
Rroctig seu ¢. Snell, Lt. R.N. Osborne Walter L i a tE 
ae a} Winingham,Mast-BN. Princess Elizabeth’ hnund Seded, Bt): B.N. 
rexid ste 4 ahi yeas, ee eensberry -? JamesRichardbon Hannah 
14 ° e 
i y Well g ae iam Lugg, Lt. R.N Sandwich Adoniah Sehay ler!) / 
ae i. ee ae | Staumer *. __., [Rob. 8, Sutton: ‘/. 
f yi 87 Loa dhe HARWICH STATION age an vole - eaathbok 
an , Lee . rer tl Fe wath een k 
Jone dottge crete Hired Vessels... ge he ee a 
= Tt the ek ihe oe 4 " yo ?p - y cond tteel sola 
’ (gle oa@un eer ees: e ackets, Commander “ait tte mouth Rue 
eae : Phaeda, Gastlereaghy Wm. W Tene. : .f oe eeveny§ 
epals des whan Peace 4 OTN Peesug en . oto) wobyaA 
Krol s iV tsa i: beady Nepean at ne me vrata edak, 
w2ooateh EI jeyster ; foh a the ee oD 10) waded 
fuse “Ford Duncan jobs, e pen lng WEE sce tek ee +6it 
ee ref ftos Isom. Georg 
parte” adel bod a bi Charlotte ne Te, Pu eee dol .DasteuA op 
bm OLY ; Princess Ora: atte ; hon Kipock ey, noth somly hee 
Ltvouachal vine : : ringe of Orange is ne Tear see 
dete be : ee uae vanettate eis ort eek ad ad Hel daw & 
4 pre id = | : ws. th 
i us : Poi, A List of His Majesty's Revenue Vessete SMUT A plustl 
oe Raaee etteotgha  pvetosbaedt ace 
ts vo . ENGLAND. bean fine suet A i it 
| | me aieniaadere, Ape esseltn jiteder dst 
(ire fewer Neon * Morr tks 
er) oa Rd. Bawden ively | Wm. Lilbarn 
mage = ‘Lt. T. Vv. Watkins Hermatil pee ae is 
elior Lt. H. G.' Etougb Nimbt is a} 
heerfx}! ‘Lt. T. D.J.Dabine °° Ranger ' Lt. The La REE, 
Defence | ' ‘Lt. H. A. Verkins Repulse. i 
petprin | | Ete Jas. Giffard a ose Lt. Geor He cniklyi 
Dove |, aoe bee jenn Day ' {| Royal George S ’ jane 
ep abe i . fas. St. y inthy Scout B, a ‘ fet e 
boy Pt Thomas Sparke Sprightly Geotge 'Siin th 
ox ae John Reid Stag "OW any Perti¢ 
Rope eee Lt..A. B. Howe Sylvia Te: nels th 
t ae Weer ce Fe, John Roche b Vigitas ; "R eA lah Yq 
an tah OEE PB aes eee. oote ( ie ghee : ane ey 
OR Lh | ets Thos, Frantitfon ot) saree hore a eee, 
as. aqu Ag rhb 1 vrted eee Pee a Sveligecagy 2 tgevas Se 
bo.datyp ates dca i Pee | ‘ ase | ARELAND. rr rres | 
eolyrn ndinindecs. Ve het io + 
$e qyselee ominaintenp. 
, int ban otiet yi te a 54 
9 ad} live : vit : ' rké” Te 
ee yal : 
ee) It. mt - 

Ne a a ay 

: it me is dG tt ie 

NO ee ee eee OS 

: _ROYAE NAYY.i 6y: 



s Plymouth, bidding. 
ere Se cud) a | Woolwich. 
sn Zvi Ont ‘18. Stoop, _ —WARRIOR “6: Sooke pt. John C. Whitdé ‘963 aner?7' 
Jaminica’ athrin Tepe WillievaPterchet 16Jan.o8 
frat Keane atang.98 , Lt. Baw. 36ha Johmsonsehuya6 
t. ie) ay“ ' 18Ap: fi cme ie ip. Charles | 
—WaARSPITE, °6.\” ( esln 26J une2 
ober Liddon gM gore, | ar RE i ba 
ros apt ilhiam Parker 1 ort 27 3 
ser, John MeDermott 19Oct.27 We sm, Jarmea Garand eh at ye WINCHESTER acl eaeat 
fuer. Biae SeAtg 7 Geo; Keanedy  JAwg.25 39 ue, Chas bakes os 
Sis—VICTORIOUS, ee “ W. bilkeington gAug.26 s91—WANDSOR CASTLE, 74. | 
Receiving, Ships i uN Brisbane 4Aug.: *Plymonth 
woe Portemout ae Mer. W.S S. Knapmen , Cept. Hon. D D, P. Bouverie : 
5Aug.27 1$May28 | 

SU4tHICTORY, are st Lt. Thos. Quested 160ct.24 
ed Lt Mar.Edw.Rea 17Dec.25 

Capt. Hew, G tee 3oAprilo7 : 
Com. John Wilson 14May28 patna Jaa Bop Brown gSept 2 

It. eee Peghicn ated Asst. Eb. Pinkerton 17Aug.25 

mt. William Haydon 1eMayaB, 
tf Charles Basden 31May2s | 
John Fraser = = 15May28: 
Thos. D. Stewart 15May28 
Edmd. B. Wenner 

aiduly7s | 
» Joseph Roche goAprila7| wt, tunte 7Aug.27| Charles Richards 15Maya8 | 
John T. Warren vilan.a7 Chep. - aoe F Capt. Mar. Jalius Fleming = 
om Pateok I Sayer er Purs. John Cole 1oAug-25 ay28 
J.W, Parcel | 3eAug.e8 Mast, William Scot 1gMesa8 
WW , —WASP, 18. Sloop. illiam Seo ay 

H. Stopford, F. ok oeilat 583 ‘Medi tere ala: Sur. Jas. Rutherford, a 

Capt. Mar. Patrick Robertson | Com. Hon. William bleh oes Asst. Jer. Riordan 14May28 
ad Lt. Henry Bennett ear Lt. Vales Lane (6) 17Jan.28 tsMaya8 

John Harvey 165ept. 27\ . Hay gJau. 

n Dpve © 
28 Chap. Wn. v. Hennah ij ly28 
Mast. John He cpinaen a 8527 M fr Pore Dawes 10Jan.: 13Miaya8 

28| Purs. Joseph Jacobs ' 

Sur. John Niel rila7|Sur. T. C. Roylance = 74an.281.4)_wizarp 
Asst. Wm. Patison 7Jan.28 210. Brige 
. Wan, ee hel ee “lotlayay Pars. John Haile gen. Pembroke, building. 

fi Aes lacd ait Stuart5May28 
Hammond i uly28 51—WATERLO0, 120. 

Weltrlotony aegg 8 ioe: srr it eet 
ord Be Galdver. aA ria Mediterrenean. ms 5 Mast. fiche eee ef, ‘ec 
Pur. John Shea’ ©. 30Aprila7 fer'rhomas Gurneys 1) Mara8 dealt. Gan. paren eae 
ie VIG NT, 12. , Ketch. Bo cases Imlay sana.89 Puss. T. Fairweather . , agNov.26 

59 —WOLFF, 104. - 
ingston, Canada, building. 

Deptford, building. 

WYE, 26. Conviet Ship. 
Chath Me 
Le. Edward Welde 98M ay28|— 

Geo. A. El ‘ott 23F eb.27 so7—YORK: 74- 
Wm. M‘ilwaine 11 May27 

t. ae a ie Jones (a Ma 28 Asst. John Nault 21 Mur.27 
Mast. ¢ -harles Pope Ld °° |Purs. Palmer J. oney gMar.27 

fist. Sits J ohn Walker 6May28 

$76—-VIGO) Jt : , 
Receiving Ship. 

586—WELLESLEY, 74. 


~~ eee 

§77—-VILLE DE ae ua. 
bd ef 


| - H.J Peirse asJune27 Portsmouth. 
! . Thos, Grech soMayee -_— eee 
8—VINDICTIVE, 74. 7|s98~ZEBRA, 18. Sloop. 
ymowth. Mediterranean. 

ad Lt. Ph Fraser toJmure28 Com. Brans wick PophamaMara8 

Mast. ¥.P. Bentley 21 Feb.27 
ng. Sur. Obadiah Pines 15Feb.27| C* Jobe Wh A Weeacwse ey 
sro -VOLAGE, 9 BF ree Asst. P. Leonard — 13Feb.27! Mest, Wn. H. Ehompeon nad) 
Capt. mi sacl’ et Seymou re Sar. Thras. Clarke 2y95 
~ 49Sept.a7 7| Aset. Thos. Hunter (6)15¥feb.27 
Lt. Johu Furtict or Bares WELLIN eat Puredos-L.Marchant 1Mar.2, 
ee te = GfO ¢ 

Walia Gonna 7! rad 37 Sheerness. ra s9—ZENOMA, . Bese: 

fet Lt. Mar. - 3 lymou je Ace 
goa t.27 600--ZEPHYR 6y { 
Mast Ferpeurgy Sa : s98-WEYMOUTy, 16 | anata a 
urJohntlamett, M. t. as. Chutch eJuneag. 
Asst. Hen. Holnt rig PB # Dip Uo: Com. Ch Osborn: « 7Ju ines | 

Fur John ht ''” goSepe a ‘\ Mast. Sur. RoborttloldengJuly2g | 


F | 

ALAVERA 40 aa Ab NAVY.) 
raypofoaes | Fra 748. Sto 
Cantsen 2 OI an To. = 
Hon, Buedd Spene a} THUNDE B Ca ¥\ Jey 
It. Geos er |. eptfords oUt, ») oad sie tion: jad ¥— 
Wilso aLsep. wilding. Sai re 
mo Portman, smaneD-25ioi5—THUNDE g. | Et. Will Se 
fi John e- Talbot | » RaSept37 polwich. building Meat ne : ne af 
ast. Benj. Cansde 27|546—TIBER ings [iwedat an Hallowell’. eb.27, | 
r. Benj. Br ell 11July26}: P > 46. M Mar. Robt:Leo Lh 1 ) 
sst, Geguid a Sebee! oxtsmouth, buildi Peng Edward R nardS 
urs. Jas. Te : gd 128 547—TI ing. A . John Gooe ose iDec.2 
od Lathy i Moots . IGRIS, 4 Asst. Jobn coe ne ‘ 
598-TAMAR, ae Ct.25 Beet Buit isch. rs. David scone asin 96 2 
- Plymouth, SAB—TOPAZ 58—T gFeb.27} 
5299--TARTAR, 42 Receilig ‘Ship. a RIAN, 6, Brig \ 
Woat 42¢ ortsmouth. hege Rt. Falmouth. . — 2 
ni st. Ch i Dwyer 
53° -TECUMSETH, q Sqr~ TOR OISE 13 oe arles ‘Tillard se 
Oe 5 ~ urs 
| Lake Hwron Piece at Ravensérofe z 
s31—TEES, 26. C Weolwich ome 120. Patek “30 
Li hurch Shi ’ uilding t 
532 i. Sherch Ade: yen - {559 -UNDA wo 
TEMERAIRE Paella 74 Pu UNTED, 46. . t 
Victualling I 104. 6 ce ? Capt.--A. W ode Service.” : 
Bhosle 552-—-TRIBUNE Lt. W 3. Clifford ot 
a wile » 42- Lt. Wim. Geo. Aug. 
RNEDOS 46- Capt, John Wilson Georg Ho ee Wage? 
wich. ul Ps on 1 ist eP 
spi THRMAGANT HW. Beotiert iaEeh38 wt Mord, Bue sans 
Portsmouth, b 10. Brig. pte Hill gF eb.: ‘od Lt. Geo. Hi 1A ‘ 
535—TERPSI pbuilding. | MED pri ie ee rp 28 | Mast. W élingworh 1) 
ee an.28 t. W. > 
| beeing Shi 32. ad a o aes & si c. Middlenise | 
hat ast. as M‘Le eb.28 obe 164 . 
aoe TER ‘s Thomas Teen eb. 3 J otc Sura 
tH eritess epots | Asst. Rob > Dikoibe AC os. Shears’ ‘11 
* ¥ € 2 
s060-—TERNOR } ae rt Handyside so UNICORN, min 
| Ply aoe. ibe Purs. George N onde n.28 561—UNI. Cost sa tiee| , 
er Pe Als, 20. ichols 13Jan.28 ON, i aN i] 
Pembroke; Ba —TRINCOMALE 56: Piymouths al a 
ss ALIA, 46 oe 46, 2-UNION, 3. ‘Schoon ia 
. Jam * . 
Portenouthy buildi 554—T yo Tite  —s 
ng a RI sst, Surs 
529- “THAMES, 46. ayy sae oper 18. Bleep. se Jamel Miedo 
"hatham. Lt Thanh Pr} . UNITE. 42. 
"Pema 7 WC Be Blount 16Sept.28 Ch  theae aah 
ortsmoith Ma .C. Webhe 3May26 | j= 
’ ‘buildin st. John T} x 2J | j \ b 
Rectan, ge | eae Ace  asdactond ay eke} —— 
Capt: South dm fit. Gin. - Sereowen 1108 y26 S61—VALIANT 
iA; B. erieu. rs. Wm. B itchett | 7J ay 26 m. liv—-wne 
Lt. Henry Bingh + Barrett 7d une2s Plymouthy, 
gham a 
= Was Bolton a 555—TRIUMPH 1gSept.27/565—VALO ing. 
rt ‘ ans R 
sad ta ey ee AgNow.26 Mi he 3 deazaretio, ROHR ahs 49 Madi 
nel 7 d + ‘ 
nen diies | ey ae / cope 423. . ii VARIAS Sa 
Sup. —— Hately” | Ne 7-28) Capes ae of esl — Mit Sa LB 985 Aioen dts 
He Weatinerend ae Lt. Rd. Soe il 47—-VENFRSD | 
Asst. T M.D ahi 18Ma LE, 44. 
tone. Cee | "oN Mayas} Jonge West.) 1sMaya?  APTSEMEMER, 
urs. Hews meal , » giNow-a6lt ise Li. Nas sh /.AGMayat $8-VENGEANCE Wh Je 
Oe, addon 27) . John M4 aco Pt 84 
2 tbs, a6. on 290ct.26] Mast, A.B. Mi Lauchin 1s site ymout tiitol 3 
| §f ¥! itt y — q 
1" olon “lbh AN tes oy Robert’ Lean 14 i : ENGHUR, , 4 i . 
C ..whe st. Da er” et ecewwL WV i 
®t 8 se niel Kerpe t) soArr.28| | ng Shi Ae 
: ys. James Ozzard 14May27 Sheernesi, t | 
18 May27 re “NERDS a, 1} ) Ms 
thie t | . Ge 
NESE. t 






64: cht Ph) OAEAREPE— pie 


447—RINGDOY Bs 18) Mobape- 2 1 —ROYAL OAK, 4 
Halifedrs:s:4 tabsarBomnaics ERAS A: 17—£0 

Coms@hariet ihuglish ae Benmuda.\ 
Bes doi Brown Gb}: aaa meh sol. re . 
boo atitr Db oon’ went 

idagt AB Baker» il, a ie 
Masts Dog bai arwie 

Sur. Henry Kelsall + “@8Dec 
ist: i+ youll Af HM vant 


| ou, sonraBinddhfac li ott aanked Lt 
Ovedu las LVevtford. re 
“rk Gai *%Sir Wm. Hoste, Bt. 


Pare. W HiBredyis::. ap July vt aula ¥ 
Wea de ; eR Teraet © | snared yooh bet ; 6, F, nee nine at 
ee Neo gtslL get shel ori se ' an. . 
te TPs, Th om sonal 3 me rt Saint 
75 PH » Sloop, 
+S Raat oa fae 
‘ Hic 
ae Ce fing: a — Halve av % re 

vit wiitiate, 196. | 

bre TAEDA 41 
, Pembroke, bacil ding, ee 

'449—ROLVR: "182 Stdop. 
= Plymouth Auitlings- 


ne aud nea tod ol 
sr6-r6SibA EN, io. ioe Cope 
"Piymouth, buildtngi.: |. aal 

voloth ans | 

: Qapane Day 
Neeser THs $81 boop 
ast Indies. sy ad 
Com. John M. Laws 22N 
t. Adam Cuppage gDe¢ 

gienuy Ay 10. Sloop. 
1 Tender to Br ritannia. 
esareante lok, ae 

1s -ROMNEY, 30. Troop ships 

(2—RUSSELL, 74. @ buss 

: a Sheerness. 
nee al : Sur. John 25Nov.96 | 
451—ROSARIO, 10. Sloop. a : 7 ene | Agsts John Stiven, >; aioe ; 
re ° j ¢ 
Loaroe de ortemon the. fae. pS : Puree Wiltien, TARO Ov-2 

cae MernTen 7 

45°—ROSE. 38, i Sir Rie ag 

"2 ak oe wa 
y 28) 

463—-ST. GEORGE, 120... 
Piymouthy Bin, 7 


te AG NI He—copd 
Je sircay may 
ach Taree on. Meo Vad 
a rr * Mi fo odel oat f 
Ontario. ; ee Ta ana at. ve tik 
seas ' kak 
| ee Seaon 2. bake beer ane 
s-st. vincent, 3204 a of 
if = 4 L 4-— 
ae ae 4 eee i" ‘shhop. sd 

in dP dy fink an 
Th Sop ORE rele e het aaah 

481~—SC . OR< GH ifthe — 
an aces ‘ 

Ov ASE nigh rast wo d40 

afer. om 9% 

west teilaset! Hi i 

watts ne W. Reid 22Jul 

Asst. Edamiic Rowley: 
Purs. George Stary = 23July2y! | 
ie ar ily Un et debe tab a Src 

“tas lf stay xB} trea 

$59+*ROV AL ADE LAD E410." 66-ST. FIORENO, Se ; 
Elymauthy |. te ae oer 

‘Standen reeks 
TOV Ne vey 


vty bt IEP de i, 

{67—-SAN JOSER, iyo, i 

: se ae SH fA my: lypouth ak 7 do upeudl Dar nm Aaah 
y +SOORPION, 10. Sloop, 
Gonechird Wilias Bcay- 228ANTA MARGARITA, x. Mer yrIPdy metiy badliinge? iuh 
Lu *tiyemas 8, "thompson, ; ne leery Pca 
1, a -21Noy.29 & Osi Bn poe or ie scViLa, PCR Ge de —dpp 
4 \ "6 ee 3 12s Rloup. 
ee SES pb #60-SALISBURY; 48. ees Hambaaten thea) 
ie vat < At eb. 281 | Portsmouth, , whales [he soa ae ba, 1 Weds 
: "y ae Olle dud. 326 
Pars. Wins Bompuoa 2 ame §70~SALSETTE; ye 1,8) SpAHORSHE, es 
Pe aL : Portemouthy, Mie nagh 7 « Pembroke, buelding. : 
+R : OK ad pia Vey pedal GM A yeh 
Ks ER Pregl co 471-SAMARANG; BB." fe NU bars ante d ad, 0508 
Mediterranean. £85~SEALAIE, 400, Slowp.si2% fi 

Fart. Wp. B. Martin opApr Sn Py mouthy duikdéng. crs 4 | 
ae Cadererctat | oe oor 

2 wed Oly — of 
' Bepnfoy: / OA iw a a e6—9 eMIRK 4 

Vet ETN eer eagl aieor dD, yee 

ities font 146. 

ae leis ends a, Ble ik Shean? Aa poner BAMIS\24. 
! Foy ° a 

ee ae ia ae “iiiann ipod aha oa iF Rtn atte 

giHONAL | rateen %  |Bur-Benj. Dicksom, ..»36hps-08 &4, ‘budkor\ 16duly 2 
aa Faradon sst. 1 \,Q54 pr.28! ior es Aetjshenae: 29May28 
lesen 6 He fet Vhong, 3iJuly28| ° Co Gap ey ay seo8 
- ‘ a ‘ ne Ve- ‘i ; 
ens Ts seme eee hy 2—SAMP SUNS aren nie meee heat 
Lt. John Forster §Sept.28 uth, obert Yule 13 uneas 
Mast. O35) ot Al ey flag Denpfondsi't 1 4-— 3 furs John Urgu dane earper ba 

Reddaex 69 58 ACE ¥. 
ric Geers Masao sie! 2 g—SARS PAR IL Hoe : wk mel duchar 22May 28 

*ure-Fhes.-Goddard _-_. SAcer._Hulk, -.-~ | Chap..Wm. Johnson h 

Plymowa, Purs. Joha Elliott oMey28 

, FF 

429—RAINBOW, 28. 

430—RAMILLIES, 74. 16Aug.26  .4)_RESIS - 46. 
Dewalt’ istLt. HumphreyMoore16Oct.26 mn git Suet 
Cayt. Hugh Pigot gNov.25| Mast. Thos. Read 1aMay37 f 
ae sence Mees 12M ay27 Sure Thess Galowsy(! iaMay ar 
t. Samuel Hellard 20Sept.25 up. Sur. 442—RE TION, °° 
Henry Lawless 17Feb.27 Morgan Price si ane RETR ee 
James ain gs 334ug.27°#R. P. Hillyar _ lgAug. Sheerness. 
Geo. Mitchell 27Dec.25' Asst. Chas. Alison, M. D. 
Charles Edmunds 18Sept.28 26Nov.27 oe ee pit Vie 
Sup. Lis. _ (Benj. M‘Avoy 19Aug.28|\43—-REV ENGE, 76. 
Bdvward'G. Palmer © 24Nov.27 z Sup. Asst. Mediterranean. 
Geo. White 24Nov25 John Buist 3J une23j Capt. Narborne Thompeon sera 
Heary Parry 230ct.27'\Bob. Gordon 3Junea3 oe uy Maya? 
W. RK. Cooley 930ct.27/Alex. Blyth 17Jan.25|Com. Robert Bruce . 1aiMayaz 
R.N. Kelly Jf uly2;|Wim. Glasgow 10Nov.25/Lt. Heary Bolman |... giuneed 
Edw. C.Earfe ‘' | Pea John Baird 17Jan.27 Christ. Smith, . 13aMas27 
Chas. R. Gerdon 15Mar.26 David Jardine cMal a7 William Read. ad lyes: 
*Johu Somerville aSept.26'W. E. Watson June2z7| R. K. Thomson ee t.28. 
Ponsonby Sheppard goAprile7i\C.H. Puller 250ct.27 Nicholas Evane / raMaya7.: 
William Luce YsJune2s Henry Williams 96Nov.27|Capt. Mer. A Mitchell... 
os. Pennington gSept.26:'T. J. Dickinson igFeb. 4 1Feb.28 
Jas. W. L. Sheils 2Dec.25' Thomas Scott (a) | gAug.26/ist Lt. Arthur Morison 1601.07 
James Stuart (a)  _ Chup. Jas.Edw. Surridge Dover Karragt), 30Jan.28 

Robt. D. tan ins 

Re. W.'Charlesson 
Geo. Humphreys 
ohn Bundock 

. L. Parry 

oseph Lowe 

jam. Brokensha 

ohn Hudson (8) 

fea E- Pym 

eter Hay 

(Chas. ener (c) 

omes Burnbam 

oseph F. Barrett 

os. S. Hall 

wis D. Mitchell 

Bast Tadic. W. H. Dunnett 24May27 Tararetto. 
Capt.,Hon. H.J. Rous zodulyas|Barthw. Prusg 10J uly 27 - Liverpool; |< 
. Chs. Byne 3Sept.a5)Edw. Jull 158ept.28 bbs ier rae ee 
tie Fane ail 110ct.2 foe Eee, ane! a ee 4 
enry Br ead g9Aprila7|W. G. Pearne 2Aug.27 436—~ 
ist Zt. Mar. ‘ Wa. Forrester 1gJusea8 RED “Ue dhicidr 74; 
Mast, Wm. Johns 18Aug.25|Thomas Davies VAD F-a6; Sane Se 
Ser. G. Ts Me sey Med Cast: > ; hee aA a . ae Ba ss tn 
‘ ov.26, Wm W. Oke 8 251437—RB +8, !/ mad 
Asst. James rew - 11Feb.26| Willianr Squire 6Mar.9 sah mal : Brite: 
Purs.John M.Hope 97Sept.25Jas Trappe reJunesb) Mast, Com. John Bulfdck me 
Sree he cv. Dotee te 
‘a ee Fe ; ts oon ey ; év. As . S e s 
429—RALEIGH, 18. Sloop. Graham Hewett 10J une26 Boat Gee Borlase aBian.25 
Cane a REGN. aatees NAGS say eel i aAug.2: 
on. rge Haye uly arles Dimoc lAug. 8—REINDEER, lo. | : 
Sir Wan. Dickson (5) Bart.|John Dougles . —--18Sept.28\" Plymouth, Oindinge 

Wm. F, Youn gJan.27\John James Allen aiJuly28 
Mast, J.C. Giles : Syalya Geo, Vaughan Hart 25Aug.98'439 RENARD, 10,-Sieep. 
Sar. Nich, Magrath (acé.)) James Lester a8Dec.27 Plymouth 
Aust. Jan. B spec ar George Collis 45 Maya7 
. Jas. Batter 95Apr.26 George Coiling ipay2 —RENOWN, 74° 
Purs.Walter Burke r.a6jJames Brooman 31Dec.2 440 9 74 
* eS hos. L. Maasie a5J unsas Plymouth. 

ROYAL .NAV®. 63 
frei a William Piohorna 1) Aug.97.¢35—RBDBREAST,' 12. | (5- = 

-260ct.26|John Evans (5) 23Sept.28 

r.26 qJuly26| Mast. Thos. Laen 25Maya7 
dae Pur. Daniel Sparshott 100ct.27 Sur. Wi. Priee (a). RMiaya7. 

96Ma Sup. Pure. 4sst. James Rodgers . 25Oct.27 
jadora veaee Senuel ined ¢ hap do wall it asinine 
50ct.2 Vv. n 1OJGN 7 n Marsha gteb.z 
ayanze : bas a Pars. Rd. G. Didham_ 11dune27 
431—RANGER, 38. 
Pi Chatham. 444—RHIN, 46. 
a03%ept.28 432-—~RAVID, 10, Sloop. sie c's ; 
15April24 Pur temouth, building. 
gJune26 nts 445—RIFLEMAN, 18; Sloop, 
93Nov.27'4393-—-RATTLESNAKE, 28. Mediterranean. 
2bNov.25 Malta. Com.Fred. Tho.Michell 17Dec.26 
goJan.27 Capt. Hon. C.U. Bridgeman | Lt. HB. Shapteu:: — 2rDec.26 

5Jan.27| - “$Sepu2;) Wm.T. Griffiths 17Dec.26 
os ne2s. Le. Richard Morgan 108epts27| Wast.T.tLHorsley(act.)sgDec.26 
5 feb.: ghene87 

Henry Cheroh 78epti27|Sur.Jeha Tustiest: “2 

21Mar.35 Win. C. Phillott ‘28Mfar.08! Asst. William Gallagher22Jan.27 
6Dec.24/ 1st Lt. Blar.J- J.C. Rivers Purs. John Anderson 17Dec.26 
20Apr.26 1aNept.a7} ' De ak ag ae 

ae a 

Dec.23} Mast. Exalwd. Hankin 9@ept.o7 Be Fe es 
Mary Sur. beg giro go0ee #7 RINALDO, be Brig. . 

gtNov.2 Asst. Geo. ° ug n7Sept. 4 ‘ 
aaSeplaé Pars. Alex. Risch = 7Sept.27 it. Com.John ALE Moore 


aDec 24Nov.23 
28 CRUIT; aM Braily (ext) aid encwt 
ine —RECRUIT;,'10, Sidop- ‘ast. Dan. Braily (ext) 

Be ha Portsmouth, Duficing. Abst.Sur. Ned} a 2Dec.23 


—PELORUS, a8: Sleeps - i—PLOVER, 6.. Brig. 415—PRINCE: ‘ sane 
Mediterranean. Falmouth. 
‘om. Michael Quin | 17Sept.28]Lt.Com. Wm. Downey 19Jane28} Capt.-Gec. andy 2M 
t. Rd. Burridge 43uly26| Mast. Peter Francis 30May27]Mast. Soho. R . Spencer! 
Heury W. Craufurd Asst. Sur. Edw. Hilditch Sur. Wm. Colvin’ ‘13. sfane 20 

- aMaya8 igMay27| Purs. John Goldsmith 224 
ast. G. L Harries uly26 ; scat 
Wm. Huey 30ct-26|4a—-PLUMPER, 10. Gun Brig vet 

t. Johu M b et.86 Coas a. ais arora 
arse en . aghey-26 It. Edward aMeaicy 6Ja 

Mast. Alex. Watson alTJulys7 : Portrmond} ota 
PELTER, 10, Gun Brig, AnteSur. Rob. M‘'Cay gJelyz7 at 0h 
c yerwice. 
- {403—PODARGUS Sloop. {417--PROCRIS, t Sloo “: 
: SEaRORE AE i Portimes the ei “Cork: betes ce 
Portsmouth. Com. Charies Hoary Pax . 
Beh —POICTIERS, 74. yoAu 8 
—PENELO PE, 46. Sheerness. HE. Ww B. M*CHintdck 21Any 
Portsmouth, building. hilip Hast =»: 129 Sept.97 
405-—-POLYPHEMUS, 64. Mast. Thos. Withenbory 26M ay 
PERLEN, Lezaretto. Powder Ship, Sur. F. A. Donnelly ' ba ova 
Liverpool. Chatham. Asst. James Wiley’ cts 
Purs. William Harris “ITApRaR. 
—PERSEUS. 406—-PORCUPINE, 20. ah 
Receiving Ship. Plymouth, building 418—-PROMETHEUS, 2. | 
ppiie Coach * giMayag 407—PORTLAND, 52 eas ‘Ship. 
e ry u — e . 
» Thomas Str aaa! Plymouth. Bonk Be imag 
TRC. Titmouth AMse29 4oe—-PORT MAHON. a oa 
ast. R. C. Tilmout ‘ sa o08— 1 Ce 
ur. A. L, Jack 27May26:* Pelice Depot. Aig Ose ee ae 
sst. Rt. Maxevell ..  phaneab River Thames. eae 
Puts to obn Curtis 19F eb.27 a 
ithe 409—POWERFUL, 8 4- 4%—PROTECTOR. “4 2 es 
=, 2, . rveyang’ es. iad 
! PBRUYIAN Sloep- | s19—-PRESIDENT, 52. North Sea. 

Portsmouth, building. Com. Wm. Hewett (b) . a0et.a6 

|Mast. David Cowie aga 

—PHILOMEL, ie Sie 4i1—PRIMROSE, 18. Sloop. Asst, Str, Ja- eens ane 
dm: BAward Hawes | 16Aug.98 a OF Ale a. 
fiLord Edward Rosell Det 27 Com: Thos 8. Gritiehoo’s 1 —PROTHEE, i oa 
wt hen be abecag Le} Eder. J. Parrey gAng.27, Hortementhe nate 
us. Rt. Srott. ae PS, at panes ie pened ahaa ee 
sst. Jobe Watson  — 6Nov.27, Mast. Alex. Crombie £ paYCHE: os : 

; M!Nicoll 2 4 32. 
urs. Johu G. ‘Lean ° 6.28 | oe w ded Clarke 3co suet 27 y- ” Lake Ontario. a 
dos--PHaE BR, 42. /  * |Pure.Thes. Harding 44mg.27 

Phymon th | 

; clieimiaa oner es gee 
boi-ricute, Ao Schooner. Harbour Service. 

fe. Com. J. B. 8. ‘Mi'tiard 
Asst. Bur. : be 

Com. Patrick D. aa tay: sca 
5 ‘6Mar-ag 1 
t. John G. D*Urban . 

Sur. Richard Woodttarce “ey 

Asst, John A. Mould tiSeptea8) 
Purs. Arthur ene , 6Mar.98: 

8'413—PRINCE GEORGE, 78 

414—PRINCE REGENT, 190. 
Capt. Hon. Geo. Poulett 


Com. Edw. Sp arshost are 
Lt. Ww. S. rete sy ae ug.27 
’ ue 

fos-PIKE, 1, Schooner. 
Com. John G.WigleygApr.28 


t. Sur.John Robertson (5) 

YOA Wiliam Ke o4-PYRAMUS, « r? 
PINCHER Seen | Seb: Newtom 62a / Plymouth. 
5. Schooner, harles Milmet s4Fuly27 = 
Jamatea. Charles Shyien. a4qJulya7 — 
Lt.Com.JustasOxenhate7Mar 261: 

Chas. Sexjeantton igiwoess N CHARLOTTE, 1084 
AERTS 2S Rimes 

Mest. Sur.’ William Rey t3Juneas 
. .f : 
aire bud iy 
3 PIONEE ER, ae Capt. Mar. Wm Laurie 7Jane28 
Coast rarer Service. let Lt. Phos..Sutlock a0Qc 

ee eee re ee 


ee ee t. rge Baker 3S5ept-27 426—RACEHORSE, 18. "stoop 
PIs UF, 4B Mest, Stephoa Jenkins 24) ul y87 Rime’ building. 
ia buildings > Sur, Johe- Andersen 66) 9540 7 
pees es 4sst. Jobn Yeoman ap uly | 
LTT, T4e tue tit andd tan Sa ee peated er BACON. Ship. nO 
ied ps een 6 Boivin, aN . ’ 
owls. Pamtswe@athe Seas Chap. faba fa gr dao ct Heaps: 


oe eee ee ee ee .X 

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NEWCAUPLEL 41. 1 4hy X6 1b) Panda! 1 
LazavettoLiverpool, Poveinat 

ys —MINSTAOR LY —byteataganay ad...» breppesuiislalslin’. 

Lake: @ sale e NEATNEREs 
EU amselaieas aa ? 



" pecmicurincate, 8. 

Schooner.’ \ 

03 7 iF ‘buildin A 54 vty 1 7 ' ‘Plymouth. - ol Com John no 
a—MONATCH, 84.7" Lt. Génrge Wood * “ssduly Lt. Wil a iE 

Hath i | Mast, Duneaw Mi'C rel he: Herbert Schone 13Feb. 
ote, aie * (a@et.) ‘aFnly28) Mast. G I’ ‘Hoftoreisar B88 
see, 3 3:, ace Asst. Sur. Robert Dick : iJuly23/ Sur. John Monteith, 12F epee 

ri Asst. Jobo J. Lancaster 12Feb.28 
» Coli Me Won Cole 0Sept.28/365—NILE, 92)“ 5° Purs. John Newell! Io abo: 
este xt. Spr: safe “Merny ci Plymouth, building. 

»obigv he SA 

_ ee sso ribs, 
POLY Foe reel: 1986—NIMBLE, 3. Schooner. |" Chatham, billings’ '--> 
MONMOUTH, s6y 6 Jamaica 
‘(Sheer Hulk. Lt. Com. Chas. Deare agJaine28 
SS vy, “7, Woalwichs | Asst. Sur. David P. Withams — {377-OWENGLENDOWER; qu. 
ae ee ee ; 12Nov.27 ‘Chatham: : 
t7—MONTREAL, 20. 
Lake Ontario. - 367—NIMROD, 20. ‘ 
te Deptford. 3i8—-PALL-A fs 
B18 Pepa ae Com. ceeuet Redford nee aa : i 2. a 
ees ymouth. ilbert F. Dawson 1 pt.13} Capt. Adolphus Fine’ 
; ut _ slow |e. Lt. M. B. ee i. NSE oe 
ag Q e ° wr . one: 28Aug.2 
a6 : LA ea Thomas O. Kn ae Bed ex-98 
Gori ont Bentham wgApri8 Pinas P. Sarjeant: waSepes eS vee "eine 26Aug.28 
Daniel ay2 . ATaWwa WV» eurce 
“Gep, Ww. Rabett 18 es 27 368—NORTH STAR,28. © t.28 

P.W.Nolloth: ' AgSebeas: 
aaDec. 25| Mast’ M: Beadkhaw | 3sept.28 
#¢.281 Sur. Thonisva ay yi gee 28 

[ita; i. Alex. Bea (act.) lay Coast of Africa. 
Sus I Ailey. Hea (ects aiJuly yar Capt. Sept. Arabin 

| Asst. John ndseays; 7 qd pment Lt. Nich. Cor 
» Wm, F. M. Hodithee © 24Dec.25! Asst. 1. Mt Nab, 28. 
Purs. Wm. Brown , 18Aprilz7 "RB. 1. 9BMayas| Pure. Stephen itiee eos 

350—MUTINE, 64 Briges.-, J Lt. Mar. B. Chaproniere 

qJunedling PANDORA, 18, Sloop. 
Lt. Com. nistPaat 1oAug.26 | ask. Dovid Goslen gd ae Bust nith oh 
Mast. Gen ey vil Sur. J.M Connell . 13Feb. 271Com. Wine Cs, Jerri ais 
Asst. Sur. YooaWoedey Ap Asst.) i Le. eH hn Mt Dove fulyas. 

“1 ae or Pwrs.B.F, Roberts (act. )13Dee. 25 3 at Devel 

3 1—-MYR EY ri | Mast. jaan ravi 
: ‘A... \s69—NOREHUMRERLAND, 78lgun, Geovse Reueres ie : 
Lt.Com. Smadt Bhan a5Aug.27| Aaeerett:—Stundgate Creck. Asst" t. Hen. Hogg: ayylers 25 

Asst. Sur. M.H it | Pers. Thomas H 
ss ur aml oceny 3 NYMPH 962 | _ pPurs ae a ¥ he, 

Be NALAD, 4s } - iy : 1 y : 381—f 41 a 
ous Portsnouth. “ e oo ey par Aiding. 
353— UR, . Reveivi i 
NAM Chal fc sis ne iterranean. ’ 89—P EARL 200. - Slap. 
« [Capt rick Campbell corks 

151 -NARCISSUS ig; or 
‘Convict Hast he ’ 
The 8 Wooo ere 

355—NAUTEDUS, ‘voi | Brig.” : 

23Mar.27|Com. G 0, late, ot, SApr.8: 
om. Fra. James erie i aMaya Lt. John Mingsiey oApr. +23 
.t. Richard Hicl ion guy Har. a4 James Gordon (c) pr.28 
C. Hi Acherkey: 23Mar.o7] Vast. John B. Prissick - 5Apr.28 
a ae Foot “TMay27| Sur. dps taeehcleie ee = 

Wootewich ei : ; . LN. Seal “' ‘Panel Asst. John McMaster. 
0 pee tag ret ie Hon: f E. A. i baad ty Be Purs. Charles 0. Davies pales 
as6--NELSON 136 ' 7 24 Pee ’  ‘OWlay%Bl 
"Portelacttths fe ‘Sohn Sbulver'' — | agJuly28 83—-PEGASUS, Pelia ts 
ee A a a Richard Howard (agh) Sheerness, buililing. 
357—~ E [S,4 : 
oth. iit ay [Capt Mav.Wm.Walker 31M ar.2 Ha —PRLIGAN 18. Sleog 
Make boa ay fy 7G. B. ‘Bary iF a¥. re iter ancan, oa : 

354—NEPTUNE, em tH. 6 Mocrish ran.ah Com.F. ie 

utcheson gAug.28 

_ Portamouth, Muck liaage - Variee? Thomas Payton ud ATL. Wm. C, ats HN ne 
s9—NERDUS as OB APArthar aoMave Thagune a. Sepals 
3 i wot PASSO AS rthar ar. 
7 Eu, 46; ; : “Joes Lehane Mast. S.4z.. Northeptg fet, mt 
up. Win. Phot pson ae £26 
gecNETLEY HEME es tip. 'Pi Surritge: ‘ ? farce; hSer. Andersen Angue, a. dD. 
> Ontgtion Purs. Joha Gul Jad (bp dan ay 

Asst. Joseph Charpre 4 ee 

Beste reps (act.) 

par ada pi AE a Poty : ios 17Jane28 

pel 18. se 
12098 rtvncut hi 



160, - ROKAL NAVY. 
| at LADY OUI (Beig..-]t17—M AGN. WEACEN Ts 

+ ffag -MEDWAW 4 AAZ M9 

veer eee 
“Letter Rai ete se ne - S Nace \ 7Jan. pe MELA ace ) 

ape Madden aolan.28 
Ches Servante: , | /23ii 

™ ey ay qo. .- 
on 7 Lt. Mar. 

1 Plymowdh. 
5 LAPWING, & Bulge 


a ramen mdfee ie —oene 
ast. Sam. Squire( wet. ) gNov.26|" apt. Hea 

pbe GAVE Com.Geo.Sh “iMar * 

Sued Cc ILY6)} ‘om.Geo.Sh 

en ce Philip Tems “ee Lt. Fred, ie ry es 
di 20 ny tis eb. 

ow ler Mayr8 Stewa' 
Pars. Jpho Belk . .: 27¥] . 

: 318—MAIDSTONE, 4 »: 

) coe BS ees 
5 ee Chathe ae ra 

LAVREL, 46. eras 

° Cape of 1 cts ie “. 
Povtenout® Cept. William Good Hope. nlad LAN hikes a ve 28 
97—-LAVINIAy: 48. Com. Thos.Sanders . 29Sept m.Balliston 27Apr.26 
Plymouth. Lt. stephen Butcher 16Sept.27| S*r- G A. iM ABYALOS 2B. 
Abraham Darby 28Apr.28) 4sst. Joseph m qJan.Z 
—LEANDER, Ge. | ist Lt. Mars David Galloway James Rae 930ct.27 
Receiving Ship. 75 p- Chas. Har 7. 31 
_ Portsmouth. a re G.E E. oo bY a dat By WEEE, 
as amy € a ‘ oe 
sages DA, 46... 2.0.25... 4Sur. Wm. Crichton 332—MENAI, ob: 
; Plymouth. Sep. Samuc] Mackay 23 538 South 4 7 ue 
it Asst. Jamca Bankier Waa Thos ppoure 12 ept.1 
yoo LEONIDAS, ‘48. Sup. John G. Lyell yy, Lt todan.97 
1 Sheerness, =, a: peatee plop ; Ke Fullerton i rah 
pg1-LEVEN TY ae ' Chap. John LM AAG: Mit f oe 
one r r ear ‘0 an; 
Goagles Melle, | Party Wim Edwards ast. Btoya Exiy uray, a 

| Sur. peonels Tne 
Asst. James C tiie 

Mis Jan 
Purs. _Michde! Art Ur ae one 

319—MALABAR, 74. 

ERET, 10, Brig-. Pigniou 

oe as to Windsor Castley.. 
| - wed, este 

320--MALTA, 84. 

| ,e Plynoath, ae ‘£.,, my cht 
pe TATHAN, sae Chath 
~~") “Convict Hulk, alae LeaN tis br ae ne 
Portsm uth. Bontbay, diiainy. CE 
ps SN Sloop. |322--MANLY, ta. Gun Brin MY centan CHaeH ee ee 
ne peered ea? Halifax, — *' 

Lt. Com: Heury WwW. parr ae 

; iby by. vans 
ay the § aah, 

1G. Steam Yew. an GERI AN i a8 

rich ; 4 Mast, ‘ianae Mowle(act. yagGet 27 Portemgutiin: (Tf 4, 

ar Priel eres | Asst: ‘Sur. Jase Macallister’ MERMAID, prc 
sal ey, gir. aAug.28 24 07 Tel ATE eS ih ra tf teams “ yee : ‘ 
in t a on aN tek. 
IN i 303-—-MARLBORQUGH,.34-.. mMERKEY 96. 
LE. filard cyneel 12Feb.28} Portameuth, | i 

Capt. Al 
boeUEO RB Shee Sheer Halk. -° aay-MARTIAL, 12.Gun Brig, ee lex, B. Bapneby | ABeevoz 

wee te ee ee ee eee 

Mostyn, “} 30Nov.2 
git H.A. ‘Gniieh SoNot.ay 
adios hae 16. 4 ot 

Mas vat dite WB. Ooelt BB 

e J 
Marsba bal . Maacall.. ') 90Feb2 
sg! Ei cata 1 

Mast: James Sprent 3Dec.27 
x ay23 oy Robersy naples: vt 
|, WAymodths bail ape a so-MASTiER, 6. Surv. Vessel. Pare iY uae Gebe. SONeV a 
gio—-LONDON, 9 2 ore Ml pas biel * ‘Sent “e 
ees or Lt, John Grant (4). ) 30Ang.25 3|398 MET ROR, solidi 

3lI-EY NH, 14. pig a Mast. G. Johnston (ast: I3R€C-251 Com. David Hope a6Julyo8 
Bn fe di a Becay Le. Chas. Heary.Ba intabitntyas 

Asst. Sur. Geo. F. Rowe | 

3ta—LYRA, 105 Slob othr [Para John Beater aeakatas Reginakd borbo.~ ate ee 
Leva MEDINA, a0. Sto Mast. obert Wilson a2iJdu ly28 
aR eee lee, tas, ie 

§ 7 ! set. WILL a a2 uly 28 
aaa ol te n tesa Pe JENN | Pure Jove Festi autyas 
rod ortsm et rey 7.85 aes 1 19 

ae aa Ve ue 7. Raw, a "a wa 339-—-METEOR, Stemmn ‘Vettel. 


a 8 Portsmouth. 
“ avid ¥ 5 r. Lt. Com. W.H. Ph brane 
ay -MAGIETENN yan” rancis Ost ae. 178 -aticnin ‘Y goSept.2 
arc anes ge , ae phen, ie gases 310—MILFORD, 78) © °+ 7 —0ie 
N aa oa Tegeaetfo 
i ei} “al peat otet S owes, 
aah cL Abe Olah fArb oe, acs INDEN he Moda. nnn, 
me. Sur. Rd.Davics Ne WEDUSA Shy... s en PEN hy: 

Woolwich, building. 



3s «s,s Step. Asst, : 
J ames M‘Alaster “Gunes 

- Lean t.26|Purs. Wim. B. Basd 19Dec.27/281~JASEUR; 16.°Sleopi 
Ww. P. Newenham : atti i Tue Pease 5 . yas pra Raat ; ‘ . 
John Curtis (8) .' goduly25)John Browa (c) 310ct.27|Com. John Lyons’ aA oi f 
Geo. Hawkins whseptay Robert Ellis - 96 Feb.28] Lt. Francis Liardet * if 28 
HH wen a Apniay Chas. J. SeccombeigAng. 
on - Addis oe oat Reve nape ery 
. Sdw. wis Sept.25| 66-1 {Sure jert oe : 
oratio James softies seiner ee eae Asst. R. L. Bivtwhi the aahvg-08 : 
o cc Cowen 5Mar.25! Com. Thomas Best 1Me: Purs. Wiltram Reeve soAug.28 
° racr 14 i 19 t- - ° : net ’ 
Hen. Collins! igeebsag| 2" Eslward Siartey ta ee-JAROW 60 8 
Murray (3) 5May27/ vast. Robert Rogers 21Mer Woolwich, building. 

4. H. Nickel a - oof Nov. 
Pied i LaNor 2 
- Philli u 
Robert Coe octa : 

Sur.Aathon oghoe 27Feb.28 . 
Asst. Alex. Kitroy? 27Feb.28 ata Ae 10. Sloop. 
Purs. Henry Tacker 17April28 torrandiin. 

Me ; 
Com. L. C Rooke a8April97 

Hen. John Carr uly2s| 267-4 LLUSTRIOUS, 74 Lt. A.C Duncan igMer.a7 |; 
Lr nee eer ate Portsmouth. es eecner bane aa gered 
iam Gooae 31Dec.a ast. John Davis (act. an. 
Everard Digby soDec.25 sasdecnay i patel 46. Sur. DavidBrown (act }11Fep-a8 
Frederick Hire aang STERN Asst, Alex. Knox 4sunesd 
seph V. Geary 9) uly28| o69—I MOGENE, 98. Purs. Edw. T. Hooper 1Aug.296 
m. Jones (@) ieee Pembroke, building. Prey " - 2 
e Pretyman une? 9 52 
omasM. Williams sMar.a5|270—IMPERLEUSE, 98, Hast Indie, 
Robert Wall - 87Aug.27 Lazaretto. \Capt. #W. F. Carroll 18Jan.27 
@Geo. Read () - 16Apride27 Sheerness. om. Wm. Cuppage 24Vec.97 
J. G. Francillon 24Dec.25|971—-IMPLAC ABLE, 74. Lt. Hon. J. FR. Gordon gUct.97 
ras. y oaMar.28 Plymouth. Ralph Berton 
John W. Crispo 1oJan.28! I EGN E Edw. Lite 11 Mar.28 
Henry Courtenay uneak/*72—-LMPREGNABLE, 104 P.J. Blake FL. 13Dec.26 ! 
Samuel G. Pullen 16Mar.27 lymouth. ort. Ci ae i ee 
r Ast Lt. 

and Lt. P.M. McKellay 2aJu 

Stephen Wilkinson —— 25Uct.27/973—-INCONSTANT, 46. ly26 
s Mast. John Patrick: © 1044.06 

Henry Leworthy | 210 ct.25 heerness, building. 

Joseph Clark 10Nov 

Wm. Maxwell ' 38Au 2B 274—INDUS, 80. Sur. Wm. Martia (d) | 4§J3ah.28 
Obert Taylor § Mar.a5 INFERNAL. Bomb. . ° ‘a ie 

Hen. Fred, Peake -.  GMereg ied Mediterranean. Edward Leah’ 

Charles Shorts: |: an.27|Com. EdmundW .Gilbert @Dec.97| 48st. Wm. Folds 
ohn Conjui ai Dee a) Le. R. W. inaes 13.Dec.27 John Rodgers a2 

John Pyke Feb. James Caulfeild a iec.a7 Sup. Astt, Andrew Russell 

d Lt. dar. Hen. Savage aie: 27 
role ee Davies eae 

re Abr. Courtney 1 27 
omas Fiversficl@  agSept.28/ sso, David Geddes 11 Dec.07 

eT et : 
Cc. K. Nutt ‘ 12Dec.37 
Thomas E. Ring 22Vec.37 
Joba G. Hartison 10) ane 

G. P. Rosenber, t-27) Pure. x Wilkam Bland gSept.28 
demesPratt) = ss aly, ure: Frank Harger,’ “8080.37 Chap. John Evans ison? 
Lewis'David — 1aMay37 476—INVESTIGATOR, 16, Purt. Thomas Woodman tact.) 
These. P. Wiceler aAtg. Surveying Vessel. - Bhd am.28 

Geo. F, Westbreek 27Auz.27 Shelland Islands. 
fames'B. Emery =. 8S ept.28' Mast.&Surv.G.Thomas gMar.28 
William Shallard 1Feb.28| Asst. Surg. Thos. Watt 27 Mar.28 
= A.Forar  SdJanag,277—INVINCIBLE, 74. 
Charles D. Warren 7Aug.a8 Plymouth. 
tst Le. Mar.G.T.Welchman 978—IPHIGENIA, 42. 
Augas Chat 

285—JUPITER, 60. 
Troop Ship, Portsmouths 
Convict Hulk 
Woolwich, . 
a a 
Surveying Vessel. 

: B ham. 
ad Lt. Mar. Val. Beadon3Ape.26 a 
George WatsenijNor.2) 279-1816, §0. 

Mast.Jos. Higge , Clana edaterranean. amaica 
. il ailli v Capt. #. dir Thomas Stain : P 
preebiirrirter saat area 28 aya ve: re ai aire? Mast. Anthony De Mayne 

Sup. Sur. Com. Wm. Jones Prowse 10ct.27| 4se¢, _W. a8Oct.27 
F. MB. Chevers 22Mar.97/Lt. G. A. Gainthill 26) une?? dur. B We beat ee 
Samuel Sinclair, M.D.1zAug.28] Hugh Berners 263 une27 

Sup. Assts. B. N. Garnier asyanes? 2988—KENT, 98: 9° 
Stephen Mason Mar.o C. T. Rooke ene?7 ymeuth. 
Wate ane Capt, Mar. W.H. Stra Yeh a ne 
Dan FISH . . 
: Reyeolday eas Le Mar. William Gickson Oe cce” Brig. : 
J. K. Ballard gAug.25 : _ + gounea7! 7+, Com. Wm. Poore aaDec.25 
ich. Heal Mast. James Napier 28) uned7) srast. Jas. Tengne (act.) 2Dec.a3 
Eqpaino spDecag 

; gOch 25 
ames Smith (5) 25Nov.27| Sur. J. Cowan, M,D. 3iJuly37] 4st. Ser Alfred 
» G. Stewart 6) une27 | dest. John Danlop Lpeel 
mes Kittle Apjan.28 T. Wm. M‘Donald igJun 
T.W. Jewell eb.261Chap. Hugh Selvin 27 Aug.27 
Purs. John Mitchel] e%gJunes7 

C 6 

- Lake Onteras i,-- 

226—GLOUCES a 7de 
Ca t. Hewry Stuart | 24 
om. Deri ueaiater oe UB ; 
¢. Robert Ingram, ne 
a: Re W.R. Ward (a), . 2 
: Frederick, Patten 24June28 
1 » Henderson . 3Sept 
oi einen’ Lake 24June23, 
pt Mar. Thos.Peebles.5June28 
se Lt. Caldwell Glassen;, , 
11Sept 28 
Mast, Wm. White (2) nid anes 
|\Sur. Thomas. Robertson (2) 

Asst. Matthew Little 

1 Purs. J ass. W.Nobbs  24June28 
Py 7—GOLDFINCH, 6. Brig. 

| Mast. Ja.Drysdale 5July27 

{Lent tothe Society for destitute 

1209—GRASSHOPPER, 18. Sloop 

| Com Abraham Cra ford | 8Dec.27 
Lt, Wim. Sydney Smith guDec.27 
- William Warren Jan.28 
Ist Lt, Mar. LP. Jones. 16F eb.28 
Mast.Charles Sargent 29Dec 27) 
Sur. Patrick Magovern 225 .an.28 
see John Smith (ec)! ..1Dec.27 

230-—-GRE EN WICH 

231-—-GRIFFON, 10. Gun Brig. 
Chatham, building. 

232—-GRIPER, 2. Sloop. 

1233—HALCYON, 10. Sloop. 
Deptford, beitding i. 

*4—HAMADR YAD, 46. 

p235~HAN NIBAL. 
q a 
j236-H ARD 
Conviet # Hospital Ship. 

al Aisi ot 18. Sloop. 252—HERON, 18. Sloop. 

{Com John Shepherd (b) 

Lt. Gower ae 
Wa. Stilwell 
Mast. Hy. Rea (acts) 
Sur. Arch. Gilchist ( 




er re = 

[ie—HARPY, i > 10. Toon, 

une28| Com. ‘Charles Ric 
38 Lt. J 

une28| Mast. 


| ids Thomas Giles 
239—-HARRIER, 18. Sloop. 

og 24 -HASTINGS, "4. 

© James,H, Chandler 241—HAVANNAHL, 42. Plymouth, aN, 
a1June2 Sheerness. ail 
| Chap. Charles B, Rownhers | a8 2492—HAVOCK, 12. Gun Brigé nhs? , cr 
27June2 Portsmouth. : 

243—HAWKE, 74. 

tT Falmouth. 
LLt.Com. John Walkie 16Sept.24\244 HAZARD, 18. 
Asst. Sur. Geo. bdetatensg Mar of '245—HEBE, 46. 

—HIBER A 50. i» 
ditt, aay da ~~ . ae 
* 18Jan. el 
ohn Paget 22Jan. ssa AND, 20. S, ep. aS | 

omas Cole (5) 18Jan28 _ East Indies. F 
.P. Symons (det. 

Sur. Wm, F. O’Kane 

183an.28} S2 m. a) + 
Asst. W. M. M'Clure (act ' 

Sheernesss Purs. Fred, Hellyer (act. | 
31 Aw 

atham, 955—HINDOSTAN, $0..'~ 

257—HOPE, 6. men 

Lt. Com. John Wright g1Ma 

Mast. John Pastoh 8M 

Asst.Sur. Thomas 8. Ta 

Portsmouth, building. 
"dy “ Aug 


j46—-HECLA, 6. 
Surveying, Vessel. 
Particular; Service. 

Com. Thomas Boteler 24Dec.27 
Lt. Thomas Tambs 24Dec 27 
William Arlett 
Mast. John Cater (act.)15Apr.28 
Sur. David M‘Manus 25feb.28 
Asst. Robert. Shannon, M. D. 

o58—HORATIO, 46. 

a—HORNET, 5. Briganti 
Chatham, Uuilding. : 

a59~HOTSPUR, 46- 
rab Pembr okey dnlding 

260-HOWE, 120. | i/ 
: Sheerness... | 


Purs. John Jermain 

Purs. James A. Smith (act.) 

28Aug.28| Lt. Cumberland Helen t a, 

M.Denby (act. ) 20Aug.27 

261+HURON, § chooner, 
247—HELENA, 10. Brig. Lake. Huron: * 

Portsmouth, building. 

248—HELICON, 10. 'Sloop. | 262-HUSSARy 
Cape of Good Hope. E alifas yar 23F eb. 
Com. R. fi. Stanhope —30Jan.28 Capt. Edward Boxer e 
Lt. Wm. Haskoll 23 A pr.28 Com, Philip Gostling | 2Mar 
A. L. Montgomery 30Aug.28 Sup.Com. W. b. ngevey engl ewe 
Mast. Joshua ‘laylor 17Sep.25| 2* ates! cote ha 
sees And. Sinclair (act.) 9Mar.2 Win. HenrpJertis Manz 
te Whi. Barwell, Ff. L. 8Maya? 
Ist na Mar. Wm. Haig 3Mar.e7. 
W..L. Dawes 
249—HERALD, 10. Sloop. Mast. John Jones 26F eb.o7 
Woolwich, Sur. W. Donnelly M.D.23Mar.27 
Com. E.W. C. Astley 30April27|Sup.Sur.L. M*Kay | 20Sep 
Lt. Wm. Cotesworth 13April27| Asst. Thos. Jobhston 4Apri 
John D. Robinson 13April27| Sup. Asst. Alex. Sanderson 


Mast. Wm. Fariey = 12April27 giMar.28 
Sur. Isaac Noot 12April27| Chap. Hugh Jones roMar.27 
Asst. James Booth gSept.28] Purse Arch. Petrie’ 23F eb.27 
Purs. Wm. Bailey 1SApriles 
9631 YACINTHG 18 . Sloop. 
250—HERCULES, 74. Plymouth, building. ; 


26 ;—HLY TENA, 10, Brig, 
Deptford, buildings 



South America. , 
Com. John Alex.Duntze 19Apr.28 

1 Thos. Ellis Smith Svar. 28 Newhaven. a 
eerie y¥%6 Mast, Rt. Anderson abapra6 26| Capt. W. = bo aye 5 
Pos as |Sur. Neds BE Pole “yer \ ge UA, wed ganas 
265 e28 Asst. am r20| Lt . n 19 
ee Pri, Sass Neé Hust DyNe ) 2 John W. Finc 4June 28 8 
Noy, is 

zed b \10 oO 

éb.28 265—HY PERTON, 42. thy 



| “¥VAA JAYOR x 

3 TAY 
WY pst dack 

“$7 HB. 
A atostatroh 

CRU AST csperuan ae ae tf 
tos -ESPIBGiy Aa, Sloop. suelel Weta Yat act §| Lt. Francis V. Cotton gAug.28 
Ze Wwe lee a anteed 38 Seretant seslylaak yal aye Guete Fh Gp fajanpe ae 
Wa ng Tp & .aGMapd tSnr/Ebos. Mein: A we WillogG hese tae date 

ast. Henry Temuine ete i aria as Sperkerk me ‘ seblist Lt-Mar. le GeRiplens Aug.28 

ook! et STAI ARD REZ 

pie Aionreis Pauw J. lb bis”  Sansas 

Pure. Erag-Lambieqt) as Mana) lees gt Schoowey, . | 

eM Visage siecb ; 
ds. ae DO. Mud Po Hermwday buildings) -\, 

es vil 


Sur. sae Kean yon AGA ug. 
hast cae: 

oh #. ber, fa if he ft er iF Chap. aa Sep 2. 
154 ig Hero got ee Pos con fk LSIGARD 46) 1 vas Wn. sibs L 
‘ ‘ A yer ey tony ad cE lig 
eka leRnry Gerald abil : Plymouth. Ge Weaia aka 
o 7° Faas f Hoy pas Zi total 
Ganrnbar te: aulay (rth Te eangks, age hy | 
Widet! Josepe Mitchell aMay27 MER das QRETQs ; 
lO MTagdive Ibned “1idulyay 202 -FLAMER, 12, Cupt.$ efeldi Manes 
wast, Alex. Mui hea a gh abe Alien Service. Cut. § deere Ri nglefields BO 
Searle am ; Gravesend. |ComsSem) Rideout autay 
Te. us Shen beng y 7 ae i” h * 
ca. Smith (¢ of Ny ae 

eg Sad, 

x, Convict Ship. aOSRORES) ERs 10. 
1 Minas ens cl De Chatham building 


a an igA 
Mies tars gare as 
Gene me nia ND fp wly:26 

ist Lt. SL 

Sup. John ‘ieee aay 20 

ad Lt W regi 4 
ast ar.24 

rade RAM SPER ia a Ma 6627 

Batty ee ths 

Lt. George Henslow atcha Jona 2 a2Aug.27 

mie, : 

477 EOPHBATRS, 460.) 

pee CuudIngs 

ther Pa LSE -setl 

Lumps ‘building. 

bh Val Ate ger 

199— BURY AUS yep. 

“Chet dhe pao pealte 13 re sak ebrag =i pee 

athemeie or: Pa per! obnC.Fitagerald 22Mar. asi’ Sk cto 
waG. Perry _. 3Mar.28 fy “ 

oo—EURTBICE, 3). Gia ee Charles Moxgen \ ae cy 

14Mar.26) 14) Hag" aN 

rade Nicholas bApr.2 Gee ps ie ewood gApril2 
PursJounM ‘Arched Hilanae: 

eon? Meolwaehey 1 tfe ens fe 

201—BXO RRR 
Bortpmquchs: 1d 

id sal, 4dohn Coulter 210ct i eget f Qats 9 rsh 
202—EXPERIHENT, 44- Chap. N. T. Royse 28Nevi26 | aon A 
seretae. It. --. }PawarAlex.Smiblia:. » gMane 220—GANNET, 18. Shop. 
creas ! ny Cha 106} 
‘ Peel eo ‘ae cesar) 
op CLE EAD acd f 3~FORTH, 46 ak ss ae 
errrermn—nn Es | Pembrote, bdilding. S/o GANy. iB at a 
ge MCV T= yn oyeiat ip. 
alee 2 30,,;. O0pe amas yee go. ! | oY Chathime . 
Yeine Che Hg ~ Plymouth. i bee 
anes lair; re Apr ; ee i this ae ‘\ 
rages, sasoad ) ay. lata - ey HOT ett Het ae F 
on(act.) 23. day2 ‘Pose’ 5 ee iy 
wait. at Baruard 7May 27 15; What ballaten ENO H Ze: al lea ; 
Sur. John Armetrpag: Aprile] : t ae bas 4. . ; Y v 
: i? Oo agar red val ‘gee? 

Asst. Alextabang .-\  13J0ue28 
Pars. Wm. yes Price 25May27 

20k —-FALCON, 10, Shoop. 

ge rece tet 

arantine Service 

atutoxHoUND, ie "ke : 
Plymouth, puifding. 

alu Gane of ug Hapey yf: ae 1 Milford. e 
4 t io 47 od— a 
re sn rf 28 axr“fRorte, int 1) an Ps Pernt Laur 

uy iam Gregke i) Sniees 
y ie Pipe GoM y2e | £,Cim. itt nit iy 224—G LASGOVW, se 

Thiomes A. orga (tcl) Matt. Rr. Goodfititw Chatham. 
s(hyt nuseste th nad Lulya8. Mags 180. FFOAWOG~ 20; 
periaie ities: Siept'8 | asst. Sur. Wat Craig sap eott oo 
vs. John Dennis 4J une28! 225—GLA 

Depo t. 

-—-FAVOURITE, 18. Sleep, — 
Portsmouth, building.” 

C 5 . 


CYGNET, 6. Brig. 1 2 
OY Falmouth. >. Yuin ahi 
Pada Py <4 ba Fe on cess obs 

176—DUNCAN, 74- 


hai ee: ply Lt. Wm. lea 14Feb.2 arp dipa’) 

aie ert a Ft EA ’ Opag Blaty |! i) ahve’, 17/—EAGLE, cy weal 
SanY 6 yy <‘ w n.' ne 1 

wk v — T oat ett a ares - Ryadphe ite 1ajen? aa Dain send, . 

7OrE CHO. St Ream) Rese. 0d 

s odee ondestéh. J\o2e0H RNY 

$t..00m. Fook Ballook a 
HT tant 

ata hk. te L4iJ3.C.G. Cowrtid .aBMar. 

ey : 
2p paye al lif tr obert ilsad ~ deNov. 


ab pe *# st piv Y [ase Wit oaknaton anor Sop pes D gti 
eek: Be ap. Ww. ettman y Hour IR 18. Sl 
7 Rplymonthy hy, buildin ‘dur Sam. J. Butchet POced ! a Sr ae 
3 isHEOLIPSE,S. it Sih 

Poa be oa ath DOVE unit: $9 exons 
res Wate 

‘ape. Lt. Com, G. Hi rors 1wNov.2$ 
yc A al gk i Mast. Wm. Raymond fact) 
Le t a 1oJan. 
John heed ie ron ae pere Asst. Sur. R.T. AflawaygiOct-35 
Robert Russell ane 
John Ber hon eset 210 ct.27 168—DOVER, 4. 
On. dork 

Mast. Mian. Gree wouinpee 
Asst. SuroLad a er ebeB 

. ff 3p nhs Sitaee 74 
18i-EDEN, 98.01, east lsd 
, Fernande-Pe. . > 

st. Lt. Mar ar.27 Ree Ship. Capt. W.E.W..Qrrem: »... OF 
§Mar-ay ord. 7) ez. C, ipen}19Ma 
aries ree Aiotn: oMardy Depts art : Ae aad: sae Fa a7 
Sar. Sdm. Irvine | 3 nly 169—DRAGON, 74. Ca G. Robinson | aeely 
dust. Aare yan tsa % shoes Gaerantine ee - Fag are 2Feb.27 
ape < . rx . 1 « Mar. e neton 
Ps "He = ilfg os | Carri are 
"|17o-DREADNOUGHT. Mast. William Guae 
is¢-DE a Lazareétto, i 
hicks Mee Milford. | Sur. Wm. Burh, MD. ASE ebay 
, || 4sst. Wm. Adamson 
So TRFENGE, ~ |i —DRIVER, 18. Coaviet Ship, | Sup. Thomas 138 
Hs sVeccee i : Deptford. t Purs. Jarties’ a te? en) 
1565 »' Bla _|17-DROMEDARY. 2. tm —EDINBUR 
Is ae eal ry a re SES 
Wy Pore ou a! 

IS7LDES ee Must, Ra, Skjnnet os aslulyes Ho -PCERIA Hh ie 

ae tA SE : 
173—DRUID 6 s pihh yaseo 

iseuibievas srt Bh bs, oe so 1{184—EGMONT) 34). 

4 ly me EN Capt. Williams Sandom17May Pea 

il Lt. Wm. €. Swinten | '47F4d aay rie HW bA—ooe 
rsp EVO ONSHI ee Hagh Dunlo bFeb.28|185—ELECTRA} 18! Sloop. 
She J 
cole p ueniet TD Ae ee ay Portemauth, Puisting 

Hot ane Ae James Turner! 98h 
yoaultst Aden? 45”: rate 18 tat Lt. Mar. Samuel Garshston 186—FLEPRANT;, 38. 

Say ring od Lt. ake ay hsp gute, YA—cos 
ve pitva’: Vie Gal” % 5 Mest: Jas. Henderson sSept. 95 187 ELK, 3s ‘Stoop 
— AN An t6e eat Sur. ath. 
. Asst. Wm. Mc.Leod il ll 
Chap. John Moors: . «: a7Neova7 188—EMERALD, 42. 
merce. tapas Purs. dis. Anstice réAug.95|~ ~~ ~~ Portenicnth.— : 
Dep 189—EM UI US, 6. 
ob 174-DRYAD, 7 42 1b Feed "Mada a lnbue Pits Ane 6B 
103 DISEATCH 18, Sloop. iterranean. 1.t.Com.W ent:P 
Plymouth. Capt. Hon. Geo. A. Ce al yas aiaet Fras. Hale (act) . Spat d 
Come arsons ys Lt. Geo. F. Dixon as Sur. T ‘homap Hi, f aah 
-rre oppin £ bs H " u 
Fred. A me fon’ é es joReb-38 #Jobn R Bibeoed AIS ‘or tt tere ne @ be gerbes - me : 
Mast. Geo. Parsons 2Aug.25 Li if ilid sian 190+B rie be as Het 
Sur. Mich. Me.Ennally 7Sept.23} igne) Halliday ay?) 'r) | Plysmenede 
fate, pail Wailea 7s pride aa im el 1-EREBUS. Bomb 
ee Sanit abet | j Mast. Soun Halcrow (act, hone vMeditery dean! + ia | 
oo) mike 17. eb. 97 Com. Phitip Broke" oy ul 
164—DOLPHIN, 20 y Sur. Robe: A Se Peey 7| Lt Geurge Morrie $Dee: 
Convict Hulk. ‘ee forks, is be Ww. we Spr .. dey ; 
(ye pir BE ret ar. Bf 
Che wench) ae rhea: Bas 1: Aare 25| Mast. J. By espa ae fie. 
cia Ser, John Houstoun 11 
165—DONEGAL, 78. ange, ie, \daats As Rs Beadfovt= ardent: 
Sheerpy sae. Peguescoke lymouth. Purds Thos: Ws Parker’: Dec: 
des sete #647: oarayy 

ros ~ 2. . tm SEN 



APTIVPFY). eal 146—-CHATHAM Sheer Huth. \igo—CONFIANCE, . 
Conetot Hull. Ch utham. s Lobe Rete 
oo r—CHICHESTER, #81—CONELICT, 12, Gun Brig 
i ki le . 9 id 
ARNATION, 18. Sloop. 18-c Chathene oe or conguEsrADOn, 2 
Plymouth. . eae ere a ae 
t. mn Adams 198ept.2 : : 
ARRON, Stean Vessel. Charles Charteris 1Sept.a8’ 134--C ee 8. 
Deptford. - Chatham, building. 
legs eer. Cormelius Kelly 208ept.96 
a1 oop. | Asst. Jamcs Syme 20Sept.28 135-—-CORDELIA, 10, Sloop, 
Deptford. Pars. James Mounsher 17Sept. 98 Particular Service. 
-f Com. C. KB. W. Boyle 16Aug.28 

aa OO" "T \g-CHRISTIAN VII. 80. | Le. Houry Rieamond ‘11De6.96 
Chatham, * Bissing = Lazaretto, Lowi T. Jouss 20ct, 

ENTU IRION, 5A Stangate Creek, River Medway.'Mast.Jobu C. Rutter ee 
: a . 

/Sur. Wm. Aitchison 7 
190--CIRCE,, 46. | asst. John Gibson —-2gJulya7 

EPHALUS, 18. Sloop. Plymouth. Pures. Abm. Sugdew gF eb. 27 
. Plymout 121—CLARBENCE, 84. - 
BERUS, 460° Plymouth. 196—CORNWALL, 50. 
Plymouth. Sheerness. 
‘oast o ca. . 
ERES, Victuolling Depot. Gaw. ‘hanson. eee ta7—CORNWALLIS, 74 

Mast. W. 5. Brown (act.) 

‘EYLON, 32. Troop Ship. ¥27 138—COROMANDEL 
Plytnouth. Bore Aost .Sur.LHugh Jamesons40ct96 ss Convict Ship. 
10—CHALLENGER, 28. 123-CLIO, 18. ag ia 
t 'e Te ° 
pt. Chas.H. Fremantle _—_| Com. Robert Deans April27 peau bere, 
apA Li. T. M. Currie 7 Chutham. boo 4 
. Francs Grove , ae gan ¥ Thos: E. Hodder 
John Haikétt’ “| 200ct.27, pet Samb Birs aaheyab 140-—CRACKER. | Cutter. 
st Lt. Mar Geo.Hook ur. David Bennett ao Var 26 Portsmouth. 

Nov747 ane A. C. Macleroy 10May97 
dg Alex. pal TINot-47 Paurs.Wm. Morton 27Mar.27 Li. Thomas Read ; MERE 

LE, 42. 
Tee arene 1 pe inas—CLYDE, 46. caine rv) 
rs. John Ward’ zosana8 Wootwich, building. ‘. ms ies 
N—~CHAMPION, 14 Sfobp: ~ 1afe-COCKATRICE, 5. acces ols da 
. East Indies. , 
u. George Delmé | aR eb. Pembroke, building. —CRESSY 600 645, | 
LR. M. \aller : 's Porkenbuth. 

JohniG: Crosbie ac - ‘ 1g 5-COCKYLURN, Schooner | oa aes 
. of Huneley act 3s an.a6! Lt. Com. Charies Holbrook . 144—CROCODILE, a8, 

eb. a3) : Ledion, 
de. ‘Ales. Bee ter | SA Mas, Devid Tayler soaeg Cort John die 1a ato 
. m. Thom ni Jun 
13: P arcus I. fa ened 
Lake Chaplain, ( —-{t26-COLUMEIA, to. Sloop, | yy Merle aires 
’ &- edLt.Mar. J.G. Walsh 17Junead 
13—CHANTICLEER, 2. OLUMBINE, 18. 51 Fe ieee ap nexs 
wr CS8Ce 127-—-C O07. ur. James Veit ose 5ptaS 
Parclevlat' Service. hos alifax: . 4 Sup. Johu Stephergo 
Com. Heury Foster (6) 12Dec.27' Com. John ownshend 6Jan.28 Asst. Joho Lawson, Mf 
Lt. Horatio Le Aene ieee 27 Lt. W. H. Henderson 14S¢pt.27 | cake 
dw. N. Kendall Edmund Wilson = goNav. os Purs. James, Sanwa "7dunes8 
Mast. Suhy Caught (wets) ast. John Yule at ibs | 

giJan.22!Sur. W. A. Dalziel IgDee —CRUIZER, 18. Slddp. 
Sur. W.B. Webster — 18Dec.27; Asst. Alex. Lyon Dec.26 = Chatham. 
Asst. Peter Conolan, 'M: ibe ‘| Para, Robert Wilson estas 

114—CHARWELL, 12. Sloop. a ehaaee 
Lake Cetanie: Steam Vessel. 

115—CHARY BDI, lo. Brig. .Com. hoveth Ten gesce CMar.28 
Portsmouth, building. 



BLENH EM aes lav \77—BRITANNIA, 220 —BURLINGTON, 4% | 6.0 «4: 
‘oolwi lymout fe Lake Ontario: 
Capt. Edward Hawker 30April27 Jano wry)" 
) Com. William Blight ‘31May28) ead 
i—BLONDE, 46,. Lt. Hugh Goold 18J une28|85—BUSTARD, 10. Sloop. a 
Mediterranean. - Godfrey Brereton 30April27 Portsmouth. 
apt. Edmrnd Lyons | 18Jan.28 Nich, Robilliard 30April27 . 
t, Alfred Luckraft 4Feb.28 Fred. A. Smith  30April27 aa ll | 
Hon. E. R, Curzon 18Jan.28 Edw. Bayley 12Sept.28/86—BUZZARD, 10. Sloop. 
Sidney C.Dacres 18Jan 28 Henry Bull 11Sept.27 Portsmouth, building, 
Thomas S. Brock | 4Feb.23 Jehn W.C.Nash 12Feb.25 pre oe | 

it Lt. Mar..G.B, Pepyat 2Feb.25 Rob, Crosbie, F. £. 30April27 
d Lt. Mar, G. J. Hayes 2Feb.28 Capt.Mar. Joseph Williams (1) ee 
Yast. James Turton  21Jan.23! 6Nov.27 ma —s 
ur. Matthew Capponi 5¥feb.28 ist Lt. T.R.Thomas 3F ebay 

Isst. John Munro M.D.igkeb.28 2d1L.t, EdmundNepean 25Mar.26|/87—CADMUS, 10.,.Sloop» 
‘hap, Thos-H,.Walpole 2fAug.28 Mast. Daniel Lye 1May27 South America. 


°wrs, Thomas Kerigan 18Jan.28 Sur. John E. Ri 

30April27| Com. Sir Thos. R. T. Thompson, 

12Dec.27 ie 1gJan.28 
1Jan.28| Lt. John M. Potbury _ 24April27 

Asst. Ja R. R. Rees 
John Ferrier 

5 Sinclai .D. Ale; i Sept. 
RL AAOM nic: 4 Mine Jabn Sinolaiila) WiDe | Alexendet MMM” ESR op 
5 U8 rticular Service. Alex. Browning = 4Sept.28) Sur. James Low 95J aly26 7 | Kk 
fom. F. W. Beechey 7Jan.25 Chap. Thomas Ferris 30Aprml27| Asst. John Shaw 18Aprile7 | 
wt, George Reard | 1aMare25 sup. John Brigys 7July28} Purs. W. Drake 10Apr.26 ‘¢ 
| Jone WSinerans BAGS Purs. Thos. Fitzgerald 3oApril27 (oa 
up. Edw. " ; 
est. en cep 1gian-25) BEALS rR Ba ——" | : 
Sur. Alex. Collie 10Jan.25 ombay, building. 
dsst. Thos. Neilson = L0Jan.25 _ TOMART sl ; 
Purs. George Marsh 14Feb.25, 78—BRJ io Seon a Sloop. S9—CALEDONIA, 120. : | z 
i : ymouth. ® 
Com. R. HH. Manners 210ct.97 
Chatham. John Wm. aor eke 98 ‘ "Portsmouth, | i 
5Aug. ” 
recy the aren raety 7 sete | it 
= ar. William Aikin a90ct.27 wl , 
bg sata lana Asst. Jason Lardner 250ct27 goa—CALY Pea koe : | L 
Y ; Purs. John S. Ferriter 250ct.27 
BOSCAWEN, 66 91 CAMBRIDGE, 80. ks 
0— BOSC : . alhadime 
T Woolwich, buildings i abah iad Sein | 
¥ o—BRITON, 46. 92—CAMEL, 16. Store Ship,.f)  |™! 
2 Particular Service. . Woolwich, or | Be 
aamieaatata Gi in Capt. Hon, William Gordon = aarti deg ; 
Ortsmoutlhte 5 Lare 93— v) ay DOs, OOP. | 
Lt. Charles Smith 8Mar.27 \™ Mediterranean. a th 
A. J. Douglas 8Mar.27 Com, Christ. Wyvill 28April ~ 
72—BRAMBLE, 10. Cutter. Richard Byron 7Mar.27\ Lt. David Dooley > 11J une Sy 
lymouth. Wm. Broughton 8Mar.27 Johu Lascelles (act.)28Feb.2 vd 
Lt. W. H. Haswell 10Aug.27 15¢ Lt.Mar. J.E.H. Missing Mast. W. H. Thompson (acé.) 
Mast. Hugh C., Haswell (act.) 17Mar.27| 3 yen 
r 18Aug.27 James Thomson | 17Mar.27) Sur. W. G. Borland, . gAng.2 a 
Asst.Sur. Patrick Coleman | Mast. W.H. Hall 7Mar.27| Asst. Thos. Mitchell (5) 15Aug.2i by 
5May28 Sur. Eben. Scott, 7. D.1oMar.27\ Purs, Wm. Coningworth = dy 
ane nie Fle praer orarnine '  16S8ep.2 fe 
1 ae ¥ . Thomas Quarles24Apri det 
73 aay ey eT Purs. Win. Tue field iba priiay CA oa 
eceiving Ship. 
| Deptford. ‘Shee ulin ) 
7 80—BROCK, 2. Schooner. a RDOWN, 106, 
pe mae oF oa Lake Ontario, _ pS prcrma otae j 
‘g-—-CANADA, 104- 
75—BNISEIS, 10. Sloop. 81—BRUNE, 22. ’ Bingstay Canada, 
Deptford, building. Sheerness, 7 Ba it WE building. 
76—BRISK, 10, Sloop. a Convict Hospital Ship. 
Mediterranean. 82—BUCEPHALUS,,18, ._ . oo) hn Chatham. Gq] 
Com. Scag age dt ie oR x vin = ales 
Lt. Thos. P. Dobree, , ,, gOct.27), orlsmow +f, S. 84. 
James A, Legard, ‘a2 et. a be409 : CAN igen LJ—p_ls 

Mast. Wm. Hemsley 
Sur. JohwGray_ (d) 
Asst. A. Dy 

Purs. Ev J, 



- faa | 

b.2 AOU eee Bi —CAPTAIN, 106. 
eA PUREAL GSI tore shir CAPTAIN, 0, 

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ee dete 

VOCS vi 

30—APOLLO, Yacht, ; 
| PY OSs ie 8 Oy frmou Brus. #at, 

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LE yee a Te ua ey BL.98 ilo 4 Cy tter. te 
[3/“ARACHNE, 18) § ope QI-Ls 98. er 
in Aemmigdd. 5... ; A ee. tes a Jou Cokie ot an as 
| Com. flenry Smith (a) 1) Apr. ab 2—AURORA, 46. Mastic - Burne 14Mar.26 
Lt, hh Shenert uy Rayin caer sist Ser chert te TR 
acket Hope et de Capt. Chas. JonuAustenaiu nese ind 
Mash, age ctobn Resale k ‘aNov.96/ Lit. op. P.D. Larcom .7Mang5 
! play lex. mc Mtoe ch oe aa mal a ixon sane 25 
$8t, WAM ay IB! ( - uget 20. 
h Pars. Sapmch ent § 137N¢v.26 John Walkep (3) oa $1 Bloc 
OMe rMEA asta ct eh rasa i eerie: cerneda. ae ; 
1 99— : Lt ar. C.C, Vratt 1oMay2 
32 AREITILURA 46 ‘ -' Mast. Geos Heathe 28K e.g 52—BEAGLE, 6. ’ Surv. Sloop. : 
Teor? Plymous mt th. Sur. Jas. ate pines : 7 Nereis. ’ 
cevtl ide i Asst. Gea. H Dahbs Com. Pringle Stokes 9Sept 
§ 33—ARGONAUT, Pur. Wm. Savory asFeb 25; Le. Robert tI. Sholl 180 cts 
Chatha Sup. Wm.G. Skyring 
Mast. Sam. S. linn - 10et.25 
Scene 46. Sur. John James 15Julya8 
APRRIADI, 6: rate Chatham. fears Benj. ieee ( ene 
, ff 3 me te une?7 
i oe oe ee necenyt itd Bloop. = [°:'T*t eee 
a 35—ARIEL 6. Se are ee is: i Se BRAVER, 10. Sloo . 
P ae arcane ‘a Peas ch pe 45—BADGER, 0. Sloop. . Portsmon thy. Pe a 
+ Et: Com. James Fi ie ‘ 6Dec.27 i Particular Service, ie hyd 
[AeesurcAter-Graaih sec. Come Cis, Crowdy agen 
: te SNA Te of et. Wakter Toby «° + t4—— mT 
ete i JamesW-Totlinsongi Mar.38 “4 BEELZEBUR, Bemis me 

‘aie Piypasehii.! os Vio 

< . 
gle oa ater Atay dS 

37—ARROGANT. Hulk. 
Tringomaless 1 ().— 

Gy aed eiyNos yeh ped ' 
>. oy eer St : 
ROW. ‘Cutte er. sa 
Syst Po hey t Ay aw 

mech Bea 

= Br sASIA, 84 ter Tb PF . 

Syiae 18 May28 

i gttietlprianecs. Pagtzt layne 183i 7l56 BELVIDERE, sa, 
re ag ae Jchintone GJuncag Sup. Alex. Robertsen wly: Reliable dat om 
Soar ade ee 

Haga ariigaat sehorss 28 | Capt, dlar. JohuWilnontaduneas so—BEMBOW, The | 

‘Coram "Rickey alta Lie d>K. pas aSept.26 icin aoe 

‘Joby Robb. ag 16Mae.a9 abana rca id. be lew. eles? ei . 
lai, 98 5¥¥= David Koss cy #--BERSCHERMER, , 

Wine serait Sup. ecto y Burralieoee 7 Lent to East-India °. . 

prea 7 al "Donald Kennedy “Beare - ntsc meter ne 
Sup oha Sieh (a John Drew (6) 4Mar.28 
oo ‘Naagsticisvan EE Asst. 1—BITTERN, 10. Tendrr. 

Pan ai elinagy py Sup. Asst. Chas. Prt aaa ede : Pl 9 e zen er. 
Capt. Mar. \ dames. Cpok (6) asOct a : mand Litepa - 
ad ct lho ETRE Me Alex. Bryson 25Uct ee : 

H.W. Parke aF Ton Mackintyrey AD” |92—BLACK PRINCE y 744 1 - 
Mast. fochmaud Feseq: + 300 Lar.28 oar : Bheerneit, py r 
Sur. James Seayaes\(a) “er John Valience 10Mar.28 ae Oe Wg eae tj 
Gos: oi T. B. Gatton ;: 3 Ar By BLAKE AL eae 
rs ARR Ee cu gel eee see ke 
vad 7 : ‘i . cppaatined Oy 49 it pag i Ae ue ee ae 

: sal LA. C AN arei,d sh 

Chan dae MOE S) aie Toesseon oe fel Spey leh! Horvath | 
Webber at ty ’ 

; éJohn inckerwbe aidyece UW TVIA YS Gf gp 


: Mast. 
Sur. James Lawaeuce 
Asst. James Gorthy 

Pura. John Warwick 24Dec.25 

6—BANN ,20. Sloop. 
. Chatheme me 

Capt. Sir Johu Louls, a 57—~BELLONA}743:"\' 

Fr 26 od Com. James Thorne 
'| Lt. Charles Parker (¢). Sh ie 


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haraay ne 

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[eat Pat.L, 



Plymonth, butldinign sy \ 

 Mecas tty 
a —BELLEISLE, yg! !!107- 
Ss Pleo eee 

ie ; s6—BEL FON, Be Pabe . 

ap, EFT ype. 

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op neo ssi Mbag ob rf fonants, Sé re Grids, &e. 

sAdsn00sad yo" OaPETty ha ore erees oe y, Becrat THs 

Wioot ,OFTODR—og 

Stations. Flag-Offi wibcodneslited 964 Fla} Licutenanté\ womguenitaries. 
Nore: .00sT2}0). sfPcHAAMePian. Sir H. 1 
i sae : acer K.C. Bean iss Plagkwdod B erepe Hi: wae 2 Com. areata 
Peet At Brest ae 13 Hon. Sir Robert Stopford 4, pee H. Stopfor foha Brenan Doe 

‘Plymop tty! WaaM ta ebhe W ‘RG'Hon.Wam. Earl of Nopthesk, 
a ecovenaces Regr-daimival Hom! Si Charles Paget; A. ALE. caput a 

rays : 
‘Be di toirane athe ci. Viger ral MY Bit Pulteney Malcolm, Sir T Peal BE 

‘Went Indies......| Vice-Admiral Hon, c. E. Fleeming..-- : 

Halifes and. te Rear Adpiral ‘Sir Charles Ogle, Bt» ++] 

Robert Crt James Pliston al 

AT eptoow' | 
yilied zal hk vine § 

if fa L. york 
ooep wade ay are, 

Benjamin Chimmo} 
item Barwell. Ridtra iD dekh — °C | 

South Americasy..| Rear- Admiral Sir Rt; W. Otway, K.C.B. Wintic BE, Vidal 
‘Biot fidies..1s 17] RéarsAdmir at Wm. Hall Gade... seree Pat de Blake - ia ge 
[River Thames... Commodore John Cc. White... eccovetice tye a pi SOs SLA—£8 : 
-G. Hope.. [Commodore William Skipsey. ..+..0..e* se 

Commodore t F. A. Collier ...+seesqee: 

aoe ott nt With their present Stations. 
NAMES. pptd. 

iy, bOUA--c8 E 
ae 4 7 yao, Bide 

_————$ pn veer Oe Ne eee ve - = a e 
TABOURIR, Pal AN it | Qa-ARRICAN. CoS ey FRED. 3 60. | 
: i harnathihn wee anes + + 1 Steam Mesbely': «' ,- Chatham, 
Deptford. ee ROAICHE—OE 
ee os (20—ALGE ith Sloop. | 
See >. Oran ee eee ImAGINCOURTY 745 A ae Chatham, building. { 
ah ome 

Mult , TAROT SAM tE 
be LiBte peer a o1—ALLIGHTOR! WS. 
1—AIGLE, 426:.5.1 Particular Service. 
Sheerness. | Capt. Hon. w VP. C 

—- + 

ii ehataghel—: 
. ita riot} 

PlywowaeWaossay - 
Assos ys 

meg 74. 
" awe? fe 

mm Ig—AKBAR,; ‘60 pohiieonee Lb cb 
5—~ADDFR, 12. Gun Brig. ‘Duaranita ; Shrevee. ae 

ep BUI vada oe ie Milford.“ 

eWdoronray ch ae ! 
6—-ADVENTURE, 6. Surveying 11~ALACRITY 10. sted, ne. 
Meditertianean. ' 

Sur ~ CoRR BN 

asin C8 4 al 

aves Williaa at 

aion ‘ 
Southvdmevied 1 gal Comatonenh Nias tanas ff Se ees SESH Greist 
Com. P. P.-Kinges 4 7Sep.25) Of. Charles bre cric azduly a ling 
Lt. Thos. Mitchell, (b)o7Mar-28| Chas. A. Pete’ ‘t3Swwest |? Sens nd we 
Sohn € C, Wickham 60ct.27| Mast, JohnDallas cet tag | Ven” Port ath ta gtito Ship. 
Sup. Fro midi Bie favda - ey Mur 06 abs Wm. Jones | , ou “tsmon a aks 
Me bod robes ' ace eae hye one B 
Sie. John Tam : a40ct.25 Purs. BEnj. pikes Pe * 9 06t.96 sa-AOIAEOK Ais 7 vita 
Bere, Geo ‘Howl - oe ge tp-ALARM i col Eg ake" ayes 
- Geo, Rowlet cp | wis 
sake HID Ak res Hemred AR tg | ‘gaat age) ances a pees 
7—-ROLUS) 46. avis x = a ee oa YIMOUWTNy « wt Gas a 
sf OALBAN, ie FP aad | ANI TRRIOA; id “ vA rvr@ 
a mes! =! ; 3} OUR Ryn’ amt hs ae 
§—EFNAABSARS 15 fJd --s ans | cialis bi 
Mediterradenn. herb ON yoga OM adel : ABI PHSIMITE 6; 
: $ 
| Com Steph, LushingtonigMay at es Portsmouth, aise aie oresil ee 
SLALERT, 18: ‘3 Rlbb ; ‘ f ’ 
ad Lt.Maas 4 ae “South 4 Ata et : ob ANDER ry Waa 
Mast. James Hardie : uel Bu mn: wag mas rae cae 
Sur. Arthur Savage TUE orrGthert Compt efed.2];] , 
Asst. John Ranta Ape o . Jobnetons? - alter me) Ven AND OO A: ‘o) 
Purs. J J Ba 1 Cet fa | ugh Babb t Ago eo aie » Be p i) avon | 
FRICAINF, 46 pat lSohe George Je aHoget pi = 28—ANSON, 74- 
—, a le ager. Oo 
A . oe a43an.27 | "Port smouth, 
aes Sees Eis Sat a ie a nome 



Sup. Ast, — WOTAMAICA,~ 52. - 

bames M‘Alacter : q3une28 Diynenthe sanitich +7 
81 SEU 8.“ Sloe oy 8 
2 ~JAS: r a P 

Ghap. © . C. H. Lethbridge 4J unea 
ts. Wan. B. Basden i9Dec.2 

W. PD. Newenham ¥ ug Sup. Pars. 
John Curtis (3) ulya5/John Browa ( (e) 310ct.27|Com. John Lyons” * s6Aag: 
o- Hawkins ept.2 eb.28| Le. Francis Lrardet sept a8 3 
il ‘Qwen Aprils Chas. J. Seccombe! 
- Ad ie 3 4.25 pba Ne te Augie ug.28 & 
mi Ww. ewis Sept.25 | ofs. ure tt Au 
oratio James ay pair kb te Asst. R. L, Birt hretle aahvia8 ' 
Geb Balmer % 5Mar.25\ Com. Thomas Best Mile Purs, Wilteu Reeve ak seAuy.28 
e roer _l te2S . ° 
en. Caffing -!! ° Tgkebeag|et Paward Btanley — 1Mar281 69 JASON; 460. 
rT a pene ray| Mast. Robert Rogers 21Mar/a8 Wootwich, inti. 
Beinn, | Pilea ec Raye eae Man seer 
e u 
Robert Low yao| Pure. Henry Tucker 17Aprila8i cy CRaoke  28Aprila7 |. 
Hen. John C Banas emesis TA wc It Lt. A.C Duncan 14Mar.97 |. 
a ae Wee ver ear tsmeuth. Arthur Forbes | Gee 
iNiam Goose 
Everard Digoy -goDee-24 o62—IMMORTALITE, 6 

aang. ea 
eph V. Geary 9) uly28 969—1 MOGEN Purs. Edw. T Hooper wanes 

E, 28. 
Wow. Jones (d) 5Mar. Pembroke, building. 
non J 77 
eee man Sune ae IMPERIEUSE,g@, PAYAL 
Robert W 97Aug.27 Lazaretto. capt $weFe “Carrell 18Jan.27 
#Geo. Res ase rila7 Sheerness, Com. Wm. Cuppaye: @1Vec.27 
J.G. Frenetl ¢.25|a71—A MPLACABLE, 74. Lt. Hon. J.P. Gordon 3Ovt.97 
as. Harris a Plymouth. Ralph Berton aiFeb. 4 
r n WwW. Cri an. I E E Edw. Littiechated 11Mar.28 
Henry Courtenay uneak | 272— mene paiva y 104 P.J.Blake#.L. 1 96 
Ste hen Wilkiseon : pet N: seephey tape reas ee 
shire Loworchy Die camp ref Tait. and Lt. P.M. vee 
Joseph Clark 10Nov. 35 INDUS, 60 Mast. zone Patrick -° 10d 
rn exwell i ar 374 Pottmnsul A, 
* inuéiwe ate building. 
Robert Taylor 5 Mar. a 275—-INFERNAL. Boud. John pare. eoVa 
Hen. F Peake LAs 2 Mediterranean. Edward Leah’ 

C. . Bde @ Asst. Wm. Folds apDec. 
re ae aa tee Joha Rodgers LJ woert 

up. Asct. Andrew Russell 

Cc. K. ute | .aaDee-ay 

’ Shaptand ne uly23 2 Abr. Cc 11Dec.2 Thomas E. Ring 22Vec.97 
Fooclen hrcrehela | sedenitas [ont Abr, Cuuroney it cat Joha G. Hartison iWaness 
G. P. Rosenberg agOct.27 Purs. Frank Harger 8 Dec.27 Peril pec Blend « igdept.28 

on p. Joho Evans 18Jan.27 
‘Devid wMay27 Pars, ‘Thomas Woedmen: ‘(acts} 
Vhos, P. Wheeler eAtig.26 

@Qeo. F. Westbreek .. 23Auz.27 
dames B. Emery: — 8Sept.28 
William Shallacd Feb.28 

et islands. 
Mast.&Surv.G.Thomas 9Mar.28/285—J UPITER, 60. 

Asst.Surg. Thos. Watt 27 Mar.28 Troop Ship, Portsmouths 

feeb: Me: Taviek = 1 0Mey89 277 —INVINCIBLE, 74. Bee a 2s 
Charles D. Warren Plymouth. Woolwich. 

tet Le. Mar.G.T. Welchmas (278—IPHIGENIA, 42. 
gAug.a6 Chatham. 
ed Lt. Mar. Val. BeadongApeo6 


George WatsenigNor.27 279—ASI5S, 50. Surveying Vessel. 
Meast.Jos. Higgs Medsterranean. ie Bs 
Ser. Hamilteu Buillie ‘a9 Mayas Capt. # dir Thomas serra Pe Mast. Anthony De Mayne 

As: q. Kd. . : 
; sun uri ae Com. Wm. Jones Prowse 10ct.97 Asst. Sur. R. W. Campbell 

P. M‘B. Chevers e2Mar.o7|Lt. G. A. Sainthill 94) ane?? 
Samuel Sinclair, M.D.igAug.28 Be h Berners 263 une27 

8 0 f Assts. Se euton ene?) KENT, 78. 
aaen wear .9 eue i 

a aes ie Mar.2 Capt, Mar. "Ht. Stra eways Plymouth 

Daniel Wilsou 5Maras ulyay a89—KINGFISHER, 6. Brig. 


Heal, ‘ g0ct. Mast. James Napier ’ 983 uneg7 Mast, Jas. Teague (axt.) 2Dec. 
ames Sinith (& Nov.27] Sur. J. Cowan, M,D. 31J ana ‘Aut. das, Tesaue (act.) aDee.t3 

a - Deaulo 
G wart J une%7} dest. John witeiald 1 sips 

Bittle n.28 T. Wm, 
- Jewell a aN 25tChap. Hugh Selvin 2a7Aug.27 
PanJobn Mitcheli 99June37 

———eo— — = ee ae ee =e, 

253—HIBERNIA, ‘{30., 
Port dete, 

226—GLOUCES 9 746 238—HARPY, 10. Sloop, 
Sheerness. Jamaica, 
Capt. Hewry Stuart | 2gJune28|Com, Charles Rich  —_—-18Jan.28) . etl senall 
Com, David Mapleton, 28Aug.28| Lt. John Paget 22Jan.28}254—H IND, 20, Sloop. ,' 
‘Lt. Robert Ingram a4June2 Thomas Cole (5) 18Jan28 _. East Indies, nahh 
W.R. Ward (2), . 24June2s) Mast.G. P. Symons (act,) Com, John Furneaux, 15Sept 
Frederick, Patten 24Junc28 2Mar.28] Lt. Hen, Stroud 21 
R, W. Henderson 3Sept.29| Sur.Wm. F. O’Kane lgMay28 Joha Whatel 17May) 
Mast. James Belford, — 6Dec.a5 

Edward Lake 24June23 Asst. 

, Chatham. —HINDOSTAN, 80.“ ) 
: . Matthew L 28 | 255 9 OUs a: 
Astyames He Chandler 24—HAVANNAH, 42. Plymouth, buitdings' -" 
21J une28| Sheerness. ' 
| Chap. Charles B. Rosenherg. ia HAVOCK, 12. Gun Brig Fe Chath: ' 
Purs. Jas. W.Nobbs 24June28 Portsmouth, i 
jp, (S-HAWKE, 74. Tae aidmacthy, "ste 
pegincriger rer 6. Brig. Sheerness» Lt. Co me J ohn Wright aiMay3g 
‘Lt. 2 At 94 244—-HAZARD, 18. Sloop, Mast. John Pascoe _ a 
Shae ie ait egg oop Portsmouth, building. Asst.Sur. Thomas §. Taylor 
Asst. Sur. Geoslncledon23Mar.26'9,-_HEBE, 46. 27 Aug. 2B. 
}o08-GRAMPUS, 50. _ sieht 258-HORATIO, 46. . 
Lent tothe Society for destitute a46—HECLA, 6. Sheernems. 
: eamen, Surveying Vessel. a z 
Deptford. Particular; Service. eat eet book wate antine, 
¥% ? ro a 
‘Com. Thomas Boteler 24Dec.27 
cali aria See 18. Sloop Lt. Thomas Tambs 24Dec 27 a HOTSPUR, 46 aa 
Com.AbrahamCraw ford 8Dec. | William Arlett 2giec.a7 igi Panbvoke ke ildin ae 
Wo Wiis Sed tee Hatith oll ee 3 Mast. John Cater (act. )15Apr.28 9 DUMGLNE » 
"William Warren) -3osan.26/5¢7- David M'Manus a5Feba8iago ry OWE, 120. uo 
Ist Lt, Mar. LP. dones 16Feb.28|7°9"* *OPErt SRannon, nae » Sheermesse,) / ff 

Mast,/Charles Sargent 29Dec.27 

Sur. Patrick Magovern 22/an.28 

Asst. John Smith (c)| aiDec,27 

230-—-GREENWICH, 50. 

231—GRIFFON, 10. Gun Brig. 
Chatham, building. 

232—-GRIPER, 2. Sloop. 

Purs-JohnJermain 28Feb,.238 

Portsmouth, building. 

261—HURON, Schooner. ; 
Lake Huron. ~ re 

262—~H USSARy 46. Mo 


Sur. And. Sinclair (act.) gMar.2 

Pursvdames A. Smith (ab Ist oe Mar. Wm. Haig 3Mar.a7 

249—HERALD, 10. Sloop. Mast. John Jones 26Feb.27 
Woolwich. Sur. W. Donnelly M.D.23Mar.37 


233—-HALCYON, 10. Sloop. 
Deptford, bwilding. 

=. ‘ Com. E.W.C. Astley 30April27|Sup.Sur.L. M‘Kay a2oSep 
734 Spits tele AD, 46. Lt. Wm. Cotesworth 13April27 re Thos. Johnston 4Apri 
ymouth, - John D. Robinson fon abe Sup. Asst. Alex. bandersoa a 
ast. Wm. Fariey = 12April27 giMar 
eal 2" > os A Sur. Isaac Noot 1April27| Chap. Hugh Jones 1oMar.27 
Milford,’ Asst. James Booth gSept.28| Purse Arch. Petrie 23F eb.27 
HARDY ¥ Purs. Wm. Bailey 18Aprila8 
Convict Hosptial Ship.” | | 263—HYACINTH, 18. Sloop. 
) Portsmouth. Rp UE 24 ' Plymouth, building. 4 
f 997-HARLEQUEN, 18:-\Stoop, a52-HERON,'18. Sloop. 261—HY ENA, 10, Brig , 
e outh America. TP ees : 
Com. Jolin Shepherd (6) Com. John Alex,Duntze r9Apr.28 PER ON ey PONE 
oi) >°) |.) 28Aug.98) Lt. Cumberland Hadaway 

Lt. Gewer Lowe 2Dec.26) 5 Feb.o8lo6s—HY PERITON, 42. ‘ 
Wa. Stilwell 19Sept.27)| Thos. Ellis Smith bs pce 265 Wewhinin 
Mast. Hy. Rea (aets) ay26|Mast, Rt. Anderson 26Apr.46)Capt.W.J.Mingaye  8Jans 
Sur. Arch, Gilchist wer Sur. A.M‘Laren g1Mar.26] Com. W. J.T. Hood giana 
26J une28 

Asst. Da. Campbell 1Mar.26| Lt PF) G. M*Donogh 
Asst. 2 KOTSD AIH —% mM 3 Ne % ee A 
Purs.E.M.Denby(act.) 23Aug.27 

Purs. James Newnham (act.) John W. Finc 
a a a | = Digitizer 


| -WUAK TR TON on 

-d, 144069 
Abate aD 

‘ OOP. 
cdo tee JSamaiead inh ad 
See. Joseph Hasalinn 4 a) 

o.ueler wea at) : 
Jamaica. Le. Phar hen R. atte.99° G| Lt. otton gAug.- 
Com. Qi2F0l Daria iv abcd ti) 8 90.3». - Mivett> .:. > soRhanes 12Sept. 
Lt. Russell Bilsett:1i  20Jan.28! Nene hant ‘neely ack.) 131 aye Gust. HC a. 
2 SThp dead fh Stow BONagB {Sur Thos. Mei t: +- pPesa Willod ertland(act. 
ast. Henry Tennison (act.) | reer Peter. Sherlock jock, tap glist Lt-Mor. A 24Aug.28 
Sur, 22012 FE TTA ISRORT BE ee re Ceiiphartion 
Aust -Assco ay) Paro. FuiBey (act) * B3een a5 Pee ay ag ree oat i 
urs. é May,87 rf 
red Lambeaing {| 206a—F 1 REELY, 9. 3h Schooner 

Pe Cans Tn yS | 
Goeagoepa ith oh fb daw : 
POIR,y'?02:°Sé tr 
aoe relepe ep wkd Hage vt 

c1 7% Bermuda, Guildings > «3 

bos tou eth oat AP Se Gt 

mM e 
sen She rarrunne 
Asst, J ameraglly eSep.ael 
Chai dwar ’ 96Sept.2 
nem Wim. Canlpney aaAug. 95, 

i--KISGARD “AB cae lene oe Mae EES agent 

rr Poeny naog” "Mast ; Plymouth. a eer me : my 
Gen. Stow” uly27 eee a19--GANGES, 84."'., ', | | 

Baer) Joseph M¥tcHiell 2 8927 |o98—FLAM ER, 12,, Kio Janeira. 
Pagd've dbned wiyey ‘Alien Service. Capt. Sam. H, a 6 

Visses Rlex. Muirhewd “a ay?27 Gravesend: Saml. Rideout tt ay? 

- Pers.iSer. Le Jones ° Mays7 Lt. "Vien E a Coffin | at 
eos is a Pa Gea Sayin is) pasa Gi 

mn ames C 
Hear BRSEX, Convict Ship. 210—F ORESTE R, 10 George acer tel aioe. 

Krngetomne.. 1) 

iti “0 : y . ” 

C..Aall M. k 

Charlee i Leash ie mary 
Thonias Soore tie 

'|Capt.Mar. pe dam 


(| Sup. John Mitaore 8Aug.2t 

‘Jad Lt, Wyn. Hugyoy, 1 Ruby a 

: : * dar 

3 Ma r.2 

Chatham budding | of 

ot ODN UE ~- xa! 
a die 
Cha am, 6 ing. 

mesica. Sup. Sur. R : +9 
Maa —ce et Coghian a anne S"P-, ae Ppdec 
199-EURY ALU S yap ia George Henslow < 26, ian : ee ae a 

Convict Vi. i Chas.A.Bazlow.. .:@gF 

Chat heme i O21 JohnC .Fitagerald heat tt ‘ 
i a) a mr 1, Opowes, C. Perry, Mar. = Poa re wit lars Gj 
200—EUR Ki tei ; Arar map oehn Morgen \ aps i K te 2s 
qanie yolwaek ANT ola ge . -) - 4s Mara | 
vi) Jaa. Nicholas D6 Ft ave 

‘ eens Chap. fe a id vAprilza 

201 BUEN SB! abe di 

Bortrmavthy.( 6402s tse Gea: Gtanty M.Dva5Peh. e acca, Hilakes 
‘ Re pal. n Coulter 210ct.2 Pl Se ee co 
200 EXPERIMENT, 44 | cee ‘i TE; Move s8Nev | or ask 
sarethe. TT oe aAlex, te > gl “ Spe ee 18. 
Ady : Me ve at thesh, SOs: ave 
Bede o oa t : cpa thoeh.’ a) ; 
ap CLE LATE st f a13FORTH, 48. ’ ee 
TOMES Ee i} if 
| ait | Pembroke, bdilding.- a 21—GAN ME be, 96, 
Athy et MOE JiR TD ei Meine Sao? 
— a40,,. Sloop. eam haa go. ! ’ ‘Chath: ener 
Cee Fc VS, a NRE eo oe meen ie ee 
cig Lair; eicie _ Plymouth. ve AA 
¥y reek ws Mabe. ) aoe vy soled witmata 1. fA Mt ae 
, (ac aghlay2 ia NOA, seat wy 
: ee Baraava 7May 27 Ai it ths { 
Sur. Jobn i “Pha ssn, buat | PN Pegi th. . 3 oY 

Vfare Ate yy a 

~éypravran, «Bee ae 

arantine Service 

metrpg! GAprile] | 
Asst. Alexi, U6... 13Juue28 

Pars. Wm. Tho. Price agMeye7 Lig oRnoeteh Meise “a Hey 

| Blymontls uti 

4g-qiu Bape of lr aye on val 4 fe vant .OU 
ith me i ot Wwe ag . “FUL 
Bets Lea ping en fet nevs a17- BROLIC, $.. pi wd eA Dose) 
ope WoMa ys 

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Cin. THe Ba cia 
fast’. Kt. Goodtell 

Asst. Sur. Wa hese 

Nyy niu 

epee A etn 
Mast. Thomenke orgab (ack) as GLASGOW Sh 

Rie tt reueeth o dFbalgas 80. TADANOG~ ai, 

mas -GLATHOR?” 


orge! Wilideths;; Sept. ‘8. 
YF Hine. Goan, .. goMays6 
Purs. Sobn Dennis 4J unegs: 

—-FAVOURITE, 18. Sleep, - 
Portsmouth, butlding. 

[fc SOE, 



/GNET, 6. Brig. 1 42 
Beye Falmouth. eee ¥ ye) Babribe 1 
last. Robed i nd Pf Traut 7 AQ ? Ney ak Ueiviee ~ 

DUNCAN, 74- 

° | Lt, Wm. Dow’ 4 14Feb.2 sarpAlnd.) 
tat naan rae aa Ble 1s abbeld I-EAGLE, 7g. 
TL - Bradshaw 13Jan.2 uh, eh J I1d4T—Eel 
wR ep moijo) Vv at as aA} ‘4et are Te Late Y pPorpseph 
28 es ! i 14.4.C.G. Court ourtiéd -aBMar.26|4 78+ EGHAM, Stomm! Fesca. so’) 
$i “DE Dy ait {Masti VonrAylen | - i OPeBSlF: tes Wvonleeteatiecouit yA 
an lrig, eine tSer!Robert Wileed = d§Nov.d712t..0om. Food Ballbook H aDe.09 
Sand Ve # oh OK ehege: - Asst: ee Dembelee agdann Dore geegaaga gia 
seeDASTENE ob. Chap. Edw. Pettman | 5Ms39$/j79BCLAIR, 18. Sloop. 
4 — ip buildin {Purr Sam. Jd. Butdhet 10ct: Plymouth. oF He 

sa ea mae /, t67—DOVE, 6. Brig. RE) ey ee 


Dept. pr es | Lt. Com, G. B. Forster 10Nov.26) 74, Com.C.W.G.Griffin 14Sept.26 
P ADS ae Pie, hag? Mast. Wm. Raymond (act.) Mast. Wan Gr es od eres Pras 
eI. Atdddge Bmiat 1oJan.24) Asst, Suesa.dy: 

John Washington 12Dec.27| 4Ssst. Sur. RT. ; Allaway3rOct.95 
Robert Russell ere une2 
John Po rhee we6 Oct.27 163—DOVER, 42. 

Qs. <6 

er eer nar ee 
BI-EDEN, Wei uat od 
.. Fernande-Pa. es 

ist. Lt. Mar ar.2 Receiving Ship. Capt, W.E\W.. Orrem, .- 2 
wie RE Hote Scott §Mar-2f Deptjors 'd. ii Con. ez. C, KarisenloMays 
Rot In, | ToMar.27 Lt. RE. Vidal; ot, 
er Sdm. Irvine _3Mar.27!169—DRAGON, 73. G. Robinsen | . Janet 
asst. Andrew mith gMar.2 Quarantine Services James Badgley aFeb.27 
Ehap,, Chas. Wm . Dod a Milford. , Ast Lt. Mar. A. QO. Carrin ton 
at Well aiReb.27 7 “TTApYaty 
_|170-DREADNOUGHT. Mast. Willian Susihers 
( Wessdl, zaretto, ‘ise unos 
bpilding. | Milford. | Sur. Wim. Burh, ‘M4, D.' 
ete, |. | [1—DRIVER, 18. Conte ship, ici del leg 
° ! Ae 1 — u ot) 
Ay f Dep tford ; Pars. rants 
6 Lies; hi 1 DROMEDARY 2. ! 18-EDINBUR 
(PE ee ps ir 73— Consiet SI Sleipy : -, ga wl--apl 

eee wat yt 

sr i Must, Rd Sine age | agSulygs 18 FGERIA 
Ot ts Ped vas e innet . 195 183— ; 
at a Plyledteh 

es n73—DRUID, 46. 

ponbiast arto “zh nb De a6 thas x 

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yi hh yovsro ) 

ae rh ‘oq. 
MMS 4 ane 

Ca t. Williams Sandomi7Ma 
oil “Treo wam. C.Swinten - AF Obe 

suet VON . °°" Hagh Dunlo 8Feb.28|18 ae 18! Sloop. 
hal ARE \ "t oe on ¢ John Yollana ' - yoy &Portemautly building 
a tt aia eatile James Turner 28 Aung68 75% 
jooiblabent 6 : tat it, Mar. Samuel Garmisten, 186—FLEPHANT;, 88. 
“Plymouth. ae thee eri Eis APH 7 coe 
Ay IAL Mast, Jas. pene 95/187— 78) Stoo: 
161—DIANA, ee 3 Sur. ‘sept : ” Poy y 
hatha Ast. Wm. Mec.Leod = 17J uly27 
\Chap. John Moors: - ‘!49Nevaz|188—EMERALD, 42. 
a epee uy poms Edin.8; Avstice s6Aug.25|~ ~~ ~~ Pormncatn ~~~ 
= *y Q) 2 
4 89—-EMU] S, 6. 
Pe ci : '74—DRY 4D, a8 jo OSE ‘ ae ins Pipe... | 
163—DISPATCH, 18. Sloop. tterranean. t.Com.Vi ent: ov.23}' 
Plymouth. oop Capt. Hon. Geo. noCrate og setae Fras. Hate its " = 
Com. Rt. W. Parsons ajulyas a nies ae Sur. Thomas i ation‘ * | 
Lt. Fred. ce see Lt. Geo. F. Dixon ” x lye 
Fred. i Wont ; 4gfeb-28 tee Wien Daatwood . to Vege eyed re i? rte 4 + a 
Mast.Geo. Parsons —-2Aug.2 He ri 190--NDYMTON; so hi: -s 

Sur. Mich. Mc-Ennally 7ept. ae Lionel Halliday sineaeh 

Asst. Alex. Wiseman 7A prila7 ee {a Mas SHAW pmleytstiept 35 ‘ Ply pul, ve sil a 
ad pf. i 

Purs. Phittp, WAtisde 3: EI ; 

a cree a | se . oe Pa Vim, Le Falceow fade \ ag) emesis ary ; 
neon eb.27! Com. Phifip Brofe': * - 
164—DOLPHIN, 20 A Sur. Rober; ee apec a7) Le Pelasal phot te 

“Chath Hath. eee treba Chas. W. Rite’: mo 
: thane» pi.) a ri lore ist Ue. Mar, Fred.'Sp 
stapaAryod} " ihc , a¢Au Se 5 Mast. J. Be alep : 
Suv. John Houstoun 
165—DONEGAL, 78. igre DUBLIN: Oo a Asst. AZ R: Beal 

Sheergeghe, » 40— 28s Putte hoes ‘Ws Pa 


fie 7 

ond 2 $. w= ne 

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Conwact Hulk. 

ARNATION, 1! Hie Sete: 


ARRON, Stesel Vessel. 
Dept tf ord. 

2 18, Sloop. — 

Pie: ee ite. 

RBERUS, 46. 

John G. Cfoshte Haid 

Com. Heary Foster (+) 12Dec. ay! 

ast. Joh 
giJan.2& Sur. Ww. ce 

Lt. Horatio T. Tr Aun Jabec. 
Mast “john Cauca {wets) 

Sur. W. B. Webste: 
Agst. Peter, Conclag; 

Pare. J siticg Gtaiokoauals 

too Vita. 


Lake one e: 

115—CHARYBDIS, Io. Brig. 

Portsmouth, building. 

——— = 


—CEPHALUS, 18. Sloop, 
a Plymouth. 

16— CHATHAM, Sheer Halk. \1g0—CONFIANC 
Ch utham, or one abe Brkc E, oe 
1f-—CHICHESTER, 50. F —CONELICT CT, 12. Gun B 
i Woolwich, rE, st = Watch Vee Fovcy. m 

Cha thain 

Com. Willian Morier 1 

Lt. John Adams (6) 

148—-CHILDERS, 18, Sloop, Mion marie 50, 


' *17Sept.28) = 

Mes teTies Charteris 1Sepr.o8 134—CONWAYy a. 

P. ‘Cornelias Kelly 
Asst. Jamcs Syme 

Purs. James Mounsher 17Sept.28 | 

6. fifiyp ve 


|Stangate Creek, River Medway.' 

|190--CIRCE, 46. 

121—CLABENCE, 84. - 

hatham build . 
a08ept.28 ae! 

20Sept.28 135—CORDELIA, 1. Sloep, 
Partieutar Service. 
s Com. Cc. &. Ww, Boyte: 
Lt. Henry. Riehmond ' 
Lewis T. Jones 
Mast.John C. Rutter 
Ser. Wm. Aitchison 
[ave John Gibson 
Purs. Abm. eat 

196~CORNWALL, ' a 

Plymouthy ———_haa—CLINKER, 19.0un Brig. 
ERES, Vi : 
ae hath. Pr fLt. G. W. Matson 

Coast "4 tea. . 
of Africa tNov.26 5 imaee aah hiaren Vi Td 

Mast. W. 5S. Brown (act.) 195 COCKBURN, Soaneen ‘ : ote s 

» GYRE sau Dwi Taylor ponent Capt. John wea tag 

+27 e 
ee Pars. Revert Wilson 

Dyan). 128—COMET, 28. ‘Stdop. ' 
027 ly 

to de ng 

1144—CHARWELL, 12. Sloop. 

y morte 

; if 

Steam Vessel. 
Cay: - 
3. Janses 6Mar.28 

‘EYLON, 32. Troop Ship. 138—COROMAN 
Plymouth. Bone Asst. Suy.Hugh Jamesona40ct 26 . ZoMAS Reet 
10—CHALLENGER, 98." - 4193—CLIO, ie Bimadie:: 
e Cork. 39-—~ 
pt. Chas. mr) Peceanile Com. Robert Deans  30April27 : COURAGEUX, “ 
; ; 1-384 Li. T. M. Currie | pale | Chutha “i ee 
. Frantts | ae: % ThossE.Hodder 24Apr. sie an 
John Haikét 200ct.27 Mast. Samh, Birt 13Mey26'149CRACKER. Cutter. 
st Lt. Mar Geo.Hee ur. David Bennett 20Mar.26 Portsmouth. 
ae oa Noti47 Asst. A.C. Maclerey i0May27 Lt. Thomas Read; :. 24¥eb.a8 
at, Alex. ee 15Dec.27 Purs.sWm. Morton 27Mar.27 He ame u 
: Unpel 2 124—CLY DE, 46. . ; 
ars: Joba Ware? atJar eA a Woobeich, building. rere an) 
; ales. ' * Brigentine. ; 
Guan rt na 21 Fed. ' Pémbroke building ais Y ia a, 
BR. M. Waller oe i ° ts sass — oe 

a a 


Asst. Sur. Jas ‘Layler aAugay ‘Le. mee Eel .. Hiuneas 
-—;4196-—COLUMBIA, 10. Sloop. arcus aré — ZJanens 
Woolwich, building. P J.L. ‘Fitzgetald 11J une2s 

ed Lt. Mar. J.G. Walsh 17J une 
Mast. Robert Beecroft 26) une2g 

a a JameaSparshott "yeas 

1§Dec.26 26 i —CRUI 18. Slo 'e 
8Dec.26 { - er ham. " 

lieu BERLAND) 74." 


yCURAROA fh ga. 

we-GORt essa 


;—BLENHEIM, 74. (a |77—BRITANNIA, 120 —BURLINGTON, 43. 16) —o1 
Woolwi lymowt hw Lake On jos > 
Capt. Fdward Hawker 30April27 Luong 

5—BLONDE, 46. Lt. Hugh Goold 

Mediterranean. ' Godfrey Brereton 30April27 Portsmouth. 
‘apt. Edmond Lyons | 18Jan.28 Nich, Robilliard 30Aprile7 ’ 
it. Alfred Luckraft 4Feb.28 Fred. A. Smith 30April27 
Lik Sag aiid ea pe Hass 12Sept.28 eager mess, oi oe 
Sidney C. Dacres an en u 11Sept.2 ortsmouth, building, 
Thomas 8. Brock  q4Feb.28 John W.C. Nash 12Feb.2b meets. not Eh 

st Lt.Mar.G,b, Pepyat 2Feb.26 Rob. Crosbie, F.L. 
Yast. James Turton’ 21Jan.23) 

fur. Matthew Capponi 5Feb.28 1st Lt.. T. R. Thomas 
Isst. John Manro M.D.19F eb.28 2d 1.t. EdmundNepean 2 
hap, Thos-H.Walpole 2fAug.23 Mast. Daniel Lye 
Purs, Thomas Kerigan 18Jan.28 Sur. John E. Ri 

Asst. JaR. R. Rées 12Dec.27 Bt. , igJan.2§ 
John Ferrier 1Jan.28| Lt. John M. Potbury  24April27 
M Sup. John Sinclair (a), M.D. Alexander Milne 8Sept.27 
7--BLOSSOM, 24. : 4Sept 28) Mast. E. J.P. Pearn  . 7April27 
On persicae? Service. Alex. Browning 4Sept.28| Sur. James Low o5July26 
Com. F. W. Beechey 7Jan.25 Chap. Thomas Ferris 30April27\ Asst. John Shaw 18Aprile7 
wt, George Peard 1aMar.25 sip. John Brigys 7July28) Purs. W. Drake 1L0Apr.26 
Jobn Wainwright 18Apr.25 pyrs, Thos. Fitzgerald goApril27 
Sup. Edw. Belcher 18Apr.25)| 
Mast, Thos. Elson 14Jan.25 88—CALCUTTA, 84. 
Bur. Alex. Cae og Pete Bombay, building. mn 
Asst. Thos. Neilson = 10Jan.25 | P 
Purs. George Marsh 14Feb.25 78—BRJ Se a _ Sloop. 89—-CALEDONIA, 120. 
o " i 
ge Poe slainy risa Ply the 
538—BOADICEA, 46. t. R. KR. Methere 250ct.27|-5 CALLIOPE, 10, Brige 
Chatham. John Wm. Se er 8 p "Portsmouth, ¥s— 
tee seceroee eo ope 
= } ur. William Aikin a90ct.27! 7 
bg ses habit r Asst. Jason Lardner a500to7 90% CALYESO. | Foshte ’ 
Purs. John 8. Ferriter 250ct.27 prt 
91—CAMBRIDGE, 80. 
7O—BOSCAWEN, 80. __ Chatham. ' 
Hoolwich, building. 
70—BRITON, 46. 92—CAMEL, 16. Store Ship. . . 
i Particular Service. Woolwich, am 
7i—BOYNE, 104. Capt. Hon, William Gordon 
Portsmouth. 5Mar-27\93—CAMELION, 10. , Sloop. 
Lt. Charles Smith 8Mar.27 ~ Mediterranean. : 
my A. J. Douglas 8Mar.27|Com, Christ. Wyvill, 28Aprila7, 
(gieabogey >: 10. Cutter. Richard Byron 7Mar.27| Lt, David Dooley | ~ 11June 
i lymorth. Wm. Broughton 8Mar.27 John Lascelles(act+)28Feb.2 
Lt.W. H. Haswell — 10Aug.27 4 5¢ Lt.Mar. J-E.H. Missing | Mast. W. H. Thompson (act.) 
Mast. Hugh C, Haswell (aet. 17Mar.27 16Dec. 
15Aug.27 James Thomson 17Mar.27|Sur.W.G. Borland | gAng. 

Asst.Sur. Patrick Coleman | Mast. W.H. Hall 

5May28 | Suy, Eben. Scott, M. D.1oMar.27| Purs, Wm. Coningworth : 
ihe is ies Fpitene oMtaee? 16Sep. 
— : ap. Thomas Quarles24Apri ; 
77 PE eating Chapel, |Purs: Wau. Eucblield 1BApri27|og—CAMILTA, 
eceiving Ship. 
Deptford. She ds 
—BRILLIANT, 42. |80—BROCK, 2. Schooner. ps5 CAMPERDOWN, 106, 
- Ghaphens Lake Ontario, m5 aiigaacee . 
| " —CANADA, 104- 
75—BRISEIS, 10. Sloop. 81—BRUNE, 22. : Kingstan Canadas 
Deptford, building. ; Sheerness, 1] building. 

a —CANADA, 74. 
pies HS kee BUCERHALUS: a8 Re ennict Horlial Ship. 
Com. Thome Sino abet Ba Troop Ships ' b) Chatham. 

‘Lt. Thos. P. Do an ct.27) Portsmout PUS,8 
James As ke ard, 2 cee ; 98—CANO 3» 84. 
‘Mast. Wm. He ad 1gNov.25 anu oie <4 Plymiowithe 

Sur. JohwGray (d)-. 1K eb-28| 
Je Bee enh aon 5 

> ——— ee 

Com. William Blight '31May28 7% 
18J une28/85—BUSTARD, 10. Sloop. 


_BUFFADOy NO) at ime |99—CAPTAIN, 106. 
esac hf 


‘ qoAprilsy 
d Lt. Mar. G. J. Hayes 2Feb.28 Capt.Mar. Joseph Williams (1) 
6Nov.27 anes ee 


87—CADMUS, 10... Sloop. 

South America. | 


eee G O OQ le 


Asst. Thos. Mirchell (0)15Aug.2€ 

Com, Sir Thos. R. 7. Thompson, 



| 7 
| 0 VESPA 11 foabll We Py hited AA TORO A 

thune alker 
30—-APOLLO, Yackt. <0 .tRbab¥. poked ba Heed, 

assis Sop hamon 

; Dt das Maseel meth ic 
3I—ARACHNE, 18 sloop 

~~ eh A 
| pet ect Smith <a) 14Apr. a8 2—AURORA, 46. may Ney ae Or 
Y ‘Sherer 2yba ; amaica. 5 ch dab Sur Hobe i. Brow 
M, acket Hope 23Mayz8 Capt: Chas. JohnAustenaJune26 Thug 
ihyoinyn by Resal if : -2aNov,96] Bt. Jop P. D. Larcom “o7Marmesi. os, 
| ur. Alex. nae 190 ct.36 Elor. S. Nixon tie ak 
Astt. Sem Mtoe, (bi 20Moy 98) - HJ Puget a ae Gea diee, 
Pars ich. nena B 17Nov.26 ‘John Wa key (b) ‘slates ‘Sheerness. 

“BASILE *.,€ Cutter. 

JgareRPHOLL,. 98.0 (Fe T 


omits’ ‘ tlager Ete J.V. Fletcher + 20Jan.2 
ist Lt.Mar. C.C, P ratt 16May26 


chica i 
‘ Mast. G eathde? tb —_ 
faoré _Plymous ; | [se jae. Osborne ae 5? BEAGLE, 6." Sure Sloop 
are dy sst. Gea ab ‘Com. Pringle’ Stok Sept. 
| 33-ARGONAUT, Pur. Wm. Savory Feb 25 Cr Robert tie Shell 180ets 
al anne ee eee ae 
{ as RAMs Ys mw 1 te! 
a mn vaaeae do DAC CN 46. Sur. John James isJulys 
ay 26. e hatham. gat Bent: Bynoe-—-~-- 240ct 
: npogiy OF sé~BActnyS, el sO ic Nae fsa 
Dep ord. 
I 35—ARIEL 6. Brig. a eee ‘it iis REAVER, lo. SI 
alusuth, las—BADGER, 10. Slo S Pern 
rebel James Fi cf §Dec.27 me Particular Servic nore Ngee vee 1 ee , 
HT aivet: aeacas: - éc.: se Crowdy a3 2 
ea es fatjec tH Lt Walter ‘Yoby ©: “@2Ma §4—BEELZEBUB Boni. 
peargen 9 JamesW-Torlinsomgi Mar.s8 Pl he ba 
]9-ARMADA,. it. | Mast. ymout eaten 
(Ve Pi Bite) ti, “ey Sereaeunes Lawrence *oecas 
phi 1 YY oe M bay t ' ssl. ames ery: oe s ripitoug. 
37—ARROG ANT. Hulk. Puri john Warwick ayDec. 25 55 haut 
Aringematess 115 — i 46—BANN ,20. Sloop. 
ee Chatham, 11 at ot 
De ye maa od pte wohS — 
tere “Cutte mat ae ARH AM. 40. Portsmouth 
me A rod Jamaicae |. foot ap Let poe. 
> sae ate eae Capt. Sir John Louls, Mauna §7—BELLOWA ay ar . 
ae Mi an amr a dices Com. James Thorne 29Mar.28 Plymouth, 
“ASIA, B4y bn deep uy | Et Depot merees (9) ag Viay-8 7a eat) ers (S19 Vie 
EE awsun Mayne 1S May = 
erie HSA "Se an . E. Erskine a0oMay28 58 ary 
mong ,-,, 64 un6a8| S¥P “Alex. Robertson  giuly2e ces, war 
ati Pay eh tte rede. 38 pria8 L. H. Cobham (act.)96June.8 | yet 
Aratigha a sBherae ro sail JobnW slsonloJ une2s s9—BEMBOW, G4. , 3 
Cornwallis Ricken 28 ad Li. 5 »K. Willson ree pertreent hs a 
ff Johy,Robb.. «\ 16Mar.9 
H Horatio Blair 28 Feb.28 6| gy BERSC HERMER, 50- 
— aejSrwhaage 28 Lent to iackwaile Co. | 
Bup dann Coke Hatt me cee 
ried Thomas ieseys a Ty Asst a7 r 
Capt.’Mar. (ino oD umegs B Sup. Asst. Chas. Sees 1-BI gpa 
{Pad Lt. Thos, Fynmers: | | > dames Cook (6). - ugOct.27 ane 
Aes Ber Cay gsvet ani 
. Ww. : vi ray CleS7 1 
HT arate tates eag cess] | SebutacKotre, MBs -BUACHPRINGEY 7H 
Sur. Jama dvewars\(a) act ot 10Mara8} 4. BAeermese 
Apr i Vallenes 10Mar.28 (Pans ae Pe ees 
le P » B. ation a) phar.3h i" fay “ 
ee ait leks so Daniel Byrne : ' bat ree - NLAKE, 944°: a ‘i 
Sup. 4s3t.W xe i Van; Serres / tt era eens b ot 
Willia aoe ‘. Kennedy ib).49 Pee’ os,4 augue teddyé 
sorta a) Seca eset 
Pari. \GApr.98 : itehell ar opie AUB REE s ys Bil boys 
wp ote- sot oe BO tag 
y ee a oh Sain cicusate 26 Lb ATVIA Di at- 

eWharoraa ach 

6—-ADV Engen RE, 

6. Surveying oN ahence 10. std, se, 

Vee Yt ory ititthy » 
he neon i ABOB* jenkonarites, 8 aries Cc. 
Aso Hassoh bE ty BS adel # se? taraes, § ond 20. IIOdA—oe 
Stations. Flog-O ffigdre whtC ocunestlorest yest Plap-Lieutenantd: ae aries. 
rh) j 
Dineaieidag ey ie ; a a Sir H. Plaékwdetl; B 2 eas Tk GT 
Piprtantstieh.. 04 HBA tient aed m Sir Robert Stopforey: elt Acuor 
‘Plymoptiy iat Lift. WY RE'Hon. Wm. Eart of Northesk, James Pihtord .)- |! 
G.C.B. vee ae flosdose i 
Hreland ..seses-++| Rear-Admiral- Hon Sir Charles Paget, A. Hi g.C4eHl A erate H 
iat ted.) ee) t 
‘Meditéizancail.+. Vi see gral nu Bir Pulteney Malcolm, osen osep Taye! a { 
: Vity Hetdd 62 cs ; 
‘Went Indies...-.- | Vice-Admiral Hon, C. E. Fleming. see Benjamin Chimm a| 
Halifax and he Rear Apia al Sir Charles Ogle, Bt. «+e jélrara) Wad — ce 4 
South Reay- Admir al Sir Rt: W. Otway, K.C.B. pasa Sp Vidal 
Biteod: bridies.say i RéeageAdmirnt Wm. Hall Gage... .-+-+- Johu Irvin ‘ 
ena rary ene Commertore vie eo Seeeneseweae’s bbe Ops A—ee | 
|) Otpeiof G. Hope.. ommedore William Skipsey ..-++-.s- ae dina) 
ea of Afrien »- Commodore + B.A. Collier .. 00 eecseeee 
aaa th ec? 

OURIR, F424. 9 AFRICAN od 
1—AB eTHddN ot — . epee 
‘ pate : : Steam .Vess ‘ Chath . 
Chatiedmyns Aviron ot rl ri - he ear ese 
+ {20—ALG it. Sloop. 
oACH aeip eet Im-AGINCOURT, 74s gi fe, Chatham, building. 
ek Plym mouth ue Malt . TAR DONDARTE 
| ol ALLTO POR, SS. 
ga--ACT ‘ aye H—AIGLE 420 , ear euler Service. 
pA re Ar Capt. Hon. W 
; : if ni ed hifpayh 
; ne ah 
4—ACTIVF. 46. 12—-AJAX 34. Lt. J J. F 
Plywepewarn tia 4. Povtemouth. Peg. Usd Sa snc 
Asso) a Pe aa st yee PAA . 
5—ADDER, 12. Gun Be Pagan Services af , eA pean, 
eae Ryqegcit SALE Ae ie Milford. ners Barn ee Smit t 5 ath 

cam eet Grae it TE tel ne d 
d ill Bo vd 
aisles H Girst ips 

_ Metliterranean, ' 
ry, oleh 

pies bist! aw J 
Lt. Thos. Mitchell tages e eo ict a spit tal Shi ip 
John C, Wic' kham —60ct. Mut ab we 0. Parlsmentha» , 
p. Phoned Bit raves \aMara8 peat Wm, Jongs ee Aa, yond ois ve dd 
Paap Hianabge ped pea P peo he 
Sur. John Fare <1. ‘a4Oct.28 Pure. Benj. ‘sie ie sper 26 :s. cea es ie 
Asst. John eae tt ae t. 5 \t5 ALARM ~ ne : : ee a al gw 
‘ . Rowle cp.3§ 15 ors whos 
Pure.’ ae LOL Ae To dee : ; "Pembroke, building. ‘ aga) prnusentny a Mi 
3—KOLU dij ce . > ne ymoutly OU Bs — 
lwich. gaspar 4 a4 AMERICAS or i 1 \ pe 
mee oF wer Od ith 
g—E TNA ADs. | Woe ati ved ti etd : wae bt 
Lear ge eal ALM ctrl ee ia PHARITES 164, a 
| Co ae ibang os femouth; Lee int ae savage ps! Ane 
7 icra sivee r : Leeks Bi. 
ad Lt. ou wer ve 1 ce 
James Hardie 11Dec. n.o7 ' , ‘ 
a Savage 11Dec. : uber Cempted me : ines aid oo meen ‘y 
Asst. John m” . Jo a te ie) 
Pass. J ake ? agh: Babb «|» goat =e Si jhe Be amare tT ad 
CAINF, 46 ur (cor nee mye Jgpestone, atk o8—ANSON, 74- 
cs atthe. ; —___Portemouth: 



THE. 1OF CLA Aves a RG: G.C.B., K.T., GAH. ST 
aaathags : pha ats $461 PRUSSIA, AND ST. ANDREW. OF nen ti 
peer “ADMIRALS,: 

7 Ricker’: Au ' Bick ton, me, Rc B., ox Fick i Tiargraly? ee Biot of Maria Theresa 

Fo “/periond egreero e Grek ord, of Swe Santee. of Russia, Brot 
Ste Ae . Sauna » Bt. GC. Bi, Grand Cross icin istopher Stra oss 01 0 RE Yadtnir 
0 € i) N 
Mi tt Esbeg Macon Exmoat, @.0:8.[* iene ow? Meohe e — 
n § es rand CrossSt. Fer- oat rge Bentham, St.’ aurice a 
ad and Méri Annunciation of Sardinik, George Be rs Clase $ Sword of Sue, Be aR 

Grand Cross of St. Lazare and St. Maurice,|W. H. Smyth, ad Class St. Ferdinand a erit 
Granth? Crosd of Withelm of the Nettrerlands : Richard pith, 3a C Leopol id on Vee ¥ 

Sl George Martin, G.C.B., Kt. of St. Januarius hn AO ross of St, : 
Sir WilNawy Sidney Smith, KeG.e, Cone es ee a Ommaney, C Touls, 3d Clase 

Oross of ‘Sword of a rstelis Grand Cross St:(pGawen W. amiftow,; Cross of St. Louis., 3d 
shone St St. Anne of Russia 

|, VICE ADMIRALS, +50 eed f Hantes Cross of St. Louis.» ad Class 
Sir Philip Ch 

France arles H. Durham, K.C, B., Merit Hon. Fred. Spencer, Cross of St. towiey aa 
ae bie Hallowell Carew, K.C.Bi, Com.| , Class St. Anne of Russia 

Se erdinand and Merit Edward Curzon, Cross of St. Louis. +» 3d Class 

Si, Ft of St. Viadimir 

1 | Swor Lee, KCB. ¢ Com. of Tower and +Lewis Davies, Cross of St. Louis., ad Class, St. 

Anne of Russia 
(. Vinicoube Penrose, K.C.P., G.c. St. 
ah a. znd G., Grand Cross Of Ste Ferdinand pat 4 Hon. William Anson, Cross of St. Louis., 9d 

Class St. Anne of Russia 
1 Joba Poo Beresfé |, Bte KxC.B. Grand 7S From. Sisqount Ingestre, Cross of Ste Loulm, 
oo ne and Swor 

d Clase St. Anne of Russia 
ir C Charice Rowley, KCB, Rt Maria theresa| Teerrve B ps dla Cross of Sty Louis, 22 Class 
avi ilne oD» , * : 
[és Ww y belay of the Netherlon = - #Riehard Dickinson, + Cross of St. Louis; ad ‘Class 
ward, nm ran Tos$o 
ouis., Geren a of Rasates 

St. Anne of Rassia 

James Rose, Sword of Sweden 

| | Sir W. C. Fahie, K.C.B., Com. of St. Ferdinand 

and Merit 



ancie Bavks, 2d Class of Anne of Russia, Kt, 
Sohuy Hatton ae Ferdinand and Meri 
Aso 0 sé erdinand and } 
pgi eee Bakers KeGriwidkeia § ef the Ne Withers H ap he Legpoia of Austria ef 
ich. Moorman, 3d Class 8t. Ferdinand ke Me 
mes Walker, Com. of Tower and Sword. fran! Le Hunte, 3d Class Ferdinand and s Mert 
' CAPTAINS.#)\0". \-.  |Satmuel Bdward'Cooke, Kteof Tower ai Sword 
; }Edward Brace, Kt of: Gharles IT!., Wilhelm) Robert Sharpe, Kt. of Tower and Sword 
. of the - Netherlands; » ‘BY Maurice ‘and St.[Richard Crozier, Kt. of Tower and Sword 
Lazare William Walker (a; &t. of Tower and Sword ; 
Six are : rles Dashwood, Kt., Grand Cross Tower] 
au or 
aay chil Hoste, Bart. K.C.B., Kt. of Maria The. 

Johiu Somerville, Kt. of Tower and: Sword 
+. it: ma i ebleg Pity, Gran Cross’ Swort.0 Edward Pitts, Kt. of Tower and Sword 

imber Jou Seaton, Kt. of Tower and Sword 
see nord ove bioeg Be Cons Tower aud G. It. Dashwood Kegat is pitows rae Pes 
Kt. of Sword ofSweden|C. R. Dashwood, Kt. of Tower an wor 
Flenry Knolles of Tower and Sword. ~ 
Hon. . ay eintcerin fp of St. Repdinang and Gens Read (8) Ke. of ‘Fower and Sword 
sir, Tbe: Besliee Ky. KALB Com. of St. 


ohn bee Flinn, ed Class of St. Ferdinand 
aud Merit 


| ardinaud rand ater Stephen Giles, Ki. of Tower andSword, 
an: bw. Gen. Cidorsn. ‘Kt. of Maria Theresa ly Sie Robert Steele, Charles IU. 

{William Eliiott, Com. Tower and Sword Lieut, Robert amen Re t. of St. Vladimir: 

ba = Coude, Com. of St. Ferdinand and Lieut. E. A ea . of Tower and Sword, 

oe 5 ‘Croee of Chartes tt., Com. ASTER, 

Legion of Honour., ad Class St. Anne :efl Fe W. K.Sadler,, KL of Tower and Sword. 

si re ue Merkland, Leopof®sof Austria Sir John Jériieson, Kt,, Order of Vasa. 
tdas aid OY -Auetehe Russia. - oo 
tw wei Mul vet f Tower and Sword/R. Purkis Hi ay Unere oe and Sw. 
owe. caster. om. of Tow is ° 
aacew Pellet Green, K.H. Kt, of the Sword of Ebevezer Johxst gi Ae of Tower an sede 
Sweden ‘ae a ery, PURSER ie ee 
George of Resaa, hd § 
Nevinson de ourey. Com. ne of Vosrenead Sword George Volley Oughton, Kt. of Tower and atte 

Cond Meet cite Clase Rt. Ferdinagd Hen. John C ane 4th Class of St. Viadimir 




Hears, Sigh iM ml Kt Phi Hornb 
en ; ie rMurray Maxwe ojFhipps Hornby . 
de te Schomberg |Heurv Presoatt.. 
ei das, Athol Wood Xt. Jam ail ar, oe Sir Nesbet os. Wik . 
Thomas Harvey on. Ld. W.Fitz Roy] loug eho 
Richard Husse;Mfoubray t. Hon. Ld. Geo.Stuart| William hiott 
John BH Charles Richardson 

Thomas Baker 
James Walker 
George Scott 

John Tremayne Rodd 

Gawen Wm, Hamilton 
John ve. Andrew 

Sir aban .Eden, fla- |Hon. Henry Duncan. ames nore 
mond, Bl. John Hancock John Fordyce Maples 
Volant Vashon Ballard [Alexander Robert Kerr Robert Bloye Hou. A. Maitland - 

Hex, Thos. Bladen Capel{Francis Mason 

W. Fairbrother Carro li 
Sir Lucius Curtis Bé. 1. /Willinm Paterses: 

Wm. Howe M uleaster 

CAPTAINS. George Francis Seymoar|Cotin M‘ Dorald Henry Ducie C. e 

Edward Brace kt. Hon. Lord Radstock|Jas. J. Gordon Bieied Prederick Mari 

Francis Wm. Tae Hon. George orgs Aol a Ommaney 

Patrick Cam bel Edmund Palmer A. Maude a 
Edward Rotheram ene Freak Spencer : 
eorge a coey powered Curzon : | | 
eorge € ewis Davies 

Frederick bewuMaidand Sonn N. Campbell © | 

on. G. H. L. Dundas Hon. William Anson 

Rt. Hon.fise.! fant 

entworth Loring George ohun 
i 1 Warren Rich. Dickinson 
shar sad Bailes WwW Rober mbertBa 
Bape rancis Newcombe sae 
pane obey Parry William Godfrey COMMANDE 
John Ha harles Napier eorge Fred: By 
Samuel : ee ounsey ca ace 
eg + vty ae Se lsy 
goles Fete 1 ET —. pee ; “4. iA, nds, ne ptoxe 
- ohh buen 
eres MARINE OF FI CERS.i—.... TO Dae 
; : oF oa th OY 
< i eee Ot Tbe one Wd oF, Po 
eee Rureure Commanders. - +s: iit) 
ry +i % \ ~ Nominated.’ a er os oe 
Bie A Licutewant-General Sir Henry Bell a 2Jan.b81.:: bia val 
a7 Sohne Sr Richard Williams Qandd rei ak 
oe : Huh wd ORF ae ew subeah force 
ivtpr gp boyd * oe. Co 
ao CoMPANTIONS. 164 Sob A ite ra ase 
' Edentenant-Colonel George Lewis | Brevet Major Thomas 4 tree 
Officer of: Arms ateendant upon the K.C.B., and ie ales aon nl Cetealoget. te at Qvaet. 
Sir yaad Nayler Rt. Garter Princtpal King at Arm 5 colage . of; Arms. aa 

ry to the K.C.B and Companions, Ww. roods, Bequt olleze of Arms. 

KNIGHT. GRAND CROSS—Vice-Admiral Sir €. Vihioombe Penrote, K.C.Bs 

N. 8. The Naval Officer commanding in the Mediterranean . is hasta > sorte a Ky 
Grand Creag of this Order, aaa Ee te 

: ORDER, -. : 

aol. °-. Kyrents Grand Geimea cs re ea 

: ad ¢ 1 Six Edmund Nagle, K.C.B, 7 | as aoe 

“4 a 5 



RAILS ah A Sword marl g a Beeden Aedtew? “Paltet) Green; Kt. of seek 

in.Fhomas Raker Deven 

sent Page, ee 




~ —-PURSERS, with the Dates of their First Warrants. 49 
| 1823 1826 
1819 Wm. Hen.Brown 11Jan.|/Robert Wilton’ 17Mar. 
= 18 21 Wm. Coningworth Thonias Giles || May 
“| Thos. Witney. Parker 12Jan Jer. L. Jones 12) aly 

ard. Wm.Bathetchet 1June]T. Warner Archer:sfevb.|J. Gordon a a0Nov. 
> Wise Higpeeynesamept- Gen. Rowlett 10 Sept. 

“ John Ward 22Sept. 1824 J.Stephe sn RRM . 
. 1820 Joho Bell 15Dec. James Halse 5Febi| Jas. Benj E.SodewioMer, 
John_Dennis 27Dec./John Brent Hatebtag, 

Kobert Lewer” 20Aprii 1822 290M 
Js. Lillicarp Marchant) John Warwick 21Feb. 1825 Henry Brenton 23)uly 

| eSept,| Abraham Sugden 11June!Henry Tucker  12Jan.|/Edward Jotm Thomas 

-YThomasWilley 270ct.;Walter Burke 6Nov.! William Drake 25July| White 210et. 

: Benjamin Dyer 17Dec. 
4 629 635 644 633 




KNIGHTS, Grand Crosses, 

= Nominated. Nominated 

AMgrairal Sir James Saumarez, Bt, 5Sept.01 bees iral Sir Thos. Foley 16 Way 2( 

Adniral Wm, £ ard of Northesk 29Jan.06)/Adr are Sir Cuas. Heury Knowles, Bi. 20M ay 
«) deoirad How io Sir Ae J. Cochrane 29 Mar 06/Adm Hon. Sir Thos. Pakenham 20 May 2 
A miral Sty. Rd. Goodwin Keats I1sOct.03/ Adi mit: al Sir Georre Martin 530 eb, 
7 Ag*aira! Sir George Mon raau 2Jau.t5! Vir og niral Str : arrv Neale, Bl. 14$¢pt.22 
. Adansra, Edward Visconnt Exmouth 16 Mar.16 lini a] ‘3 ir Edward Then me siJam25 
7 miral Janes Lord Gambier TJunels Admiral Sir Eliab Harvey 11Jan,25 
* iral Sir Chas. Morice Po] €, Bt. 20Feb.i5 Vice-Admiral Sir Wm, Johnstone Hope qQet.5 
* bee AGM. Bt, Hoa, Sir G. Cockburn Vice-Admiral Str Edward Codrington 13Nev,27 

mers KNIGHTS, Commanders. 

say « Nominated] Nominated 

a a ‘ —— 

Aeara tral Sir J.Hawkins Wi uitshed 2)an.35 Viee-Admiral Sir Charles Rowley gJan,15 
“ niral Ser id. i. Bick« 1 Bt. ¢Jan.15 Near-Admiral Sir George Eyre eJar,15 
rire! Str Joho Kaicht 2Jauels Rear-Admiral Str Charies Vrisbane 2¥aii, 15} 
veitigniral Sir-Zdmund Nace, G.C.H. 2Jan.léi:Hear Adimirai Sir John Talbot gJanj\!5! 
admins Sir Wn. Pian REY SOE SJan.15,iear-Admiral Sir Edw. Berry Bf, Jan, i5 
otis ira! Sir Herbert Sawver _ 2Jan.15,dear-Admiral Sis Edw. Hamilton Bt. 2340.15 

hb@oirel Hon .Sir Rob: ford;Rear-Admiral Sir Edw. W. C. R. Owe eJanii5! 

Mabminas Ser varies t ais 2Jan.lo near Admiral Sir Thos. Masteswan Hardy 

Vice Admiral Sir Toowas Williaus gJani5. Be. eJan.s5} 

Vice-Adairas Ser Wil! am Hargood 2Jan.15 Captain Ser Jalieel Brenton Bt, eJand5 

VWice-Ad era! Aur Sauer Moorsom 2Jamnis Captavs Sir Michael Seymour Ge. osan 95! 

Wiee-Adamisal Sir Lawrence W. Halsted <Jani5 Capra Ser Philip BowesV< reBroke Bt, oJan 5) 

Wice-Ad Surai Sir Jos. Sy dnevy Yorke ¢Jaun.15 Captain Sir Wa. Hoste Be. vJan.5 | 

‘Vice-Ad miral Hon. Sir Artau rhayeLegge gJuinis ¢ tain Sir (-hristopher Cole 2J$ao.15 | 

WieeAdrirs Str Frans. L afe rey Bt. * alam 5 Captain Sir James Alexauder Gordon aJan.)5] 
KWlee- Admira! Ser, Philip Cin. H. Durbaw iS an.15 Captain Sar Thomas Staines ¢iau.416 

. =ice Admura!l Scr Ierael Pellew “Janis apt u Sir -Ldward Tucker 25 aus.) 5 
; Mlce-Admirai § Sir Besjauin Hallowe!) Carew Adwirt: Sur Davidge Gould IJuueds 

ee - Wd ABel 9 Vice spuwiras aay ae DEeOse 
' Vico Adonica! lat. Hon. Lords. Beawelert vdJawis 6.0. St. M. ais t dan 16 
+ Whee Adisirad Ser James Nice!) Nucris ghan.l5 Vice-Adwite Big’ David Milne Sept. te 
y Fee Adty waif Thos. Byain Martie Adwirai dir Mauley Dixow i2Anug.l! 
\ Vice Admiral Rt, Hon, Lend Non. Pandetdau.s Yaw Aduural Hen: Mis Heary Back 
VWice-Admiral Sir Gratam Moore pauls wood Bt, laaag.) 
Vice-AdmiralS: rHen WePayntam chauls Vice-Aduigal Ord, Pov, Bereeiet@l Be. seAup. by | 
Wiec-Admirel Sty el lem Hite dhnnit Aduural Ser Heaiy Tre love served 
Vice Admirsi ir Wella, wbasis Aduiriusdes dol Welle 30M av ac 
Wice-Admiral Sir Will ethem:-: abate Adis al Say ble yi) Narbolts aM al 
, Sees Admigal iF Pathe Medcola — gJanig Rear-Adwice! Sis Robt. Bartow 20Maven, 
-Admiral Str /onn tore sJau. Captau Hon. sir GeaiGre: Pi. rae £. Maygal. 
~ oo Ra ha: : 

evs ame-Admissl Hone Si: Henry, Hotham efan View. Adasien Mie MW illimic - 

48 PURSERS, with the Dates of ther Pra Warrme. ~~ | 

Peter: crass 108. 

3810 v . u ct. 
‘ ’ James 5 ery oat 
Chast D.Tnwm f3Jan.| Alex. P se 9Jan. Wa. Cation 

George Oe s u iMigiieg. "Po eee Robe ia Feue aiget| Satire ee ee 

~ me vv. wah abe | Benjam ° 

km :: he Aug. Hs ayaa ore] Poinetiaa Cone dain ign 

eric FE. wWAag.| Charlie 28e 2 

Stephen Fisher. 10Sept ‘Palmer Feb. mas Sree Solan. Rich, mata 

Joseph Jagobe' ‘Sept. Jagob Waller Sj saith J Revs Mann Read 31Jau.| John G carl 

Phomas Cox 28Sept. 2b.|Thos.Williams 3Feb/Johkz : 
mat a Calaway 70ct.' Chari ica err Dakia at Meu) Bi 
ae Not i. wr. Kennedy cApri Willian Harris Mar] EB Ret Sent . 
sonny n(a) 5Dec. iliam Quarme eee Suter 17 Mar. pve 12Nqr. 
a tetander Skewes hos. M : 

Urquhart : _, Depa] lewson Dutchman3May John Thompson oy James Fuller (6) sDe. 

Ayte- 2M ao T.flocper sD 
i a barrett 2eMay y George Goodwin 28 eats oLk 8 1sbee 
Edward Pollock 13Ma m heeye or. Wj es 
Fobn Watson (5) isMay Gregory Cole ‘"APCrTte eae Whe. 
James Kitching 19May Thomas Frost 90Muyitaba Gronens seDe. 
erick Bone sssune Robert Young 1€J : i 
Thos. Hillard wiles -Thomas Pownall gaJuly 
2July Chs.Ed. Cottereli3ijuly 

' 980g W.Adaift H. Paddon ,Thomas Rowe | 4 i $- 
18July 'E.M. Burke 38Aug. 1814 ‘ 
John Ba rh r 7Aug. Cha. Cee ena 
George Anderson I4Jan. Vee woos ¢,' Thomas Nisbett, o7Aug. Philip Winsor shah.’ 

Richard Kent 1 eae: Edward Burke” oSept..Wm.Prhomson — GJap. 
John Elgar 2oAug. Arthur Dawson 4Sept. ‘Thos.Mends 113 
JamesRenton 14Sept.| William Bowden 12Sept.| Wm. Wiseman 1ydah, 

ea ue 
gahery 14Jan, 
geste e Nichols 16Jan. 

Hip Thovez 23Jan.iTh Ww illiam Pai ‘Wm. 
Ces cmon ° Thon Be ne te sie Aegad at i sauc Robert 156 ‘Bohs 
eb.| pard 22Sept. Tec S. Peckston 3 ety GRO 

Sas Hills ManteytsMar, 

Samuel Christy 16 Pe ThomasSam. oodé 
Datid Ke. Wh * ar, : ite a . 

Francis Taylor 290ct. iGeorne Dowell 

Isaac Wite ar.lJohn Porte (Alexander ch dct, 9, 
Witham Lngea rt aa a OM JobnTingall av, W. 

ex. Lock rt 27 eather } 
Witiam « rane Soma. Archibald Pe trie i eer . 
lames ott ar, George Rent” 9Dec: 7 
James Huggins 30Mar, Wf Je. yd oa Coldstream Harris 
Thos. Gorton _SApril , 17M 
Thomas Watson 18April Frank Harger 17Jan. a Berryman 1Apr. 
Edward Bristow 19Aprij|James Morse’  27Jan. ts re ook 
Wiliam Them “sear Gilbert Duncan 16Feb. Sella dkcanb adie ‘one . 
David Mustard 2ApritiWm. Thos. Price 16Feb. ee aaa tog ° 
Jolin Stigaat . ril| WilllamBoady(a)16 HM wBebls? oon 
altel Chine: atApr I De . airwea er2eFeb, 10g’ BRR Dieaw few, 

Hector M‘Lean 19MayjJohn ‘Koceslaw 20Feb. a: éhji homes 
lobn Bannister @sMayiJames Jones Bbc Seas Ne Piet eae 
lohn Day 28May|WilliamGr orety Bett AE ats 

€ - aller. a 6June willie Bd ards oar ; Joe. die. 24Feb, dr ‘8. Borhaws . = 

Robert endric aurice Clar f vin vb aw 

- Goddard Wuly/Tnomas Rowley @2Apr. J. M. ee soddly 


Cocke ta 
re Mudivac! Arthur. pat 

41 Pr. jfhaines Lesite’ - 2346 

phens ~- aly Jeon Vers yotinGannis Leena 
AlewandderSmilitertAug Campbelt Honter's Wiftemse Pow. 

| Gearge e Rebéon 6 May! ngoras Mardin tinsel 

Thomas Shanks 1JulyjJames Miner: 2 sdune. hg Marks 9) 

Richard Bartlett sAug. 1 
francis Brothers 7&ug. y 
\rthur Frame 1tSept. 
Fhomas-Brett tiBepe.|Edmunad Griffiu 27Aag, 

tobert Tronson 198 Thos.Hubbard s0ct, ermain |! eMay) Thiby 
ecvhen Clare oasepe, Sam. Brooking 30tt. Thdmas hl beatin ay ames Clics: : * goed 
Diossy saprAaaP ahley 290ct,! Charles Kerttall: Thus: Woodman eal ii 
itephen Maek ze Gen. Tayiore mith. en eae Baan Thos.Simpson 235u 
tobi: Melvin ‘ son” £38 > Miate omit . 
iam. Jas. Bitches Richard Green 6Nov. we R. bstepeober co Parsons: ‘ eodit 
toct.ard Watkins 4DeejGeorge Star® 6Nov.\JamesT yon : Sobh Wrarks (8): sede 
lonn Richard oe pseph Edye.  15Nov. ohh Brownie)''! : nS 
ave ee u then Wht. il. Hooper 1fA oe ae me 
lugustus & nay’ ohh Cortme cus A V4 vit Cen cre re! oe Zé 
aon [Weeks }1Déc[Sanieel Godfrey gl es vd 
an hiehle ry ] a or $81g: rer ae 
te Harts y ] ; ie Ree 6s ah 

sept, ola Teving:. 12 bidity 

rely boqyet int? 

Cr); ad Hee os UGG ok ee 

"a NR wate Sh ctaee baer ee a’ ee ae | 

ee te 


PURSES, with the: Dates of ther First Warronte: 47 

ee poet Forrest. 30June Wm.KearseCawley i July) Robt. Clement 

Harry Munro = 14 Aug. 
Jeeiah Higden 16Aug. 

os. Stones aly} Alfred (’ penter 10J Seonce 22Sept, 
John O’Briex . aiJ David babega 92Juls}Samvel Cook Peroley 
John Luckombe 25Jan.!Sam.Ody Webb 20Au George Miller  4Oct, 
enn tt ica Rots Gitte -, 235A Raats bho] 120ct. 
ohn M‘£, os Ben. Soden 38Aup. - M. Whichelo 230ct, 
Jos. Sherrard = 18Feb-! John Taylor (b) 25Sept. 
ark Marsden 19Mar./Thog, Darby 20¢ i N 
homas Ricketts! ine Jas. Dupre 30ct.|Wm. Mason 22Aug. 
Aug an ae John Elliott 16Qet. Joseph Hen. Firehzeaor.| | - +3 New. 
bo Menzies * 14 eeqiJohn Sampson 180ct.|Robect Scott. 30Auc.|Sam. Wa 
ip iach ore 3 Ont) 8-BinstedCotman2sOat! Ed. Sid. Stewart 30Aug.1%G,. VollerQughton 
MWitchin ae. "Jos, F. Willeock 2Nov.{William Leach iSept. 4Dec. 
Thorn | Pi C+ John Glive , 7Nov./ Robt. L.Horniman3Sept Omer. “Dee 
pee reer Bushe a C+ "Thos-Reed 8Nov./Thomas Bastin sSept. Jou Thomson ais Bee 
Pere unee ne sopeciW™-Green ~  sNov.|Timothy Young 9Sept.|Henry G.WindsoréDec. 
et Ing Stokes 3}De aiw m.Bobbett 94Nov.'Thomas Paing sSept. 

JohaNorcock 21 Dec.'/Jobn Haile gSept..Wm. Wright 14Dec.}. 
ess John Traverten £7S8ept.|Goate Gurdon 17Dec. 
: Son ThomasHannam29Sept. Won Savery isDec. 
John Reid 7Oct.)ThomasGrant 19Dees 
Edw.O’Maley 14Jan. 1805 Wo» Curry Hillier Andrew Inderwick . 
Stuteville Isaacson ) 11Nov. 21Dec, 
18Mar./228- Loudon 2iJan. Edw. Scott 10Dec.|John Lockhart 28Dec. 

hos. Young 1Mar.'|F. W. Pike 13Dec. 

Wm. Angove 6Mar. Benj. Parkhurst 20Dee. 
Jobn Gil 

ob. Sutton  iloJune 
te tewart 2AuU 
chard Feiam’ * 

Joha Salter teJuly John Martin 30 Dec, 
Philp Carteret Le 

% 27Mar.| Daniel Sullivan 20Dec,|John Hing 2Jan. 
Guy 10Ang.| John M‘Arthur(l)4April John Rosas 23Dec.}Henry K. Bamber Jan. 
Henry Best 14Oct.| William Webb 19April/Arthar Gifford o6Dec.{Wm. Eales LiJan. 
Johwdmonstone 6Nov,|W Henze BasdeaaiMay Walter Currie 29Dec.\Jm.d. Lethbridge tadecs 

James Fuller(a) QJaa.] W 

Bog coor. aasuly ohn Beater 26Jane 

ine dd. Fa Petherick = tAuge) The abeve Oficers are|Step., Howe Roche2Jan, 

paul Boyle: = ‘1FebjHtenry€ooper = 1Augslon the Half-Pay of 4s.'John Tapson s0Jan. 
i diem. 

gaMter.jias. Fletcher  6Aup. 
John Bryan  . 11Ang. 
|Fred. Horton © WAug 
Matt. Anderson s5Sept. 
Ger -' S0Aprit ey ee malo ps 
ich. Knight (6) 3MayjArthur Lindsay 28Sept. 
casi Canty 7May\Thos. Ullog& © s0Sept. 
Thos. Galler 12May Na Sie he _3Oct. 
Jas. M.Perkins l4June «A. Eltte 40ct. 
Jobn Spee@*! — SAug./J6s.' Marshall 8Oct. 

inge ag,|Joha Bowman Oct. 
Sohn Wade ‘Wm. Bailey § ¢Nov. 

“equedy | ag Wm. Dyer Oy tomar. 
af. Phillips: ry : rancis Geo. Tabar 
Hrernionihy ty! Petér Cristy 1 ee 
Herries ; ots 12Feb./James Burgess 

ohn Geo. Ravill - 1Feis 
[Edmund Ohuabe = =: 

worth Anstice 2Beb. 
‘IThos. Glidden *3Rebi 
Wm. Thos. James 6Feb. 
m. Dyer (a) 8Feb. 
hos. Temple  17Feb. 
Wm. P. Browne 9Feb. 

Wm. Wal 

ins 13J 
« Hen. Hamilton 

iEugene Ry¥ap 
Henry Epa 
q . «At fl 2 : 
ood 14Aug.] William M‘LennangJuly 
290A pri, Luke Smyth I7Aug.jJoseph Soady 7a 
eyaay David Clow 29AugdSamuel iid u 
Maddocks g2May| .. . ee alexander BrowngoJ ply 
contngram7sune| | AER 



4G PURSERS, | 2ith the Dates of their\First Warrantsi - 

eee © doo’) lavins? A LIST OF THE siete at a 

NAMES. Seniority, 

ONAMES. Seniority NAMES. Seniority-| NAMES. — Seniority.’ 

1 ' 1790 Dan. Smith 1sApril{ John Gullett aM 
eK ye _|W. Bately Page 18May]Step, Street yon 
"Thos. L. Yates | SJuly{Rich. Gilbert) = 1April Sir Digory Forest | Cha. Ed. Andrews 1Ang 
Nich,P.Rothery 15Sept.| Wm. Goldfinch 27May| Kt. 12Jime} John Cole, i€. u 
‘ James Brooking 30Juue W. Read Shugar s0Sept.| Wm. Knapman 160c 
Jas. Baikie 18Sept.. Wm. Holmau 170ct.) Wm. Wilhe 80 
179 Jas.Blennerhasset1iOct. John Goldsmith 3Noy.| Rich. Mingworth2sNov. 
Smithson Waller 1sDec. W. Hen. Whitehurst {Jonas Toby 24 Dee. 
Geo.CheyneGrout SApr. 6Nov. 
Mat. Hardy 11Apr. Edw. Hatfull 17 Nov. 
‘Edw. Bate 20ct. 1791 Simon Little 24Nov. 

, ith 30Nov. 
John Smit Rich. Bromley 26Jan 

Tho. R.Spearman6May 1799 
1779 Wim. Bundock 24May 1796 { 
vm Thos. Hoseason 24May|__. BenCrocker 19a 
JohoM‘Arthur(a)22Mar. William Bowman Jola Shea 8Feb. 
Sidney Swiney 7April Murray 20Jan.|\John Spice Hulk... 
sam. Crowley 9Dec. 1792 Wim. Sison aagan.| bert 19Feby 
Edw. Bell (a) ifeb.| Robert Richmond 
Jas. Clyde 29J une! John Seward 9April| Rose 18April 
Henry Dove 27April Jolin Lowdon, 22April 
1780 Jas. Wm.Nobbs 28J uly) John Purver 21May 
1793 Rob. Payne = 30Sept, John Mayhew |, a9Jaby 
Gillies Macbean 2Mar, John Brenton 210 ct.|Jas. Miller (a) 21Angy 
Chas. Sedgwiek GApril)/Rob, Cooper 21Jan.| Jas. Scott 1Nov,| Dan. Morison , Sept, 
Pat. Conway 25July}Chas. Matson = 29Jan. John Taylor (a) 22Dec,|John Mitchell 25Septy 
Wm. Tiremap 22Sept./Thos. Goddard 11Feb. [ Thos. Riekford 190e8, 
Edward Lampert 4Mar. Edw. White 2Nory,. 
J Jenkinson Lanyou A doe 
10May 1797 nid rendobi 
1781 Mich. Flanagan 10May rid ) .2odT 
Geo. Jackson  27Aug.|Edw. Fricker 17Jana 4G. wan 
Rob, Farquhar (19Jans|Rob. Greive 7Sept.|Ben. Jennings  32Febs 1800.2 | fo’ 
John Copland — .30Jaly|John Evans 19Sept.| Rich. Booth mFeb, HINO" wel 
Thos. Manclark 164ug.|Wm. Wolfe 6Noy. Caleb Blake 4Mar.|Ben,, Burd, S0Jany 
: Rob.Gamble 30Nov.'Henry Wells 1) Mars|Gearge Hoppey . 
Hen, Phillips 7June|  Toulmin s0Ja 
1782 Thos. F. Jessep, 20Jave/ John Archdeacen 1.1% 
pe , Win. Peche 22J uly|Jos.. Williamson | 9 Mars 
Alex. Hogg 7Mar. 1794 John Wills 9Aug.|Ford Brown 26Ar ril 
Peter Welsford 21Mar,. ? Win. Thompson 7Sept.|Thes, Wallis .. . 2 ay 
John Hopper 23May|John Bignell 8Jan.| Wm. Christy 20ct.|Geo, Davis, » May 
JohnM.Marchant 18Jan. Geo. B. Harrison26Dec.|William Bowman 
Areh. Murray = 29Jane Peter Henwood 12Jan.|_ Feltou 6June 
Chas.Norbrun , 2tFebs\Jas.Macfariane 13Feb,|J4s.Hutton . 10June 
1783 Jas. Browell, — 17Mar.! John Walker 10J une 
ThomasCole (a) 19April) The above Oficers are|J:umes Hyslop 18 Jul 
Jas. Street 25Jan.|Jobn S.Richards 27May|on the Half- Pay of 5s,|Thos. God frey 17duby 
Geo. Grant 28Jan.(Thos. Aildridge 10J une! per diem. Jas, Meek 25July 
Frederick KnightSjJan.|Peter Davies 13) une Sam. Giles J Aug 
Geo. Harries 13Mar.|Thos.Titterton 15J une| Edw.Geo, Napiel pAugy 
Jas. Henderson 25April|Henry Jones 1sJune Wim. Wilson 22Nept 
io Lewis Gordon 18Aug. Wm. Perry 23Sept. 
John Vallack —- IyAug. Wm. HenrySand . 5 
John Waldron 15Sept. wich 40ct. 
1785 John Barnett — 220ct. Wm.Godfree 40et, 
Thos. Fitzgerald 250ct.| 1798 Jas Nicholls W0ety 

Thos, F. HawkinsloQegy 
Thos, Reeve 19Feb.| Mich. Scott 1a0cte 

1 Wm. Ballingall 7Sept. 
y ksi Peter Hughes | ;2Mar.|/Dan, Sparshott 300c% 

{ ’ 1788 } 1795 - Patrick Leonard Rob. Burn 3Nov, 
rat | OfRcill 13Mar.|Rich. Goodridge15No 

John os 21May |Geo. Booth 31Mar.James Milner 21 Mar. Alex: Mackay !ry ii Deer 

Moses Hawker 18Dec.|Sam. Curry 31Mar.|Sam, Eales 24Mar.jJohn Larby 25Dec.. 

> Bra nol) Ap sag ae ; 250¢ ts vi oinild war 
eathem, Clark '/Geo., Watson Pritevete’ 
daa fer” oat a b) ar Mars} 
0 owle 3Noy, | as Kid« 31 Mar. 
iereticast aSRO. Joseph cat M.D. 
id. Toy is ¥ “AI M gin 
g Fite i unr 23: p 
: Doinata Mt ina; M.D.) ‘ yond 25 april 
' 7Jan, Saws Wil ams. Jewel 
21M 27Aug.| John Andtews | Bobaal Ap 
: Ider Wiser 3 eybe Thompson Thomas Skardon tagter James: Tait Stuart shay 
“3 Ae i NT wai meet 20Sept, GFeb. {;Denovan MED. 20 Ma 
eerie ‘P7Xpril Yoh Grifith Wlipns, |Thomas William Je eweli| avid Dens 7Sut 
iiBrowntsa sabe te 6Feb. poe qtargood Ham- 
pity 1 ll John’ Crichton diss Alexander Kitog 2k 7Feb.} mo lJuly 
mane 8 a ri James Rodgers vaya Peter Conolan, N lwittian Bailey: osu 
exaod Murer James Rae (4) 950 I] ames Soutar ve uly 
tose 14 dy{Jason Lardner’ os0ct John James Laiicaster * Wm, Coulter Lanr 
Chas. KeveriNatt Miiy! Patrick Martyn 250ct, 11Feb, mia 
ohh Miller (2) 10May| Robert Shaunon M. D, {Thomas Craig 19Feb| Edward Newman, M.DS * 
18°C. Mac eroy10 May) 250ct, John Munro, M.D. 1Aug. 
Khox Haren Richard Loweock. 19Feb, Wm. Foster Canter: Py 
anes S ne‘ 16May} Birtwhistle  250ct. Frederick William 27 Ang. 
4 aig. Moore’ toe aly Jolin Ferrier 230ct.} Le Grand 20Feb. Guthrie Taylor ilSept, 
. nderson '‘20July} : Thomas Frazer 10Mar.! 
Site Dh ee 330 345 i ‘ 
voOVieeniai+H 3 
Noiet ‘ rs oor so loH Fs 
i {A 4 i” tila 
, 4 1806 al uty 
rece wo . 2 #93. a RobertSmith 2lAug. ema cite 
ted f én, minick 28Sept ; wet) eiiiiy 
ee 1 Hu ozuie ? sn } “ Hah Z * 1810 t atett wilt 
POPC se Cd) uword ne 799... John HarrisonCurtisi3Ncvy, «, 5 ., Ay 
WHT valli od CPFRD s “th Wife Parser 8 
99K og eto i enaiianuict OMAily rf aaa Toth (4 dnjnic! 
ood! . : iia Bibs 
mole aio: ns Thowas Tripe 1SFebe 
uclil T3lluyb,¢! ou 23June 
aAialil Janics | ea a 4July 1812 
ue Lot Samp ef ‘duly ‘t 
e778 i ae ices te Wm. Marks aSépe, bask nile 
S910 Mlodgquwis 10 ; A , 
aod toailinontainad aa(l 4s W nt. Price (¢) 11Dec. 
lingAri | £10 biva)* :Y 1821 enot 
fingAri wake Sage 2) SRW aye a 
fagArt ils | Grifin eaufo wa? 
Wiq# hi vd« Joba Sh f ral Aah ’ iy at y WhitecNov.. ifs 
rig Atl yori #9074 1)" . a 7 aboad oft 
Woes: redo W amgeybe tes ; 
: mealies ptt lee pas eet 
=(,14 Fanol ylodluu ee ~ . 4 pan 
Iylwter’ tt prunes “HOSPITAL MATES. 
Seb noreninol .2odT}|* 
rt ae smrecubac> aisnest 134 , \Wins Byre 6Marel1, 
’ eH Msignoael unotl, ai san, icks— 6Mar.i] . . 
apoce! nenim  |*4 Chas. W. Smith 18Septis 
J$qec tana blihtinewhd; ~ dns 
Ssqectezarkilli 4? wrisHi+? “ 
J90O0] eso uuH yt vas j= M4! ; 
3900! Cali W eomsl} 220)" 
011 VIVOD ddol) rhs 
JoOT! cotlimaH mOzi My [EET he i 1) a 
JCS Hoel Nixwaic| ata, : 
| Io Uce NSvVieE Miol a i f Mad 
7e6 ooyvd Thaexzvels it a ; ce! x. 
ooUTeivisetiad prado Ale ; 7 et 1 matifi 
6990 21NONEY os co T |g Ae aT ) ‘ 4 thee: A oT .o 
AT nit) cua ( us See nil Jt: 7 | vi pal yaaol bol. 
oVS41 Jaoainat ied . " wi vot Title waibs 
etretes witel(aD og | velit SH aswotl adol}.v ona a —_ ie 
1 dade MWidsolico { “4 j y4 ie 

us 11) ina 

« ,@aduly Tas a Alexandee, (Witton M‘Commelt ns 

d by Goog le 


seproak ‘orrrce xs) a) the Dikis of thitr Appllalnitnte. : 

soe eee 

aT Witham P atic TUN ar “a er Tite oe 
or a (6 yeaa Mic laetiaerat} See ames Pasion “13 Tt Bar ay ese wit i : 
Whhiaanwts saulyl lowe Hey: Alike 
i 110ci,|Datle-Ged 

i I Rie kod re NS 

; Williaus Roy: ’ amie an tA aA 

obn i Bove (7°46 : pe, ese Archibald Shag sana eas Seatt ia) Spires 
Ppa ies HG tee chi TY ATWOS,., Any A 

af . 1810 eres Gilchrist 13Jan./Aleé priitGeo, Irwin Fox, 3iaper 
atrick Thos. uvsell umn ywa Mia zu Marun 6 ee 
id Yo / bie ah, Ags ate MD. fs Rinne im AprilJo rumiious "4 lx 

Jolin Pinton: | pat, J oli 
Johh Valleuce GAD ril Ph 

‘ u 96 
ohn Thom Gra am Acton. 25Feb. brestd 
David Bevan 224 br Eni Tame 3 pAug. | 
Ra. ' ade Nutt 6May Ebenezer Pi ing 

ho detson 
fos +! Tgagy rio ‘Mar 
: Reds - sho eonar ats 
; . Geo. abbe ‘10May 
mes Burnside {2 7 ace 1 sbat John Sinclair, (a) i, Wa Beslinton eink ites 
Hind, at Jno Robertaun(s}10Ntay Thos. J aay Ditkin 

ae 1811 
cheC. Hyndmar’ Hontden Apri week 
ae ee ' Rober d Jardine 7Apri x.M‘Kechnie¢ tiMay! sap. 2sAug 
obert M‘Cay : prif{Wm.Adatson 19April| Wm. Pennycook 11 May John Mot 
low, Adderie Aprilohn M‘Kittrick 25 rij Alex. Baxter izMay}_. : 
denies 8 Niam Bland = 6: as James Simmie — 1g@May Dunean aehenen BS 
‘Cqnkey 7May ohn Kid 27May| David Gra isMay/Benjam a. ; 
Viliam Duabae iMa James Kittle 28MayjAles. Nell esMay | RichardDong)ase3 

cebph Ereadon 1iJauctounGeo Harrisonsduly 

readon ttJund/JohnGeo.HarrisondJ uly 
imotly Kelty 9July|Rt. Vare Wilson 16July 
ames M‘Alaster23Sept.|TLomas Gitsow 25July 

poseph Varlot Wune!/H. T. Bywater; 29 

M. sJune|John Park .,...18Oce. 
Win. Barrett Marshall (R.T. AllawaY °° 31Octe 
sorane H. D. R. HeuningsNoe. 

Samuel: e| George Lindkay ti 
Won Hamilton(s)22}une Richard Davies. 12Nov. 
a homse Done : eC F. Krabbe 12Nov. 
aw ? . “ let Joho Mein 19Nov. 
WilliamGlas: igen 23) 29s une Pet. Sherlock M.D. 
Geo ane 2GNov. 

John owe 26Nov. 
Michael Hea ay Tues omsonigDec. 
Thos. Reynolds, M te Oliver italy u john Brown (6) oepee 
Daniel Wilson aah G. Miller 927Dec 


dorge Mottley GOck. 

aleb Emmerson 9May|James ‘BrowneX 6) 60ct. Thor. Wall BeDonal doles 4h QermottzoDec. 

ack ie Long pamey Von J Smith (6) eee ue 1896. 

ohn Cocks ohn 00ct. 

aniel Campbell ana hartes Dickson 250ct. Thon Mitchell soa Ug-IT. F. apioguier rau, 

amesGorthy  10June/Johu M‘Rae (6) 250 ctl wachaniel Re MEELIS t 

sie, ute 

Thomas B \ hall 9Feb. 

yehe Robernen Oo DoualdCanpbelhiokeb. ~ 

Decl JamesMacaltisterl0Feb, 
William Doak 34 Dees a vidGrant 14Apris 

oseph M‘GowangMar. 


ohn Gilchrist 9 e| Wm. Seka. '* 8Nov. 
lin Henderson j 
John M*Master 20Nov. 
JamésCook (6) 1Dec. 

ne phones Neteon bee nfte . ies Lye Mette et 
om2sGra rn Bhyt ec, 
Win. Mevuleye ToTRRT Tee oot cllte cc: |eseph ste aac UohiMacouehy MApril 

mes Wm. nee Daniel King 17Dec. 

1éJan./Alfred E Eaulne ED SS: George Borlase 17 Sam. WhicheF’ 1 y 

Alfr. Ravenscroft 16Jan.| Wim. Hutchi 
William Rytheroa7Jam|" Bulkely Jones, M<De 

M.D ; . I7Jan. 
jcuay West ai 3 Fa ftvhin tt odau. Thos. Johnston ieee 

Thoth unger(b)l0Feb, Francis Osborne aSept. 

Georgs ug - aiFeb-tsohn Macauley Ha. 

96Feo. ton 13Sept. 

Betrotoew Verling Edward Hilditchy7Sep te. 

22Mareliyen Williamsa7Sept. 

Hugh Sameson_ 94Mar. David Burnes 100ct 

Moke ace 20Jan. copy. 3oMar. Henge One. 

Pt ep -D.2Feb.|jamen Wallace SApriltMilton Hawilton 170ct. 

alter Idington, een Joun Grant dake Stewart Wilson 230ct, 

John Stiven 250c1, 

het Renney (0) 10Feb.!samesGordon _6Aprillajexander Lyon 6Dee. 

: to. hie uo ae Re. Henderson Brow, Robert Fairservis7Dec, 

fv Folds 90ct,|Robt. Warren Camp- | Irenry Holmes VoMay Wilke Gua aia. 
£0. xey,M.D. 

Hie ov.|James Carmichael Wm. Mc. Leod | 10May 

bd Jas. Wingate Johnson 1827. 
arctew Sl Sinclair 4Nov. 13Feb. 4 17May| wm. Gitteuse site 

hnSummers 23Feb. 
ich. Murdoch t6Mar. 
hn Walker 20Mar. 


vance Barr De ddone 
1614 James M‘Nicoli 9Jn. 
Jas. Hunter 14Jan. 
6. Laneuville 24Jan. 
Jeremiah Riordan sFeb 
m. Wallace 12Sept. 
R.Schumacher 3Dec. 

4Nov.jJohn Bowen Hat- James Jackson 17May aaa eee AER 
JgocRoberteon a)6Noy.| ton 26Feb. John Gallag. 
yh John Kirk e6Feb, James Andrew 17May}william Orr = 6Feb.|_| 

g6 ee prem AOR nee Ae - 

| cre ‘bevicens) with the Dates of thétr Appointments, “43 

WV ylay e7 asAog; ‘Robt. Johmstone Sept. James Rae... . 5Odk. cue Walaa). takpr 
phat ATumtrong: 17hug. Robt. James M.: Madden 50et, Thos. Phomps s 
Wm Saar tyra pia di o| IMLD. iesept. D. Barry Conway s0ct amCourtné 
@ Robt. M‘Kinnal, AndsMoatgomeryioDec. Join Greenish — 50ct./Réebert Wytie 44 
M. 17Aug.}  *: John Wilson{b)M.D.: MoM: Shedhannd ar 

wy BOR. Eds d Jeffery sJul 
Colin A.Drowning,M.D. William Rogan. sOvt Veitch (e) 
8Feb.|David Findlay 70¢¢/Adem Simpson 
James Mitebell | sMar.|Alex.Gordou 70¢t.l/Autt, oa ae 
Jobn Lidvell,M.D.sJuly|Wm. M‘Gee 200a1.\Jahn Wace 
David Patton s0ce Thos. Mitcheli(a)9Dec. Pa tn oeiag aitlow, 
; Alex. Giifellan- 9Dec./Jobi Patton » 9Dec, 

Thos. StonchiD13Feb. ‘1998 - aa 
James Gilchrist 2April Thomas Bell tb) 13May! Peter Reid. re 

i D. 

{ Edw.A. Smith: ‘i;pAug. 
4 Adex. Heastie 17Au . 
Crockett i7Aua 

weet ‘ 17AuK. 
Samuel: ‘Bbillips 17A0 
debt Patchall 17Auz. 
Robert M‘Dowall, 

oO 0BE.D. . A7Aug. 

Herman ' /eBbeaJebnstent7April/David Bennett 10June) William Aikin 
pu MD. izaug John Runeiman 70ct.|Mich. AY Exnally 27Jane John G, Sebire aM a 
“Jokn Louden. Wm. Anderson(6) éNov.|J ames Ellis 26July!Richard Allen- 16Jel 
‘M.D. 17Aug- Peter Fisher iiSept.|/Samuel Mackey @2Jul 

1819 John Love 11Sept./Arthur Savage mately 
g-|Jos. M‘Crea 17Feb.|George Roberts 5Nov. 

Rebert Dickaon 17Aag.. Wm. .Covborough John ay. 5Nov. 1837 
Adexvander Nisbet. Watt, M.D. — 22Feb.|Campbell France SNov |Anderson Angus, 
1 MD. 17Aug.|Geo. Birnie 26May|James Skeoch 29Noy.) M.D. oMay 

James Rankin . 6July|Jas.Gregory (d) Rt. Jas. Dallas 4Jul 
Patrick Hill l3July} 31.D. 13Dec./John Gannon *~ quis 

Rob. Malcolm 3Sept. 
bert Guthrie 9Sept. 1824. Wm. Cannon 24Augy 
danies mn Aue. maven William Guland M.D. |Rob. M‘Cormick a7Nove 
Wa. Burnie, : _ 2820 Jan.|Heury Kelsall. ..28Decs 
as Jas. Patton M.D. 133an|James Smyth 21Jan. 

Wm. Kel , M.Dta Wm. Clarke (a) 15Mar.|Andrew - Douglas 
Thee. H dinani7Aug.Wanes Boyle | 10A Wilson 2iJan David Jamesttall,M.D,_ 
Morleo tpaug.|Jobn Tarn 6May|Thos, Brownrigg’2Mar. idan, 

doseph MfLean 5May/|Joseph Steret ee Clement Charles Toad 
y 17 van Davies 26May/James Low y ; SiJ any 
diex. Collie =: 17Aug.} Joan Dobie 14Aug.|Robt. Marshallca)ig34ly Thomas ‘Proscer 1F eb, 
Jones. Sh -| Patrick Boyle M.D. Evan Bowen 4July|James King eb. 
Wi pe Braidwood 9Sept.|John po 14duly sane um Arthur Geb, 
ison, 17Aug,|James Forrester 11Sept|Allan M‘Laren = 14July|/John Gray 

nel Irvine : ipAus Alex, Fisher 6Dec. Wn. Porteus (6) gAug.;Wm. Ferdinand Teapel 



Pree 17OcL Cherries Jas. Beverley |Benj. Dickson 2lAug. 
dobn Drew we: ‘Dee. - ‘ o6Dec. Lawrence M‘Kay¢1Aug.|Ben i Browving 4A 
OF IE oe EP ade 1821 John Wilson (c) gSept.| Williancistudsay M4Apra 
4 Oe es etl aA pee = PatM*TernaaMD. {San George Imlay 2oNoy. Be  eicd ‘dane 
ee. : nr rock : 
Su Reeterson' rApri ” 9Mar. 1825. * 1 Thos. Douglas Eshelby 
. Menderson,. /° |Charigs Hiches ieDee. Robert Boot o1Feb, duly 
Alex.Stewort(s)165¢ [William Leyton 2tFeb.oba James, i4uly 
x .§Cewart(b)16Sept. "1822 po. Campbell, 4/21 Keb.| Geor, y 
u ndsay, X21 ae Joni’ Hamett Alexander Linton21tFeb,| Dantan M‘Ni¢ollesJuly 
Be A : } 268ept, 1sJan. John Isatt gtFeb.|Edward Leah  27Aug. 
RD rt WhitelawiéSept. fe -GutbBorlandeaprJostus Little 16Mar.|Henry Gohiney 13Sept 
James Wills. 468ept.{William Bell (6) 3lJuly|Thos. Robertson (5) Geoe ollie 
1@hde. Cameron 268ept. = Lawrence e8Aug. 1gApr. : saBept. 
Ofsver Sprouik Lies as Donvelly sip ‘ | iA 
Ke eettb ; e 
As 4 ea7 eee 685 3Sep 729 
uf : aay aoe 14 ; : ; ; 
Df ‘ : beetda a ‘ ee ae os 
poowscsoruts 7 ASSISTANT SURGEONS, 2 Ui. 
weed te ks ' : ’, 
Mos ones C, Woods 26May|jHen. E.Suggate2sApril; 
Vy wo rae pt Jeeeton Lincoln 17Nov.| Wm. Billings . July)Chas. Mort ee ‘1eJan. 
a arate ‘ John Malloch 6Any, rb-Hen. ker2lJair 
nG. Sparke ws8ept, 

Step. M acon + S7dane 

wee “leavers git”? | 3Aug.| Thos. Kidd wDec a is tee 4Apnil 
at ichae! a sip ‘Geo. Moor Jones LDec. ln Baist wDec - 6Sgnhe 
paises eater, ae me mete? lig. aaAup 
ios 1 ot. ba ty dy Halonen 
Pe” Bier, ig Thos. peiltoh” ANov. Rod os Kent 19Maz.|! Wine Alexander: caeyt 
rons) - Geo. Webster .saMay|Geo. Alen«sMateresOe 

John Servis a5Nov. 
7 pas "Set. bow, : : 24Feb. 
z miei ad ; | s9feb.|Rob, Smith % AiMar.|:: 

: 1806 
ieIM ‘Kechnie Godfrey Zimmerman ae: Meg 5 
ood; geanig.|dohp Baistom | apdan. 
5+ ubert Die 


42 «MEDICAL ofminunn nee 
42 MEDICAL OFFICERS, with the Dates of thein Appointments. , | 
Jonn Forbes (6) John Osborne aJuly (Jas. St - 
men [leh G, logan Souasboka crag’? SSBee- 

John 8 6JuneiGeo. G 
rabidly rhe en iy dase Giark,. Aa lodune Mak ture 
eseph Ollrer sre 2JSuly in Aiton NM. Sodunr tea 
Richard Woodthorpe j/wap. Craig  eaduly| Patrick Blaikie. sJuly ‘1814 
i@Mar/ Wm. Clifiord 4Aug.|Geo. H. Weather. Ges. Thomson, M.Ds 

Pat. M. Bechaa 6Nov./P 

Wm. Boyd 27Aug. |das. Stewart (b 

Nath, Nuttal John Allan i9Nov.jJas. M‘Connell Son, Alick Osbaant apes. 

_ vordman — Apt ohn Hatel 24Nov.|Wm. Law 9Sept.|Wm. Rogers  16Feb, 
Geo. Dee ale = 6Dec.: David Williams isSept.|John ¢: 

nh 10Dec.|Alex. Rae 130ct.|Wm. Simpesm | 7Mak. 
Pieeee Walken? Henry Towsey 12Dec./James Cochran 930ct.\Jas. Ka Mar. 
Thomas Davies whe Jas.Graat(s) i2Nov.jPat.Magovern 1 
James Hail(b) 38Aug, 1811 JobnJohnstes Jas. M‘Beath  17Mar. 
Thonms Miller @8Aug.|Edw. Caldwell 8Jan./Thos.Jackson 25Nov.|Wm. Fas SeMar. 
ames Osmund s0Aug.|J@%- Hamilton g9Jan,| Ebenezer Scott, Jos. Cook 
T. Jones ¢Sept./John Stewart 9Feb.| M.D. 19Dec.|Mat. Anderson i2April 

ep . ‘< . i © 
Z David Baird,M.D.12FebjJoseph Field 31 Dec,|Jas Wilson (8) 21Ape, 
Hugh-Charies ribo Thos. Roberts 12Feb. Thomas Mein 1eMey 

See GERBE (6) RE OE Cocca. . sabin idiaAidarsoa(healan [lous Gent (a) 3IMay 

. Mercer Cookerili . Barr 9Mar.|Alex. Lawrence i8feb,|Thomas Allison 27Jsae 
$ Rob. Cooper 15Aprii|Nich. W. Roche Sam. Neil M.D. 2Jal 
ardent Kent a8A brit M.D. ”97Feb.|John Gillies, M.D-7July 

eeSept. L ‘ : 
Lie Fraucis a 31May|Geo. Johnstone 6Mfar.jJohn M‘iean: A 
iw Seaton 1008. Thos. ‘Gray (a) igJune David Nichol 24Mar,|Johp Laird rea 7 

Arch. Robertso Jas. Browne (a) 17Aag. 
a : Oot, Jas. ‘Tweedale mb, © 
‘ames Fo waNov. 19Aug,. 
ohn M‘Crystal saMeov.jJae. E,Anderson, M.D. 
are Mitchell @sNov. 

Gerard Fitzgerald, | {Wm. Burn, M.D.: 
aie — I7April peer amomson(s cra 
enry Ellis 4 ames ; 
Thos. Barnes a2April Rebt. Dobie 240et, 

Jas. Carruthers 14 Wm. West, M.D. 5Noy, 
(John T. Todd? 120ct,|Wm.A. Dalziel 26 Jobn Drurimend29No 

¥ost le >. . ae Bec. 
Atob. Fe =. 6Dea, 
George Bitch . 35Dec.jAlex.M‘Naaghton Rae amc Mla le A Diokeon 5 Ddec, 

Harpur Gamble M.D. |_. - 44Oct.|Fran.Kieraan 9) - Te Dic 
) .. 96Dec,|J38. Dickson (3) g1Qct.|Chas.B. Maguire s2Jane| Wm. Denniser 27Dac, 
Reger M‘Manus s0Dec,jJohn Cochrane 930ct.WJus.Scott(c)  2Jugel” At ie 

{David Watson 391Dec,|/T Clarke 280ct./Re Fiolsyson, M.D. nel + $RRB-  K 
iho «Thos. Fleely wNov:(Fran. Hunt _ soduee 
os. ov. an. un it . 
John L, Doolen 11Nov.| Matthew BarnsidetJuly{Bodert Espée: . . 1F ah, 
SJan.j[Thos.King = 13Dec.|Chas, Quesnet —-7Jaly Alex er 9F eh. 
MorganPrice 9Jan.|Jas. Stuart 19Dec.jAlex. Smith ispoty es Aliso poiey 
ohn Duke idan. Jonu Monteith ' -13July|Resert Dane (5) 9Ma 
Geo, Smith 9Feb.|Thrasycles Clarke dJan,|Wm. Illingworth loAug,|RobertAastin § 13Aph. 
Geo. Parsons _—14Feb,|Geo. H. Jones, M.D. —[Rob. Williams (5) 12Aug, Matt. Capponi 17Au, 
David Thomson 19Feb. rh pee James M‘TerugvisAug,|David Jamieson 174 
{Taos. Logan = 27Feb.|Johu Rmith (a) 31 Jan.|Abraham WatueredAug.| Baldassare Sammut 
Wa. Clayton tMar,|John M‘Ghie 
hn Warkman oMar.jJos..M‘Lead . 
Hiayon Devidion sMar.jDen. M‘Nainara 
jfohn R. Roberts 1sMar . Brander. - 
¥Geo. Roe — _ 29Mar.jGeo. Michel . 

n Deweaa  -OMay - Swann 
Devid Rove - v4 8.T 
en Milee, Geo. 8. Rutherford 

Srv annennaenneneaepat 


oe Pe ADMIRALS. | a Palffax Moré ¥ Kt. of Maria horesa 
SW Richard Husvey Bickerton, ‘Be. K.C.B. sued ohn saenai Ste 88 
vpetior degice of e Créscent ; : Eien af Sweden’. ‘George. of Russia, Kt, of 
Six inh ae €z, Bt. G.C.Bs, Grand Cross cui topher Strachey, His ,0f8 : Wad mir 
Sword of Sweden: ohn Coup Nicolas, Céni. of St. Fer ‘ 
Rt, Hoh, Rawritl Viscomnt! Etmouth, 6.08. Tiere’ j , 4 ei canmauctan 
Frand Cross Chafles II].,Grand CrossSt. Fer-|George Bentham, St.’ Mauriee a 1 
eae ppt rie i Anmtinciation at Sard me J ohh Ross, ath Clase Sword of gut a waere 
rane Crovs of St. Lazare and St. Maurice,|W. H. Smyth, 3d Class St. erdinand ang Merit 
Gee tee ee ore ee tladds Richard Saunidres, Leopoid af Austin 
} n, G.C.B, of St. Januarius! tJo O -ross of St. i 
Sir Willan Sidney Smith, K.C.B. Com, Gratid| of Se, Vied nee? Cfoss Of St. Louis, 3d Clase 
Cross: of ‘Sword of Sweden, Grdnd Cross St: awen W. Hamitton, Cross of St, Louis., 3d 
Ferdinand and Merit. lass St. Anne of Russia 

_ VICE ADMIRALS. + on. J. A. Meude, Cross of St. Louis, 2d Class 
eo br t- Anne of Russia 
Siz Puillp Charles H. Durham, K.C.B., Merit : fon Fr ed. Spencer Crose of St. Lovis., 2a 
: Bee F ass St. Anne of Russia 
Sir Ben ar waren K.C.Bss Com. #Edward Curzon, Cross of St. Louis., 3d Class 

fSt. ; of St. Viasimir 

Sir Wet ard Lee, K.C.B. Com. of Tower and +Lewis Davies, Cross of St. Louis. ad Clase, St. 

Sir C. Vinicowbe Penrose, K.C.B., G.C. St.|, Anime of Russia 
M, and G., Grand Cross of St. Ferdinand andj te” William Ans 

Mer a iis 
Sis Jobo Poo Beresford, Bt. ‘KiG Bey Grand ad Cl § A f » 
Cross Tower and Sword . age ot. Apne ot Russa. : 
sir Charles Rowley, K.C.B. Kt. Maria Theresa|™ <~° nee Pd of St Louis, 2d Class 
tr David Milne, K.C.B., Kt, of St. Januarits, #Richard Dickinson, Cross of St. Lawis; ad Class 
‘ » Wilhelui.of the Netherlands. . St. Anne of Ressia’ . my ’ 
W Salwaril, Codi ny » Srand Cross o 
St: Louis., SE. rata of Rusa, COMMANDERS, __. 
REAR ADMIRALS. James Kose, suard of Sweden 
Sir W. C. Fahie, K.C.B., Com, of St. Ferdinand Francis Banks, 2d Class of Anne of Russia, Kt, 
an Do twee ed ff inp, WOM Hitto | Chas Jt. Ferdinand and Merit : 
Thomas: Baker, KeGriwitkeia éf the’Ne Wi aun Hatrtey, Leappia ot Aaa oS 
ich. Moorman, 3d Class St. Ferdinand & Me t 
ames Walker, Com. of Tower and Sword. [i531,° Le Hunte, gl Class Ferdinand and Mena 
CAPTAINS S?2.6 Vout: ethene ee Kt. of bbe od a Swor 
Edward Brace, Kt ‘of: Gharies II1., Wilhelm| Robert arpe, Kt. of Tower and Swor 
of the Netherlands, . St. Maurice ‘and St.|Richard Croziey, Kt. of Tower and Sword 
. re og William Walker (a, &t. of Power and Sword 
Sir Charles Dashwood, Kt., Grand Cross Tower]. LIEUTENANTS. 

and Sword : ie : ; 
Sir Win. Hoste, Bart. K.C.B., Kt. of Maria The 4obn Turner Flinn, 2d Class of St, Ferdinand 

resa ; x ve “ai John Somervitle, Kt. of Tower ami Sword 
HHA WeoL Patty, Cena Chass’ Bword of ee ier ee sone cena 

‘ 3 Jotu Seaton, Kt. of Tower and Sword 
a chere 4Marsh Schomberg,’ Cont. Tower and JonnDeCourcy Dashwood, Kt.of FowerandSwortl 
KeH.-Kt, of Sword of Sweden { 

C. R. Dashwood, Kt. of Tower and Sword 
Hon. F. Wy Ayimeys Com. of St. Repdinang and Henry Knotles, Kt. of Tower and Sword, 
Sir Thes, - Staiues,, Kt. KA.B., Com. of St, 


\ on, Cross of’ St. Louis., ad 
Class St. Anne of Russia 
* Hen. Viscount} tre, Cross of St. Loules, 

et ees eee ay 2 

George Kead (6) Kt. of ‘Fower and Sword 
dinand and Merit 

m. Gen, Chtlogah, Kt, of Maria Thercaa | Ents Stephen Ses, Bits ot Power and-Sword, 
William E)iiott, Com. Tower and Sword 

Lieut. Sir Rae. Steeles ied he 
ieut, Robert Gilbert, Kt. of St. Viadimir 
a _ Sende, Com. ii ie Ferdinand and| iene, E. A Parker, Kt. of Tower and Sword. 
' t4 s te ’ . Naw : 
tad: Crose‘of Chartes' Ill. Com.| ~ MASTER. ee: 
of bed Foto wa Cr ad Chinieet hase ‘eRe W. K. Sadler, Kt. of Tower and Sword. 

| $ir John Jamieson, Ké., Order of Vasa. 
9 | ‘Sword a Sy eed sea oe rd 
e r ° i i ae owe. ¥ 
r Pellet Greeny Kel. Kt. of tae Sword cf| Roepeccs SOME Ri cot Tower and Sree. 
Zs ft PURSER. ; 
re Cnet tomer und Gixatd George Votter Oughton, ah O tonerana wets 
eee oe man See Reed nae | sau Codnaten, ath Classet BENT 

Sweden etry 

Nevinsen de Cou 
Gere Wickens 
and Merit 

A. R. Sharpe 
J.Needham: Ta 
John Smith 
Jotin Lawrence 
Hon. FYWs Ay! 
William F. Wis 
Hon. A. Maitla) 

Joho Duff Markland 
Gawen Wm. Hamilton 
John Wm. Andrew 

|W. Fairbrother Carro] 
, . |Wm. Howe Mulcaster 
Francis Seynreer| Colin M‘ Donald 

Rt. Hon. Lord Radstock| Jas. J. Gordon Bremer 
Hen. George Cadogan {John Harper 

Henry Ducie C 
Frederick Mar 

: nd Palmer Fairfax Moresb Hon. J. A. Mau 
Sir John Phillimore Ké.|John Marshall , Hon. Fred. Spe 
j eorge i Thomas Ball. Sulivan {Edward Curzon 
; Thomas Searle Nicholas Lockyer Lewis Davies 

j 3 aitland|Henry Hope Rowland Money John N. Campb 
; » ass Dundas omas Ussher Henry Montresor Hon. William 

| Sir Samuel John Brooke|John Toup Nicholas 
Pechell, Be. ' |SirHen. Lor.Baker Bt 
Hon. F, B.R. Pellew Robert Ramsay 
Charles Gill — 

=< oe ill Samuel Roberts 
= . ; wcusaKha 
~ , 015 SUE ae 


Rt. Hon.Vise.1n 
George Bohun | 
Rich. Dickinson 

George Fred: B 

nok Yi 
1 Peni 
». » Knteuts Commanders. PHAN 
™~ zx t= gone his i9waT to vA j Nominated. nT brew 
ee owe os 4). Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Bell ' an jpSbasliiliev sill 
a gee hap rot el Sir Richard Williams Qanld 
as . os 20 ani cae Owe 
<= ge" ~ ' CoMPANTONS. A te steoH «i 
. Ss - __ pdeutenant-Colonel George Lewis | Breyet Major Thomas Adaix. », 
Bi poe *__ of Arms *attenda:it upon the K.C.B., and Companions, and Genealogist of the.O 

F cir George Nayler, Kt. Garter Principal King at Arms... Offices Colleze of) Arms, 
1 ——— = = Secretary to the Kc. and Companions, W. Woods, Esq., pliers of Arms. 
} ffi ' . sere Pi ier, ‘ My i ‘ 

KNIGHT GRAND CROSS—Vice-Admiral Sir C. Vinicombe Penrose, K.C.B. 

_. phe Naval ‘commanding im the Mediterranean, is a tenipords 2 

—- 7 ihe i Sastre rr "Grand Cross of this Order, 28) PS, PCED 



Ve rk OS evel io 2 eolbx® 9! ORDER. tthe 
vat pinto Oath Knieuts Grand Crosses... | 

\ - aohismisir Band Naples Reta te ean 
‘ ie ‘ | KNIGHTS. - 
- ag-Admiral Hon. Sir aget | | Captain Andrew Pellet) Green; Kit. of 
\ ge ptain Arthur 5EF sword of of Sweden rf : 
a aptain. Thomas Barker Devon 

_FAS Dn 

4 , ' *) cL ; 
} rj pr DB ve PHA Dal sp! aI NITED Hol iro | 
| 9 ed The 

he) 4 ! . fC) 
. sated aniithodringtih, gop 

a a i a i a ee | - = + 


“T82s PeagA rem t WP pgggelt Five T 
” bette ow ue Robert Wilson” 17Mar. 
rms Wine Cor " ing rth Sanu| homas e | -Wiq™- y 

ai : , nies a. L. Jo se an oy Ja : 
ee “ae - Warner Archer! yer eee TROT aT gt ; 
7 sas i r ip = ie ra enk R ste yo r eb. 
15Dec. teeta ae 8. Benj ¥ Soaer Via 
: John_Dennis ~ ~ 27D = Johr 

. _ 
‘ee a 

‘ Walver mao e aBNov: Bene a Dake.” 25 uly er ie i: te 
Os a ~ pean tz ImDee.| Ya ath 
ict £29 636 ‘ : 




" . KNIGHTS, Grand Crosses, mr bee 

ae. Sor Nointptea: 

< | esr aren, Bhs _, 5Sept.01 Admiral Sir Thos, Roléy 16 May 
} “ 29 n.06) Admiral Sir Chas. Henry Kbit Ma 
ne et 29Mar-06|Admirai Hon. Sir Thos. Pakenham 20. 
i }, _ 150ct.03/ Admiral Sir George Martin. .. ae 
ge hone oe 2Jan.15| Vice-Admiral Sir Harry Neale,. br we Sept 
| Exniouth  %Mar.16/ Admiral Sir Edward Tliorpbrough, Jan, 
j TJune15| Admiral Six Eliab Harv k 
: oles! _20Feb.18)| Vice-Admiral Sir Wm, Johnston easuh 40ct, 
“DL ¥ace-A tn" 20Feb.18!/Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Coutrington 
, feivret ee © Ja Hi ' > Bt 
' rial ~ aaa * KN IGHTS, Commanders. yee 
ae Al aeet yred A aol Nominated. Wore 
} , Aon wsH ad ay a 
ae ns Whitshed 2Jan.15,Vice-Admiral Sir Charles: Rowley. 
Aide niral San) ena Bt. 2Jan.1s) \Rear-Admiral Sir Geor re: 
me Ve att ag a nme oJan.13;Rear-Admural Sir Charles i risbane: 
gniral Si agie, G.C.H, 2Jan.15)Kear-Admirai Sir John Talbot t 
abd dminab Sir; be piuey Smith VJan15|Xear-Admiral Sir Edw. Berry: Bt eo ple 
path he Str rae ert St 2Jan.16;Rear-Admiral Sir, Edw. Hamilton Bts\ 2Janji5 
she inal Hi ert eae 2Jan.15}Rear-Admiral Sir Edw. W.C. R. Owed edanits 
| pdedmninal.s ada, -Leipene Admiral Sir/Thos.Musternman tend 
Bice -Admira time Bpoumo ivan gJani 15) , anus 
ay ee-Ad nl Sor Maa | 2fan.15 ‘idapeais Sir Jahleel Brenton "Be. > aSan ‘ 
pp Vic Robert on qJan.15 Captain Sir Michael Seymour Bt. ajan 
Vace-A a Sir kaw alsted. ejan,15 Captain Sir Philip BowesVereBroke Bt, axed 5 
Vic eere QJau,15 Captain Sir War. Hoste Be oa.) > ean 
aw cases eae merece eFan.15, Captain Six Christopher Cole 4...) | “25an43 
| Viee 2Jan15 Captain Sir James Alexander Gordon... aJan.i5 
Wie eae Sema Grecbesd aasaat (Captain Sin Thomas Staines «9 | oda 5 
yf Admiral Sir Isyae QJam15 Captain, Sir Edward:Tucker |) ota ts 
| @Mice-Admiral Sir. Benjamin, ee Carew) Admiral Sir Paint Gould . if. (dunes 
| van eR = Ae hl sevaloll ott td Vico pape) Sir Charles \V. Nepaeet 5: due 
; : A Peanclerts amlsvG.C. St. adams 
t pa dina ir umn mes foi Dem in 23 ams 5, ice-Admiral isi D Davia Milne t9Septs 
+ Martin. ) @Janii5 Admiral Sir Manley. inom) « eA 
_ )VWice-A miral Er. Rt, Hon ‘Han.Panietedanct5. Vice-AdmiraliMon, Sir Henry, Black- Hae 
Vice-Admiral Sir Gra ams POP oo). BJawts, wood Bh) ss 50 co Bea 
| Vice-AdmiralS: rHen yntum )40° eAsvily Vere: Adqiaab We 0, Panes ri ey 
>-Admiral Sir Ric nae anent Admiral.sury enry.Trell s0may 
Admifsi Sir Richard ‘eda Si ol, 20Mays 
Vice-Admiral Sir Will ets aug vee holls — 20May20 
Feée-Adm Malcolm Adora Si ir . Barlow 20Ma 
Vice Admiral Sir Joh 2Jan.15 Captain Hon. Sir GeosGrey Bt. Ma 

St ir, Henry Hot Jan. Vice-AdmiralSir Will 
| | Wiee-Admiral Sir Josias Rowley Bt. —_ 2Jan,15,Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Waller 

October, 1828. © utiesty GOOSIC aaNet Ba-3 


| ep- é 
b.| pard 22Sept. Thos. S. Pe cig 30¢ 
ae ‘anteyts oe Samuel Christy 160ct, Th ThonsasSam-tioo ee 

‘ Ly K. W tt ar. 
[atte Witeobhs air 
{Kam In ar. 

7, Sere an 

¥ Ratmonch Pete vernex 100. 
Christopbe ae = : , eyTOct, 
Pevidl Ag} James Cle 8Oci, 
eorge tigelRog. Bonlethwatte | ober ippenléJan./J bn reban 
Wii my amin Fean 3 au. : 
ig.| PR 

ip Witttne © ‘Gen Falinerdua-boneyaah 

Smeric . . Vidalstaus. Hite es Russell 
Stephen Fisher WeSepe Palmer. Ait Feb, Thomas Browr n. Rich, 
aseph Jagobe: acob Waller Smith’ Rob. Mann Bead 31Jau. John Ga 23900. 
yeerh Cox 28Sept.| ‘yOoReb.| Thos. 3Fet a Kin . 
liam te ChariegWhitcher!9Mar.| S.W.D Feres7 ae : 
wit ey esOct.Wrancis Tresise 19Mar. Joreyn Denny fetts iw. Row. 
Rabert Juo.Smitha7 Oct, |Edw.Blackmore 30Mar./John Anderson Fein : 4 
Wm. Lemon 17Nov.|Lawr. Kennedy ¢Aprii William Harris 1 ante ace Ro 
Wane 5Dec. iltiam, Quarme wae ward Suter 17 Mar. seas 12Nq. 

waon Dutchman3May John Thompson @) Jamen Fuller (6) sDec. 

Urquhart 9D 
or Ham fitrett oor George Gobdwin 2 fr ithe kere 2 oe 
.- dward Pollock 13May William Reeye — 3 AW 1 maset De. 
8 Jorn Watson (6) 13May Grexory Cofe ‘WA sats 3 
e Kitching 19May [Romas Frost ‘a0Nug} Laban 

erick Bone 235June Robert Young 16) afyt - : 
Thos. Hillard Wiliams ‘Thomas Pownall state , 

ead 12J ul Thomes Cotterell3i3uly| re : 
"$808 Adair H. Paddon homas Rowe 4 red ; 
id : 1aJuly E.M. Burke 28Aug. 1814 ‘| 
John Barber TAUg. Cha, OHNE Maries: 
George Anderson 14Jan. ue as war 11Aug. Thomas Wishett oles Philip Wineor Piped 
ich. Drummond Richard Kent 15Aug. Edward BurKe™ 92Sept. halal Thomson 

John Elgar Aug, Arthur Dawson. 4Sept. Thos. Mends i 
James Renta iabent tian ei dee eery Wp sz 
Ta sr ‘William Pa 

rppepamongre hod Thos. Bat aay edhe, lovept., saac Robert. 

ny 14Jan, 
ichols 16Jan. 
wiles ez «633Ja 

Francis Taylor 290ct.' George Dowe 

Alexander Ri 
John Porter =. 11 Dec. John Tindall 

Alex. Lock ae 27 Mar, 
Widian (a ane toner 
Jurhes rehott af. 
James Huggins 30Mar, 
Phos. Gorton _SApril 

as: Watson ISAprit}Frank Harger 17Jan. 
Edsvasd Bristow BABE James Morse’ 37Jan. 

Witian Thom Hbert Duncan 16Feb. Baibe lil tag 
David Mustard 96 Wm. Thos, Price 16 a a 
Jolin Stigant.. 21 Apri) WilliamBoad5(a)16 ~ 
Hewjamin Chime -Fairwea fbb Ne wig: : 
Hector M‘Lean .19May|John ‘Kneesiaw 20Feb. ak dhs Homes 
Jobn Bannister ayiJames Jones 7Mar. eee Oe veyed 4 arnt 
John ote 20h ay WilliamGregoty 18Mar, bt ye ye Vive Antejeeebene 
gGeorge Wailer 6June/ William Edwards Spr. Jos. F. Russell are. Wie: 5. Both ty 
rt Hendrick Maurice Clark #?Apr, David Irvio | wri fds: Allaw: & * jority 
oddard tJuty|Tnomas Rowley Apr. PJ. M. Hoflsbeleter 

Thomas Shanks Moly(James MiHer:b) 93ui ne John strap bel 9 ar:/Midhae! ATtrur:-33541y 

Richard Bartiett sAug.|Michael C, Ste- Jad, '14Apr.: Thdmnas Leste’ * 
f phens - siti ane vor Yorston’ : zaA pF Jotn@s ants Le Leautad 

Francis Brothers 7aug. 
AlexanderSmillie14 Aug; Campbell Vhemas Pox“ e330 

Arthur Frame 11Sept. 
Thomas Brett. tmSept.|Edmund Griffin a7Aag. e Rebéon ° 8 by/Fndmae Martin tinted 

Robert Tronson 198ept.{Thos. Hubbard  sOct,|dohndormaid |: BMuyq] Tilby_ - , Ry 
se phen Clare aagepe. Sam. Brooking 30ct.|Thdmas a erate Janes Giles: * sadly 
Diossy 2sSepr,jSum. H. Manley 290 ct, | Charles Kenia so Woodman 933 fi 

en Holman saane Thos impson esul 
RiehareSinitir{sy §: bet ted Willian 
R. Cheseey 

Tasctard atkins 4Dec.{George Start  8Nov. JamesToddbafly (0m 

hen Mackey 40et, pila = Tayieremith- 
[ge Melvin 90ct. 

Sonn Ric wD, Edye. °° 15Nov.Johh Browitice): 

R 1 eee: ert Ot aDec.{ Wnt Ht. Hooper ‘1fAy Be Qe 
dpnfustus naay)’ 7TDec.NobsCortm: |: --19A Pre A 
ee a =i) reaks iM .{Samieel Godfrey sak Pate Pe 
pif, ry a a © %oa be coreg” 
aes . nifela ‘19: Martie Harrington | he oe 
ped ato Ber te ‘. ‘seep olte Tevieg.. :* SbiBe 

vith qgye Pov rt rye F 
a eae PR. 

(GZ oabe Cary re L Ty f4ovs Hibeoe .. Gap og ae 
the 0 FOIE Ohh ou 

cab tte Jue bob das VM were et giee bias soa! ao a 

aA eee —s a: - . Sees 7 4 

PURGHBS, with the Dates of ther First Warrants 47 

Peter Forrest, 30Jun Wm.KearseCawley July 

1801 Thos, Stones . 4/uly|Alfred Carpenter 10July{ Seonce 228, 
Neu Vuckeukecesian Joha O’Brieo :. a15u Dalid koa 2July|/Samuel Cook a5Sepe 
set te *|Sam.Ody Webb 20Aug.|Wm. Trent Hamlyn G e Mille 4Oct. 
ohn MLéoat sarc. trea Md “une sett 9a 120ct. 
*|Ben. Soden 28Aug./James Brisben ~ 31 -M. clielo 23Oct, 

os.Sherrard —=:18F eb. goin Taylor (b) 25Sept.jH 

ark Marsden 19Mar.!r1.5,. arry Monro = 14Aug.|Wm. Brown(e) 6Nov. 

ah Higden 16Ang.|Rich. Michell 12Noy. 
8 i Jal apre 30ct.[Wm. Mason Aug. J 
oho Fill ae yy ere Joho Elliott 16Oet.|Jaseph Hen.Fireht2a0¢.|' are 
ob, Brown ISep Scott . 3aAug.|8am. Wadland 

G eo Mitchiner’ S1Oct  Ja,Binsted Cotman2sOct|/Ed. Sid. Stewart 30Ang.|%G. VollerQughton 

1 *\Jos,F. Willeock 2Nov.|William Leach Sept: 4Dec. 
Efe Wore mets ay John Glive 7Nov./Robt.L.HornimanaSepo|Heury Omer . “Dees 
I ‘Eriece Buia Thos.Reed sNov./Thonras Bastin  sSept.!Johu-Thomson(a).s eC 

Wit, est aoe Wee rere enor: Timothy Young ene uy G Windsors ¢ 
; saeco Wm Bobbe 24Nov.'Thomas Paine ept./ Wm, iard 10Dec. 
Pet. Jno, Stokes 3} DeCs JohmNorcock 21Dec.'Jobn Haile sSept.iwm. Wright  14Dec. 
a Re John Treverten 27Sept.|Goate Gurdon 17Dec. 
sia ThomasHannam29Sept. Wm. Savory 1sDec. 
John Reid : 7Oct.|ThomasGrant 19Dec,. 

£dw.O’Maley 14Jan. 1805 | Wo». Curry Hillier Andrew Inderwick 

Stuteville Isaacson 3 J 11Nov. 21Dec. 
18Mar..928- Loudon 2iJan.: Edw. Scott 10Dec.|John Lockhart 2sDec. 

Thos. Young 1Mar./F. W. Pike 18Dec. 

ob. Sutton 10June Wm. Angove 6Mar.' Benj. Parkhurst 20 Dee. 

2x.Stewart Aug 

"Say }0Aung,{John i i Henry K. Bamber 8Jan. 
Henry Best 140ct. woes ule ine Gillord ae biden Piper " didans 

| W -Beoge Ba. ay, Walter Currie 29Dec.Um. thbridge 13Jeus 
FoRR Edmonstone 6Nov«l ihe Salter MasulyJohn Metin’ eee bee . 

Philp Carteret Le James Fuller(a) Jan} Wells an. 
80x. v4 ' asuly ohn Beater 26Jane 
- 4d, F. Petherick Aag-| The above Oficers are{Step,Howe RochezJan. 

a! - +. ‘KebijHenryCooper iAugsion the H, of 4s.'John Tapson 30Jan. 
4 Bo elt . g2Mtar.idas. Fletcher GANG: | ner diem alf-Pay of p: | 
WecTuckfield 25Mat! Sale pik ene [Edurand Shunt: - A 
pier rare *ROMOR - ug “oO nasties 
Biundelt agealt t Thos.Gliddon  3Feti 

Wm. Thos. James 6Feb. 

Jas. M-Perkins l4June(Ged,A. Elis ~4Oct. 

John Speed’*(  5Aug.|J0s.' Marshall 8Oct. ohn M‘Mutras: ?Mak 
age Aug, Johh Bowman Oct. Wm. Sohn Sisith loMan 
Sone wail ‘Wm. Bailey §-—- ¢Nov. 1807 {Wm Wid) '16Man 
esepepee ey: olf Lane -18Nov. Wm. Dyer (5) 19Mar. 
at. Phillips: °1 t.{Faes. Terry : 35Nov.John Walter 12Jan.|Francis Geo. Tabart 
Wermosth’: Petér Crety § 18Dec.|William Augustus ‘t  gtMar.! 
| ‘Harrie 'BGctJohh Warden, 90Dec.| Davies 12Feb.|James Burgess 22Mare 
Ja ; amth jing 3 | aa oe Edw. Dyer 27Feb.| Lewis D, Duval 23Man 
, Kane’! Hp amen John Gibson 4Mar.|Jobn Starnway SoMa 
Aug. Wabidiaee: = 1806: ugh Corbyp 14Mar.|\Joseph Mason 11April 
TB Wee a ob oe '  ' "“Iohn Baker 44Mar.|Johu Palmer 11 April 
s | William Brent —1Jan,/Jn.Thos.GlendonvoMar.|John Wrigley NApril 
‘ 1 3804 | Arthur N. Earle i6Jen. Win. Rad. DavieszoMar.|Wm. Walker  12April 
bee eo ee Wm. Davidson 16Jan./ 30Mar.\John P. Sarjeunt 9Ma 
on ere” ‘lh aninge(s)2@Jan..Wm.Mar< = 19Aprill Jesse Sloggett 12May 
fam. Daws —' 4Jati. James Dunn =. 30Jan.|Rubert Ellis — 9Apri!lJames Wise 1oMay 
dob Windeyer Yidem.|Wm, Oakley . 3iJan./John P. Bailey 7 ay press as 
Wad. Jones (a) 14Jan.)Rd.DanbyCharles 4Peb.|Jumes MounsheriéMay|Johy Day Jones etn 
Modes R Matthew Corney 13June/J. Lenox Liellyett 9, 

Wns = 18Jan.iJohn March 5Feb, 
ndrew Thomson 

Poles Ballivam:§ § 19Jan./4 7¥eb.|George Brodie 22June|Edw. Roden Hug- 
Jobe Collins: _ 23Jan.iCharies Pinfold 7Feb, John Howard July ins 13a 
John NuuxJewe: afL.i/James Watts 6Mar./ James Johns Agni rm. Hen. Hamilton 

MWoatrin ddan 

Wm. Wynter = I7July 
a2Aprilis, Yarwood = 14Ang.J William M‘Lennan7July 

! Prat '-': (29Mdy|Gaw.Bell(5) 9AprillLukesmyth 17Auz4J ly 7Jaly 
Thee. Major -eJune oho Fayed lamesariay David C s9Aus Samuel cox 14July 
| a wa BP addoct 22May| .. {Alexander Brown20Jply 
| . et ee ‘ é Moonfngram7 2 ae RAS ahs ce 
206 270 308 397 


PURSERS, \ with the Dates of their First Warraatss 9 




NAMES. Seniority. Seniority.| NAMES. Seniority. 
1 1790 Dan. Smith 1T8Apri 
sis ; W. Bately Page 18May 

‘Thes.L. Yates | 3July 

Rich. Gilbert 1Apr il Sir 7 DAcory Forest 
Nich,P.Rothery 15Sept. 

Wm.Goldfinch 27May 

Jas. Baikie 18Sept.. Wm. Holmau 

James Brooking 30June W. heed Shugar s0Sept. 

" i y eh || 
FT | 

NAMES, Seni 

John Guilett’ aM ye 

Step, Street 

Cha. Ed. ae : 
Wm. Knapman 

JWm. W illte 

t2Junel John Cole 

1778 Sauibesnerhaweriiens, John Goldsmith 3Noyv.JRich. Mins worehsonon jv 
Smithson Waller isDec.,W. Hen, Whitehurst {Jonas Toby 24 Dee. 
Geo.CheyneGrout 8Apr. 6Nov. 
Mat. Hardy 11Apr. Edw. Hatfull 17 Nov. 
‘Edw. Bate eae 1791 Simon Little 24Nov. wif 
NOV. i 
Pekn Smith a Rich. Bromley 26Jan "7 
Tho. R.Spearman 6May 1799 3 " 
1779 Wm. Bundock 24May 1796 Ey 
Thos. Hoseason 24May|__. Beh Crocker 19Jan4 
John Arthur(a)22Mar, | William Bowman John Shea Ska 
rere | Swiney 7April Murray 20Jan.|John Apice Hat, 
Sam.Crowley 9Dec. 1792 Wim. Sison 2sgan.|_ ber Feb, 
jEdw. Bell (a) 1Feb. Robert Richmond 
Jas. Clyde 29June| John Seward 9April| Rose 18April 
pen Dove 27April|Jolin Lowdon gy ri] 
1780 Jas. Wm. Nobbs 28July|John Purver ay 
1793 Rob. Payne 30Sept, John Mayhew aa y 

Gillies Macbean 2Mar, John Brenton 

21Jan,/Jas, Scott 

210ct.| Jas. Miller (a) auange 

| aS | 105 

Digitized by \ O 

Chas. Sedgwick Bape Rob. Cooper 1Nov.| Dan. Morison .,,, $Sept, 
Pat, Conway uly/Chas. Matson = 29Jan./John Taylor (a) 22Dec,|John Mitchell, , 25Septy 
Wm. Tiremap 9 22Sept./Thos. Goddard 11Feb, Thos. Riekford | 19068, 
Edward Lampert 4Mar. Edw. White . 2Noy, 
| [Jenkinson Lanyou WH dels 
loMay 1797 ivedotl 
1781 Mich. Flanagan 10M ay | ) | 
Geo. Jackson 27Aug.|Edw. Fricker ~ I7Jans a et 
Rob, Farquhar (19Jan.|Rob. Greive 7Sept.|Ben. Jennings  12Febi 1800 > aca , 
John Copland 30Jaly|John Evans J9Sept.| Rich. Booth 14Feb, ; asl 
Thos. Manclark 164ug./Wm. Wolfe 6Nov.|/Caleb Blake 4Mar.|Ben,.Bu 30Jam, 
Rob.Gamble 30Nov. Henry Wells 11 Mars|George I oppey Pr 
Hen, Phillips 7dJune oumin. 30Ja) 
ee Thos. F. Jessep. 20Juwe!John Archdeacon = 
Win. Peche 22Jaly|Jos., Williamson ; 9 
Alen: Hog 7Mar. 1794 John Wills 9Aug.|Ford Brown, 2 
Peter W Bed 21Mar. |W in. Thompson 7Sept. piers Wallis. . "Nis 
JohnHopper  23May|John Bignell 8Jan.!Wm. Christy 20ct.|Gee. Davis, 
JohnM.Marchant18Jan, | ‘Geo. B. Harrison26 Dec,| William owna See Sig 
Areh. Murray — 29Jans/ Peter Henwood 12Jan.| Felton cre 
Chas.Norbran 21Feb. das. Macfarlane 13Feb,|Jas.Hutton , 10June 
1783 Jas. Browell. 17Mar.! John Walker 10June 
ThomasCole (a) 19Aprill The above Officers are|James Hyslop léJuly 
Jas, Street 25Jan./Johu S.Richards 27Maylon the Half- Pay of 5s,| Thos. Godfrey ; 17July 
Geo. Grant 28Jan,|Thos. Aildridge 10June| per diem. Jas. Meek 2sJuly 
Frederick Knights tian Peter Davies i3June Sam. Giles. J Aug 
Geo. Harries 13Mar.|Thos. Titterton luce Edw.Geo, Napiel oAugs 
Jas. Henderson 25April|Henry Jones 1sJune Wm. Wilson  225epe. 
; Lewis Gordon 18Aug. Wm. Perry 23Sepr, 
Jolin Vallack IvAug. Wm. Henry Sand 
John Waldron 15Sept, wich steel 
1785 John Barnett — 220ct, Wm. Godfree 40ct, 
mine Thos, Fitzgerald 250ct. 1798 Jas. Nicholls. /40 
Wm, Ballingall 7Sept. Thos, F. Hawkins1l0Qets 
ty Thos, Reeve 19Feb.| Mich. Seott Och 
Peter Hughes | 2Mar, pao. Sparshowe s00ch, 
He 1795 . ates, Lennard dit Rob, Burn aN 
cl 1 ar.|Richs Goodri 
Foun Cly 21May |Geo. Booth 31Mar. James Milner 2iMar, RAS ey art os 
Moses asKee 18Dec. |Sam. Curry 31Mar./Sam. Eales 24Mar.)John Larby 26Dec.} 

—— a EE EES OL 

0 Lotta) Nault 21Mar 
Ale ander Videeman 
sq TS Se .208ept, 

Daniel Byriié thay pril/Johy Griffith Williams 

~ aM RE EDICAL OPFIGERS, wilh the Dates oftheir Appointments. 4, 

ws eb, AS uly] W ia ‘ He 
Sol oy Chittie vis fake pitas ue a “ie P Tae ee) ra ra eee it 
yriia yy é : 
See Fone en aay gh ste hn Cat Gua aon rag 
3 Ban r 

she etal j5¢ ! 
 Hople aiJulylJohn Bowler 13No%, as Kidd(s) ot Ma 
ex Pletcher“ 9Map, 1 HOM ie 7Aug. jee imei eany Theme kt D. 
€Xander Cross. 9M ar, J M 

) on Al 31Mar 
aidvew smith,” SMar./John Watson, WAng. eo4Ale .Munro3sa ri 
Ndréw Cate” “9Mar, Andes He t4Angr. Dona Me FRG, Mi N ase rk ‘5AbHi 
Edmyad Butler, Re wley Aer Sawnel Willi ame Jewel 

: Ug. Miwiy i 
. Thomas siedoutay ier anaes StuartsMay 

Donovan MD. 20May 
Thomas William Jewe i avid Deas.) 2bune 
80ct 6Peb./Henr y jlargood Ham- 
John’ Crichton ips Alexander ear a 7Feb.; mo 

#rles Smi fh ~ 21Mar 

; Lenox. Thompeon 

saws SABE 
ohn Shaw I8Apri 

ames Menzics 24April Jaies Rodgers , 250ct| Peter Conolan, N Willian Bailey. oad a 
Nexg nace Muithead "| James Rae (4) . 260el, Tp: James Soutar 994 uly 
af 4May)Jason Lardner’ 26O0ct/John James Lancaster - Wim, Coulter Lan, 
"ae -Keveri NottsMiy) Patrick Martyn. 250ct, 

11Fe 22July 
po Miller (6) loMay Robert Shannon Sf D, |Thomas Craig | 19Feb; Edward New 

tne M.D, 
@S<C. Macleroyi0M ay ct John Munro, M.D. 

230 ciSugp 
ter Khox 14May)Richard Loweock. 19Feb.|Wmg Foster Conter: 

anies e '16May] Birtwhistle 230ct,| Frederick William Be 
se loore’ ‘I1Jaly|Jolin Ferrier 230ct.} Le Grand 20Feb. Guthrie Taylor Uepe 
; ips 20July Thomas Frazer’ 10Mar z 
ae a 330 ! 345 Vey | 
"| so C= 1 ‘ d . 1 ‘ ! 36 
roms) suds d -DISPENSERS OF HOSPITALS.) °°". rigs 
. iA i Oman .] 1 1 ql aero 
ek 1992. 1806 And an 
vou" } oe #9 RobertS mith (elAug. s* 
ood ioc SOROS HAmtbick osSept, bi ee an 
gUige €d) aw 1 Way vel , dc A ovarchit 
nebe + rall Nf, i) F799 5 | _ John Harrison CartisiaNov, CA wwds 
29 CENOCR Ob hing.” io daly 1811 ret tH dsinnes 
gata en oe TA a Thomas Tripe  18Feb,. 
a ate I , mit 
UGLIT rllughg! ‘veatiougi da) une wink . Aitiie Witten’ 
mer . Janic if ‘au 1812 ny | 
£15, Li 4 E . i oiitd ae 
0940 F sis PEE ue ght: ste r Wm. Marks 8Sept, ia hiatt mi 
639%) NOLO I BIRO . , 
4)9 10 tseeiifes c10 brad uw) Cy 4 4 Won. Price (c) 11Dec. 
Llitg Ari tcc bives 1" ren —_ 1821 , , . 5 ; af 
fngaHi ynity; 21Feb. eke pips aun’ 
aight ily i DY yabhuly.ji2 ao. Griffin Reaufoy White 6 OF a iy 51 foe “enh 
Pca ti vdare aon Sai it %) Bi duly. pmeaufoy White 6Noy. | Las TA ot 
ling Att sayiod 2901 L) ae ‘ TrwaBOe Tl ney . 
Wolds! wodoidW amsejHelil seslics yr 
Fs mei los Hon Wi frente Tu : ane ; : 
<7. 2on0t vlodiut f aed Seba. ar qn P { 
eiwtel viurise OSPITAL MATES. Ww nta 
r ‘tb actly iL rod ave ae af 
Seo ze Re ha O afionst pe “Wir Eyre 6Maredq , , 
SH yolonoaWh udot}89 21S Sam’ Wyoks 0. 6Maran |) 
Iqocet feline Chas. Wi Sith 18Sephi3 
qecsst EDA Pew ba} 3 ’ ‘ 
Jqocre eur rt Wd WIngH | ef taf 3) Abas ; 
A9001 250 hive Mat y er Mt 
27)! iv “OTs LI e7il' ; , . J F ae : j 
Jo0Oi1 TIlue J odot ; Peres P iu “ ' t L eld 
AIOT! gollimaH wos iM iit ra, Pina i y d 
J9022 ooaliW tyywsie! 2 a tbs Mynve af F Par) 
sate Nave gilol ay fi FOL (N) vhs Pe VY) odie ia | 
23115 gov.) 451 WMbexolaéA Ad if A Lae “he eit ey deal 7 
x IT siviseris FT dradoH were i he forty] , = Tom ' a 
390 Inoue¥ anOH ot TI! = i WetnD Hint. ie ptm OAT oe . 
fig Le OED en willy | L i" Za a? nie vay [Gat PG felt LSROe DLOK's 
You hte QU stung ceed 4 ? 4 lra'Z} Tisfome wayhe 
. ; ee] : lwislé } ot ~s fol. vob iG wey 
OHSS rivalled ay ye | Cul , WH newoel ado ME einer. te 
$930 yoleelico to 
uls te 

Digitized by G O Og | ec 

"MeDre AL OFFICERS) with the Dates of their Appointments. ‘4a 

Jolin Wylay  1%Aug, Robt. Jotmstone MSept.James Rae... Oct, Joliit Wilson(d) 19A 
Jolin Arutsivong 1740g. Robt. Arhistrong, = concen: Maetont er & Phompsc 
Win. Arostrong. ty 1uMBD.! i... 16 D. Barry Conway 50ct, AbydhamCourtneyoMa 
# Robt.M‘Kinn nd. Moatgomeryi0Dec.|Joun Greenish “" sOce.(Rebert Wytie 45 
' D. "17Aug, a a John Wilson(s)M.D.. | panna Sheshannd) ang 
Ede. &. Smith. ‘15 a amy €deard Jeffer sJul 
Aléx. Heastie 17Aug. Colin A.Browhing,M.D. William Rogan , .s0vt Veitch acer 
¥veha Crocket: i7Aug) °° | SFeb.|David Findlay -70¢0 Adee’ Bantehee Gen 
p Wm. B. WebsterirAug./James Mitehsll | 8Mar.|Alex. Gordou  TOeL Aer Denouhoe @Sere 
# Michael Geoolsir 17Aez7.|/John Ee aoe Wn. aoe 200at. Some. Watt id: 160ct 

| Wah. Aitchesou 2iNov, 
Jobi Patton | 9Dec, 
john Petchall ivAug. 
J Robert M‘Dowall, ‘1908 = 
. 17Aug. James Gilchrist ahr Thomas Beil tb) 13May Peter Reid. 18Fe 
| Herman Cochrane, < j#EbeaJebnstont7April|David Bennett 10June/ William Aikin GA 
: M.D. ivaug John Runeiman 70ct.jMich. M‘Eunally 27Juaejdehn G. Sebire 12 
‘ Wm. Anderson(6) INov. James Ellis 26J uly|Richard Allen ieJul 
Peter Fisher ilSept.!/Samuel Mackey a2Jaly 
John Love 11Sept.|Arthur aed oy 
George Roberts 5Nov. 

Rebert Dickaon 17Ang..Wm. hr Re John ay. 5Nov. . 
QAdexander Nasbet Watt, M 22Feb./Campbeil France 5Nov |Andersgn hoe 
AID. 17Aug.)Geo. Birnie — 26May|James Skeoch  29Noy.| M.D. 10May 

Rt. Jas. Dallas 4Jul 

Ym- M‘Dowel 17Aug.iJames Rankin . 6July|Jas.Gregory (b) © 
John Gannon ~ ae 

-ornelius Kelly 17Aug.| Patrick Hill l3July} DID. 13Dec. 
Mme Martin (b) 17Aug.|Rob. Malcolm 3Sept. 
Peter Comrie 17Aug.jRobert Guthrie 9Sept. 
Jamies Hill 17Aug. 
Wm. Burnie, M.D. 

Wm. Kel M.D iat Wm. Clarke (a) 15Mar,|Andrew- eee 

Thee. H. Edinan 7A Wilson aidan 

James Moree, 17h obna Tara éMay 

dames Hamua = 17Adg.JJoseph MfLean 5May/Joseph Steret, 10Mar. 

Chas, Kennedy 17Aug.\2van Davies 26May|James Low ‘waduly 

roid Collie 17Aug. Joan Dobie . seAug, Bebe Marshallca)igluiy{T® Thomas ‘Prosert 1Feb, 

van Bowen 1 : 

TThowas Braidwood “‘96ept. John Aoustoun 1aJuly Charles McArthur 6Feb, 
ey MVD. -17Aug,|James « Forrester 11Sept|ANan M‘Laren = 14July John Gray (ud) _18Feb, 

Semanel irvine: rcs ice. 

Wm. ‘Cannon  24Augy 
Rob. M‘Cormick a7Nove 
Heury Kelsall ..28Decs 

Fisher 6Dec. 

aries Jas. Beverle ssBec.|La gpowiteg Mari 


Benj. Browning ril 

Alex. Sewell A _ 

Alexander Baird 14June 
9Mar. ‘1895. ‘"_. | Plios. Douglass ‘Eshelby 

\Chagles taches 16Dec.|Robert Scott 21Feb. 

M.D. 16Sept, yew Leyson 2tFeb.|John James iéJuly 
Alex.Stewart( b)16Seqit o. Campbell 5)21Feb.| George Witlidms radaly 
we tindsay, : ~~ tae Joni pimeny’ Alexander Linton?1Feb.| Dantan M«Ni¢oligsJ uly 
2 nae 19Jan,) Joho lsatt 2tFeb.{Edward Leah 37Aug. 

Henry Goliney 13Sept. 

' 10Sep 
Robert Whitelamissent ry quthBorlands pr.'Joshua Little 16Mar. 
Geos soforny3s et 

James Walls  i68ept. wills Bell (6) 31 fy Thos, Robertson (5) 
Cameron 3¢Sept.iJ ames pe rene es aNe: ' IgApr 
[Otiver Sproule aeeene Wm. Doavelly M.D. 
a Sept. : 
ss 647 229 


at c , » ag: Jebuson Lincoln: s7Nowl Wm.B Niings wy orld nas, Monae r. 1eJan. 

‘| hice asec:  GAng. ee ee, er2iJan. 
nG. Sparke Wsept,) ason. 975 
- we. sei) | Robert Gill 3Auag.|Thos. Kidd Deen m. M‘ . capri 

tcha at “Geo. Moor Jones tDec. John Buist : H 6June 
nee Ffonter’ ; ao =e ¥ pa on M‘Arthar 22Aug, 

‘ 180 ee ary Ruxton 239A 
Thos. Bell co ANov.|Rod 1180) YONRae.|' Alexander eSepe. 


es N Geo. ster eo. Alem acereaOe 
[ie Jervis ‘ 26Nov. 1806 rene Zeb sthrsodl herpes aya is . 
id DanielM ‘Kechnie Goditey: Zimmerman es : 96eg |. : 
Bet 24Feb. sednig.|fobp Baiat » AgJan. 

lob, oem . sefeb.| Rob, Smith 4iMar.|:- + Soar, 

. ee 
. oe oe ae one + 
. or ra? tow wen ee ose 

Obn Forbes (6) John Osborne dJuly[Jas. Stevenson 235M Kennedy. @2Dec. 

M.D.: ‘28eo.iohn Callan iodaly Hugh eanoges ms bn Greig . aaBoee| 
Henry Wm. Bull 16¥eb Arch. Robertson(5) John Speer 6J ane Grant, 
Jobo Edwards 23Febd. M.D. toJalyjJas. Clark, M.D. 1osune ark Thompsoass 
eseph Oller = SMariGeo. M‘Clere.. 2aJuly eerie -D. 203 une tie 
Richard Wood oe aa pate . aruly paurick waitie aJuly aa ae 1814 “- 

es m. Cliffor 4Aug.]Geo. ere omson . 

James Craigie 33MarJdwm. H. anaiAug. head, M.D. 43 * 

Andrew Allen 20April/ Rob, Gillespie 12Nov.|Wm. Boyd 27Aug,|das.Stewart(b) 7Be 
Nath. Nuttail John Allan 19Nov.iJas. M‘Conaell 9Sepi./Alick Osborn 
Bordman — April sohnHatel 24Nov.' Win. Law 9Sept.|Wm. Rogers 

m. Watson, M.D. Geo. Drvsdale 6Dece David Williams 188ept.|John (aJaMar. 
13M8y) Robert Bower 7Dec.'Peter Ramsay .lySept.|Johu L. Pattersons Mar, 
sJ Rich. Morgan 10Dec./Alex. Rae 130ct.| Wm. Simpesm 
{Henry Towsey 12Dec.| James Cochran 930ct.|Jas. Kay WMar. 
Jas.Graat(s) 1i2Nov.j/Pat.Magovern 16Mar 
1811 JohbnJohosten tsNov.jJas. M‘Beath - 17Mar. 
B-/rdw. Caldwell 8Jan.|Thos.Jackson 25Nov..Wm. Fas - seMar. 
Jas. Hamilton  29Jan,|Ebenezer Scott, 
John Stewart 9Feb.| M.D 
David Baird,M.D.12Fe 
Thos. Roberts 12Feb. 

D. 19Dec.|Mat. Anderson i2April 
Joseph Field 31 Dec,|Jas Wilson (6) 1Age, 

Wm. Gregor 18Feb. 1613 Geo. Collis 14May. 

je Arree tosh feo cocke Mae Sehetpaetencvmten dames St Sa 
5 e 9 e : 

R. Mercer Cockerill ot.{ Bob. Gaanee 15April Nich. W. Roche, Sam. Neill, M.D. aly 

Fran. R.Jago 27Sept.\Jos. Hen, Kent 26April John Gillies, M.D.7July 

Wn. Cri¢hton sJaly 

ve t.|G. C. Tegetmeier 27May John M‘tean: Aug, 

Holbrook 20ct.{Francis Logan 31May 

Jobn Howe 16July|John Corsan —- a5Mar, 

reh. Robertson (a) [Jas Browne (a) 17Aug.|Charles Skeoch 4April 

eis, aiNov,|Jas. Tweedale hig oun Seer A ccil yn no. Thomson sausene 
ames Foy 2aNov. Jae. E, Anderson, M iM aares Noit 20c 

Dav. Mitchel soNoy: 1pAug. ; 
hy it pea Huse. Chas.Miller  14Sept. priijjMichael Doak iNem 

Chaa.Kent —-26Sept. | id 
poet Conon Arch, Skirving 2@Sept\Jas. Carrathers 14May|Wm. West, M.D. sNor. 

songeniren Mee ohn T. Todd 120ct|Wm.A- Dalziel 20May Joba Druiimend29Now 

Goorge Birch s5Dec. plesite Naseeean oe ri — tbes 
urGamble M.D. |. -. 440ct. : i 

as pase sidec. Jas. Dickson (3) g1Oct.|Chas.B. Maguire 225ene]W me poet teas 

Regex. M‘Manus s0Dec.|John Cochrane ster aée Scott (c) art Teer 

{istit Weuson "sube.[BerenceClarke i90ct Win haderonca/4ian 

Alisa. -4aPeh. 
Resert Dass <P) oMa: 
Alex. Laughlin 10M 
RobertAastin§ 3A 
Matt. Capponi 17Au 
David Jamieson 17A 

Baldassare Sammut 

MorganPrice 9Jan.|Jas. Stuart 19Dec.jAlex. Smith 1S ay 
chu Duke liJan. Jouu Monteith July 
Geo, Hogan 4Aug. 
Wm. INingworth 10Aug, 
Rob. Williams (4)12Aug, 

Devidvén oMa 
fohn Lg Roberts 18Mar, een 
oe + 99Mar.(Geo. 3Mar. 
» Dewcen = --9MayiGuo. Swann 27 Mar.iGiibert King M.D.aOct. 
Devid Rowe =| 4 May: 8. Thomes ayiéar. 
. = Rutherford, . 



42. «OMEDICAYL agnnODn wee 
42 MEDICAL OFFICERS, with the Daten of thar Appointments... 


M LEDIGAWNOFRIERBS} \anttie the Dates of phein, Appointments. ie 

‘Win. Thompson(a)sOct, Isuac Ryall 13Mar. Jobn Inches SoAug. 
Morgan Finucane 4Nov.|David Jumes ee Peter Suther  2:Sept./John Maemillan sDec. 

W a. Gladstone 5sDec.jJames Nimmo Ryyt tes Thomas Evans 9Dec. 
John Finucave’d ay da ne Y) ae a ay m 29Sept.{John Forbes §» 14Dec. 
ohnG, nieces os Robert Shan 

gE LA LOT Lf Pine 


Ugh. te N 
2 orge Roddam 20Jan,. JeremiahJenkinsioauc, Isaac Gorrell —— 8Nov. 

ew er ue 

ch. P.Williams10¥eb./Jobn Gray (b) 25Aug./Phil-Charlemague Richard Lewis 29Dec. 

wth. Dobson, M.D. Tho.Gailewa b) 4Sept, fegeaten seDec. 
7 "17Feb. Richard Jones 1286p |; iotiey 

Hiam Pardie 22Feb. David Lewis (a) Jan. 

| o Willia ae Jan|Thomas me Neco an. 
MpROHSnderon Say a trot wack? saaineteon tri ioen ison ia6. David seaes cB 

Js se NTA, | 7June ac anh Hatchi-~ Srerecuneh ~~ Maer 
Cc as.Carr, ° 4June} son 6Sept.jAnthony P. Tee otf William Rae 29Mas.} * 
‘Thomas. Sim Apa my a AY iia Ve eng di Se ector B, Mithoff.14Feb.|John Clark (a) - 12Apr.] + 

Jae tn Tbe vie SaSEE n Mortidier ‘27#¢b:/Thos. Marchant iGApr. 
Edw. fet Brjenissert Simon G. Brittop 7Mar.|Janesiieren.  i6Aprd. | 
Walliam Elya Dec. Ric 1803 | Wm. Hindman 26Mar.|Wm. Donaldson 16Apr.[ * 
ft ASE SE 27d chard Tokina 1Mar.|Fras. W. Pridham 9May|Gaorye Galbraitb16Apr.] 
a 1798" ; - Macfarlane 25Mar.|Jos. B. Sheppard 17May} Wiliam Ratty 16Apr.f ! 
Eg ward Tudor , ,21Feb.| W ittarh ackay. m. Price(a) 21May|fohn Gough 23Apr, ° 
Benjamin Lara 26Mar.) M.D 25Mar./Andrew Darling 12June vias «Turner (5) 2May] |: 
a pfutt sy Ap Mlay Ja, Rutherford, MD, One ae tejune|H Gur. F cers dgMlage - . 
ep: e€ re es Mitchelizé6June|Cbr..F. Vanderbur 
J¢bn Graham 2July David Henderson 210 hy Robt. Bieke aaa *auly 261 ayf ' 

ginald Williams John Kenned 2A ug.|JasMarrLBrydone2éAug. John Bunting 25May 
Robert Brien 25Sune 

14Aug.|James Smith (a) 1SeptJohn Sterling 370ct. 
George Moon 28June 

Jqhn Niell 21Sept.|Wm. Burne cl John MN ec. 
me Wilgan. )M. pt,|John Benell’ 1 14bDee inariesstemmohtk ec.| Isaac Noot, aes i 
; q Jee: Joseph Gasquet ec.|Henry Lewin i 
sted Seen snl ne i ae | 
esa 1D. Dee bow Martin Ge  2vant ‘TRobert Alan “cae Rage ; 
og! in (a) t2Feb, William Aitken gam Ales Bi Gpaig - "reAtgud: 
wake Jpn Mier a) t2Mar.]Wm, H. Banks | 14Jan.{SameoHel (a) aAug. 
er Ee Iker 1 eer Jolin Dickson  yaySaul George ooper: pean. 
re hapapsie a Pplowayas ar.JWm. Tarner(ay 2tJat/Audr. D 
+ hing a Nig sab _  @9Mar.James Holmes 31Jau. Ricbarddekkine asepe 
Jimes Swift soap Ware Eton John Tweedale’ 24 Feb, /Robt. €. Seana 19Sept. 
ae Sey ire of MaylAndrew Lithgow ‘4Mar.{HeterBarland veSept, 9. 
Hes 8 unsld hl Soho a ty nelJames Crockatt 26Mari| Eman. Lasraretto 26Sep 
bined Hay tg Pex, risiee “a3duly|Charles Queade 15A'ptiiCharles Mwybery aGct.]- 
Pedal ied gal \ ~ggduty[Jno. Sonters Down,» -'(fhos. Bicep! > !480au$ 
J nn Strang sy g he illizmeon 27April| Patrick Walsh } DOct.4. | 

d.Lenox Jack 23Dec. Jj Set any Alex. Telfer 22April fre sleharasen BOK 
ames uly. 
oy, A dba! 
Jo sony atthe Rich, arter 10Au Sseuningsowayae MD 240c 
sr ®% bay t Sisk " g2MayJohn Fisher~-~: 950 

maaan tyes Dicksofi 31 Aug. 

Vy Fifa Altam Ure“ '' ‘26Sept. Lancetot Armstrong 290%t. e 

dime ty; ae Haidar Danie ‘Guartter t. iu Ralpb Eden , oe ‘ s0Octi | 

ate pre Danes Magi tdw. Williaws epe WalterDicksin IsJune James fteid ao 

pe Oe ayT Jo icksod(d)920cS.Jsoshud Horwood 2July|Abrafl ingworth 16 : 
oe: B. Hill a0 sd fin, poi pana 6Nov./ George Mitchel eJuly| William St. George 

tit! ; 
v4 Robt. Evans, M.D.7July| Davies -16Nou, 
0 ath sa ames Lowt wry oF Chas. Chambers “oduly Pierce Power (a)tsNov, 
ME.Ds' 4048 ae) Bailey . 10Dec./Jno.Owen Martin t5JulyjAlex. Cockburn .19Nov, 
i wid Cowan _ 140ct. C aeger Vickery 1 Dec. Jolin M‘Rae, (a) M.D.-jJobn Ogilvia-.... 2kNev, 

pstin 2 a Carte Edwrds: 25Aug. JobnGuth.Charke25Nov.. 
Bromley’ sige Pe ppiere sae: wm. Bell Cartyle 28ept.|James Wade 1Dec. 

be ; Sh ee ; |TRot Christie ae ire fe Wine rAerpeed 21 Dec. 
ance 130¢ dina see, 

Y Bante 3s ,) ov delat ‘an. Jno.Evans, M.D. 170ct.| : 

les 6Npv, ie 7Jai.| Win. Lodge Kidd 1809 
Haugh } bak aU ov.JA : ar (By t4Jan, M.D. vt JoOct Johtv Wn. kadeassssJan, 
J ng Authrie . 30Nox.{Jdhin Irvin (6) ' 29Jan.| Jamies unstall 210et.Jo ” 
hehe eg! df , Ser. ih > Lilli 4Feb./ James tran “290ct./James Dobie isan} ° 
ide BDEe,/5 fandfurd" 14Mar.| (¥Miam Dryden Wm. Vellacott.: tiJanf | 
ATID Gene wy ; 7 Coley ! 1:Ap at Wald ! No 2°Proctop: adden. ; 
vs = hee" a un) TI ar. ‘ommin 30 ¢ k Donelly - hn Hen. Swann-26Jan.1 ! 
el 1 Ie aa eet nM 14. nS Usher abet Ohprl orto ' 4 pho a fan ee ; 
see nd ov r ana . 
fale aa a sae A sulek os re Wm. Francis Carter, ' 
aden bE M.D, sts a7damef 

‘“ - j oulth¥e Roy. 
iltizth Gouphy '27 Febt:[JddSee 4DeteJun miey Br 
ards Stee! 29 Feb.1¥os. He Hugtves: 1 Aug [Ae za aNot . 

338 - 201 323 | 

1. rn EDICRE: Orvicens, \wextlothe; Dies of thain Apwrbimanit, aoe 

arpa as 


nies AN Pen a paris wat coi oad vt a me t he thet, ren corqurodT . . a 
ear) © EVE SOOT ell itt oh gorge Topp ie raha ” hath |e ae 71 ona’ wpet 

‘ DOLD cthe. - ino} es ‘gg Manu as ns : sacha i 
2 prOdabelo oy 7 
on™, REN Cp yetatieebl necok! ot ay LIST OF THE a grt ee 

goth; ‘, eee Pee GT 


ats of Ps AEE OR my oho} wore: 
; BAC s ed bredg lh ioha | erates - Weta an hy WV de a 

Y= eee : ae ae od eabe 

as : rear arn 7 a - me 7 o| 
: a an ee PHYSICIANS. : Sore ST ede RTI 


Pa UA crane OGRE Ouro 4a te pss Ase 
nis, feninrty. Names Seniority. RANES. Rentority.. NAN Setitdtity! | 
mene: Oroneney Vn Be 7 ae Uae 
[teonsndillespie ang. #sirJohnJaimivonaSept. Bunconh Athi i,t: he 7 

a meg fet se 80S 1808 “ bgigs Hes 

Pdeed, 4 og : trac ¢ Wilson (a) W7Avg.|William Tait —16July Kiev Denm 22Jan, 
: “ey 4 -180) ; D.J J. H. Dickson sDee 3 | _ brea 

; tote ‘ . 81 Jo cous gga 
A rew Baird aMaxch ; 1806 _ 1810 Sj Reheee b 
nee i Oa Alex, eeu ve 4 
ne {William Bean 25Sept.! William Burnet ine Soe ee eat §) 
ye sie MS ae OM Raaty z 
, feel Ss yet tee : asi - & re 

¢ alga Ve Ag pinbeline ok Tae med fe : - ituA = : 
Pee Ue Mero 2 .SURGEONS RETIRED. tasters besth any ee qi 

: vilee tf 
redndiaons gai. Dykar ° “SDec.80, Arch. Menzies, ear re cgi stii Zi 
w6' Janes Coull 1J4n.8)' James Little’ 92 1G eo, amy A 

James Atose mee John C. Mules sAprils? ques foffatt is : 
sd unveatWadeSnictay 1: 

Ww, Keart- RON ar. Tia Nutt ‘aJuncs} icol Une: 
Voha Burt eS 4, ledulyal aes os ichard Daly, prove 
ex, Why 

JoseplySkinner JOCGL78IWm. Neabitt 24Dec.b1)Wiu,Cather  9$ep ' 
John. Henth | i. 12Der,78 Jamies Wilke 19Mar.82/ Peter Blair Rebs » Rann Ga €; dy 
R. CuConuell 24May.70), Har ialioruc 20D ¢.82|John Cole Oct. abn Flaca pd & 
Jés. a eg t7Mar.7914 lex. hitsgn tJ n.G3: genes waren 4 Wm, ilton.¢ : 
Ah Stewart felzaAonil7 T. homas Keiu edSulyssiJohn § Has ee 

Wa, ddaniti, 

Joly (iliam 

ak e6 

Sipe yabnie a fet 

Ms Papen Wm. Pattison 14Oct.90| WmShgveller 26Sept. 
¥ aie Sel 1§0¢t.90 a ici 
hog (lty adbL YOu bk bet 

Soe heer ry . ~ SURGEONS. FOR are eh et 

i amp on Tie. rapa afan is Hoa sa 
rh “ha waa aan 


ioe ae 

¥ pace. 7 Robert bine (a) 1bOc ten 

roma Oe Alex. Anderson 150ct- e en Rut i a 
' ; |Alex.Hamiiton 150ct. hea tson.a)30 une|) 
Geo. Kellie M.D. 15Q0¢t. 

hay wyid “J 

. {Joseph Parker 24Noy.[Thos. eepet., . BAug, fol {i 
Thos. Stewart(a) 23Dec. Fraucis Connin A sae organ verny: age | 
Peter Smit SOc John Grant... ; a homag, ,- ad 
¢ oe oie ee le 791 James Veitch (a). ve . Me 49 Os Bs | 
aR: Joka Buchan &Feb. AsAug. |seazea Bae }¥A L} 
ChtheértEden . isMan. obn Bayne gJulyjJames Corbe ep . vt oe at 
Robert Wesley - 13Dec. WiliamGoe £00 eatin Bet lie 
hoa een 1793 Bee, \Vin. léwi n 1 ie 2) 
orn. ; ree ‘lwittiam Fe ler 30May a 795 tohn nati pu 
J Thomeca sa8ept,(Robert Greer soMay| Wm Masta ia an 
Jul Spenge,-  90May a Osborne re ohsece ona 
1789.7: George Vurnbull S0May|Tho.Galloway(a) i3Febe). rat f 
vid. Paterton 83PebijAtcyenson Eden, —- {Robert Inoes iy pa. Madden” ; i 
Al‘CatleqneNow,}.. 4.D, _, SoMayl[Bor, Cinnamond 3 OE i i} UL 
Poaatts id a - William Flaming 30May Geo, Brown (2) 7 Mar. si Cc ay Orit l 
toapbss 78s keke Nagle , ulyjAliao Corngoot = é6May Ovid Rowlands i{luneta 
Jaumed Long: "mapa Rab. Carruthers s4Sepu|F. MBean Chevers [fno. Unningham 2 une 
Cab a bho Wika cullen aid ns 1oMay Meter Econ ids 
‘ es ae lian 4Nov,| Nalb. Poulden jablay cut | ceaal wy: 1 
John Rien 12guRe ‘ig r 

iaphry Mills . sJuly 
eB DnEY ill a 

Witl J 
Wri parte bran fs tampameiean, uly 
Thomes gre ' goJan.[Josey- Ketnedy wAug, 

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et. ero eben 


Robe een 
: at i er 
wm. Swat? oshuig.|Thon seis Sait assay 


bert H. Cole 3 Dec. Ans. Rane Se ee = e 8 : a 
Joseph Perrram IDs be. te cael ae ee ee, ee ee : ; + 
ohn Town SPee FAWN. eau pie wy . a a 
Wm. Ray BaP ich Behe ey iM baatyh i. { ‘ get 
eler Bi. ck wer Wi. 26 ad a ee and i" a -¢ 
5 | Daw. Tard eyes Fo ‘ . way 2 se eh ad 
Jain Prank CJau[iwWwu. Watkher lela. mike - ze TEL e Woe e 5 yh tap . 
arles Waldron Ida [Robert Buieuss plu. [Used bee, Pr ad ale yg 
David Goalen «22a fdaues tose sb ley- Masa vebatt: age SR 
William H.Curtis avd ar, tlw, thaws 5.4 mr eee abe Ob ail an he § ie ; iia ae tatiy ‘ 
obn M‘Fee SkebGen Bo Moi Gee flee fa woth Sb om St 
Diam Millerct) Skeb, Dibitie Dac plas sat Jedey gtae ages H agin Fe XB. } ‘ ‘4 bee 
se Gwyth)er AbebD|Saquuel Duis. oer de re ack ee een ne | - wifes 
e¢ Tonlin Cell Chailes Baruey soe P hone ab Md Bo od a9 
poutholi2keb.jJ. B. sicat woe fh WH ae has : may 
ar L. North 26Febl. Pues, Mautor an... f! Men p vghs cab ga as ty, 
spfhbtte Bugle ghar. M. Caruichge! Jade pe on Boer asbey tt woe? atic Ag 
rDavis (2) wader K. Ruapy 1aDiee. boli boadtcdt ad Sudha Oy, . | 
‘\ khacoey 16 D)ar.) Wan, Ayhbuue esha ddd Boe a fie Hot On r tee 
1 ea Cumpbei 25Mur, Edu. Sar tle. Jubak sugiia Soh of bE fp ate te babes dl 
: oh Wyse isgqprit, bag de Agha mhoyte a aa 
{ 3 Hankin 2iAprilj John Alles u 24s sud Mossel eo eS td ; 
| » Ledevegury OMay Ju, Kay uer Maynessduu. enews a ie bak Fuser, ae e,! 
i A Suitehuueeadwuel Withliani Cove =r aah te eth vdtbien 3 eee cae fe 9 “oy 
f rd Lot aduneicury Brvuker bApee cae Poi 8 Faw PP gl TR 
7 "Tiebso ratricl. Sdune J. Bigwig welds oy. Me ices ate he eA 1? 
dame. Woes | wdune) vues Viliy ace oe rape og A a ATV ay 
Ven. Wareon Cie duryi vein. Wihiuite cay a7e. sat frst we ees oe ae ee ee ee 
Jona N.Arasmaewnguduty be be bebe ALsuiy jlo fray, Baa ae fe ae yor, - ‘utay 
OV. bitbacs tiduly Jou Ligwis Bue gree Le cal! Bik ge! ! ior ge Bly 
"Wa. Kees Jase pt, Wituauw deol Adu. sy flit, ry H cm oh f a7 5 gtk 
pouba guru: BGde PL Micuciion Awses oe Reh be Leis ae le AAS aes ore 
FJoull Kuwert: Lise pi yeas. d cae: Ridin hy cre = ht SOO OP eth oS a feet 
, deme Perry Show. bavid vasiid li zeStly ee Bei) aaricogity td FT We” he 
YSmmacs bala £LNOYe I douse ke ay bus Pere ts yef Mb abeer Brodshots “y : Le = alse. 
PRR ee | Liewn iiavov.! Cids. biowa toupee x woe, : {7 fale - 
Poxtecewyne! 2s? Nov. Juin vudinui pe coc yt| bev) a eee 
TEoewarc Ging BUN UV arses de duher ae Scyilpede WOATIL iuagele ds , ca tadec. 
ne Seow u > bec . mwyd Cu walls 254 ae are tet oFel, Kate, ype Ns rap 
BRIT boupeun(2) alec Jun Sissic! Bee Lk at BOAT i, CRON Se xs As ete, rly 
ahiy aiex. Ware. wet wpeeg Mh cnet Ve Maden 
‘ taeewis Sui gs) Janu. jSamuel LD’: eae eee Ww mn 
Jadunlt orace b2Jan Qobert aswel. wt. faye DET LAE a vf Rye 
damm: Vicar isJanjGeorge Puayser isu C28 ee ee ide. Stig 
Jams... Bhewon 29Jan.s Re. Couseus ft oe gael, eh ‘ x 
$ad.cualwers( 2) 10Feb.) ue! dest Ia Rl na bya ycane te 
° let. Lys. AIFeb. Sess ie ; be Sie ad pos. oe! Gone a 
3 Seaper Uaies aePebSs Tuoi + : 7 ; eae af ee 
ae ee rn ea ou elect iret se ties AEN, sO Bek ge . 
are YEeve yey! audar.! ot : a i (ae i 
Tore eas dayr |i aa” oo” Meo ye Ga stes 
i 4t. i ww j ‘ fot i 
7 be 
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iy bea 
rT wes 
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“4 TVA 
*}) a 
_— rca Ra Teta gee 


138 MasPERS, with the Dates of their Seniority. 

Afch. Starckey 7Dec.'John Hamilton 2Apni 
Alex. M‘Kenzte §Dec.'Sohn Hales 21April 
Thos.R. Sissmore3] Dec.! Patrick Dall 30Aprir 
ms JobnAlGowan 1May{Thos. Greenstdes 18Feb, 


George Ramsden Jan. 1805 Wn. M‘Cailock 4MayjJohn Wooicock 21Feb, 
Jobn Engledue 15Muy. John Letheney 28May| William Jobus 
John Pearn 6Mar.| Wm. Pricst 1gJqne|Peter Martin 

G Stuare = BApr. 
Win : Dan. M‘Lean =- 27 J une/ Chas. Neil 
John Martyn 12Aug. 
Wm, Main 13Aug. 

as. Chnningkam 23Jely|Andrew Davidson 16May|Sames Long gSept.jqualified for 3d or 
Adams Weymouth taAag.| Peter George 18May|Thos. Hedgecock 27Sept.| Rates)are on the H. 
William Balliston 10ct.jAbdraham Trahar 28J ure} Peter Inskip 1Uct. 

William Koss = 26Nov, 
Wan Fothergill 21Dec. 


3800 John Pilly sSeptu.| Richard Skinner 21Q0ct. Rob. Medland 
Edward Smith 10SepulGeu. Thomas 12Nov.jGeo. Millard - 
James Scott _ Jan, |John Willis 11Sept.jJohn White - 21Nov,(%ohi James 
Johu Spurling _ 4Jan.jJolin Buyers 4U0ct.|Gilbert Burn 26Noy.| Wm. Bain 
Swan Blyth’ 3iJanlChriet, Anderson 18Oct.| Thos. Kirkby 29Nov,|B- FE. Pearse 
Twos. Hoigson 8s0May|Cromweil Carson 290ct.} Wm. Williams 8 Dec.|4a3. Kegie 
William Strachan 12July Fred.Lappenbergi3Dec.| Robert Austin 
Thos. Smith 9Sept. Sohu Gransden - 
Nath.Haried 9Sept. 1806 David Glegg 
James Crawford 16Nov. . Philip Miller  18June 
Joha Lamb (2) 20Dec.|David Beynon = =—_—7Jan.|* 18e9 Geo. Tilly Lidnly 
Vn. Pitt 22Feb. Wm.Thompson 29July 

Jas. I.Wilkinson 10Mar, 

1801 John Childs, 11Mar, 

And. F. Morgan 15Mar. 

gens Riv (2) 15Reb.. Wm. White (1) 2May 

ug. Dulby a6Feb. |Join Selby 14May 
Nich. Tinmouth iMay 

Geo. Scott 12San,|Rob. Liddle Hicks sAng. 
Josh. Craig. 14Jau.| Wm. Pennington 26Sept. 
Geo. Cayme 21¥Feb.\John Mills 6QOct, 
PeterRoberts = =7Mar.jWm. Carr 5Qct. 

Rob. Clennan 1sMar,| Wm. Sid sOct. 

David Bebdinsou -19uly! Peter M‘Lagon 19July|Wm. Tanner 27May Jos. Hartield 13 
Wh. Wilkitson 9iAug.'Jas. Dougias 2iJuly;Kich.Cubison  g8June Lewis Roper Fitz- 
Anth. De Mayne 3iJuly} Peter Parker iJul | maurice 19Now. 
Stephen Thomas 1sSept.'Stephen Vale 19Aug. Charles Choak sJuly Johanson Clering25Npv. 
: Wee Daniel Lye . 20Aug.|Jas. Franklyn 6July|James M‘Queén 27 OV. 
Thos, Driver 7Sept.iJohn Harris | 2Dec 


“ $802 Joha Hutchinson 88ept.|Geo, T. Appleton 290ct./James M‘Kenzie. 6 Dec. 
. MA oe Wm. Hilliar 178ept.| Henry Lanyon Nov. 4) rae 
Richard Hildyardt3¥Feb.|Mich. Kemp = 17Sept./John Sanford — 11 Nov, 
James Baya © | 4Jane!Thos. Phillips 220ct.|Wm. Ellis 14Noy, ; 

Heary Thompson 8Sept.|Jamet Kerr 230ct. 
og Meee Nath. Squires 4Nov. 

John M. Davison 6Nov. 

Dan. Donovan 21Noy.| _ 

Thos. Read = 29Nov, Thes. HTS 

“' $803 | Rob. Lesby 12Nov.|Jas. Dillon 30Noy,| Vincent Tr 

xg ie Thos. Curtis 2Dec.|Rich. Collins  3oNoy,|4iex. Lovie | 
Joim Burnett éJaly|Henry Smartley 13Dec. nies coat 
‘Fhowas Jolinsott 27Aug. j ; ohn Thaeker | 
Luke Brokensha 1Sept. 1810 Jos, Higgs‘ ; 
Alex. Cannon 170ct. 1807 : Neil Morrison 24Mair. 
Geo. Louttité 13Dec. Thos. Griffith | 13Jan,j/Geo, Lockyer Par- 

John Font 20Jan.|John Jenkins 29Jan. 

rott 25Mar. 
John Nicholson 17Aptil 
Rich. eld 17April 
Levellyn Howell 18April 
JamesBurness i3May 

Adam Crawford 21Feb. 
Wm. Jackson (1) 21Feb. 
Wm. Purdo 13Mar.jJohn Miller 1Mar. 
Edw. Spencer 23Mar.|Jos.HakeSparke 15Mar. 
Wm. Godfrey 10April|Joln Livingstone 27 Mar.|Jobn Warner z1lMay 
Win. Hingston 20ApriijJas. Thos. TaylorsoMar. acta tel eased ied 
Thos. Wolfe 6June|Wm. Dow 24MavjJohn Jones izdJuge 
George Renner 5May/Edw, Mathews 22July|Wm. Porter 30May| Wn. Petre 13Juge 
James Thomson 1501Y!Rich, Bushell 21Aug.|Wm. Yeames —{5June|Geo. Tilfourd 18Juge 
George Mace 43uly|Henry Taylor 28Aug.|W.MarshallCobbzeJune|Thos.Spence = 17Juhy 
Hugh Stewart sJuly z.|Geo. Dawson 30JunelRoger Dobson 16Aug. 
Benj. Hazell (1) 26July\james Caddy 260ct.|Dav. Balberney 26July|Alex. Lewis 19Auy. 
Jamea Norie 173 uly |Jas, Barrow 3Dec.\John Stedeford 13Aug.jThos. Laen 98Aur. 
William Amey — 22Jqly/john Bates 10Dec.|George Dunn = 14Aug.| Ben, Hunter 28J 
J.Rich. Spencer 29July|zuke Winter 12Dec.|Wm. Owston sAug.|HughGarratt  16Sept. 
Francis Prior 10A4Z-/Thos, Miller 31Dec.|John Emerson  8Sept.|LewellynNicholas26Se 
Edward Oliver 1sSept. Edw. Sabben 14Sept.i:Wm. White (2) 160 
Henry Fraser —22Septe 1608 Wm. Rickman 180ci.James Weddell 31 
Edward Denison 40ct. 

Hen. Geo Slenverl4O0ct.JJohn Watson iJan. 

mF. W.R.Sadler 4Nov. 
Edw. Potter 9 Novel MentorW ilkinson20N av, 
Charles Maitland 16Oct.JJohn Pedlar 18Feb. 
Thomas Marten 24Oct.jThos, Clifton 4aMar. 

Rob. Hawkey 4Dec.{Thos. Trelivimg 25Nov, 
C. A. Harris 11Dec.| Wm. Steed 25Nov, 
Charles chee 1Dec.jJobn Tbek Crout 2oMar. 
e | 12 

Robert Yule 18Dec.| Robt. Dodd 2Dec, 
296 985 

Wm. Oliver 27¥Feb. 

1804 Hen. Doughty 2Mar. 

Richard Oglesby 2Jan, 
William Moore 12Jan. 
John Lewis 7Feb. 
Robert Nellson 30Apr. 

Wn. Sheehan 13Nov. 


[iimcieemnmeaemmommeeesnce ae ee area 

MASTERS, with the Dates of their Seniority, : 


Those in Italics are unfit for active Service, 

NAMES Seniority} NAMES Seniority, NAMES, Seniority. [NAMES, Seniority 
James Squire 17Jan.d6\Jobu Rone } 2Jan.07/Tyistam Woolam Ehomas Fox dQchoi 
Bhoswilamon 2g0eti| J. F. Dession 24Aug.05| 24AUZ.06/George Hermes Oct.o| 
Gen, Cranston24Aug.05) John Silly 24Aug.05|James Dunbar 24Aug.061 Wn. Spow ers 244A us.0; 
Wow Young 24Auz.06 Chas. Thompson David Snivith 2yAuy.06] Thos, Vaylor 24Auco; 
ifobn Ducker® 94Aug¢,05 2yAug.05 

Thos Quayle 2vAay.o! 

Edwa: Loud: s6Febv.06/Chas Roberts 2yAug.05 JohnSayer’  a4Aug.o: 

meena {Jai.00 

6 12 15 o1 
Ed. Groundwater 31 July{ Wm, Wager 10Nov. John Wwe Trotters nr 
1777 Jolin Coleman 19V0ci.) Edniund Lyes 26Ne¥,| James Downie De Apr 
Wim. Hudson 8Noy. Cliomas Muicolm ‘}dolin Gaze. - odMa 
ft Mice © B¥ev.jFames Keith = 21Noyv.! ‘Temple 27NovdaAnth. Lockwood 27Ma 
ad an ers : 

| Ea ae 

ve Ed Ce diees Vanes 9 .:* am - 
ay(illdwmefi cc 
che 2 UTE vo-d: 1} Nathantel M*Ngir ean, ok i] Mos. Meore | 12Aug 
edd ATi OOTY) 20.0 Fk, Rendall 3Feb./Robert Weir SFeb.l Join Lami{i) 2Dee 
Pare Ata a7 i Meardk& Robeértgon19Feb. Jchu Goodridge 27Feh. Jobe Dough: ~ Dec 
Jeffreys 293 dmpNobenTyrreté: -'7Apritiosiah Oake — 18Manl ohn Alexunder' 1eDec 
Ghmibhedrd  ac@dalyhlon: Brice 17Aprit Thomas Hosking 30Mae, 

Michael Spratt .1sDeelRichard Burstalt)odun 

tBred. Ruckese “ 1¢Jun 
. “Booger Paytor, = adul 
1596 . «| Thos. Gritiths ¢:)29J ul 

ee TAC CeiJames Duncne-1ds Dec 
BMahyAe | Meee Pnera plctonassyrl MathiasSisk ., :Aprit{jghn Coobes: ik9Mee 
el.iqhco78l WudéohaVucker “© 6June}Charles White @1Apsill ros. Thompboas deb 
Elvlks vv [Hérey Sur.’ 9unelThos, Fothering- francis Minte.. 1DFeb 
conctéBradshaw6J Satw WA. Ravengsuly| ham 3aMayifohin Nebel! t1Mar 

hulls issu Uwébe Bravke'- 'SAug. Thomas Hewlet jiJung Alex. Louthean $A pr 
et vdulé yeviull pRobs Dares’: I8Auy.lThos.Pengyse _Nuly/ Francis Whitavy bideuin 

Po Jolin Wepburn | duty 
ules £oleiPavtd Suan: QA0g] Willian Lowes. 2aAug. 

nN Kidd 3Mayifhoy. Alana - BS5ept/Ricl. Turner GAugsd. The above ) is (iy 

Henry Craddock Aug, qualified farylrst. uv se 
tephen ‘Trownce 20Dec./Robe. Balfour, asAuy, cond Kates) are on the 

Henry N. Raker 19Sept, Half/- Pay of ts.per diem, 

Hatt, Coleison ‘Asp ume 



i oa ae Joseph Seymour 2a8ept, 
Ih dete iho # "3795 ohn Ruse | tNav,! ; 
be bedet oe DRBB ave cei oe OTN Thomas Cook JéNov, 
ne 2 ae een Jobn Boarn. : 5 22Jan. ohn uutingdonItNov. qrmemeennege aftrinpeetemite ob 
Dex tUMCoy 210chhlodn F. HarrowayoMar.|Win. M'Kelliar 21Dec, : 
‘aaareta yal herdes' Baiilie' #3Mar. R.G. Peacock ‘240ee. yr gd 
ye BIBOS Ciradhd cage Prowse’ 34Mar. 7 ee ‘ ; i ae : 1208 - 
ican Weir. A6Gobleuitiprtents’ a4kTT] goa 
can Weir... 16C hilip Thomas’: a 4597 ‘Hdenry Brow 
isJeohn 29NOVd Rie hs Atdersoit - BAficy M97. y D = 3ddune 

Wy. Minn, 29Nor; 


Charies Benxon: atJuly: 

Geo, Holbrdoke' May |/Charles Walls Idan, Rob. Thonwongs>1eAug. 

obese Lunthean 28 May James (yssell “M4 aaohu Oligo! 6 eA. 
preebr 48793 veo (oun Gsihan * ''" sSuly|W I. Job Xtehn Scola). | .sQct 
biekot Liség shoal papi the acid reed Heury: Lawrence rt eae an Airey ~ +. Oct 
ot Out Alitions 3iJu eury Gooch iFeb.[/W.Wai her33;v 
Walter Broad 3May) Alan Laned giAuge lies a4 cb.) W.Wain Butchers; De 
Thos, l’opplewelliss une) John Bryde 

eae pr. ede ate 

14 8 

£0 107 

a3 ov a wee * . ene 
Second Lieutenants. 
amesCamptert ~'-! : 

ulay M‘Aulay 97F ed.79/James Camipdcl 2Sept.08|Tho. Dowling Evre 1 1Nov.11 
enry Lyte 13Feb.79|Wm. Rich. Clark Z 3Sept.oa ante fikipeen | i" a! ll 

te | he 4 a rT 
ia ee A ike q| t. en tihs Woleridatph } ae Oe ware enman 28 Dec.11 
dward Wynn aJulyeu|/Henry Gritton | sSept.vs|Joln Stone 20Jan.13 
‘homas Lyte 22Julysuobn Arscott Tickell 8sept.0s|/Robert Thacke 6Feb.12 
ohn Gwinnell SiJulyso|Jas.Huugerford Morgan sSept.0s|Geo. Dawkins Lane 15Feb.12 
dexapeer nar pee Samet ge Aan 295ept.06 ymomae boy raiata Fy bas 
ieorge Cornis 270 ct.80|'Uhomas i t ' sMaria 
oseph Hall , 231 Novsv iw ned ety 110ct. ae Meatcchy 10Mar.12 
tharles Pasheller 16Nov.80/Thomas Walker | 2Dec,06| dw. John Blake 26Me .12 

n. Tunnadine Vincent 16Nov.80 Hilal Jade. f af ieerge Serjeant 1A cris 
tichard Holmes 20Nov.80|John Meadon Croad 8Dec.ot John Wheadon 3 

lollis Bu Way , .. PNM 8A obu Jackson ' + -229¥|George Philipps _ 1 

‘Hiomas Wm. Hearne 1SFeb.84 el Liaya 24Feb.dyjEdward Mallerd .-: -; qMuye 
.edrew Lindsay | gaFeb.81/'Tho.Marshall 25Fe Thomas H Ho ) S6Meyt 
ohn. Williams - OMer.81) William Allen | JoMar.o9 John Jhon, Hinton -. 253 
Javid Ree)  SSept-6iichas Williamson 16Mar,o9 JohuMouk =... seblay 
Vm. Evaus: tLOchlf/Rawlins Wm. Walter . .Apr.o9] Doug. Pettiward Brisae19dund 
tobert Williamson (t) @Nov.8i/Chowas Drinkwater 4Apr.09j/Edw. Ubilcoté Gundry :¢6) 
‘oshuaJehn Wilde  18Nov.81/John Scroud Field TAprely n Colquhoun 29Junei2i} ~ 
seorge Pawsey 200ct.81 John Gunn 19Apr.o9|John Morgan uly 
jamuel Swallow 230ct.81/Rt. James Masou 26A pr.09| Wm. pee Skiuner 25July32 
‘oseph Calder. « 28Nov.8!|William Ford]Samuel Walker SoJulyi2 
ohn Mackay 2Dec.81/Gust. Hancock Temple 15Mayoy| Fred. Woodcock 3Aug.12 
Jougal Campbel GDec.81/Chas. Wm, Mpere. - 8iMayog/Thomas Bailey SAug.l?2 
‘ohn Hill : 32Jan.82\ John Purzet Elliot 4Juneog| David Tweedie WAug.i2 
iames Beckwith | 15Mar.8¢/Wm, Hagerty uneogiiicury. Pitt 2S5ept.i2} | 
Robert Bulkeley’ *  ONFaYe2/ William Andersen pdulyes Frederi¢k Hewett .-. , 
lames Hannay | S6AUg.82/ Edw, Cooper Pulliblauk i sJulyoo James Watson 21Sept.t2 > 
Wn.bangley © «°°: .S7Aug.62iGeorge Rich. Child. 24Julyus Autheabintest yous 5 BNorel 
be Fhemas 4rd i+ SSept.62/Rob. Williamson (2) loAug.0s|/James Laug 7Dec.i2 

m.'O!Bierne.! . ':: ¢Sept.82/Lewis Agassiz 2tAuyoq|Henry Robert Raye, -14Dec.32 
Seorge:Ward....:. .  13Sept.82/ Thos. Radcliffe iSepLap Stephen Ed. Collis 14Dec.13 
Bensamnin Sayer: ).- wWOct.82/Geo. Alfred Devereux 20 ct.09| Daniel Eves. 1°... 36Dens 
Abel: Dagge: sriet ss MNove82/ColivCampbeiul BOchM aurea Robertson 17Dec.1 
edms Houd Prosser - WNov,62 Joseph Jameson | 15Nov0wiGeo, Reederick Croest: 17Feb.13 | 
deotor Jolin Weir: «a0 Dec.82]Samuel Campbell G6Dec.09|Sichee! Bevan 19Nov.04 
losh. Rowley Gunthorpe Wuness Sohn Jenkins, igJanuRoger Northi:2 oy: OMe 
ViniColley «3-3. HApL.MBlJohn Rice Williame  24Jan.iu T.uomas Patserson a» GApritha 
lames Busop..  ¢ 89Mar.97 Edward Reever | §Sau,t9| Richard Sargent sAprili3 
ioseph Havdom .' . a7Mar.97/Wm. Tod. .2Feb.10) Joseph Smith ie [ASAPIAS 
lobnFremebss. .\» ddune$7/ pet.Hen. WilsovLocke i0Feb. 1a] Deuia Drowne genus 
thas» Coleman::/ = .:. 13Feh.98| Robert Davies _ aNant Johy Wye! siicuy Mayas 
Jed inigfield Pogsow 21 Feb.98 homey Bond —,- S5MaygiGVobua Reed Butter QJuly13 
oh: neyo | Apr.9iGeo. Bowden .g0July10}Corpeliad Murray SJuly is 
ohuJohnston. «) -..  3May99Johu Wm. Simpson _ 2Aug. ie} Wm, Baikh“ui CortescdeuoJuly13 
inthur Dewedl....> > -8SMay9o/Hamiltah T. Jouuston 26Aug,40,W illiam\Hortos 20July i3 
ohn Rose Brooke L7Junes9|W. Kich. Flint , 3S8ept.sqMeorge liombt : wordy 
Polar testag wee ‘2 | 8ANg.99)/Rubt. Smithwick . 30ct. 10) Fred Babuing 3Aug.l3 
seo. Hem. ssick:. <. - {Mervin West elJamb Edward -B. Hodges :~1:Aug.13) ! 

Crespin os HMJan001Gcorge Walter . 17Jau.sti/Andrew Corstorphin  18Aug.33 
‘homns Rea «6. 1: 1Feb.06/yames Read 2iJanwit|Henry Moss.” DLA | 
reorge Loftin 19Jan.07 Paul Kyffin Carden  22Jayctk| Edward Wilson aSeptig 
oha Walton Bullock 26Mar07HJohy aa bee 28J]George Mainwaring’ “"7Septi3} 
ames Reece Lane ISAPPO7lEd ward Manice 2Feb.144 William W vilie AsSeptel3} | 
thei 44Dec.07/John Hall Porter. . akebtiMGeongeSkdes'!: =.» BsOctzafl : 
area a4Dec.bzJas, Barry (1). 21 Febsltlilenry Walters 13Dec.t3} |! 
Villiam Cupples 4$2aniesiRod. HussallOwen  2eFebsat/ fen. anet Bayly Ross 15Dec.1 ‘ 
ames Flex auans 273an.C8iChas. Matthew Purdy } 1 Maret i}Geo. Wo. Harris 36Dec.13| | 
ohn Barker Be C.Vyvyin Hoare. agMareti{Chas. MantigeStack? > Ban. | 
@oKang oi) s6Nar.08l Jamis Meury Meredith: 2Mayti|Louis de) Thierry  6Febsrat |, 
ee + @OlMur.os| Rich. poanaia . ,  aesuuelapHetry Weir 7 -- 19 Feb. rapt 
oe aA alt i) -UQ@Apr.Bsl Aug. us .  Bedaynesiv ohn & 2iFeb.lg) 
gviddpln Watts): 20 t}/Samucl Hifgoe ., , 1,]Tbomas Cruse wiv dSepld 


Edtarg Bassata , 6Novi [William Hammond = 170.ct.14 
aan va iedrgu Dacres Clarke: nin’ ne 
ra \ ye ‘ a u Me we 

1 ta. “aoe 

Assistant Surgeon. 
John Wilkiuson 28Sept.os 


ae First Lieutenants. 
Sir Jobn Evelyn, Baré. 21Aug.78, Thos, H. Wn. Desbrisay19jan.05) Alex. Campbell 100ct.08 
amue} denkin : 25Dec.78| Thos. Wardner Spear 11Feb.05|James Robert Moriarty 10Nov.08 
William Ackroyd tJan.79} Wim. Hale Derrington 23Mar.eq Chas, Stevenson 15Noyv.08 
He West - : 1July79} Thomas Morgan 30Mar.05} William Blucke 2iJan. 
Genald Cotton 11Aug.75} tleury Grape : 9Aprilvs| Heury Doswell 1Feb.09 
ohn Nicholson Martin iSept.79}/Chas. Robinson Miller 10 May0sjJoseph Henderson 25Feb.09 
Robert Dell i3Julysuj#Sir Rob. Steele, Kut. 15Auz.05| William Perham ° 20Feb. 
John Drummond 300ct.80} Thomas Piper 15Aug.05| Peter M‘Latyre 16Mar.09 
ohn Belson 4Nov.80| William Magin 1$Aug¢.05| Willian Graves 12Mayo9 
Edward Wood 7Nov.80| Benjamin Beales 15Augz.05| Robert Saxby 15J uneog 
ohn King 22FKeb.6i/Jas. Heury Baker 15Auy.05) Rupert Chas.Holland 11Aug. 
ames Baird 31Mayai| Thos. Brattle 18Aug.05| Wm. Townley Pinhey 25Sept.o9 
Robert Martiv 2tAug.61]%. J. Waldegrave TaneisAug.o5|Sam. Young Henderson 
William Bourne riSepiaijEdward Pengell 15Aug.03|_ Harding 20.ct.09 
Wa. Taylor (1) 'eDec.8i/Jubn Mack intos 15A=9.05] Wom. Chamb. Chambresi8Nov.o9 
Shilders Twentyman 15Dec.81;Henry Porter 15Aug.05|John Balhetcheé 29Dec.o8 
ohn Henry Beuzelin 12Feb.52 John N. Fischer _ W5Aug.05 Richard Greenwood 30Dec 
Heory Painter |” 22Mar.&2 Captain 12Apritii| Join Serjeant - 22Fan.10 
ames Metcalfe 26Aug.8e|James Cassell 15Auy.05! John ‘Fwyford 15Mar.10 
George Byne - 1Sept.ey| WV. Spittle Bond 16Aug.05)John Asiett / 9gMar, 
Edward Kentish 160ct.62| George Grieve 15Auy.05/Jas.Adoiphus Moore 14May 
ohn KidgellSandon 1Dec.82|Edwagd Rees 15Aug.05|Chas, Butler Greatrex IJupelo 
Thomas Carthew 11Jan.8s| William Clarke 15Aug.05| Wm. Catherwood Chade5J wae! 
ichard Brown 97Apr.839| Bdwara Morgan 15Aug.05; Thomas How BJ unelo 
4Thomas Crump 1Mayss Charles Wales 15Aug.0§: Duncan Camphell (2) 2sJulyi0 
William Dawes 1gApriig3/Jehn Peter Pleydell = 15Aug.05/ Thomas Crebbin' @sJulyio 
Daniel Osborn 18April93 Acheson Crozier 15Aug.08 John Macfarlane SAug.! 
obn Edw. Blakeney 18Aprilgs|Bertrand Cahuac i$Aug.05 James Hubbard = - 20Aug.10 
Thomas Keane 19Sept.g93] Peter Connolly 15Aug.05 Jonn Lind /  , 
amuel Prother 10June94/ Richard Blakney 15Aug.05' Theoph. S.Beauchant s2Septel 
itchell Graham j2Junegs| Henry Elliot 5Nov.05 #Rob. Gilbert lgDec.1 
Wm.Hen. Carrington 1Aprilgs|Chas. Forbes 9Nov.05 George Lloyd — - 31 Dec.10 
homas Clark a4Aprii9s Pirillip KinneerJessop 11Nov.05 Kenyon StevensParker-15Jaa.11 
{Robert Mason — 24Aprilgs|Jobs Simpson LJano6 JamesJehns .- == ss 89d aut 
Henry Thempson 1Aug.93| Walter K. Alder 1Feb.06 John Pearce soMar11 
ohn Haddy Williams aduly93 Henry Ley Hannam —_15do.06 John Logie 30Mar.11 
Jos. Cinnawond 22Feb,u6 James Scott @Apiilil 
Charles Holmes , 17Mar.06 G.Aug. Elliott Sandwigh 
Richard Barford 275an.96| Nicholas Millett 2Apriloé Ingram Park ‘Taylor i¢suuell 
m. Lasinby French 19Jan.97//0hn Couche 26Aprilo6 George Gill | 6Aug.11 
Fran. Blake O' Doghertya6Jan.97 Henry Miller 158ep196 Patrick Bryson , BUCKI1 
Thomas Avery — ‘1Sept.pyJames Laurie 24Sept.06 Johu Baily i g4Vclelh 
John Scobeli ag0ct.97|S8m- Graves Averell 5Jan.07 Rt. Stewart Blucke. = -16,.Dees11 
‘lJames Holmes 17Sept.gaj2O8™ Shillibeer 13Jan.07 Hevury Wall | .  96Peb.t 
John Manners °°» —s- g6Sept.99] Levis Buckle Reeves 12Mar.07/ William Ryrie 1 Mar 12 
Geo. Henry Guyon .,  6Oct.96 Edward Baile 24Mar.u7 George Gunn “Aprilia 
William Corham i ov.9 W itliam Stuart ‘ 24Mar.o7 Heury Howard 25April 
James Marrie ~~ = 160.9 powers B snipleld Regie bier. a. Fi bos Beanlen iMayi2 
harles Burdoq ‘1 9] 4 ames Jackson 15Aprilo7 James. Sowuly 20May12 
Char rdon . ee Arm. Watts Hubbard 4Mayo7'Joseph Mountford. aJunet 
William Fowler 1Noy.g9| /homas Bassan sJuneo7/Robert Wikon: . sudunei2 
James Wheeler  ——s: 1 Dec.v0 Aa ida anor \Geor cea ioe eee i aly 12 
eoneth bie aj. Gri ec.07|George i. i. Sayer SJulyis 
E. SD eel aah Lewis Rooke 16Jan.08 Christ, Fottretl 168epe13 
y nathan Baron . Henry Harington 120cte12 
orge Drew Hawkins 24Mar.os,Richard Edwards (2) -200ct.12 
Duncan M‘Nicol 29Feb.08 Chartes Lloyd 280ct.12 

Richard Thos.Dixie — 5Mayo8 Benj. Griffichs ATNov.ta) 

Her ray haere a Ntayos William Sampson 29Junedg/John Perham 9Feb.i3 
Jas, Murray M’Cullock 17Julyo4| "hos. Reeves - 27Julyos|Rovert Barr, 13Apr.i3 
James Fichat ieAug.o4| Willian Liddon 27Julyus John Beunett GJuiyi3 
Rich. Tapper Parsons 18Aug.u4 Geo. Richardson Landell27Julyos|Heury Timothy O'BriendAug.i3 
John Stepney Haswell 18Auz.03 rea ee tie rind gee doe = nuk: is 
July é i 
pier peel nl een ahi Hen.Black erPairtioughe7Jalyos Barth. Sullivan 6Uct.13 

Edward Naylor 18Aug.04 
Jonn Neame Julyos|John Fraser ' BbJun.i4 
Deoriey roe es ohn Mitten adalyos Wm. Thomas Harries 17Feb.14 

hoe Mattes Marcer s1Bhogt Stephen Bridgman 27Julyos| Daniel Robinson a7Julyi4 
Richard Rouse 18Aug.o4| Rt. Turtliff Dyer s7Jalyos|Rt. U. D. James a7Julyi4 

5 4 bg 
d. tt Am ug.o4|John Lister 27Ju} vos} Benj. Shillito 1oJ uiya! 
Riscenicr Aa oe aiscpues David. Miller + $ptulyos] Richard Hickman igJuly 94 
Lewis Pryse Madden 1Sept.oi James Walker 37J ulyosjJohn Bloomfield 17 Dec.29 
George Oull 18ep Thomas Robert Pye  27JuJyosjGeorge Andrew Campbell 
Joseph Coombe 7S James Morrish oul ; 18 Dec.94 
Heary Barnet Gascoyne 7Sept.o4 J ohn TrevanionCardew27J dtyos}Prederick Parker 7Jan. 
Charles Crause 12Dec.04}Paul Harris vo a7Julyos| William Mc.Kinnon = 18April 
ue ass 

29Julyos|George Victor 


John Godfre 

B 6 


REDUCED OFFICERS (on reserved Half Pay.) 

John Williams 24Mar.12 



William Johu Madden 

olin Bellingham Graham 7July06 ’ 

Robert lVorrens 26J uly06 £t.-Cobel2Auge. 
Thomas Anderson 155ept.06 a 
ftobert Hayes 13Jan.07 
Robert Stewart 6apr.07 
obn Scriven 4Mayory 
Robert Pinkertan 19J une0? 
DemetriusGrevis James 29J uneos 
John Witts , 27Julyos 
tobert Grace 27Julyos 
Francis Lambert 27Julyo8 
Geo. M‘Gie 27Julyos 
Fred. Delmont a7Julyos 
Duncan Campbell 27Julyo8 
John M‘Leod 5O0ct.08 
Jasper Farmar 10Noyv.08 
Robert Stevens 23Nov.08 
George Browne 15Feb.09 
P. Fottrell 15Feb.09 
Theophilus Patterson 20Feb.09 
Johu Spurin 22Julyo9 
T. L. Wills 9Aug.0g 
Edw. A. Toomer 15Jan.10 
John Turner 23Mar.10 
Richard Roe Bignell iJunelo 
James Jones sJuneld 
William Jordan 19July10 
Thomas Hussey 245ept.10 
Joseph Triscott 260ct.10 
Malcolm Gra.M‘Arthur 15Aug.05 
Alexander Eck ford a0Marit 
William Henry Craig  26Aug.11 
Joseph Williams (2) 8 Oct.lL 
William Morrice 240ct.1] 
Win. Thomas Chartres 17Aprili2 : 
George Richards 19Apr.12 Pad 
Henry Hole 2oJuly12 ial 
George Keith 90ct.12 a 

Richard Turner 9Feb.13 we 
Richard Boger ' - $July13 


Molesworth Phillips 
INov.79 Lieut,-Col. 1Jan-98 
Thomas Pearce -:  jJan.81 
John Hale 31 Mays 
Thomas Gilbert 1June8l 
Samue] H. Baumgarten 
John Thos.Hobbs aMayg93 
Samuel Ball 11May93s 
George Vinter 1oJuneg4 
Cha rles Allen Phillips : 
George Belson 286A pril9s 
Samuel Forshall 2keb.96_ 
James Matthew 28Feb.96 
Geo. Kenpster 27Nov.96 
Henry Elliot 1 Dec.96 
James Maxwell 1Mar.97 
TrevorHull Lethent 26Apr.97 
PbilipSturgeon . 27Aprii97 
Edward Parke 30Aug.97 
RobertTorkington 1May98 
Walter Holland 15Jan.01 
John Henry Bright 30Jan.01 
John Kellet 30ct.0l 
Thomas Sheppard INov.0l Major 4Junels 
Jos.Mignan May 1Mar.02 Major 4Junei3 
Michael Percival 1Julyo3 
George Varlo 15Julyos 
Thomas Wilson isJulyos 
Charles O’Bryen . x 2WJuly03 . 
And. Kinsman 23Julyos Major 4Junel4 
William Sladdeu 27Jalyos Major 4Junei4 
Peter Eat 3iJuiyos : 
Jolin Phi 3 tact hehehe Major 4Junel4 
ter Taylor Mitche 
bidet xe 21 Dec.03 
George Baile 21Dec.03 
John Jackson 21Dec.03 
Robert Hart 8May04 
James Thompson 7Sept.04 eMay24 
Christopher Abbott 18July05 - k Edward Hancock 6Nove24 
Marm Wyborn 1Aug.05 Major 12Aug.19}Henry Spry 20) une2s 
Peter T. Wilson, 15Aug.05 
Henry B. Downing | 15Aug.05 

Chas. Hamilton Ballingall 
Majors 4June14 10ct.13 

Thos. Beckford Hornbrook 

Thomas Moore (2) 7Jan.26 Capt. 21Noveld 

A. ALR, Wolrige 3lJuly26 
Buller RolleLangford 15Aug.06 Walter Jas. Stewart 31July26 
HenryHone Haviland 15Ang.05 George J. Bristow 3lJuly26 
Thonms Mould 15Aug.05 , Geo, Keudall —_——— 
Wm. Macdonald 15Aug.05 Majorl2Aug.19| Thomas Young (2) 
PhilipPatriarche | 15Aug.05 Zaccheus Fayerman __ 
James Short: 1» -24Dec.05 Thos.Maxwelj Baguold 

Captain Lieutenants. 

William Sims iM: o 
a>) Dean. Cun, Douglas Feet 

<<“ a Digitized by G O Og le 

er eae 




STALL Mae CO cee Vyoeatte shh 
Bae Oe ee ey . - Aseistaaib: Suri geome. yy ft 
7 Day me i “Wook “1 Williaa: Ssjilin tote * 1 B9Ort.10 
ANE oe Bot gemayed |p het: fp Arthur «  ' Dec 
iff. hes ee ae Leh he wa’ feting whe a 
pes rtss: | James Mc Couk asMar: 
3 ins runt Aroe “const [ame same Fs asBeptat 
bie VENT Mb 2 7 ie ‘. ae t q } 7 on “cae aa 
fs! if here ele teg ME 7 4 = = on Loe 
aS a . re Bey esate ae) i aus ‘ , e 
aLie Fi De ee ee 
ue ortices. ON UNATTACHED PAYS on 
Pie ie ee ym patind a Peg yids 
2 ve aga eredith ae Colored ” ysFeb.oo’ Siew eins 
fag -, Colonel 25Feh.og' 
aye A ke i Poxiet aesulyop | ieatoen, apulssh: oe 
earn hee i, ae : 
Martin Ca melt e exttCo duly £ 
eV lia, Binks T LiewtaCol, — 98Maro7 - Majo anvalytt 
. , Captains, 
#Stephen Giles é SiAug-eT Herbert Bowen Mends’ stAug.23 
t Charles Gray ‘  9rAag.27 William Starke’ 31Aug.27 
1 George Thompkins $1Aug.27 Lawrence BoulcherJoreyh Halloran 31Aug.27 


a ee git : : wets EF 
r t ' "AA Ata ee 
‘ " Colonels. ; a ee oahu 
ichard Bright 21Dec.03 Lt.-Gen. 4iunell Teste 15Aug.05 Lit..Gen. 12Aug.19 
irl. Bel epaetaan Lt Gem, 12Aug.19 heoph. Léwis JONoy 8 Liy Gen. i9J wly2l 
“VEhy fer tyr deste ‘ pets Ei “ts huge 

‘ ie 
leo Ww - o toa we Bvisas Léeutenant-Colonel. ue 7’ PRG Gleweet: 
ATS ic . 
aay HUE 24 

ve, ames ome e7Julyas Colonel 4Juneid =; 

vr. A KH 4d | ~ Majors. “4 oy ota ¥e Bos 
apni eats Major’ “goayr.o2 | Richard Graham 30 upelo Lt GoleaJaneig 

dabget fi 
£95 fino wit | a aol aga me 
“Captains. \. ok Ue 

Wapadedeat ? 

harles Ste or 1Mar.94 Geena) MurtimerasAug 99 Major AJunell 
Dosey) wud Ape, of Maro: : eae ad SIRE Bader [ QJuneis 
M. M‘Namara Fe SADA CU attante, tot ert M aa etintie 
hn Victor uly9¢." Cen oe prakci Wemyss 14361y03" 
homas Hopper a90c% ve fphege ue. 3 | rhbiey atehertey teAugee BMajor 4Junel4 
hn Simpson 23Nov.96 3h | Alexe Gillespie’ 21 Dec.04 
mes Knox igdau97, ‘ “Gummias  37Julyus 
olfe “Djor “gsstulyig. John Brittain @6Apriloy..: 2 +i 
Chas. Préd-Burtongangeg Mujer * 6dep.16 

Avge "Major fumes aaa ‘Tucker aéJuuery oar 
gardder ged oe owt ene Bey Sek 

heey 15 2 Lientenantes 


ats { - 
spore -21Jan.7 Nehahie Rea \! soet.oo (Chas, Griffith 15Aug.0! 
oa; ipbell. d a Le Meredith — 10ct.01 | Join Berand | rae ot 
pha 2 wooil aaceleds ier .- ‘pvulyo3 ThomasSuelg rove. "? PAugio€ 
gapeuet Pr ian oS .p@Aup.04 | Lewis Rotely: 1 nto hg S aby ot 
pap ool Chambers Hass SP RENNA BCOM =: _ AdAv FS } James Caupbell a7JSulyot 

onayec ad) va eve Vana) 

Cb. Bay | bea enw AT vies i ee te ae 
SSG ETE onaten Abad oe . ce Second Lieutenants: - ‘ ores Foo: cas , ee | 
Henry Rogers ent 60 aotn ate ulyoy 
Vesey Bishop 11J uty@d rb Davies shine 
eect 4) Widigor Coban. . cy Nav with ont 
= al Aut Waker Tait | Je othe a fooae ae ar o7,, cr amet ae 
John Green iMayol 

Bani ae 

“Fi 5 


Robt. Onslow Bridge 2April22|George Hollinworth  14Feb.26|Augustue Flemyng  73an.28 
Robt. wee pide as A pril22|George Hollinworth dabebi sel Aaneee ag 7340.26 

Heur - Mgbpinger 14Apr.26| Wm. Ba yet sane 
Ant a Sirandhamivan.aa HB ice 6 Thomae yo Jay 
Edward ‘Rea bales £ Ani Gamphelt eG Wm. Ma RBI 
Alex; doederson ie Me e rane Hunt a ec,26' Martin ns Hr: 
Ms = a (a) ; Pel be Jaan ete om tat z Sete Edward bey nn 4 
obent Er) et.23| D yam Mar 27, : 
Jeffery Guy Waish 4Dec.23 John chell ocr At on piers wav eP 
John Fraser BMayoy Robert 1 Thos. Baubury eae ho. W.J. M: Dougall 10Mur.28 
qe RobertIrving 70ct-2i{° Sheppard - oe: Smith Crispo 11Mar.26 
aan A hina C 26Nov.24 Thomas Lemon 8Oct.27|C harles Miller ved rbd 
omas Browne ray : nee a : r are2s 
Thomas Holloway re vp a Fy LL Murpay P Weber. 26Mar.26 
Geo. Andrew Kineman 4Apr.2s chan Desborough 1 Nov.27| Arthur Sand ide Stawell Walsh 
Jobn Charles ons Courtis Georg ge Kidier | aNav.27 oy : 
SOMay25|Aléxander Humphrey ; John a» At ng Kyles y 2h 
John Miller! ° © 183 vily25f_ Stevens | 27Nov.a7|JohnHawkins Secoyne uneee 
Geo. Jas. Haves aSept 25|T mas Charles eiieus Hassard Lecke Here 
Richard dohps 4.25 4Dec.2 anes 
Peter Bramés Nolloth obtan, Campbell Johu Peges 4Jan.26 | Johi Urquhart. . §fJalyse 
Head-Quarters, Portsmouth. ee aa 
Lieut.-Col.Commandant, ys f 
: Major, Thos. Adams Parke, (Act.) 
| Captains. ey 
‘Rd. P Charles Menzies Richard Swale 
James! Sargent Smith H. 3. Murton. 
Thomas Lewis Lawrence James Hull Merrison ° 
: eee ae aa i ' ‘Firtt Lieutenants. hor a . rides orn 4j cies 
John Maule Dr, Ma» | Jervis Cooke ; Joveph Ludington’ ‘Sun Meate#: ('! Hw 
John H. Stevens John Alex. Philips Dover Farrant John M‘Arthar 
R. Charles Steele Adjt. | Frederick Spry: - [Rooke noes Casticau | Samuel Robt. isaac 
W. Henry Devon Wm. Calamy bert enry Thomas Park 
ee et ole ore John Law 
Second Lieutenants. 
James pal William Weos oe ee Logan | George A. Kinsman 
eury’ Sa Sym ‘her oJ. Long hae nder 
Robert Wright {8 iam Lee John Sha Re ts ving — {tiki seat oe 
Thos. Peard Dwyer Henry Wm. Parke | Thos. , Holloway Wm. M‘Donald Rea 

ae aS . : oe gag F pide Mol? ayties 
a 4dj.-Gen. James Camphell, (Maj.-Gen.) 1 Aug.‘25. Led wri ATE TF 

riulh 5 ast, Adj.-Gen. John Wright (Bt.-Maj.) 28 Jan. 3 || . ean pe ne oo 
“ Adjutants. ps 3 pe el 
. Ports,.4J9 ae lewic Will . JENov.24 Plym. ) Fort te 
gacea «a es 5 Ve ym. ortescue ee 
; Wool. Robert Ford SJuly2s | Abe Way., Davis ¢ a eset 
‘Wool. | Thomas Salmon gAug.26 hat. Henry Janies © ley’ 
Chat. | George Pattoun PAUg.26 Bly John Bruttou 93 ae28 
Art, ist Lieus. Richard Chas, Speqle, 3iduly26. 
; Boe ae ane? of. we cat cig yf sree 
dentes : = > med b 
count Vegan, * igept. 28 {. Flym, | Geo. Saas icombe We | SAdge28 

parte John Hewett.; = |. 60. dan. 26 Chat, ‘Robert Web alta “48 

TEU Tee. veeNiewt. John Mable soNov.27.: Pe SEES APU Sd 
Paymasters of Divisions. 

Ports. { Captain Edward Parke A Eales aie ye 
Wool. Capiaun Sia ea es iy | Be 

ae -000 sBaveaele Masters. ; 

Chat. Capte 1Apt.9 lym, | Bf, Major Thomes She ord 8 Mar.26 
Wool. | Saeneis » Cores: agin BBA apres, | | pee | Be Major Thom athens 16Aug.27 

Art, Captain, Ambrose A. R. Wolrige 29Aug.27 

Y tized b 

Captain Thomas Moald 168ept.13 
° P Major And: cissan 17Jan.21 

ey i 


aa a hp aN le a i gg 
- rm ere 

ee ee ee 

2 oer ne A ee ee 

~- are 



Robert Ford a7July08|Geo. Hookey 8Aug.11: William White 1eMa 

Huutphrey Moore 27Julyos) W. Beddeck Cock 27Aug.1! Roger Sawry Tinklar 20June2 
Geo. Butt Bu 27Julye3}Geo. Bounel Pepyat = 3Sept.t1) Thomas Sulleck 22Sept. 
Jas. Irwin Wi Adjt. 27Julyos|Rd. Lyde Hornbrook  9Jan.12 James Clarke “1 4Nov.2 
Thos. Waters e7JulyosWiittam Henry Devon 1528.12: John Buck stiewu 13A priis¢ 
Fred. Layton. 27J uly¥8| Thus. Scott ° 15Jan.12: Richard Searie. isAprile4 
eJue. Gitespte 27Julyos|Hugh Brown idJan.t2'Jobn Tothitt '  geMfay24 
Arth. Molesworth rd ulyos}Chas. Scott 16Jau.12/Rebert Henry swJunees 
David M‘Adem a7suly us}Kobt. Leonard 3Mar.1¢' Fortescue Graham, Adje. 
Geo. Thos. WelcHhman 27) uly0al]Geo. Pattoun, Adjutant 13Mar.12 6Ma 
Joba Husband 12Uct.0s| Dd. Galloway 1oApriil2/ Robert Ogden 25May2s 
Wa, Fynmore tNov.0siJax, Johu C. Rivers = 17Aprili2|George Hugh Palliver 20) anees 
Charles Morgan A1INov.08) Thomas Rees Thomas 4Julylz! Chas. Conte Barry GJutyss. 
Norris 30Dec.08|John Thomas 20J5ulyi2\Campbel) Robertson GJuly2s 
Geo. Richardson 14Feb.:.9/Arthur Morison ssept.12;Heary Smith 13Aug.e5 
John Evans Jones SApr.09| William Haig Oct.12 James Baker §Jan.26 
James Nicholas 6Apr.o9 Jervis Cooke Oct.12'Heu. Bryant Skinfier “21Jan.%y 
no.MauleQr. Mast. Art.19 May09|James Shute rere tae Roy Pearson 11 Feb.26 
A Rt. Webb, Qr. Mast. ‘ toMayo9John Tudor Tocker 14AprilisiJames Whitcomb T1Mar.26 
Thomas Kiugsford Mofris Charles Robinson 11Mayi3,Peter J. Dusatoy 16May2@ 
9Aug.09'Samuel Barton sJuly1s Johu Meares 1sSept.22 
Sam, Garmston 24Aug.09|Wm. Lewis Dawes igJulyi3\John ParslowJones 25Sept.22 
John Harvey Stevens 2Sept.odiJohn Alex.Philips, Adjt.t7Julyi3, Edmond Hearle 25Sept.2 
Thos. Salmon, Adjutant 2Sep.o9|Alfred O. Carrington 200ct.13\John M‘Arthur 25Sept.2 
Wm. Taylor (2) 4Sept.o9ohn E H. Missing 10Noy.13' Joseph Childs 25Sept. 
Wm .Ford 2Nov.u9|Bewley Chaproniere sDec.i3!Maiden Gray 90 ct.2? 
Sam. Wall = 2eNov.o9jHenry War 11Dec.13 Hugh Evans - 24Nov.27 
Rd. Charles Steele, Adju- Witliam Davis, Adjé. 22Feb.14)Sam. Rob. Wesley #4 Nov.27 
tant Art. 11Jan.10| Frederick Spry SAprill4jAndrew Hendry 9J 20.28 
Thos. Quested 1tJan.Jo/William Jolliffe 18Aprill4 Johusou How 1iJan 28 
Walt. Griffith Lloyd = 18Jan.10/William Calam 14Junezo;| Thomas Park 28Feb.28 
John Williams Meheuxt4Mar.10Vas. Thos. Cracknell 19June2!i\George Griftn 6Mar.28 
John Drury gAprili0Names Thomson . 19July2!|/Thomag Hicks Cater 6Mar.28 
Chas. Compton Pratt 1gMayloj/Henry James Aujutant 10Julyzi James Dowmaa , 8 Mar.#68 
Edwin Chas. Murray Car- Jehn Hicks Mallard 19July21/Samuel Cox 19Mar.26 
ringtou iba» geJunei0|John Brutton, Adjutant 19July21/Charles Clarke "19 Mar.28. 
Hen. Ivatt Delacombeé 30J une!C|Joseph Luddingtou igJuly2i/Alexander Jarvis ° 24Mar.28: 
Gee: fit at Coryton 22Sept.10/D 3 vat pene sealyai Ra. arr epee a li 
vo. Hewett, Qr. Mast. 248ept.t0 n M*‘ an 10Jan.2z\Johu Law _ Gsud 
John Ashmore 19 Dec.10/Jas. Fyumore 4May2e|Chas. Robinson Miller 10Mar.05 
Chas. Fegan, Qr. Mast. 26Jan.114|Geo. Spurin 6 Dec.22|{saac Lob | 9Sept.38 
George Boud Peddicombe Joka Rich. Mascail. 19Dec.22, Caldwell Gigssen =» LaSept.28 
Or. Mast. boAprilit|Rd. Win. Pascoe uMay25 + . 
be é 

Bor Poo vis ae eee ee 


Edmund Nepead —s-27Nov.10,Jashua Edleston i9Nov.11)Caleb Barnes 1ONov. 32 

Edw. Hockly - ‘‘SJan.1i{ Ben, Savage 2Vec.11/Joln Coliiss 26Mar.)3 
Valentine Beadon 4Feb.i [George Baker 16Dec.11|Peter Martin M‘Kellari7April13 
Edward Bathurst * 26Feb.11/Henry Bennett 26Feb.12/William Wood yoMay.13 
Thos. Fynmore 6Aprias|Chas. Wm. Pearce| David Wi, James 10May13 
tJohn Rogers lOAprhit}} Wm. Hen. Taylor 30Mar.1211 hos. M‘Leroth I7Junel3 
Wm.Covkson . teabeitty Ralph Carr 9Aprilia/Thomas Stepbens 188ept.13 
John Alexander 27Aprilit|Thos. Borret Reed 24Aprji2iJas.Heury Davidson 260 ct.13 
Fra. Sinith Hatlitten 2Mlaysi] hos. Hurdle 2¢Aprilia| Hen. Geo. Norris 6Uec.18 
Sohn Tatton Brown =. 1 MayiijJames Wood 2sAprill2iGeo. Walson - BoDec.13 
Chas. Cartwright Ed. Was. Churchill iMayleVJoln Land a2Dec.13 
Willramson 23Mayli|Robt. Wright (1) 6MayizjJohn Harvey agDec.13 
Charles Roe iJunel i] Wm. H. Sturgeos 24JunelzjJames Buchanan 22Feb.14 
Jas. Barry (2) _ 80sulyii| Wijliam Gordon 1aJulylgiHy. Geo. Mitford . 23Feb.1¢ 
Thos. Stockwell ' 2aug.l)|Benf. Yarnold easJulytz]Samuel Hawkins a8Feb.14 
Edw. Aug. Parker 235ept.ij/Edw. Appleton 26Aug.12/Uha. Jackman Long 14Mar.ia 
Wm. Topham 265ept.iil bho.dMeard Dwyer sgUciigiJas. Kennett Willson 150ct.16 
Heuty Packer 18Nov.ti[ Wan. Clendou QNov.12] William Lee 22Aug.21 

17 . 3 

‘Wm, Connolly 15Aug.05 
as, Nicholson 15Aug,05 
Geo. Beatty  15Aug.05 
Wm, Haviland Snowe 
/Thomas Adams Parke 
Joha Wolrige 26Nov.05 
Geo. Marshaii 1Jan.06 
Nath.Cole =. 24Sept.06 

Edw. Bailie = 13Jan.07 : 
John Owen Mayor ¢ Majors 
John Robyns 19Juneo7 Major, 
PeterJones  15Nov.07 Mujor, 
|Wm, Ramsay 29Feb-08 Major, 
JohuWright aJulyo8 Mayor, 
Asst. Adj. Gen. 
Thompson Aslett27July08 Major, 
Richard larry 2vJan.c9 
Rob. White 20Jan,09 
John Maughan 15Feb.09 
Rich, Owen 15Fe.09 
|A. Keppe!Colley2Nov.09 
F, Geary G. Lee 2Feb.10 
J, Sargent SmithaFeb.10 
Geo. Peebles 5Junel10 Major 
Jas. $. Pilcher 28June10 
Jas. Rives HoresoJuneld 
Th. Lewis Lawrence 
tad 19July10 
EdwsSmith Mercer 
Rd. Steele Wilkinson 
Thos, Mitchel] 30Mar-11 
John Moore |. 24Ang.09 
J. Wiliams (1) 27Aug.11 
Wm. Walker _8Jan.12 
Fred. Waters 25Feb.{2 
Wm. Taylor 24Mar.12 
John M‘Callum s2Mayle2 
Thos.Lemon igMayl2 
Thos. Hurdle _18Mar.13 
Chas. Menzies 1SAprill3 
Robert Hall — t7Juneis 
Andrew Herriot 6Oct.13 
H. Jno. Murton200ct.13 
Wn.T. Clements? Feb.14 
J. HuliHarrison23Feb14 
Wn, Fergussongs¥eb,14 
James Cottell sAprill4 
Julius Fleming 27July14 
Richard Swale 27July 14 
Gilbert Langdon! 4June20 
Rd. Jn. Fred. Crowther 
Joseph Walker 19July?t 
Thos, Appleton 19July21 

iy iy 

Majors 12Aug. 






Chas. Cupples 
Michael Burton 
Thomas Peebles 
Thos. Seward 


Walter Powell 
Wm. Moulden BurtonsApril24 
James Henry Patten 6Nov.24 
Samuel! Mallock 
Patrick Robertson 
David Marlay 

Wm. Baker 



’ 10May23 Major 1oNovVe2Je 
19 |Joshua Saffery Sayer goJune2s P iff 
William Mar 



J. Moutresor Pilcher 11Feb.26 
Thos. Stevens 
Wm. HenryRobinsonl 8April26 
Richard Edwards 
David A. Gibsone 

Dav, Jas. Ballingall 

Rich. Farmar 
Hen. Timpson, 

Ben. Bunce 

John Campbell, 
Robt. John Little, 

John Hewes 

Alex, Campbell 

Rob. Kellow 

J. Lawrence 
Wm. Bate 

John Hay 
Giles Meech 

Geo. Oneill 

Wm. Young 
Jobu Wilson 
Wm. Burton 
Rob. Mercer 
Geo. Wright 

Harry Hunt 

.|Thos, Carr Steward 
Don, Campbell 
Wm. Hen.Strangway s3iJuly26 
John R. Coryton 
John Weaver 
Rt. BeaumontGalloway 31July26 
Joshua John Wylde 
Hough Mitchell 

Sam. John Payne, 


John Morgan 
Robert Gordon 
Alfred Burton 
William 8S. Dadd 
Charles A. Whiting 31Aug.27 
GeorgeF lliotBalchild20N v.27 

John Wilson (2) 
John Humby 
James Uniacke 
Henry L. Vine 


1! Mar.26 



SiJuly 26 

W .StephensKnapman 3iJuly26 
Wm. Predux Gilborn 26Aug.26 

31Aug 27 
31 Aug 27 



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pubs Payal. tot yg teh epee ed! 1 Tbe aid 
aan adn al T3940 aye? ‘0 soy i malt ad mentary CIT hen ae 
Suubiopbiuidaeeiwonie, ALIST OF THE FRICERS.. ae eer er 
gmuli aolood prec ey Lt Ves ve oo 
doia'l endglobé, et aah BEF bit ee ad . ‘ 
oaubel i. an A erttyiose & ctin Mee nro 4 safe da # bey. 
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fistga iF he ASRS ‘ * 66 ° ar O8 
. Hor ] treed boa ee be . -. Gibraltar.’ 
alalg d y 

’ twiloceé ns 
ql is! ie Ke r G,.C.B. G.C.H. Admiral of the Fleet, — : iy Mftr.23 

teOT-GENERAL —aSir Rd. Hussey Bickerton Bart, K.C.B. Admiral of the Red, “Sante 
KORGENERAL—Zhe Rt.Hot.Si¢ Geo. Cockburn G.C.B.Vice-Admir ales’ f'the W. hite,SApre 

del 4 rhe 44d 
COLON Are Losinn Hafdyman,, ; in) & 1 fabMay 25 
Pounte . ieee e Sed ieee Capleinss R.Nw - od tay 
ovr bt eee shtedi enton,, Bt., K.C.B. : oon ‘ eae (Mayes 
oyiek * m4 Fras, Ww mepnerene:: Baek + Le7Mayes 
yi Adsenehilied sys as af oe sof os ae z 
Aonldb voit otas, al ; et ‘ we i OMe 
sats ad Pry atte Ye ea ee 
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atest) Hiatt Mane ls A ; ried bs er ee rayl 
eeu hel 4 q fe ee oo og reeds 
ahi or uot ws? brane ; ey FROG 
gare Ue scat ver ‘GQLONELS COMMANDAN'T. : pu nh 
epirble Woz : trad dt ta. oi , es 
IsAGU Ssannlod aol 4. ue |. Rank ix the Comps: |. ddank tn, the Armye o 
yuldy Adee ft — ttt 
hee rsnteT 250 19Jdaby 23 
mS -toli gifeald .+- tiem mato ac Dep. Adj. Gens " Mijor-Geit ar itey as 
wu hog VME Y ba ae 
Pipescriftccs ii thie Eliiet, Vi picdmbe “193 uly Colonel ° 1eAu, 
Gjedtham J ubagcawen Bavage eoduners. Colonel’ & usenths 
Wootwidhroitiic ot ert: arty.  ¥SNov.26 Colonel 15 pues 
Bordrmoyth AH Hide Williaws C.B. ‘gUDeEc27: : Colonel: 24 ae 
elias OWlgt: Pyar “ty a i 
lr la zctotr fe . ‘ ‘ 
nb aed wuedicd whine} “LIKUTENANT-COLON ELS. fe ee ee 
Jiu ; . 
. ilied ort o ‘ : 
a mas Abernethie. 19Jaly2t Lt. Co Joned!’ 4June(4 
| as lil Walter Tresienheere wDeow Lt. Gelanel* ... sSupesa 
Be Fee eee faery PeneivaiLewis SMay24 = Lt. Coiouel sd ulieda 
. ¥g¢ Prescatt Wingtove 26Aug.26 «Lt. Colonel ;- 26Ang.26 
| get. A pont eorge Lewis | g8Sept.26 = Lt. Colonel ener 
; dh Voteax” bys yllasjbawrenve - 15Nov.26. Lt. Colonel PYAR, 
cal amued icppenan 6Sept.z7 Lt, Colonel. | Jept,97” 
onep 2hitar ; eer 2June Lt. phar June 
poet ae reer : s Ay aoa ll tea . 
{ aida TA we t Bos Sl eel eS, Peeping 
eg AT 1 ( de , hs MAJORS, - eer Pe PER RAL egg t 
: a 5 en lagdai A ee ee ee ee 
: ‘ Jilly26 i OF. « 47 anet4 
2 A he ioe acarter Hothby: o ga ige26 Mjor is 1 ep Ne) 
: am ge Joues > af aes ajor. or aJuuel 
yagnthy sc ida athon Ho Engtish ow SNOv.26,,° Mitjax, -+ + 4d peas, 
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fren! homas Adair Osae- 4Juuei4 
ortsmouth dward Nicotis’ -. SM AyAe oe yo on - wa Aug.s9 
Chatham James Montagu Bevians azAug.19 
= a B 3 2 =. ba TN nt LO = 

166] LIEUTENANTS, towth the Dates of their Seniority. {18 2% 
: ora Ra . Soe. 1 Ri ‘ 
Seen ! ; | » Ave harles Richards 2Mar 

John Sidney Potesves 

ug. {thomas Young 15Mar-| theroe - | ‘ eb, 
alterCross  —-2Sept.| Coryadon Spettigue rry Haines asAur. Natheniel Frederick 
War Wooldridge igSepe te 17Mar-jSohn Torn ‘aghug| Edwards 18Feb, 
Edwani FranklinigSept| Richard Baxtoa 97Mar.}ohn Neale Nott: 4gAug.|Wm. Shepheer# 
taas Hope 37Sept4 Wm. eaver (5) 97Mar.|Charles CotnwalY Arthur 14Feb. 
Chas, Jalius Seccomhe | Thomas Kisbee o7Mar. Birkett  -s- 6 Sep. | Phitip- Rdwerd Col- 
ze Pt.{Joha Weller Purcell litis ' 8Mar. 

-_ James Dalyell GSepr. OS os 
Wm. Arlett © 30 27MarlJohn Sulius McDonnell. {pats Hope gMar. 
reton 1} 

et, ° 

op earn le he thts aiean a7 Hale pec 1 P Ve ten. oMar. 
> ag. WiebberjzOct, | Jaa. i. Watsona7Mar.iGeo erkele O06 ughea 

hariah Mudge 30ct.{Chas. Fitzgerald o7Mar. - f Sept Baltansy 10Mar. 


van Chas. Symes ee 
N i pr 
Tee Travers 120et.|Johu Jas. Allen fpr. 
Wm. Lewis (b)  18Oct. Apr. 

William Hornby 40ct.|/Henry Johnstone 
'Cherles Dimoek 4Oct; Garret Rufus Taylor 
|@Waltine Breedon foc Re rows 22st. 

Jam BDreedon ct: Town ar. 
| Melealm MoNealesOct. Edw. Gen, Eiliottay Mar. 

| UFZoms. Edbw. Roper. Cur- Whitaker a7Mar. 

| Bied Allen Det{H 

ie Seat ms ugh Thos. RowelgApr. 
Le eee maler AA tryed oa igApr. . saat Ae 
fo id 170ct.| Wiltiam 1SApr. 7 de 260ct. ason Buckle 17Apr. 
| Jot Jeayen Mbp Edw. Wm. Pilkington Wilton honey Charlies Foreman 

Chas. A 20Apr. ard t.j Brown i17Apr. 
‘Alen, Bell Lowe 11Nov.|WHtiam John iMay|pdawed Hirrey aouriAdrion TWomas 
Wan. Me Dowall 11NoeJ Edwin Lipseemnb 3May|Peter Duth FNov.| Mann aghpr. 
Arebibald Reed 10DecJ Alex. Dingwall __ |Frs. Wodehouse @Nov.|John Le e:e8Apr. 
‘Wilem Clapp = 19Dec Fordyce 18May)/ William Howat 13N¢v./Rich. Combauld a8Apr. 
Richerd Dewse 16Dee.| Joseph Pyke igMay! James Lewis Fitz- William Henry =~ : 
ArthorKelett . 16Deed Thos. Pryor Wheeler gerald '  " {4Now.] Gostin 28Apr. 
“Edward Kelly (5) 22Deri| o6May Joseph Andrew John Gre: 
Troliepe a3 Dee Rob.Loo StephensgoMay| BA nbrist * 96Noy.| Davies 28Apr. 
, . Barnett idunel win. Cand MNov.|Edward Edwa 
fkley Weetropp30Dees(Goorge Davies i June Philip Jas.Case Nov. ; ‘' @BApy. 
1836 - ch Spencer = fiohn Price. ISNov.| George Walliath 
a. SSend Thereby: JunelThomas Netherton ‘| ‘Tomlin: Apr. 
Seber Elphinstone Jetta Belton Langford Nov,[Fienry Hedder 38Apr. 
- Betkine. . - 93am.) Woddehorpe 3June Wim. Fotis Wool, vrten Alea pr. 
Nicholas Bvage' . edani{ Hen. AlanGriffithsJ une Meriton | 2Dec [John Crouchtey: "' 
Men. Hope Binghem men Bélicley sJurteic: wor Lowe 2Dec.| Etison — ‘a@Apr. 
vtec By lefiey Hale = 8Junel john Pyne aDec.| Williams Statlied aA pr. 
Rilsoka Douglas 2idandl Charles Clayton 

Jas. Peivie SdadilJohn Suder | June Robert Lamport 

Nichdles Lofehure’ gJen.! Brywa Keating Therry: 'engelly 
Wise S5Janj] oo Glune Henry Edvard wine 
me Mabetts Mati piety Eaweeeee a7June 

otmed reser! toJeai|Charies Alexander Riries Wehbe 1iDec 
etdham Berkeley *Peorndike 2; June Sree ecees scsi lende a 28Apr. 
man 2, Mhant| JaarevGordew (b) zene! "py iit, t 11Dec.|Thonres fleates | 28Apr. 
Thee. Seymour Haswell |W. Tringham 28June Sackett Hope 11Dec./Jamnes Lester = 28Apr. 

Vaile): geen] Wemoad HamleyayJuneli i Gor, Ashby 11Bec:|John James Wit- 

Wa.PomeroyGreene |Johw Wm. Finch Nuly James Inglis 14Dec.|__kinson a8 Apr. 
fe ‘gwan/ Edward Jervis - Wr. Haskoll. 19Dec.|Henry Batt 28Apr. 

Jas. Ward Poratinses -] Hopkins losaly sna W m. Belfort SDec. 

_ 3Feb.NoheSemmers iesualy . ‘IG 
BrewnlowNerth Garniéri Dunean Frederick Fras. H Anson 23Dec 


4Feb.| Campbell 10July : 

John Gidsou Dickson - [James Maitland ioJuly wane iether Jat Avr. 
| ' $9Peb./Pritip Hast wouly) na a3Dec.| Phos. Jones (¢) a8Apr. 
Re.LesterParkinsen Jocelyn Waller = 20July/ry enry Lavg. agiec.|Jotn Groves” ' a@&pr. 

fi 7 $9Fet. [George Winsor = caduly : a David Mo 

Ponlton Williesns 11Fol.| John Evans (5) | a4taly Stephen Jouletext c[James Brodma Apr. 

cha Win. us’ [Chess Berjexntecn a5July lain. Floseason c. Stephen Poyits A Te 

Piog st 0 LF eh [George Frederick | | (Richard He pa prc eine 

6 bineee: } Fep.| Westbrook a2oJuly Stopfor g0Dec ‘h a id 

Richard Marray goFcb| Edward Helland 26July| Stopford coe yagg «PPAR | 

lay abe | Oerhay oa zeiy[tobn Schusler St, Tobe JOeutge Weak. 

Frédi William Bealta Ree Datway e 2Au Patrick Inglis . 9@/au Godien "soap. 
Noga Dalw | ° 

Fras Rawdon Moira [James Mute ' ‘9gftu Ricnard Edwaed eb.{Chas.Hopkins(b.)30A pr, 

r- 2Mar. 

ee 9262 oe 

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ra Hardyes 
Paris aries . icon gisan. ileher Ralfo 2UAug. |\Villiam Werren 
a Wm.H. Routledge siJan.[Wim; M‘llwaine 20Aug. cy fqFeR 
Sapa euros 14Feb.} 

Thos.W.Langton aSApr. Chas. Vise Kileyaiten: Churlee Deare 

Wm. -Sydne yBeninhiag Spr. W iHiamG.PearnesiJan.jJobn Stone rela he 
George Daniell 15May|Joseph Frank Temp-. [HenJehn Worwh st Aen: Are ldMcheux Fe Feb. 
Llesty Raper. WMayy sem aiten. 

Joho Crisp 91 May} Charles Gale aiJan. asAug Artlrar J. Dongless6Feb, 
Richard Jones (b) Mas | Joha Hills aiJan. j|Chae. Charteris agAug:.|Lawferd Miles 
.W.Henderson 26May|Arth. Thos tdan.{Charles Horace Lapidge) Richard Byron 

Thor Glesse Sune{t Sijeu-|Robers Fitsrey sope-(Pn Coghlan Fi 
Omas Greene une|Hensy Dawson au. Oe an Fits 
Jas. Edw. Parihy vraee John Markham Werre Squire Dredley 

John-H. Weller t6June|Edward Stanle sidan aobept. 

Edw.Bedford Pim 1Mar.|Searles Wood Oldham | Theos. Lorey Roberts 

Tenge: Oct. Ww me. Clement Bwinfes 
bos. Sparke The a 
me Oct. Alex. Clotwerthy Dre 
Ralph Barton 8O0ct.| son ss 
jaa Bullen Nash .|Edw. Burnaby Tialing® 

Tinal iJnly} Sir Thos. S. Pasley 
Edw. 3t. Leger: Cannon | Be. 26. 

Francis Teek 19J uly 
Alex. M‘Leod (c) reJuly Gee 

PatrickJno. Blake igJuly n ar] Wm. Forrester 
Henry Rd. Seust  1gsuly|Jas. Saumarez Jeph- Edmund Wilson 190ct.! Frederick Hevest t 
Thos. Meteite Currie | son 25Mar.| Thomas Davies Pevuell: 

agJuly |Geerge vee Heath-. ce, seen Berrow May 

Chas. Willit Poynter cote a1Mer. 

July] stea 10A nT Frederick 7 ccorelially 
Wm. Louis Sheringham (Henry Widdrington Mesurier 7 Meee 
soyuly) Whinfield 17Aprilj/Rd. Jehn Marsh 1aNOv. End otal pe @7May 
Blackwood Gore C Charles Walmot 17April| Edward Bayley w Cowb 27 Mail 
lsane Avarne = 17April| Walter T- Deanis Glattwel wate 

Andrew oreley <OwenKnox 24ApriliThomas Eyton  6Dec. wy Villlom rage aes 

John M‘Donel Sept. [Daan Shairp ae fApnill Willie William Bert. Henry Gerar 

William Dickey’ 6Sept./Wm. Johnstone ay|Rd.Dawbeey Hyde SDec.|J ames Pratt - 

Wm. Collinson Ger Durell De Bausaiares Chas. IngliaNesh 8Dec.|Hugh Somerville 
rad May }Thos. Mitchell (6}4 Pe 

- gen (6) 153May 
J R act. |v St 19Ma 
fey ale Se te Wntieapson Blount : 
Charles Caley... Ore | 

Richard AwrphletOet.|#Heary Knolles Sane 
Jobaroome . a20ct./F ‘ 

M 220et. 

William Pedder giJune] ton 
Archibal@Sinclairaa0ct. Gilbert Fras. Dawson Jos. Wm. Brown 10am is Crockate SJulyt: 
Hon. Eric Geo. Sinclair 28June|William Squire 1oJan./Robers:. i 
aofct. Chris. Bagot.  98June|Chas. Goldemith. joJan.{Fren, North Clerk July} 

| Chas. Bletehir t/ThomasLyeli ail. } josen.|C 
et ey er Josaph Francis O6rling: 4 Hapeat a Leseeis jalaii William Lyons  aoJuly | 
Wm. Nelson Grifithe uly Jas. te pat te CurnerioJan} Themes : c 
ev.|Edward Leighton” o Heary Kite anji. uly 
Peter French Colifcett: livan _ igJuly James Thempsen -| George Heney Pasi 
tec. | EdwardLong Eve 13 July |Geerge Hi selem| White 
Thomas Phillips iDec.|Win. Young Gill igfaly Robert Peale  SnJan.| Geargn GoldGuchega 
: Henn oulest ithigJ aC Wilhiam Hewlett loJan.|A. Schenk Wight aJuly 
wlobn De Courcy Reliviatti chell 13S uly |Jas. Hen. Re. Wilso: Hea. Liter MawegJuly 
x en.jJames LitzletonPe ewe WwilaGaae ‘olan John Menay Jaekeoa |::. 
pe obias ’ | jJamnes MaarayPertasd Earauel Williaras 1ofan. iia ne . a4 
Wm. Hooper (b) wm. Alex. Willis duly a Sanaa. Davi ‘ | oats 
John Baze . i Berntrs 17J5uly|\GeeRercyRosenberg Wm. Tomlin G 
George Dolvoa ‘Elmsley gAug. ,,, IdJan. Sati PS . 16Awg. 
Henry Lyster Ste gAug>| William Glenade tgJan.|\Wm,. Pondack Combing 
mene Heater Tause gAug.|Russell Eliate . wgjan. 

9136 3200 

“18907 ERENEEW ANTS, with the Di 

foley ’ 
cate Ald gat 
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oa id Hy: W: 

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* * sr0et Kak pe 
; i Hoary ‘Maan ig Pwight loleewsOertbade- wan? 

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$0. Augustus Sainthit}) - ‘goOet./Geoorge James 19, J vig: Sam « Wordgasul; 
re Peveies ree Wan HargreveMolyncen Goo: Aten petal Apes stim. id Puyeroasul; 
‘ $¢ ‘Rovge -9tOct.| Frederiek rrov-Khomes.- ahAuy 
a4 fe 5 Pr - PEdm. Johnarmstrong Re . 96Any, 
* BL’. 3, or Ber, ‘po-Buy, me irg. 
a3 Sohn Pacophilue Ketel Charles Thekmo yy Pays 
ct NAdhdes) + -“pkpe cer nen ae 
fi. Beckford Lewis * 

t : EOE Ae ig ona pt, here. man. Back, 

Miss P eration 1 Austin’ 
faite Thc Dottaies : : 
28h, ‘129May/feorge Pooley  Baubuyy. M “in n. 
9 tt’ Libyd Dec. aS. tack. 12Sept. 
3: phikhem < 1sMayl Wonrbuntbeep hearer nJervisGregory 18Sept. 
*TChartewWatcet’ 19Meay!: 1895." - 1Francis TheodoreDudley, R dtbaya an cee 241Sept, 
"Tse vy Browks ©* ot MayfCharles Montresor Sewell. » ~Uct, Leven C.F.Walker 60¢t 

* hitch idem: --- sJanJsJohn Canjuit . 90ct. iia Wallond 'Mopre- ‘ 

+ Titmes Ma fhm aiMay|Fras. Vere Cotton 1Jan. ConwayRd: Dobbs 240ct,|. -- 100ct. 
VORWF tevetiértierbdrt John Washiugton 1Jan.j Charice Thurtell 2eOct, |\Jobn.G..D’tichan ‘100ct, 

agJune|*¥illiam Wilson  iJan.{Fred. Thaekevay: - Q00ct, Geo. ay, ph Poker, 

ugh Hatoshaw lajely fehn ay seh ae a n. coe ie ied eS y on : 

* eA Achma t an. rist. ov, | Sar ¢ son, gi 

4 tiorati fo ton James Elawniito tton 27Jan.| Phos. Crofton Nov. |- Bart. + 35O06t. 

tee ee a duly |(Malliam WinnieteyJan. Jas. Bowen Somerville. 

: ker, , iNov. 

29Jan, ‘gNov. ett fount Nov. 
15 Pemas aly Charles Moline sodan. Charles. Burnet. ‘9Wos Che Sara le 
ar dt w Snateh [/ Vid leeett: Christie sgJa ; seat eM 

m1 Weatyt Ohare: i 2GAug.| Win. Maltland Hearle '|Charles-be 

h. Geadril e:s4 ViilliamBonbes bien John t'gke- 
rai yon é us) nalabn othe 

ma ‘Bace | thumper 
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' ie arles en 2 

nre ae “A Wm. Owes Wheatle a i pec, 
wa Wi bleeds test wees gidan.| Hone John. Bredoiieln, 
vent 4 dod uly hea aS gm esQaulfuild.- sFob.t: {;Gordon .., ... 4 Dedf 
13 S@abalih' bd as EG 1) sever b.| me Dasnson abe 
Thomas Woods 14eez thou Falwands § jGenrge Beaufoy 92 

Williaa Guitchill 14et: ted, b. Wine Heaey Dura ( 
abla V Wabbost Buon ene the fae ; 

a ke &. ‘ nb i Fe a 
aplag node eae MichheLiAeweit Sider. lhleney. Smith id 
8G LeeblgAiagn el) sed’)! 1: Hi tiand atv waFeb. Thome. Elia) 
sa loe ra dW hes. Canterig rd Arh reli H am, 9 
“Ga Secweri: me ] Mar, fr Bu Cn Of 
ap Dla riped bis ste ‘Moonves dhyaneud)a8A pr Joseph Hasnilsonr: a = he : 
ahbeancis Ros. eMiya ti : " aid nani elab: ab 3° 
mel e@oedsasyre) .as.0ibs [Bal okgdApr. William Biol nnkaip puto 
4 nAedhe WF cledess¢ doh o>.) QMay Charles Bhair-) 2 eee hy 
4 } tl a AR. pe. [Char retoe anit peemens OSs : 3 re sb ds 
4 Baws WY AW alter,» Eli Newate -. sighs Ba be rust... ae 
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Po hdeowars Omith Th gaat 4June hie Thos.P re ring goblet Eredar tie Hai 
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abe Grecce pola agtun ea Fuller ding som aL praca 


bert Gregory @V2Ich; : ap Frat 
\ FS ere te pans Ry Grocdddaabreot k Gere dase ae 
yay enw Millbva ah Pw alee: on yt hy, Clee Say 
Vepoitteey Lakh pleat 1 W a cia 
pe hen avers T QgApr 

lliatt Heeymentt? 2. Bow gt 

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Wa. Richmond pW.TeeStreteel ay¥eb.| James Thos: Lamb i Mer. hu Wm. Crispo. 8Mar. 

erie cand. S4H'eb|Cackiou Grent  ¥May: iNlain Kelly" g a 
ry Sieore ails ; ia ‘Hntugate oMer’ ry Courtenay &Mar. 

Wm. Hen. Baker @keb. “MF eb.L2 raitiin Stwipson ‘2Mar f sph R bertson{(5 

John Davis | oRhi Feb.| Richerd Henn Mur: Vredorick Ronn EN : 

Benjamin Chemer WF kb, am: Hogbton.ajFeb.|RobtsAnd.Hughes aMardaJohn Seaton 

Enboane! Blight s0Fel.|JamThos.Nichol Samuel Cautie omer thn Stev. Murrey aMoe 

James Rob.Hunna s0keb.|Johu Jehnson(c) agFeb.|Jnmes Newton - arTT homas Snow oMer. 
-Wiegrar (a) 20Feb. emmilleriasFeb.| William Allen - 4Mat. Thonn ne 

Geo. Te oval WHIEO ee et, Timers Parsons a ybrookholding 9Mari 
‘iff 20 4 emCrellin - »| George Mite AYe y Stre 

RobAVm. HealeHarvy : mn ; ce 

1 Thomas Hewett _ gMar; 
James Crisp - —3Mar-}Charles Rose 10Mar, 
Bdward VYeHend 25Feb.|Genry Church = 3Mar.|John Spurin 10Mar: 
- Robe Taylor sofeb.|Hen. dehn O'Callaghan |Francis Henley, 3Mfar.{Lockhart Leith lo\lar® 
Feb r.|Stephea Link —_10Mar; 
|Jno.Henderson(c) 1oMary 
Robert feadley. JoMar, 
Colson Festing toMaat 
Robert Ress =. 10Mar¢ 
George ValentineSim- - 
mons . loMar, 
Thos. D. Brand ipMar, 

-  . @5Feb. 
Willding  95Feb. 

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OBramwell 2:Feb./ James Elunter 27Feb.j Edwin T Cauliild3ifar. 

Cosnahan 21Feb.| Gullifer a7Feb. 
HenryWm. Macona7Feb. 
Johu Hicks srFelki hoot. Bastard James 
Ro a7Feb. 
dwe eorge Read (b) a7Feb. 
William Martva 23Feb.| Edward Nickoli 97 eb. 

Robert T: a1Feb. 
And wien e1Feb 

Nicholas Cory 4Mar. 
Sulius Jas. Farmer 
Newell qMar. 
George Elvy qMar. 
é ae puloatd ee wae er peed 
eRe y. e|sSames ean 4Mar.| Willix -WMern 
Witliom Vee (6) aiFebiHonry Hill aBkeblae oe ond ee IN 3 
ra.e eo. Hen yton4yMar. 
Robert Su -- QbFeb apes Senior 4Mar. eeores eed -- Mav; 
att. atthew Munro ur. aye SSL Wary 
William Parsons (8) ‘Zohn Simkin- —. o8Feb NicholanTroughtongiiar RAH teeat fa 1iMars 
ee Rattles Weadeson. o8Feb.| Win. Whitehead * Bates 
William Cave Burbidge Thomas R ers ar. 

ies. Drew bj ®Feb. 8° BMar.|J 
ba rf au. Leaver a2feb EdwiP: Bedwell ofFeb. HughSormertibed tn 

Bepzy. Ray dail, -).92P eb. Edw.Jno.Johnson 28F eb. Whitcombe Mar. 
Willigm-Ragfordraakebaficeh Prine’ coeee lp k. 1! 6Mar. 
Wie. Wilicinmmia}asFeb, Richard docelyn Te ome 

Cecil TuftonPhel p6Mar, | Joseph Shost 46); agiVien. 

may Tucker 29heb) ‘Bower . - 28Feb. enjamin Hart Feber iene Vewenham 

James-Guttery .agkduiHeury Fisher  a8Feb Wm.Jno.Wiliams te) Graydom....., . 19Man 

a “pemey - Ch Taylor(h) e8Feb, fjenry Ogle (a) ‘ 6Mar.'John Hoope 7 13Man 

ht. 1 agReb, rt CoHier . 6Feb./ Damel Geale ‘6Mar.|Thos. L. Cooke 19Mers 

James Paling... .ogkeb, Nitholas Sumpter Fdmund Yonge ®Mar.|Archibald Nagie .14Man 
JamesHemley 23k) | “a8Feb.{William Gwyn 6Mae. Wm. Samuel Stratford 
‘Pyphie Pra.Gee, Farewell o62eb.{William Bal @Mar. 14Ma 

Dominick Caut Mar. 

Jno. ‘Theompeonth)ayFeb.iFhomag arriott 28 eb.) John Philips ae ar. /Charles ee 14Man 
Jeb ‘Site hen = .09Péb.iJahn Mort Bate 4 Mar. William Bryant‘ Johan Wilson (6) 
Bevid Prive -O3FebstBdwardDrew = 1Mar-iZohn Eyre Pascoe 2Mar.|John H, M 
in. Franeis Cook a3Feb.4Rebert’ tius ‘= pe Rob. Morgan (b) 1 
Samve)DeringtongFeb.| Ja illiam Fic 
Po -|Suo Race God freyi5Man 

“more eee : 
Edward Jenkins 143Man 

Wm sMeefarlane 24¥eb, ohana Heso aMar : 
wel Botwall. . 21% 

George Jackson ‘' 8Mar./Hanbary ClesnenteisMar 
Sohn nee Ader, 

4 B ' x. 
(haste C4 dy 'SMar.Williem Bete... 15Man 
Wiflbars W bite (Deg aW/ Jolin Ellie Knight Mar Srduey Kine array, Abrsivene Parks 1sMar, 

sNicholas Dei +1sohnG.¥rancillom iMardevition Kcticer’ awe 
dow near [embed Reynolds aMer.| Tos, Colebranke BMGT [Seanad] Remeail 
sdow sf cisHerris IMatdGdénrge Dew  — HMfar.|Jaynee Ramende . 10Mer 
Wu pocimises Chrisidas.Bell «1 Mear, oe. Cragys: eosxe: Noble 6dler, 
3 er amo: + 8348 = 19 

185] “LIEUTENANTS, with the Dates of their Seniordyss 0815. 
ichand M GF eb.| Edw. R bdSam. Hertigetes | 
i Filiam Morley 6Feb. Shrcton ayton. 1oPeb, “Laston 1 

Faw: bal hd veyNickoll6Feb.|Janes Wallis 16Feb..hartes Byne e 
1R.Dr awhins -has. Hawse Jay- 6Feb.jEchriwdd Norcott 10Feb.} Thomas D a 
Valeytine Stone 1 pseph White 6Feb.|Exlw. Haswel? = 10F eb. (Laurence Charlesson | | 
Alex:’Wilson 5 jEwancis Bredie = 6keb.iJeseph'Hyett — 10F eb. sae Rika ee 
Jemed Tandy’ * ; Gharies Hill : €Feb.jJohn Jane ' oF eb. |Win. H.W oodhem 5 Pebiq>: 
zone Ca ape. ad Bold 6F ab. | Jn. DawesHamrellioFeb. (George Wilson(b)15 Feat | 
et oF eb. 

Samv.' Ped therstonezPeb: 
Thomas Fvans(¢).9Peti' 
Ww. ‘Roberts (6) ‘o¥eb. 
iohw Barnes {b° Feb. 

wW 4 
| Baker (a) GFeb.|Thos. Geay (b) -.10Feb.|'Thos. Strange (@)15Pebyt: 
ames Lind 7Feb.|Hverard Tighy 

J. Burnett Elliott aFeb: 
Eldred Roberts | 9F eb. 
John Hains ‘aFeb 

Henry Baitlie 7Feb.| James Duffus 11Feb./Da : ‘ 
Jn. W. H. Handley 7Feb.| William Richie 11Feb:/Robt. Hutehinson: 

Robert Tueker' 3Feb: 
. |Henrg Cox “gFeb. 

bert Lowe 7Feb.|Oliver S ‘eb. |Robs. Henderson 16F eb 
Win ‘Netherwood 3Feb. oO owcay = 7 Oliver Swan 11Feb,|Nebt. en 

; owas Glaire 7Feb.|William Grant 11Feb.{P Moor . 
-(Wm. Lmigiey 3F eb. Octavjus Dunstan 7Feb. John Fretwell 11Feb,|Geo. Robsnson (6) 16F eb 1a 
(|Willinm Gites 3F ch. George Vevers 7Feb.|Thes.Rich.VowlertiFeb,|Henry Reneau 16 eb; 'f - 

F ‘Thomas Rothery 7Feb. Nath.Courteney Whit- jiMa.CurlingFriendi6Feb | ° 

Robert Low 9¥eb.; mere 11Feb.|Wm. Gardiner. 16F eb; < 4 

Jehn Mawbey Feb. Win. Chas. Jones 11Feb.;. Wm. Pervis © 16Feb 
: John Rothery 8¥ eb. 

Jobn Pareotis!  -3F eb: Wm, Hen. Moore 8Feb. John Ev tCabbarn: itohn Finemore 17F eb 
Brad : "3 ‘Henry Sweetland 8Feb. 5 +s Mpoere : 1gFebJdiv. TalbousWe eter , 
idle lokeiseh eee John Willsan sF cb. George Morey (b)13Feb. Christe herJobsoni' an 

ot eU+ Robert Whitcom) 8Feb./J Lindsay. ?3FebsGeo vy 
Young Mav | |John Bannatyue 8Feb. Dominick Creank ou [Edward Ackland 17Feb |: 
Johor a Aue peek Waters 1aFe bs PeterBarnes Toe ape 
bs) rhotd: |Win. Smith W arrin 8Feb.| Richard Com 13F ub odbury:! 11 a oe 
Thestangaikert ee We illiam Vicary BFeb.|c iaeten joebenn elas nt 

-{Fhosias Bunn = --y¥Feb: 
‘SH Foremen | geb. 
Masehiew OWWeés ''' Feb: 

allagFeb George Peety wat 7Febef 
Che Alex.Johustou8Feb.|Jumes Wood (c) soFebs Ade ohn Mi orvisdt : 
reenact, Say Wckegigee ee ut tate eae 
. See enry John Carr 8Feb.\J Mathi 19Feb. Wn. Han ay} : 
Willrem Rate |’ aPet. Edmund Miles 8Feb.lJon Hy. Moore 25Febiid¢hn' Morgan 117Kete 
TR Thoratow! aeb Hobert Thomas 8Feb.|Cherles Tarrell -13Feb(Wr. Garleed © ::t7Pebi 
; Tae eit ca itton aye. Cone rena s Skeb. Raymond Evans 13 Rebs fi00 tor Aires 17F ei 
' Jas. BWKAuchinléck sPeb. 
Henry Downes ‘ gFeh. 

{Wm Stenbur aFeb. 

W. Hamilton Murray |Robt. Morgan(a) 9Feb.|\Richard Pulton 
| ; 4¥eb.! John Mee : oFeb (Willram Burward 1fFeb. John Garnbam  16Feb, 
'(Jobn Williawts Ald- John. Gabriel oFeb.|Thos. Williams d)agHebislex.Boyter — 18F eb, 
aw pre “Pe ”- Ts. ValentineCookegFele|JCharlesBatten 1 {% utman WEeby . 
Jno. oHtand BakesFeb. Nd. Bavly Bowden Feb. John Marshall (b)agFeb,j Robert Cross: | 18F eb; ie 

Jn. ArtharMouoretéF eb. 3 
.34Feh.| Tho. Buttanshew16F eb, f: 
| Oe" ‘gh. 15Feb.|Ludovick Grant 18P eb" 

(Wim: Weterman « —~ |: Jn.SuttonWilliamsoFeb|(Robert Johnston 15Feb. Richard Daniell 18F bi 

Gorton: - ‘4Feb. <a 5, : 
John Flatton — - éRel John SmithWilsongFab.: 

| ‘Wharter | '6Febd rhe. Brice eb.| Wan. \Adlard Miller: — 18Feb.¢. °° 
| Charles Hopkins: Feb. par rink Shirreff arch, were eo Boreth. Wm.HeaKembeltt8Feb. }:- 
Jantes Stavwres 6Feb-Viathew Gray gb eb. Duncan Roberts Feb; Wa. Hutchisow(s}i8Feb ne 
Thomas Helteway | Matthew Phibbs  oFeb,|Ldwa. Wav Seotts5Feb.| Bebert Tatabull 18Pebsf 

| st we (OFebiby os Robinson. (a) 9Feb,|\John Millett | 19Feb. yr arler “WSF ety Fs! 
| Stephen Russel’ ., |And. Kennedy oF eb.) James Holbrook | 15Feb. Rd. Ad, Nie dtson Ree a 
ish #)<! 6Feb1 1h. Hood W heatleyoFeb.\John Hundeek .15Fev.}Rebert Thorley: : 18F eh.) 4 

| James Shambler~ Geb |S WallisM‘ClellangFeb. John Nicholas ..138ebjMicheet fodder Keb. 
Was. Heyrnee bheviieb sh Temes : shar IAA Meiers Deckingit te. Ponieesins tye - 
t €0i 7. ‘idg oFe ; a peer: a 
pr Baby © Hbee AerieA.. a ad aca aie cla John Steaac . 19Feb) 
' F er: ie a 


384) LEEUTE NAN TS, with the Dates.of their Seniority, 815 21 

Joseph Pearse pe aatuly Jno Perea ieeir ap Ball J | Thos.Cha Barron Sept. 

Mith, ee Nip Se, (shie i paki Mar h Re Medbard: obrwatoy ne) W., Parente arson l2Sept. 
Johu PD. Pout “is pAng.) “1 I 1oMar, Ey liind Oakes. in wadade Rash, Venn Adwarua 

2 Manet o scaag Care onstal € oman Ae a oy Adaly Rowe nt 

Halmie ‘ r no * are i Sept. 

bit ss almet (i) eral John: Bowden | 16 Mar. Jas. Waldege eat a Ware Southey, em 

tig.| tex: Brenan, «46Man pee a A “July Hem And. Bates , 20Sept. 

Fras. Bickerstajl 1.6 War. JohnStewa autsaerey July 

William Vilch Sept. 
Jamies Williams 1G! aw) Edie Prou i 263 

eM OEey" (6) 24 Alig. 
es Buchanan dyAug. 

- |Henry EF. Temple: 26Sept. 
_ Charles” es Siatth Mi anico 16Mar.] gw, P vhs Heats? *aget mPlcraesPt 
ir ad 'LoSept: Johy Mackiey “'16Mar.| John Hay «6. 1) Wdaly| Wane S. Gapper , 203¢pt. 
wail Sith 11S¢pt.| Henry Augusttis Charles Inglis. ;) iJuly|Merion, Marshall 
Win Ree Ree W5Sept.) Perkins | ~ ' 76Mar. Charles Peake aJuly|.. Moriarty .. abSept. 
bry Jellicoe 23%ept ceaiear Wylde  26Mar.|James Burney. July, Jos. Paffard\Dickaon. » 
édéri¢ Pranks 20Sept. Jouy Middleton Samuel W heeler, aint yLareom 265ept. 
Jolin YH. Bellairs 30Sept. Waugh 16Mar,| Eilward Canes,  BSaly [Face re Weld). .293ept. 
Hin Barnes (a) 5 peed William Luce | ‘16Mar. Jobn Wright)... By |Charles Goullet ‘aqSept. 
tr. Jacobs »|Sam-lew ittMooresApr. Peter Stark, .. \Want,..Franci ehba9sept. 
Henry Eancaster Pp net Rob. Pearce (6) 5Aprt.|James Gittard. duly ‘Mat. Thos. West... 10ct. 
tus Hensley  2y0et.|George Campbell S5Apr.' Joseph West 6July Jehu Caudle Bend 
Robt. Brash ~ | '950ct. oes Jair Ns 5Apr,|James Reid (6), . 6Gluly| - Seantlebury qOet. 
Wm, Garforth 230ct./ Hen, Wim. Lewis 5Apr |John Goldie (b) 8July |Thos. Feancillon _,;50ct. 
Geo! 8yme 250¢ t./Masiers. Nomaiai SApr- | Johu Spurway 8July/Chas. Cotesworth 100ct. 
ohn Salter 260ct.'Wm.F red. LapidgegApr,| David Briggs 8July'/ John Meyrick Paynter 
ames ‘Clark 1Nov |Morgan Crofton 11Apr.|John Jones Pearee oJuly! r 110ct. 
got Nicholls Francis Rogers Thos. Barrow _ gJuly George Peirson.  110et. 
Williams Nov. Coghlan 18Apr. Wim. Moore laJuly|George Courtenay 
Keevy ‘Tully 10Noy¥.' John Harvey (6) 26Apr.! William Baker | Greenway 110ct. 
Wim. Russell 10Noy. /Henry Lawless a27Apr.| Strugnell 18July James Stuart (a) 1410ct. 
Christopher Beer 10Noy. John: Anderson (6)a8Apr,|Isaac Richards i9July Fred, Carne Hill, 120¢et. 
Ths. Baldock — 10 Nov.!'Thos. Pennington 4aMay Nicholas Webb 10 uly Hen.Martin Leake 140ct- 
Wm. Caswell 13Nor.| Joseph Roche’ 4May/G. Pettiward Eyrei9July' James Crooke /150ct. 

Pat. Denchar 29Nov.|John Dillon Fry 16May Timothy Carew .19July|John Moore (c) ,, 190ct. 
Rolit. Shebbeare 3oNov.|Duncau Blair 37 May C, Mat. ChapmaniyJuly|JeremiahM ‘Daniel igOct. 
Chias. Lambert 6Dee.| Richard Morris 18May Benj. Mainwaring (9) ufy| James Chapman. 240ct. 

Chas.'Haycock ''' 6Dec.) Adam Cuppage | 26May|James Heyland — 1yJuly James Roy |, 27Oct. 
Robt. Rist 6Dee | Jas, Alex. Gordon26May Hen. Edw. Coffin 20July|Sax..Cesterton  gNov. 
Joh Hake , | 6Dee,|! Chas. Davis 2May| John Fisher aisuly| Robert Wemyss, . 5Nov 

Geo, Ley  6De.|JohinPo owell Tweed 26May John T.Joyd (6) 22July| J. Josiah Holford, 25 all 
Robt.Wintle lnnes6Dec.| Edw. Maxey 27May|Geo, Barker a3July| Wm. FrancisBond Nov. 

_ Richards (4 )to Dec: Philip James Elm- Anselm Peter Le [George, - ndesay,.. 9Nov. 
Wm.Hen. Savage 13De¢:|  hurst a7May| Neve gayty | eaycrs by yon, ,, tBNor, 
Ch s. Rumbold'°"' iGeo, HenryBowlby2sMay John Kiddle 2aJuly|Geo. Thos Smyth, a3Nov, 
Gordon!" IsDéel)J ‘WinthropMartiv27May |W. Wynne Fyton aJuls |John Reali Bigchaaiser: 
ra Ww, Aalf'' 45Dee, Benj. Andrews 27 May |Joseph Elwin 2Aug.|John Parker .:.,. »2gNov. 
» Mortimer 17 Dec, | fas. Knight 30May Wm. R. Ward (6), 3Aug.|Robt. Bruae Rabapsotion 
Richa . Mitebels ‘18Dee: Henry Downes 1June| Samuel Fielding \John B inney! 
4 salad ha ‘a2Dec, Thos. Higgins 3June| Harmer 6Aug Benjamin Leggett 29Nov. 
Ch Tes “a Sade Wm. Snowey qJune/Charles Andros. 9Aug,/Robert Barclay ; agDec. 
A5Dec. John Wilkie 4June| Wm. l’orter 10Aug.|John Hornby, |...) 14Dec. 
29De¢,| Thos. Adolphis. Juste PeterRoepelioAug.| William Veaus,.| 15Dec. 
Det,| “Plucknett 4June| Bart. Geo. Waterhouse Joseph Hynsou, ,, 23Dec, 
Det, |ATex. Robertson 7June 1oAng.|Wm,. Lawson 

Mich. : 
Jiis. gl rae Wm. Tullis 7June| Pierce Humphrey 

Drew" eves ,grDee, Matt, Black IoJune! Mott 16Ang, de Rocheid Forrest 23Dec. 
Isdac Burch (6b) 11 June|Chas. Wm.Griffith ' T.Wiggins MoBhespa Dec 
ra wT" Jas. Figg 1iJune|_ Griffin 16Aug.|Wm, Liardet,. , 23 
nna hae 1Jan,|Sohn Monk 13June} J. Hoskins Brown 16Aug. | Gregory Alinutt Lewin 
Heb smote “Wan |Edw. Rotton 16June| Robert Futter — 16Aug.| 23DVec. 
St. Oujnti 7Jau.|Henry Bampfyle John Munnings Chas. Caldecot.. a3Dec. 
arles titoyte’ ‘7¥an.| Shepton’ 4June|_ Johnson 16Aug. 
Ghasige alt 7Jau,|Geo, Hothech’  16Suve| James Rowe 16Anug. 1815 
Kt, Hon. James Viscount ‘rth Magan 16June| Wm. Prowse 16Aug.| Nathan. Newnham,yJan. 
‘Kelburue |. an. |Chartlon Booth’ Matthew MitchelliGAug./Jon. Edw, Chilentt 
Wm. Hen. Bap- 0" ay! ‘ r7Jane|Hen.Watson HalliGAug.|. Pitfield » odan, 

tist Prohy |” gJau,|Wm. D hedd 17June| Walter Leslie Aug 
ie se u ‘y esi ns Jolin bor rapert7 Stipe Francis Gray atau 
Wm, Tatton Petch?7June| He ‘inship Doddagjan, 
an.|Solin Harrison . 97June| Nath, Cranstoun France [J James Crawford |. 0 
Aug, ie pg Taavits aFeb 
o Henty Meredyth Lye tris |J arkes || Keb, 
| ein Bailey ~ a7June) White Jervis ug: Charles Shaw Irie p 
‘Harrow a7Jone/G asetee, Atkinson aGAug. ve wtideten Tomkin, 

Gotfrey Brereton. 16Jaa. 
ug. ities Ansell .,.) 2@Jan, 

Ja, hos x ates, a7swep Roh lackmore ~ whe ta Ly: roel te tier | 
oward Moore’ ’ 97Jwne oh! n -) . 
Chas. Payntér ' a7Sane Me Wok (bY, Badal wi William Nash, / aFeb, 

John; Downey) uve Reb, 
ere errorenens eatapy 
James H 
/Robt.C. fecbens 1Feb, 
1831 a! 

ephirwin,, 18 
Jone Brent ton’ all 

co a 

bh = 
one raves " éh, | William Robert: ! ‘ 
| Geo. Sk a a ~4Feb,| Ward (a) a7Junel F 
| Rob. itdy ”” | Hoes John Rob.Benson 27J un 

ao 1696 " 

20 1813] LIEUTENANTS, with the Dates of a oe sig. 

sey Adages ‘Robertson aNtar.! John’ ‘Bowie AX 
Robt-Suttoi Bayly Not |Win : Nowell 21Mar.| Roger Cangtayde: 2 adel | : 
John Bendyshe' TtpNovi JohhCampbEllc)4i Mak Alex. Miller | ria »| Gabriel hy 
Gedrge Parkyns 16Nov | Edie. Kus apm 2Miur!| P 1. Piercy Bagwel tabduds (ieo pleyre Powell 
Jatin Evans (@)' ‘{6Nov.| Men. Frat. Spenceat har, | ‘Ilias. Strover, 7Aug) Joseph, Hume 
Benj. Duttéa®?"  TONOV.|Jas. Tho. Tatlock oiMat, ‘Win, Atchd.W anne 13Ang Jas-Bage Boul) 
Latichlaa But 19Noe)| RU NugeatKelly atMar, Heury Tucker —a7Aug Bene Weorty! 
Rich/BowenReed agNoy. Andrew Merinon | Wim, Roddam.; aval: Jab cen 

Martin Déntet’ 

Thos. Williams) 7" i Thetmpson '21Mar |W, Loudon 5, Aug.| David sen’? b 
Chaileton de “4gNow! Jolin'Mein 21Mar. George Bentham, ig ‘Thos. Nid av 5 
Geo. Bufler! 1gNov: Tics! Cull (6) | atMag.| ‘Mutchings 18Aug.) Evy  Cruchieye edy 
Fra is Anderson '!'| Peter Hodder |! 21Mar.) Wm, Dickson (a) atAug. Six." Chomas, Wa Liam, ‘Ay 
Calder by, Jas.Rigmaiden 21 Mar, Jas, Poad ; 24Auge  Holburne,., sts | 
Wat, Edw. ‘Carlen s*' Ueda crisCoatesot Mat: Lewis Charles , ,|S.Hood Bemarans, 
; OaBNGY, Michael Dwyer 2tMar.| Peters 29Aug- ilenry, Bo} man 
Wit! Snelb! >"! gDee!|Floratio James | 21Mar, John Towne 175epl{ Stephen Hodge, abe 
Wri. Syfrett qDec: Wi BurtWeekes21Mar. | John Vignoles 17Septs| Amos Ply mselb.., e 
| Fras. Ju: PickinorégDee: Henry Johu Halti21Mar, Geo. Bishop 1$Sept,! Jags Thos, meal oot rigs 
Jas. Roget's (b)" ioDec. w alter Edward Grant |David Thomas Dixen ..(-59|4Mar. 
John Simpson (¢} 14Dec, ziMar,| Nightingale 21Sept.|John-Christiaa..)) 3.5 
Whi.PearcePurze 14Déc.| Charles Cowling John Wood(a) 23Sept.| Chesnaye 7 Many 
Jas. sk cee {b)6Vec.| | Robinson 21Mar, Ww m. Downey 30ct. R- Mrifchison is), 19Maxe 
Os ; Hleury Sankey (21Mar. Mark Keut 30ct./Sam. Chas.Um Lad fol 
1812 *  \Jos, Collings GilaiMar.| William Henry yille 5Maré 
| Tho. Geo. Nichols 2Jan.)}Wm, Pyne 2iMar.| Cooke 120ct.) George Inglis)» oo ar 
Himphrey May Pree-"'|Wm, Crichton’ 21Mar, -|Richard Farr 120ct.) James Moxon, 27/Miew. 
stun" °°"* 2)an.|Richd. Nason. 21Mar, Fras.Wilson Ellisi50ct |Juo.8, Rowlands 29Mary 
Tint: Renow _* @Jan.|Chas .Parkerfa)'21Mar.)Thos. Spark __ 150ct-Johw Tl udson.(a) 51 Man 
Jas.Nixon - 3Jan;|Frank Cutler | 21Mar.|'Thos. Constant Paggett | David Hanmer, ,.7Aprib 
| Chas, Moore (a) '7San.|Win, E. Amiel (21Mar.) Morton 150 Cty JacoboLey Young:7 April 

| Redmond Moriarty7Jan-| Chas. Kerr Dow 21Mar.)Tobias Young | 200ct.|Wains-bitzwilliaan ) oo ay 
‘| Ges. Tyrrel?’ ** °° oSkts Chas, Halford | 21/Mar.| Benj. Roberts 240ct.| Wentworth, , April 
Roby Marae ul’ 17Jan Aug. Woodward 21Mlar.|Heury Love, 3Nov dosh Baaley,)., a5Apaub 
Fred. Bull ock gaJan: Morrice Cowen 21Mar.! Win. Nunn Jewell GNov.-| Edw. Robinson, . 6Aprib 
.| George’ Mitford ; Hen, Pengelly  21Mar.! John Parkman - 20Nov.) Thos. Moffat... 20Apmab 
* “Monk -23Van-\Jimes Clayton 21Mur,| Jer, Mahoney, 20Nov, Mes prick Hodyshen 1dof} 
J in Fetherstdt -gifan. Thomas Patton 2iMar. 'Thos.Scanlan _ 20NoN«) Re arrow ri 
Jaies adh “3h a0./Geo, Buchanan 2i1Mar. John Collas 20Noyvs\J oss Marshall (ad. wMay, 
Géo, seb. James Bulkeley RA et Colmer Ross, 20Novs)Caarles Smith walley 

et ivi Pre nA me EALS Win. ‘Reynolds 1 April George Stauway (Edw ohenn igs-, 
vst Wgheb *(Rich. Tilkidge Bourne abNiv.} Albany 1 Penal bay ath My 

Peter “Brodie aval Sainthill 23 April Andrew Munro, 20Nov, Wilsott tori ss S2D 

Wilk ini pe? en Tey & elt John hal on, eNews Chast hos.Suttar tourer 

1 4 . cu a- " t : t 
; Jobe Cooké*(#y  5Fe —" Hamilton Davies bus yeu we ie arracott, b oy 

| Bateman, Ward Evans; 
i iat Beeb, Jone Mode: (b) HoMay Pee Soke White reWalker iced : ee 
tit? Purchitey’ ~~ Fe ‘\George Green = SMay)" hurst sate ase 
Nery Blurton 1 are. eorge Drew. | $May.|Richard Smith’ Bind Howe Bite. 49 
Lontis A.\ pot 4 ti § Th A Dyn y | Simonds — , Nov, ppereric’. eae y 
Sint on units? hy » 8May/|Fdw. Phillips |, NPY oe Uoinae ay 
bons Te it mi Feiiry |Zebedce Beckham reared Wan pean (ta as} 
\ a rthy' erwad Boars yin ees Sacky. Burro ae W. mss NS 4 
( Wad. Gaia Pan 7FEDIRG ey 3M ‘ay Arthar Broo ing ey, oh. Ye ar h, i 
- bay we eb Jeunes He dain at mpg! Hill , A Os bh Simi ‘jie 
' 7 : “TP Sto e ,, 8May|Geo. Palmer... ¥;| Francis Uallowest4J une: 
Hatiey Crodker's: U7Feb,| 55 este “" ®May Pee aes boNedy Arthur Loftus er 
| Pani C. Seites ©! 7&eb. 15, i M‘Killop 8May| Edward Youel, (2iNoy.|Cha 3-H Matein \} pialune 
Ve Frederic White » 10Peb, James Georg: 8Map | John Hickipay oxen Joh Sam, salts ins 
| [Cliarles Harvey, Jo Sas, KectingigMay len J oh Pipex 2 Teva , 20Jan 
| | “Nétrington: © 11Feb, win. Geo “Thomiasi3May Henry on thwick 28) A 8 weraad M ISA vthe 
} John Wa, Oldmixon Mala Orw ety) } 1 May Apo Cartas 5A) Me aR p 
a 2+/ Wm, Stone . Buller s, 2D righ 
f We rnees wh Bret. Fob Wa ‘QoM Mays yee Negi i ‘bes Fae eam is 
é€ adon Lew v ichards |Marshall ft les, 53 
Piet Norris hlo@eaFeb! BS . Salinders (6) OM ay Yifaaees Brov n Rig betas 

a2Dee; | Alex, | ates 

00 | Hen Gladw alisfouat in 
‘ip wk rae iit Bis 

a Friend.) 12Juane Palriok. Walli 

sBoyete 10 June: Patrick. alti. A8 

HibsDonte 163 tiie ‘eee Bevel 
ios iverba) di 30s 


Jamed Detiet diate i" lessee - rT wig 
Rithd. et het pl ee Mar teh te uty fas t * ay nF MON orn v7 af 
lek. Gullew ; ose nt Collings j,: wale ,, post 

- ‘Vingles tr oN Blgys Hota Hehe raser, Led eh a Crap 8M 
a ®: Salo GaN hike” Me ec: nea. set 
{ Dewworrotby Mat! b nth sia 1 saet ed eae ra ‘n) brs mw bay Lew re uly 
| Hier Belsey” a ziMer! sqoel multe comma ot Coe mae Fy ae rf) } 

yest hams Hi | Hiqst@e shyt oy suse) sda ‘a fsomndl 

\ + 

44 1587 ; 

m6] LISUTEN ANTS, with the Dutes of thei Seniority. 

Nar Aa rye 18Nov ris rahe 
; illiam * as: Kieke>? 
‘1% Riebardion 

rgée Forder 
ON aoe cell a 
cart! by. Chas. Hare: 
r + Phippard Hiya ie des Hb 
[goseph Milter gees Radiond the 
IMU Ras. Poblerd «= -_g Dec. 
.fBeegam iH sopee's Dec. 
Was: Wyndham 
qe: Wikis 

Duncan r9Dec. 
Ody « 21Dec.| Ww 
herwood 23Dec 
.| Sohn Lindsay | 
‘T NicholasCha 

Thos. Gregory 
Jn. Peake 

William Persse 
: ' tNewenham 
+‘ Tomlineon « i 
Oger Carley Carty = [Franci¢ Little 
27 17$ans| John Curtis (5) 

it 7 
Peifson Williamson - G 
Bsa? os "173ani/ Rob. Holman 
$mriHamilton Jan, 
BS ehss Rootes: ‘ 

Geo. Bll ae ¢ 
Prosper recae 

Chas. Reid 
Eis Johnston 

Ches.Jas.Rawlin- --° 
wif 1 gMer (Ww pli 4 do 
| A7Mari(Héhry Whacts 
- + O8Met,|Niclotas Athi: 
‘ ee eeelet: reed 
ateh. Shakespear sApr, 
heen E. bh unrett 


yan tWin. Bowere ». 
- Hodgkin 30April Win: Lutman 
$as.Galiichan  4May! John Thos: Nutt: 
Ches. Fras. Stuart qMay! Sob Edridge | 
‘} Rt. Bates Methéws gay! Sninvel: Hellard 
JastAtkins (63 | 4May 

Heary Ui ond 
George H 

Johu Hil 




Edmund Scott 
eee rege o 

t2Nor.| Koh. Bradley Roe 
Mov} Fred Di J 

15J une:Geo. 
Gundry: \ 
{§June! Thos. Lancelot 
aisone| kinson 

“18S uly 

{1811 19 

rb. MackworahogApril 
amby s -. : 

-allay }: 

i. gMlay 


uJune|Chas. Taylor (a), 
8Fune Johu Grierson _ 99 
8June! Wa. Farrant 
gJune Edw. Luscombe 

d "od 
Chris. Claxton 

Geo. Buttléer 

Bee lee ouicork. 3 
7Lec. . iT 
SDec. Gew fawki 

Farquharson —191ec. 

18July|Chas. Haydon 
18SF2ly rt 
1811 George Goose .. 1: 
18Jaly 4 Jaseph Birch 
18Jaly|}Wm. Spiers 3Jan./Jobn Adamsoy .. 6J 
7Jan.| Bowen Robert 

Rober 2 


July Wm. Knight (c), 

te. Chas. Stovin 3odatby | Jos. Steele aaJ 


« Lloyd die gs. 
“| Geos Sinishers.:. s3Aug. 
Bt. Jotn-Dawsom «27408: |, 
8t.|Jgeebmnie «. 19 

= 11 24Septe 
dna. Tuner Fling . 

19Mar. | Juedfdenseraon(b)a68ep. |. 
Fred. Bremmsop..., 5 
+! Neve. a6Sept. |. 
Y Whe. Hornsby: 268ept; 
'Evaacis Maxwell o6Sept. 
Jotur Hali.(a)- 205 
Rebt: Hane... 

ts (c) 10Nov. cke 
10Now John Weir 

‘1eek) LLRUDBNANTS, south Mie Dates of theie Seniority. — 0671 
dammont: + 160e04 Wunv Edw aviis tb) gAng: 

Da Saleh dni Gbodcs Cus 
orc : bide babe deer 

t Hay oi woion {i ce “ 
Buda 4: vont, abag | db : cteandel Brice: 

x Bogack mn Yor bs 
yi waNl ay! Sar ce More "aie enjseerth Parspis 
Bro 1 teeter. A trokeloiands, Ad 
vs Sprute:: a ifr > eer iThesis Jagen.. ..2) 

: nears Pike, asaler 
"hag ane pa a“ a pe ; ee set a Mar. 
ci ig t ow Coak Gee ininson, 10Apn 
aa Cawford. agSopt. aueciaicet 33 qtuars ere ames Cooke iS April 
t Mayne): ‘POR. Cyrus! Elfiott  assapt. ay O’Bgjen 25April 
tone Kent vl ur. =: {Wm. Savage. a7 “rake 

s ety : iy Sey FhomasCrane 1%e)t.} a5April 
Peer Poumier:s- Wras Marra; Smitho2Jan. NicholesColthurstigsep. tapes ‘Chariberé afer 
amas ie “1900 ftreseesmith Joho Neale (b) aeSept. sacnes glman 27April 
Edw. Heron a2sepr.})ho ouds2sApril 

‘ aaJen.|James Masters 22ept.j Thos. “ickerjng 
‘ gafan. (Charles Haswell iL. Clarke a8April 
iv neiewbaveahinneeien Townley aaSep John Geo. Victor abapril 
Spatdi Mitchell22san. Faw. Cole ase pt-iJoha. , 3A 

rn a2Jan \ Joly Hy. Sandersag= 

Johp hn eat 
{Ao MontgomeryadJan. ‘Thos. Bevis aySe J mes S 
ae ar — + {Nich holasCharles ij. Alay 
o2Jan. Waste: assen(s| Re ieMay 
Elilton? evan. John w | 259ept. ABRTay 

ph textdtiughes: Van. Francis Blo re, 
dE belbdet Terner s2hue. Gibbes s,s 1 ee 
vipat Gad 8 ebiu Joseph George Bubsen Joli ‘Trinder. + a. ee Ce ens Mu 
tewoGl ob.|'! Gramskee'i +. :qajan.|Se uel eUcer, bet breed doo 
moti gh y‘v) 910@Ming 4D wats Willie ugustns ‘hone cou oop dS y 

Carri past I... dike othe bhawete ~ fue en: “ie x 
Baie? Man). Beileen 1128 Charle. sJolley, poet few. ‘Dixon 2 lay 
: sae altoro i : * er ee ai bald Black, a7May 

s9t 6Ma teflandsl ioe an Stephen Pain | Ct, Jo A, cote P) 

J motif emp 71 BMharu Stew Win. Bondiriter Oct). e n Be antyng. 
ledteiCrofensiiaAé .« aaJan. William Hovend jeg. Keaysian |: ,, 
recnway SMar. A ~W Oct Heh ah 
rles Leteboat igMar. (by. 

Hamm m@egtian. QtLe 
4 ithibtn/ Lsoke aJo. .uiiHugh Entwisle 2Jan./G - 290¢ 
; 1agMend Hred Lewis o..- : agJan. i ce oll 

peialt. peor 3ifan, Y oe v. John S 
Bdw. Mourilyan:. sidan. Dohovan” ancis 
rota aghast ,., sFeb memes Long’ A 

ere y Heat Satay $F eb. |W m. ndersont (b) Ror Wm Jeffery 

a “a a Ju 

4 em Ge Gneve :  30Juue 

‘Bancan ei Heater .3Feb, John ... ZNoy.]. Bd why 

Somertil taut thew: . UFeb, Thos-Alles Simkin7Nov, 

epn Henryl on ae fie T B6Feb, chee Ta indal., 5 ° 

snes Alans ua fFeb J Wm. +e 

| ic ° 1gF eb, Edw. “gN 
Heer bricetzouin bn Ketel '16Mas, brolin oat 4 
Weriernee. 1pgAugeAobn Blanton 17Mar.|Sam.Graves 
dJanden ndeth, :. ane (Jee. Breohe.:.’ ( 37Mor. 
+4 Nichelsga 7 sii Sober: hop F* Heurme sion, 

Geosgt:: essey pailJcha Foyle ay (a) April wet 4 
Das fr n ulAlex. Forsy dail rcha. M St atbeelge h 
3 ETN let itt (a) Cie) ieaoet Male nie an 

f rt 95 Geer : 
Hi cooly: vel iyentocgen oANG toenben’ ee 
oct. dole : MEA prid [Ri 
Jémes Grierson 20Sept.| W tee. 
mas Gilhost a6Sepe. 

MentiteCole abo FO . re) 
pan Mea; sa@e 

2 ggg ee a egg ee oe Ie ET ee ae 

|16 0} LIEDTEWANTS, with the Dales of their Seniarifys | (1% > | 

Behert Wu. Fate: 1 Ja 

James HUastley : re) 
Oz —Aped{Wen.Jodn Stephemdir! 
David Wright Standby Lae -$Chamt. 2.3 og 
Unvid Keys Let tee Pawel! 
m. Ws : : rH AB | 
arend Faaning m. Deyies (a) wmuilad Milner 2 ' 
Thowras obt: Paik... spJune|Geengé Dove -. 
Chas. Stew av Wim. Ogilvie. a7 lune 
m. T Be wie : Watson - saae 2 
watd Nathanic!- . afee. . Nach Helden . 7Fiwly}WWn. Whisper. og8 if 
Greensanetd =: SO et. 2 téf Sch id, Conan bw ely (Jobe : agA pri 
Sena Fieccrtd : histeemia_ fegeareelr 
ere ity Sh 
Jove bryos aoJaly Theesia MitcheliGe)=1, ) 
Ww. gilan.|Sohe Mecore (a) July $ 
a —— ave peel Leaeeeee a Ava. Wals as aaa ah 
Be meres ¢. @, uly Dyer Uarad .- v 
19. Dee. Fred. David Schaw “Feb.'James Harvey.  jovely Wether’. ‘2994p 

arnet- ‘fide Joka Marshall (4)16F ob. Wm. Boreygh gevalp\ John Cobd.Pe: wieasapral 2 
fare eat te) 4 m.Wonod(a} iS Josiah Peretti i oe 
yhértes. 6Dee.| Theubdove Officers are|Hen. Leslie Grove 1Aug, Prealiceamenttad 1 padayi 
ee he Narr ey ef 7s. Ree Broughton Heng 

wre Fi 
jehe Ponsonby SAue.|Sam ie Guise . shan i 
Win. Brown (a) 19Feb.| Wo. Harris Smish Win. darke 2 abnl: 

Thomas SJan. 

andeny spt ; ai 

®.! James Mone a7Feb. ag. 

ah hawpior$Feb.| Felix Frankling 3 ‘Mar(Wm. Oldficld 1Aug. James‘Emerton 
w. Little Couch oF eb. Win. Reikie SMar,JohuSmith(c) 14Aug.Uobn Smith(d) - ‘ wdaly , 
HearyAmbrows 25Mar. ; 

a0 pighton 7 sr {kick Burch (fa) a7Mar. 

Geo. Gratrix . 14Aug jJobn Jones (¢). oN ak : 
Hodgson i tApni!) 

meh ; ] rill Abra. ae Peter Rigby itAug.|Chas. Bostock gAug.h 
John Brumb Eat Fred. J. Leroux ear Wm. Crow ; 30Ang.|Rebert: Yule => -20t 
Thee. Poulerton 4y|Jotn Kirtley aBarri (Gee. Fox agAug.|James Stanton - «15Oce 

John Mackie aM Se. M*Dougall n)@ApritJobn Beach - : @gAug.| Michéiel: Sanit -: i 
oat Longfield Robert Pritchard 9Sepe:). ee eats ats f 


whe John Fullton qoMa Robert Gm .. a0Sep ‘ mildee a) Dike 
nony 5 nett 19Junde} Robt. Sangster 3iMay Christopher Betty 17 Ricdr, laxanh 
st’ 22June|George Laing § a25une Wim. Sandey  agSept:|Ralplidore (a) - he 
John Be in Collins Nicholas Mauger isJane m.Ley S * GOct. amos. T aldo “ue 
gJuly|Thos, Harris 19 July |Jobm Asimer - Savilbe 
, Glauvift 13 3 July) James Pasley ‘ uly 

"Fohe Jones (6). - elstead:) 17Mow:B~ 

cu, Hettoematity 21Gb fone Nethereend: ) 
‘the. silis: Mhttaker |: (Samed Murray (a) YDeci sl 

it a{Nov Geo. Antraagt jot.) 4 
Sas. Brown Boyd: fee; ' 

aaluly| Osmund Batton 23Ang. 
31d aly | John Wm. ist Gre 
UK Jas Drasiiere(e) 272 a7Aug. 

6 lTB {ENN Te 


tE-lJose: ‘indale t.jeiwe De Mont- welt ar pk Wag ty] alte 
ak Thor. Sm mith: (a) fecbe aed de | + ¥6Dee.SWoens Tem plin: a5FebsP? | 
. mg. Thomas Lut. i 21 Gib. Jo iehelioMatiF/ 
theott ; np. ct se Sept. ‘4802 .| + +fSbbas Mtreet Mar} 
ipAag. Davia ‘Atkinson 23Sept. Sohu Goldie ¢a) -7Jaa.pW my Mawatts!> angi! 
anhse: Robett kfnnon adept Jobu Anderson (a) ee Henry Dicksomeditlt! inky ; 
risa Chas. Carter a3Sept. Nich, Kortright |: | , ¢ eure 1 ' 
' ranaion nl Alex. ngram ‘agSept. Win. Fitz : , ribet =) @) } 
Bacon Aug. \John Greenway a0ct. tr Shield: a 5) Melita Nan naApri ya! 
Jumés Vajabra’ nave Donald Potter 6 Oct. Hugh Krice Whicengs Sof: Wade vn igApri i 
Kred. Bedftrd ' Parkips Prynn 100ct.[A . oon Alea: Burgoyne: are ie 
ut Langdon = 68ept.l Shomas Pearson John Woobward: rote) | 0 Nig ro 
i a Croasdaile Io. a hee a aa wie sy oo 

‘3 t. obis Purne | ew! ers... ea! 

P fames Brockman isNow. “Ws. Brown oo), GaFeb. To Seb hay nSt 4) 
‘Rober Bascid - wd 
Leslie: Bouldetvou/ghept. v 
muy Radritige 9D ga 
cotell Lawrawoc’3epe.t): ; 
lEaweed k b Wegsten ” aw). 
Jas. Atderson talagtiay'| Bates meen y! 

: bn epee ibA6Be { 

gehen '‘Chifton af Fol pdell (d) 2 sens 

3)Jan, Rad. Steadish HalyGA Tosi Hitch mee {: 
Jehu Bure’) bApri eure bia lev > >: 
pber¢ Welch : Nov.] | 
vebp ran ogy aa te) AOI BE | 

>t yet it yBeg le sand 

lexi Brodie In rt 

Wortos ‘gMane 



ae tan ie pe 

1994) LILUTENANTS, with the Dates. of thar Seniority; tuzot 15 
f ee 7 Bana jt a a 

Rim Se ie ‘w& LIST OF THE: 


: Jacob Silver izJan, 

NAMES. ‘Senionty.| NAMES. Seniority.{NAMES, — Seniority. 

NAMES. ¢ Seninrity 


aaa 1778 John Bruce ne ril/Jos. Thompson(a)21July Johu Baylay Har- 
yas. Wolfe obertarDec.|Wm.Strarp ay|Wrn, Motmier gtduly| tien) agJan, 
Edward Harries May Mat. Bowles Alt 31July|Charles Elanere e3zJan. 
Z William Tapp  13May George Montagu Rich. Whitehead 3Feb. 


[Philip Scie GAug.|Alex. Keeler, 5Jnne|_ Higginson iSept.[Samuel Cuming 7Feb, 
Reb, Kitchison(a)a0Aug. Johu Bevan 20J une/John Plaine 3Sept.|/Donald Fernandes 9Feb. 
fae ’ George Reynolds 10July|John Derby 7Sept. The Ratsey loF eb. 

errs .:) ae M Cannadey : 24July|Richd. Wa Sinmmonds : | Jobo Quekch: -  11F eb. 
wie ule 3iJan.]Wm. Taylor uly dE eury Hawes beg 
Abraham Rese  2Mar./Edmund Rayner agJuly Christ. Spencer 21 Sept.|Chas. T ‘hompson 15, 
ustus Markett22Dec Charles Napier arJuly Samuel Mark Edw. Libby 2oMar. 
Hon. Francis Charles Holliday agSept.}.in. CAmpbelf (a)22ar. 
Annesley 30July|Wm. Payne 90ci.) WV. Etleteau KingaaMa, 
George Neate Tremlett}Wm. Fowell ° 140ct. Exlw. Rpberts (6) saerh 

George Lewis Cole 1Ang./Matthew Graham 220ct |Wm. Pardoe 124 
; igFeb.|Jas-Oades Lys 1Aug-|Geo. Lawrence 220ct.|Percy Dove Real 
Johm Denis De James Meres 2Aug.|Luw. Gwynne = 300ct.| Wm. Adams (a) 25 Apeil 
: Vitee _  gMar /Arthur ThomasGre- thes Smith | 6Nov.|Thos. Innes prt 
Obasinb Newell oSept. aad y i 


Francis Wheatley 3Noy. 

Jobta.Levett toJune Wm. W wnite(a) ahr 

George Timins 2M: 
laser earle oMay 
Win. Bush © ~ 11May 


Dawid Richardson GSept./G 

~96 Nichalas ‘Tueker 16May 
vn 1543 /. Norris Tonge 2Sept./Wm.Sty ded 5Jan.|Cornelius Collett 16May 
Reter Creed .6Mar, w ra. a a 39ept./Bennett Fellows 20Jan.|Robert Houlton 1t8May 
Eéwerd HallumspMar. oseph Hellard s5Sept.{/Sam. Roscow (9) 2Jan.|/John Rajus i8May 
oha Browne (a) 20ct.i Wm. Gibbons oF eh.jcohn Bentinck 
aa ee 1584 .[Mans Sloane Elsmere |W. Parsons (a) 18Feb.|_Pettet _ IgMay 
$Rieberd Thomas; 1Ds 30ct.(/Wm. Warden beh Se Barnard © agMay 
weer yo, ys |Thomas Bourdon, > Wm. Vos er 6Apri Fraucis | M‘Lean ‘Jane 
4-41 1790 Fellows. “Oct. Benj. Willeinson, 9 aApri Jéhn Fairweather SJune 
Witte m Wallis-atyept Hensy Loyd. 110ct.! John Good 1 Charles ae : 
‘ 2 Way. Cockcraft aibept es Milne. Oct.|Fras, Richantéon 18May Warre 
*$Phomas Durseto. ... (George Falconar a80ct |W aa ecrouas 2 Ja erCopelend 
@ Birchall os. Now ohn. ae a 1gNov.\John Lambrick 33 ay) July 
§ Rébest Sayas sagen ‘fbos. Bo 13Dec |J. Counor Field a7 Moy Thomas eyeson 
ace fad, William a Joseph SgeeentL ‘IsJuly 

“4 Jehd-Sobnene (b)28June| Van. H epyel vey 

{Richard Gliun 17Dec. 
ee ten a3dune Hobert Forbes 13July 
Arctic Walsh 2jJine|Gearge Keenog 20July 
VheophilysSalwey [Sumyel Cock  25July 
“ as5JunelJobn Lurchen. 3lduly 
Andrew Che 29June|/Richard Bourne 4Aug. 


Tidwnas Collis» sate 


* 37R 

Chee Jas-Smith. (b ar./Andrew Lapslie 1glulv/David Anderson 15Au 
Rie tard ar atg.|Edw. Roberts(a) 7Mar. Welter Janteos uly|Wm. Johnson (a) Baus. 
Wek. Cues 300ct.-/Benj, Leigh 1oMar.|V shaw , 3Ang.|Geo. Brown (a) ug. 

tawick. ‘SNow.{Edey. Clarributt 16 Mar.|BenjSolgmonMoxey | |Montagu Kelly 18Sepe. 

. att Nov.|Wm. Samwell 17Mar oAug.|John Burney 1gSept 
G eae abs (a) iaNev. Titus Allardice 18Mar. John Linton 1aAGe: Charles David P 
John M‘Donald s9Nov Jn. Roberts (a) 27Mar./John Leach agAug. 
John Chayson - Wm-Renwick. 13ApriliGeo.Fisher an 
hg m. Cage me ob ete Bingher:. ee N 
{Connell le¢.| Nath. rancea7Apri ant m. Ley aDec. 
be tiicdelec Pies _ Chie Meay!/. Lawes Watenaoent Peter Despourrine27 Dec. 
Edw Harle sOct. - 

vid Chambers 110ct. 1798 . 
James Allen 1aJan. 

| lo 8May 
nt Allan Robert Fricke: 13May lex. Garthshore 

1794 Stirtin 140ct.|Geo. Ballard Vine 1F are 

John Guyos: ‘. 18Eebi| Thomas Spearing, W m. Le Mesurier 16Nov.{Josaph Coxwell 
John Hinds . + -..4. Osmer ¥|Wm. Her Dec f James Wi zon Cay: ie 
Sparkes 16Feb.|John Doneclift 17J une] Wm-.Archbo 9Dee PeterSam . 

Steel Feb.|John Werrall  a7June/C. Fred. Nagise 23Dec. 
baa Felis . Max Jobn Hotchkis 17Jane Roger F.vans anDec.{John Jeans 

j Abraham Gosset 2gMar. sone Stokes (a) igJane/Geo. sbidohnit Ley agPec. pea Wallace ce tape 

George Plowman 25May 
Alex. Lighternessa8J une 


14 1800] LIE 
| Edward Smith (a) 

‘|| James Neville 
John Hackett 


| James Lys . 
Andrew. Lockhart 

‘| Joho Gardiner 

jJoseph Price 

John Stevenson 

Anthony Donadieu 

Martin Lindsay 

\James Horn 

| Thomas Lethbridge 
{John Ines Short 

ohn Wallér 

tephen Norwood 
gor Baker 

uncan Menzies 
{William Limbery 
| Robert Wright 
Robert Arnold 
James Bunce — 

F Botin' Dowers 


Charles Hlemste 


Nicholas Cesar Corsellis P 
sAprili5|Richard Dechamp 

i! John Johnson (oi 

30Aug.2#| Thomas Goble 
oSept.28| Riehard Grithth 
2Sept.28| Arthur M‘Gregor Skinner 
| Jas, Hamilton Murray. 25ept-25 

UTEN ANTS, with Dates of their Superannuation. [1828 

oSept.28 Richard Williams (5) 18Sept.23 
gSept.28 James Wilson (5) 

William Asse 

Peale George James f 


NAMES. Seniority. NAMES. 


30Mayio| Robert Hoy 

19June!1| James Gomm 
19Juneii|Wm Anderson (a) 

5May 12] James Share 

2{Aug.12| John Jones (a) 
27May13| Nicholas Haddock Holworthy 


31Jan.14| Cas. Woodger 

gidan 14) Wirry Dawe 

31Jan.14;Owen Williams (a) 
31Jan.14| Philip Tomlinson 

31Jan.14| Robert Jump 

3Ljan.14)William Caspal 

17 Mar.14| Samuel Fox 

17Mar.14| Thomas Eyre Hinton 
1SApriligiJobn Alexander 
22Sept.14| Charles Randle 
Oct.14| Thomas Relph 

ov,14) Wor. Alder’ 
11 Nov.15|John Leckie 

tdw. Aug. C. Burnaby 11Dec.15)John Grieg 
Edw: Alms 


ijan 16(Thomas Massingbird 
1Jan.16| Edward Covey’ 

iJan.16| John Cox 


iJan.16 art 

tJan.16)Riehard Clark (a) 


— a Oo" 
1An 00. David M‘Dowall Grant 1Jan 16/Thos. 
John Bentley Walton 
16Feb.10, Edmund Nepean 

nury St. John 
‘tJan.16/John Twisden . 
Ser Brook W m. Bridges, 




. a 

'| John Holmes Bond 5Sept.28| Robert Craigie 168ept:28 John Taylor jun. Coimander 
' : 1 

y 292 got a 
i Rey ; ; - 



Seniority. |, 

PalmerAcland 23May23 

iJan.16| Rich. Mansell Philipps 2p) une23 

22June16)William Llo 

yd (a) 

5¥Feb.17|Charles Welch‘ 

1Mar.17/Rd. Jas. Wa 
12J uly17 

lter Toby: 

goMar.18}James Cutcliffe 

2May18) Joseph 

28(Qct.18) Alexander 

1*Leod (a) 

280et.18/Francis Cox + 

3Dec 18} Daniel Tandy 
31Dec.18/Charles Patey- 

31Dec.18}Stephen Donovan 
tiJan.19}Thos. Lowten Robins (a) 10ct- 
10Mar.10|Augustus Hupsman 
10Dee.10/Edward Manby, 

2iJan.20\Joseph Kent 

13¥eb.20|Samuel Sawyer: 
20Sep.20| John Tresahar 

gAprifai ohn Smith 


1$Oct.21 James Morgan (a) | 

31Dec.21 Jeffrey Gawen 
31Dec.21} Joseph Salvador 

4Mar.22} court 

Ho John Macredie 
11May22}Degory King 

13Nev.22)George James Deceeur- 

31Dec.22)  doux: 

27Mar.23| Richard Kevern 
Peter RyderMinster 

22 Nov.23 

SamuelScudamere Hemme | 

16Feb.24 | 

5 ithers 
Sr Thomas Legard, Bl. 5Mayt8iJohnu Mason 

2oJuly2q | 


15k eb.45 



LDees 25 

; ‘ebohay?? 




1May23|Sir John Reid, Bart. 13Mav.28 
1gMay23| William Mercer 3 


_ Lieutenants. | 

Thomas Collis, Gov.» 
Writliam Jones (a) 
Charles Carter 

- Baleh Nun Hoar 

James Holman 

Digitized by Google 


| WOQUARARMR Ry actleties Baden af their Senierty, 

Wats \S Gam pM Riebasdk Stuart + >) st Mbersey: bee oc 
ons Sve 337104 83M axe nasa fos vc haar RF Augcome GJan.d 

Slade wolbu BF 
: Wi i n Sand oS Mane f 
J nana Worth lee gr 3e 1 yt : 
obs Gririe 5 aya5« a iene 

sends Ormond y33:.;4: &, yon Servoie age area tie us YJav.2y 
cee SP cs ag ve 
ton i ries at rtra oo eee: te 3 ; 
= cillixa bates A yas losiah. Oake 8 Prev pti ns wosh tars : a 28 
gb loutticler Tait von oar ;Wibliess Burnett: —- asapra} Nup . Si 
(se Ba rdewt Dobson’ 2 nly %\dohwtalfour Maxwell ‘3BABh a Weve eater 
ie jel Martin 3... @7JulymiQshorn FE. - 2BAp Hee a non, SlJapezs 
Biron Luckrafé:.u:) 2740lg95, eaty Esch Atkinsom. s0Apr. ity Sm ih: 3F 
or Ire at 5% A icamnder Shairp . = 30Apr hard Fegey,, 2, «= 9Feb.28 
sip Graben «(99 haa Hen. Swinburne joA nay George Delmé = 91 Fea 
Pibastns Heer vist MBdals: Toh Bivett Cormac — J0Apr+37 cis s Henry Paget . 21 Feb.2s 
ne pe tinceeder pave Spencer Eaeeert Pee alba d George Paulet 98Feb.e8 
De incemagi!.: -. "OF Shilip Gostling 
‘ tOSep'-25| Hen. Francis Maude 3oApe.@7 
ia Mame Cockemal... d0ct-se\Rerey Braneie fiali | SoAbay Geurgetinee Popham " ailaras 
tel Ailison wemew 25) Thomas Best (  QOAPT-II TR Ob Tt Roekfort. “y0Marae 
ae ene f ee | 
? pies: Crookes) yi. aS Charies Talbot 30 a7 James Thorne ‘ s9Mar.28 
sdeerplt Ma parts 11 4Qet-25[Fhomas Maitland. oA pr.27 “has. Ramsay. Deine 
he ay het udgee sis. ir ASS 96|\#Richard Crozier... 30Apr.27 ld ‘ 
Aen Gatrge nea th ro prenatal a wayay Charles Bentham —_-- 19Apr.281 
Ohm AM an o a 
Sirti Hrvtnon Wee iteemer™ Hecke debe. 
: ty ae ° ew e : 27. : ‘ : 
be hoe ring Bond - sy Now.%5 David Edwards + AD Magy 27 Fre erey . gates 
epdwerd Blgnckiey:1/, 30 ie Herbert Caigee. :M4May 97 Joseph Rd.Ra ttWabb 1 May 28 
‘aokn vhand cheng 130 idaniuel Rideout. tiMay 97): pide * 6M 
To en vil. i BOD »-$5| Michael Whe hates ookinongh 7M aya8 
cane aa Oste s,534)+ | Jan. Bulstrode ay bitehack aor — oe me ts ong: 3M y 
saved ae & i pao 
vipa ne ba “tae aps 6 Joho Linen. .: iaMuyat pian poe 28 

ry Ws 

Stapledon .. 18May-o7 |". 
cu ons mitt Ereeaisa in How tereeherar 

ye secutt Pad 
‘ Halsted.tgJ ane 27 |; 
P nos an hitievee| ro Zastwood 1§fune-o7 |! box 

ary y 
aes toe socal fe ae bldynachan Frnikuot ageyiat 

; vis Hmcksr »: Igd ene a7 ( 
Feinand itceree Philip Ma ai lone s6Jone2 Philip . os phe 
we . bon $Y 19-05 qereearacsemall Bed oig GAug: Wi Hila Field. ae igJa 4 
’ ofl , ones $6 ARMAS SM bythe: : . aodug. Rene : Melis ad y28 
exconard Chapa  .. A9¢ ; agi maid Came eron Pee hy deme Hexbert qJulyaé 
Sonanh ( Bt boo HANA: mi oo oe c ts ‘Turwer: - AsSulyaa 
aa Bai agus: S07 As 99 hobn +. Hough i weenen yell Leck .< r7duly 
oe: cuts A: ve. [ieee ane Hare 4 P ' . 
tt Me Hewes Foe. Bie yid J ohnDicksom « ‘agBeptr: iianena Bact 
BMPAEY S5088CE sin000) pac ae bh peau tend Ta, Deane Hutcheson gAug.od 
Pegg, Si 19qR8 A Ealve,, * @9Sep 1E J i: 
ewes Kegheadsut v0: a Chases Morton ~ . -6Oct.2y|Edwy Oxen Jobngs:  16Aug28 
wey Peds raser tae i re eral G bl 210c eae Chace Hota a Briere , 
Mdware Dy s. iexgerald Gambler usa : 
Ls i rf ict and ra pln ct h (b). .: seOetg? ean ba DancombeiSvug.26 
Fecdg missy i bates tarake oe. mOske7 BeuyiLord Rickards. soAug.z8 
ist Oy neis Gar REY Spencer Smythe ‘82Oct.27 Yomucl Ramey Nee 
ROR teler yo SPAAGM Jabn Monday’. °° *2Oct.e7 James: Bayly ¥ 2§Aug. 
hard Owetias .o Iv i Me Petes Christie.) i eeGerap willing Waller fo). asAugai | 
EEG i’ ee en eanliion (bY... Oca ey |HewsGuiffiths Colpeys 25Aug.c8 

Edgravdes:: “geot07 Geo. Rodney Mandy: -:0, 
A RobostSinclaisitiay: >: octal ins, Regers Drew 26Aug.28 
N Richs eph. Tomk fis: De bas. jt Robins -: ‘' Aug28 
A Kita s'Hdylor Weate: Bi Keane iss a Aug.98 
i Kobe ‘Oliver (6) #34 ichewd Henry King vane 
f nee-Elark Rose: ce wi chard Ede ene & ugg 
Pl Roe ier ore a Wiorir7 ier aes 5 aB Ae 
| det Ratvertyo ent) Ney hemidas Ball oot tii Ashugi2& 

inte herd He ‘ athega 
. cary Rowen Meonceh 
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L2 a COMM ANDERS) thithibhe\Dalesefimote Sénioily, 

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Joseph Neil 


Bob. | Biackhorne Thoretd@ i mab rs Geo. Viscount’Siamet. 

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James Gerland ngilblidendy Hoteler = --.,..:- ravbelgs Sb GrakemDuhlop 
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har u Cane, .:1 a0 fiitseo, Cha. Blake ' tee: . Ludlow Rict) ::lag& 
Patric § Henry Hay. ’ | lax lbere Gamsiilands eae Alon/ Kennedy (pei ug outa 
Alexamler M‘Kaxochie, Sy Roger.Hedl.: ae tdi Musgray barsig vor 
enry Lbs VA Yah Jong Abt ugall (6) oFeb. 3011490 
Samuel ys jJoho Ateanford ~, 2. > . amet W: riart spec a 
eor ¢ e Bignel tb 8 horus, Frank m 
te Foy ae-Geo. Wills: - osown Léngcham rs Oboe 
. Willie bolrchier : | Fhopaee Leigh ee i glans fees ory to. ot! 
ichael Matthews: ' , 20Septté eHarnage: . « sGAtig.y Soe pit t' Soad ste Piiomsedpe 
on.Arth. Rd. urn ishoos AN Willian: Fimdeison Schalne einai cine 
‘Fhomas Ferris” Py t.15} Alem. Stevenson Pearson 30 ct. ey Kent os if jeg Dem 
war Forlow Scott § t obert Gorden. - - Thotaas Baskhy os abiibe. 

- Gilbert Roberts ghy Dent. | - guUet.¢o Chas, Stuart Coehvand a 
William | Monilawy' mee William Fletcher 3oNov:20' Mark John Currier i gdeles : 
George T ry frank John Popham Baker ‘sana Willem Boxer ry) pgdansi dy 

Samuel iwi Francis James Lewis. 29Jan.21, Wim. Behuw Bowyer :>: 455 s 
Mark White foost 1h) Wm, Chasman an.21! Alexander Elites: ret! A an 
John R ynolds - goNow.t Meter Salmond | agJaw.o1!/ Arthur Morrela. 401% aan 4 
Chas Nich 2Jan.i6| James Gordon (a)! Robert Sc aA : oe, |: vi 
‘Andrew Atkins Vineesit Feb.16 ard Sparshott ayJan.21' Rovets Hagan dell B 
William Woodley 11Mar.16]'Ehomas Rob. Brigstoeke 3rJen.oi'JamesBradley (apron nefands r4 
Samuel Burgess = 16Sept, 16/JohnSam. Willis Johnson 6Fels.a1) Andtéw Forbes£35.' -- 463 ae 
Joseph’ pay Howell 16Sepr. 16) Nae Ona Blight -: t0Fob.21)| Rawdon Maclean: bn 

"hopias evans. aseepes' Bdw. Hinton Scott“ ° 

oma’ San “ibldobn't Ralph Blois 6Mar.o) ‘Richird Douglas +!" B& ware 

red. cmaetichelt 2 pt.16/ Robert Audoe goMaya1!Geo forte crit pt: sa 
in Parson : ; Det avid Peat dda neat !R Willcox sept.g 
Edward Hollingworth en _{thes. Biakiston .°- 2 Jalysr Raber t Fair 0d yc GS + 

lafosse , . : Rote eeniine King ae duly 21 hed Re. Milbédrne:: 6Septs s 

Jamds Symons (07 * eee t e Robt: Camphell iadulygi Charies: Fraser's c// niggtepty 3 

Howell ort BAN im. Minchin: . agdulyae} Bred. Ry vos") wepeney 
John Da (0) © SOc t. 16 ym. Price -. Q 1gFu ber: Nepean sieotkh . ee ~ 
ilip Le Vescotite: Nov.16|Mark Robinson Laces igJuly2i; al Apap Drines’ etiay 
Robert White Pareyne’ Nov.16|/ Henry Smith Wilson: gla HicePPantilt Ve He 
ohn Pander Pan ee / 7Nev{6lJohs Arthur Morell : sobetvalise c re 
‘Richard Bluett’ « ‘6Dec.16)Stmont Hopkinson |: sere 1 S4 
‘he Bba'l loa ft 

hu Robe rtBon fay” 6 Soha Lite « 
ie Peagelly Pu Lac PDee. thiSames Kiphick =: 

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cs Pongely Parke igApritiy| Robert Furttur 2): wt 
obert Rochfort Fats ’ rae Henry Ellis «>--.' +) gke Harri 
avles“Moore (4) °° dare Rese Se ght Hare 2d A 
ohn Cetpoys Headldp ' agsnne1?|Hdwara ‘Thos. Crdmels - ce , AWE 
ae bear Phomes _Lowton Robins I 2onu Longs S38 
Wil _ EMiet) ri Aug adi DS seve ( 
Wa. adh beiptalg: Mark Halpen Sweny iH] ip veer 
Jnha ee eee at (8\Jemes:‘Morgan tty We bi ea 
ory Chas. Pemberiacmlenia hog. Edmund ee physi ole age! atttod B 
rthelemevw BonMadt 90 pr RN pale ~Mar¢daey ot: jeduly . al : aL 
Wm, Devercua Branee 15 Aug i Misca desreestnnley) gate Geo! s- Gaoch 294868 4g tas. 
bert Dearne: 03. |: » epet Weibhoce ¥ fbi reps 
ca, Frees. Bridges |  9Sept.16; Robert: Satey witu wh : Jacksdle’ “4 ae 
Harrison of gSepti@[Jobn:- Skmuer ae J ; T9861 Lager as 
Sparshott ae Bcepiide Sames Wilkie | te pus " Ky, 
ve Bruve. ' gNev.16}Matthew Liddon 1.4 BNowd RS 1 pAe ie 
‘Borthwick: ' . Dec s@George Mutchison ++’ Ylawar oan Tyee yt ayy j 
ty Richardson (0): \7Dee.JArthar Lee Warner: " mabove page) AR SNERENY fe Ae 
Grint Dee 13) ‘heigh Beckford A rhep  73lssu2 el { 
ichatl Staepoots : Dec. peony Headly wig avis s Mercag ~''gbept z 
‘m, N.: Glesodels > |: “g1Dec, Maitngy ‘ans amauta 79g (gh uy 
ary Ereemain Young (fase. Morison King : : ig’) ow geQudads 
‘Pogsou. r «') aba vergiJobn Molesworth : | ed yalo’ ~ 
Millenfa). : -: - qNlandg? Divbn Marsh AE <aekes oth hens A \ se 
ohn Bveicigh 1 gibera James Wi StQm 5 Ft a ’ 1 auslan errs 4 ‘ oon 
thopeds Lipegn al 23: |) 4Mwtr1 Georae bu er 4s. Charles RG6¥ bsg 
ohn Harve (adore vApeiliMiubu Russell (0, 11: eden tice (6) °U1 6 Bde da 
ell TattnahssApri Coote ely Hutchinsea @ oolta 7 atFd tf t. 
hardstobn Head j::: sgMiag rand f& 1 2ple Nevi i325 BT pay cpt | 
GseplvGriffiths ins patngt planes Guslow:: :y @gAplag ty. don 418 ios 

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alah Jaxkso iaAu aie. a. ugia ; Mapes 
Fhas Belfel or saAug 9/8 ea NK 7 *aplalrs Bik fig “ae 

COMMANDERS, with the Dates of their Seniority. tl 

Seanuet Bradstreet -Hore-1sMey33| Robert Tomlinson unel4j Charles Greene. y 
Thomas Saville Griffinkoofe Nathaniel Vassall aneig|Willam Hird ~ ajulyia 
‘ > goJuneig|George Norton - 1§Junei4g| William Hall. IwMsulyi4 
Charles Leslie Falkiner gJpjy43 Gperge Hayes a§danoty| Charles l’earson | agsulyig 
: Booth Bowden. 5Aug,i3|Thomas Heury Wilson 15Junet4| Prancis Chs. Anuesiey joJulyi4 
28 Shay ; . . GAugus wed. =, 1§dunei4) John Charles Symonds 16Aug.i4 
William Henrv Herrickti7Aug.1gNoha Watson WHJuneigiohp bénbarp a7Aug.14 
loan Knill Kinsman  1750v1.13)John Fennell 1§8Junei4| Peter Williams a7Aug.14 
Mayeon Weighs . 7Q0ct.13| Walter Boswell 1§Junei4| Edward Johuson a7Aug-14: 
wiames Rose 7Oct.13 ohn Rew Morris J une iy AnthonyCattimsStantona7Aug.14 
Francis Banke - 7O0ot-43| Richard Pridham . 15Junely| Fletcher Norton Clerkes7Aug-14 
‘tam Rusk Jackesen 200ct 13 Ninis 1§Junety| William uber a7Aug 14 
te weay. 290ct.13{Joba, Seager , 1sJuneig} Rd. Flanigan Bdwards g:Aug.ig 
WilKam Mur 9900.13); Aan Stewart isJuneig] Rabert Haverfield ‘ a7Aug-1g 
sthow Jas. Popplewell GNow.13;Kabert Shed 1§Juneig|Richard Devonshire  #7Aag.i4 
Beasy Bouran GNeov.13{Edward Collips. 1§Junei4} Robert Oliver a7 AuRg.14 
\Fhomae Sykes gNev 13}Richar.l Wilbraham 15Juuel4| William Clarke JérvoieeszAug.14 
pomes BristoweYoungegNev.13| George Ingham 1§Junet4|John Francis Lascelles 27Aug.14 
Chur . 1 Dec, 13}5 Cuorbyn i5Junei4/Robert James Elliot 27Augerg 
Walker Formae. Dec. 13} Robert M‘Coy. ©  i5Junelg|Jobn Lindsey a7Aug- 14 
Wyatt Watling 1Dec.13|George Canna 15Junel4}Charles Hamlyn | a7Aug.i4 
gleict 4Qec.13)Abei Wantger Thomas 13Junei4|Sir Edwyn Vrancis Scudamore 
ew Conolly 4Dec.13\Joba Hindmarsh 15Junet4| Stanhope, Bart. 27Aug 14 
Pilch Deo. 13|John Potenger Greenlawn 1§Junei4|Rd. Stephens Harness 27A0g.14 
i“ ‘hiene 4Dec.13) Thomas Gil é igJunei4jAlexander Mercadell 3Sept.14 
eases Oliver 13} Thomas Mansel 15June14/Charles Giddy: roSept.14 
ohm Rawards (c) 13 n Travers. 1§Junei4| Charles Pengelley aoSept.14 
sharies-Cumby 4gDec.23| William Forbes Leith 15Juneig/William Laugharne = 23Sept.14 
Robert Lowthian 4 03/Charles William-Chalmers Mitchell Roberts a4Sept.14 
johes-Cam phell (b) 6Dec.13 15Juneig;George Guy Burton 50ct.1g 
F ed Whyte 6Dec.13| Frederick Auggstus Harguod George Pedlar 120ct.14 
‘ Walker 8Dec,13| Parker 15Junety|James M‘Donall 120ct.14 
Vhatries Anthony agDec.33/George Bowen 15J unetyj Roger Robinett 120ct.14 
john. Keins SJan.i4| Henry Taylor 1§Junei4:Jobn Fortescue Morgan 120ct.14 
pehmalinesshew: j$ 13lan.i4)Charies Hauliain isJuneigenry King = 1G Oct ny 
jarpuie) Railford ;.- alan.14|#John Hilton 15Junei4|Johu George Philljps 9 Uct.14 
‘tdeenes Groves, 14Feb.14| Thomas Dickinsgn (8) 1§Junet4)Jonn Sykes 2Nov.14 
t ape poe A 84) David Hope 1§Junel4|Jahn Fleming aNov.14 
Webs Cunmagham Cevevdish [William Kichards isduneily|Walter Croker aNov.14 
ito Dalyell | , _ a7 Feb.14)/#William Hamley 15Junety) Robert Ballard Yates 15Nov.14 
iRebert Smith 4Miaz.ig) Thomas Bury 1§June14(Charles Seward 1§Nov.14 
H@lidheles dames Cuthbers #Richard Moorman _1§Juneig{/ Thomas Morgan w6Nov.14 
Hy ee Bae s ar.i4/ Alexander Francis Elphin- Richard Weymouth 23Dec.14 
1{@teMouat heith, -Gdlart4| stance ; 15Junei4| George Gordon gJan.15 
1} Rebs Milborne Jachean gi Maur.14/George Penruddogke  15Juneig/David Boyd 17Jan.1§ 
:[Satauel Treyor Diekene, 54 prili4/ Aacon Tozer 15}unei4/Charles Cunliffe Owee 26Feb.15 
Fone lafend aSAprill4jGee. Berkeley Maxwell 15Junel4|Philip Gearge Haymes 13Mar.15 
‘ ts wer Moleeworth.: 16¥lay14(Francis Duval 15Junl4 |Justinian Barrell 2i1Mar.15§ 
: ordan Arvem-~: .GMayi1ij|/Jamey Sibbald | 5JunetgiAbraham Crawford 23Mar.15 
i SeymaensOMayi4iJubn Henry Rhedes 15JunelgiBartholomew Kent = 29Mar.15 
Hiden Jamess:..-: : | 7 May 14 Charles coaper Benett 15Juneig|Silas Thomson [60d 27Aprill5 
i fs as eee io» -&gMay14|Richard Croker 15Junel4! Henry Boyes 1iMayig 
‘TS bomas Cally. 1o.. ’7Meaye4|William Gengge Carlile John Wilson GJunels5 
daseuh Bagalgetta....- 33Mayty| Kent 15Junetg/ Philip Westphal igJune1§ 
n Nicholas...’ yigiPeter M‘Quhae 15JuneigjJohn Scott agJuner5 
Gardner. , Henry er th) 15Junel4;| award Stone CotgraverzJunei5 
- MfKillop, ou) yiqjEdmund ‘Surberville 15Junelq/Montagu Montagu igJunels 
entNewton .° « ayi4iGeorge Hing (a) 1§Junei4|Nicholas Alexander  13Junel5 
Hugchiasen, ayljjJames Edw. Huggins. 15Junet4\James Mangles 1gJunels 
ard Screatfeild.. - ayis|Jamos Stirlin rom 1§Juueig{Tbomas Montgomery rgJunets5 
Sir William Crigp. Bond. evrapet: le unte 15Junet4|Walter Windeyer igdunels 
; eure t. : 1. .O6Weyly]Rese Heury-Fuller 15Junei4| Robert Streatfeild i1gJuanels. 
Riebard Greenawep | aMayi;|lames ‘Town nel qrJunci4iHen Wilham Scott 33Junel5 
f ringle- Pre medionsl ae ta Mari qoomee Wiilieme a7J unel4/Peter Maingy igJunei5 
{Riebard Henry lis,, lohn B pny a7Junel4iGeorge Dougal rplanets 
de P : 4 giMayiy4 Uenry ¥ asterman Marabel! George Woods Sarmon 1gJunei5 
Noha:Medlievtt . ; oyenen a7JuneisiHenry Ralph Rokeby 13June15 
Cihdetopher Wert. unea4/John Lyons ariunels Thomas Whitaker 13J unels. 
ulyaa:. ... 7dunets| Henry Varker a7Junet4| William Moridt 1gJunels 
th Veaman | Fluecny|Williags Henry Names iJulyi4/Henry Browne Meson ig}uners 
Geange Hilton . . Fdapeag| Vin. Benjamiu Suckling 1J ulytt|Richard Copeland IQvunel5 
Curry wile -Billver iE rfemets meet ONT k sary ver an Meese 
Alenn 6. (ZinneigiGeerge Luke (67 Gath ryliam Gordon : 
Themas Carew dward Boys (a), uly | oseph Eastwood apunels; 
ohp Fisher Zéunedt|Johy Davy - 5Jalyr{iJames Harris” apJnnets 
ates Pickasd, . FAupel<|Chs, Bernhard Harsey \stuly a Alleu Otty ce July 15 
' Elton .. | Fduvel4|Meary Pyne - pgJulyig] Miller Worsley" Igdulyt5. 
. . » Adovei4(George Ring (4). AWduly 14) Te a renCartexy rgdulyi5- 
Edward Napier “Juustatieke Fe WegrataVehpnagtlsis eRe Ceirfel Gordon, aedulyts 
award Na 7Junel4gss ‘urneausz, . . ..igdu es Gabr, ' 
oho T'racew ; . ~~ ijunes Charles Hutchins as Stat liam Heary ckson21 

NE ae ee gd en ee eh Ep a eae” eee Te gs ee ee oe Won. eee ed ee ee ee Ll elie 

QO . . COMMANDERS, wilh the Dates Ti their S salortly, 
NAMES: - Seniority. NAMES. : Seniority. 
ene enn a a en ee ee ee 
tephen PeterMoust  1Dec.47|/JamesGrant - taden.05Johe Cramee» 
ie Deere con 1Dec. 89 eae reiW illame (6) oo. Heney Lyane 1SAwetit 
ohn Edwards (a? 1Dee-8. John: Yule 248c0.05| Will ‘William "Gregory aSApedlii 
amuel Kempthorne aBAug.80 Thomas ee: oan awes DeRipps 18 dpeidti 
ecorge Maxwell 218ept.go| William BR 2oJan.06\James Clephan teAgrili: 
amucl Feaghdrstone|/James Man aka @2Jau.06'Jnwes Bremer . pAwgiID 
barles Rebijisen SAprilgg| Witham Barnham Ride. casan.o6/ThmausSimpsom (6) .. 1Augt1 
mbroseCrofton | 23Juneo4| James Gallyway ee}an.06'Thomes Senter. tAegi11 
eter MKellar qdulyoy] William Balfour 2295un.06/William Haydon 1Amg.11 
Villiam Burgess Slalygs| George Manners Sutton ooJan.esjJoha Irons — lAaget 
ohn Larkan Glalycy| John Sanderson Gibeon yeti es Thomns Oldacres. Hewes tAmg.i1 
‘thomas Dalby -93] Sane) Clark’ OG Joseph Crew Tullidge - AlAny.s : 
teorge Robinson 233 wmnea | Thomas Heddington seston. ySaweel Brown 
len HutchingsBirkhoadgNov.gc| WittiamJamces Hughes agSept.o6: Robert Tom Biackler : 
leorge Davey i8Jan.o | Willem Love. 19F eb, The ubove Officers. are e 
ieorge Herison agJunegé6| William Mather eb.07! Half-Pay of 10a:per Diese: 
Ylward Killwick asus ot Samuel Jeffery: 1.07 
olm Davies ca) 16Auag.go| Williara Coote éMeso7 Joby: Bartholomew Hoar 
fenry Probyn 16Ang.yf | Andrew Hodge - Dec.67, Curran Shugit 
tanceford Tookey 6Dec.o¢| Benjamin: rton 3 Milled Kelly (5)  29Augil 
thristopher Nevile 10J3nn.9;{ Thomas Pinto oF eb. o8 tlenry Drury * JeRowE.2 I 
aco) James 7Mar.q;| ‘rederick Hoffman: F eb.o8 John’ ‘George Boss: ; jae 
Villiam Bevians 8Mar.g: | Edward Burt: Bic Charles Squire 
idward Willtems (a) @3Mar.g; | Henry Baugh 19Mes 08} Jonadian Cheietion - {Bebi2 
Wetthew Wrench 97 Mar.9; Chus.Chamberlayne Irvine |Vhomas Dutton, © © Reta 
oh» Gasroyne - 97Mer.o; peepee toad Fitzmaurice. tésdu19 
William aeSeus saMay 97| Robert Purrey yoorge Treweeke Scobeli 1webst2 
denry C o93uneg7| Francis Alex. Halliday agAue.o8 Peirey Brett 3 Feb.19 
Vicholas "Kempe ; 14J uly 9; [Gorddard Blennerhassett 11 Nov.68|Willmm Style > aFeb.ia 
Str John F orbes Dremmond, [Wat Henry Whonvrood 27Dec.08/Cheviecs aylee 1 FRebua 
t. Aag.97[ Tho. dirt Jones Parry: ae Biet 08} C ChartesThomasThrustonyFed.12 
Henry Saniuel Butt SAug.97| Edward-Wim. Garrett 16Jan. Wilktam Holman geBebsia 
Edward Hutchinson 140.94 George Halsted Thomas Methven: = 01803319 
Phomas Halton: 2Jau.9 [William Robert Smith 1tApril nw Forbes: | 49 Whdt' 19 
john Mathias Spread 21 laneo: Thos. Collsareiieeront ken Ai Chavies Farwell. + sgiermia 
Thomas Roberts agJulyofl Henry Jones ae o' Thomas Gallwey: » by vPatry a2 
lohn Whipple KOct.o€] William Hext | BAprilogshn- Jekyll)  . atMar.i9 
Ralicom, oore 24Dec.9* | Alernander Kennedy (a) TJunemn|Jodieda Treacy «= —_ 'andbale.i9 
George Jones - Deeps Uhartes Allen ane tbe sinew Wallac Gabich s1iber.19 
Compton: fohn'‘Worth 6 Truseott:: edbahi2 
David Gilmour 28Sept. oe William May STAGE ‘red rick Wns. Reeke: 1Mera2 
lohn Thicknessé . 29Jan.oc| ‘len.Conynghage@oxen 1008. ‘0b w liam Cente cee cbereaiear ys 
das. NasmvthMarshall 1s lar.oc| loseph Haynes 280ct.09'George Scott |: - ' agiaty.19 
Ference O'Neill aA »rilot | John Wyborn 18Dec.09 aye eee cckan * Masia 
Robert Williams ayoi | PhomasNwinnertonDyeri2Jan.16|Daniel' ' MMay12 
lohn Child pesepen Joseph Simmonds 7Mar.10 e Haye . AUMMay 12 
David Mudie 27Apritoi| George Brown 7Mar.10/Soseph Marrett: s6Al ay 19 
Joshua Johnson 27Apriloi|Sames Robert Dalton 30Apriht Jon Banks ' - @gMay19 
Phomas Hill 1§Jan.o2| Henry Nathaniel Rowe 2MayiciJohn Keenan  iSuneia 
William Richas 299A priloo| Henry Wildey 3Mayio|WilliamBucbamnaa = tRJuly19 
Arthur Grumly 29A priloz| James Molineux qMay1o|\Thomas Evre - @sulyia 
John Manle 294 prilog|Peter Giles Pickeracl! ‘45 aay 10/Mjlliam Cave 7AUg.12 
Philip Lamb. 29A prilo2| Nathaniel Belchier 210ct.10) Withiam Shieperd 1sAug.i2 
John Richardson 29Aprilo2]!ohn Houlton Marshall 210ct.10|/EdwardHall . 19A8R.12 
Thomas Lyne anAprilo2|Charles Clyde 210ct. 10} Richard Burton i2Aug.12 
John Chilcote 29Aprilo2| Thomas Vivion 210 ct. 10} Jamies puesta” Seymour —. 
Robert Hayley Judd a gAprilo2|Gregory Grant 210ct.10 Crichton ‘20Auy.19 
Heury Waring 2gAprilog] Yohert Benjamin YoungzOct ro}loha Shepherd (a) s2Aay.12 
John Douglas 294 priloo|VV illiamiebard Bamberaivet.: Coolant tinwering 53Aqp.19 
George Clarke Hurdis 29Aprilog|tlenry 210ct.1o1Chnrles Hole 29Aug.12 
ere sone Charles yde J as Clarke 210ct.riAndrewWWebs + s7Bevt 19 
a9Apriloct lames Leac 21Qe¢t.10o/Thomas M‘Cullech 1306t.12 
piste ‘Willoughby sihiasea Charles Bennett 10ct.rofSmith Cobb 390 ét.12 
Valcolm Cowan vt.09| Jatin Norton 210et:1ojJohn Meade @Nadv.i2 
James M‘Farland 18J tneos| William Stanghter aNov.toDevid Latimer Se. ClnirsoNev.19 
Robert Rettet ‘aJan.og[Rohert Russe gJan.tiJohn Bernhard Smith | sDwe.i¢ 
Robert Tucker 2uMer.og{fhomas Lamb Polden. Abraham Mills Hawkéne1eDec.12 
Charles Pickford 27Apnios{ Laugharne 12Feb 11) Hon. ‘Thos. Roper Curren 
Johu Smvth ajy0jjBenjamin Street 4Maritr -- StAprilig 

Thomas Maynard 12Jan.05/John Alexander Robert Incledon 13 
or : lye : 200. 

nee wee 


' mb) LIBUTEN AW?S, with thie Dites of iNet Sentority, is: =§=9 
‘Preston 18No0v Jommthan Date AMay snes Sh rabae aay. Mien are 

William «*: asi Bieke*"  ' SMayl' tama : 
Be rdson' “SeNbe. Pe ey Ree roy Fasting © gz No 7 a May | 
hos.Siunders fe’ eal fel Dickonson 14 Vay| MerbertJng. Jones ay: Basden.. -aMay }: 
De Salter’  96No7.)}Win ford: 15tme Fred, Draffen + [Etancis Reverts :. ' gMay 2 
, Bake 7Nov.[George Border adune|Chas- Taylor (a) Mi a0Mlay 
! lant Praakten Rooe ‘Aneel 8June/Johu Grierson 2 An 1 LoAday f, 
» Peta’: s6Ney.} Chas, Hare. - SJunel Wim, Farrant we Simpionn.1 ta May 
i ms Phippard Hhydot Wm. Absolon gJune: Edw. ee -\JaanesStewart. . ay 
. | 8Bee./Anthony Reed 18June'Geo. Hurst. de Aplin... : y 
in oseph Miller = ‘8Bec.|Radfo Gundry: Chris. Claxton i sep ais Lieard. Hie 
has, Metlerd = —gDec.! Meech 1§June! Thos. Lancelot Wi . Gore : ay 
AB état: min Hooper't:;Dev. Wittiam Gray (ajarSune kivson — 10Dee |Banj, Welker.» . - lay 4 
as; Wyndham ' (James Mattrice Gev. Buttler. ~~ 10Dec. pee Selby _ goMay f. 
»: Wikis '13Dec. Shipton 25Ffane Elen. Fred. Sewell 10Dec. eary Came ; 
Chass. Spencer John Mawdesley aane Griffith Price | gancis Hoary fee 
Ricketts - s4Dec. andcack aaMay 

sere) Duncan 19Dec. eB hepherd le: 
ie Sia : ae 3 ean i, motes ys 2 
tr. sherwood 23Dec.| jn, Wynter Smithiasu Bie: Rien Oe ats ‘ea Rolleston une |: 
i[ Zonm- ‘Lindsay: = 23Dec |Win. Stron tue ara uparean Ae oe ef 

Roper Marley31Dec Willian Henry we J "poleock(b)aaDec.|$ 
NicholesChapman3i Dec Rowlinson 8July|Chas. Haydon. 28Dec. 
; Wy. Canvpbell § 185uly 
i 1880: Thos. Dundas = 18J uly 1811 
: (a Joseph Arnold = 18J uly 

_Aktram . .  igduney: 

Baynton 2Jau.!Tho. M‘Donnel) 193aly|Wm. - Spiers an. 
os Burgh 3/en./ Thos. Gregory a20suly/Johu Willson (a) 17 a Bowen Robert | 
Sebne Burela Jn. Peake Dutton aVuly|John Edw. Lane 1pSan. ‘ober. 2 uly 
S'Seriven — 43an.) William Oliver St. Richd. Cole 7dan. obra Vy 4 
|Sas. NedawickBeana}an, Johr asuly|Robs. jetbbridge 1) an |W Weiss, 17Ja 
| Win. M*Dougall 113a8.| William Persse Wm. Everard’ = 17Jan. Edw-Andrews(b)aaluly 
-) Nich. Robinson ' |Newenham agJuly{John Elwin 17Jan.| Rubert Leech, afduly 

({Z Tomlinson © 16Jan.iWm. Lovitt a6July/Hen.Aug. Fawcettl7Jau.,| Benj. Sanare: gilnly 
bxer Carley Carry’ Francis Little  3oJealy/Richd. Hambly. 16Jan.|J John MarmadukeSisson |. 

pa 175a86| John Curtis (8) 30July'Wm, Knight (c), 19Jan.| pat. MAagS 
Pietieon Williamson '  tGee. Chas. Stovin goduly! Jos. Sterle 2i1Jan.| Henry Snellgrone LAK. 

173 an, Rob. Holman — 14A®g.)Geo, Bissett ehJan.|Rabert Cock: . i 2AME., 

{| S¥ait Wri Hamilton 2oJan.iChas. Kirkwood 14Aug.!Thos. Stone anJan.|/\Wm.tnnes Pocock iAuged 

ae ares Richard Rettman 15Aug.! Methuselah Wills 1Feb, John TayhypUtlay 1Aug. 

aC ee Ele gFeb.|Vhos. Mackenzie 18Auyg.| BassettJ onesLove- Feb. Bell. Robt. hon a 

presrer woeb, Gilbert'KennidotedaAugt less 3 : 
Chas. Reid 1oFeb,Johu Macnevin: g2Atg.! Pras. Dan. Latizun 2Feb. fae’ eben he 

y+ 40Keb (David Meter: s1Awe./ Robert Perceval ; Horimu-lab 8 
as. HH. Johnston 16Febi| Alfred Luackrait 3Sept. Brereton. -BPeb. aiW.ilkanow. 

Fob, iGen. Gordara- 3 Sept./Walter Ki '  6Feb.! Jas. Guy Onveen 
mr Menuewe “ idlars |Win. ua pe nlune seer John i eee eb. leary Parry 
aap ames: gMar.}Ja +: roSept.; Thos. Woodyatt . 7F eb. > 
Thes Bush Boll: “ 3Mar. ihewe Wardie _ AdSept. Wm. Brander 1 i Lloyd ;., 

: Chax.Jas. Rawlin- : Jolin. ST Oa iisept. Thos. t.ce “tg oh. Geos Surisbera.:: 23. vs. 
son . 1sMar, 7, {Wi Ph Sept lA nee ees EFielees Srijoke Dawson iG i 
iH lip Nina 7 MMar. | Hénry W kta8ept.Johu Tulloh ‘ 1aMar. (gq a. ay apt. 
B.Duell  » a8Mer, Nichofas kity 1gSept./Johbn Ho in Lamar. mM heads «4 
(| Hiaaas, Mockler... g1M de, (Stephen Johns 2iSepr jJobn Mo A3 nbs Robe. i lieelloengy a ; 
As -Shakespear gAprii Rob. Nicholson: a1Sept.! Jas. knoie: eee + Dagid- Ra aig 
| deems E. taunset! April! Rickard Lipyd o2S8ept.| Chas, Hen. Ross art Kerr C «318 pt. 
John ' -. QAapdiliJosbua€arterer -- Orlando Oflebar aN tT. edna: ree Fi 
bai esti iApril Gosselii: 228ept.| Wim. H.Meggison16Mar. 

umarety t ranMichael Babb 97S5ep2./Thos. Shapcote igMar. J we dtaniéraen (one 
Jas. Sapien ieAceality th. Damtreeck: 27Sept. ey. Cavendish 4; Fred. Brewugen 

Hieb. Coles WApril Jenkins -o78ept.| Flo agMar.| Neve. eons 
Wm. Edw. Fioty ¢7April wins thier 10ct./ Th. Bn Knight. weave Wha. Hornsby," 26%e i 
Seures Storey: “a8April Hene Walker (ap: ROce TI orne PCL a 
Jeooeph Spearman =’ | 

Hodgkin soApril Wri 1. “ewan 

$ee.Galiichan’  4May! John Thos: Note: 
Ohes. Fras. Stuart gM ay! Joh Edridge 
Kt. Bates Methéws4May! Sninue)-Hel F 

pacha Soul aMay Alenry Brete: - gg@ct. 1 George Forteseuse 7Qct. 

Heory ‘4May Allan MMillan: gtOct, b (bee, Rox Turner 1;0ct. 

babe aa may Ww Jon rau lndery : ziApri 
eorge Heas -|fohn Hancoe Jeseph 

io Hill ¢ dee -|Geo. ‘Thew oA: _ Pimaes 

Thes.Pearce Nev. | Jnuo.Rob.Woodriff ee een Martin. f:- ’ 

rege Tardrew April | au Middletos ; .waQet: 
fice rey Wi ilson SB Apr Sec Fred..Upsr. oe 

Bafeard Ramm (;' 304ay Chartes Aubrey 

vd Ramee Ma oNewv. 
whew fatey” caine Kaw. Raberts (c) 10Nov. ee kenzie(HizfAp. — spf)nt. 
Arnoid May/Geo. Argles 10Nov,|John Weir egApril ee 



2 eee re re « 

18 188) LIEUTENANTS, with the Dates of their Semontty. [1809 

Gee, Ramsh Ata. Nicholas Gould 22April|‘Thes. Hanvam. azgDee- Rahert Ball Beards, 

be Fiene” pe eh Anthony ‘nape ‘hee M'Renzie(a)a7Dee- man i 

‘Vere Warner lahat {Robert Dwyer aGApriljArshur Davies, 2%: chery Jaffer, 
ta Ceorge Valiack , i Alex. Lisset 2;Dec.| dtm . 

' Bogle. ay ; 
James tes) » MBept. Whip. Lambert *May| Thos. Archer _ 27ec- Viscount Bangorsay 
Sdha White (6)' Pe t Jd6n Putts say Cha. Estcourt Day 27Dee Bea. Bleathmas: 2595 
: Goo. Welsts (a) te Flepry Harnett 11 May|Kelly Nazer 0Dec. Lacy Dackangen, 3h 
"Thoe: Burdwoad aad Jha Chesshire 12Ma;|JohnJassmore 30Des.- Jobu Upton Trippyyene 
Jodha Martuy (6)° sOct. Uhos. Jackson (a)i7May . . John Thompaond ay 74 Rar 
Chea. Tilly 20ct. Edward Grimes 19 May Joha Phepoe | 1yeur 
nMoodie #Oct. Samuel Mottlcy  20May 1809 Joa Wm 

Jonathan Nicolls 19Oc¢.’Rob.Hon.Rubidge 2J unel Wim. LovePaterson J Doda 
5 ae Rowan yee path ones une a a nae Avert Eoleson i ; 
tephen Briggs ct. Isaac Harris unel Gilbert Trai aidan Fran. Jewers. §70 
Alfred Dale aiOct. Richard Pococke 7June/‘Thos. Kingston 27Jan Tuomes Brady, 
‘James Walluce (6) 240ct. John Jackson (a) 163 unel ‘Thos. Wilkins (>) 27Jan » Emeric 
‘Richard Davideon Thomas Clack 16June|Wm. Browne Cham- Geoe Hall Dacre 1 
+ Pritchard a60ct.iHugh Goold Janel berlain a7Jan.|Maurice Hewaen | 
Richard Pawle — sNov. | Win, Barber Watts20J une) jolin Bulfard a7Jan jJohu Waterman 1508 
Geo. Franklyn 7Nov.'Johu Lamb_ 20J une|Thos. Levell gjJan.jJohn Treve od 
John Rickards © 13Nov./Francis Noble a8Jave' Hugh Colvill Chris. Tuthill 
oseph Williams 17Nor.|\ Wm. Neame une! Goldsmith a7Jan.|Wm. ‘Truse 
‘Jae. Fitsmanrice 18Nov.John Lloyd(a) 1Julv George Child Joba Fouler 
Wma, Milne(d) 19Nov-|Wm. Lester 6July| Johuson . 3)Jan.{Henr Bird 

‘Jas. Brown qbec. William Domete Davis 9¥eb.|Timothy Mojor llAuge 
Js. Henderson(a) 1iDec.| Sheppard a3July! Barnard Turnet 6Feb.|Jobn Green 1Au 
John Uptown | 11Dec.,Whitwell Butler 27fuly Wan, Henry SmuhBFeb.| om Atkins (a)12Auge 
Thos, Crawlord 17Dee. John Simpson (b) \y'rhos. Chrystie 8Feb. Henry Conn... 18Aug-}- 
Bam, Stony 19Dee. Geo. Craister agJuly Sain..Langle ioFeb.|Hen. Garrett 22 Aug. 
Sam.Allen| ° 1gDec.Chas.Tulloh — 15AU2-/ Philip Hen. -Trant 1oFeb| Thomas Drane a2Aug4 
Henry Harris = 16AUg-) Johan Wm. Jones 28F eb. Peter Bayly aA 
‘eb |" orne -8Sept. 

«Henry West, 16A ug. Wim, Speak ‘eb |‘ Thos. Lint 
Wan Heuklaswallo8Fob. Johu bnapmag A eat 
: e(b) a sep 

John Oxley asNov.'John Geo. Davies aes JohuJamesW m. Johu Hen.ServantesAugy 

Thos. Gilbert Carter 

al ae Aug 
Jota Cameron q8Dec. Richard Thorold 26A0g-/ Wan, Poore “gMax.|Sam. Kyle,, 
Jas. Lambert ept-(Ropamy Mansell 7Mar. 

6 . The above Offitera ate 

Geo. Hubert Bye 8Mar. om: bhe Half-Pog a. rel | 

Thos. Blake. 9gSepte arpa PRM oe eh 

reed Sendak act 

vereu ; | é as. liven i ct. Baw, Warhits f L WT. : d é i = iy 
pament(hyitfen. W. Richardson (b) 120ct-! i ct, Contes. Mar. ay 

uDeweon Jolin Belly Vudoy 1§Oct. ge c f.  14ar Rd. Manst "ead 

ape 1qJette Heng Hite 160ct. 

aoe Thos. Career myian: Win dzoa Tulloh 160ct. 

fo Cull (a): Diet ete eee : 

RandfdaghestGlau. Win. Sturgess 200ct. 

a . ‘. : { 
eHagehot = sidan. Chacles Goode Uhee..Daws. add it 
Feds! Stev ct, Josaus Birks. ar. MKe 
ie ab eh. Actinas Iralioee 970cts Robt. Carper Vickery. |Bdwabiddulp | perky 

wkitereon Allea SEeb ‘Chas. Pearson 8Nov. had es | 
John Bowes SFeb. Juha Mcyricke Reg ide Op 93Mar.|JosepirChegwin~ SOc. 

~Cricktow  9Feb | Stother QNov. yavatat? dae ae We ae 
Chapel wBreb.'(leury Rice gNov. Allen Geo, Fic 26Mar.| Augestus Bemjanti 
John Reeve a2Feb. Ealwerd Barnes Sem. Grandy 25. UniDet. 

tise pun (aut, Neri: rng, MOE [bpp eter 

eiphwe allingtom IgNov. . 

rerrine Bowen syed. |Sam.l! oodSsliven ov {i vas: Darby ren : Re ied seat 5Oct. 
veg ee i eMart. john Runes!) {ai Novel oan aghla me 8Qct. 
w Mekthe gMer.|Vernen Lauphier #Nor. : S 
en, Fege Uelsorn f ee Neale: ee we ‘eal Mordamat ilk = igOct 

W Cente Tucker 1yMan Hen Rich Nov. 

Regine Sen “rear yy abe 1Dec. 
: +jWre.D’ 16Dec. 
m. John inuce seinen Rout. J Reeeee rigee: Richard Rawle 2aoApul Dey 

; 4 
m, Whiteway 21Dec-} ad Roscow(b!4iny Masters. 
cane ohn Ries 3 m Dec: [Jor Rob. Hownem 4 Mey cae 

Darwee Vi avi 1 Nath. toMar| Templeman 4Nor. 
: RIC OME oer 
Sogo SEC ae pec [Michael Quercy 17May|Chas. agNeu 
wey . 
ba ae je 

oer LIRUWBWANDS, witb Dates of their Sendority. 060717 

5 Weed f/ 315) papeed Caemont: +21 mv Edw evils (b) sgAag.| Robert Hugbes(b)2gF et 
Tinderst 4 1 Gilera Wht wyntdae a arleg? agaugs Nos Lennor a3Feb 
madi: Bitton se oeatt ohn varebeikent” dimes Chubin hugs Croshie ieAtar 
ebOlasaford vot heDraka{yAug.'Gea. King , 1aMar 
ab nent ieee 1119 eeding = >] goNowv Maer msi gaog Sivg Wihtiam Silvener 
Bargaas vouitl! & Lote hare lay (a) soN ows Nacigiate! Brice! Addivggaw.,.. 12Mar 
A parte one aed poeta Beckett! 2; Dee. Juvmet Fhippe Adel ie aMar 
v oman ata Di au bOrington:.230e0e.| Yon’ Muir (o> peat 12yfar 
Si baat stsare =i be Moriarty’ 2sDec4+Andrew Morries asAug. lV Parsons, 
J retail set i dMamaibpant ape fenhs eet ae =< ee ie | = 
My F pe Vay Bes Spruce: ° m. Fi bites ott ages. 2 
FE pety ieges iB Robs.Pesker) oncageAugeAdambbtowernd: 5 ¥ar 
Ig Mindy SMayjJuhu mn Oktewel | etic 1 g7idec.|Alcx. Yeung:- oA amerSetfard. .. 2y Mar 
e orge Kyle ie nets opt tay Jellieéa (Turner goAugsTheaes Gidyey 94 Mar. 
e ue Pept: Melua Up gee ie wyoW ight) oHieg., Charles Janus ar, 
~Bidesctt a) f 1808 - naa co. Elrington! -yaAug. Chests Denisos 24Mar, 
phere Mercer oapAumy 1's aule geAmg, Henry Hayward. 
Spe7 be Evelymigo Alig. sartesChurel’ '4Jarw: cbb(a? . -adepe.| asMar 
Sea Besmley>'! ugle Greentan.|Robertingram. .: Dept. ompa Pike, .agMer 
me teat A mm rt + 4Wm.e-Rivers: ‘SJan:|Men. Geo. Mascie oSept. obn Arnold ,, a7Mar, 

ibe i+ F@eptjThow Coakley: - a3Jan. 

Lada dalbarhir mS¢pt. Geo Williamson 10Apn’ 
Cawfora egSept.iJames‘Raton . 133aw.'Jas, Gra weg pes 6 ooke  I7Apri. 

sed A Mal rs Pe hos. Carmalt igJan.|Cyrus Elfiott agsapt.;Andrew OBgjen 25Apri! 
Remthesscone:. farnesBaltour ee ery as a7 lward Baker | 

fee 10Octl: Robertson 18Jan.(Thomas Crone IWept| Davison a5April 

P te umier's- nid Win Marry SmithzaJan. Nick asColthurstigsep., James Chambers 27 April 

“i+ §900t isNmith eadan.'Johu Neale (b) 225ept. ‘Jameg man ac April 

is psc Gittins: gNovifohn Brine -92Jem |Fdw. Heron = 225ept.} J homas ouds2sApri| 
pombs Wing:> zNov. Brititté Hawke 22Jen.|Jumes Masters 92S ept. rae atk ering 

$MutthewDaveahitloesan| Townley 2aSep Jen Geo. Victor 28April 

“pes: Royer- i9gMov.\Wm. fines ava. (Charles Haswell 
wis Pearce °° Ww 
daire i Ds thmatdin Siteme las ian Fdw. Cole agscpt,lJoha Duncan, 29April 
qaete. 180B. - 1) ne Jobe mi: ee condenser ohn ee e 29: ra 
yuk Aovate nd ¢ Mont meryaadan,|Th vie 248: é sibs axe Way 
AbrehamGarladd t hereon Nicholas Charles e ies Stecaberarailly 
Dams OtHea 101i 98S aaJan. rte, artic as orwe tis AgMay 
Jqumes/Smith (co) ~ 1aVeb Hilton” even. John w | 2hept Pike’ tied 
pneas! Rewd i) ‘wan, ieee lower 
falter Pake!! 00 Sobek, Etwelbaer Tocter sahen’ / 16 ot, {R coe atte 7M 
J 2 Ofealy (a) 268 ebil Joseph George Hubzen John tn nder 7Oet,/ Th his b on(a 
devel eb) | Grammsbew! :- ‘gaJan.|Samuel Spencer, 18 t. b (g)., 31 May 

Lal sstothe bteeeia’ +. son 
salon « gMar Beilean ++; 0g}an. eek ance! ye en. ‘Dixon 

ye) y >) 9106 Neth, Ratsey | oadan, William AugustesT hon eet : 
5 ? ity 7 
Ss mao W¥altetre-3-i ar pec ster + @dlan, Joh bald oe rk 7) 

Bogus: 1 6Ma nWhittttandalle2Jan|Stcphen Pain ct, fobn iv ay 
J motiklew? 11u BMariRdw Stevemshi-: ‘oaJan.|Win. Broadwater 240ct. Jobo Balleatyne upe 
iCro saat “ negh hugs aan. Wi iam Hovendon ’ aval 1 (Gypane 
revoway ~ Walker 290th, t. olliott,,, Aidaue 
parles Let choi 19Mar. Schultz -9.:. 1/7 ‘d¢}an. Wm. Garbett 9g0ct, 1, Morgen, , 1asune 
heitiamm aegrvias: (by @adam.|Chas. Rubidge oct: Edyay it n 2 une 
4 ithibte! Loekeid€e}o ci! vues Entwisle 2Jan. George e Hall rif Ajune 
els 199gMeniiHred Lewis ¢7:- : 2gJan,|Richa ford et We $ une 
2 Nerele 1. eB one Sweeper. Hen. ny Riso E QV; pene 2June 
m. M‘Domeali 5/(! 935: 41} nice ‘pao, godem Thos. H ov.) ee, une 
shihsen shai WmcPitman., -31Jan. Robert Suet (a 4 eine as sutra rage) 1 4 uve 
CO oh ques (6)? 5A prid JSosiall ‘3iJan. Edward nell (e 
Jqam ofl 1 SA prilykdw. Mourilyan . 3idan, festa Re Francis Sparrow. 2 ahyane 
Riseer Sin. Thorle mice. eghen’ .. -6Feb.|Jamce L v.,Adam G ieee palane 
L 8 a Bonen leer ell’ ong: £0 1 keb. Wa, yeni i: Not. Wm. Jeffery Edna a : 
nean Roater OY», mei ode 
ce areb, BoD alee s “g uly 

Bomervillera ian chew Eshop: “a, Rebs (Thos.A len eSimkingNor, 

razereiy: 1 6Feb, i indal Revie Gen Fa 
oy Hen ena noes lem: 4 -9Feb JW - bose _ .. BNov. 
oung. 1gF eb; Edw 

J 47, ceeee v 
Chaclen Wisbis "108 in peated, ae tin Potladd | 14Nov-ite 
Heydernce:: rngAugZobn Manton 17Mar. penee: twin ' 

Rpbeet donden: " bres see. Breake.:./( 17 Mar. Joh Bist. Al 
“ ober kin F eurne, ;31. Man, Mich: ae ek) 
cL factiessey pailJoha Wosler (a). april ob Q 
ten rs 7 ls iN Pat} ex. ny ee wir g rchd. mM ‘DapalazaDec Th 
Les t Oeil a ate bae de 
raul ai datiep tele te : t ree ned 

16° 1:99] LIEUTENANTS, weitds the Dates ef, their Seniarity.i t (180g): 

HenryAmbrows 25Mar. 

Bohert Wn, Tetedtipride - 

James Hartley hasA’atriarche e6Mox. [Mn Parker: .sGMen 
‘Dathwn Gees er Rey. Spveule.. —7Apei| We.Joan Stepheshos!’: 
avid Wright = odualy Wz Janes:(a> - a8Norv.4h) Iry dua Y ih UC tage nena C3 
Ma! d Ke squdy Way é yy, rtpent ap Mirapare H : pie z a Tt é 
Waaow >! ah a Tunrese: ape amesiittle si dueeht! wry a 
Eitiaul Fenny 7 ha.::!! aDer, ee ee iphaes wad Mili ue , BAe 
“Tho on Be Ana! vos Fit Rewda. Sse. gDec. dena a , Zdeme|Georgs Dove To ABAG ES A, 
Chas: Brea ss FSepeith cms Wm... Orilvie).. Wg Adve Hensy Gittings aospriliy | 
he tu aaepe, Lake ane as..Watson : . SJulyiJbha ree 11 GARD Tab | 
watd Nathaniel” ran alee ath. Kelden..;.. tially rat id pak U 
nawotd™.! * B0e: Poe Thomas. . {dobn He Conan aay Jdolve ake agApril 
de, e Wood: 0et Ss lan. Raw. viers. .90U wig sake pore at 
Join: Fitegersla! Nes, James Browne. ‘s0Jan./Hamnilten Fits Gernlid 6 re yh 2p Apel L 
sper ‘Bamrick: 6Nev, Nugent. issan.} |. uls (Thesaiz Mitcheli@a ys. 5) | 
ge | @Nov. Ho onan atdan, J n Mcore (a) aysuly| vlad yr 
wee Jaines Rorlé gDee. |W be Hutchins: win Thredigttion Walls ‘i. agar 
Somebrilie(e! . a(e) asJuly Drosuced 1°) DA prihh{ 
17‘Ded! Fred. vid Schaw kFeb, James Harvey, johelysGea, Wather!...29Apti 
Robt, Purner : ypDee. Joba Marshall (a) 18F eb.| Wire. Doressh B0f ale John Cob. Penuleapépris ‘a 
Jolin Francis fae « Wond (a) . Josiah Dorn ford agAprik r| 
; Wharton:  g6Dee.}’ Fhewdove Officers are Hen, Leslie Grove tae en 2 phdaly: 
‘+ jem bbe Half-Pay of 7. Cheng fda tAng. amont(a) : a] 
20 2% 1 per Diem. —_- John Rose GAug,|Chasitpence: ;. 4 Jenkpi 
om Thos STAM, | mmininne John Ponsonby BAug. Sem. Gresaway.: } a | 
lex. Lindsay 19Jan-|Wsh. Brown (a) 19Feb,| Win. Harris Smith | Wh. ke + abnl 
Wm Hunt 2)Jan./James Mone a7Feb, oAug.{ David Horie», qsaleky | 
Charles Champior§Feb./ Felix Frankfing Mar. Wm. Oldfield tHAug, |James Emerton ah 
Dan. Little Co ch Feb. Wm. Reikie sMe FlRnbt, Carter ( 14Aug. RaW ATen tone > Updaaly is! | 

Chas. Knighton ar. 
dw.Giles  '  goMar. 
‘James Hadgeon a ames Stone (a) 31Mer, 

 Molvpeus hula. enry Pook gApril Heary Frye ‘quae, Robert Dito: a: gAug. 
‘2 bea. Chapman 95April Peter Ri _ vig./Chas. Bostock gAug. 
Toke rumhali r Fred. J. Leroux agApriijWm. Caw ng.)Robort: Yebe- = 3: af. 
os. Foulerton yiMay dol Kirtley Apri] (Geo. Fox a3Aug.(Jaues Stanton - .i heroes I 
John Mackie M*Dougall a)6April John Beach - ae piopreor page ry  BGethL 
Thos. Steventon' siMay Zohn Whi White te GApril|thes..Dunesn .. Upuetes teman. TV 
Richazad Longfield oseph Packer 16 May Robert Pritehard -9 NEeiee Powell Has Tithe 
vies SIune| J John Fullton eaMay Robert Gt : "ee aide ads: 8Oets t 
Wars Kel lig ,Tofune obt.S ter’ 31May Christopher Bettyig R ob berachALeyna, 4 
a2June|Geor cetiine aJune|\Um. fendey - -apSepts|RalpliGore (a) +) 140ctabL 
Jon vin a Golliny [Nicholas Mauger 7d ane| Wm. Ley S sf 6Oct:| Thos. Taplea: 1 “nsQot pe 
os. Harris 19Juily (Joba Aginer + gOoti|Géa. Mag. Saville agNeoe a | 
leuvilt gals ‘ames Pasley - uly (Jobe Jones (6) 44Acts Pred! elstend. |! sMow: be 
- Mawdé : ly}John Hawkins (a) GAug. C00 Metteomatie ayOch Roh. Nuthesiand thiows) 
ouch Osmund Button 23Aug. The.Wallis: Whitaker - tamed Murray (a) YDea§ lL 
John Reed Bindang ul John Wm. Bailey2zAng. ‘agNov Geo. Antrantio1 .)sgDew $1) 
thins UE-lJes Blandfurd( aasAue. Sas. Brown Boyd Wer yfs) 16128 CRATE 
~Desévet | Aug. seep Tindels. SSept. Kiw,. Be Mont- wink I will 04 BOG I91 aliag 
Pe ¢€ ‘Ady. os. Smith ‘(a) : §Sept. morency ‘ y6Dee. ra. Tem jaa 5 Felss c) 
snap rots en Thomas Lut- : eee ee Chit Joba Michel loMadtif/ 
uthcott isAnp. 6Sept. obi Siaeet 7Mar. 

1802 Ls 
tdohu Golda) sepa Wim, Bowstt>!> ata 
Johu Anderson (a) 7éun. Henry Dickson Gl inky 
Nich. Kortright:| 15Jam |‘! Pandet : 

Sbhewen 19Aag. Da rie Kinsmen 2 
Johiti obetts(6) atAug. Robet beft Hamiltoneseot 
Wm. Kipht (a4) ele has. Carter 23Sept. 

‘ ms ov, asl avsj Wins Ridridgo>: §fepe, 
owas We stees Wee. Seas. ParsousagMar-iG eo/tiet L: 

Tos ag ert fanstovwn : MUS ot, |Win. Fitzonwurtee 15Ji 2) Solent bos. v1 ) 
zs } adAug. fon ieee itt Win. Shield 15Jan/} Belew Nan Ho prety. | 
Suds aloha ZIAUZ.Wonald Potter  6Oct. ugh ‘Brice WhiteesSan.John Rate). | 1gApril He 

Gide Parkips Prynn = 100ct. Alek. Bairbaire = vidan: Alea urgoyne!. ; fon 

Tks tovpios . 6Sept. mas Pearson ; : John Woolwsrd' Tob, ’ hole [tn dye 

ee paeits ie ser Croagdaile Noy, Joh Chimley; . 23F eb. JouniDiatud: 0 apd | 
vasiee xP ames Brockuian isNov. Jobis Turnet (5) 13¥Fah:/Geo.'R . Rag | 

ie orl Graerieent, al) sap Opsiey: v-Seulrseyeaee Bre. Tan Solem Ley ase 3 ¢ 
Ale 5 Skynnev: ar. roe ie 
Hillier Santee” TChesi ipeopleiNov Win. Colline Baskey’ "'|Leatie Boclanreow g8opt 7 

bea W aias rooae eK Lawrakce83 Sepe uf 
anv Ross | ° ' "eae, ckratt: ¢oMav!|Edwetd bitgeten “1, 
q rron | “qoSenit. omen T'onte ae "Wes. ‘Abderson ta)agMav'| ood Ysse mv ’ 
Yi ay ey OEE egy (Wi bie ae “t+ WJfobn Rages...) 6Getd! 
Ca ome LL: ‘Chiftes i Hot C abnpbell (8) iNes ' 
n¢ A. Steedish HelygA tidosi eee Bul {: 
he We ehs Burn bAprit| He wey bin kev: oF 
ki ae rideh pmmee‘Ateater i16April Rober¢ Welch 1gNov. 
altel, Tofield oy Heaman Browner6April “an toe) apa k G 
ni Ge) - dyer gar “ 1804 |: 1 Mie Ti oe 
BE St : jtwein pri ieni Brodie als rs 
eo De the ore biai Soa Wanton! . gMbest) 
| she ! : . t 

| tes . an 46 0. Ut 



1598) paddle alla ‘with the Dretes of their Seniority: — 15 

bo 0" ok LIST-OF THE: _. 

NAMES, Seniunity. NAMES. Senionty.{NAMES, Seniority. 

NAMES, ‘ Seniority| 

John Bruce aApriliJos. Thompson(a)a1July}J Be Bi , 
; NeW olfe RabertstDee. tm. Strarp aMay Ws eornpsan( stuly : ene sane 
Edward Harries 5May!{Mat. Bowles Alt giJuly Charles Elamere 23Jan. 
William Tapp —14May|George Montagu Rich. Whitehead :3Feb. 
g-|Alex. Keeler, S5Janel Hi inson iSept. emus! Suing 7Feb. 
ye aatarsatz, George Revnatde. rors John ee 7Sept. how Gnetch ae 

17 ‘ 7 
Matthew Buckle 31Jan. 13Sept. 
Abraham Rese 2Mar. Edmund tagaer og July Christ. Spencer 21 Sept. 


Augustus Marketta2Dec eee Napier goJuly|Samuel Mark Edw. “Libby onMar. 

5 on wie pi i1cis Charles Holliday a9Sept,f.In. Cimpbelf (@)20MTar, 

1781 sley 30July|Wm. Payne 90ct. Ww. pllereoy fois aaMar. 

: dacab Silver . i7Jan Geeigs Neate Tremlett/Wm.Fowell © 14Qct:{Edw. R pberts (6, a) sane 
} George Lewis Cole 1Aug.|Matthew Graham 220ct |Wm.1 Pardoe 

j igFeb.j Jas. Oades Lys 1Aug-iGeo. Lawrence 220ct.|Percy Dove 
Jolm Denis De James Meres 2Aug./Luw. Gwynne 300ct.|Wm.Adains (a) 2 an 
4-- Vitaee gMar |Arthur ThomasGre- Ben). Smith 6Nov.|Thos. Innes sie 
Obesins Newell Sept. ; - 4Aug.|ThomasCollins 9gNov{Wm. Miller 2GApra 
'f Prancis Wheatley 8Nov.|David Spence 7Aug.|Mich. Wrayford 10Nov./John Ellis a9April 
; ng. : 4Dec./ Henry Ayres = 9pAprit 
a 1788, ‘Thomas Muir (a) 1gAug Henry Jolliife SDec George Timins 2May 
‘Tye Levert 1oJune/\Wm. W hite(a)  20Aug./Chas. Hemsted 17Dec.j Robert Hearle gMay 

; David Picparseon GSept.|Geo. Wilson (a) 2oAug. Wim. Bush 11May 
; apae erry 22Auy, 1796 | Nicholas ‘Tucker 16May 
the os 154 i Whee d s66 aceee Wm.Styles SJan.|Cornelius C. liett 16May 
c#Meter Creed 6Mar.| Wr. £ a ta 38ept./Bennett Fellows a0Jan.|Robert Houlton rEMay 
/¢ Edweed allum-apMar. loseph Hellard | sSept-Sam. Roscow (4) 25Jan.[Jobn Rajns 18May 
2 ohy Browne a) 20ct.{ Wm. Gibbons 9F ch.|-ohn Beutinck 
¢ vor 1784 aus Sloane Elamere (Wm. Parsons (a) 18F eb. so uae igMay 
c$Ritberd Themas, LDec.), -,  gOct./Wm. Warden Feb.|Geo. B ’ agMay 
cS ava _ y: {Ehomas Bourdon. —- |W. Vos er. 6April Fraucis| ™ ae Sine 
Aa 1590 .Felows. 70ct.| Benj. EneoacG operl John Fairweather 8Jnne 
’ “{9eeitier Wallis atSeot Henry Lloyd. 110ct./John G Charles Gayton : 
{f Wa: Cockcratt: adept: |James Milne | Oct.i Fras, Richantion 180s ‘arren | acJuly 
74 Fhbmas Dorsett- {George Falconar 280ct |Wm. Oxbo a3May|JamesCopeland “ 

TE Bieebalk 2 ou Now. John []. Holmes 14Nov.[John Ganbr we a3May Murra , aAduly 
= Sayas. RON. ‘Phos. Boys 13Dec (J. Counor Field 27Mgy|Thomas Legecia 

eae tt on Eichasd oe 17Dec. -vescott — 1sJuly 

William Joseph 
. oe 1708 S: 
ee Tidmas Callas sts ae 
,- Hoover, , 

1796- Gaplnex - 19Jan ne a aaah ll Jul 
° Jels-Johnaow (b)28suns 2 ddepyel 3iJan.JAndrew Chen apguneli Richard Bourne vane. 
‘FRichard Cheesman.. .. |Jas,Smith (b) 3 lar. eraeew Lapslie 14fulv|David Anderson 15Aug. 
: : td 4qArg- + Roberts (a ar. ad a kee oe july Wn. Johnson (a) \8Aug. 
‘ rede Coot -. goOote Benj, kvigh 1X ar.|\ 3Aug.|Geo. Brown (a) 23Aug. 
g b Bromwich 5Non.|ilsy. Clasributs 16 Mar. Benj SulgenonMoaee Montagu Kelly | pt 

Wm. Samwell 17Mar. 
Geo. Bush (a) =: 10Nov.jTitus Allardice 18Mar. 
John M*Donald e9NovejJn. Roberts. (a) 27Mar. 
‘Sohn Clayson —a9gNov./Vim. Renwick. 13Apri}|Geo. Fisher t. : 
James Rains aDec.|Wm. Rosson = —21 April Joseph Bingham Wm. Edin. DrakeigNov. 
J. BellConnelly 3De¢.) Nath. T rences7 apn ‘ pu wae 6Sept \ihiok Leyden Dec. 
emsle gaa 1 Cithby ' @iey awes Bs eter urrine:; 
sas . f Dec | Robert WallaceDun- Fdw Harte 80ct. Despe aiDec. 

le All a Dec. lop 8May id Chambers 110ct. 
Seven Robert Fricke: 13May ax. ee ore 

9Aug.|John Burney ‘igSept 
John Linton 12Aug.|Charles David 
John Leach agAug.| Williams eee 

1594 Wm. Notter: 18 4 fing Geo. Ballard Vine areD. 

ohn Guyow |. 10Febi Thomas Spearing . Win. Len esurler 16Nov4Josaph Coxwell.. 5Feb. 

‘John Hindes. o's... d  Osmer 26May] Wm. Her §Dec .[Jdmes' Wi on Feb. 

Spa 16Feb.|John Doneclift 17J une] Wm.Archbo 9Dec.| Péter Sain Feb. 

{GeorgeSteele  27Feb.jJohn Werrall = 17June/C. Fred. Napier 2yDec. Dacre Caren rts 
ohn Jeans 

1 | Wm. Welts e3Mar.JJohu Hotchkis 17June/Roger Evans anDec. 
' J Abraham Gosset 2¢Mar.|Joho Stokes (a) 19June/Geo. Stephen Ley ogMec.|Jacoh Lawrence 4April 
1 Jeremiah Seavers 26Mar.|Wm. Chivers (a) 3oJune] Robt. John Hibbs eqDec.] Jas. Wallace (a)14 Apeil 
Chas. Butleno = 2A pri! | James Daly 6July|Rich. Wm. Clark g0Dee.j George P lowman 25 May 
Averell 11April mas Dayracett duly Johu Simpson (a)31May 
aSmith(6) 17April]/Wm. Todman SJuly dlex. Lighternessa8J une 

Wm. Mallett SJuly Edw. Garrbe (4) a 





14, 1800] LIEUTEN ANTS, with Dates of their Superannuation. (1828 

Edward Smith (a) goAug.2&} Thomas Goble 18Sept.28 
‘| James Neville oSept.28] Richard Griffith oSept.28 James Wilson (4) 18Sept.23 
i John Hackett 2Sept.28| Arthur M‘Grego# Skinner William Picking 18Sept.28 
‘| Jas, Hamilton Murray: 2Sept.23 : 9Sept.25 George James Hay 18Sept. 23 
John Holmes Bond 5Septes|Robert' Craigie * 16Sept:28 John Taylor jun. Commander 

gSept.28 Richard Williams (5) 

i, Bon 846 got 


| Peter Tait . 1Au 001 David M‘Dowall Grant 1Jan 16)Thos.PalmerAcland 23May23 
ohn Pay ve 91Feb.09 John Bentley Walton —_1Jan.16)Rich. Mansell Philipps 24d une23 
James Lys 16Feb.10, Edmund Nepean 22June16)William Lloyd (a) iduly23 
Andrew Lockhart 30May10| Robert Hoy 5Feb.17/Charles Welch ° 10Nov.23 
4 John Gardiner. r9Junetl| James Gomm iMar.i7/Rd. Jas. Walter Toby 22'oev.23 
jJoseph Price - 19Junetl) Wm Anderson (a) 12July17/Samuel Scudamore Heming 
|John Stevenson 5May12| James Share 11Dec.17 : 19Febi24 
Anthony Donadieu 2{Aug.12! John Jones (a) goMar.18}JamesCutcliffe 16Feb.24 
Martin Lindsay 27May13| Nicholas Haddock Holworthy — |Geo.Ste shensonWintour2yleb.24 
Joan Hance |, 5June13 2May18}Joseph Withers a2 ar.24 
|Jobhn Tayleure ° 31Jan.14|5'r Thomas Legard, Bl. 5Mayt&/ John Mason 2oJuly2g 
‘Thomas Crawley 31Jan.14|C as. Woodger 28O0ct.18| Alexander M*Leod (a) 40ct.24 
William Wall  31Fan 14) Harry Dawe 280et.18| Francis Cox - 15Feb.93 
Thomas Bond 3iJan.t4/Owen Williams (a) 3Dec 18} Daniel Tandy rApriles 
{Richard Dorrill 31Jan.14| Philip Tomlinson 31Dec.18}Charles Patey- 2odul¥25 
{Richard Sainthil! 31Jan.14| Robert Jump 31 Dec.18|Stephen Donovan 5Sept.25 
|}Murdoch Mackenzie  3Lfan.14)William Caspal tiJan.19\'Thos. Lowton Robins (a) 10ct-25 
John Bilio 17 Mar.14|Samuel Fox 10Mar.19!Augustus Hupsman 1Dees25 
TJobn Harris Nicolas 17Mar.14|Thomas Eyre Hinton 10Dee.190)Edward Manby, 14S8ep.26 
| William Moore 18ApriligiJobn Alexander 2iJan.20\ Joseph Kent 1y5ep.26 
{William Miller | 22Sept.14| Charles Randle 13Feb,20/Samuel Sawyer: i) \) 98 Rebr27 
‘}James Horn bs 30ct.14| Thomas Relph 20Sep.20| John Tresahars) «>, 28Ketn27 
Nicholas Cxsar CorsellisgNov.i4| Wir. Alder’ 4Aprilai {John Smith (ajo... SMar.27 

| Thomas Lethbridge sAprilis/Richard Dechamp 18O0¢te2s James Morgan (a) || 25Apriley 
John Ides Short 11Nov.15| John Leckie 31Dec.21 | Jeffrey Gawen ~ -26Nkay27 
dw. Aug. C. Burnahy 11Dec.15|John Grigg 31Dec.21 Joseph Salvador Morien- _ 
{furser Dowers 1Jan.16|James Extw: Alms 4Mar.22| court 1Sept.27 
John Waltér 1Jan'16(Thomas Massingbird © 1Apr.22|John Macredie 400%: 27, 
}Stephen Norwood Jan.16}Edward Covey 11May22/Degory King 310ct.27 

John Baker : iJan.16| John Cox 13N6v.22/George James Deeceur- | 

Duncan Menzies LWan.16/Heury St. Sohn 31Dec:22| \douxs) | ~ 24Noav.27 
7 William Limbery ‘tJan.16) John Twisden : o7Mar.2g)Richard Kevern 3De9.27 
Robert Wright ' phan. 16/Ser Brook Wm. Bridges, Peter RyderMinster 11Jan.g8 
Robert Arnold 1Jan.16 ot. 1May23|Sir John Reid, Bart., 13Mav.28 

James Bunce ~ tJan.16)Richard Clark (a) 13May23|William Mercer, . 16May?8 


bl Lieutenants. — 
; Loy I}. 1904 Thomas Collis, Govsi)° 6. /) . 
Sohn Johnson (8) (OT WE itviam Jones (a) , Balch Nun Hoar 
2 ‘Charles Hemsted | Charles Carter ‘| James Holman 

lid) ). LIS 
bt wie) re tulooel)oaeCas vet ily 
Lis raha de a! estieoe ack 
oan i] winge) bosthog M14 ) anit! .t et 
b wey aie adel) 

Senzt , F ev urd 

S ceanneennSEannDIetentilinenaeetinetnennneEEnIEEneeatineenetiae 

i a : . 
NAMES., Seniority.| NAMES. Senwrity- NAMES.. Seniority. |, 

_ "=" 

COMMANDERS, with the Dates: of their: Seniority. 13 

eg Rg Sees 
Josias(Brayoss: ! oo.) ApMaya5) Gan; Hewgill Kitchen: @Mari27 “peed ‘Wm. Wellesley 2Jan.2¢ 
Jehu Pearse a@ajMay 25\G Rea Jar.27 Le Vesconte 5Jau.26 
WoehsiSanges Ganneeae Richard Soave ‘ioc ufMenay, 
s9i109 93#May%SiJamesa Chea ying in Satter 

than e8 Calmady'Dent 5Jau.2s 
obt Kingcome - gJan.2 

Jnhn Eagar 
Gow Basra Morrigs » 27! amesCreay oa ga Meariey PY nd, Throt on. Hdod 9J ang 
‘Eadorard. Marshall: 27 ayes Edward Stephens | J opiApe, rancisEd.Co Hnpwood fetancas 
io eh wolbu. payee Charles English » TA pr.27 EW iam H gaikes : Pi eat 
= pees Rie corge Te ema Dyor 17A pra? ix “Tho nt: ‘Raix 
Jnmes VuIRe! \aMays Parker Duc worth Bingham: ' FE Thom pao Y, Bart Tigre 
dobn lg 27May25}.< ufo  UQ6A pray iso HEE Fitzgerald 
#rancis Ormond .;;, 25 Sampson Jervois = he ee 19fap.2¥ 
Richard Beaumnnt.,... an wne%| Edwin Richards: asApr.27 ty ti HCandlisl > Oo Fan.28 
Heotp bay ton «1; rte! Allait. Bertram |: Ap at in White Py lv. 
adkehn|Milligan Lama. ; ey eta iJosiah.Oake 3 ‘ 28Apre2y ly ohn i Fownsh¥i ud, , Jane 
Alexdider Tait y),..¢ Qduly25}William Burnett): ~. '8Apria7 Hugh Nurse 36 3anas 
Wi Burdett Dobson || .95J uly 25 tobe Balfour Maxwell aBApr. ty Ht Hey cetbhiolng ‘spate 8 
Nathaniel Martin 3. @7July25,\Oshorn Foley: .- » a8Apr-27}3 ames Wilkinson. 7 Sidance 
| WsHitim Luckrafé, eu! e7July25 Henry: Esch Atkinsom 30Apr-37 HF euiry Smith (a}) 3Feb.28 
Richard Barton. Sk te 925 aaper wa! Shairp . | 30A ray Richard Fegén | Feb. 28 
RhilipGrabams. ve “a maleic hase Hen. Swinburne 30APT:27 1G .orve Dele 21Feb.28 

John: Rivett Carnac 30Apr.27| 7 ea 
Russe) Henry Manners iA ug-2 Spencer Lambert Hunter ‘ cnet ): ied re Patel, i pa das pd 
facotbe income! aire oda .25) eet Maude . ipa Philip Gostling 2Mar.26 
onuias enspn- 11OSe pi | Hon. rancis Maude: OAPr.' ; , +) 
Percy Francis Hall soa yea Brunswick I ophaim 2Mar.23| 

Rd. ened, 30ct.25| 
cere yryhabaat asso tes | | 

George Hope. 5Mar.28 

homas Best 30Aprt.27 g P ls 
Charles:Croker\ >), -,'4Qet.25|Charles ‘Falhot 30Apr.27 Robert Rochiors.... 10Mar.28 
Joseph Maynard,-.,.' .40¢t.25| Fhomas Maitland goA pr.27 jVames Lhorne 29Mar.28 

+ tay be udge@. sin. f Sinccae Richard Crozier. - 30Apr.27 Chas, Ramsay. Drinkwater 

in George Young, Bt. 330ct.25| Edw.idohn Carpenter.~ 30Apr.27 14Apr. 
cathe Jundelll a.) .) bNow25 David koss f saly 27 sharles J Bentham 19Apr.2 
Ww me co. Hy radimay Ais Thomas Cowan _ §May-a7 pokn Alex, Dunize, , 19Apr.28 

Robert Smart | @bAprie 

‘ak Now.% Geurge Peard Vay 27 W 

Phop.. Paring Bond + i hh 35, David Edwards aMay-27 illiam Oldrey. ..  @gApr.a 
Sdwaerd Blanekieyii/ 30 sae Herbert Caiger «: 14 May 27|! Taucis Blair 4 pe Apr. 28 
John Land Wren 6c.25|Samual, Ridevut 11May 27 Joseph Rd.Raggett{Webb 1 May23 
George Backes) 53} -is730D | Michael MilsomW root 11May 97}! homas oles May24 
bhessdodw. Hoste 5 5.;5,26|Jas.. Rulstrode Ww hitelackes ' Jos.Chappe ooklnongh7M ay28 
Charles Gipasletp i oe vai cee 26):  1bMay 97 [Samuel Meredith 7May28 
ene Dun +5 90F eb.96| John | ihow,. +. daMaya? [Edward K ehly, 413Mayaa 
7 |Stephen Li ington. i3May2s 

epee dusken. ome ahi b SE MAK Bp domnthan Fonlkuor May a7 William Morgan jumere 

Uljiam Smit j ar cthur Stapledon May: 27 ign Uhaay 

at as. Biscutt Pad oni, 974 rae Rigid: Freeman Rowley18May27 Richard C onner stile igMay2& 

V illiam, HeatyRierson. 3 thony Halsted 13J une a7 |!rbell Vakes, 19May28 
y wt Hheward AiMause) sitoi dena evill Eastwood 1§June27 Thoawas Ogle ,. 26May28 
ns a ard Jervis Tucker ; .15June47 George ‘Evans. (ooje. @uneas 

Ffalward Reeves lip hy pe meh oh > 265une27/\, I hi lip Broke wo oo Fd uneas 

warng brrot Bee seat Mavihall GAug: illiam, Pigldes >, JiQJ unea 

Uligny, Jones Prayse 2 26) W illough by Lake. . .29Aug. a+ |f MakeeP aine IgJune28} 
dward Chappa : Ha nn tells Cameron zapes dames,- //- July28 
seph O’Br Stios' N32 ‘ ; 28Aug.3¢ meee Flower, Herbert 7July28! 
adem Bait sie xs ROM . Jokinlea. Hough 2gSepa:2 illiam ‘Turner: . __. 14J uly28 
hacle cuts baal 2y| Janes Pearl >.» a9Sepr.27 Famabel | Leck 17JS uly a8 
eary Demanos TS, i DaviddJohnDickson ‘agSepti27 Seth Gr blade rT 8Aug.28 
eupy 088€t gino .>« 1 Thoa, eaveshie - aySept.27 Hon, Falward Gore. 8Aug.o8 
Ulam Smith (eb 5 oR Edw. We Sept.27 Fra, Deane : utcheson  9Aug.o8 
ares Keel@e yout nou CharleaMorton 6Q0ct.27| Edw, Owen Jo 
ong F raser yarn ut ‘Thomas Dilke t.27|Edward Hawes WAug.2G 

Ke. Fitzgerald G: ambier 210eta4 
-26|Thowas Smith (6)... seOet.g7 


Jono Brake 220ct.27 Heury: Lord Richards: 2oAug.28 

fen Krancie mer €PS70 Spencer Smyth 920et,27 Samuel Rambay 000s 22Aug.28 
homas,Boteler 5 5:/1Z05¢pt,26 Jain Monday... 22Oet.a7|4ames Bayly Aug.29 
chard, Owen.» 5 If 28 PeterChristie .: ‘g2Oct.a7\*W illiga Walkera): 25Aug.2 

ae Cooper pennant 
illiam Hewett (4), 
ry) Wolsey Bay &e 

Baws ta lor peu fe ditt 
obe ‘Oliver Mere 
James Clark Ko Pa ore beeen Auge 

iam Hepyers oy: 127 oy, 

ae Daniell «, aud rae 
ha & a 3 aslred ¥ 

\ it iam, Carle eat 

re! laneel iH 2 

sya haan unter Lb Ml ilsy 
wa tucks ' 

al Eatte adie 66.26 pee Powis psi Tet i eS john Ered: Mpuieby: 198A ugeas 

PANE AMAY Ee mun} aD Wibthans Haute inson b as.Stopford Hore sbAug-28 
tg i Nets Clarke, ec, ; ba Prick ford **% 5: ( 8 liad mee. Hisghes mgr ae 
mu, € mc} @5 s0? us 

i). tnaby Greeng atts Willian: Pate Be iver: ul gu AL a es 

712 COMM ANDERS)» with the Datesof their Seniority. 
Jas, Robertson Waiker2tAug-J5|Rob.; Blackborne Thorotéa an W¥ Rex Hék. Geo. ViscountiMan~ | 
Joseph Neill q6Aug-15) « Sutten 'g2Aungito}. deville _ 947 G0 uhyed 
) James Garland | ngild Henry Roteler o). 1° PAwgit Rab ‘Graham "Duaalop | a0) ulva 
Robert Skipsey a8Aug. 25) George Cheyne 12AugayyFhomas Porter 7» GA u gaa 

Chas. HenryCrooke 30Aug.45iHenry Algernon Eliet. 3Septa' es Lowrgotol sotgSepa: 
| Blenry Jehu Hatton BoA Win, Henry Higgs’ MOct19 Daniels ames WoodriaBSe pe 
Charles Du Cane, ._ ,; ug.I5\Geo, Cha. Blake 2Oect.15;Edwin Ludlow Rich : neySeenk 
Patrick Duff Henry Hay spat las those Gautilands Ot Alwx/ Kennedy fd)” r adihigeons 

Alexauder M‘Kanochie Se pts 
Heury Benjamin W yatu8Sept.asi: 

Samuel Price ept.15/ John Branford iM riarty boven) aNewh 
George Bigne\l ‘ se| EdweAogus. F bE ye lat Rds Chiambed 20Nayv. 
Neéewiligate Poyntz septs) Fhomas Geo. Wills +. 27May2o\Johnw Longchamp ©! /.46Due. 
William Bourchier ‘iosert 15| Joddvelt Leigh . $d unegolSuntes: Brastee’. |.) d6Deex 
Michael Matthews  20Sept.15|GeorgeHarnage:. . | aGAing.20}Joseplt’ Soady ) 10a6Dee. 
Hon.Arth. Rd. y urngaraosept 15) Wiliam Finlason gSep.20, ~Saseeka eri Gitbers 26Dec.42 
‘Thonjasg Ferris goSept15 Alex. Stevenson Pearson see Kent wf | 96 
Edward Forlaw Scott’ | 20Sept.35 a Stan ote 3O0cet.2 ‘Thomas Bushby:* « 1 a6Dee J 
Wn. Gilbert Roberts 20Sepe, ighy 30Uct.2c0' Chas, Stuart Cochrane 6Dec. 
William Monilaws —290 Rope ts Wiliam Fletcher: 30Nov.20 Mark John Currie’): ‘qJuniag 

George Tupman 90ct.15|Joho Popham Baker  29Jan.21: William Boxer ty) 1§dani 
Somuecl Wrifird | foOct.15) Francis James Lewis agJan.21, Wm. BehmeBseyer' 7 5 Jeme 
Mark Winte 100ct.15)Wim, Chasman ogJan.21) Alexander Elliee'© | 19Febva: 

John Reynolds 2UNov. 15) Peter Salmond 2gJan.21' Arthur Morrell.) {)'~ 
Chas. Rich 27Jan.i6| James Gordon (a) a9Jan.a1| Robert Scallon » 15M ayaa 
Andrew Atkins Vincent é6Feb. 16) Bdward Sparshott aJan.21'Kobert Hagan rhe 15May2g 
‘William Woodley 11Mar.16)'Phomas Kob. Brigstocke 31Jan.21'JamesBradley (a)” 125 une Bz 
Samuel Burgess " 16Sept,16| JohnSam.Willis Johnson 6Feb.21:Andréw Forbes©*) « «~ = qed erreds 

Joseph’ Beir}. Howell = 16Sepr.16) William Blight - 12Feb.21' Rawdon Maclean daly a 
Thomas Revans seat 16| Henry Crease 19V'eb.21' Edw. Hinton Scott § >. 18daily93 
Thomas Sanders pt.16|John Ralph Blois 6Mar.2) Richard Douglas 0 BSept. 

‘Fred. Thomas Michell Weep 16| Robert Audoe 30May21|George Pierve'/'' ) -§Sept.2 
‘Jolin Parson GSept 16} David Peat QJaneat Raber Willcox | 6 Sept.23 

Edward Hollingworth | De- Thos. Blakiston «|: 2 Jaly2i Robert Fair « »6Sept.a3 
lufosse 16Sept. 1 pbiogy Jot arker King zJuly21;€has- Re. Mitbourne:: GSept. 
James Symons (8) © 3 7Sept 16|/Robt: Cam ae 1aduly21: ‘Charles Fraser's ¢// » 29Septizg) 
Rich. Bowell Rem og” 17Sept. 1h} Wm. Min igJulyat | “Ered. Ry ves 26S geet. 23 
| John Davies (6) 8Oct.16)/Wm. Price .. : AgSulyer Evan Nepean ©: /gnOet, 
‘Philip Le Vesconte’ = -7Nov.16|Mark Robinson Lucas 1gJuly21; Wn. Pownsend Dairies’ ch ; 
Rober rt White Parsons|Henry Smith Wilson: igJalyai, Win. Price Pannlt ay 
John Pender Paynter, ate John Arthur Morrell agJuly 21 \Faaie Anderson” 1d3No mtr 
Richard Bluett™ ' "6Dec.16)] Simon. Hopkinson Agdutyay, Pringle Stokes!) “1! \< o6Pec,23 
John Robe rtton ‘(a)’ * ‘9Dec.16|John’ Litae: Ig uly2i| George: Lied bel 13 agi J aay 
John Pengelly Parkin’ "1 ae if/ James Elphick obutyat Geo: ba rence Sa terran. 2 
os WenatworthButléerigApriti 7] Robert Furiter ad uly! Rich i Meredith by 6 96Ma¥. 2 
Robert Rochfort Felix ’ sures Henry Ellis - '  Igd Aye) sie: Hos i 
‘Charles Moore (4) °*: “eyJunei7 thenry Pryce «+ 29S whfa eov99 eicias 

John C s Heaslop nne17|Rdward Thos. Crowels Tod abtyai Char 
Douglas Cox A " B Pauly et Thomas Lowton Robins nf fare 
Walliam Elliot Wright 

Wm. Atlan Herriugtian an. MarkKiaipen Sweny. : ighulyat. 'Gevir} 
John M*Arthur Low: | 903an.18'James Morgan (d): igJulyot/ Cher 

Hevry Chas. Pemberton20$un.18 hoa. Eetmund Cole! : ayia #Sam, ‘Ra 
Bartholomew Bonifaiit 20Apri HAS William. Martia®’ | 193ulya2t| Rob. ‘Coutare 
Wm. Devercur Brance’ a5Aag's Merri iy eStanley ay uted ii Geo. 
Robert Deans»: t gsept:is| Rebert Go agJu Writ: Gappe nly 2g) 
Geo, Fras. Bridges _o 9Septrs: anor Baldey 0 Ves wlyau! Ged, Vetnon "ethoole>! SJ uly 24} 
| Josepli Harrison «:" ‘14S8ept.8/Jobn Skinner ‘fasta RobertStuart + ri ‘ hadwly24 
Samucl Sparshott 160ct.18\ James Wilkie. mY | a1 Christoph hs 
Robert Brute. Ss. QNev:18}Matthew Liddon Jan ‘ibe Chi rap 
Alex. Borthwick: | 7Dec 18;George Hutchison - wolawes Frederick Boyte ("*"! aus: 
Wm, Richardson (a) © 7Dee.}#Arthar:Lee Warner: » 23Nov.2tj William ' plea? 2191 HY tig.4 
Wm, Grint ‘9Dee 18\John heigh Beckford goNov.2\Porias¥Furber * vio ph 
Michael! Staepoole: 7Dec.16} Richard Anderson 14De2121| Joh pact Mercef' * oluig meant 
m, N. Glascock ~ '' ‘giDec.t opi A aingy >  egDevi2at\ John Pote 290»: 
evry Freeman Young Gea. Morison King | 14Dec 21) Michiel Quin’ ‘tin y : ‘ 
Pogson ¢Maré19|Jobn ‘Molesworth 1Octlel| Andrew Drew te" Ye : oie 
nd Millerga), | gMand Digby Marsh: - (ot  §danad| Wend)? hens S iatasarrh 
ohn Byelecigh bu Mera James Wrigstom. - 1qan.o2! John’ ausland?'"™) age “s 
ai homes Lipeon a uw ant Fs George Buker yotyat Lto Charles Robk¢e ¥ ctiny 

Jobu Russell (bo) fo. 29Jan f ‘i! istice payel we, 

James Everard Home | agen 

corp ophe Gnelows an 
ristopher K nig ! aned2 

dseph Griffiths frsess} james ly. 
GriffithCelpays rin Char ColcilleFrankteits 

eter Sampson: u Hatmbly 22Aug ts 
$8) futchinsoin Herbert gil 

tga! swell viol f tile px i poi ene oMays 

0% Ast] ase att ews), wl} 22\John Cawley ii wy? 

‘aleb mm. Ciery 7 12Aug.19 ts ie s. Greville. agJuly22/ Thos: Cow fn o7May2 

has. Belfield Lonis i2Aug 9) urton M'Namara 19J gad Daniel Welt * ade é‘ adel a 
595 s 


— ee a = 


COMMANDERS, with the Dates of their Seniority. i: 

Pep harlesGreene 
uvel4} Willaam Hird 29) 

1§Junei4|/William [lall agJul 
Hayes 2 ty| Charles l’earson | agJul 

y agO0t.13. 
Mathew Jas. Popplewell New. i13iRabert Shed 
easy Beernn 6 

H Nev.13{Edward Collips. 
‘Fhomae ares <7 ey chee) Wilbraham 
ae ristoweYo 13) George Ingham | 
Charles Rayley: {Dea 13|Joseph Cuchyn 
Weaker Forman. sDee.13|Mobert M‘Coy, © i5Juneig|Jobn Lindsey 
(Wyatt Watling 1Dec.13\George Canna 15Junel4|Charles Hamlyn 
Baiglsich qDec.13} Abel rantger Thomes 15Junel4}Sir Edwyn Francis Sc 
w Coaolly 4Qec.13\Johba Hindmarsh. 1§Juneig} Stanhope, Bart. a7Aug.}4 
Pilch qDec.13|John Potenger Greenlaw 15Juaei4i Rd. Stephens Harness 27A0g.14 
dolteChiene 4Dec. 13) Thomas Gal : igJunei4|Alexauder Mercadel] = 3Sept.14 
-? anes Oliver 13] Thomas Mansel 15Junei4}Charles Giddy: loSept.14 
ohn: Edwards (c) 13) Eaton Travers 15Junei4}Charles Pengelley a0Sept.14 
: po-Cumby aDec.13) William Forbes Leith 15Juneig/William Laugharne =. 23Sept.a4 
Robers Lowthian 4 23/Charles William Chalmers Mitchell Roberts 2iSept.14 
Sohe-Cempbell (L) 6Dec.13 15June14;George Guy Burts2 5O0ct.1g 
eawerd Whyte Gec.13| Frederick Auggstus Harguod George Pediar 120ct.14 
; + Walker 8Dec.13]. Parker 15Junei4|James M‘Donall 12Oct. 1g 
pVbavics Anthony agDec.313|George Bowen 15J unetyj Roger Robinett 120ct.14 
loka. Kains SJan.y per Taylor 15Junei4'Jobn Fortescue Morgan 120ct.14 
oohwa K Bs talan.14)Charles Hauliain isJunergHenry King _ 190g 
Wernel Radford; - 2@Jan.i4)#Joha Hilton 15Junet4jJobn George Phillips 92Uct.34 
fdames Groves... 14Feb.t4) Thomas Dickinsgn (b) 15Junel4|Jonn orice 2Nov.1g 
seep: Asape . Wh David Hope 1§Junerg|Johp Fleming aNov.14 | 
iWees Cunmangham Cevevdiah [William Richards 15dunely| Walter Croker aNov.14 
tte Dalyell | » by Feb.14]/@William ey isduneig)Robert Ballard Yates 15Nov.14 
"Rebert Smith az.t4/ Thomas Bury 1§June4! Charles Seward 1§Nov.14 
H@idhebes Jemes (uth #Richard Moorman —_1§Juneig/ Thomas Morgan 16Nov.14 
(hs Maen Ges TAG at.i4|Alexander Francis Elphin- Richard Weymouth 93Dec.14 
eustheith, =  i6Xar.i4/  stane . 15Junei4) George Gordon gJan.15 
‘ <Milborne- Jachson gi Mur.14/George Penruddogke 15June1g}/David Boyd 17Jan.1§ 
+{Samuel Trevor Diekens, 5A prili4| Aaron Tozer 15Juneiy/Charles Cunliffe Owen 28Feb.15 
Fe hons lafeua 38. ali ae. Berkeley Maxwell 15Juneiy|Philip George Haymes 13Mar.15 
+, + | Bdsagebver Moleeworth.. 16May 14/ Francis Daval 15Junlg |Justinian Barrell aiMar.1§ 
{ectiadordian Arrow, | .GMayliyiJames Sibbald  - 15Juneig4;Abraham Crawford) 23Mar.15 
BE } oans6Mayi4iJubo Henry Rhodes = 15June14i Bartholomew Kent egMar.15 
ice n Jamesis aaMay 1 Charles ved ae Benett 15) uneig|Silas Thomson Ltood 27Aprili§ 
; id hh te: - -IgMayy/Richard Croker .. 1§Juned3! Henry Boyes 11Mayig 
pp bomas Colby, -+., S7Meyt4q William Gearge Carlile John Wilson GJunels 
ppaseph Bagalgetta.. - 13May iy t i5Junelg/Philip Westphal igJunei5 
acho Nicholas... °° , AyMayi4|Peter M*Quhae 15JuneigiJohn Scott 1yJonel5 
Garduer.-M‘Brids._ cer (h) 15Junely/ Edward Stone CotgravetgJanei5 
- MKillop, : yd und ‘Furberville 15June14)Montagu Montagu 13d unel5 
entNewton | ayl4|George ing (a) 1§Junel4{Nicholas Alexander  13Junes5 
: {Waljiam Hugchinesa. ayljjJames Edw. Huggins. 15Junet4/James Mangles 1g Junels 
ichard Streatfeila: —- ayiy[James Stirling (6 15Juuei4/Thomas Montgomery igJunets 
Sir. William Cripp. Bond: fraucis Le Hunte 15Juneig]Walter Windeyer 1gSunel5, 
Barnaby, Be. | WMaylalRewe Henry-Fuller | 15Junei4/ Robert Streatfeitd 1gJunel5 
Richard Greenaway  aMaysjliames To nel QrJunri4 Hesuae 4 William Scott 13Junel5 
Pringle Ho as . 28 Mayi4]/ Thomas Williams 97Junel4|Peter Maingy, 1gJuners 
JRiehbard Henry lis... ohn Be ney a7 Junel4|/George Douga igdanels 
mS : . SiMayiqiHenry Masterman Marabal! George Woods Sarmon 13Junei5 
Hohn Medliextt . . ajenent : a7Junety Denry et Rokeby 13June15 
fetiriatorp Weet.. unea4iJohn Lyous a7Junei4|/ Thomas itaker wgJunels: 
webert Julyan: . - Zduvey|Henry Varker a7Junei4i Wiliam Moriér Igdunels 
4 : ames «+ -Flugesy|Williags Henry Nase iJulvig Browne Mdson 19)unei5 
fsdorge Hilton _ > -Fdapedy | Wm. Ben amin Suckling Jwytt}Richard Copeland = 1gvanel5 
Curry William.Hillien 2/unet; uel Hoskins, q{ulytyj/Barnard Yeoman = 13, unels 
Adenande Cc, : Zennel4iGeorge Luke (67 lyjgi/Wyliam Gordon T3Junels 
‘ } i amas Carew an iat 4 dware Boys {a).. p Eastwood aQNunels 
obp Fisher ZdunesdyiJohy Davy - WdulypffJames Harris me1s 
yateas Tic Va zAupel4)Chs. Bernkand Hayvey igduly3/Alien Otty ie Julyts 
Elton 7duyergBeary Pyne (a) sgyulyt4 iller Wire Carte : BS tas 
- 7 , + geonels George King : AGsuty 14) Tpamas S ren | “ W4Julyig 
xilkines §: ; wabony BlagravaYalpyi9Juls4s| Joseph Patey __ Igdulyis 
; ward Napyr 7Juneigijekp Furneans, igs es Gabrjel Gorkoe, aoJ uly 15 
Facey. alJanei4; Charles Hutc n= aiJulylyg!William me ckson21Aag.15 





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Seescet Bradstreet Hore+ obert ‘Tomli upeld/ChariesGreene | ytg 
‘homaa Savi N iel Vassall anet4} William Hird agJulyt4 
2 is wae eae Norios : isjancts William Hal! agJulyi4 

Charles Pearson | agJulyig 
Francis Chs. Anuesley 3oJulyig 

Char eslie Falki 3| George Hayes 1gdanety 
Hicnard Hosth Cordes. ately Thomas Henry Wilson 193uneig 

ripe rae f ' 9Au len wed,. i§sJune hhu-Charleg Syanonds 16Aug.14 
Wiliam-Henrv HerricktAues : oha Watson ‘ .HJuneiggabp ¢ bentarp a7Aug-i4 
Jona KoillKinsmag = 1750v1.13|John Fennell 1gJunei4) Peter Williams a7 Aug. 
Mayson- Weight Walter Boswell igsunei4| Edward Johuson a7Aug-14. 

uthony CattinsStantona7Aug.14 
fetcher Nerton Cleekea7Aug.1g 

obn Row Morris 1gJ une ly 
Richard Pridbam 15J uneiy 

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Henry Bourne Cee ea esa ey aneldlWillina Clucke Jérvolsesaue cts 
\Foomas Sykes gNos 13/Machard Wi M4 iq|John Francis Lascelles 27Aug.14 
homas BristoweYounge4Nev, 13) Geo onan incl Robert James Biot 2Auguig 
Charles Rayley 1 1 ra Coy °» eigiJobn Lindsey - a7Aug.i4 
Welker Formae Ieee oe nape 4 Charics Hamlyn a7Aug.14 
7 Wyatt Watling i roe pope arn 15) a Sir Edwyn Francis Scudamore 
Jantes Ualgiaiet 4Dec. : ; 
Matthex Coaclly 4qbec.13\Jobu Hindmarsh. 15Junely Bones atone waa 
Rewert Pilch @Dec.13)John Poveescs Grecalas igsJuaely Mies rMercadell 3Septei4 
domeChiene 4Dec.13| Thomas Gill - isJunels ch ere Gidd : 1oSept.14 
pence Oliver -13| Thomas Mansel isJuner4 Chacle Pen Jiley a0Sept.14 
Johm Bawards (c) 13|Eaton Travers toy uneiGiillina Langharne  sg8eptcta 
read mp ea 4Dec-13}\¥ illiam Forbes Leith | 15Juneig)Y illiam Laughs aySept.14 
Robert Low thi aljec.13 Charles William Chalmers ite ODEKts sy 
fohes Cam phell(b) §Dec.13 
‘award Whyte 
: Walker SDec. 13) . 
Charles Anthooy oe 8 feeree Ronen 
obs. Kains an.ij|Henry Tay A 
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ee Ape yeen eiaa Soon eo ane Sean Gein Phillips aa0et.t4 
Jesnes Groves... beri ti Dickinsqn (5) esreuets ue a ee 
t boseph: 45 ’ } o fs . 
; Wee Cunsungham Cevendian William Richards 15dunet4 Md ssans Krokst saNavtn 
¢ Dalyell | ‘ 
Af: bert Smith N 
HWidheles Jemes Cuthbert : 
Ly Dean ice oe gyiarsa Alexander Francis Elphin- Costes Gatton an.i5 
; dcothioust Kaith, “ Mar. stone : ipJunel4 David Buyd 17Jan.15 
:|RebcMilborne Jaohsaw g1Mur.14| George Penruddogke Is evel aia Cunliffe Owen ahFeb.1s 
-JSamnel Treyor Diekaue.64 prili4|Aacon Tozer say uueda{Philin Gear © Haymes 13Mar.15 
‘}Phonses Delatena Aprill4 - Berkeley Maxwell 15Junel4 j ae Borrell aiMar.i5 
‘Peegorian Arrow + Giday tifJemes Sibbald Shee lAuraiam Crawford: a3Mer.1s 
pr Amol ie rate Take Hane hodes 3 Goel Barnloaew Kent 29Mer.15 
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dein James igMayia|Charles Comper Benett 15}une1g/Siles Thomson Ltood 974 prilts 
Pesta 1 TMs tiilinn Gengge Carbide doin’ Wilson GJuneis 
} eee as - 433i vu Kent ined 15Junets|Pbilip Westphal eee 
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- MPKillo yt4 und ‘lurherville 15Junet4/Montagu Montagu = 13J unel5 
retNtwom ° eMloulGamrge ing (a) Sfeneglciate Alecandor Bnet 
filliam Hugchincon. syljjJames Edw. Hugging. apyuacta james Meutgomery igJuneis 
ard Streaticild y 14] James Stirling (6 IsJuvet4 LA Soper Hooee igduneis 
Sir William Crip. Hood. #YrancisLe Hunte = 15Junel4 hese BEE ieitd 1gJanels, 
Barnaby, Bt. Mey SE eee eee willing Sekt, inlumete 
Richard Greenaway» 2 Maysijdames Townsend azJuncig plenty if igJuneis 
Pringle Homedjousias 24 May14| fhomas Williams aqJunels heed Dornt slaneis 
iebard Henry Hollis, Toe a | ep ne Marske inetd George W oSa on 13Juness 
P re bapa Jnnety|Genry Ralph Rokeby 13Juners. 
pone esate ; ma bor ohn Lyons — po une Thomas iteker = FWunely: 
eueredulyan =» dwnetd Henry Varker aaucts William Morier 13Junels 
degh Venman —«. Funens|Willins Henry Neves idulvi4iftenty Browne Mason 13}4N015, 
George Hilton Fd peng |Win. Fenjamin Suckling AJulyttjRichard Copeland — igduneis, 
wrry William-Hillien . Jiuneis {Samuel Hosking, uly 44) Barnard Yeo . r3Junels 
Alexander Dixie , . Junoid George Luke (6) | Pi palee sane a3) unels; 
Thomas Carew dward Boys {q).. t pene stwood aghnness. 
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: He tet, hs. Bernhagd Harvey 8 if reac ed meley  . “tgdyteiay 
Saeko” ; ree hing Gd... Agtaty Lil Thames Wren Carley 14dalyes 
Fillers Sette ie aie Ferment PHDduirtallecnee Gabrfel Gardin, and ulpis 
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phn Tracey og alJaneiqiCharlesHutchhmson = ai July14/William Henry Dickson21Ang.15 

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NAMES: - . Seniarity. 

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of their Seniority. 


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NAMES. .  Senirity, NAMES 
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Stephen Feter'Mouat 1Dec.487 James Grant ~ ‘ y2dan.05 ~ 1a 
HeiryDescon . {Dec.87|Edwa rdWilliame(b) 24Dee.05| Henmey Lynne 
John -F.dwards (@> 1Dec.87\John ¥ ule : seeks William Gregory: 1 
Santue! Kempthorne BAug.8o| Thomas Oliver ’ gaJan.o6\Jawes DeRippe -§ MM 
Mexwell aidept.gol William Rogers 49Jan.06\ Janes Clephan ReApetlt: 
Gamucl Feathdrstone James‘Manderson __ azjan.o6\Jawes Bremer - , shu 
Charles Robinson SAprilgg| Witham Barnham Ride:2esan.06(Thomausdimpsem (a). -- 
Ambrose Crofton 93) uneo4| James Gallyway aa}an.06|Thomas Southey: 
| Peter MKellar qJulyoq}sVilliam Balfour 920) an.06 
| William Burgess 5 Julyg;| George Manners Satton 2aJan. 
Jobu Larkan 6halycy|Johw Sanderson Gibson 2Aprilo6 
Thomas Dalby 5Dec.g3|Samuel Clark | sApri 1 
George Robinson agJ uneo: | Thomas pane 25Sept. yoy 1 
Hen WitliamJamcs Hughes agSept.o6 Robert Tors Blackler. > P 
George Davey 18Jan.o |Wiltvam Love: 19Fel.07| The ubove Oficens.are e 
George Harison agJunegé| William Mathe a3Beb.07| Aalf- Pay of 10e:per Dicate!. 
Edward Killwick July oc|Samuel Jeffery: a3Feb.07 . . 
Jotm Davies ¢a) 16Aug.g¢| William Coote -@Meso7|Johbt:Bartholomew Hoar = ‘i - 
Henry Probyn | Andrew Honge - 4Dec.o Curran — ies t 
\Ranceford Tookey 6Dec.96| Benjanrin: Warbartom 16Dec.07\ William Kelly (6): -2ametti 
Christopher Nevile 103an4; | Thomas Pinto oFeb.os' Henry Drury = 8 I 
Jacob James 7Mar.j;| ‘rederick Hoffman: 22¥Feb.08/John‘George Boss) 1 
William Bevians 8Mar.o-;| Edward Burt’ 1Aprilod Charles Squire - ls 1 
Sdward Wiltrame (a) @3Mar.g;|Henry Baugh - _——-19Mayo8\Jonathan Chetetion —* 3 
atthew Wrench 27 May.g;|Chus.Chamberlayne Irvine Thomas Dutton: | | ry 
ehn Gascoyne a7Mar.9; : yoS|Gamaliel Fitrmanrice: séebie 
alliam M‘Gwire ay 97| Robert Parrey ug.08}Geerge Treweeke Scobell 2 
Henry Carew 93uneg7|Prancis Alex-Halliday agAug.08| Peirey Brett cos wD 9 
NicholasKempe 14) ulyg; [Goddard Blennerhassett t'1 Nov.68) William Seyle +, ale le da2 
Sir John Fortes Drummond, |W. Henry Whorwood 27Dec: Cisvles Tyler . «- +77Relbjas 
t. ’ sAng.97 (Tho. Parry Jones Parry:a2Det:08| ChartesT asThrustonyFabas 
Henry Saniuel Butt SAug.97|CdwardWm. Garrett 16Jan, WilKam Holman sgu@eblia 
ward Hutchinson 140-+.9; [George Halsted ; neo Thomas Methved! (rv QiPebdire 
Thomas Halton aJan.5t|Wiltiam RobetSmith 11April Solin Forbes: i 149 Biedklia 
John Mathias Spread | 21 Suned! Thos. GoldwireMuston11 Ape log Chtview Farwell. >: ' wera 
Thomas Roberts agsnlygt| Henry Jones tl Thomas Galbwey! ‘! -+3y 3 
John Whipple HOct.o€] William Hext eBAvriloodhw: Jeiyel) ciel opines ly 
Walliam Moore 24Der.9 | Alerander Kennsdy (a) 2Junerh|Josida Treacy: / alguien 
George Jones - Dee.9: | Uhartes Alles tot dines Wallace Gebsish 210tbut: 19 
ones corn Sept.o¢ | ohn Worth  Sthkng. ) Truscott: oobbeliis 
David Gilmour 28Scpt.og[\Villiam May 21 Aug. dérick Wr a 
John Thicknessé .- 29Jan.o0|len.Conynghats@oxen 100ct.ob jam PendegMobertsai Md12 
Jav.NasmvthMarshall 18Mar.oo} loseph Haynes —asOct.09!Ge Scott) fs 1 
Terence O'Neil sar ple John Wyborn i8Dec,o9|Arthur M‘Meckan a | 12 
Robert Williama sMayo: | ThomasNwinnertonDyer!2Jan.10 Daniel Robes: 19 
John Child 15Sept.oo| Joseph Simmonds “Mar.10\George Haye -  " -BURTagi2 
David Mudie 27Apriloi| George Brown 7Mar h Marrete:  S6MRdy 19 
Joshua Johnson azApriloi|James Robert Dalton 3oAprilt Joi Banke -§° .  ogMidyi 
Thomas Hill 15Jan.o2|Henry Nathamel Rowe 2Mayit}or Sart : LSekels 
William Richan 294 prilog| Henry Wildey 4Mayio|William Buchammea sully is 
Arthor Grumly agApriloz| James Molineux 4Mfay1 omas Evre = - agulyis 
John Manley 2gA pritoa| Peter Giles Pickeracl! ‘g3ulyro|Wiliam Case 9 ot) 
Philip Lamb agApriloa] Nathaniel Belchier 210¢t.t Hiamw Shi laAup.19 
Jobn Richardson agApriloa] ohn Houlton Marshall 210ct.10 EdwartHall’ >: | 1@Aag.19 
Thomas Lyne anAprilo2| Charles Clyde ‘ayOct.10;/Riehard Burton 12Aug.14 
John Chilcott 294 prilo2| Thomas Vivion 210 ct. ro} antes Augustus Seymour 
Robert Hayley Judd 29Aprilo2|/Gregory Grant — Oct. rot | Crichton t 18 
Heury Waring agAprilag] ohert Benjamin Youngt1Oct to; ohn She herd (a) reaAew.19 
John Donglas , Apriloo| William Richard Bamberatvett towland Mainwering « S3Amg.19 
George Clarke Hurdis 29Apriloz|/tlenry Davis aiQct.rolCharies Hole - 9 ' 
James John Charles Hyde John Clarke mOccrAndrew¥ bow: © 7 1 19 
Agassiz 29Apriloat James Leach a1Qct:ro(Thomas M‘Culloch © 2306.19 
Digby Willoughby sZiiasea Charles Beanett ‘MNOctirolSmith Cobb > >. gg@etaa 
Malcolm Cowan vt.o2] atin Norton ' 10ttiopobn Meade ‘o. @iNde.te 
James M‘Farland _WJitneos {| William Slaughter ‘asNovitorDavid Latimer Se. ClairseNdy.19 
Robert Pettet pane Robert Russe gJan.1itJohn Bernhard Smith | 
Robert Tucker atMarog{fhomas Lamb Polden. Abraham Mills Hawhéne1eDée.13 
Charles Pickford WApnios} Laugharne 12Feb11} Hon. Thos. Roper Cevsen ‘ 
ohn Smyth. ay 04|Benjamin Street 4Marin vr  * t's + | St Apeilig 
omas Maynard 12Jan.05{John Alexander 14Mar.15}Robert Incledon 13 

CAPTAINS, with the Dates of their Seniority. 9 

Charles Phittips” 15May 23)George Gosling 16Aug. 25/Francis Brace 14Aug.27 
§ Thontas Ball Clowes!) 16May 23/Johw George Graham © 3Qct. 235|William Robert Ashley 
¥ David Buehan * g2June 23) Alex. Thos. Emeric Vidal gO0ct.25). Pettman 
i John-Watter Reberts GJime'23\Johw Leith 11Nov. 25| Thomas Bourchier 
i Edward Boxet” «°°! 93Juné 23/ Hen. Parkyns H oppner g0Déc. 25} John Kaote 
i George Frederick Richt uly 23/ Hons Charles Abbot 26Jan-26} Philip Henry Bridges: 2gSept.a7 
r Win a3-H opel ohnstone'2 Octiag'C harles'Ho 263 an. 26 Heeb Lewis Davies - 
i Geéo.wFras. Lyon | 13N6v ‘93\Jotm Gew. Aplin 28 Jan. 26/4J. Notman Campbe.! 220ct.a7 
James Couch |) > ‘ogSani 24 William Rochfort o7Mar. 26 wedate «Wim. Anson 220ct,27) 
j * Wor. Henry Smyth 7Feb.24|Wiliam Keats 27Mar. 26) #4 Ric Hon, Vis. luge 
j VaseRyder Burton o3Feb. Hon. Geo. Barrington 27Mar. ianuly , 
| ER ie Saumarez 17April'24|Henry John Leeke a7May 26) William Symonds. ‘5 
| Aé. How. Hans Francis, Fart Thomas Martin 2Aug.26) John Windham Dalling '2Jan.28 

, “of Huntingdon 29M ay 94!/Henry Edwards 2Aug.26/ James Scott 14 
Wan, Fanshawe Martin 5June 24|Roduey Shanuon gAug. 26 
\Hon. Géorge Rolle Walpole {Clias Howe Fremantle 4Aug. 26) Charles Crole 26 

} }Williams Sandom 23Mar.a& 

| ! Trefasis o4June 24| Lord abel John Spencer 
Paineaitlontagu i7July 24) -Churchil 4Aug. 26/Geo, Wm, Conway Courtenay » 
Won. Kd. Saunders Dundas Michael Seymour SAug. 26 14Apm)28 
j ULI 94) ‘ i7July 2g)Johu Pakenham a6Aug. 26) Alexander Campbell |17Aprila8 
John Fihnore ' 20Aug. 24 Lord Wm. Paget 180 t.26) 4k 4G eo. BohunMartinlgApr.28 

'Fhotias Prickett ° 20Aug 24/Francis Fead 1Nove26} Hon. Fred. Wm. Grey i9Apr.28 
Willam Simpson 14Oct. 24/Fred. Angs. Wetherall 13Nov.26/Thomas Mouck Masow 12Maya8 
Rt. Heriott Barclay 14O0ct. 2y\Henry Litchfield 20N ov-26| #¥Richard Dickinson1gMay28 
Alex: Dundas Young William Webb 2Dec.26) Wm. Jardine Purchas 16May28 
(Arbuthnot 140ct. 24! Hon.Wm, Pitt Canning 23Dec.26) Sir Richard Grant At. 17May28 

~ | Adolphas Fitz Clorence24Dec. 24/limothy Curtis 30Dec.26/ WilliamStephen FullerrgMay28 
Isham Fleming Chapman Ch. J. Hope Johnstone 30Dec.26)Thomas Dench: 4June28 
) 29Dec.24/Charles Simeon 10Mar.27'George Fred. Hotham 7June28f 
grrey Grace iFeb.25|/Richd. Augustus Yates 12Mar.27|James Campbell arJunes8 
Henty Dandas 9Feb.25/Edward Le Cras Thorn- (John Burnet Dundas 
AVilliam Hotham geet 25} brough 17April 27/4Robt. LambertBaynes SJuly23" 
Charles Mitchel) April 25)Robert ‘Tait 17April 27|William Hobson 

‘Hon. Montagu Stopford a ep Charles Hallowell 17 April 27| Follett Pennell 
Christopher Nixon’ © 27 
’ Edmund Denman a7May 25 2oApril27} Hamilton 
nie! Barber * 
denryJane ©" 
a Skekel 

ker27May 25}Henry Byam Martin 2April27) William wipe . 
Ase eit 

Yorke -6) une 25\samuel ‘Thornton 304 pril 27,;Edward Purcell a5Aug.28 

| Henry Ducie'Chids’' 2J uly 25/Fredy William Beechey 8! ay 27|Theobald Jones 2s5Aug.28 

mpFreilérick Marpryat 25July 25|Hon-Chas.Leonard Irby 2July27)George Lioyd 26Aug.28 

* ((Phowmas Warratd  ''oJuly 25|/Richard Eloare  : cave Jenkin Junes 23Aug.28 
ohit Gore (b) 94") 27Jaly 25|Geo. J. Hope Johnstone8J uly2z7}Charles Elliot ' -@8Aug.a8) 

‘harles Bowen * '**) |) 27July 25;Oct. Henry Cyrel Venables Thomas Bennett 16Sept.28 

teorgé Robert Lambert XAtig; 25) Vernon 7Aug.27/Peter Richards 17Sept,28 
ok ug (agai PS >“ y6Aug oa 
J rl ‘ 

Abe 807 852 
{ - Pir twig 
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1 oO ,oud dic iahasmend 
{ ce 9086 Mocdiso'l brtaitsr2) i 
j £f .o0d bite Hoasiil yvalo dist oil 
| co 50 Jas Mowe'lavwidl yrs a | 
Co sOliqweoll soehlonoll adolldjoollt noo j 
er oallie sgudorsn yoelt|ay .osG R i 
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(420 .oo Ob aaull doinotsr'l} ber wa ; 
£2.00°)2 nou) bnawhAd #815) .oof)> ‘ j Ja fey 
poe aifoe HidAAh auimisqo?|4t.oco1zlayeots! scl.osi) ral ) >] 

ESlingAc boawdonlil son4 
‘betlngh2e evo adol yiasli woth 
« é 4 

Bi .a9U fj mobi ws nicry 4 | 

3 CAPT AL NS,-with the. Dates of their Senior 

H Hopkins ~ gJunel4|John Sheridan... . . ,-1glauets D 
John Filie 56 /7Junei4|+SmH, Loraine: Bakery, Bt >>| ie 
Joseph Pearce » “sJuneb4] °. 19) nnels amen bhay, 2i7ouy3) so RANE 

Charle« Frederick Payne 7Junet4 Geo.WWin.HughesD*Acthigiunels Sig Cy Reso, Se erate 

+-Colin Ma neld)- = Janelg}>Robért Ramsay / » Agduness ined roan ts rong.4 
George Edwar Watta : Pula 4) Joh Chas. Gawen Roberts; 7 bs mol sof 
Abrahem: Lowe): « 2 wtJune . 1gdnels Robert rddell tpl a 
Hsdas, delim Gordon Bremet\ + $Samue} F Roberts, Loy ABSwNe dS Sur faeqahug-W estp <r mal 
Wesyuk oid st >\Azd ine David. Er “Buanetsl ye > W We ue =} 
Yohn: Horteous 5Junel4 beetaberit’ Tisdall.- Sgduly:25 Hous * s Parry SARS, 
| (Charles Bertram, ot) = Fausierg) Joseph Gulston Garland igAug.i3} on, -Vinederic. Noel, ,, 2 
rge Hills fdonely rsp Seeger Ord eos: WiilbamSargso¥ L168 ue: : M9 
wHenry: Bhaee » ZWunaei4| Pradhn “‘igAuge 15 Hueh Haaton ait Lowid ne: i9 
Isgne HuwkinsiMorrison, ZJunots Robert owisy 2 Augyi15} Hon. Charles, Or ' 
+GeorgeBarne Trollope7Junet4)Wm. ‘Stanhope Badcock 41Augy 15 bia Sager ht Nailed *y Sept, lp 
| Thomas Mansell uneis}¥4-Joln. Toup Nicolas| Vearnshiffner Ney, #9 
Colin Canepliel} ; “b) 7Junei4hohu., Moberly uz. 35| Henry, Forbes i: ot toda 
Justiee Finley . 7Junel4 Joseph Digby  BSept. 1 William. Wa AE iii 7 ig 
Jobn-Wilson . Wanei4iJohu. Thomson biSept, 35 Kicwepter a, eee aS 3Uct.20 
George Pringle . ZAunel4+Charles Warde 18Sept.15|Si, William Saltonstalh Li 
Nevinson De Courcy .7Junet4|WilliamFarington 18Sept. 15 iseman, Rt.3;,4..,22 re 2a) 
Thomas Grouhe - 7Junel4|Stephen Popbam 19Sept. 15 aes hee cant g0Nhove 20 
Hercules Robinson 7Juneby|Fra.Brockell Spilsbury 19Sept,15 Hon, ryse Saat Ha 23 
William Black 7J unel4/Daniel Prin 19 Sept-.13 Donat H ra att af en sate > Ah 
Michael Head 7Junel4| Fred. W os filiceviie 20 Sept. 15 Wilsesijrad il Big any! 6Mar2e z 
Thomas Stamp 7Junel4|James Rattra 7 20Sept- 15|/Geo. Cornish,Gam ligt jJune.2 ' 
Ralph Randolph Wormeley John Allen (4) - goSept. 15 John Gorad > watt kOd Wy 24 
7Junel4)William Henderson Oct. 15 ppheG ‘arpenter igJ wi i i 
Nathaniel Mitchell apunels John Hill a80ct'.15|Hobert pan a: ot | 
John Harper ZJunel4|F raul Gore Willock .24Nov, 15 seorge:Benrett Allen u aot 
Samuel Barslett Deecker 7Junet ohn Carter 7Dec. 15|John.Codd reiae Aaluly 2) 
Weston Phipps qenents Henry Meynell 10Ai ril 18 Edward Lloyd i WOTuly, at 
Aagustas Vere Dryru, ._7Juneiq}Arthur Philip Hamilton3t ay36\JohnGedge _ daly, 
Thomas Barclay... “9Junel4;Daniel Lawretice - 2Sept. 16 Benedictus Marwoosl Aen 
*George W ickens WilleszJunery Robert Henley Rogers Sept. 16 a a iy, Prat 
Hayes U’Grady. _. -7dJunel4}*George Bentham 16Seyst..16 Henry: Fyge ates mis | 
Geo. W tien. Kuight 7Junet4| William Kempthorne. 16xept..16/Armar/Lowry Corry. 23uly 206 
Thomas Dick jens. o¢ 7Juneig|Arthur. Fabshawe . 1761.46 Wat HARK, Sdward Panty, 8 Noy ate | 
| Willian aac Scott 7Juuel4| James Arthur Murray, igNov. 3618 Willan: Henry Brug 3 Nov, 21, 
Maurice , Frederick Fitz William Hill ., eon, 16) Sir Charles Burrard, Bt, 294 an.% ae 
-hardinge Berkeley, wJunet4 Richard Henry "Muadiee meet Wan,.,tames Mingaye,,. ne an, 22 
Bertie CorneausCator Wunel4|ThomasRenwick. .. .. AJant7} Thomas Ladd P gpk dar 2a 
David Dunn, ‘7Junel4i Thomas Young oi ane t2}Andrew § uecbeM ja ae: Apri 
*+-Pairfax Moreshy’ , Pinpela Johu Parish «any a7 Nerwick Dust, eg eo: 
corge Rennie ‘ ties unel4 Henry Higman » acy capes ran» a7} C aS), istaphor ad} 
rederick. ‘Edward Venabl George Hewson... | We Me AZ} Pres ei fil ‘ 
Vernon... .,  7Junel4}Atexander M'Vicar.. .. ace ane! 1 git ait 2 i> 
Bae ard lieazier »,, (TJunel4| John: Lawrenee. ..,. Laing h7. eet say Wai y,; 22 

Te Hes i e ‘3 7Junel4!David Breaimer: |» Adan. 174 Crack me nF out 
on. George Anson. Lord i: Richard Walter Wales bbarte Wl Wie sale ei uly 24 
yron nel4| J) Macpherson Forgusoutiar an. 17 ay tie Ga sbi) aie 2 

Hoe. Kenelm Someryille ae unel4/Edmund Waller “8 iWJan.17 Seendry ods osuly* 
Edmund Lyons : 7Junel4| John Gourly iJan. 17| Job Seamer sasaly 22 
Sir Charles Sullivan, Be sJunel4 Augustus Baldwin Jan. 17] peorns French QuJ uy i 
Richard Foley 7Jnnel4|George Wastell Hooper pide ps 17| Lord Hen.Fred. Thynne 30Ju foe | 
Henry Jenkinson 7Junel4 Henry Colins Deacon 2 April 17) #4 Hon. F. Spencer 2b6Aug. 22}! 
4%-+-John Marshall 7Junel4| Houston Stewart #4 dea Archibald Maclean gSept. 22 
Edward Saurin 7Junel4| Edward Barnard ngials 17|Jas. Hanway Plumridge gOct. 22 
“dward Hodder 27Junel4) Kasil Hall 5Nov. 17|Charles Nelson 90 ct. 22.4) 
Jobn Hardy Godby a7Junel4/ james Wallis 26 Nov. 17 ceerys Tyler 100ct. 22 
hrist. Strachey 28Junel4|/ William Bateman Dashwood John Franklin 20Nov. 22 
iarles Shaw iSulyt4 21 Oct.18] Thomas Herbert 25Nov. 224) 
James Wemyss 1July14|Martin White zec. 18|Charles Hope Reid 26Dec. 22 J 
Arden Adderley igJuly14| John Cookesley 5Dec. 18|Johu Smith (6) 26Dcc. 22 B| 
James Boxer 19Julyi4| James Murray Dec. 18|Henry ‘Theodosius Browne 
ch. O’Conor 16Aug.!4/Charles George Rodney Collier 26Dec. 22 
FrancisErskine Loch 29Sept.14] Phillott 7Dec. i8|John Brenton 26Dec. 22 
Charles Julius Kerr 50ct-14/George Matthew Jones Decei8 William Ramsden 26Dec. 22 
Humphrey Fleming Sen- William Wolrige +Dec. 18|George ttichard lechell 26Dec. 22 
house 120 ct.14/eJohn Ross 3Dec. 10/Alex Barkclay Branch 26Dec. 22 
#Thomas Ball Sulivan 190ct.14/ James Stirling (a) Dec. 18] Herbert Brace Powell 26Dec. 22 
vid Scott 220ct.14] Amos Freeman W estropp qecsis John Donaldson Boswall26Dec.22 
| Edward Collier 18Nov.14] George Brine ec. 18 Henry Stanhope 26Dec, 22 
Richard Creyke 19Dec.14] kt. Hon. LordJ ohn Hay t Dec. 18] John Townsend Coffin 26Dec. 22] | 
Nicholas Lechmere Pateshall Constantine Richard Frederick Huna 26Dec. 22 
18Feb.15] Moorsom Dec. 18] #4#4-Edward Curzon 8fen.23 
+Nicholas Lockyer agMar.15 Hon.Geo. James Perceval7Dec.18|Septimins Arabin 20Mar, 23 
+Rowland Money 29Mar.15} Hon, John Gordon. 31Dec. 1£/Price Blackwood 2Aprilag 
+Henry Montresor 13JuneJ5 Hon. Henry John Rous 25Aprilag 

¥ 3 viatizea by GOORTE | 

CAPPAINS, with the Dates of their, Seniority. | 


James Wilkes Maarice 18Jan. TE ' 
es Dilkes re ‘wanes mea Ld ara Blamey 210ct.10|Heary Weir azulyi2 
Hon. James Wm. King , 183an.09/ Tp be :B oon 210ct.10 Augustus WilliamJames 
ames Prevost  3\gMar 09 needa ah a. - 210ct.19]  Cliffo a3Julyi9 
Francis Newcombe 11 Aprilog| feeren oghlan 27Nov.10/$amuel Leslie giJalyi 
ohn oyee aie 1tApriloq}s Cha. Mana ee - & Jton, Henry John js 
ames Caul fei 11April : Shaheed POL cba sey 7Aug.12 
3 William Godfrey 2 Abrilog Villise Hensy 5 am = 2gJan 31 Fasaed Ellicott. 19Ang.19 
Joseph Spear 13Aprilog joser Fi a9 1qFeb.1JJames Barker | weAug.J2 
omas Withers dsMayag weed Th at 1Mar.1l Peter Rye 12Aug.12 
Charles Napier a2Mayog| #4 Thomas Fellowes 4Mar.11|James Veitch igAug.t2 
oha Richards aJuneog Hox neh Greene. 7Mar.11/James Gifford 12Aug.12 
orge Sanders aJuneog on. Wm. Waldegrave (a ar ‘i Timoth ea 12Aug.12 
‘Rt. Hor, Lord James Towns- ‘ . orge Le Geyt 12A4Ng.19 
Ht Be , aJuneog Tone Huskisson 1gMar.11) Buckland Stir ingBluetyiaAug.12 
Thomas Thrash = = 8Juneo9\ thor Edw. Hy. A’Court 99Mar.31/ Henry Gage Morris. 1¢Ang.t9¢ 
NrWilliam Mounsey MJulyo9| 5.1 ent Coe 3Aprilti/Samuel Chambers 19Ang.12 |. 
$+-Thomas Forrest 25J ulyo9 Sir Bentinck Cavendish Doyle | Flward Augustus Down 12Aug.12 
Richard Harward 31Julyool 55, f. 3Aprilit! Thomas Whinyates 12Aug.127 
Reo e Bell sid ulyog}7on Pasco 3April!3/ William Hellard 12Aug.12 Ff 
AY Aen Goate isAug.09 ohn Hollinworth 3Aprill1! John Thompsen (5) 19Aug.12 fF 
poseph James a1Aug.09 crore Sneyd gApriltt! George Moubray 12Aug.12 
pike Huis Suances Ages. icbard Buck 3Aprilill Alexander Cunningham 12Aug.12 §. 
John Brett Purvis 7 “ - attain Markland18A pril! 1) 4J ohn Williant Andrew26Sept.12 § 
Georze Andrews OF AL liam Fisher 18Aprilil| Joshua Ricketts Rowley30Sept.t2 
‘Itam Bachanew 120ct.09 Pace ae 18April {1} Hew Steuart 20Nov.12 
dmundJoshuaMorterty25Oect.o9 ward Harve 1BAprilit) Wm. Robilliard 14Dec.12 
Edward Seymour Baily 25§O0ct.09 Robert Merrick Fowler20A prili1/}-Alex, Renton Sharpe a2Jan.13 § 
Geor e Cadman as5Det.09 Ww. Fitzwilliam Owen 2May11| Robert Mitford 31 Mar.13 
harles Bartholmew | 250ct.09 panies Hall Dixoa a8Jane11! Henderaon Bain G6April13 
liam Henry Shirreff 15Nee Wm. Brooking Dolane 1Aug.11!Clement Milward eMay13 i 
fohn Simpson 12Dec. Jn. Richards Lapenotiere! Aug. |4-James Black agJ uals 13 
ward Dix 1#Bee.e9 pda Alexander Jones = 1Aug.¥t/}Jos.Needham Tayler 16Ang.13 } 
. Whitmarsty PearseagDee.a9 Hoe tan Clement 1Aug.t1) John Fordsce Maples agAagi3 
{chard Arthur 1iJan.16l pon, Heary Dawson = Ang. 11/4 Robert Bloye a;Sept.13 
eorge ParmsaMonke = 19Ja0 10 il nald Campbell 1Ang.}1| Thomas Edw.Symonds 29Sept.13 
$PhippsHornby —_s6Feb.aolftenry Hart 1A0g.11/#Westby Percival 160ct.13 
on. wil: iam Gordon‘ 129Mar.i0|+,F° Henderson 1Aag.11 John Tailour 260ct.13 
nei Stan fell Thomas Tudor Tucker 1Aug.12/-bjJohn Smith (a) 270ct.13 
uel George Pechell: 304pvilto John Bowker 16Aug.!1} Gordon Thomas Falcon 290ct.13. 
Charles Johu Austen 10Meyie Henry Bourchier a2Aug 11) Watkin Owen Pell iNov.13 
Inravt Swaitie ‘ -17Mayte John Strutt Peyton a6Sept.til John Bayley c.13 
ancis Beaufort jeMfay10 ardiner Henry Guion 26Sept.i}| Henry James Lyford 4Dec.13 
Benjamin Watker _—° igdaneio obert Worgan George Thos. Fortescue KenyedygDec.13 
Philip Browne 193 unelo Feésting ct. Benjamin Criaspia e 4Vec.13 
thew Barton BradbyssJmneqo Peter John Dougtad ov.11| Eyles Mounsber 4Dec.13 
Witham Peterson © WJulyso ##-+Gawen Wil. Hamilton: James Stuart 4Dee.313 
Hetty Prescott ‘ 2sdelyi0 ra 4ec.t! | Lewis Hole 4Dec.13 F 
horime White (a> ; ZA 10 ; ward Stopford 18Dec.11 WilliamWestcott PaniellyDec.13 
omas Graves ug: George Pricé gJan.121 Thomas Fife @ 4Dec 13 
Str Nishee: Josiah Wil- Josep Swabey Tetley rola John M‘kKerlfe 4Dec.13 
i 4 , Kt. - .- % George Acklom ‘an.12{ Thomas Richard Toker. oes 
Baws ‘allis Heere: Dreher Barrinecon Reynolds = 22Jan.12/4-W.Fairbrother Carroll6Dec.13 
William Elliogt- » 16Qct corge Morris : 1Fet.12} Fred. Jennings Thomas 8Nec.13. 
Jolin Crisoo +  gaOct.10/52mes Green 1Feb.12/%-W., Howe Mulcaster 29Dec.13 f 
Goucte Keon. giOct. James Andérson 1Feb.12/Joscph Drury 4 Feb. 147 
John ‘Lawson erOct. William Shepheard 1Feb.12) Alexander Gordon yoteb.14 B 
4*Fhontas White (6) . aiUict.10 John Tancock 1Feb.19] Frederick Hickey 19Feb.14 
George Sa (BD g10ct.10} ffe"- Geo. Alfred Crefton1Feb.12 Henry Thomas Davies 19Feb 143: 
‘James Andrew Worth 21Qct.10 James Pattison Stewart) Feb.t2/(’eter Fisber 19Feb.14 
Jarees Shade . gaOcr sop Robert Maunsell 7Feb.12) Edward Reynolds Sihly SMar.14 
William Williams FootegiOcts0 ‘hristopher Bell 9¥Feb.12! Hon. Henry Dilkes BynggMar 14 
es Innes arQcs iol hichard Spencer 7¥cb.12| 44-4-Hon.Jas.Ashley Maude 
ncis Douglas grOct40 Villiers Peancis Hattow, 7Feb.12 11Mar.14 
bert Brown Tom | -21Qct.10 Arthar Batt Bingham 9Feb.12])#Andrew Pellet Green, K.H. 
s Lillicrap aiQct.10 Dewy Garwell 97Feh 12 _ -12@Aprilag 
ABroscte 210ct,40| [Ames Stevensou (a) 27Peb.12/ Henry Haynes 28April4 
Villiam Bowen Mends 26May14 Ff 

Wrantia John Nott » ardel.t¢ Hn jaar Sexten Very | oy gol eatttant Me 
= Hon, George Dougias aBPeb:12 Mi dice Wis loin Ee ees 

Joba 'Phompson (a). mO0cta 
Thomas al rove Semgh. avoct.1o} Kt Hon.Dav. Bari of Leven Napier 4Janel4. 
Lamborn ai0rt.10},, 294 Melville 28Feb.12] Hun. Robert Cavendish. 
ker 920ct.10 Colin Campbell (a) 98Feb.12| Spencer ° giants 
Alexander Ihties. , Oct? harles Suthe)by 28 Feb.t2/ George Ferguson Junet4 
Henrac! Martin Colquitt s4 Oct 10/408ePh Symes 21Mar.12! Sir Wm. Geo. Parker, Bt.6Juneig 
Gastavns Stupart 91Ocg. 10) (40x. Wr. Henry Percy 21Mar.12iGuorge Rose Sartorius 6Juneig 
(Anthen Abdy aiUct.) Booty Harvey giMer.12| Robert Wauchope 6Juner4 
oe Kelvin Pitfield Start aines Pringle HJanet2} Charles Hope Watson G6Juneig 
‘ ‘ai Oct.1e] Rich. Plummet Davies rJunet?) Sir] Gordon Sinclair, Bi.6Junet4 
Richard Gaire Janvrin 210ct.10] €¢9rse Wyndham ZJuly12| Robert Gambier Junelg 
fe 258. | Pre ; wr wT 


lia Pils 

times H 

Peter Ribouleau 


Thomas Cowan 
William He 

| Bulkley Mackworth Pra 
Samuel Mottley 

EdwardWal poleBrowne29A prilo.| 
Johu.Rotett Smollett 29Aprilo2 

William Ricketts 29Aprilo2 

omas Hand 

Matthew Buckle 
John atten (a) 

ames Noble 
Samuel Warren 

eorge Burdett 

Peter Spicer 

Richard Jones 2 
The above are on Half- 

29A prilo2| Re. Hy, 
29A prilo2 R 

Fitz Roy 

29Aprilo2/ hit. Hon, Lord Georg 

29A prilag 


29A prilo2| Robert O’Brien 

A prilo2 
nselm John Griffiths 29Aprilo2 

Pay of 

14s. 6d. per Diem, 

ohn Hayes 29Aprilog 
am+ Campbell Rowley 29Aprilog 

29A prilo: 
294 prilog | 4.F 

on. William Le Poer re 
Trench 29Aprild2 

ncis William Fane 

dion. George Elliot 

Hiam Durban 


30Aug.03/ yw, 


29F eb.o4 

‘TH. Manaton Omman 
Archibald. Duff 
|Déuald Hugh Mackay 

Matthew Godwin 
Hugh Pigot 

29A prilo2) Janreg aster 
294 prilo2/Salushur 
29A prilog 

Henry Vaughan _ 
Joseph Lam) Popham 
Jolin Surman Carden 
Johu Sykes 

James Watson 

Charles Jones 

gecck Walton “ 
vid Colby. 20A prilog John Impey 
ugustus Brine 29A prilog 

Donald Ml eod 

‘rancis Mason 

Major Jacob Henniker 
&SerThos Staines K.C.B.aaJan, 

homas Brown 

Alexander Shippard 


n. Tord William 
: 3Mar.og) 

e : 

n.Beauchamp Proctor 5Sept.o6 

3Mar 64 

a wa 

Charles James Johnston 5S 
ward Ratse 

rd Hawkins 

rdTurner Hancock 

1Mayo04 James Murray Northey 
8Mayo4/Charlés Philip Butler 



y Pryce Humphreys 

22Jan.0$. William Croft 



ney 22Jan.oG: 


229 an.o06! 



Robert Philips 

William lng 
’ Pringle Stoddart 
22Jan.o6 Andrew King 
Witham Bowles: 


Charles Sibthor 



$Saninel Jackson... tj 

Sir Filward ‘Phomas Tr 
bridee, Br. 
Charles Gordon 
‘Tre -aboy 

real AE 

25Septiog | 
ton | 

BS ei 

. '[1390¢ 
Jas. Whitley Deans Dundas. 



p Sahn: Gees 




Jolin Taylor Michell 29Aprilo2! Jahn Tower 8Mayo4} / rthur Lysaght ISSepeas 
Thomas hilip Darel] 294 prilo2) Edward Hawker Suvieds Hon. Josceline Percy Se p06] 
John Hatley 290A prilo2 Charles Richardson 27Sept.04/4-Hon. Anth, Maitland 9: Sep) o6) 
Francis Holmes Coffin 29Aprilo2 George Aldham 28Peh.05| Hon. Granville Proby | 28Noy.06} 
effery Raigersfeld 29A pril02/ Francis Femple 12Mar.05 + fon. Granville Geors e-. 
Charles Ryder peqp sD APril02 | Richard Budd Vincent § Aprilos| Lord Radstock. bVebior 
ristopher John Williams -,,( eeArth. FarquharK Fl. 8A prilos + Hon.George Cadogan — er 
Nesham 294 prilo2| Henry Gordon 8Aprilos| . 23Ma 07 
Pt+Charles Builen 29Ap rilo2| Sir Wm. Bolton, Ke. LOA prilos} Sir Edw,TuckerK.C.B, 23 Mar.o7 
ohn Wight 29Aprilo2) yy si). Jame Alexander John Edgecumbhe 11Mavyor 
Henry Folkes Edge] 29Apriloz) “Gordon K.C B. 16May05| John Oakes Mardy SJuneor} 
-ornelins Quinton 29Aprilo2 * Hon. F.Win. Aylmer1§Mayo5 William Maude 6Sept. 
Sir James Dunbar, Be. 29A priloa Richard Thomas 220ct.05/Samuel Hood Inglefield 60¢ My 
William Butterfield 29Apri}02 John Oullliam 24Dec.05/n1+Edmund Palmer 400¢ 4) 
; ichard Byron 29Aprilo2 M--John Pilfold 25Dec.05 W.AugustusMontagu 120¢t.97 
liam ¥ oung 29Apriloz William Hennah 1Jan.06/John Bastard 120 ct.07 
George Tobin 29Aprilo2 William Pryce Cumby iJan.o6§ Varentine Collard 5 1.07 
ames Sanders 29 priloz George Digby 2Jan.05 | John Fy fie 130ct.0; 
¥*¢W mw. HenryWeliley } arry” Setnes Richard Dacres 14Jan.06'sEdward Chetham 130ct.o; 
29Aprilog| Peter Rainier 17Jan.06, George Cocks he ct.07, 
Edward Galwey 294 prilo2 | Hon. HenryDunean 1 8J4 n.06 ReubenCailland Manginige 0; 

+F | 

130 ct.o7 

Fra. Augustus Colliert 


scorge Miller Bligh 

rles Gill 
DR 3. 8A jy 



¢ Oficers-aneon. 
Of 123.6. pers 


jarDe SG - , 

) 102) Hon. Pownoll astard Pellew . : 
Edward Sneyd Clay 29A prilo2| 22Jan.06. wot Gere, | idles) 
omas Richbell 294prilo2i Henry Laroche + 229an.06) Joni ‘avell giRe bas: 
Benjamin Carter 29Aprilo2|Rohert Henderson , 221 2n.05/ Wed iStaudway ParkinsongFe ».08 
Charles Inglis 29Apri 2 Six Lucius Curtis, Bl. 2201.06 'James-Murray Gordon. 15Feh.o8) 
Charles Curter 29A prilo2’ Siz Sohy Louis, Jt, 227 8n 08 Geonge'Lang ford 5M: 
(homas Browne SOAPrilo2| Hon. Edward Rodney  92Jan‘96 Wilham Henry Dillon. 23 Men es 
FrancisGo yt Bond 294 priloz Brian Flodgson » 2258n.05\ Janes Bradshaw 20A priles 
Stephen Folvil | 29A prilo2/ Food Flanway Christian 30 an.o6 Matthew Smith 24 Aprilos 
Archibald Dickson Aprilo2! Hon. Archib, dCochrane3iJan.o6 ‘Thomas Searle aS | 
m. Hen. Brown Tremictt + |Sir Jesiah Coghill Cog- [Tee Henry Flope ‘Daten 
: 29Apriloz) hill, Be. 1 eb.06/4.9homas Ussher 24 Mayes. 
NESamnel Pym 20Aprilog Nathaniel] Day Cochrane26Mar.o6 * adietee Kevan 10J aneos 
George Argles 29Apriloz! jonny Ayscough 18April06 William Ward toJ uneas 
muel Butcher 294 prilo2 Sir Thomas John Coch- }Sir Samuel Jolm Brooke. , 5, | 
Robert Jackson 29Apriloz rane, Kt. 234 prilo6 Péchell Br » | domes | 
Robert Barrie 29Aprilo William Hugh Dobbie Mayvo6 ohert Cathcart » 19s uness 
harles Bay ne Hodgson William Furlong Wise1 May ohert Elliot 27J ane 
| Ross 150ct.02 “dmund Boger 22M ayoe Cuthbert Featherstone! . roms 
EWilson Rathborne 18Ort.02 William Jones Lye 22Mayo6 Daly 8A ng 
g rCharlesMalcolm, Kt. 29Dec.02 orge Fran.Seymour 2g ily 06 Philip Pipon - 17 5epe. 
John Serre] 27Jan.o2 ons George Poulett 31Julyo6 on? Fleetwood Brough- .;/ 
eter Heywood 5Aprilo3 Hugh Cook 31July 06] "455, Reynolds Pellew!/1 
+SirMy rray Severell Eh. sAng-03 James Haldane Tait 5S8ept.o6 John Halsted 
C. Marsh Schomberg Ang.o3 Gilbert Heatheote Sept. Edw. Pelham Brentow » 


6Jan.og | 

-Sieranmuated ‘Rear: Admirals, with the Dates of their Superannuation. 

John Kendall, be ld 'gJuly95 Milantdrider Wilson, Esq. July ty’ Jarees Keith Shepard, Esq. 
Richard cha Bet ASP une D’Arey Preston, Esg. a4 Augiig| 
ts, 2s], 

of illiamCham iN ov.05 Thomas Pearse, "Esq. ayAug.19: George Barkers Esqe oJ une25 5 
[saa 0 Set h, Ef det 07 |Joséph Pullenys ’ Esq. as8Aug-t9 James Oughton, Esq. 7June25 
taut eaureteny Esh. eons v; Samuel Brooxing, Esq2iAu 198 ‘Samuel Peter KoustersEag 
Lauchlan a nth ES, 12Mayo4|Henry Evans, Esq. ‘26July2t] gJuneds 
Rick llisy E 14J 111268}Si# Rob. Barlow,K- C.B. 24Jau.23\James Bowen Es3- fasalys, 

San ae aches, - 7Dec,13|/George Jas Shirley, nie aJunezs 
Ftedetick atkins, Ees9. Lia ahetg(Rob, Lewis Fitzgerald., Es rie 
JohuCooke, nes —  poFatrer.s} uned5}, 
AeMAA Rah “ts 28) unel4 
ira! jane r - \4 

o) y > 

Shiperamniated aid Retired Captains with the Dates of their « Commissions 

‘RY. 'Hon. Joh Eatl 6f Matthew Smith 18April$3|Charles Patton ’ 30Mar9 
Carhatipton 93Aug.62 Charles Cunningham 320ct.g3|William Edge dos ute 
Siv- Francis J John Hartwell, Be. WreHor. Sir George Gry R Be. |Rohert Larkan ‘'16Sept. 
‘1 9DeEc.79! K.C. Nov.g3 | //on.Courtenay Boyle ap sune 
Ov Tai Carlyon May31\ RobertG. ‘Middleton Aten Isaac Wolley 1Sept 
Matthew F ‘Pte deve 24 Maya William Shield 7Uct. 94) vlhn Miller _ 1iSept. 
wise Fulke Grev HH iWJau 9) William Brow ell 2agNov.g4 Josiah Nisbet, 24Dec.9 


afficc.pad waillo Heist wad au 
VA ,sioodisoll yu thee Se 

spa alblew ba gir ; ee _ ik, eu) leaplotael 
p Reaka {0 NAMES; T nanOrt nlgpit yl NAMES.» | cident hy = NAMES... ..),5,/ — 
th Stiles a yoegeobn Acw orth Ommanney | Sir Robert. Trist Ricketts 
z pas ithe se er wt 160ct.00| Bart. ay . aD : 
, sacha Kote n op He ury: ‘Stliate- 160 ct.00 Gorge M‘Kinley © —-20ct. 
‘done. am nate eb Seir Mudge ) '15Nov.00 James haton 230ct. : 
eorge Whitey b Ryenses, eves LHP os » idan OL % Ser. Chas. Dasbwooi Kt. 2Now. 
H EY COATTEE a chi souk ‘Johw Mason Lewis aan.ol Richard Curry - qJan. 
Jan Drum mod” 306 p3 Charles W Ollaston -© | an.22) 1 Sir William Hoste, Bi. j 
xt Hal) tf ewin ray Ry Alex. W ilmot SchombergtJan.oq) K.C.B. os Zan. 
c oyd, 4 st rtligg Ra rd Duriiford King  8Jan.on Leirox” fhompson. | Agdan. 
obu er hyre fate Vanditert | ~ (3Peb.o1|Charles keildmg .; aya h 2 
we las ie neat al Oserne aad 1oFeb. oi|Marcuss Skipsey és 1 Morba 
ardyman, orgé Sayer (a 7yFeb.o1j|MarcusSamueb fill, agApri 
al de afore “ath éhért Mansel 14F eb,o1, Hon, Fred. Vou a. “ine 
petite Pays he oer, Tinling >: 14F eb, ons Chre ColeK.C.B, 2uApri 
a ite o A me any Bowes Vere Pah Woodritf 28Aprilo2 
€ ; st.K, ) 14Feb,o01 1 Wentworth Lori 
ee ie aD ber pa oh ¥ f ie aBA pH 
€ evoish re 27 priloi\|John ‘Win oth fixes 2 2 
deri W arvet ope Mayor) Sir n Wine 0 Bt —_ 
 scgdtheatb dae. ott jbreti Ri 
ed ae eg 1iJ nl youdeu.: Duncomhé Pleydell., i 
s Bri iam PL Pern Ol. Bouverte. ocroye'l a: ri 
i i hael ie, r Brow told foe OL Rieliarib Goddard: »( Apri 

Georgs Hleneage ba Laws"! chard Poulden 29A prijo2 

a ae Dis hse ) * ; nee Di lowe gAlig Or} Oliaries > terion ag peitoa 
mt Biles tanlivoy, . Rat egs RSnd eee 
as * Bs 8 | 

=a ward 

f the White ‘the oon, 5 

semcGeortitontey, bh stati hart Restos Bat. 

a Edmund Craw John Lawford. Es’. 
J Sir Ae atk i. cat 

d isis ‘Viinns Z novi taal 1 A a aoe iad me or 

John Jerbér, Fxg.) “B ee iy "Bee 
{mSic Robert Monrsom, 

SS ab Soe es 

4 Sir Charles Haruilton, Bl. 

aug 19} 
a. Hon. mesweee ’ 
G.C,B.. : i1GAnmg- 319 
4 How. Weary Curzon 4Junel gh etCarpenter, Es9. 1aAGe. 19 
MSir Lawrence W. Halsted, obert Barton, Esq. _ 12Aug.19 

K.C.B. une14| Sir Graham Moore, K.C. 

4 sir Harry Neale, Bt., G.C.B. 12Au 
i en ‘anet4|Matthew Henry Scott, Es9. 

George Parker, ae 
Rohert Fasken, 2 fase 
g- 19 Hon. Sir H. Blackwood, 

K.C.B. Pid 
-19|John Erskine Douglas, E: 

i id Sir. Joseph Sydney Yorke, E- C.B. ashe 
4Junel4 J h Senawell eet: _4§ cb. 
A Hon. Sir Arthur Kaye Legge, |1Sir Henry W.Bayntan, K.C : Rt. Hon. George Viscount 
} Re, Hon: O. Eurlof Gatltosne {| Wisir Richard King, ne, bata Bap lb 
~T. 19Ang.19 ¥ nD Rate 
'lovsir Francis Laforeys Bt. | |Edw. Griffith Colpoys, Ey. 
12Ang.19 igialyn 

Edward JamesFoote, Bs¢..- 

Me Sir Philip oa fender 

bas h sh 3 ighulyai| Gossel 
1a ha Te KC Y WewSir Richard Lee, K.C.Bs v7 Sin Cha 
ae 19haly91 

; { eres 
Alexander Fraser, Ew. 12Aug.igiteter Halkett, Eq. « sglulye Base, James Ballet, 
AL: Sir Benj. Halbowell Carew, {@hilip: Stephens, Bsq.' : 19dalyéh), Begin 
K.C.B. 12Aug.ip| Hun. Charles Elphinstone Robert Roles, : 
Rt. Honble. Lord Amelius Fleemtug igJul 
Beaucterk, K.C.B.  12Aug.19)#Sir Chas. nrose, | |*Sir David Milne, K 
{William Taylor, Es9. 12Aug.t9| K.C.B.,G S 
“1M Sir James Nicoll Mors 
| Siv Thos. Byam Martin, ies 2 

r wg 

Ri oe weS Pe 
alyai James Young, Esq. 


Ss See Oe ts ae 

' “Of the Red. ‘ Of the Oy) AZ lby Ant 
Sir Robert Waller Otway, K.C -B. harles fe kins, Be aoe 19 AiskewPaff. Hollis. ai 
43uner4} Benjamin Wm. - Page, # Sir Henry Heathente 

Richard Dacres, Esq.  21Aug.3; - : 
William Windhant, Beg. dunes ens Ent) Woasheyn ohh Siz Fapard Willia np be L 
Shuldham Peard, Esq. =| Fhomee A mendes Ee Rich Owen, K .. 
Edward Feltowes, Roataere ' 3S me Srott, Be Ca axe 
‘Genre Fowk 

tt Hloughby Thomes cakes Andrew Smith, eh 
seAug.10( AMIN Sir Edward. 
Leet ries Ogle, Bart. np 19] Bt. K.C.B. 

‘Tener ey Rt. Hon. Lord Matk Re 
#Sir Ww m. Charles "Fehie, KC oe ot 

Sty George Ey re K.C.Bieke 39 
‘} Robert Lambert, Be. Aen. 
| Robert Dudley Oliver, Begs ne 

Map Dobson, Esq, 5) 97 fleas ; Richard Glyan, 

[th Boys, Esq. rer Si *Grakiani Ba JT 

HisirCharfes | plobn Bligh, Eat.” > a ie a Ke  * 
B19 nye i che Hemi hae iebed : 

Ste Soh Tathor HiC.Be 
” m 19Aug-19 Le Se ea aki 

Pek Bicker 5 uel Sutton Boge mma, Fag 
T . rae » §ehug.r9 me hobert La ry . cS | 
| - {30Kn Giffard, Esq. paAug.r9| William Hath a , ne 
 Ydohin Weeks mee oo aAes 1p] lobe Maitiond, ea. vet a i 
x n oyn 2. en? vj " e 6. 
pei. Jobmberd Gols ‘ithe v |ebdames 
John:Cochet one ay “Ap dion. Sir Cas Pcsih a 
ets Bags 1a i. 

bv woatlenry Digby, Reqs rin ihichard Warsley, ices 

tani Harveys Hg ‘ | 

ichard Hussey; 


ey * ; 



j#** His Royal Highness WILLIAM HENRY DUKE OF CLARENCE, K.G., 

rae yak SRI ie . + ‘ : ' 

t ra rary nad moe ADMIRALS, 4 . i 

yf wal : t 

Of the Red. Of the White. Of the Blue. 

Wm. Feere Williams Freeman, [John Wicke » Esq qDec.13{ Sir Eliab Har rey, G.C.B. 
Beq. wee ''  pJau.otvetr Fish, sq 4Dec 13 12Aug.19 
1 Sir ‘George ‘Montagu, G.C.B. {sir John Knight, K.C.8. a ienad Nagle, K.C.B, 

ry 1Jan.ol 3 m 6 

G.C.B. : QNov.05| G.G.B., Vice-Adm. of Great #4 Sir Wm. SidneySmith-K-C'x 
Sir Charles ‘Morice Pole Britain : 4Junel4 igJulya 
Bt., G.C.B. gNov 05/ Thomas Drury, Esq. 4)anei4 3 Sotheby, Beg. igJul 
William Swiney, Esq. BApriloBiNtRizht Honble. W. Earl of |MSir Henry Nicholls, K:C.B. : 
Charles Edm. Nugent, Esq. Northesk, G.C.B. Rear- Adm 27Ma 
28Aprilo8) of Gt. Rrituin 4June14| Sir Herbert Sawyer, K.C:B. as 
wend fit. Hon. Edw. Vis. Ex- 

e J 
[tSir eee Pawkine Whie- 




-{@ Sir Rd. Hussey sickerton 

NAVY List. | 

art Faas Meet 

COMMISSIONERS for executing the Office of Lorp Hieu ApwiraL of | 
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, 


The Rt. Hon, Sir GEORGE COCKBURN, G.C.B., Vice-Admiral of the White. 
*The Hon. Sir HENRY HOFHAM, Vice-Admiral of the Blue. 

Sir GEORGE CLERK, Bart., F.R.S, 

The Earl of BRECKNOCK. . 

With the Dates of their Commissions, ~~ 




K.T,, G.C.B., G.C.H. 24 Dec. 581i. ; 

; : i 4Dec.1 : , 1Augsig 
Johan Henry, Esq. 3A prilog Sir Edwd. Thornbrough, G.C.B. MSirJohn Wells, K.C.B, 
Isaac Prescott, hag 9 4Dec.13 . : 19Jutyer 
‘Thomas Spry Pa 9Nov.o3/Sampson Edwards, Esq. 4J unel4/ 1 Sir George Martin, G.C.B.. 
QrkKt. Hon. Jas. Ld. Ga 

3iJulyiol month, G.C.B 4Janei4/ Nt Sir Davidge Gould, Kc pe 

Sir Isanc Cotin "Bt. 4lanes 

shed, K.C, 31Julyio] William Wolselev. Esq. i2Aug.i9|tttHon. Sir Robert Stopteed? > 
James Dou st, Erg. gi JulyiojRo K.CB. o7May 

MtHon. Sir oe luglis Mark Robinson, Esq. Mass 

aon a oi siduivio sill pik oe ahs: TINTStir Thomas Foley, Fate 
rt Montagu ° Zisulyi0] Edwar water, e WAug. z7Ma 
MiSur Henry Trollone, BCE. i. £19] {tt Sir Choeles Tyler, Keys 

George Palmer, Esq. agAug. 

12Aug. M 
“5 zi we Sir Manley Dixon, K.C.B, oes 



The several] Orders and Distinctions are denoted as follow: -. ? 

K.G.—K night of the Garter. : 
G.C.B.=—Knight Grand Cross of the Bath. ’ = 
K.C.B.—K night Commander of the Bath. 
+ before the name, Companion’ of the Baths ()- JAA a 
K\T.—Knight of the Thistle. 
K. St. P.—Knightof St. Patrick. 
G.C. St. M. and G.—Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. George. 
G.C.H.—Grand Cross of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order, 
K,C.H.—Knight Commander of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order, Nia I6{O;2 eek Fee 
K.H.—Kuight of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order. 

Officers who have received foreign Orders, are denoted by an Asterisk before their nantes for 

om, Y. 

each order they are authorized to wear;—the name of ‘which order appears in the general list) 4 

of foreign orders,—Page 51. sh Sat 8 

| Officers who haye received medals, are denoted by the letter {x prefixed to their names 
~ y one win oid 

& i. L 


ve __“Tondons=W. CLOWES, Printer, 14, Charing. Gross. os me 
Digitized by Google 

by Authority. 


DAY XY. da Se, 




Admfralty-Office sescscseevcvessenceess 120 
Counciland Solicitor for 118 
—-———— Courts, Judges and Offi- _ 
cers of See Peeee seesauet “ne ns kee swe eevee ib. 
Ageuts, Navy, Marine, and Prize........ 164 
Assistant Surgeons, List of, in Seniority.. 43 
-Alphabetical 110 
Bath, Knights and Companions of...... 49 
Captains ofthe Navy, List of, in Seniority 5 
Alphabetical 69 
Retired with Rank 
of Rear-Adnitfal.....e. ceecsees i pad oes 5 
of Marines, Lis: of,in Seniority 30 
Alphabetical eee eP eee eet ese ee 96 
Certificates See eee ee eee SPS PRs eee ee eee eee 157 
Chaplains, List of .....e.-ceceeesseccese 117 
Chaplain ef Greenwich Hospital ,,.,.... 150 
do dy rege lg tar Settee sane 139 
nananders, List of, in Seniority...... 
art : I = Alpliabétical...« 74 
Consuls ee of Hus itals hist of. Seniority ne 
i ers of Huspitals, Listof, Senior 
Pipers . As ——__ Aiphabetical 112 
ock-Yards, OMfCers Of veocereccesceees 121 
TeS3 Regulations 159 
Plag-Officers, List of, in Seniority....,. 3 
: in Commission.... 52 
Foreign Orders ae seeeeeeretesererssuees 51 
Greepwich Hospital ..c.cccacceesaseeeee 124 
- choo]s Fete eee Fee eee eee an 
Half Pa Seer ees teeee ese eneeePeseeeeete 
Hospitals and Sick Quarters, Officers of, 123 
Hospital Mates, List of, in Seniority.... 45 
Alphabeticul.... 112 
Judge-Advocates, List of Persons act- se 
as @seeeeeeeeseeseeves seteeeeeeteeeeee 
Jud; aud Officers of Admiralty Courts ib. 
Judicial Department of the Admiraity.. ib. 
Knights oft é Bath eee eeesesee. senteue 49 
Licum ofthe Navy, Listet, insenioritys. 13 
i ° ie Nav ° itVee 
pcntstttharseibictt an ancl? tee ey oH 79 
Lieutenants, Retired with Rank of Com- 
treander SS OpReee biccreccccecs ae 
a r “ see eee ee eee 
Reena tad aol Marisen, Lisiof 31 


Longitude, Commissioners lor Discoyering120 

Marines, Officers of, in SEVIOFILY seeeceee 

Artillery, see eee CORFE Boe e 

Alphabetical List of eetesessns 96 


| Pursers, List of, in Seniori 



Marines, Staff of the Corps evascuse faa eae 
Officers Retired and Reduced, 
———— Rates of Pay of 
Office ieee eee eee 2 | 
Masters of the Navy, List of, in Seniority 
—_—_———_——— Alphabetical seen 
Medical Officers, List of, in Seniority.... 
— Alphabetical 
Masters’ Assistants and Volunteers .... 
Navy, Alphabetical List of.......4ccsecees 
Navy-Oftice, Commissioners, 
and Clerks SSR eee Ste eee ee eee eee teeeae 
Navy Pay-Office, Treasurer, Paymaster, 
and Clerks eer teste e ae eeenae eee eee eee 
Navy and Prize Ageuts, Licensed..issece 

See CCR eRe TOT oe 

Naval College at Portsmouth ...eeces cess 
Naval Yards, Abroad. and at Home ...... - 

Officers, promotion CN vusddspeutecas wads 
Officers settling in the Colonies . 42. de5 0. 
Packet Vessels 
Pay, Rates of 
Peusion-List, O ficers for Wounds... ..... 
Pensions, Rates allowed Widows of Offi« 
cers er essscceesensses sosccbbewwsbebed 
Petty Officers Sede we eee eee seeds s sen ereee 
Physicians, List of, in Seniority......4.) 
> Alphabetical... .cces 
- of Fieets soon ee Peewee ee eres 
Prize Courts on cach Station 
Prize-Ageuts Licensed, Listof. .,....e. 
Prize-Money advertised for Distribution... 

ed | 

: Alphabetica een eeeeeesed 
Ratings of Ships Cee eeeenesestesseeseee 
Revenue Vesseis ss. s.cccopeadedahdedadl 
Secretaries of Flag-Officers........cceeee 
Sick Quarters and Hospitals, Officers at, 
Sixpenny Duty, Commissioners for the, 
Surgeons & Assistants, Listof, inSeniorny 
—_—_——_——_-—__————_ Alphabetical 
Transport Service, List of Officers ém. 
ployed i 

MWiewe tt thde he ee 
Treasure, Proclamation respecthig the 
Conveyance of Settee bese were) wee ee bees 
Vicetaaieahy, Courts, Judges, and Offi- 
cers o Ieee ere eT ey | etee 
Victualling Department descsaseanaskhce 
Scale of Cees Ouse ramets se sere 
Widows’ Pensions, Rates Of wocdasscesens 
Wounded Officers on the Pension-List.... 

Bookseller to the Admiralty and Board of Longitude, 


r i 


Secretaries, ° 

OCC E Fe Pe eeenes Exe eases 

Sees sees esses ee terete | | 

c lee 
ae 1 64 AS 4m Ae 8 

 -#ts improvement, 

THE Publisher returns hs a apenents to Correspondents who have 

' obligingly favoured him with communications, which have been adopted, 

whenever they were compatible unth the plan of the List, or conducive i 
“PAID, or urider cover to the Secretary of the Adgurelty); 
: — A 


| the Editor, as much unnecessary expense “has already been incurred in 
' Postage, and disaypointment occasioned. to the Parties themselves, whos 

nyt ome 

4° From the number of erroneous reponts rec ; 


ters have not deen noticed. 

. fw the compilation of the Querterty Haty-Pay Lier may be mo 
‘erialiy assisted by 

ter this Publication, Officers are earnestly requested tobe 
“as accuraie as possible in the communication of such facts und dates. as 
‘they ure pleased to transmit. — ) ' a ae 

' But tt is particularly to be understord that no alteration or cert 
fin the List can be made unless the information ts received prtor to the 
of the f onth preceding the publications = .- | y a Lh eee 

hand considerable anxiety to the Families of indt 
' Webgolutety necessary to discontinue the publishins 

"Deaths shall have been officially repo 

jure the Names of Officers wmidl not be omitte 

 Enformatten: Bat reports of such ev: 
. enable the. inguary to Be made, 8 

‘ a cdt 
net : y ‘ é i> as ent 
N, B.—The Force of each Shi ais stated (agreeably to the had , 
practice of the Navy, and in cbeiense to His late "Majesty's Or ce 
in Council) according to the Number of Guns and Curronades actedajly 
warried—and not according to the erroneous Denominations which hud 
duéterly grown into use. ty a ae ee | 


ip e 1633 ek ; 
Py 4 ° r) = 
A eae mee me ar a er 
. ae 3 
: 3. j oe 4 
cewtas Sep hye ORR Geant | . 
. nF . Z = vid obey ted Yds % . 
Ae SCAT Stee ee Bee SoS Oe OS ‘ 
, tet 3 4% ot - 
9. 9 wae eee RS 
Soest! - he eee ciate 

24, Charing-Cross. 


Adjudications of the High Court of Admiralty, as reported toGreenwich Hospital, 
to 2lst June, 1828. 

APHION Jor L’Adele eae 12Nov.00, cond. 5Marcho8. Head Money for 60 Men 
AMPHION, ft Gr Nra. Sta, de ovadonga, alias L'Asturiaia, capte 25Marchgg, conn Se arc bate 
1tto179 Men. 

ALARM, for Nra. Sra. del Covadonga, alias L’Asturiana, ditto Gitte.  dittor79 Men. 
APOLLO, nf: Pr aneieat capt. 26) afy00, cond. 5March28. ph bake 
BRUNSW cK, Sor L’Esperance, capt. sgNov.£0, tt. one ens 
CIRCE, for Fama, capt. tMarcho3, ante: fitce Men. 
aay O, for L’Amazone, capt. 3) uly99, dit ditte 52 Men. 
EARNEST, for Eoones Schuyt x rivaterrn news unknown), capi issunetl, ditto. ditto 23 Men. 
ECHO, bee Sonus T, priests Cte Cope 14 Aprites pa Ee archgs, ‘ditto 48 Men. 
FOUDE en Cunsolateur, ey pi "10Aug 08, da to, ditto 49 Men. 
Y, for L’Egyption, eapt. 13Ma: ditto, ditto 43 Men, 
MAR BOROUGH » for Le Cousolateur, ca rihag. 08, ditto, ditto 49 Men. 
NETLEY, for Sans Benite, capt. gOct.05, ditto, ditto 18 Men. 
vee NY, i or L’Aimable Marseil cert gJuly98, Mitta, ditto 18 Men. 
for eer capt. 3iJuly24, ditto. ditto 20 Men. . 
SWALLOW. for Borers parte, capt. 20S¢ ditto. ditto 40 Men. 
SURINAM, ior i a Conselateur, capt. 24) rchoo, ditto. ditto 36 Men. 


1460 °° ~— PRIZE MONEY. ; 

‘| Prizes advertised or Payment inthe London Gazettes, as reported to cree | 
oapitan Srom 3\st March, to 21st June, 1828. 

Wear of 1793. ee os 


7 . t, : 7 ae | 
ALARM, Jor etn: (Head Money), capt. 30Mayg9.—pey. 27June28.—Agt. Joba Chippendale, 
ohn-st. Adelphi, ix CAG 
CHAMPION, for La Belle Helene, (Head Money), capt. 20Juneol.—pay. 14Aprile&8.— Ages. Barast H 
and King, Essex—st. Strand. mal 
CAMELION, for Le Providence, (Head Money), capt. 4Aug.00.—paye 17Aprili8.—dgts. Thow 
Stilwell & Son, 22, Arundel-st. Strand. = ; 
Mee saa Tigre, (Head Money), capt. 18Sep.01.—pay. 1May28.—Agt. John Chippendale, 1¢ 
obn-st. Adelphi. 
PELICAN, fer Republique Triomphante, capt. 300ct.97.—pay. 7May28.—Agts. W. and E. Ch 

SEVERN, or Mopubligee Triomphante, capt. 30O0ct.97.—pay. 7May28.—Agts. W. & E. Chard, 
VINCEJO, & Marie Anne, capt. gDec.99.—pay. aJune28.—4Agt. Richard Smith, Clerk cf 
Check, Greenwich Hospital. 


War of 1803. 

ATHOLL, for L’Espanola, Bounty on Slaves and Moiety of Vessel, capt. GMsrch25.—pay. 24April ¢ 
98.—Agt. J.P. mame g, New Broad-st. 
BUCEPHALUS, for Palanibang and its Dependencies, capt. 18 & 26Aprili2.—pay. 30April28.4 
- Agt. Thomas Wallis, 3, Lyons-Inn, Strand. 
CORNELIA, for Palambang and its Dependencies, capt. 18 & 26Aprill2.—pay. 930A pril2s.—Agt 
Thomas Wallis, 3, Lyons-Inn, Strand. 
DEvAGhEUse Sor L’Espiegle, capt. 14Dec.03.—pay- 7May28.—Agts. W. and E. Chard, 3, Cli 
ESK, for Invincivel, Bounty on Slaves and Moiety of Hull, capt. 21Dec.26.—pay- 10Aprilag 
Agts. Barnett and King, Essex-st. Strand. 
ESK, for Uniano, Bounty on Slaves and Moiety of Hull, capt. gSept.25.—pay. 10Aprils8.— 4g 
yee end Kin 1 paeea ot Send: a ) a 
FRAN or L’Iphigenie, (Hea one t.1 F « 17Aprile8.—Agts. Thom 
“Stilwell & Son may Arundel-at. Sands ee ee ene i 


PHCENIX, for Palambang and its Dependencies, capt. 18 & 2GAprill2.—pay. goAprila8.—Agt 
PROCRIS, for Palambang and its De endencies, capt. 18 & 26Aprili2.—pay. 30Aprile8.—~ ' 

ROSE, Phd Five Piratical Vessels destroyed, Bounty Money, capt. 8June27.—pay. loJune28.— Agt. 

C. Clementson, 8, Adelphi Terrace. 

‘(RAMILLIES, (Only to the Officers and Men serving at the Coast Blockade Stations of Copperas 
Gap and Shoreham), for Caroline, Penalty on the License Bond, capt. 25Feb.25.—pay. a1 Mayshe 
—Act. Di. Sparshott, Admiral’s-Office, Deal. 

RAMILLIES, for Seizure of Spirits, capt. 19Nov.26. Seizure of Spirits, capt. 1Jan.27. Seizure e 

rig Rose, capt.17Aprila7. Seizure of Brig Blucher, capt. 22May27. Seizure of Spirits, cape 
ner : peitues of Spirits, capt.27Dec.27.—pay. 21May28.—Agt. Dl. Sparshott, Admi 
ce, Deal. 

SWINGER, for Paquita de Bahia, Bounty on 386 Slaves and Moiety of Hull, capt. 22Nov.s 

27May28.— Agés. Evans and Eyton, 22, George-st. Adelphi. 

| | 

Date of License. 
Sem Bahr Wea Orneapes AY™Partenn,  ssey.2 


. _ Date of Lice 
Yignersp B44 Ch Windeptibetrece, 
Wineman Leah, 39, Hanover st. Portsea, 
as Widow and administratrix, of Mich. 
: Levy a es : 12Sep 


lip Isaac, 8, Great Prescott-strect, 
- 4agedman’s che ak Yew co gh grb 
Pieilpat Johny Ase tSwithoa’etane 120ct.26 

tg we er ars ; 
Samal Nathan Cable-st Leeerpool wJulyas 
Shannon gens, 1dp Derive paints 27Bec.2) 
Solomon Sem Aigh-st. Chatham 27 ay2 
Solomon Barnett; ia” Ordnance sonst entree : . 
age : : Ag 
Solomon Moses, 33, Butcher-st. Portera 80ct.25 


Yoell Abraham, 184, Qieen-st. Portsen ’ Ma 

Zachariah Levy and Lewis Lazaru 
, Hanway-st. Oxford-st. 4 " etal 
Zachariah Levy and Lewis 1 szarus, 2, 

anway-st. Oxford-st. as Executors a 
Soluspgus.tiam. & Abr., §1, Cable-street : , of Jacob Zachariah 18Jul 
“Ser George's, East Peet “"aadalyas|Zachariah John , 3¢; Ree de'la Ferme | 
Matdrm, Puris, 4Nov 
¥ : ; : : 
Warn, John, 37, Hanover-Street, Partesa - 
h a : 4 + 19Vec.27 i . 
dQ. = Me tate L ot te ae Me VL % 4 . “ot Pa * 
val = - + a ta iy % 
‘ ; er : 
- as 
r eas ’ 
‘ 1 4 + f 7 ’ : a ae Yep 
" i 4 ‘ . 
. - at tee | 
. - eee se BETS Cot. rs t 17 5 Tags 
~ ; ; : ¥ a r youre. \ ty 
og Pet Sabes goer oy p eae 
. qo eg Tee? aan SR RR ER 
* ° ta 44) Ss * ; : 
« ’ a ‘ I had 
oe ee AL, $ es . Re ' 
if + 6 j eo sce aera maria ’ E> 2 
: - “ s + 
| : t Mie l te » le Sait ware a ; f > 
vf ‘ a ny ware 
: . a 
ee ea ie rr ee ee ee Le 
‘ - oy wat tute bh mee aa ad 
rn | Ter et gra ary * 7 aes 
" : ~Y t . . eo ywagarios t 1? fi Iw. 
OMe tee ae ee ff inl ; 
¢ 4 Vie id Posh vad 
+ * * aut 
: Pe a er - iy oo 7 ; ane 
+ b] 1 
Vora bo esetane 3 ae - SEA OSES Re vate Ve ree fat oo ! 

4 Tater fat gee pe ie 

' Va dten eogts to tot yb de rte 
AIT. ty eh ST * ; 7 

OE = 


A sist 

seeal qilj 

ns &’ Son, 7 7, Wulbrook ” 1Clementson Charles, 8 Adelphi- M‘lnerheneyy 9; Ade) Adelphi eur rac 

Pag & King, 47, Essex-street,| terrace. 
tran Collier Tho.3, Brick-co. Tempie MospratrJobe P. po New : 

arwis Wm.H. B. 1, New Bos-\Cooke, Halford, & Sony 41, Nor-| Street. - 

well-court, sncoln’ a-inn. folk-street, Strand Onmanney SirF. M.a%,No Re 
Booth ‘and ‘Pettet, Adelphi- Copland J. 23, Surryrst, Strand). street, Strand ruas oO 
terraces -) Dufaur Jos. 13, Clement’s-Inn. | |Shott R.7; Clement’s- . Strat 
Brothers & Leith, 3 rarer Fvans& Ey ton 22,George-st.Ade}. Slade’ Waitt Ceeil-st eet ss 

|. Broad-street..° Goode & Clarke. 15,5urry-st.Str. Stilwell Thos, John & ‘Thos. 
hard, Wry & Edoy, 3yC lifford’ .|Hinxman J. 72, Great Russel-st. |" Arundel-st-Strand*s | 
inn Fleet-street ..\ Holmes William, 3, Lyon’s-lpn« Woodhead Jv ty Jam 
Chippendale J. 10, dolvereirpete| Levy J. Commercial hambers, Adelphi. 
In Adelphi... inories. 



Wu. "Henry ‘Kempster, 37, Craven-street. 
Capt. Madden, Portsmouth. 
\. ae Messrs.Cox & Son, Hatton-garden, . 
Mr. Rice, Poland-street. -_—_—_ + 





* N. B. Each License expires three years after the Date thereof. 

; Date of License, Date of 

cen Joseph, 11, Clement’s-inn gApril28 Goawin Jonny, 4, I hames- st. Ste Nicholas, 

Abraham Abrehamys 147, Digh-street, Deptford 113 uly2s 
. South a1 Aprilas Grant Geo. jun. Portsmouth igAug 

Abraatn Fe ulin, Manchester @5Apri 128 

Abrahams Phineas, 24, Briggate, Leeds 7¥Feb.2 

pesiages po alg 5, Grace’s-alley, Wellclose-:Harris, Rach. Abigail, 7, New “Square. 
_ squa a7Jan.27| Minories, as Widow and Exequtrix o 
fame Gabriel, Falmouth as Emanuel Harris 16) 
ldis Smithers, Pap -Barracks, Chatham, ct.26 

Wao Joseph Nathan, 9, Higher Broad-street, 

Barnard David, 67, Hanover-st. Portsss 17Jan.26|, Plymouth prilos} 
ard David, O75 F Hlanover-street, Portsea  |Joseph Samuel, 53, Pool-lane, Liverpool 954 Apr.aé 
‘B0ct. 97 Joseph Samuel, Gosport 16May2 
_“ iTsaac Philip, 8, Great Prescott-street, 
Goodman’s rede 

Casher Fdw. sen. & jun. “es High-strect: 

| Portsmouth 1June27 
Corbett Vim. 331 St. erst dee: Loutton 

“s © 15Dec.27 Lazarus Lewi 

f Hul 
Dis Ney and Mich. Lyon, 137, Ratcliffe- Baruard and Mop 2s Symonsof Hu My 

75ept. G ,Gueen-street, Por 
Payis Sain, Samuel, 68, Hammond-place, duet ite any, Kings Commercial oa oa 3 
. Deptford-green 

| Delvalle Jasua Whitecrosest. St Luke’  okeb. i 
De Souza Danicl, 30, Great Prescott-st. Mansell ‘Thomas, & vortuee 
= rae Te Guscnaresngi 

Goodman's Fielis , igay37} Martell Geo. 4, 
‘Manchester 25April23 Moses Jacob, 6, St. George’s Circus ‘Sor 

Frank}lin Abraham, 61, Bridge-street, 
4Franklin taz. 53, Charlotte-street, Port- ar wa 
‘land-place’ S  __ 2gFeb,a6|Moses Abraham, 36, St. James-stih 

, =a 

soc i 
as Bancator to Bapnaatey be Ww 

“ eal 


weer Cir 

—E Te kes C . | Digitized by 
oa ws il 



"99d March, 1828. 

His Royal Highness the Lord: High Admival, on referring to the 

ircular Orders of the lst Jenuary, 1825, and.18th December, 1827. 
relating to the Uniforms of Officers of the Royal Namy, desires it to be 
understood that, although His Royal Highness directed that the 
Unforms of Officers, not mentioned in the latter of those orders, should 
remain the same as in the former order, the Coats of such Officers are. 
nevertheless, to be made to button from top to bottom in front, ac- 
cording to the pattern of the Coats directed to’ be worn by the said 

tder of the 18th December; but such Officers may wear the Coats 
they now have until worn out. 

By Command of His Royal Highness, 

12th May, 1828. 

His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral gives Notice, that he has 
received His Majesty’s pleasure, that the short Blue single-breasted 
Great Coat, described in the Order of the 18th of December, 1827, shall 
be worn generally by Officers of the Royal Navy as an undreas Uniform 

-qat-—the other Coat described in the first paragraph of the said 
Regulations, isto haxoporved for ceeasions of ceremeny and full dress, 

By Command of His Royal Highness, 

18k February, 1828, 

His Royal Highness the Lord High Admizal is pleased to direct that 

¢ Commissioned Officers appointed by Hig Royal Highness to Ships, 
whether at home or abroad, shall report to me for his Royal Highness’s 
information the day on which they may have joined; and His Royal 
Highness also desires that the same rule be observed by Commis- 
sioned Officers appointed by a Commander-in-Chief or senior Officer 
through whom.such reports are (in both casés) to be transmitted, 

.« By Command of His Royal Highness, 
‘ feet J. W. CROKER. | 



ice of the butten to be two anchors with cables, erossed saltierwise 
the Seal of the Victuzalling Office). 
Second Masters. 

The same ds Masters, but without the cmbroidered, device on the 
ollar, and with white waistcoat and-breeches, or blue pantaloons, aq 
aay: be convenient; © cn 4 | 

| Assistant-Surgeons. ; 3 

The same uniform as Surgeons, but without the embroidered devi 
nm the collar; with white waistcoat and breeches or blue pantaloons 
smay. be convenient. 



The same uniform as Pursers, but without the embroidered device, 
m the collar; and with white waistcoat and breeches, or blee pants 
oons as may be convenient. . 

Coat—Blue cloth lined with white serge, edged with white cloth, 
tand-up collar with a button and buttun-hole of one quarter inch wide, 

rold lace on each side of the collar; single breasted at angles with the! ’ 

kirts; blue round cuffs ; nine buttons down the front, three on each 
uff and pocket, with corresponding blue twist button-holes, and 
outtons im the folds‘of the skirts. The buttons to be the same as those 
vorn by Captains. ——Waistcout and Breeches er Pantaioons, Crarat on 
Stock, Buckles, and Hat.—To be the same ‘as 1 ientenants.---—Stoord 
—Of the same pattern as the Masters. "'” 

Gunners, Boatswains, and Carpenters. ° 

Coat.—Blue cloth ; if lined, to be with serge, fall-down collar, blue 
apels to button across, and round cuffs; nine buttons on the lapels, 
ind three on each cuff and pocket, with corresponding blue twist 
yuttoh-holes, and three buttons in the folds of the skirts. Plain gilt 
yuttons, with an anchor and cable engraved thereon. Waistcoat ana 
Trowsers, or Pantaloons.—White and blue. Cravat or Stock.— 
3lack. Hat.—Cocked, bound, and looped with black silk. 
sword, Sword Knot, and Sword Belt.—The same as Masters. 

a wee Midshipmen. 

The same as Mates, with a white turn-hack on each side of the 
ollar, but the coat not to be edged with white, nor to have the gold 
mtton-hole. Swords.—Of the same pattern as Masters, but of such 
ength as may be convenient. 

Volunteers of the First Class. _ 
The same as Midshipmen, but instead of the white turn-back, 
utton-hdle of white twist-on the collar, with a corresponding button. 

Masters Assistants and Volunteers of the Second Class. 
The same uniform as Volunteers of the Hirst Class, but with the 
dasters button, and the button-hole on the collar to be blue twist. 


Extract from the Dress Regulations of the ist of Jemuary eae kites 
to in the foregoing Regulations, - 

Master of the Fleet, : 

Coat. Blue cloth, lined with white cloth’ or serge, blue sisnaap 
collar, lapels and round cuffs; one row of half-inch wide gold: lac 
round. the collar, and three anchors (the Navy Office Seal), {ent 
prosseres in gold on Noe ale of the collar ;. the middle anchor to be ra 


inch in diameter, gilt, indented, with a rim rountl three auchiots: 
Waistcoat, Breeches, or Pantuloons, Cravat, or Stock and Buckles, the 
same as Lieutenants, with the appropriate: burton, half an inch -in dia- 
meters when required.: Hat.—The .came’ as’ Lientenants, but the 
gold lace forming the loop to be but half-inch wide.———-Swond.—Of the 
same pattern and length as Commissioned Officers, but the back-piece 
of-tte handle is to be plain, with a flute round the top and duwn the 
back; with a black fish-skin gripe bound with three gold ‘wires ; the 
etchings on the blade not blued or gilt.——Saord Knot. —Of blue 
silk, mixed with gold fringe, but no bultion.———Stword Bett-—Blue silk 
or black leather, sane size and shape. as Commissioned Officers. 

Masters. : 
Wicca as the. Master.of tke Fieet, but no ulage round the collar 
f the coat. : 

Physicians, : © 

‘ Coat, W aistcoat, Breeches or Pantaloons, Cravat or. Stock, Buckles —~ 
Thesame as the Master of the Fleet, except that the embroidery on 
the sides of the collar of the coat, and the device on thé ‘buttons i is ‘to be 
au apelhor with a snake twined round the shank and stock’ (the’ device 
of the old Sick and Hurt Office). Fat —The game, but looped with 
black. silk; inch wide——Sword,—A small sword, with a plain 
brags, handle, acgordiug fo. pattern, ornamented on He haudie with the 
appropriate device. ,...-- td a 3 

ae DoW, ‘Surgeons as, Rs 
The same as Physicians, but withont: lace round the sine of te 

coat>- " . 
Secretaries to Commuantlere-in- Chie ef. 

The stipe as the Physicians, but the embroidery of the collar arid the 
device of the buttons to be an ‘anchor surmounted: with.a regal crown. 
On the collar, the oe: anchor, together to be two ani @ eit 
inches long. 

‘Merdalios @ Jae Flog Offiears, . anit, Comgnodares not *. 
manders-in-Ohief. | | 
The same as the last, witioWt-the-gold lace round the collar. 


The same as ‘he last, but the embroidery on the collar and the de- 
anne ee eumnanmmennd 


ie | 

oP ae 7 CE Gear See ee ‘ = i ae 
are to wear foiind hdl3,"as allowed for their present ‘undress, ‘Bat tep-* 
loop is to be of gold twist. =” as | 
The Officers of the Fleet will obserye, that there is no longer any 
difference af fyll,dress or undress, except in the particular of gold lace 
on the trowsers of Commissioned Officers, as already stated ; and thet! . 
at the King’s or Queen’s Drawiug-Rooms, Officers are to ‘wear white)? 
cloth or kerseymere breeches, with buttons of the waistcoat pattern} ‘ ' 
with white sword belt and white silk stockings, with gold or gitt: kneel 7 
and shoe buckles; on all other occasions whatsoever they are to'weary'": 
blue trowsers and short boots, as aJready stated. ~ si 

; . ee MG Ce MeCeey bea hia 

+... Cloaks and Great Coats, ae oe oa a 
The uniform cloaks aud great .cdats.of the Royal Navy are to be a 

blue, lined (when lined) with blue or white. - ae ¥ouat 


Otfirers when-onteaye in.the neighbourhoad of theis chips, or onsuch!, vl 
duties as in the opinions.of their immediate Commanding Officers, or ofs, .' 

the Senior Officer on the. spot, 'do.not require them tp appear in shel. *: 
regular uniformsabove desciibed may wear in lieu thereof, a chore b re) a 
siigle breasted great coat, with a stand-up collar; Mates and Midship-; . 
men wearing such eoats; are to be distinguished by one row..of gdidi 
twist‘on each cnff; Lieutenants, by one row’ of gold lace, a quarter of ; 
au'inch wide;on each cuff; Commanders, by two rows of such lace. pny, | 
eath cuff; and Captains, by three rows of such lace on each cuff. ~ " } 
Af Flag Officers shall, under similar circumstances, think proper to 
wear great coats of the saine ‘déscription in-lieu: of the proper waite ath 
they are to wear their proper epaulettes uponit. bee pa 
All great goats to haye the appropriate button of the rank of asi 

respective Olficers.. oo ee 
All Officers ‘may wear in whdress at sea, ‘a rourd’ jaéket withoutli? 
skirts, with: their appropriate buttons, and ‘a rousd blaer hat, with api 

narrow black silk, band ‘and a black buckle, atid’é btaek 41k- oF leether ub 
cockade, witha loop of the same material and half? the width of tits} 3 u 
lave of their res eclive coats, or If ttfes have 'n6 ‘late ‘on’ thir donates Ud 
of black silk ‘Ti sbon ‘Yexcept Mitshipiien, Masters hWoltis @irtsy divdb3 
Volunteers, who are to have a loop ot gold twist, as: Kufore ehuandys 
of-a blue cloth cap, with a band .rou¢d it, of half the width and} 
matevialiof:dheleed éftheircoats; Officers. who, bave ng lace to. thei 
coats, wlio now wear gold bands, may have a band df gold lace, hal 
an.iuch wide, round theit caps ; ‘other Offipers are (o wear such ban 
us at present.!.. ee fiao eRe, ch iy og. wee gS 

Patierns or drawings of each of the, before-meutyoned articles, 

dress! arg: tobe seen at this Office, and at the Office. a ini ?, 
icle shall, atte 

Admiral ; and His Royal Highness directs, that no art afters 
other pattern, Articles which have been 

this date, be made of ip 
already Hate’ oF a HR nitpatterir from the foregoing, thay; 
be worn till the ist of Jakwary 1829, ‘after. which no deviation what- 
sopver tronr Uae es eulliAlmient will bei palit nce op pt grime ol 
_ By Command of His Royal Highness 
y of His ¥ i Oia: 

— pop oh ced bas alles ad to vrebis tds ste sy “We af ab Otte dab 

re et re 

—_—— EET TC a EA TSS A ata, 

Belt—black patent leather frog shoulder belt, two inches and a 
quarter wide, with brass regulating buckle and loop, to be worn unde 
the waistcoat. 

Knot—blue and gold rope, twenty-three inches long, with ditto ditto 
vellum basket-work head, and twelve gold bullions, a piece of the same 
sort of cord, fourteen inches and three quarters long, is fixed te the 
hilt to which the knot is affixed. 

The same as the foregoing, but with three stars only on the epaulettes. 

Vice Admirals, 
The same, with two stars on the epaulettes. 

Rear Admirals. 
The same, with one star on the epaulettes, 

Commodores of the First Class, Captains of the Fleet when not Flas 
Officers, and First Captains of Ships. 
The same, but with epaulettes of Captains above three years standing. 


The same, but the lace on the collar and cuff to be one and a hal 
inch wide, and the button to be without the laurel leaf ; the epaulettes 
of those of three years standing to have a single anchor and crown, and 
of those under three years standing to have the anchor alone. 

The hats the same, but bound with black silk instead of gold lace, 
looped with four gold bullions, the two centre twisted, 


The same as Captains, but their epaulettes are to be without either 
crown or anchor, 

The same, with the lace one inch wide, and one epaulette on the 
right shoulder of the same description as Commanders, and a strap on 
the left shoulder similar to the strap of the epaulette. 

The loop of the hat to be of two gold bullions twisted. 

All the foregoing Officers who are to wear lace down the seams of 
their trowsers of the same width as that of their coat, may, when they 
choose, in undress, wear blue trowsers without the gold lace, and 
Officers of all ranks are to wear blue trowsers except in hot gil 
or ou home service in the summer, when all ranks are pei 
wear white Russia duck trowsers. ~ 

All the other Officers of the Fleet are to wear the same’ 
at present established, by the regulations of ist Jani 
their full dresses, with the following exceptions; 

The buttons which are to be of their present pattest 
ceed in number those on the coats of the Commnisgiiy 

Masters, mates, masters-assistants, and midsk 
the sword of the above pattern, and volunteers, 
wear dirks only. 

Boatswains, gunners, and carpenters, are 


———— Ta aa 

December 18, 1827. 

Description of the UNIFORM which, in pursuance of His MAJEstTy’s 
Pleasure, signified to His Royat Hicuness the Lord High Admiral. 
ts to be worn by Officers in the Royal Navy. 

Admiral of the Fleet. 

Coat—Blue cloth, with a white cloth stand-up collar, with two 
inch lace round the top and front; a slashed sleeve with blue three 
pointed flap and three buttons and holes ; a white coff, with two inch 
lace, of the Navy pattern, round the top and down the front edge ; 
pocket flaps with three points, no buttons; the body of the coat lined 
with the same cloth, aud the skirts lined with white kerseymere ; two 
rows of buttons in the front, ten buttons in each row ; the two rows to 
be three inches apart from the front of the button-hole to the centre of 
the button; the skirt to begin at one-sixth of the circumference from 
the front edge, two buttons on the hips, and two buttons on the bottom 
of the plait; the button to be raised, gilt, one inch in diameter, indented 
with around rim, and within the rim an anchor and a cable, anda 
crown over between two wreaths of laurel; two gold epaulettes, with 
forty bullions each, over a bonnet and a crescent, and edgiug to the 
strap, with silver anchor and crown and three silver stars, two stars on 
the crescent and one star above. 

Waistcoat—single breasted, white cloth or kerseymere, with buttons 
half inch diameter, of the same pattern as the coat. 

Trowsers—of blue cloth, with gold lace of the same width as on the 
coat, down the outside seams, to be worn over short boots, 

Cravat or Stock—black silk. 

Hat—cocked; the flaps ten inches in the back, eight and a half inches 
in the front, six inches at each corner ; bound with gold lace, two and a 
half inches wide, showing One inch aod a quarter on each side, with a 
black silk cockade six inches wide ; looped with six gold bullions, three 
and a half eighth of inches wide, and the two centre twisted, witha but- 
ton of the same size and pattern as the coat, and tassels, with five gold 
and five blue bullions each. 

The Sword, Belt, and Knot. 

Hilt—solid, half basket guard, with raised bars and crown and anchor 
badge, lion head back piece, white fish-skin gripe, bound with three 
gilt wires; outside length, five inches and three quarters; inside 
length, four inches and a half. 

Blade—slightly curved, with a round back, thirty-one inches and a 
quarter long, one inch and three eighths wide at the shoulder, with a 
double-edged spear point. 

Scabbard—black leather, top locket plain, four inches long, with plain 

oad hook, threaded chape six inches long, horse shoe bottom ; the 

and mountings of brass, lacquered. 


Belt—black patent leather frog shoulder belt, two inches and a 
quarter wide, with brass regulating buckle and loop, to be worn unde: 
the waistcoat. 

Knot—blue and gold rope, twenty-three inches long, with ditto ditta 
vellum basket-work head, and twelve gold bullions, a piece of the same 

sort of cord, fourteen inches and three quarters long, is fixed te the 
hilt to which the knot is affixed. 

The same as the foregoing, but with three stars only on the epaulettes. 

Vice Admirals, 
The same, with two stars on the epaulettes. 

Rear Admirals. 
The same, with one star on the epaulettes. 

Commodores of the First Class, Captains of the Fleet when not Flag 
Officers, and First Captains of Ships. 
The same, but with epaulettes of Captains above three years standing. 

Captains, | 

The same, but the lace on the collar and cuff to be one and a half 
inch wide, and the button to be without the laurel leaf; the epaulettes 
of those of three years standing to have a single anchor and crown, and 
of those under three years standing to have the anchor alone. 
The hats the same, but hound with black silk instead of gold lace, 
looped with four gold bullions, the two centre twisted, ! 

Commanders. : 

The same as Captains, but their epaulettes are to be without either 
crown or anchor. 

The same, with the lace one inch wide, and one epaulette on the 
right shoulder of the same description as Commanders, and a strap on 
the left shoulder similar to the strap of the epaulette. 

The loop of the hat to be of two gold bullions twisted. 

All the foregoing Officers who are to wear lace down the seams o 
their trowsers of the same width as that of their coat, may, when they 
choose, in undress, wear blue trowsers without the gold lace, and 
Officers of all ranks are to wear blue trowsers except in hot climates 
or ou home service in the summer, when all ranks are permitted to 
wear white Russia duck trowsers. 

All the other Officers of the Fleet are to wear the same uniforms as 
at present established, by the regulations of 1st January 1825, for 
their full dresses, with the following exceptions ; 

The buttons which are to be of their present pattern, are not to ex- 
ceed in number those on the coats of the Commissioned Officers. 
Masters, mates, masters-assistants, and midshipmen, are to wear 
the sword of the above pattern, and volunteers of both classes are to 
wear dirks only. 

Boatswains, gunners, and carpenters, are to wear plain round hats, 
4 midshipmen, masters-assistants, and volunteers of both classes, 

ea A PRES a I TS ET Ee a TED 


aa - To Van ‘Dieman’s Land. 
Cabin . a ° P ° £84 0 0 
Steerage . ae 3h : . 35 0 0 
Every pan ch supplied to the Passengers, except Bedding. 10J. is de- 
lucted from Cabin, and’ 52. ‘foe Steerage Passage, in case of a Man 

ssid his Wife occupying one Berth.” oer 
‘ Children of Fourteen Years pay the same as Adults, < ie 
From 9 to, 8. . ee ee ee ee ee 
Rite: oe. Si, Pap ko “4 

Heavy Goods, # perTon . pinto Hot - Bie 

wae “Meastirement Godds ‘£5 ditto 

BY Comming of Fis Royal Highnees: © 
ay eg SW, cRO OKER.” 



cannot produce satisfaetory testimonials of good conduct and ungues. 
tionable character. 

In other respects, the Conditions on which the Grants are made, tc 
be similar to those which are now in operation in New South Wales. 

The Officer to whom Land is granted, shall enter into a Bond, that 
he, or his Family shall reside for at least Seven Years in the Settlement, 
and the Grant shall not be allowed to be sold by him, until he shall be 
reported to have expended upon it a Capital equal to half its value, as 
that value was estimated when the Grant was made. 

For instance, suppdsing the Grant to be Two Hundrea Acres, at the 
estimated value of 5s. per Acre, the individual will not be allowed to 
sell it until he shall be reported to have expended 25/. upon it. In the 
event, however, of his death taking place before the expenditure of 
Capital already alluded to, the Grant will be continued to his Heirs, 
but subject to the fulfilment of the Conditions under which he himself 
held the Grant. 

The quantity of Land to be received by Officers will be in the same 
proportion to their Capital, as in the case of ordinary Settlers; but 
until an accurate valuation has been made of the Lands throughout the 
Colony, and an average price shall be fixed for each Parish, it is not 
possible for the Colonial Department to fix the quantity of Land which 
any Individual may be able to obtain in proportion to his Capital. 

The quantity of Land to be granted, must depend entirely upon the 
value which that Land, either from local circumstances, or from its 
peculiar character, may possess ; and this, as must be evident, can only 
be determined in the Colony. 

The Officer who may avail himself of this offer, will be required to 
provide for his own Passage, and that of his Family, tothe Colony. | 

The ordinary Rates of Passage are the following, as far as can be 
collected from the best sources of information which have been ap- 
plied to : | 

To New South Wales. 

Cabin ae . £94 10 0 
Steerage .- iB: +e 40 00 


5 eee 

llth August, 1827. 

His Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for the Colonial Depart- 
ment, having communicated to His Royal Highness the Lord High 
Admiral the Rules which His Majesty’s Government have laid dowr 
for regulating the Grants of Land in the Colonies of New South Wale: 
and Van Dieman’s Land, to Persons proceeding thither as Settlers, and 
having acceded to the suggestion of His Royal Highness, that i¢ would) 
be desirable to encourage Officers of the Royal Navy and Marines, a 
rank not inferior to Captains in the Army, to become Settlers in that 
Colony, by holding out to them superior advantages, in consideration 
of their Services ; His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral hereby 
makes known to the Officers of the Royal Navy and Marines, ranking 
as above, that the Regulations established by His Majesty’s Govern 
ment for the encouragement of Officers on Half-Pay settling in New 
South Wales and Van Dieman’s Land, are as follows, viz. « 

Officers of all ranks on Half-pay are allowed to emigrate, and are 
not required to make any Deposit as Security, the intention being, 
that they shall obtain Grants of Land without Purchase, subject, how 
ever, to the Conditions hereinafter specified, viz. 

The remission of Quit Rent shall take place for a certain number of 
years beyond the average period which is prescribed in the case o 
ordinary Settlers, according to the following Scale :— 

Officers of the standing of Twenty Years and upwards, to be ex- 
empted from all Quit Rent. 

Officers of Fifteen Years standing and upwards, but short of Twenty 
Years, to be exempted from Quit Rent for the first Twenty Years, 

Officers of Ten Years standing and upwards, but short of Fifteen 
Years, to be exempted from Quit Rent for the first Fifteen Years. ~ 

Officers of Seven Years standing and upwards, but short of Ten 
Years, to be exempted from Quit Rent for the first Ten Years. 

No Officer to be eligible under Seven Years’ Service, nor any who 

a ary 

4 2 TOONS DLE hor OS 188 
a | ‘ 
| : eX Tye * y on \. MEMORANDUM. & 

ers to 

* re ee ee Oa te oo. Ne July, 182T. ee 
Ir has been arranged by His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral,[) 
and His Majesty’s Secretary of State ‘for Foreign Affairs, that whenever|; 
a Captain of one of His Majesty’s rated Ships of War (in which]; 
denomination are included Commodores wearing Blue Pendants) shall|} 
signify, in writing, to the British Consul. his arrival within - the 
Port at witch the Consul resides, the Consul (or- Vice-Consul, in Ports 
where there is a Consul-General). shall take the earliest opportunity) 
of waiting, ta person, on such Captain, and of ‘affording him any 
assistance which he’ may'require: And.that such Captains shall farnish 


Boat te convey. the. Coredis:.on..board;.and reland them, on‘ thei} 
shall; ia all ‘cases, wait upon Flag-Offeers,' and Commodores ‘wearing 
4 Rei or White Pendant; of their arrival at the Port of their Residence, 

Corqul notifying his. wish to have a Boat sent for him. : 
dhout' waiting f6y.any previouscommunication, «© ss wa tas: | 

: Commanders are, on their arrival at any such Port, to wait apon 
His Majesty’s Consuls/ bat they are to be waited upon by Vice-Cénsuls 
‘Ata’ Pts" Royal Highress’corhmands me to signify thé ‘sinie'to“thel! 
Pala EA canhomeaiaencin and Canine of His Majesty’s}' 

ecOrding to the foregoing regulations: 
It is understood of course, that both Consuls-General and Consuls 
hips, for their information and guidance ; and that the Memotandum| | 

this subje¢s; dated St Mateh; 1925;is te be no!longer in fordet* | 
oppo gddta valogt Ibo sar do at he to, a ee ee 
| HOMIE a Rae. “y Dia Gea ete jae ta He W. CROKER. , ‘hina 
beep sl tant Ons ot j yoyt ae au 7 . > he : “ae YN ae : 18) 
ston od ies ey , — boy bet eb (aT tape 4 ' cabwreg e “Aya 
ne specu ban eqade ee glean eth Gt ee Pd a bean 
tod t i 
; ; 
28 17 ep tewet bert. tii bet : 
‘4 thy. : 
: ot f 
“# ' ¥O5 Gud wohragd “oie. + 
n Pe ee 4 

ere - 


pon an 

af toy. if 1 
Ce ere Ith July, 1827. 
His Ma esty has’béen graciously pleased, by His Order in Counci i 
of the 30th of last month, to repeal all former Orders in Council}; 
regulating the appointment of, Captaing who may be passed ,over on}: 
Flag Promotions to he superannuated Rear Admirals, and to direct: 
that the following Regulations shall be established in iu thereof? aA 
- Ist. Captains (if, by their characters and..other qualifications, the 
are considered eligible by. the Lord High Admiral, or the Lords Com 
missioners:of the Admitalty). shall be deemed.entitled to promotion ag 
Flag Officers of the Fieet, provided they shall have commanded one ox 
more rated Ship four complete years during War,.or ix complete yonrae: 
during: Peace; of five complete years-of ‘Was and Reace combiged,,:: }: 
. Qdly. All Captdiris, who ‘shall in fatire ‘be sét’ aside’ at any Pre- 
motion of-Flag Officers, may be appointed “‘ Retired Rear. Admiraps,’ 
with Pensions equal to’ the Half-pay of Rear Adinirals of the Flee 
ptovided such Officers have retained: em vablemiehed chergctes, ax 
have not avoided ordechined service, - sis Pe z 
3diy. Captains not entitled under. either of the before-mentioned 
Regulations to be a Flag Officer on‘the Active List 
nor yet to be placed on-the Retired List of Rear Admirals, shall. be 
altogether removed from ,the List of Officers, of the, Fleet, and,sballl. 
-eceive Civil Pensions on, the Estimates of the, Navy eqnal to. heir 
HalfpayasCaptains. © | gt eee ads 
And Sie: Majesty: has ‘likkewrse ‘been! direct; with -refer- 

ence to the 9th and 10th Articles of the $d Chapter of the Regulations}. 

relating to His- Mejeéty’s ‘Service at Sea, that the periods of time re-|’ 
yuired to elapse before a Lieutenant can be promoted to the rank of 
Commander, or a Commander to the rank of Captain, shall be actually 

served ‘by such Officers on board His Majesty's Ships and Vessels in| ' 

their respective ranks. 

By Command of Hie Royal Highness, 

> i oy or, 

7 2 
eg a a meee a ee a eee Ue 

Se —— 2 ase 

_ f LM F 

19th June, 1827. 

His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral taking into his consi: 
deration the importance to His Majesty’s Service of that valuable clas: 
of men, the Petty Officers of the Royal Navy, and desirous of giving 
them such enrouragement as may render them more respectable ir 
their own opinion and in that of the Seamen of the Fleet in general. 
1as been pleased to make the following regulations. ;— 

1. No Petty Officer of either class, shall be liable to corporal punish- 

ment as long as he is so rated, except by sentence of a Court Martial ; 
but the Captains and Commanders of His Majesty’s Ships and Vessel 
have the same authority as heretofore as to rating and disrating such 
Petty Officers, agreeably to their conduct and qualifications; and 
whenever a Petty Officer shal! be disrated, it shall be mentioned in the 
Log Book, ‘with the reason which induced the Captain so to disrate 
him: and when it shall be done as a punishment, that fact, and the cir- 
cumstances of the misconduct shall be also reported in the Quarterly 
Retnrno of Punishments. 
' 2.-Whenever a Ship shall be paid off, such of the Petty Officers as 
shall desire it, shall be turned over to the Flag Ship at the Port, and 
borne on her Books as Supernumeraries, with the same Ratings and Pay 
as in the Ships whence they came, and shall be allowed a reasonable 
interval of absence on leave, on their due return from which, they will 
be placed in sea-going Ships, with the same Ratings, and the Pay of the 
Rate of the Ship to which they shall be respectively appointed. | 

‘ But in order to entitle themselves to this indulgence, the Men must 
signify their intention to their Commanding Officers (who are to see 
that the Men nnderstand the Regulation) before the Ship is paid off, as 
in the event of their being paid off and going on shore without having 
accepted it, they-will not be afterwards received under this Regulation. 

This Article does not apply to Midshipmen, Master’s Assistants, 
Schoolmasters, Clerks, Masters at Arms, Admiral’s Coxswains, Ship’s 
Corporals, or Volunteers of the First or Second Class. 

' g. The Petty Officers (who have not already a uniform.) shall wear a 
mark of distinction on the upper part of the left sleeve of their jackets, 

‘ Those of the Second Class, an anchor represented in white cloth, and 
_ Those of the First Class, a similar anchor surmounted by a crown. | 

The Navy Board will furnish these marks of distinction as soon as, 
possible to the respective Stations, and the Captains and Commanders 
ef the respective Ships will cause them to be affixed to the jackets of 
the Petty Officers. 

By Command of His Royal Highness, 
To tke respective Flag Officers, Captains, 
. Commanders, and Commanding Officers 
of His Majesty’s Ships and Vessels. 

50 Li. ae be, JQHLAPEAINS, 

28th May, 1827. 

His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral having appointed the 
tev. Samuel Cole, D.D., the senior Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital 
oO superintend the issue of religious bouks to the fleet, and to corre 
pind with the several Chaplains of His Majesty’s Ships on the subject 
if their clerical duties,.it is His Royal Highness’s direction to the Cap 
ains and Commanding Officers of His Majesty’s Ships, that they do nog 
uffer any tracts or religious books to be received an board the ships 
if the fleet, except such as shall have been approved and pojnted oug 
ry Dr. Cole ; and that they order their respective Chaplaius to corre. 
pond with Dr. Cole on all matters relating to the religious instruction 
‘iven by them to the ships’ companies, and generally regarding, theig 
acred duties, — 

By Command of His Royal Highness, - 4 

To the respective Flag Officers, Capteine;- --- -- - , 
Commandeérs, Commanding Offcers, eg i 
and Chaplains of His Majesty’s Ships . ; 
and Ve essels. ; co me nosy 


>. All such Letters are to be addressed to me, “‘ On His Majest 
Service.” with the word “ €haplatn’’ written in the left corner; 

o z 
a | 
mo . : 
1 e ‘ f et’ 
‘ bs ak i . A? 


- : SAWS wed 3 Sse a g a. Rese ST c: are A. ‘ re > n * = 
~ AT oO — Sa 8 YT = : oS 7 Oter’ > ff = SOO ‘¢ . : Nad : 
~ 4 =} 64-3 QE Oe 2 = ee Be eo. SHI2 2 a, POU ea 
I anyso SES Seq eeS Se hee lies 3 See2eEu= 
“os a8 ; hur jose eat Foi 39 “gan ELS SPrlS. Ss MAS 
Beoksctes S PPM 2 WG > 2. Es gt: Agnsed 0} ait 2 
- . = ‘3 = a ae eee 
a ae2 E oe eS 
Zz E 5 ar “ ; as 
c : ; — = = ee ‘ : S a ’ | 
iw Sin | & % =F = + ow NE i = . = a 
4d Bice: es. a = = 1 : 
< sv Ajanaus |, “4 iat JINN —*pwap sq; = ae omtneat g 
| 88 Aaa 30 a9 “gb one Asay pie Faoradog ° [aSpHITD 

“pure fa0lasag™ 

fii 2 




| [tw “paaios guy 7 AS Wwe OFS A 2 it = 
fast eat) of =| Sogn UT Spear 2h et sf -tt paytey >] = 277% 
’ pie oes eS ML ULE ag 2 shat [ot WEA SS Ss 
geo eS i » Mog biuyporoudory ws onpastefes wiog = = = 
oS © 9) = vers; = ey, La) on = et 4 et) 2 3 
e : = 

Ati £:y0- say 

mh e2i 

4 eh 




i ri 
al a en SERRE 



i iio eel) iy 

= — 
r 2 
ew | 
= i] 
= | 
Pre | 
— | 
oD ot 
Ss on 
- pall 
S “I 
= ot 
~ >| 
~ = 
ra ) 

— gM is 


7 eer Hane 


Mpiesty’¢ Shi s,and whose families are numerous and: in need.: * 
‘These Children are admitted from Nine to Twelve Years of Age, and 
jut the Eastitutfon at Fourteen,. The’ Rays tale dent fo Sema ithe 
jirls put to ‘Trades or Household Service ; and any y provided for at 

‘ : : 3 
‘ourteen, to be sent to their Parents of Gnardiaus,’ ee ae ae 
The dauglgers of all Classes of Officers of the Royal Navy -gnd 
Marines, and-the Sgns of those below the rank of Co missronek Officers, 
re eligible fox admission, provided they produce the ‘ragnhiged Gertafi- 
ate of bejngtreal dbjects of Charity. i ¢ 
tniay be removed to the Upper School,if pot 

Any Boy of this 
xceeding Twelve Wears of Age, on obtaining a PreseHtitiondrom ne 
ff the Directors, atd producing a Certificate of charactér-an@ abiliges 
rom the Sup€riutehding Captain and Head Master.. =» 2 ="; | 

In all Casegithe fpllowing Certificates must be prdduéed;-¥it,—r 2 

’ A Certificatg that the Child is an Object of Charity ; for whigh sg dhe epposite page. 

A alae cb the Marriage of the Parente—-or. if pot’ attainable, other sstis- 

ackory ereof. a eee es es ae ee 
A Certificate. of the Father’s Servitude at Sea, which will be obtained by the 
Institution, so soon as this Form is returned. os | 

__A Certificate of Bifth and Baptism—if the former is not stated isthe Register, an 
Affidavit thereof to be produced... _ 2S - | 

Ifthe Child’s Fath¢r is an Out-Pensioner, the Number of hi Tick shpuld be stated. 

The Parent ar (Guardian of every Boy must pign i 
\greement, beffire this. F i bea. 

Ido hereby agree thafif  _..... 2. | is ap 
he Lower Schéel pf the Royal Hospital, he shall rem thtre 43 long 
is the Directorg shal] think proper; and shall be lat & if disposal to 
erve in the Reyal Navy, Royal Marines, orMerchané en Service, 
hey shall think. pra wenn ee ee ee 



2 | NOTE. ' nad 

The fottowing.Colorans are to be filled up, and also the Cerfificatebélow. , 

Enclose in this Pager the several Certificates above named, and éthra it sealed, to 
he Clerk of the Ciecque, as directed thereon. ores 
All the above directions’ mast be strictly observed, or th admission of ge Chil 


> Prepare 2 re 

“uot. a coe nee ete are nearer 
this Form and the Certificates are retarned, due notice will be given, witho 

Iprther application, if the Obitd is ordgred py the Directors fur admmission. 

Bey gi —— + ee 


| Qualifications for the Upper Scuoo of the Royal Hospital, Greenwich. 

This Schoe! now comprises two Classes of Candidates. 

1st—Two Hundred Sons of Commissioned and Ward-Room Warrant Officers of the 
Royal Navy and Marines, to be nominated by the Lord High Admiral. 
2ud—Two Handred Sans of being of the above or inferior rank, ard ef Privat 
eamen and Marines who have served, or are serving, in ‘His Majesty's Ships; and 
Officers or Seainen of the Merchant Service, tobe nominated as heretofore by the 

rs ‘of the Hospital in rotation. 

ay het Four Hundred Boys are subject to the same regulations as to Education, 

Djgt, Chet . Discipline, and Destination, 
andidate Taiit have attained the age of ELEVEN, and not to exceed 

‘ ITWELVE Years. Ableto read any chapter of the Bible, and without impediment 
peech, or other infrmity of Body or Mind. 
, Aathe time of admission, two respectable Housekeepers (of whom the Father, i 
qualified, »should be one) are to be jointly bound in the sum of Fifty Pounds, that the 

oy shall not abscond from the School, nor embezgle any of the Clothes, Bookeg, 
nstraments, or-other property of the Institution. 

On the expiration.of three years, (or sooner if the usaal course of Education is ¢om- 
pleted.) ail the Boys ia the Upper School shall be sent to Sea, either in the King’s or 
erchants’ Service, or otherwise disposed of as the Directors shall determine. 
ee following Certificates to be produced previous to his admission into. ~ 

1. A Certificate declaring the Child to be an Object of Charity; for which see thie 
m below. 
. A Certificate of the Marriage of his Parents—or, if not attainable, other satisfac- 
tory proof thereof. 
SA Cortinests of his Birth, which if not stated in the real an Affidavit thereé 

‘ Ng ine Certipeste of his Baptism. | 
A Certificate of the Father’s/Servitade at Sea : if in the Royal Navy, it wit) be 
obtained by the Institution so soon as this Form is returned: if ia the Merchant 
ice, the Guardians of the Boy, are to | obtuse it from the Collector of Sixpenny 
Daty at ‘the Port oat of which the Father sa 

"The following Columns are to be filled up, and also the certificate below. 
Enclose in this Paper the several Certificates above named, and return it, sealed, as 
addressed, *To the Secretary of the Royal Nospital at Greenwich.” 
No Child cam be admitted iato this School until his Parents or Guardians have 
btained a presentation from the Lord High Admiral, or from one of the Directors, 
whose names areto be found in the Court 

be delayed, if not wholly lost. 
+ Due Notice will be given, witbout farther application, when the Boy is to saad 
before the Board of Directors, for examination and admission into the School. 

Names of Ships in which | 
Father has served. 

Father's Mother's 
Name aud Name,and | When and 
Place of Place of where 
Birth. Birth. 

THESE are to Certify that Son of of this Parish, 
is a real Object of Charity. 
Minister - 7 the Parish 

in the County. : 



July 1st, 1824. 

His Masesty has been pleased, with a view to encourage and im- 
prove the Class of Persons intended to rise to the situation of Masters in 
the Royal Navy, to direct that a Class of Young Gentlemen intended for 
this Line shall be established under the title of Votenteers of the Second 
Class, ranking immediately after Volunteers of the First Class, with a 
Pay of £1 12s. per Mensem. ° | | 

As it is intended that these Volunteers should be Persons of Eduea- 
tion and attainments in such branches of Science as are connected with 
Navigation, Boys brought up at Christ’s Hospital, or the Upper School 
of Greenwich, are to be considered as at once eligible to this Class, 
and Captains and Commanding Officers are authorized to appoint any 
such Boys to this rating. De eek ae re 

If, however, any other Boys should offer for these situations, of ade- 
quate acquirements and abilities, the Captain or Commanding Offieer 
will state the Name, Birth, Age, and Education of such Boy to the Se- 
cretary of the Admiralty, for their Lordships’ sanction to his entry as a 
Volunteer of the Second Class. | 

His Majesty has been further pleased, in the same view, to establish 
a superior Class of Petty Officers, under the name of Masters Assts- 
tants, to rank immediately after the Midshipmen with a Monthly Pay 
of £3 11s. = | Te 

These Officers are to be nominated by the respective Captains (ex- 
cept where the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty may give spe- 
cial directions,) from the number of Volunteers of the Second Class, 
who may have served Two Years as such, or from any other Class, if 
the Person have the necessary information and acquirements, and shall 
have served in the Navy Three Years; but in case of any selection not 
made from the Volunteers of the First or Second Classes, or Midship- 
Tmen, the special case with the Name, Birth, Age, and Qualification of 
the Party is to be reported to the Secretary of the Admiralty. 

Volunteers of the Second Class, and Masters Assistants, are to be 
considered on the footing of Young Gentlemen, and to mess with the 
Volunteers of the First Class, Midshipmen, Mates, &c. 

If any Masters Mates, Midshipmen, or Volunteers of the First Class, 
now serving inthe Fleet, sliould be desirous of being rated as Volunteers 
of the Second Class, or as Assistant Masters, the Captains and: Com. 
manding Officers are authorized so to rate them, agreeably to their 
respective Services aud Qualifications ; but Young Gentlemen entering 
into these Classes must observe that (although their pav be greater 
respectively than that of Voluateers of the First Class of Midshipmen}, 
their promotion will(exceptin extraordinary cases) be confined to the 

line of Masters, | 

ina aT ea 


1 Hb. of Butter ....00++ 0. is to be considered equal to | Ib. of Sugar. 
2 Ibs. of Cheese ........ are to be considered equal to 1 Ib. of Cocoa 
1 lb. of Onions, or of Leeks, is to be considered cqual to 1 Ib. of othe: 
vegetables, - 

Flag Officers, Captains and other Commanding Officers, will. observe 
im the above Scale, and will fully explain to the Ships Companie: 
under their orders, the advantages of this pew system viz., that wha 
were Called banyan duys are abolished; that Meat, with Vegetables 
Flour, or Pease, is to be issued every Day; that Flour, instead o' 
being exchauged for a portion of Beef, will now become au article o 
the Men’s regular Allowance, and that a quantity of Tea or Coffee, suf- 
ficient to make a Pint ofliquid, will be issued every Evening. 

It will be observed in the Table of Substitutes, that the quantity o 
Spirits to be issued in lieu of Beer or Wine is diminished One Half 
but, in addition to the Piut of Tea or Coftee allowed in part compen. 
sation for this diminution of Spirits, His Majesty has been graciously 

leased, infurther and full compensation, to add Two Shillings pei 
Month to the Pay of such Warrant Officers as do not rank with Lieu. 
tenants, and of each Petty and Non-commissioned Officer, Seaman. 
Marine, and Boy. As the diminution of Spirits only takes place wher 
Beer and Wine are not issued, while the addition of Tea or Coffee anc 
the increased Pay are permanent, it will be obvious how much this 
regulation is to the pecaniary advantage aud comfort of the Ships’ Com- 
panies, while it is confidently expected that the diminution in the 
article of Spirits will conduce to the Health of the People, and the g ood 
osder and discipline of the Ships. | : 

In addition to these advantages; it is intended that a certain ‘portion 
of the Pay which may be due to each Warrant and Petty Officer (no! 
allowed to draw Bills), and to each Non-commissioned (fficer, 
Seaman, Marine, and Boy, who may be desirous of receiving it, 
shall be -ssued to them when in any Port abruad or at bome, at the 
expiration of every One, Two, or Three Months, as the Captain may 
judge expedient, by way of Pocket Money, viz., Four Shillings per 
Month to Warrant, Petty, and Non-commissioned Officers, Seamen 
and Marines, and Two Shillings to each Boy ; but as the carrying this 
arrangement into full effect will require the sanction of the Legislature 
it is intended to submit a Bill to Parliament, early in the next Session, 
to authorize it; and in the mean while, in order to carry the sarge prin- 
ciple into effect as far as is at present practicable, the additional Two 
Shillings, now added to the Pay as compensation for part of the Spirits, 
will be paid to the before-mentioned classes, in the same way that Short 
Adlewance Money is now paid. 

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, in communicating to 
the Fleet the gracious aud beneficent intentions of The King, are satis- 
fied that they will he received bythe Officers and Men, as additional 
marks of His Majesty's favour, and as real and substantial improvements 
to the condition of the Petty and Non-commissioned Officers and Men. 

- By Command of their Lordships, 

July, 1528, G 

se eae et | July Ist, 1824.’ 
Tne King having been pleased, by his Ordér in Council of the 23d 
lane, to establish a new and improved Scale for Victualling Hs 
Hajesty’s Navy,a Copy thereof is subjoined. - ar te 
There shall be allowed to every Person serving in His Majesty's 
ships, the following Daily Quantities of Provisions, viz— =—— “ 
,  Bread..yeey.--eeeOne Pound, — 
Beer seccescecee . One Galloa, 
Cocoa cécekeseosse One Ounce, : . 
. Sugar ....s.-++e+.One and Half Ounce, ae 
Fresh Meat......-.-One Pound, . " ‘ 
_ Vegetables, ..+e¢e. Half Pound, ta 
Tea. aoogoter ores eas sls Quarter of an. Ounce. 


When Fresh Meat and Vegetables are not issued, there shall Be 
allowed in lien thereof- eee ee eee | 
Salt Beef -...cccscees svceeey IDe. ] 
ots, ‘and . 7 ek ee 

% Flour sscscescescseetes$ 1b. i 

- epee 

‘Salt Pork:.... oe eeeorecs Te lb. \ 
‘cand a tae 
Peasercsbeeceseccscceseeed pine, | 
And Weekly, whether Fresh or Salt Meat is issued, Oatmeal Fralf 
Pint, Vinegar falf Pint. Bees 
On the days on which the Flour is ordéred to be issued, Suet and 
Raisins, or Currants, may be substituted for a portion of Flour, at the 

following Rate. _ | 
One Pound of Raisins being considered equal to One Pound of Flour. 

Half Pound of Currants 
Half Pound of Suct - f | ditto | | ditto.. 

In case it should be found necessary to alter any of the above species 
of Provisions, and to issue others as their Substitutes, it is to be ob 
servedthat =. . | : | 
1} lb. of Soft. Bread, or nee ; 
| Ib. of Rice, or «++. >is to be considered equal to IIb. of Biscuit. , 
1 lb. of. FLOUr cog cee ee. ‘ ; a 2 
1 pint of Wine, or.... {; , | ; 
i pint of Spirits een eas his to be considered equal to a Gallon of Beery 
L oz. of Coffee, or ..+- pis to be considered equal o 1 02. of Cocoa. : 
hoz, of Tea wccccoes a 
1 Ib. of Ricey OF eccccece : : je 
1 pint of Calavances, or fis considered equal to 1 pint of Peas, 
pint of Dholl .cscecee 




ee ne ee ie 


ee Saw oy fae ge . WA July, 182T. wie : 
Ir has been arranged by His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral, 
and His Majesty’s Secretary of State’fér Foreign’ Affairs, that whenever 
a Captain of one of His Majesty’s rated Ships of War (in which 
denomination are included Commodores wearing Blue Pendants) shall 
signify, in writing, to the British Consul. his arrival within the 
Pott at which the Consul resides, the Consul (or.- Vice-Consul, .in Ports 
where there is a Consul-General). shall take the earliest opportunity 
of waiting, i person, on such Captain, and of affording him any 
ssistance which be may:reqnire: And.that such Captains shall farnish 
Boat. te convey. the Consuls: .on.-board;. and. reland them, on the 
anqul notifying his wish to have a Boatsentforhim, = > 
: Commanders are, on their arrival at any such Port, to wait upon 
is Majeaty’s Consuls,'but they are to be waited upon by Vice-Consuls 
 aeagneadeie foregoing regulations.) 

It is understood of course, that both Consuls-General and Consuls 
shall,’ ta all:cases, wait upon Flag-Offcers, and Commodores ‘wearing 
4 or: White Pendant; of their arrival at the Port of their Residence 

dhout' waiting for any previous communication, «©. 65 es 
Licatde,’> i t ikke: sae) ig ‘ plier 
Aba ‘fis’ Rosar'Highyess’cbrhmands me to signify thé ‘sdnie'to the 
A aM ied i adie and Capenit of Hjs Majesty’s 
hips, for their information and guidance ; and that the Memorandum 

this dubje¢t,-dated St Mateh; 1625; 18 to be no!longer-in fordet« ‘ 
sronteluse ll oddia yaqst Io sad els 5 ay oT aA | ae a 
Oy aaiy Gh gyal ae ear 2 We CHOKE. 

to Atacods ob Foe. ON EN Me - 

ae Dt te 

Wilby od itn Bee ae Hacer 4 GR BRE hk AS, a 4 
of sigma eq oe ghey eel) bt ee a tere, ! 
baa ‘ae \ 
28013 epterterrtbbepbretiii6 dn 




bf to, 

Ith July, 1827. 

eo. ee a nn? 
oboe our ae 

H1s Ma esty has’béen graciously pleased, by His Order in Counc 

f the 30th of last month, to repeal all former Orders in. Council 

sgulating the appointment of, Captaing who may be passed .ov rom 
lag Promotions to he superannuated Rear Admirals, and to direct 
rat the following Regulations shall be established in lieu thereof * 

Ist. Captains (if, by their characters and other qualifications, the: 
re considered eligible by the Lord High Admiral, o7 the Lords Com@ 




rissioners of the Admiralty): shall be deemed entitled to promotion ag . 

‘lag Officers of the Fleet, provided they shall have commanded one og 
nore sated Ship four complete years during War, .or six-complete yenrgl 
luring: Peace, or five complete years of War and Peace combiged. :: 

Qdly. All Captains, who ‘shall in fatire ‘be set’ aside at any Pre ’ 

notion of Flag Officers, may be appointed‘ Retired Rear Admirads,’) 
vith Pensiows equal to the Half-pay of Rear Admirals of the Fileety 
rovided such Officers have retained. an oablemished charactes, aade 
ave not avoided or declined service, _ — aitne oA &§ 
Sdiy. Captains not entitled under. cither of the before-mentioned 
teguiations to be promoted a Fleg Officer on the Active List 


or yet to be placed on-the Retired List of Reas. Admirals, shall. be 

ltogether removed from .the List of Officers, of the Flegt, and.sba 

eceive Civil Pensions on, the Estimates of the Navy. equal to, their 

lalfpayasCaptains, | | ee det 
And &Ke: Majesty: has ltkewise ‘been! direct; with -refe 

nce to the 9th and 10th Articles of the 8d Chapter of the Regulations}. 

elating to His: Mijedty’s ‘Service at Sea, that the periods of time re- 
uired to-elapse before a Lieutenant can be promoted to the rank o 

‘ommander, or a Commander to the rank of Captain, shall be actually} . 
erved by such Officers on board His Majesty’s Ships and Vessels in| 

leir respective ranks. 

By Command of His Royal Highness, 



7 f ry ot 


19th June, 1827. 

His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral taking into his consi- 
deration the importance to His Majesty’s Service of that valuable clas: 
of men, the Petty Offeers of the Royal Navy, and desirous of giving 
them such engonragement as may render them more respectable in 
their own opinion and in that of the Seamen of the Fleet in general, 
as been pleased to make the following regulations :— 

1. No Petty Officer of either class, shall be liable to corporal punish- 
ment as long as he is so rated, except by sentence of a Court Martial; 
but the Captains and Commanders of His Majesty’s Ships and Vessel: 
have the same anthority as heretofore as to rating and disrating such 
Petty Officers, agreeably to their conduct and qualifications; and 
whenever a Petty Officer shal! be distrated, it shall he mentioned in the 
Log Book, ‘with the reason which induced the Captain so to disrate 
him: and when it shall be done as a punishment, that fact, and the cir- 
cumstances of the misconduct shall be also reported in the Quarterly 
Returo of Punishments. . 

' 2.-Whenever a Ship shall be paid off, such of the Petty Officers as 
shalt desire it, shall be turned over to the Flag Ship at the Port, and 
orne on her Books as Supernumeraries, with the same Ratings and Pay 
as in the Ships whence they came, and shall be allowed a reasonable 
oterval of absence on leave, on their due return from which, they will 
be placed in sea-going Ships, with the same Ratings, and the Pay of the 
Rate of the Ship to which they shall be respectively appointed. | 

' But in order to entitle themselves to this indulgence, the Men must 
signify their intention to their Commanding Officers (who are to see 
that the Men understand the Regulation)-before the Ship is paid off, as 
jin the event of their being paid off and going on shore without having 
accepted it, they -will not be afterwards received under this Regulation. 
_ This Article does not apply to Midshipmen, Master’s Assistants, 
Schoolmasters, Clerks, Masters: at Arms, Admiral’s Coxswains, Ship’s 
Corporals, or Volunteers of the First or Second Class. 

' g. The Petty Officers (who bave vot already a uniform.) shall wear a 
mark of distinction on the upper part of the left sleeve of their jackets, 

paz. | 
‘ Those of the Second Class, an anchor represented in white cloth, and 
| Those of the First Class, a similar anchor surmounted by a crown, — 

The Navy Board will furnish these marks of distinction as soon as 
possible to the respective Stations, and the Captains and Commanders 
of the respective Ships will cause them to be affixed to the jackets of 
the Petty Officers. ! 

By Command of His Royal Highness, 

To the respective Flag Officers, Captains, 
, Commanders, and Commanding Officers 

of His Majesty’s Ships and Vessels. 

Re eS ee re ee ee 
160 .tororsae t.5, IGHAPELAINS. a 

28th May, 1827. 

His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral having appoiuted the 
Rev. Samuel Cole, D.D., the senior Chaplain of Greenwich Hospital, 
to superintend the issue of religious bouks to the fleet, and to corre 
spc nd with the several Chaplains of His Majesty’s Ships on the subjecs 
of their clerical daties,.it is His Royal Highness’s direction to.the Cap 
tains and Commanding Officers of His Majesty’s Ships, that they do na 
suffer any tracts or religious books to be received an board the shipg 
of the fleet, except such as shall have been approved and poijnted oug 
vy Dr. Cole 3 and that they order their respective Chaplains to corre 
ipond with Dr. Cole on all matters relating to the religious instruction 
riven by them to the ships’ companies, and generally regarding, theig 

iacred duties, : 


By Command of His Royal Highness, - 


lo the respective Flag Officers, Captaine;---.-~ -- - a 
Commandérs, Commanding Officers, . a Te & 

and Chaplains of His Majesty’s Ships . : 3 ; 

and Vessels. a ees DY 


ae : : : ton 
»,S. All such Letters are to be addressed to me, “ On His Majee 
Service,’ with the word “ €haplain” written in the left corner; 



= a — , eer’ — a | 
S\N Gea 6 i— 22 Sisyeok >a) \ Hilda JOOHDG AA YO. SOR TOT ASOT IAI 
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is Majesty’s 


Parish — 

lee; and. 

Mother dead.” 
ofthe Par 
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in the 

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: ' pd GsRuors ming gs 
to viiet bis Sw. hs ees 7rl fh sa. | 
y 3 6 aoe * Fe ' ef steons bi 
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; Fy oe $e J . rf 
ait 7 wit Cc Se. os t * i J Shea fe 
es Ba 'es A ; 71241 
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BP aibi liam 1993 1810 
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© Ifthe Father’ 
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other dead 



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hpiq od Jeumt 20! ociwollfi odi@oes” fla al 



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~ Placeof 


ges-of your 


Names and 


ie hbeleni 1 .bsvis Uitte ad Jana Fas} vor f 

; 19vig od w s0ljon sub .fentcist 818 esxinzhiyi.) sd) bow mv aids 
4 4 Du hack ail 4 wi s10J09 wl sa) ve A I 1 44 bli od) Wt ; { no 
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Di eC 

( _QanOoO 
zed by \SAOOQ 


ak niall aA Le 
Quatyications for the Lowe Scuoot of the Royal Hospital; ; Gresnwich 
This School copsists of 400 Boys and 200 Girls,: thé Children o 
Seamen and sachs who have served or are serving im-the Navy’: they 
are admitted, on application, upon the . following Séa}e,; except in 
sa an Cases, of which the Board of Directors will judgez=~ *: 
1gt,—Bfoys whose Fathers ‘have ‘been killed a drowsied iin His 
| Majesty’s' Service, \aitd ate destitute of Mothers: and Gins, who have 
ost theiv-Mothers., 
__ 2nd.—Boys and Girls whose Fathers have been killed. or drowned 3 in 
{His Majesty’s Service, whose Mothers are living. 
srd .—Those whose Fathérs have heen wounded or maimed i: His 
4 Majésty’s Service, abs are incapable of further Service, or whméé Families 
aré numerous‘ and : = 
‘ath.—Those whose Fathers are actually employed on: ‘Noasd hay o 
His Majesty’s. Shipp, and whose Mothers havedied... —— - 
‘eth —Those whose Fathers are actually serving on board any. of His 
Majesty's Ships, and whose families are numerous ‘abd: in need.- 

ese Children dre admitted from Nite to Twelve Years of Age, @ 
jut the Kastitutton at Fourteen,. The fap ent out Se | 
Girls put to Trades or Household Service ; and any gnprovided foy at 

Fourteen, to be sent to their Parents of Guardians, - | 
The daugigers gf all Classes of Officers, of Royal. Nav; ‘gnd} 
Marines, andthe Sgns of those below the rank of Conmbame cRrs ft 
are eligible fer ad ission, provided they produce the reunived ergifi-F 
Jeate of beingtreal dbjects of ‘Charity, . 
| Any Boy of this y be removed to thé Upper School, | 
exceeding Twelve Wears of Age, on obtaining a PresesititignYrom gne} 
of the Directors, atd producing a Certificate of character-andg, a ileGes| 
[from the Sup@rintehding Captain and Head Master. 22% | % 
a all Casesthe ff llowing Certificates must be produged;-vid.—+ = ff 
A Certificaty that the Child is an Object of Charity; for whigh sa the epposite page. 
A. ne alors pt ered | e of f the Parente--ors jf. pot” Auainable, other gstis- 

' ' A’ Certificate of. tHe. Father’s Servitade at Sea, which pian: be, obtain by the | 
Tustitution, so soon as this Form is returned. 

a es ee. ee es 

: Kirecieent befire 

Ido hereby dgrpe thet if 

the Lower Sch@ol pf the Royal Hospital, he shall r 

as the Directorg shal] think proper; and shall bejat 

serve in the ee Navy, Royal Marines, orMerchané 
they shall think-p 

NOTE. ! 
The fottowin Gein ns areto be filled up, and also the cote npe : = 

if disposal to 
a Ser ice, as 

SRT ee ee oP en eee on Sage 

Enclose in this Pager the several Certificates above named, and ¢ aled, to 
the Clerk of the Ciiecque, as directed thereon. 

All the above Firections’ must be strictly observed, or th damisdon of the Chil 
: mot. paste hus ee senee: Se 
ait a this Form and the Certificates are returned, , due notice will be given, without 
os er application, if the Child is ordgred wy the Directors for admmission. 



| Qualifications for the Upper ScHooi of the Royal Hospital, Greenwich. 

This Schoe! now comprises. two Classes of Candidates. 
1st—Two Hondred Sons of Commissioned and Ward-Room Warrant Officers of the 
Royal Navy and Marines, to be nominated by the Lord High Admiral. 
2ud—Two Handred Squs of baa of the above or inferior rank, and of Private 
Seamen and Marines who have served, or are serving, in His Majesty's Ships; and af 
Officers or Seainen of the Merchant Service, tobe nominated as heretofore by the 
‘of the Hospital in rotation. © © 
}}_ The whole Four Hundred Boys are subject to the same regulations as to Rdvication, 
Diet, , Clot . Discipline, and Destination, — 
ve andidate Tae have attained the age of ELEVEN, and not to exceed 
PWEL E Years. Able to read any chapter of the Bible, and without impediment of 
pech, or other infrmity of Body or Mind. 
At the time of admission, two respectable Housekeepers (of whom the Father, if 
' qualified, should be one) are to be jointly bound in the sum of Fifty Pounde, tbat the 
Boy shall not abscond from the School, nor embezgle any of the Clothes, Books, 
netraments, or other property of the Institation. 
On the expiration.o€ three years, (or sooner if the asaal enurse of Education is ¢om- 
preted) all Boys in the Upper School shail be sent to Sea, either in the King’s or 
erchants’ Service, or otherwise disposed of as the Directors shall determine. 
gate following Certificates to be produced previous to his admission into the 

 l. A Certificate declaring the Child to be an Object of Charity; for which see the 
_ Horm below. 
. A Certificate of the Marriage of his Parents—or, if not attainable, other satisfac- 
tory proof thereof. 
ya coueeets of his Birth, which if not stated in the baat a an Afidavit thereof 

> be 
hag fee Cine of bis Baptism. | 
rs A Certificate of the Father's ‘Servitude at Sea: ifin the Royal Navy, it will be 
obtained by the Institution so soon as this Form is returned : if in the Merchant 
Bervice, tae Guardians of the Boy, are to procure it from the Collector of Sixpenny 
Daty at the Port ont of which the ather saijed. 

(| The following Columns are to be filled up, and also the certificate below. 
; Enclose in this Paper the several Certificates above named, and return it, sealed, as 
addressed, “To the Secretary of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich.” 
‘| No Child cam be admitted into this School until his Parents or Guardians have 
obtained a presentation from the Lord zie Admiral, or from one of the Directors, 
|whose names areto be found in the Court Kalendar and Navy List. 
Ail the above directions intst be strictly observed, or the admission of the Child will 
be delayed, if not wholly lost. 
: Due Notice will be given, without forther application, when the Boy is fo appear 
before the Board of Directors, for examination and admission into the School. 

Father's Mothers Names of Ships in which 
Boy's Name aud | Name,and | When and | . _Father has served. 
. Name. Place of Place of where Residence. ing’s Ships, 

Birth. Birth. married. and year of Merchant | 
Entry in each. Vessels. , 


oa || 

THESE are to Certify that Son of of this Parish,,. 
is a real Object of Charity. , 
Minister . : the Parish 

in the County. t 
a ee ae! 

G2 : 


a = 

July 1st, 1884. 

His Masesty has been pleased, with a view to encourage and im- 
prove the Class of Persons mtended to rise to the situation of Masters in 
the Royal Navy, to direct that a Class of Young Gentlemen intended for 
this Line shall be established under the title of Votunteers of the Second 
Class, ranking immediately after Volunteers of the First Class, with a 
Pay of £1 12s. per Mensem, ' 

As it is intended that these Volunteers should be Persons of Eduea- 
tion and attainments in such branches of Science as are connected with 
Navigation, Boys brought up at Christ’s Hospital, or the Upper School 
of Greenwich, are to be considered as at once eligible to this Class, 
and Captains and Commanding Officers are authorized to appoint any 
such Boys to this rating. a 

If, however, any other Boys should offer for these situations, of ade- 
quate acquirements and abilities, the Captain or Commanding Officer 
will state the Name, Birth, Age, and Education of such Boy to the Se- 
cretary of the Admiralty, for their Lordships’ sanction to his entry as a 
Volunteer of the Second Class. 

His Majesty has been further pleased, in the same view, to establish 
a superior Class of Petty Officers, under the name of Masters Assis-~ 
tants, to rank immediately after the Midshipmen with a Monthly Pay 


of £3 11s. ) | 
These Officers are to be nominated by the respective Captains (ex- 

cept where the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty may give spe- 
cial directions,) from the number of Volunteers of the Second Class, 
who may have served Two Years as such, ‘or from any other Class, if 
the Person have the necessary information and acquirements, and shall 
have served in the Navy Three Years; but in case of any selection not 
made from the Volunteers of the First or Second Classes, or Midship- 
mén, the special case with the Name, Birth, Age, and Qualification of 
the Party is to be reported to the Seer of the Admiralty. 

Volunteers of the Second Class, and Masters Assistants, are to be 
considered on the footing of Young Gentlemen, and to mess with the 
Volunteers of the First Class, Midshipmen, Mates, &c. ie 4 

If any Masters Mates, Midshipmen, or Volunteers of the First Class, 
Now serving inthe Fleet,should be desirous of being rated as Volunteers 
of the Second Class, or as Assistant Masters, the Captains and Com. 
manding Officers are authorized so to rate them, agreeably to their 
respective Services aud Qualifications ; but Yonng Gentlemen entering 
into these Classes must observe that (although their pav be greater 
respectively than that of Volunteers of the First Class of Midshipmen), 
their promotion will (exceptin extraordinary cases) be confined to the 

line of Masters, 

3. W. CROKER. 

sence np tet tS SP ND 


1 Ib. of Butter .....0++ 0+ is to be considered equal to 1 Ib. of Sugar. 

2 Ibs. of Cheese ........ are to be considered equal to } Ib. of Cocoa. 

i lb. of Onions, or of Leeks, is to be considered cqual-to 1 Ib. of other 
vegetables. . 

Flag Officers, Captains and other Commaniling Officers, will. Observe 
in the above Scale, and will fully.explain to the Ships Companies 
under their orders, the advantages of this new system viz., that what 
were Called banyan duys are abolished ; that Meat, with Vegetables, 
Flour, or Pease, is to be issued every Day; that Flour, instead of] 
being exchanged for a portion of Beef, will now become au article of 
| the Men’s regular Allowance, and that a quantity of Tea or Coffee, suf- 
ficient to make a Pint ofliquid, will be issued every Evening. 

It will be observed in the Table of Substitutes, that the qnantity of 
Spirits to be issued in lieu of Beer or Wine is diminished One Half; 
but, in addition to the Pint of Tea or Coffee allowed in part compen- 
sation for this dimiuution of Spirits, His Majesty has been graciously 

leased, in-further and full compensation, to add Two Shillings per 
Month to the Pay of such Warrant Officers as do not rank with Lieu- 
tenants, and of each Petty and Non-commissioned Officer, Seaman, 
Mariue, and Boy. As the diminution of Spirits only takes place when 
Beer and Wine are not issued, while the addition of Tea or Coffee and 
the increased Pay are permanent, it will be obvioas how much this 
regulation is to the peconiary advantage aud comfort of the Ships’ Com- 
panies, while it is confidently expected that the diminution in the 
article of Spirits will conduce to the Health of the People, and the good 
order and discipline of the Ships. | . . 

In addition to these advantages; it is intended that a certain‘portion} — 
of the Pay which may be due to each Warrant and Petty Officer (not| 
allowed to draw Bills), and to each Non-commissjoned Officer, 
Seaman, Marine, and Boy, who may be desirous of receiving it, 
shall be -ssued to them when in any Port abroad or at home, at the 
expiration of every One, Two, or Three Months, as the Captain may 
judge expedient, by way of Pocket Money, viz., Four Shilliugs per 
Month to Warrant, Petty, and Non-commissioned Officers, Seamen 
and Marines, and Two Shillings to each Boy; but as the carrying this 
arrangement into full effect will require the sanction of the Lezislature 
it is intended to submit a Bill to Parliament, early in the next Session, 
to authorize it; and in the mean while, in order to carry the saiye prin- 
ciple into effect as far as is at present practicable, the additional Two 
Shillings, now added to the Pay as compensation for part of the Spirits, 
will be paid to the before-mentioned classes, in the same way that Short 
Allewance Money is now paid. 

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, in communicating to 
the Fleet the gracious aud beneficent intentions of The King, are satis- 
fied that they will he received by the Officers and Men, as additional 
marks of His Majesty’s favour, and as real and substantial improvements 
to the condition of the Petty and Non-commissioned Officers and Men. 
' By Command of their Lordships, : 


July, 1828, G 


July 1st, 1824.’ | 

THe King ere been ey by his Ordeér in Council of the 23d 
Jane, to establish a new and improved Scale for Victualling Hs 
Majesty’s Navy, a Copy thereof is subjoined. 

There shall be allowed to every Person serving in His Majesty’ 
Ships, the following Daily Quantities of Provisions, viz.— 

Bread...ceg...seeOne Pound, _.. 
Beer eececccccess One Galloa, , ' 
Cocoa ..sceseseeee Ome Ounce, ae Rg 

= Sugar ......++e++.One and Half Ounce, TS | 
’. Fresh Meat.....-..One Pound, , _ | 
. Vegetables,....e0. Half Pound, se 

Tea. weegebes crane eee lecgabaed uf an. Ounce. 

i? > 

When Fresh Meat and Vegetables are not re, there shall fe 

allowed in lien thereof. — ers) 
ans Salt Beef eles a at ont 
- . Cand -_ _ PS : poe 

> Flour. seebeeteeaeebeetcd Tb. } cf 


"Salt Pork ee ease esaclcwd lb. ie os : 

and: — 

i eee a 

Pint, Vinegar | Half Pint. 
On the days on which the Flour is ordered to be issued, Suet and 
Raisins, or Currants, may be substituted for a portion of Flour, at the 
following Rate. 
One Pound of Raisins being considered equal to One Pound of Flour. 
Half Pound of Currants . ditt ditt 
Half Pound of Suct - ¢ a“ Poe 

In case it should be found necessary to alter any of the above species 
uf Provisions, and to issue others as their Substitutes, it is to be ot 

served that — 

LE Ib. of Soft Bread, or | 
L Ib. of Rice, or ..,..+. dis to be considered eauelt to Ib. of Biscuits ; 


And | Weekly whether Fresh or Salt Meat is issued, Oatmeal Fials] 

meen ¥ 

1 Ibe of Flour. oeqeee ce. 

{ vee of Bpirita ss OP cece bis to be re equal toa Gallon of. Beey 

1 oz, of Coffee, or sr et be considered equal o 1 oz. of Cocoa. 
k oz. of Tea evecooce ; 

1 Ib. of Rice, OF .ccees ee 

1 pint of Calavances, or. pis te. be considered equal to 1 pint of P 
L pint of Dholl easeeces 


(Circular to the Naval Commanders-in-Chie¢f. ) 

Str, | 29th May, 1821. 

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having had under their 
| consideration a question relative to the Freight Money to be allowed 
for treasure deposited on board his Majesty’s ships for custody only, 
‘have decided that freight for such a deposit should be paid as if such 
[deposit were a conveyance from one place. to another within the same 
station, and shall be divided (where. it has been on board more than one 
jof his Majesty’s ships) among the Captains, as freight for conveyance 
would have been ;—in all cases Greenwich Hospital is to have a share, 
and where, after any such deposit, new bills of lading, or new orders 
for conveyance, either on board anotber ship or the same ship, shall be 
made, the freight established for such conveyance by the Order in 
Council is to be charged, over and above the freight which might be 
already due on the score of deposit. 

I have it in command from their Lordships to acquaint you there- 
with for your information and guidance. — 


' Tam, &c. 


wich Hospital, and to the Secretary of the Admiralty, a Return of the 
peas of such Treasure, and of the. Freight paid or to be paid 
thereon, oe | : 

That when the Treasure shall, during the Voyage, be transhipped 
inte One or mhére Ships, the Freight shall be divided, pro nata itineris, 
among ‘the Admirals and Captains who may be entitled to share 
therein, according to the Services performed by the different ‘Ships 
respectively: and if any Difficulty or Dispute shall arise respecting 
such Division or Distribution, any Party interested therein may refer 
the same to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty; and the De- 
cision or Orders of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, or any 
Three of them, as to such Division or Distribution, shall be final and 
conclusive thereon, | 

That, in order to prevent any Doubt or Misunderstanding as to the 
Rate or Distribution of Freight on Gold, Silver, Jewels, or other Ar- 
ticles as aforesaid, received on board Flag Ships, or any other of His 
Majesty’s Ships and Vessels, and to prevent any private Agreements 
inconsistent with these Regulations, all Flag or other Officers are ex- 
pressly forbidden to receive on board any of His Majesty’s Ships or 
Vessels any Gold, Silver, Jewels, or other Articles as aforesaid, upon 
any Agreement or Condition different from these Regulations, or té 
‘ake, demand, or receive any Sum, other than those established by 
these Regulations. 

That these Rules and Regulations shall be in force from the Day on 
which they shall be received by His Majesty’s Officers, and be thence- 
forward taken and understood to be the established Rule and Custom. 
of His Majesty’s Naval Service, on the several Particulars to which 
they refer, till they shall be revoked or otherwise altered by any Pro- 
slamation or Proclamations to be issued by Us. 7 

Given at the Court at Carlton House, this Twelfth Day of July 
One thousand eight hundred and nineteen, in the Fifty-ninth 
Year of His Majesty’s Reigu. 



{, or have entered or caused to be entered in a Public Order Boo 
ibeand Abe Ship of the-Commander in Chief, or the Senior Flag O| 
cer commanding on the Station or in the Squadron to which suc 
Vebeet helodys:: or in case of a Junior Flag Officer absent from th 
‘Gommander im Chief, unless such Junior Flag Officer shall have no 
sfied: under his Hand to the Commander in Chief, to be entered in th 
said Order Book; an Engagement in Writing tm Form or to the Effec 
following: - P. : 
,..d, A.-Bs am cesirous of partaking in the Advantages, with th 
| - # “Risks attendaut thereon, arising out of the Conveyance of Freigh 
| 41. Of Treastre in any of the Ships or Vessels in the Squadron, [o7 

tn the particular Ship, as the Case may be); And I hereby en 

‘gage to make good to the Captainor Captains, Officer or Officer 

commanding such Ships or Vessels respectively (07, Ship -o 
Vessel; as the Case may be], such Part of any Loss or Damag 
for which he or they may be liable in respect to the Gold, Silver 

' Treasure, or other Articles so carried on Freight, and which h 

of they respectively shall have actually paid and satisfied, a 

shall be in proportion to the Share or Interest in the said Freigh 
; Money to which I may be entitled ; 
And that such Share or Shares of the Admiral or Admirals as aforesaid 
te which he or they shall not be entitled on the Conditions herein-be 
fore expressed, shall go and belong to the Captain or Officer com. 
manding the Ship or Vessel in which the Gold, Silver, Treasure, o 
other Articles shall be carried on Freight as aforesaid. — 
| That in the Event of Loss or Damage happening to the Gold, Silver 
(Jewels, or other Articles so received on Freight, exceeding the tota 
Freight Money, Greenwich Hospital shall nut be entitled to receive any 
Sum on account of such Freight; and in Cases in which the Loss ma: 
pot amount to the Whole of the Freight Money, Greenwich Hospita 
shall be entitled only to its Proportion of the Balance of Freigh 
Money over and above such Loss or Damage. 

That Commudores, with Captains under them, and Captains of th 
Fleet, are to be considered, agreeably to the Rules of the Service, a: 
Flag Officers ; and Commodores, without Captains under them, shall 
with respect to Freight, be also considered as Flag Officers when in the 
Command of a Station. | 

That when the Captain or Commander, or his Agent, shall have 
received the Freight, he shall pay over to the Senior Flag Officer and 
to the Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital, without Delay, their respec- 
tive Shares, and the Captain shall be held responsible to both for any 
Loss which may occur through his Neglect or Delay in receiving o1 
paying the same; but if there be any Question or Difficulty as to the 
Payment, he is to apprize the Senior Flag Officer and the Treasurer o} 
Greenwich Hospital respectively of the Causes of snch Delay 

That the Captain or Officer commanding, on receiving any Treasure 
on board any of His Majesty’s Ships or Vessels, shall transmit to the 
Senior Flag Officer, when such Captain or Officer commanding shal! 
be under a Flag Officer, and in every Case to the Treasurer of Green. 


r ag 
Digitized by GOC 


under the said Scale,;.or adhering as nearly ‘as pessibls, is Cases he 
specified, to the Spirit and Principles of the-said Seale. .... + 139i 

That on the Shipment ef Gold, Silver,: or. Jewels; or other Articles 
received on byard as:Treasure hy special Order, thé Rateo6 . Freight 
per Centum, according: to the abave Scale, shall be ¢ndorsed oni tls! 
Bill or Bills of Lading, or Receipt or Reneipts -of ithe Oficar recetvings 
the Charge thereof, such Endorsement or Endorsements to be: sigwédt 
by the said Officer ;. but in case of. any Difference of Opinion Abroad, § 
or when immediate Reference had to the Lords. of the Ad-f 
miralty, it may be expressed, ‘‘ at such Rate as the Lords!\Commis- § 
sioners of the Admiralty shall decide”). 0-8 | et ts : 
’ When Treasure belonging to the Crowa shall. be. shipped. in any of 
His Majesty’s Ships or Vessels with a Commissary or Conductor spe- 
cially charged with the. Care thereof, the Officer commanding suchft 
Ship or Vessel shall nat be required to give any Receipt, mor Yo sign 
any Bill of Lading, and such Officer shall not receive any. Freight on |! 
account thereof, nor be liable to make good any Loss or Damage}: 
which may happen to the same. ie Mase 

That the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty shall have :Autho- 
rity to direct at what Time,, and for what Time, and within what | 
Limits, the War Freights shall be payable on Private Treasure received}! 
by Special Order 8 Gin nf 

Aud We do hereby further order and direct, That the whole Amount, 
of the said Freight, when received, shall be divided into Four Parts,§: | 
and distributed as follows, subject to.the Proviso herein-after men- 
tioned ; One Fourth to the Admiral or Admirals, if more than One on 
the Station or in the Squadron to which the Ship receiving Treasure on 
board may belong ;, Two Fourths to the Captain or Officer commanding; 
such Ship or Vessel, who shall give his Receipt or sign the Bill 
Lading for the Treasure; and One Fourth to Greenwich Hospital, for 
the Use of that Institution. ae | 

That when there shaJl be more than One Flag Officer on a Station, 
the said One Fourth Part shall be divided and distributed amongst the} 
several Flag Officers on the Station in the following Proportions, wiz.: 

If there be but Two Flag Officers, the Chief shall bave Two Third} 
Parts of the said One Fourth, and the other shall have the remaining? 
Third Part ; but if the Number of Flag. Officers be more than Two,|' 
the Chief shall have only One Half, and the other. Half shall be equallyt, 
divided amongst the Junior Flag Officers ; but if there be no Flag]. 
Officer on the Station, or that the Ship or Vessel be not under the,’ 
Orders of a Flag Officer, then that the Captain or Officer commanding 
the Ship or Vessel shall have Three Fourths, and Greenwich Hospital 
One Fourth. . ee Une a oe 
rovided that such Admiral or Admirals shall. not be entitled te): 
claim his or their respective Share or Shares in such Freight Money,|: 
otherwise than on Condition that he or they. shall, before.the-Gold,in, 
Silver, Jewels, Treasure, ar other Articleg as afonesaid, aballbe put eng, 
bgard such Ship or Vessel, have.respectively given. Writingtd; 
gi the Captain.or Officer commanding such Ship or Vessel, or his | 

¢ pee 





gén{, or have entered or caused to be entered in a Public Order Boo! 

soi beand the Ship- of the-Commander in:Chief,. or the Senior Flag Ol 

icer commanding om the Station or in the Squadron to which suc 

Webech helorys: or in case of a duvior Flag Officer. absent from th 

Gommanderia Chief, unless such Junior Flag Officer shall have no 

kaGed: under his Hand to the Commander in Chief, to be entered in th 

paid Order Book} an Engagement in Writing ta Form or to the Effec 
Boliowing:: - = oa 

},- ody 4.+B. am desirous of partaking in the Advantages, with th 

; -/ + Risks attendant thereon, arising out of the Conveyance of Freigh 

a: Of Treastre in any of the Ships or Vessels in the Squadron, [07 

tn the particular Ship, as the Case may be}; And | hereby eu 

}!. . -gageto make good to the Captainor Captains, Officer or Officer 

' commanding such Ships or Vessels respectively (07, Ship o 

Vessel;'as the Case may be], such Part of any Loss or Damag 

for which he or they may be liable in respect to the Gold, Silver 

' Treasure, or other Articles so carried on Freight, arid which h 

‘of they respectively shall have actually paid and satisfied, a 

shall be in proportion to the Share or Interest in the said Freigh 

t . Money to which I may be entitled ; 

‘ {And that such Share or Shares of the Admiral or Admirals as aforesaid 
te which he or they shall not be entitled on the Conditions herein-be 
fore expressed, shall go and belong to the Captain or Officer com. 
manding the Ship or Vessel in which the Gold, Silver, Treasure, o 

ether Articles shall be carried on Freight as aforesaid. — 

i That in the Event of Loss or Damage happening to the Gold, Silver 

Jewels, or other Articles so received on Freight, exceeding the tota 

Freight Money, Greenwich Hospital shall nut be entitled to receive any 

Sum on account of such Freight; and in Cases in which the Loss ma: 

not amount to the Whole of the Freight Money, Greenwich Hospita 

shall be entitled only to its Proportion of the Balance of Freigh 

Money over and above such Loss or Damage. 

That Commudores, with Captains under them, and Captains of the 
Fleet, are to be considered, agreeably to the Rules of the Service, a: 
Flag Officers ; and Commodores, without Captains under them, shall. 
with respect to Freight, be also considered as Flag Officers when in the 
Command of a Station. | . 

That when the Captain or Commander, or his Agent, shall have 
received the Freight, he shall pay over to the Senior Flag Officer and 
to the Treasurer uf Greenwich Hospital, without Delay, their respec- 
tive Shares, and the Captain shall be held responsible to both for any 
Loss which may occur through his Neglect or Delay in receiving or 
paying the same; but if there be any Question or Difficulty as to the 
Payment, he is to apprize the Senior Flag Officer and the Treasurer oj 
Greenwich Hospital respectively of the Causes of such Delay 

That the Captain or Officer commanding, on receiving any Treasure 
on board any of His Majesty's Ships or Vessels, shall transmit to the 
Senior Flag Officer, when such Captain or Officer commanding sbal! 
be under a Flag Officer, and in every Caze to the Treasurer of Green- 



sar or ee ae : te a TS 6a 1) 
under the said Scale, or adhering as nearly ‘as: pessible, ia Onses het: 
specified, te the Spirit and Principles of the-said Seale... 6 to 2F 
That on the Shipment of Gold, Silver,: or Jewels;.or other Articles 
received on byard gs:Treasure hy ‘special Order, tha Rateof . Freight 
er Centum, according: te the abave Scate, shall . be ¢ndorsed oni the 
Bill or Bills of Lading, or Reeeipt or Reacipts -of \the Ofiear receivings 
the Charge thereof, such Endorsement or Endorsements to be:sigaidd 
by the said Officer ;. but im case of. any Difference of Opinion Abroad, f 
or when immediate Referernce had to the Lords. of the Ad-} 
miralty, it may be expressed, ‘‘ at such Rate as the Lords!Commis- } 
sioners of the Admiralty shall decide.””,. 0 atts ' 
"When Treasure belonging tothe Crowa shall. any off 
His Majesty’s Ships or Vessels with a Commissary or Conductor spe-f 
cially charged with the. Care thereof, the Officer commanding such f 
Ship or Vessel shall nat be required to give any Reeeipt, nor Yo sign 
any Bill of Lading, and such Officer shall not receive any. Freight on [' 
account, thereof, nor be liable to make good any Loss or. Damage | 


which may the same. — ee 
at the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. shall have ;Autho- 
rity to direct at what Time,, and for what ‘Time, and within what | 
Limits, the War Freights shall be payable on Private Treasure received} 
by Special Order i — ie ' 
And We do hereby further order and direct, That the whole Amoun 
of the said Freight, when received, shall be divided into Four. Parts,4: 
and distributed as follows, subject to.the Proviso herein-after men- 
tioned ; One Fourth to the Admiral or Admirals, if more than One. on 
the Station or in the Squadron to which the Ship receiving Treasure ont. 
board may belong ;,T wo Fourths to the Captain or Officer commanding}! 
such Ship or Vessel, who shall give his Receipt or sign the Bill of}: 
Lading for the Treasure; and One Fourth to Greenwich Hospital, fon} 
the Use of that Institution. ; ie | 
That when there shaJ] be more than One Flag Officer on a Station, 
the said One Fourth Part shall be divided and distributed amongst the}! 
several Flag Officers on the Station in the following Proportions, wiz.: 
If there be but Two Flag Officers, the Chief shall have Two Third} 
Parts of the said One Fourth, and the other shall have the remaining 
Third Part; but if the Number of Flag. more than Two, 
the Chief shall have only One Half, and the otber Half shall be equally}, 
divided amongst the Junior Flag Officers; but if there be ao Flag 
Officer on the Station, or that the Ship or Vessel be not under the},' 
Orders of a Flag Officer, then that the Captain or Officer commanding}! 
the ship or Vessel shall have Three Fourths, and Greenwich Hospital}: 
eFourth.. ©. ee ee ae | 
"Prcvided that such Admiral or Admirals shall not. be entitled to 
laim his or their respective Share or Shares in such Freight Money, 
therwise than on Condition that he or they. shall, before.the-Gold,f, 
Silver, Jewels, Treasure, or other Articleg as aforesaid, aballbe put om 
ny auph Ship or Vessel, have. respectively given. Writing»: 
‘the ‘Captain.or Officer commanding such Ship.or Vessel, or his| | 


—-~ ee - 


| Between any Twe Ports. in) 


6 ee eee ee oe 

Europe on this.Side Gi- 

braliar (Gibraltar in- 

cluded), and iacluding 

also the Azores, Ma- | For Treasure belonging For Treasure belonging 
deiva, or Canaries ..... omens las pelea 

ae Came 

Between any Two Ports Peace. War. 

on the same Foreign Sta- 
tion, the navigable Dis- 
tance between which 
shall not exceed Six hun- 
dred Leagues; the Medi- 
terranean Sea, Gibraltar | 

$ 32 = Q per Cent. 

included, being consi- 
dered as one Foreign 
Station @eeseseoeasnnevneev ed 

Between any Port in Eu-) 

rope out ofthe Mediterra- 
nean, and any Portin the 
Mediterranean beyond 
Gibraltar, or any Port 
on the West Coast of 
Africa, including Si- 
mon’s Bay, or any Port 
on the East Side of Amie- 
riea, North or South, or 
the West India or other 
Islands on the American : 
Coast, including Ber- l Q = Qt per Cent. 

- muda and Newfound- 

land; or between any 

‘Two Ports in the same 

Foreign Station, the 
nearest navigable Dis- 
tance between which 
shall exceed Six hun- 
dred Leagues; or be- 
tween any Two Ports on 
different Stations not 
otherwise ordered ..... 

Between any Port in the 

European ovr Allantic 

Seas, Northof the Equa- 

for, and any Port beyond a oe Qi 3 per Cené 
the Cape of Good Hope 

or Cape: Hort, ......00% 

That in case of any Difference on any Question arising out of the 

above Scale, or omitted in the said Seale, the Lords Commissioners of 
the Admiralty slrall have Authority to decide what the Freight shali’be 


any other Article which may be by special Order receivéd dn board 
the said Ship or Vessel, and for which Freight shalt be payable, otter 
than for the purposes, and by the Person or Persons, im the Proper-§ 
tion, at the Rates, and in the Manner so to be paid and allowed by} 
Proclamation or Proclamations ; and that alt Bargains, Contracts, Cc 
venants, and Agreements made or entered into for the Payment of anyy 
Freight-Money, for or in the Name or on the account of Freight for the 
onveyance of Gold, Silver, or Jewels, or other Articles as aforesaid, 
lon board of any of His Majesty’s Ships or Vessels, at any Rate, or. for} 
any other Purpose, or by or to any other Person or Persons, or in any} 
other Manner or Proportions than as aforesaid, shall be and the same} 
are hereby declared to be utterly void: We do therefore, in pursuancef 
of the Powers so vested in His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, by{! 
this Our Royal Proclamation, in the Name and on the Behalf of His} 
Majesty, and by and with the Advice of His Majesty’s Privy Council) 
think proper to order and direct, and We do hereby order and direct,y 
‘hat all Gold, Silver, and Jewels, or other Articles received as Treasuref 
by special Order, conveyed in His Majesty’s Ships and Vessels, in the, 
Care and Charge of the Captain or Officer commanding such Ship 
Vessel, shall be liable to the Payment of Freight, whether such Tres 
sure belong to the Crown or to other Parties. 

That on the Delivery of any Gold, Silver, or Jewels, or other Articles 
as aforesaid, laden on board of any of His Majesty’s Ships or Vessels 
Mor which Freight may or shall be payable as aforesaid, or according 
ta the Provisions and Directions hereim-after contained, a Receipt .or 
Bill of Lading, or Receipts or Bills of Lading, shall be made and 
signed by the Captain or Officer commanding.such Ship or Vessel, de 
cribing the Quantity or Value of such Gold, Silver, Jewels, or othe 
Articles as aforesaid, and the Terms on and Extent to which suchj 

aptain or Officer commanding such Ship or Vessel so receiving the 
aid Gold, Silver, or Jewels, or other Articles, on board his said Ship 
or Vessel, shall be liable or responsible for the same, in case of Less orf 
Damage thereof to which by Law he might be liable, in Form. ar ta the 
aaffect following ;. 

[Here insert Bill of Lading in the usual Form, | 

And it is hereby stipulated and agreed hetween the said and 
the Shipper and Owners and Consignees of the said tha 
; in case of Loss or Damage happening to the said Gold, Silver 
Jewels, or other Articles as aforesaid, the Captain or Office 
commanding such Ship or Vessel as aforesaid shall not he 
holden liable or responsible for more than. Three Fourths of the 
Amount of such. Loss or Damage. : 

‘That the Rates at which Freight shall be paid for Public and fox 
rivate Treasuve. respectively, and. in Peace or War respectively, andy 
different Voyages, shall be as follows ; vez. 



ther Person competept.te take. @atha inauch Places 3 and the Address 
it be. given, at.the.foot, of the Signature to the Affidavit. 
N.B.. Affidavits taken, before. Masters, Extraordisary, in Chancery: 

oor be admithed s and the Officers should be careful, that any Jus- 

e of the Peace or Magistrate of a Town or Corporation, .astesting the 
Affidayit, should sign himself as such. ier ees i 

t.  SOKN: SMITH, Payraster of the Navy. 

fae fee th Admiralty Office, 3d July, 1827. 
His Royal Highness the Lord High Admiral having received a repre- 
sentation from the Governors‘and Directors of Greenwich Hospital, 
that many instances have occurred in which the Regulations contained 
im His Majeaty’s Proclamation, dated the 12th of July, 1819, in regard 
the Freight of Treasure on board His Majesty’s Ships, have been 
ther wholly neglected, or only partially complied with, His Royal 
Highness feels himself under the necessity of bringing, to the recollec- | 
tion ‘of all Officers, who may be entrusted with the Freight of Trea- 
sure, the several provisions of His Majesty’s Proclamation aforesaid, 
and to repeat the General Orders issued by the Lords Commissioners of: 
the Admiralty, on the subject of Freight since the promulgation of the 
said Proclamation. 



a ee ee | RESPECTING THE | : 

By His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Regent of the United 
Kingdom of Great Britain and: Ireland, in the Name ahd on the 
Behalf of His Majesty. ss 


HEREAS by an Act passed in the Fifty-ninth Year of the Reign. of 

His present Majesty, Cap. 25, intituled, An Act to enable His Ma- 

jesty to fix a Rate, and direct the Disposal of Freight-Money, for the 
Conveyance of Specie and Jewels on board His Majesty's Ships and 
Vessels, itis enacted, That from and after the Eighth Day of Aprif One 
thousand eight hundred and nineteen, all Freight Money to be paid for 
the Conveyance on board any of the Ships and Vessels of His Ma- 
jesty, His Heirs and Successors, of Gold, Silver and Jewels, or of any 
other Article which may be by special Order received on board the 
said Ships and Vessels, and for which Freight shall be payable, shall 
be paid at such Rate, and distributed and applied for such Purposes, 
and divided to and amongst such Persons, in such Proportions, and 
after such Manner, as His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, shall 
from time to time think fit to order and direct by any Proclamation 
or Proclamations to be issued for that Purpose; and that no Freight- 
Money or. Reward shall hereafter be demanaed, paid, received, or de- 
spineg Ry, 6% ‘an fer the use or on account’ of any Person or Persons, 
Hem ee recs as wae boend of any of the Ships and Vessels of His 
Rea ee Se are mee we, of any Gold, Silver, or Jewels, or 

4 : mm oa ge 
ak Ati " ages SS Stage te AG ing —— 
ot ‘i hr nine 

7) 6 Ce 

: ia 


No. iit =e ot Affidavit for Officers of the Royat. Marines nai 
a “holding any ‘Ciel Employment: “.- ap 


max - > appeated personally: before nip, 

and made’ Oath, that he. is the Person entitled to Half-Pay as a fe- | 
duced . - ' of Royal Mariues, that he is not in Holy’ hate $8 dj 

that he had-not, during ‘any: part ‘of the Peridd from the” 4 

182 , to the - of 182° , both ‘dalysy | 

inclusive, any. ‘other Place ot Fidployfnent of Profit, Civil or Military, 
under His Britannic Majesty, or in the Service of any other Govern-, . 
ment, besides his said Half-Pay *. Pa ere ee 

, The O r to sign his Name bere and ; ig “Paty 
: ‘The Offer to Residence. 


 Suiorn and subscribed before me at . i <2 | 
thes day of 1 . 

ane hig strate to sign his Name here and state 

unty or Place for which he acts. } i 


trate for 
Ido attest and rdeclate that I verily believe the above 
Affidavit to be Genuine and Authentic. 

The Agent, when any is employed, 
is to sign this Declaration. 

* Should an Officer hold any other Place or Employment of prone elle or Military, itis eof: . 

be inserted above, as a continuation of the Affidavit. 

N.B. To be sworn always on or after the 3ist March, 30th June, 30th September, and 3tstt 

December of every Year.—No Alteration, Erasure, or Interiining will be admitted. 

17 January 1825. 

In pursuance of His Majesty’ s Order in Council of the .oth Novem- 
ber 1824, Notice is hereby given, that all Officers of the Royal Navy 
receiving Hatt Pay, are required to annex to the signature of their 
uames, on the Quarterly Half Pay Affidavit, the Place of their residence 
at the date of each Affidavit. 



18 January 1825. 

By Order oft the Admiralty, after a reasonable lapse of time for the] 
promulgation of ihe above Notice, no Affidavit is to be received which 
oa not fave the Officer’s Kesidence stated thereon, as above directed. 

the Order in Council of the 1sth December 1g24, Affidavits for 

naif Pay can only be made before the tinder-mentioned Officers, named 
in the Act of 1st George I. cap. 25, sec. 9 and 10. 

One of the Commissioners or Secretaries of the Admiralty, | 

Treasurer, ” 


Commissioners, | ) 

,  .oradustice of the Peace or Magistrate. . 

Officers residing abroad must make their Affidavit before one of His 
Majesty’s Ministers, aageete at of Embassy or Legation, or Consul oF 
where there shall be no such Minister, &e., before some Magistrate, or)’ 

of the Navy, or one of the 

» Google 


® Here specifythe Mili- 
Commission, or em- 
loyment on the Staff, 
r in the Garrisons, or 
n the Colonies. 
+ Here specify the Civ 
Place or Employment. 
t Here repeat the Civil 
Place or Employment. 
! § Here state four times 
theamount ofthe highext 
rate of half-pay, attach- 
ed tothe rank in virtue 
ef which the half-pay 
is claimed. 

_ @Here specify the Mili- 
tary Commiasion,or em- 
plogwent on the Staff, 
or in Garrisons, OF iu 
the Colonies. Bat 

t Here specify theCivil 
Place or Ewp.oyment. 

t Here repeat the Civil 
Place or Employment. 

§ Here siatethe Aunual 
amountof three times the 
highest rate of half-pay 
attached to the rank, in 
virtue of which the Offi- 
cer receives half-pay. 


ROYAL MARINES. ee gah ee 

Afidavits required from Officers Claimimg Half-Pay personally, or b 


Christian Names to be inserted in ull at the commencement, but the Signature tobe in the 

ficer's usual manner. 

FFIDAVIT No. L.—Form of Afidavit for Officers of the Royal-Marines holding 
Civil Employments exceeding Three and not amounting to Four Times the 
| emount of the highest Rate of Half-Pay of their Rank. 4 2 

: appeared personally before me, and made’ 
oath, that he is the person entitled to Half-Pay, as a reduced. 

of Royal Marines, that he is not in Holy Orders, and 
that he bad not during any part of the period, from the of 
; 182 , to the of | 
182°, both days inclusive, any Military Place, or any 
Employment of Profit, in any Military Department, under 
His Britannic Majesty,or in the Service of any other Govern- 
ment, besides* nor any Civil Place, or Employment 
of Profit, under His Britannic Majesty, or in the Service of 
any other Government, exceptt _. and that the net 
emoluments received, or to be received, by him in respect off 
from the day of tothe day of 

together with the portion of his half-pay, now claimed by him, 
do not exceed §. 

The Officer to sign his Name here and 
state his place of Residence, 
Sworn and subscribed before me at this day of 18 
The Magistrate to sign his Name here and state 
the County or Place for which he acts. 

Magistrate for 

I do attest and declare that I verily believe the 
above Affidavit to be Genuine and Authentic. 
The Agent, when any is employed, 
is to sign this Declaration. 
B. lo be sworn always on or after the 3ist March, 30th June, 30th September, and sist 
December of every Year.—No Alteration, Erasure, or [nterlining will be admitted, 

AFFIDAVITNo.II. Formof Affidavit for Officers of the Royal Marines holding 
Civil Employments nut exceeding Three Times the amount of the highest Rate 
of Half-Pay of their Rank. 

appeared personally before me, and made oath 
that he is the person entitled to Half-pay, as a reduced 
of Royal Marines, that be is not in Holy Orders, and that he 
had not during any part of the period, fromthe _— of 
182 , to the of 82 , both days inclasive, any Mili 
tary Place, or any Employment of Profit, in any Military De- 
partment, under His Britannic Majesty, or in the Service ot 
any other Government, besides* nor any Civil 
Place, or Employment of Profit, under His Britannic Majesty, 
or in the Service of any other Government, except t 
and that the net annual emoluments off do nol 
exceed § 

The Officer to sigu lis Name here and 
ce ae rts his Aretr of Residence, 
orn and subscribed bejore me at this day 0; 382 
The Magistrate to sign his N ae here and state f 
the County or Place for which he acts. 

Magistrete for 

Ido attest and declare that I verily believe the 
fe . above Affidavit to be Genuine and Authentic. 
, Apareak this Decletiriee: ed 

N.B. To be sworn always on or after the 31etMarch, 30th June 30th September, and 31s! 
December of every Year.—No Alteration, Erasure, or Interliuing will i an 

be admitted, 



FFIDAVIT No. I.—Form of Affidavit for Naval Officers holding 

Civil Employments exceeding Three and not amounting to Four 

Tinas the. amount of thehighest Rate of Half-Pay of their Rank. 

do es §, that 
I had not between the day of 
andthe day of any Naval Place, or any 
Civil Place of Ea Employment of Profit in any Naval Department under 
His Majesty, nor any Civil Place or Empleyment of 
| t Here state four Profit under His Majesty, except* and that 
ee vay saaehel ¢ the net annual Emoluments of the said Place or Em- 
he rank, in virtue ployment do not exceed, together with the portion of 
eceives half-pay. my Half-pay now claimed by me. 
The Officer to sign his Name here, together with his Place of Residence. 
Sworn before me, at this day of 
he Magistrate to sign his Name here. 

FFIDAVIT No. Il.—Form of Affidavit for Naval Officers holding 
Civil Employmenis, not exceeding Three Times the amount of the 
highest Rate of Half- Pay of their Rank. 


| wHere specify the do swear §, that 
1A t > 
rPiacee- I had not between the day of 

Here state thean- andthe day of any Naval Place, or any 
tne _Bikhest Employment of Profit, in any Naval Department under}! 
trched to the rank, His Majesty, nor any Civil Place or Employment of| 

virtue of which Profit under His Majesty except® and that |: 
Saicpey recelve* the net annual Emoluments of the said Place or Em- 

ploym ment do not exceedf 

The Officer to sign his here, together with his Place of Residence. 
| Swurn before me, at this day of 
he Magistrate to sign his Name here, 

FFIDAVIT No. IL].—Form of Affidavit for Naval Officers not holding 
any Civil Employment. 

I do swear$, that I had not between the 
day of and the day of any